Roofing Contractor Business Plan Outline Example

Is it worth writing a long business plan for your roofing startup? Preparing a business plan can be time consuming, and many entrepreneurs are tempted to go ahead without one, unless they really need it to prove the feasibility of ideas to partners or investors.

Your roofing business won’t be a huge, complicated business for a few years anyway, so why bother? Well, while I wouldn’t suggest spending months writing a 100-page report, you might find it helpful to have a 10-20 page document on your PC that can be your company’s blueprint for success. You can make changes to it as you learn more about the business.

It will be the key document that sets out exactly how your business is run. If done correctly, you should basically be able to hand this document over to someone when you buy your business and they can take over with very little time to explain things to them.

Here’s a brief business roofing business plan template to give you some ideas on how to put together your own.

Content page and executive summary

This should be a summary of your entire roofing business plan. If you are going to present the plan to stakeholders, let them know the content. Include a basic summary of your plans to start a roofing business. Describe the opportunities you see in the market and what you plan to do to capture a piece of the pie for yourself.

Background in the roofing business

Show yourself or others why you’re cut out to get into this business. Please list details about your education and any relevant experience you have had in the roofing industry or business in general. Describe your reasons for wanting to start a roofing business.

mission status

State your company’s mission or philosophy in a few words or a short phrase. Try to think about what you want to achieve with your business other than profit. You must be motivated by a desire to provide quality service to people in a way that satisfies them and provides great value while allowing you to achieve your goals. What kind of products and services do you want to deliver? How will you be different from all other roofing companies?

business goals

Set the goals you have for your business in its early years. Set realistic goals that you know are possible so you won’t get discouraged if you don’t meet them. Success can be measured by a number of metrics, such as the total number of roofing jobs completed per month, the percentage of leads that convert to new customers, or the productivity of your employees, for example.

startup requirements

List all of the products and services your business will offer, and then establish a list of equipment and inventory you’ll need to get started. If you need to buy a truck, you’ll look for minimum upfront costs of around $20,000.

Startup requirements will also include compliance costs. Depending on the state you are operating in, you may need a contractor’s license, insurance, a bond, or comply with a number of other relevant regulations.

Don’t forget that in addition to purchasing all the necessary roofing equipment, you’ll also need to purchase materials for your first job. Clients will usually pay a large part of their total bill upon completion of the job, so you will have to pay the bill until you get funds when they pay your bill in full.

Structure, Ownership and Management

There are four basic options to consider for your business structure and they include sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability corporation (LLC).

Describe how your business will be owned and make note of the various parties that may have an ownership interest.

Establish a management structure so there is no confusion among those involved in the business about who is responsible for managing which part of the business.

Marketing plan

Identify your target market by both location and other demographic factors and describe the type of people or properties that make up your target market. Include the results of any market research you conduct or local industry statistics you may collect.

Establish a detailed plan for marketing your roofing business. This should include how you plan to receive inquiries, convert them to new accounts, and maintain them for the long term. It should also include branding, pricing, advertising, a sales approach, and other marketing methods.

competitive analysis

Write profiles of your main local competitors and try to understand how they conduct their business. Borrow and adapt features of your business that work and look for weaknesses in your business models that you can capitalize on. Find out how you will differentiate your brand from theirs in a way that allows you to stand out in the marketplace.


Include details of the daily operations of the proposed roofing business. Take note of your office location, business management and record-keeping systems, plans for hiring employees, and procedures related to roof installation or repair.

Financial analysis

Describe some of the methods you could use to obtain financing for your new business.

Create a spreadsheet showing projected cash flow forecasts for the first few years of business for a variety of scenarios. You can then determine how profitable you think the business will be in several different economic climates.

You can find many free sample business plans online, but it can be more difficult to find a specific sample roofing business plan. There are some business planning software programs you can buy, but these are usually just generic business plans that have been adapted anyway.

Unless you can persuade other roofing business owners to share their plan with you, then you really have to look at templates from other industries and model your roofing business plan on them.

thinking about last christmas

It’s almost finished. The shopping, the wrapping, the cooking, and all the hustle and bustle of activities we do to get ready for Christmas. It’s almost over, except for the memories we’re left with each year.

Looking back, I never realized what a unique family we were and how differently we celebrated the holiday.

When the babies were little, our family’s Christmases were a riot. We never knew where we were going to find the tree. One year he was in the baby’s playpen and the next year we found him hanging upside down from the lamp.

We could never have a pretty tree. We couldn’t even hang icicles because Lacie ate them, and Mitch thought Christmas tree balls were meant to be thrown. But it was our tree and no one seemed to care what it looked like as long as there were lots of presents around it.

It was Christmas 1959 (the year before Mitch was born) that Santa came to our house on Christmas morning for the last time. That was the year I woke up everyone in the house at two in the morning to see what Santa had brought. Jo said that she was going to have to come to our house on Christmas Eve from now on so we could all get some sleep. Jo had very good connections with Santa. Because of me, Santa had to make two trips a year!

