10 Reasons Teens Don’t Wear Seat Belts (When They’re Not With You!)

Seat belts separate car accidents from fatal car accidents. Statistics show that they save lives, so why don’t all teenagers use them every time they get in the car?

Here are the top 10 excuses teens use to explain why they don’t wear a seat belt:

1. I forgot. Talking and texting with friends are distractions that can make teens forget to buckle up. The pressure of a package on your lap can make them feel like they’re being buckled. Buckling up should be part of the starting routine so they do it without thinking every time they get in the car.

2. There are not enough seat belts for everyone. If 6 children want to go and there are only 5 seat belts, they need another vehicle. Unbelted passengers are a danger to everyone else in the car. If the car stops suddenly, the unrestrained passengers turn into bouncing balls crashing into everyone else. They can die and kill another person.

3. I don’t want to be directed! This is one of those ridiculous urban legends that someone made up and now people repeat as if it were true. There have been extremely rare cases where cars have slammed into obstacles with such force that the seat belts have severed the bodies inside. In those cases, the passengers could not have survived the accident anyway. And they are extremely, extremely rare. Seat belts save lives. Period.

4. So they can escape if the car goes off the road into a river. First: Cars rarely drive off the road and into the water. Second, if this were to happen, the seat belt would keep them in their seat so they wouldn’t be knocked unconscious when the vehicle hit the water. At least, with the seat belt, they would have a good chance of getting out alive.

5. Just down the block. Life is unpredictable. Most accidents happen close to home.

6. The seat belt is uncomfortable. Make sure he’s wearing it correctly so it’s not crossed over his neck. Beyond that, it’s worth a little discomfort to save your life.

7. No one else wears one. If other people in the car are not wearing seat belts, they should be told to buckle up or get out of the car. Driving in a car with unbelted passengers is very dangerous.

8. I don’t want to ruin her clothes. Your clothes won’t be ruined by a seat belt. If it is so important to maintain impeccable special attire, they must change their clothes at the destination.

9. No seat belts in the back of the truck. Nobody should ever ride in the back of a truck. It is too dangerous and illegal in most places.

10. They want to sleep. It is dangerous to recline car seats too far, so they must remain fairly upright with seat belts fastened. (Face it: Most teens could sleep through a tornado anyway.)

There is no good excuse not to wear a seat belt. Buckling up should be a habit that everyone does without thinking. Talk to your teen about all the possible excuses she may have and make sure she knows that none of them are okay.

You’ll find great videos to reinforce the seat belt lesson at http://TeensLearnToDrive.com