RSS Feeds – Easy Steps to Promote Your RSS Feeds on Your Website

RSS is a great way to distribute your content, but what if you don’t have subscribers?

First of all, you need to use RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication. Many people don’t subscribe to RSS because they don’t know what it is, but that is changing. The beauty of RSS feeds is that they don’t clutter your inbox and you can’t get spammed.

Just follow my steps to promote your feed and you should find that you have a lot of subscribers.

On a website, you will often see a small orange icon that is the RSS button. Sometimes there is text suggesting that readers subscribe. If a person presses the button and they don’t have a reader, they will possibly see an XML document. That just confuses them and makes them go away. Instead of letting this happen, you need to do something different from almost everyone else who offers RSS feeds via the button.

Create an RSS information page.

For the many users who haven’t learned about RSS and its benefits, you should create a simple page that helps them quickly learn about it and why they need it. On your page you should have five simple elements:

1. A brief explanation of what RSS is. Add a link to the Wikipedia RSS page for those who like in-depth details.

2. Three to five bullet points about how choosing a feed will benefit your readers.

3, A link to an RSS reader you like. For a really simple web based reader I recommend using the one at Google+ as it is easy to understand. There are dozens out there, so do your research and pick what you like.

4. Include two or three different RSS options, web-based, desktop download, and even mobile options.

5. A short paragraph on how to subscribe to your own RSS (and a link).

6. A short paragraph on why your RSS is a MUST for them!

7. Links to all RSS feeds on your site and any other relevant website feeds you offer.

Now go and promote your new page!

Like everything on the Internet, you will have to promote it! Add your feed URL to your emails and ezines. Use something compelling to encourage readers to subscribe. Let them know how important it is to be subscribed to your site in real time.

Make sure your subscription links are visible in all formats. If they don’t see it, they can’t subscribe!

That’s how easy it is to promote your RSS feed to your website readers. Follow these steps and you will see how your subscriptions multiply.

Ways to stop stuttering – PROLAM-GM as one of the tried and tested methods to stop stuttering

“W-what are you doing?”, “Today is sssssssunday”, “That’s a… (block) kite”. These are just some examples of expressions of people with stutters. Also called stuttering, stuttering as a speech and communication disorder is characterized by repetitions, prolongations, and blocks that interfere with the flow of speech and effective communication. Stuttering can also be characterized by the inclusion of interjections such as “um”, “uh”, and “like” between expressions. When these are usually present when speaking, they may indicate the presence of stuttering disorder. Speech pathologists are the professionals who help stutterers. These professionals teach stutterers during their therapies different ways to stop stuttering and methods to prevent it from recurring.

The different ways to stop stuttering taught to patients are under the broad category called PROLAM-GM. This is made up of types of changes implemented in the patient’s speech to reduce the occurrence of stuttering events. The acronym stands for these intervention strategies which branch out into numerous techniques that are taught to stutterers. These strategies involve physiological manipulations, reduced rates, operant controls, length and complexity of expression, attitude changes, monitoring, generalization, and maintenance.

What does PROLAM-GM mean?

The first set of ways to stop stuttering are physiological manipulations. These change the position of articulators (eg, teeth, tongue, lips) in producing speech. These strategies are made up of breathy voice and soft touch. These two techniques teach the stutterer to whisper the statements and produce the sounds as softly as possible, respectively. Second, speed manipulation changes how quickly sounds are produced. This involves prolonging the sounds and basically slowing down the production of sounds.

This is based on the belief that prolonging and slowing down the rate of speech production will give the speaker more time to plan the production of sounds. Operational controls, the third set of ways to stop stuttering, are made up of positive and negative reinforcements given to stutterers whenever they produce fluency and speech without stuttering. Positive comments such as “good job” and “great job” are thought to inhibit stuttering moments.

Speech length and complexity, the fourth set of techniques to stop stuttering, involves the systematic application of techniques from short to longer speech. This gives the stutterer the opportunity to learn the techniques gradually. The patient will not be able to proceed to the application of techniques with words if he does not apply them successfully with syllables first. A change of attitude, the fifth set of ways to stop stuttering, is to teach the patient to eliminate the negative feelings that have developed because of the stutter. This teaches the patient to see the disorder from a better perspective.