Our family, like most others, had a family Christmas party every year. And we still do. When I was little, and both of my grandparents were still alive, we had two Christmas parties. now that life was worth living! One would be at Nanny’s and the other at Mam Maw’s, until she started renting the Ward 4 parish barn so we wouldn’t trash his house for Christmas.

Mam Maw was more of a socialite, I guess you could say, than Nanny, and she didn’t want to have to clean up after us. I remember very few Christmases where we would party at Mam Maw’s house (probably due to my narcolepsy), but the Ward 4 Barn worked very well.

Mam Maw and Pap Paw’s house had a completely different atmosphere than Nanny’s. Nanny and Paw Paw lived in the country on a farm and Mam Maw and Pap Paw lived in Sulfur City, and we were actually allowed to enter Mam Maw’s house through the front door.

She had a beautiful home, complete with statues of people and cats around her living room and a sleek, shiny black panther that always graced her mantle. (I could never understand why she would be a WO Boston Panther fan.)

One of his most prized possessions was a statue of a Siamese cat that took pride of place by his fireplace. We all thought he was ugly and called him “Damn Mam Maw’s cat”. After his death, it became a Christmas tradition to pass the Cursed Cat. However, when it was Lacie’s turn, we never saw Damn Cat again, until last year. She broke it or someone did, but she’s with me for a while. I always wanted the panther, but the only one that happened was that Damn Cat.

Almost everyone in the family would attend our wonderful Christmas parties, even people we hadn’t seen in years and years. And sometimes people we didn’t know at all, but met for the first time.

Christmas 2010, we had the party at my mother’s house. Everyone calls her Big Mama ever since she started having grandkids, except me of course. (To me, she will always be Jo, and she used to have a Big Daddy, but he died at our Christmas party in 2003 that we had at my brother’s house.)

We all love Big Daddy very much. He was a rare and special person, something like Keno. (Their names of his were even the same, Known.) Christmas has never been the same for me since that horrible party. There are certain events that not even time can heal… Oh, how I hate death.

Anyway, at the 2010 Christmas party, all the guests in Jo’s “great room” were enjoying my grandson, Cullen, then about four months old. Eventually, it was Jo’s turn to hug him and Mr. Cliff’s friend Ann, who we had just met, asked her; “What is his name?” Well, Jo looked at the baby and then at Ann, then nervously glanced at everyone else in the room (they only offered quizzical looks) before finally saying, “I don’t know!”

As the silence thickened, Jo burst into a fit of laughter closely followed by the crowded room. Imagine not knowing the name of her great-grandson! As the laughter began to fade, Jo said, “Well, he doesn’t come around very often.” Then the laughter started again.

Miss Ann was determined to get the name of this cute lump. A while later, my niece, Kalee, was holding the baby, walking around showing her beautiful blue eyes and that dimple in her right cheek. Passing Miss Ann’s chair, they asked, “What’s your name?” Kalee nervously looked at Cullen and replied, “I don’t know!” Laughing time again, no one seemed to know my grandson’s name!

But from now on, we’ll definitely know Cullen’s name, in case anyone asks. Cullen and his older brother Brendan, who was four years old, spent Christmas Eve with me, so that his mother (my daughter… umm… uhh… oh yeah, Carrie) could wrap presents and get ready for Christmas. Holy. That was 2010, this is 2014/15 and we’re having the party at my new Hackberry House.

In 2011, the party was held on Christmas Eve at Jeffrie’s house. It’s amazing that no matter what difficult life paths my relatives have chosen, that warm family bond remains. There was time to talk about the “good old days” and remember those blessed old men who have passed from this life. Keno believes that grandparents should never be allowed to die. I also.

My wonderful grandparents, up in Heaven; please know how much I miss you. And by now, you know how much you’ve always meant to me. I love you, my wonderful grandparents.

Normally, we bring a white elephant present and we play that Christmas game where everyone draws a number and then, in numerical order, they each take a present from under the tree; or he steals a present from someone that he must return to pick up from under the tree.

My sister, Jeffrie, decided that she would host the only Christmas party we were going to have in 2011. While we were deciding which dish would bring who, I reminded her to include the “White Elephant” information. She said, “We’re not going to do the White Elephant thing this year.” “Oh, but we are,” I replied quickly. Miss Jeffrie was unwilling to alter that family tradition!

I can’t imagine why he wanted to skip “The Game”, but he got over it. And we opened our gifts with unbridled greed, trading with anyone who was willing and stealing from those who were not. And then we ate (and ate) until our clothes were too tight and we all felt sleepy.

Oh! I almost forget it! The party ended with a screening of footage from our childhood days! Jeffrie had taken all the old eight-millimeter film from our childhood, he had digitized it and placed it on disks that he gave to each member of the family.

How wonderful!! What memories, our lives and times. My heart was touched. Wonderful memories have been redone in high definition and indelibly replaced in my mental library.

And Lacie? She forgot to bring “That Damn Cat” that year… But she brought it this year and I got it! Or she should say she had it down to the motions. I’ve had to move three times lately and “That Damn Cat” ended up at my brother’s house.

Be at peace and prosper,

Travis Perkins, author

As he told Oyea Kendali

Knowing your doctor’s employment contract

You have done it! The time has finally come and you’ve finished your residency or are preparing to accept a new position, and your prospective employer slides a thick bundle of papers across your desk in your direction. The doctor’s employment contract can be an ominous-looking pile of paperwork filled with legal language. It may be tempting to jump across the table and sign on the dotted line, but the doctor’s employment contract is worth a closer look. Once the conditions of your employment have been met, the contract details your compensation, scope of practice, and schedule terms.

The employer will submit the compensation decided on in the doctor’s employment contract. It is usually an annual salary, a variable amount based on workload, or a combination of both forms of compensation. This section of the contract should also include terms related to bonuses, annual increases (if it is a long-term contract), signing bonuses, and relocation compensation. When accepting compensation in advance, be sure to consider the payment terms. In addition, the compensation section of the doctor’s employment contract should include the terms of benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, stock options, and retirement savings. The physician’s employment contract must include the scope of practice and restrictive covenants. While it will always vary by employer or position, the scope of practice portion of the doctor’s employment contract will set the stage for what your day-to-day job responsibilities will be. It will also remind you of any practices that are not permitted within your scope. In addition, the restrictive agreements will detail the ‘rules of the job’ and the terms for termination. You can sign a non-compete agreement as part of the restrictive covenants, or agree not to take patients away from other doctors within the practice. Ultimately, the scope of practice and restrictive covenants section of the physician’s employment contract will set the guidelines for safely navigating your new job.

Scheduling is often one of the biggest concerns among doctors. Physicians have traditionally devoted all their time to being available when their patients need them. These days, doctors band together to share the workload and save valuable free time. When detailing the terms of your schedule, be sure to note required office hours, hospital hours, and your position in the on-call rotation. Often, any required continuing medical education (CME) will also be included in this section of the doctor’s employment contract. To stay current, doctors will take classes or attend seminars, which are counted as CMEs.

Whether you’ve reviewed an employment contract in the past or are preparing to sign one for the first time, remember the importance of due diligence. This contract will legally bind you and your employer in a mutual commitment. If you are unsure of the terms, be sure to ask questions or consider seeking the services of an attorney or paralegal to interpret legal speech. When careful attention is paid to deciphering the doctor’s employment contract, it can come in very handy when you need it.

What a woman wants: how a man can captivate a woman’s heart

For centuries, men have searched for ways to capture a woman’s attention. They say that she learns to do something; she has to study those who do it well. History shows us Casanova, Don Juan and Romeo. Modern media shows us women who have become so captivated by a man that they are willing to go and give and do anything to be by his side. These modern schemers learned well from the tastes of their historical counterparts. While some have used this “the phenomenon of captivation“To exploit the very women they charmed, many greatly admired men also use it. These men have discovered the fine art of satisfying a woman’s most basic desires.

While good looks help, they are not the basis of this captivating phenomenon. Having an intriguing presence that fills a room and exudes confidence is what inexplicably attracts women. This subtle confidence should not be confused with arrogance or an arrogant and selfish attitude. It is a kind of silent knowing, that one is solid, that one is not easily changed by the opinions of others and that one does not seek validation.

For this type of man, a woman is a luxury, not a necessity. He treats a woman like a prized prize, never seeking to dominate her. He just wants to learn more about what makes her unique and nurture and feed her heart. This type of man ignites the imagination and playful spirit of a woman.

In the book CaptivatingStasi Eldridge outlines the three basic desires of a woman: to be idealized, to be irreplaceable, and to be beautiful. Every woman has a story, a woven story of the things that have been done to her, as well as the things that have been done to her and for her. As a result, many women are heartbroken from not having their needs met, being treated unfairly, or even abused.

Their hearts long to be nourished and restored. The heart represents the essence of your soul… your mind, will and emotions. Very few women have had these basic desires fully satisfied. By fulfilling these key desires of a woman’s heart, you’ll create a powerful bond that won’t be easily broken. To captivate a woman’s heart you need to fulfill these three key desires:

1. Desire to be “romantic.”

To be courted, desired, and have someone take the time to please you. Women look for this in relationships. Consider the books they read, the stories they enjoy, and the movies they watch. The idea of ​​a man taking the time to pursue them romantically is irresistible. Look a woman in the eye and hold her gaze. Let her feel like she is the only one in the room. By giving her full attention, awareness, and interest, a woman can’t help but get carried away. By listening carefully, smiling, and engaging a woman in conversation, you will keep her imagination going. If you still don’t understand, watch romantic movies (rent The notebook), or reading romantic literature. If you want to keep a woman fond of you, romance her continuously throughout your relationship. Small gestures of your affection, offered regularly, will arouse her admiration.