The sixth set, monitoring, teaches the stutterer to be aware of how his speech is produced, allowing him to have full control over moments of stuttering. This teaches the stutterer to monitor stuttering moments and stutter-free moments. Generalization, the penultimate set of ways to stop stuttering, involves transferring fluency techniques to different environments with varying degrees of pressure. Generalization can be done first in the clinical setting, then at home, then at school or the workplace. Maintenance, the latest set of intervention strategies and ways to stop stuttering, seeks to prevent the relapse of stuttering moments and ensures the incorporation of the techniques taught in the speech of the stutterer forever.


PROLAM-GM as one of the ways to stop stuttering focuses on the general speech of the patient. It involves modifying the physical and emotional aspects of stuttering. It gives the patient a complete recovery plan because it provides benefits for life. PROLAM-GM is incorporated into all types of speech therapy, making it one of the most proven ways to stop stuttering.

Dock Workers’ Compensation Checks: How to Get Checks and How Much You Get

Getting a Dock Workers Compensation Check in Mississippi

Whether you call it workers compensation or workers compensation or whatever, if you were injured while working on a boat repair, in most cases, what it is really called is a Longshore accident. Of course, in Mississippi, this usually means that you were injured on the job while working at Northrop Grumman or Halter Marine in Pascagoula. What many people want to know is what is required to get a workers compensation check. To get one, you must be temporarily completely incapacitated. In other words, you must be unable to work at any job.

Insurance companies call these checks for indemnity benefits. Why? Because insurance companies and lawyers sometimes have a hard time speaking English! However, to get the worker’s compensation check, you must have a medical excuse. This is absolutely crucial. I recommend that you tell your doctor that your employer requires a medical excuse. Of course, your employer requires one if you are injured on the job.

In other words, your doctor must write on a prescription pad that you: (a) are “unable to work until further notice”; or (b) “cannot work until next follow-up appointment” with the doctor.

Be sure to mail, fax, or email the work excuse to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. To make sure your workers’ compensation check keeps coming, you need to do this. If the doctor writes that you are “unable to work until further notice”, then you obviously only need to get this work excuse once. On the other hand, if the doctor notes that you are “unable to work until your next follow-up appointment” with the doctor, you must obtain a medical excuse each time you go to the doctor. This can be irritating for the doctor as he/she is busy. So, if the doctor writes that you “can’t work until your next follow-up appointment” with the doctor, then I suggest you tell the doctor that you don’t want to have to bother you at every doctor’s visit and would rather they just write ” Unable to work until further notice.

Another option, and highly recommended, is to simply ask the doctor’s nurse to write on a prescription pad that you won’t be going to work until further notice. My experience is that doctors are extremely busy and have little patience to deal with work excuses. This will take the burden off the doctor and put it on the nurse. Plus, if the doctor agrees that he’s off work “until further notice,” then he doesn’t have to worry about apologizing to any doctor in the future. Next, ask the nurse to have the doctor sign and date the prescription pad. Let the nurse keep the original. Ask the nurse to make two copies. One for your records and one that you give to your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company (although I strongly recommend that you give it to the insurance company, specifically the insurance adjuster). Be sure to keep all work excuses in a folder. Organize work excuses by date.

I find this to be the best method and avoids having to deal with work excuses in the future.

Determine the amount of your Pascagoula Longshore Workers Compensation Accident Check

I have already explained What you get your worker’s compensation check, that is, you must have a medical excuse. Now, I want to explain how I determine the amount of money you receive every two weeks in your workers’ compensation check. If you worked most of the year before your Longshore accident, then I determine the amount you receive in your paycheck by multiplying 300 times the average daily wage for a “six-day” worker and if you are a “five-day” worker. then 260 times the average daily wage. The formula is a bit more complicated than this, but this is the starting point.