2. Desire to be found irreplaceable.

To be so valuable to someone, that they couldn’t replace you in their life. It is a desire to be more than just useful, but to be essentially needed by someone. We do not resuscitate just being helpful. Do you want to be simply useful in your lover’s life? By allowing a woman to feel that she has an unshakable place in your life, you fulfill a primal desire for her. This creates a deep bond, making you irreplaceable to her as well.

3. Desire to be found beautiful.

Women want to be seen and enjoyed, to be captivating. As Stasi Eldridge points out, “The woman wants to know, ‘Do you love me?’ precious she is to him. Women feel beautiful by the way a man looks at them and how he touches them, gently with strong confidence. While verbal affirmation is desirable, body language must be present for a woman to feel that you find her beautiful.

Captivating someone is defined as influencing and dominating through some special charm, art, or trait and with irresistible appeal. By learning the special art of making a woman fall in love, making her feel irreplaceable and beautiful, you develop your captivating abilities. While other men may just date women, they will want you. Those whom you have loved completely will never forget you. Your wife will become a trusted partner.

The best part of developing and using these skills is that once you captivate a woman’s heart, she will go to great lengths to meet your basic needs. By having her needs met and her wounded heart restored, she will be able to give herself completely to you. There is a saying, “Happy wife = Happy life.” Therefore, when you make her happy, she will strive to keep you happy, out of love and appreciation for capturing her heart.

Homeowners and Investors Association Foreclosures

It’s been front page news, so everyone knows there are opportunities for investors to buy real estate below market value if the property is facing foreclosure. But have you considered homeowners association foreclosures?

As you know, when a lender initiates a conventional foreclosure, they are required by law to post a public notice. Wow, does that make it easy to find the name and address of a struggling homeowner?

The problem is that it also means that you will have a lot of competition for that property. Every foreclosure investor in your area follows the foreclosure legal notices.

Home Owners Associations

The trick is to do something that others don’t do. One area of ​​foreclosure shopping that is not as well known is homeowners association (HOA) foreclosures.

In most cases, long before a homeowner stops making mortgage payments, they stop paying their HOA appraisal. That’s your signal that the homeowner is in serious financial trouble and may be interested in getting out of the HOA and mortgage payments.

That is a gigantic opportunity! Yes, it is an opportunity not only to buy a property, but also to help a homeowner out of a tight spot. .

It hasn’t been front page news, but many HOAs are seeing increases in overdue appraisals. In Arizona’s most populous counties, it has been reported that between 20% and 35% of HOAs owed are delinquent. That’s a big jump from previous years.

HOA Evaluations

Typically, overdue assessments are collected through overdue notices, prior lien letters, or HOA lien filings.

HOAs face an even bigger problem now with lenders foreclosing on their mortgages at record rates and some homeowners filing for bankruptcy to pay off their debts. The HOA deals with collection through small claims or judicial court vs. non-judicial foreclosure.

Remember that fees are the HOA’s only source of income to fund the upkeep of the community. When assessments are not paid, other owners in the development must make up the difference. That means your evaluations go up. Many of them are already on the verge of financial collapse and an increase in the HOA could be enough to push them over the edge.

HOA regulations

It varies from state to state, but an HOA has the power to foreclose on the property if the HOA’s delinquent payments reach a certain level. That foreclosure power is governed by HOA statutes and state law. As an example, this is how it works in California:

Before an HOA can enforce, either judicially or non-judicially, for delinquent appraisals, one of two thresholds must be met

Number one: HOA appraisal debt must be $1,800 or more, not including appraisal fees; Prayed

Number two: The debt, regardless of the amount, must be more than 12 months past due.

Pre-Foreclosure Investment

This could be considered a pre-foreclosure investment, because you will be looking at posted default notices filed by homeowners associations. Just remember that any ad posted will attract anywhere from dozens to thousands of other bargain hunters.

Could I get information about paying the back assessment directly from the HOA before it becomes public? Probably not, but it’s worth asking.

Another tactic might be to offer to pay the HOA for overdue appraisals in exchange for the information. The average HOA fee is probably between $125 and $250 per month. A few months evaluation can be a bargain price to pay for the information you would get before anyone else.

In my opinion, your best course of action may come through neighborhood marketing. You can point to developments that have an HOA, and that’s all that’s been built in the last ten years.

Using door signs or direct mail, offer to pay a homeowner’s delinquent appraisal. This can give homeowners in financial difficulty access. Then it’s up to you to find a way to make a profitable home purchase.

You can offer a lease option, buy subject to existing financing, or negotiate an equity agreement. There are many ways to buy from those facing foreclosure that can benefit both you and the seller.

Foreclosure investors are fighting each other trying to make a profit through conventional methods. You can reduce the competition to almost zero by understanding the opportunity homeowners offer behind HOA appraisals.

Las Vegas SEO

SEO is the process used to increase the search engine ranking positions of a website. This process manipulates site content as well as inbound links to a site, ultimately creating a situation where search engines consider that website or web page to be the best source of information on that topic. Businesses use SEO to increase their exposure to customers and potential customers by making their website show up favorably in the results that are returned when someone searches for the products or services they offer. Like any marketing method, exposing your brand to potential customers will increase sales.

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, due to the fact that it exposes your brand to customers who are actively searching for your products or services. Most forms of marketing will pitch your brand to a group, hoping that some of that group’s members will have an interest in buying what you’re selling. With search engine marketing, you are showing your brand to people who are actively looking for something you offer. This is a much better customer than a simple group that is not defined by one characteristic or motivation. Because SEO pushes your website higher in displayed search results, more potential customers see the brand. Most people who use search engines to make decisions will choose from the first five results that are displayed. That is why it is essential that your website is on the first page of results.

Many business owners are frustrated by the lack of performance due to a crucial mistake that was made. If you don’t “localize” your website and your SEO efforts, you will be competing for position in a global competitive landscape. If you are trying to rank for the words “SEO company”, your content will be competing with companies that provide this service around the world. If your business is located in Las Vegas and primarily caters to that Las Vegas audience, then a localized SEO campaign targeting “Las Vegas SEO company” will narrow down the competition to only businesses targeting those terms and areas. This makes your efforts more effective by competing in a smaller pool of results. Effective local SEO uses specialized techniques in addition to keyword targeting to achieve goals.

SEO uses two main methods to achieve higher rankings. Creating content on a specific topic and positioned on the website or on another website that links to your site accounts for nearly 100% of ongoing SEO efforts. By creating new content on a topic, you show Google that you are an authority on that topic and will ultimately rank higher as a result. While there are other factors that are also used in the process, these are the two most important.

SEO is an ongoing process, due to the fact that rankings are a competition between your website and others. There is no such thing as fixed investments, and you can always be beaten.

The best safaris in Africa

As you drive through the picturesque savannah landscape, tall grass and pristine acacia trees dot the horizon. Animal sightings are overwhelming. At first sight, he will run to his camera to take a photo of the grazing animals; giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, impalas, waterbucks and oryx. It is incredible to think how many centuries these lands have traveled. The real hunt on safari is looking for the Big Five. Encounter elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards and of course lions, they all come with time. On some safaris, they can arrive in one day.

Have you always wanted to go on a safari, but imagined an incredibly high price? If you’re looking for a good safari on a budget, some are easily accessible, self-driving is allowed, and entrance fees are wallet-friendly. How about packing for a safari? There are some essential items not to forget. With our top picks in Africa, you’ll see all the expected animals, including a good shot at the Big Five.

What animals will I see on Safari?

It is normal to see a lot of wildlife and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Expect to see LOTS of wildebeest and antelope. Some parks have many elephants and giraffes. Depending on your luck and patience, seeing Lions is common, but you may only see a few. Seeing leopards and rhinos is rare. They are in many parks, but they are elusive. Leopards tend to hide in trees while rhinos stay away from vehicles.

Can I go on a safari on a budget?

Yes, you absolutely can! Safaris in East Africa are the most expensive, starting with the Serengeti and Masai Mara. If you’re on a tight budget, drop your plans to visit those parks as they will rack up a cost of several hundred each day you visit. While they are worth it, they are not cheap. The safaris in South Africa and Namibia are great, they have very cheap entrance fees and you can drive alone in a small sedan. Renting a car is cheap in those countries, which makes a safari very affordable. Another way to save money on safari is to bring or rent a tent. National Parks in Namibia and SA have campgrounds and it gets expensive if you don’t intend to camp.

What is the Best Safari in Africa?

Every safari is unique. The landscapes create a different environment for what you are seeing every day. Some make it very difficult to spot animals, while others are wide open and much easier. Some safaris need 4×4 and you usually need to hire a driver, especially those in East Africa. Autonomous driving is permitted on most safaris in South Africa, ideal for those independent travelers or backpackers on a budget. Finding the best African safari for YOU depends on what you’re looking for, but chances are you’ll find it in one of these parks:

The best safaris in Africa:

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

What to expect:

This iconic park, when one thinks of a safari, rolling savannas teeming with animal life like no other, the Masai Mara fits the bill. Popular for decades as Africa’s premier park, the action here is second to none. In a matter of minutes you can see lions, rhinos, a leopard and some cheetahs. The Big 5 are all in this park and you have a good chance of seeing them all, possibly even in one day. Come during the wildebeest migration between July and early September for the most action and the famous river crossing, with the best time to come being early September.

• Autonomous driving is an option. The park requires only 4×4.

• The entrance fee to the park is $80 per day.

• Camping is available from $7 – $15 per person outside the park gates.

Norongoro Crater National Park, Tanzania

What to expect:

Norongoro Crater is the world’s largest unfilled, dormant caldera, with a floor of more than 100 square miles (260 square kilometers). The wildlife is impressive. Elephants, buffalo, giraffes and lions graze inside the crater. The elephants spend their last days in the Norongoro Crater. They travel hundreds of miles just to get there. The views are impressive with the crater walls surrounding the flat plains, and the wildlife is dense considering the size of the crater. It is a common side excursion as a day trip during a Serengeti safari.