The Department of Labor explains it this way: the average annual income will consist of three hundred times the average daily wage or salary of a six-day worker and two hundred and sixty times the average daily wage or salary of a five-day worker, which will have been earned in such employment during the days in which he was employed.

While the Department of Labor is certainly helpful, the language they use to describe how they do it can be confusing. Don’t worry, as long as you send me your W-2 from the year before your accident and all of your paycheck stubs, I can work it out.

Fear of the coronavirus – Who to pray to?

It is common to seek spiritual help during very difficult times. But in this period of coronavirus fear, with many people turning away from religion, some are struggling to find words and connections that can provide support and encouragement.

Spirit of life and fear of coronavirus
Compassion, wisdom, and virtue can be found within all that is truly human. I am thinking for example of patience, generosity, forgiveness and tolerance. This universal spirit of life has an infinite capacity to make good things happen in the midst of the chaos and fury of worldly events. The beauty found in nature, the life force found in healing and growth, and the vastness of the universe of stars also come to mind.

According to spirituality writers, we can experience a higher transpersonal state of consciousness in which we feel connected to this invisible and formless cosmic life spirit.

It pervades everything and is interpreted according to specific cultural contexts. The Jews refer to her by the name of Yahweh, the Christians by the name of Christ, the Hindus by the name of Krishna or Shiva, etc. However, all of these share an awareness of an invisible Spirit that is present throughout the universe and, in a sense, transcends the physical universe.

Materialists discard any idea of ​​a higher origin. For them, the fundamental explanation for human characteristics and evolution is an accident of chance with no underlying purpose. The atheist evolutionist finds no difficulty in explaining pain, hate, and evil. These are woven into the fabric of evolutionary theory. He believes that altruistic kindness is nothing more than a natural instinct. One that protects you and your close relatives for the sake of survival.

However, there is a bit of a conundrum for those outside of religion, who intuitively sense that there is a greater entity beyond ourselves. The question is how to connect with this Spirit and seek his help in relation to the fear of the coronavirus.

Image of the spirit of life.
It is easier to relate to our spiritual source if we can see it in our mind’s eye. If it has a naturally conceivable form. We need some image to hold on to. Otherwise it would be a vague abstraction for us.

In an insight vision, a mystic wrote about what he considered his divine Source. He appeared to him as a sun, similar to our own sun in the sky, high above human beings. He felt her warmth and light from him, which he interpreted as the warmth of love and the light of wisdom. He claimed that it represents the divine origin of the goodness of compassion and the truth of wisdom, all that is good and true.

If we are afraid of the coronavirus and want to commune with the universal spirit of all that is good, we need to have an image that works for us.

human male deities
Roman gods were thought to have human form. The God of the Jews was a human figure who spoke to Moses. The Hindu gods have human form. The notion that there is a divine source that is human is central to the Christian message. God the Father or God the Son, you choose.

Not just human, but generally male. It is not a comfortable image for those of us who believe in the equal value of the sexes. In the past, society has been organized around male authority figures, resulting in injustice for women. And the culture still tends to prioritize the male point of view, in many places.

This notion that our divine source is a male person is something that understandably turns many people away from religion. The negative connotation of traditional religion is a masculine symbol of control. Perhaps a punitive figure capable of anger. We cannot contemplate seeking help from an angry controlling judge in heaven who has often been associated with sexism, war, racism, ecological exploitation. How could we want any kind of personal relationship with such a being? Hence the rise of spirituality and the fall of religion, particularly in Western Europe.

However, many Christians today have a new and different concept of God. For example, although the Bible apparently has a male deity in Christ, many believers, after his death and resurrection, think of him as a male figure in an allegorical rather than a literal way.

The inner Christ
The 18th century spiritual philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg wrote his books from the perspective of the Christian tradition. He called God the Lord because he identified this spiritual Source with the divinely human. In accordance with the Christian tradition, he held the idea that humans are created in the image of God.

However, his idea of ​​the divine human was not an individual human being. Neither male nor female. For him, the divine Being and the spirit of life, as creator of both male and female, transcends gender. Consequently, in his books, which he wrote in Latin, he avoided any indication of male or female gender in God.