• Autonomous driving is an option. They only require 4×4.

• The entrance fee to the park is $60 per day plus 18% VAT and $40 per day for the vehicle.

• Camp is $30 per night per person.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

What to expect:

When most think of big game parks and some of Africa’s most iconic parks, the Serengeti is often the first to drop the tongue. This famous park in Tanzania borders the Masai Mara to the south and is a huge park. With over 3,000 lions and 1,000 leopards, the Serengeti is home to what most say is the largest population of big cats in Africa. There are also more than 2 million wildebeest, of which more than 1.5 million migrate annually to the northern Masai Mara as part of the Great Migration. Come during the migration between July and early September for the most action and the famous river crossings, with the best time to come in early September.

• Autonomous driving is an option. They only require 4×4.

• The entrance fee to the park is $60 per day plus 18% VAT and $40 per day for the vehicle.

• Camp is $30 per night per person.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

What to expect:

This gem of a park in Namibia, not far from the picturesque Namib sand dunes, is one of the best parks in Africa. It is a very large park with a central salt plan that is flooded during the rainy season. The park has excellent walks along the salt pan and savannah, as well as through the forest. Many natural and man-made watering holes help animals to congregate, especially during the dry season. There are three main camping areas with watering holes to see at night. The park is full of wildlife. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and elephants. Everyone calls Etosha home. We had several close encounters with lions. A cheetah mom tried to kill an antelope with her two cubs. Hundreds of giraffes would congregate to drink water. Etosha was one of our favorite safaris and is a great option for those on a budget. For the quality of the animals and the accessibility, this could be the best budget safari in Africa. The best time to visit is from May to October during the dry season.

• Autonomous driving is an option and 4×4 is not required.

• The cost of admission to the park is $6 per day plus $2 per car per day.

• Camps for up to 8 people are $18 per night.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

What to expect:

Mountain gorillas can only be found in four national parks, all bordering the Virunga Mountains. You can visit the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the Virunga National Park in the Congo, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda and the Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has the largest number of mountain gorillas of any park, home to nearly 400 of the 900 living mountain gorillas. Visits are daily and you can often track large families with several large male silverbacks and young gorillas. This is unique to most African safaris, which is single-species hunting and entirely on foot, but the memories of this may beat all others.

• The best time to visit is from May to September when it is not the rainy season. Prices are lower during the rainy season, making it a great time for those on a budget.

• The Bwindi Mountain Trek costs $600 per person during the main season and $450 during the low season (April, May and November).

• Camping is $5 per person in the national park and $7-$10 at rest camps outside the park.

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

What to expect:

This highly underrated park is possibly the most diverse of these parks. It is home to the largest waterfall on the Nile River, Murchison Falls, along with excellent safaris and scenic Nile River boat cruises. The delta here by Lake Albert offers excellent hippo and bird watching. The savannah is impressive with rolling hills. We loved the unique landscaping in Murchison that was alphabetized with palm trees, a rare thing in the savannah. The park is home to many giraffes, hippos, exotic birds, lions, antelope, buffalo, crocodiles, and the occasional leopard. Chimpanzee walks are also available. The best time to visit is from May to September.

• Autonomous driving is an option and 4×4 is not required.

• The entrance fee to the park is $40 per day.

• Camp is $8 per person at Red Chili Rest Camp.

Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

What to expect:

The Moremi Game Reserve, in northwestern Botswana, is adjacent to the Okavango Delta, and is well worth a visit when in Moremi. This park is one of the best safaris for self-drive enthusiasts. Coarse sand roads make for fun but challenging driving conditions through forests and smaller open plains. You can drive for a couple of days or take the longer trek through Moremi to Chobe for a 5-7 day Safari. Wildlife is very dense with elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes, lions, leopards, hyenas and the rare wild dogs. The best time to visit is June through September during the dry season, but when flooding is at its highest in the Okavango River Delta.

• Autonomous driving is an option. They only require 4×4.

• The entrance fee to the park is $11 per day plus $5 per day per vehicle.

• The cost of camping ranges from $15 to $50 per person, depending on each campsite.

Chobe National Park, Botswana

What to expect:

Chobe National Park is one of Africa’s premier parks and has some of the densest concentrations of animals in Africa. They are home to the second largest number of elephants in Africa. The animals travel hundreds of kilometers to make the journey to the Chobe River. Along with Moremi, this park is great for self-driving enthusiasts. Their game drives are excellent, but the real bonus is the Chobe River. Take a sunset boat cruise and watch as elephants cross the river, hundreds of hippos eating, exotic birds, crocodiles laying down and many other animals can be seen. The occasional lion can be found on the banks of the river having a drink. The best time to visit is from May to September.

• Autonomous driving is an option. They only require 4×4.

• The entrance fee to the park is $7 per day.

• The cost of camping ranges from $15 to $50 per person, depending on each campsite.

A brief guide for the gay visitor to Athens on a winter weekend getaway

Some suggestions of where to go and what to do during a short “city break” in Athens.

 Part 3 – More eating out, another bar and Kolonaki.

Continuing the saga of a four day ‘city break’ in Athens makes us need a bit of a break and as many of the gay bars/clubs are closed on Mondays we can do so without feeling guilty!

After the usual afternoon sleep I head to Goody’s in the center of town. Goody’s is the Greek answer to MacDonalds, the system of ordering at one desk and walking to another to pick up your food is confusing, none of the staff speak English but you can always point can’t you? The food is good and there’s plenty of it, but it’s not cheap. But if you want a good burger, you have to pay for it.

Monday is a much quieter night around Monastiraki and Psirri, I find the bar called Inoteka in Platia Avisinias which hosts the flea market. This bar is listed as ‘gay friendly’ but I can’t say for sure because I’m the only person there. I can tell it’s interestingly decorated and warm and welcoming, maybe if someone else goes there they can tell me. However, I can imagine spending the night there.

Moving on, I find a seat at a restaurant bar on Miaouli Street, near Platia Iroon, called Rebekka. Normally you can not enter these places as they are full but it is Monday. As I sit with a large bottle of beer (3 EUR) and start to write my notes, the most brilliant lightning I have ever seen occurs, followed by magnificent thunder, torrential rain and hail for the next twenty minutes. It doesn’t matter that it’s warm and dry under this canvas awning.

Tomorrow is my last full day and I want to make the most of it, so I go to bed early.

Tuesday arrives and another sunny day arrives, apart from the occasional downpour I have had a pleasant time but I need a coat and a sweater especially at night.

My plan is to visit Kerameikos, which is on Ermou street near Thissio station. This area used to be very run down, but is now a nice pedestrian area, but watch out for scooters. The archaeological site is actually ancient cemeteries where the good and the great of ancient Athens were buried. I expected that it would only take me thirty minutes to go around the site, by the time I had circled the museum I had stayed three hours!

Grabbing a spinach pie on the way through Monastiraki, I make my way to Ermou towards Parliament House. The streets are packed with shoppers as the January sales begin today. Arriving at Syntagma Square I check the post office to see if it is still as busy and chaotic as ever. This. (There are other less busy post offices near Omonia Square and opposite the National Bank in Athinas Street Square).

Pausing to take a photo of one of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, I continue on to Kolonaki, which is the most expensive area of ​​Athens and is home to many of the foreign embassies and government buildings. Here you will find all the well-known designer stores and most of them have sales. There is also the usual number of street cafes where the rich, famous, beautiful and not so beautiful of Athens come to play.

This tea place to have a coffee and so I do. At my chosen cafe, the menu is new and wonderfully produced on thick, glossy paper. The price of a cup of coffee is so close to EUR5 that it is not worth taking the change, and if you also have something to eat, the prices are cleverly calculated to be enough above EUR9 that it is not worth taking the change . has a EUR10 bill! My coffee is called something like ‘espressocaccia’ and I choose it because it has more ingredients than anything else! When I leave I take the menu with me but I leave it in my hotel.

Tonight is my last night and I am staying in the city at the Euripides Hotel to reduce the travel time to the airport the next day. I intend to sleep again early, without alcohol, since I don’t travel as well as I used to.

The owner warns me that they have the worker to do some renovations but I don’t mind as I want to get up pretty early.

For lunch I head to Monastiraki and to the street by the railway, where a burly Greek ‘komaki’ has already tried to sneak me in three times (sorry folks, I lost my card and don’t know the name). Having ordered and gotten to the Greek salad, I realize I’ve left my money at the hotel and take a quick walk back to pick it up. The Greek salad is big enough for three, there’s half a loaf of bread, and when they arrive the meatballs are huge with rice on the side. Another case of two eating as cheap as one! Two Greek musicians serenade me, since I’m the only person in the place, I buy them a pitcher of raki and a bottle of beer. They ask me where I’m from and laugh when I say ‘Krhth’ as ​​I’m obviously English. But of course they have a relative in Crete. I pay the 23 EUR bill in total, a bargain considering I couldn’t finish the whole meal, but managed to drink the half liter of wine!

On the way back to the hotel I pass by Aleko’s hoping it’s open for a drink, it’s closed so I decide to head back to the hotel for an early night.

I don’t know about you, but when I walk past a bar playing Boney M, which turns into the Village People, my interest is piqued. Well, it’s still early days and a Metaxa and Cola will be fine. The bar is called Cosmopolis and is located on the corner of Agatharchou and an unnamed street very close to the hotel. I walk in and sit at the bar, it’s busy and the bartender is pouring a big round. For a greek he seems to be tall and I think maybe the floor behind the bar is raised, standing up I check but no he really is that tall and it’s an absolute dream watching him work that’s what else did you do ? I think it could mean? Now he’s pouring a round of tequila shots, I look around the bar as I wait, the bartender taps me on the shoulder and pushes a shot towards me then points to a crowd of late 20’s Greek men standing behind. from my. Obviously, this is a celebration of some kind and, being a person who never refuses to drink, I clink glasses with everyone before drinking it in one.