I would say, the Divine Being, having no gender means something important. We, both men and women, have the potential to channel divinity into life. We may do so in accordance with any gender provision of our own.

Personal God and the fear of coronavirus
Religious believers like others may be afraid of the coronavirus. The practice of Christian prayer is a focus on God as a person.

Those who favor a personal God suggest that any idea of ​​God as an infinite force or abstract law behind the facts of science, which is anything other than Divine Human, actually makes God something less than God. ourselves.

It is argued that without our sense of the human dimension of God there would be no point in seeking the benefit of communication through prayer and no possibility of feeling God’s personal presence.

God as divine humanity means that we can use the word ‘you’ when addressing the divine Spirit.

This you-me relationship allows a sense of trust and acceptance to develop. Feeling accepted as ‘a person with warts and all’ allows us to be honest about our need to improve as human beings. This sense of trust helps us trust our God to find peace and calm in a hectic world and where there is fear of the coronavirus.

“Oh Lord, I am afraid of the coronavirus. Help me to trust you, help me to know that you are with me, and help me believe that nothing can separate me from your love.

A day in the life of an animal shelter

Working and volunteering at an animal shelter is rewarding and fun…however, it’s not always easy. There’s so much more to it than playing with puppies and snuggling up with sleeping kittens. The people who work and volunteer at the shelters must be dedicated and big-hearted. When someone decides they can no longer care for their pet, or when stray dogs are found, shelter workers are there to take the owner’s place. There are a few main facets involved in maintaining a shelter, including responsibilities, upkeep, and financing. A shelter must maintain all of these things to provide a healthy and safe environment for the animals.


The first aspect of maintaining a shelter is all the responsibilities that shelter workers have. They have to clean, feed, provide care and love; they are responsible for the general welfare of various animals. Shelters often struggle to find enough volunteers because they need so many and it’s a big and sometimes complicated job.


Shelters must be kept neat and maintained. Whether it’s a nonprofit, donations-only, or government-funded facility, there will always be problems that need to be fixed, from leaky pipes to broken fences to electrical problems. There’s usually not a lot of money coming into a shelter, so maintenance issues, which can often be costly, can be a huge source of anxiety for shelter workers. Shelters must also maintain a high level of cleanliness for the health of the animals, as well as workers and visitors. Diseases can spread quickly through a shelter, so keeping the place clean is of the utmost importance.


The next aspect that comes with working at a shelter is funding. Vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and any medical issues with an animal are the most challenging aspects any manager will face because everything costs money. Not only do some of the workers’ salaries depend on donations from the public, but the reason the shelter exists, caring for the animals, also depends. Shelters also need funds to advertise the facilities. Gifts and donations from the public make the life-saving work of a shelter possible. It is not necessary to be able to donate large sums of money; Donating your time and/or skills is also a way to help a shelter make ends meet.

Along with all the hard work and dedication that goes into working in a shelter, it’s a truly rewarding job for those who keep it long-term. Without the workers, the shelters do not exist. Although they can’t tell, the animals trust these workers to provide them with the best life possible. You can also help by volunteering at an animal shelter.

6 Amazing Free SEO Tools You Should Try

I have been overwhelmed by the number of SEO tools available online, and several are offered absolutely free! To generate the best options, here is a detailed list of the best free SEO tools. These types of SEO tools are intended for a number of purposes, but are nonetheless necessary throughout the optimization process.

1.Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Console

One of the most popular free search engine optimization tools, Google Analytics provides comprehensive information and detailed reports about your site. These reports include your site traffic behavior, funnel data, and content hits, among others.

Analytics can also be considered one more such website promotion tool. It allows you to see which elements of your site are generating clicks and leads, along with the parts to operate to improve website promotion. Tools like the Google Webmaster Console offer similar information, including crawl speed, crawl rate, and how Google “sees” your backlinks and the like.

AddMe, a search engine syndication program, is among the many free tools that submit your URL to search engines to ensure that online users can find you online.

It’s perfectly fine to get listed in the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, if you prefer a broader online audience, use this internet search engine submission tool.

One advantage of AddMe is the fact that it submits websites to twenty different search engines. With such free tools, you don’t need to go to every end of every search engine to improve your web presence.

After the search engine submission tool submits your site’s keywords, description, and URL, you’ll start receiving website traffic. Just remember that it can take time for all those search engines to include your website in their listings.

3. Firefox using the web developer extension

Firefox is an extremely flexible Internet browser. It has useful and insightful extensions, including free SEO tools. The Internet Developer extension allows you to easily remove JavaScript components and cascading styles from a site. In addition, it allows you to take a look at the external links of a web page. Probably the biggest benefit of the extension is that you can add your own website promotion tools and other SEO apps to the menu.

4. Keyword Discovery

Another one of the many free SEO tools that makes keyword and market research simple, Keyword Discovery can generate keywords from top players that can help improve your site’s ranking. Simply enter an initial keyword into the tool’s search phrase suggestion tool, and you’ll also get comprehensive keyword data collected from over 180 search engines.

5. SEO for Firefox

Other free tools on the market cannot match the amount of information this Firefox tool provides. This system collects data about a particular page, along with information about a search engine.

Unlike most tools, SEO for Firefox allows you to export information directly from SERPs to CSV. In addition, the tool provides relevant information, including Google page rank, domain age, cache data, incoming links on Yahoo, number of cached pages, and number of .edu links, among others. .

6. Google Page Rank Checker

Google’s Page Rank Checker is among the free search engine optimization tools that can be useful to anyone who has a website. Rank a website according to how popular Google thinks it might be. The highest score is 10 and the lowest is one. Also, the ranking depends on the additional value of your links that contribute to your site. The higher the value of a link, the more effective the page rank of your site will be.

A combination of these free SEO and website promotion tools is a great idea, especially if you’re seriously interested in your small business and search engine optimization efforts. These power tools are free, so feel free to try them out.

Oklahoma City deserves to lose – Long live the Sonics

It’s funny to see the Oklahoma City fans get upset when Kevin Durant comes to town.

On Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors arrived at MidFirst Bank Arena and, like last year, the Thunder Faithful treated KD and his Twitter account to a healthy round of boos, jeers and signs proclaiming things like “Integrity trumps rings, “which is the kind of thing you have to tell yourself when you get dumped.

And there is no love lost between the fans or the teams. Russell Westbrook has never gotten past the KD routine of it’s not you, it’s me. Durant announced his plans in a web post. It wasn’t quite “Bring my talent to South Beach,” but then again, KD isn’t quite Lebron either.

But the story is that Russ found out about Durant signing with Golden State through Twitter, which I could see as shocking. Russ found out that he was dumped when KD changed his Facebook status.

That sucks.

Last year he took it out on EVERYONE, averaging a triple double and taking home the MVP trophy and even surpassed KD in contract size.

Durant, however, also took home an MVP trophy. From the NBA Finals. He goes with his ring. And he is well on his way to another.

He had been in Oklahoma eight years before leaving, seven of them with Westbrook. Both Westbrook and Oklahoma City fans had come to see him LIKE the franchise. He was his best player, his brightest light, everything they knew.

And then he left them for a sexier and younger model. It’s not you, it’s Me.

And they turned on him as if he were a traitor, which in a way he was. Instead of trying to find a way to beat the Warriors, Durant joined them. He’s lucky he didn’t do that shit in Philly. We have been known to throw away batteries.

But even in Oklahoma, a place I’ve never been but imagine is like living in a loaf of stale Wonder Bread, with almost the same color and nightlife, things got ugly.

Westbrook and Durant squared off during the game, colliding with their squads behind them. And for the first time, Westbrook got the best of Durant and the Thunder got a win.

However, I have watched Durant’s career from the beginning. Because I live in Seattle. Most people forget that the Seattle Supersonics drafted him (and Westbrook, technically, though the team moved on six days later), and he played his first season here, right before David Stern took this town hostage and let Clay Bennett will steal the team. It wasn’t exactly the Colts moving in the middle of the night or even the Browns turning into the Ravens, but it was close.

Do you know who has not forgotten? Seattle. That should have been his team, his playoff runs, his chances in a parade.

But despite his public promises to keep the team in Seattle, Clay Bennett never intended to do anything more than return to Oklahoma City, and there are emails to prove it. However, David Stern did not care. The city of Seattle, which was still paying for the stadium they restored for the Sonics less than 15 years earlier, and voters were a little wary of building a new one.

So, greedy bastard that he was, Stern made an example of the city and let Bennett take the team out of the 14th largest market in the country and into the 45th.

It was shocking.

But it worked. Ask the Clippers. And the Chargers.

So it’s kind of funny to me when those fans feel slighted or start talking about integrity.


To shut up. Let it go. You and your ill-gotten franchise deserve to be dumped, you womanizing bastards. You deserve to lose. Always. Or at least as long as Clay Bennett or his heirs own the team. I’m glad Kevin Durant stood them up and I’m even more glad he won somewhere else. I’m glad he rubs it in your face and I hope this year it’s James Harden, the guy you throw away, the one who crushes your dreams.

Sorry Thunder fans, but may the curse of Clay Bennett live forever.

Long live the SuperSonics.

Ah, but it’s Thanksgiving, so let’s end on a high note.

This year I am grateful for many reasons. I am grateful to be a Philadelphia sports fan, where I support Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Carson Wentz and Rhys Hoskins for the foreseeable future. I am grateful that I never worked for Charlie Rose. I’m thankful my team didn’t cheap out and signed Blair Walsh. I am grateful for my beautiful wife and baby who is ready to show up at any moment (“Embiid” is a great name for a boy or girl, right?). I am grateful that I live 3,000 miles away from the family whose politics I avoid on Facebook so I don’t have to try to explain that “SAD!” It is not a political position or that NOBODY IS PROTESTING THE ANTHEM before they can eat cake. I am grateful to have put the Guru and the team behind the scenes who helped get this all off the ground.

And, of course, I am grateful for you, the listeners and readers.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


by Lestro

Are you booking an Irish golf tour for 2015/2016?

If you have been given the terrible job of organizing the boys or girls golf tour in Ireland or anywhere else for 2015/2016! You must read my following points, because I would like to share with you some of my thoughts that will help you plan a great golf trip for everyone to enjoy. I’m going to outline a couple of crucial aspects that will ensure you don’t make a complete mess of the task at hand. In this article I will focus on helping you build a great Irish Golf Tour.

Create a checklist… If you do nothing else, just create a checklist. Detail; golf courses, transportation, accommodation, great places to eat at each stop, great shopping, what places to visit, researching Irish sporting events, and anything else you think the group would like to do.

Should you get consensus from the groups which golf courses they would like to play? But be realistic and trust me; the idea of ​​playing Waterville and Royal Portrush on the same trip sounds great, but there is a lot of travel between those courses and you will waste too much time traveling, when you could be playing golf.

Before deciding where you would like to play golf; We typically segment Ireland into four golf destinations, however the areas may overlap depending on the courses you would like to play.

Southwest Golf Courses: Ballybunion GC, Doonbeg GC, Dooks GC, Lahinch GC, Old Head Golf Links, Tralee GC, and Waterville Golf Links.

Southwest Parkland Golf Courses: Cork Golf Club, Adare Golf Club (at the Manor House) and Killeen at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club.

Dublin golf courses (Baltray, European Club, The Island, Portmarnock GC, Portmarnock Links and Royal Dublin)
North & West Golf Links – both courses at Ballyliffin, Carne, Donegal, Enniscrone, Narin and Portnoo, Northwest, Portsalon, both courses at Rossapenna, Rosses Point. (Note that there is a lot of traveling to get from one place to another in the west and north-west of Ireland.)

Northern Ireland golf courses: Ardglass, both courses at Royal County Down, both courses at Royal Portrush, Castlerock and Port Stewart.

If you like a taster of a couple of segments of the Irish golf tour I suggest you try mixing the South West and Dublin and/or North West and North courses. But keep in mind; keep traveling from one place to another until the minimum. There is nothing worse than trying to fit too much into a 4, 5 or 7 day Irish Golf Tour.

The trick here is to make sure you spend as little time traveling in a bus or rental car (by the way, don’t drive, Irish roads can be challenging) and spend as much time playing golf. Or spend time exploring the area you are in. I’m sure you’ll meet more people socializing in the local pubs and maybe you might decide to pack up the clubs for the day and go fishing! I can assure you that you will find all the interesting places to enjoy nice dinners with good entertainment; maybe even enjoy a few pints with the caddies and listen to some great traditional Irish music.

Before you book anything, make sure you are satisfied with the financial commitment of all group members. For example, if you use your credit details to insure 12 golfers at Ballybunion, you’ll be charged up front for the entire bill and you don’t want to be left with an additional fee brother Tom says “oh no I forgot, it’s my sons birthday that week and I can’t go!”

Arrange for comfortable chauffeured transportation and I suggest that, when possible, you avoid driving cars or vans. I usually advise my clients to avoid the hassle with cheap rentals, because there can be a lack of good customer services and it’s only chaos if you’re unlucky enough that the car or van breaks down somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I have seen many disasters and I can always hear an echo of those famous last words “ooooh, I should have listened”.

If this is your first Irish Golf Tour; book guest houses and bed and breakfasts. This is the best way to see Ireland. You will meet and talk to people like never before in your life, spending time with people is fun! Give it a try and I promise you’ll thank me later. Or at least spend a night in a B&B.

If you think the workload is too much for you, give me a call and I’ll create a great golf trip for everyone to enjoy. There are lots of fun things to do in Ireland besides golf and I can take care of that plan for you ladies and gentlemen who don’t play golf. You can leave that job to your average golf tour operator, but I’ll suggest a wider range of things to do and places to see.

If you have any questions about golf trips to Ireland, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I wish you the best of luck and enjoy Ireland!

Golf Concierge Contact us
John Dooley PGA,
golf concierge

Driving traffic to your website, eight proven and effective methods to get it up and running

For any internet marketer or any type of online business to be successful, it is important to have a steady stream of traffic to your site. Without traffic, a website will not make any sales and the online business will fail. Therefore, it is important that you know how to drive traffic to your website. There is a way to drive traffic to your website on any budget, and this article outlines all of those essential ways through which you can be successful.

Method 1. Fresh unique content: People go online to search for information and also buy what they need. Therefore, it is important that you have high-quality and unique content on your website so that your website visitors will spend more time on your website, bookmark your website and also buy from you. Also, if you have a lot of useful information on your website, you will be considered an expert in your niche and therefore easily get clients.

Method 2. Search Engine Optimization – To get your site found in search engines when people search for information, make sure your niche keywords and phrases are in your titles and the rest of your website content. This means that your website will appear and rank high when people search for those keywords on your website, and this will drive more traffic to your website.

Method 3. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising – If you have the money to pay for advertising, you can run an ad with Google AdWords, Bing, or Yahoo Overture to drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget the social networking site like Facebook. Make sure you are fully prepared when paying for advertising. Study a book that teaches how to advertise on the Internet or even Google will teach you about different strategies and techniques. Always make sure to split test your campaigns. Use your tracking to hone in on your demographics. Otherwise, you’ll just be throwing water into the wind and you’ll end up broke.

Method 4. Article Marketing – This is a very powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. In all of your articles, make sure you have a resource box or author bio that contains your website URL. After reading your article, people will want to visit your website, so the more articles you write, the more traffic you will attract to your website.

Method 5. Specialized Niche Forums – This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Participate in specific forums by writing helpful forum posts that are related to your niche and have your website link in your signature. If you participate in forums that are not in your niche, you are essentially wasting your time and annoying a lot of people. Annoying people on the Internet are capable of anything. There is no need to laugh at anyone. Some people are likely to spam you to death. You have better things to do with your time.

Method 6. Viral Marketing – Write free e-books or short reports with a link to your website. Have a link to your website on your blog and in any press release you write. These will drive traffic to your website for an indeterminate period of time. As with article marketing, as these items get passed around, people will want to see your site.

Method 7. Video Marketing: You can create a video about your product or service that you offer on your website and post it on You Tube. Add your website link in that video, and this will ensure that people viewing your video will also visit your website if they need your products and/or services and may even share it with someone they know is looking for what you have offered. in the video.

Method 8. Although countdown lists are better with an odd amount, I couldn’t help but put this last method. The Method is simple and basic. Many times we like to confuse things with all these different new ideas and we forget about the simple things. My mentor, Zig Ziglar, taught me the acronym KISS (Keep It Short & Simple). So usually after using all the novel shapes I go back and do the basic short and simple shape, sometimes it’s just a matter of persistence. That is the eighth method, be persistent. Don’t give up without giving your best fight. Always give it your all. OOAH!

By using these 8 methods outlined above, you can drive lots of traffic to your website, increase your sales and increase profits for your online business. These methods listed above have been tried and tested over and over again. I encourage you to not only put these methods into practice, but also put them into practice. The only time they don’t work is when they don’t apply. It’s like having an alarm system and not turning it on or having air conditioning but sweating, or better yet, getting in your car and not turning it on, you’re not going anywhere fast. I hope this has been of some help to you.

That concludes this article, however, for additional information on this topic and many others, please visit my internet marketing website listed below.

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10 Reasons Teens Don’t Wear Seat Belts (When They’re Not With You!)

Seat belts separate car accidents from fatal car accidents. Statistics show that they save lives, so why don’t all teenagers use them every time they get in the car?

Here are the top 10 excuses teens use to explain why they don’t wear a seat belt:

1. I forgot. Talking and texting with friends are distractions that can make teens forget to buckle up. The pressure of a package on your lap can make them feel like they’re being buckled. Buckling up should be part of the starting routine so they do it without thinking every time they get in the car.

2. There are not enough seat belts for everyone. If 6 children want to go and there are only 5 seat belts, they need another vehicle. Unbelted passengers are a danger to everyone else in the car. If the car stops suddenly, the unrestrained passengers turn into bouncing balls crashing into everyone else. They can die and kill another person.

3. I don’t want to be directed! This is one of those ridiculous urban legends that someone made up and now people repeat as if it were true. There have been extremely rare cases where cars have slammed into obstacles with such force that the seat belts have severed the bodies inside. In those cases, the passengers could not have survived the accident anyway. And they are extremely, extremely rare. Seat belts save lives. Period.

4. So they can escape if the car goes off the road into a river. First: Cars rarely drive off the road and into the water. Second, if this were to happen, the seat belt would keep them in their seat so they wouldn’t be knocked unconscious when the vehicle hit the water. At least, with the seat belt, they would have a good chance of getting out alive.

5. Just down the block. Life is unpredictable. Most accidents happen close to home.

6. The seat belt is uncomfortable. Make sure he’s wearing it correctly so it’s not crossed over his neck. Beyond that, it’s worth a little discomfort to save your life.

7. No one else wears one. If other people in the car are not wearing seat belts, they should be told to buckle up or get out of the car. Driving in a car with unbelted passengers is very dangerous.

8. I don’t want to ruin her clothes. Your clothes won’t be ruined by a seat belt. If it is so important to maintain impeccable special attire, they must change their clothes at the destination.

9. No seat belts in the back of the truck. Nobody should ever ride in the back of a truck. It is too dangerous and illegal in most places.

10. They want to sleep. It is dangerous to recline car seats too far, so they must remain fairly upright with seat belts fastened. (Face it: Most teens could sleep through a tornado anyway.)

There is no good excuse not to wear a seat belt. Buckling up should be a habit that everyone does without thinking. Talk to your teen about all the possible excuses she may have and make sure she knows that none of them are okay.

You’ll find great videos to reinforce the seat belt lesson at