I order my Metaxa and Coke, the bartender seems a little bewildered and has to open three fridge doors before finding the Coke, the Metaxa is huge! The drink is handed to me along with a large glass of water, strange? It’s hot in here, the music and the mood of the place are infectious and one thing is for sure, it’s NOT a gay bar, but I can drink anywhere.

As I sip my drink and enjoy the music, I watch the bartender and realize that none of the liquor, which seems to be the only thing they sell, has a mixer. Even the huge glasses of gin come straight out! But why not? Everyone has a big glass of water that fills up frequently, no wonder the bartender seemed bemused when I ordered Coke, he couldn’t remember where it was! Of course after another drink the rot had set in and it was 3am before I went to bed, but with drinks of that size and only £5 each, who am I to complain? As always, it’s the unplanned events that are often the best!

I am woken up the next day at 9am by the sound of hammering and drilling, it seems the workers started at 7am and are amazed that I can still sleep.

Breakfast is included in my room price, 25 a night, and I need something solid. I go up to the seventh floor and the first thing I do is turn up the thermostat on the water boiler. (Remember I have stayed here before!). Breakfast here is a ‘Dutch’ breakfast with juice, cereal, cold meats, cheeses, croissants, dried and fresh fruit, jam and bread. A new addition is a toaster, which is very welcome as Greek bread is often very dry and toasting makes it edible. While I’m making toast the water boiler is now on full blast and I can make a decent cup of tea, don’t even think about trying the coffee here!
I return to my room, to find that the builders have already removed the doors, lucky I packed my suitcase before I left last night!

Handling my luggage back to the Monastiraki metro station, about 600 meters away, is a hard-headed challenge, but I get over it and soon I’m speeding my way to the airport. Thirty-five minutes and a €6 one-way ticket get me back to the airport in plenty of time for my flight back to Crete, and as the plane takes off I ponder whether I could really live in Athens and stay sane.

Finance Jobs Pros and Cons

There are three types of college students. The former chooses a career they are passionate about and wants to work in the industry. The second is the one who chooses a specialization in which he has the potential to earn a lot of money in his future career. The third is undecided about what his future will be. With most households still struggling financially, most students today fall into the latter category, often seeking careers in law, finance, and other high-paying jobs.

These races are not done without a lot of canvas. This is especially true in finance. If you’re thinking about getting a job in the finance industry, understand that there are big pros and cons.

The advantage of finance jobs in terms of salary is that they offer extremely competitive rates. The company you’ll be working for will leave most, if not all, financial matters on your desk and it’s your job to resolve them. They will pay you high amounts of money so that they make more money and lose less.

The fact that high salaries await you in a finance job is also a disadvantage. When you say competitive rates, there is an emphasis on “competitive” because you also have to remain competitive to maintain those rates. This translates into a lot more work and higher stress levels, leading to burnout if not managed effectively.

The hours you work will depend on your job title. If you’re a financial consultant, for example, you have full control over your hours. You can work when you want and get paid when you do. The downside to this perk is that you will need to be really good at what you do to survive in the industry. Otherwise, you will have no demand at all.

Job security is another advantage of financial careers. The advantage is that there will be no shortage of customers as long as there are businesses opening. The downside is that some companies tend to hire when business is thriving, but fire financiers when it isn’t. To counter this, you just have to do your job right.

Keep in mind that the advantages of a finance job are also its own disadvantages. It’s best to remember this to prepare yourself mentally for the obstacles ahead and not be surprised at how seemingly difficult a financial career can be.

Reasons to buy the Mitsubishi Pajero sports car

It is always difficult to drive on uneven terrain. But, with the new Mitsubishi Pajero sports car, you can always stay ahead. With cutting-edge technologies, automatic transmission and ultra-stylish interiors, you can now experience a smooth and comfortable drive. So here are some reasons why you should buy the car.

exceptional performance
With the new model, the 2.4 liter diesel engine gives you impressive power output. Controlled power output with minimal emissions can surely be observed even when you enjoy a long ride. Fuel efficiency is improved due to the injection system that optimizes fuel dispersion. To your surprise, the eight-speed automatic gearbox offers nothing short of effortless acceleration. Transmission systems adapt to driver preferences by helping you monitor gear shift timing, engine and other information. On the other hand, the four-wheel drive gives the necessary power to navigate steep slopes.

Visually appealing interiors
You will certainly be fascinated once you are sitting in the Pajero sports car. While the luxurious leather seats contribute to the cool and modern look, the window frames feature chrome cladding on all their edges. Plus, you don’t have to worry about luxury and comfort. The infotainment system would let you enjoy the ride, while the electric steering wheel would help you maneuver the vehicle with ease. The features would be added soon, but once included, the model won’t look expensive. Towards the front, the doors feature pockets to accommodate a water bottle and a dash that’s fairly responsive to controls.

guarantee security
Once you leave with the sports car, all passengers are protected against inertia. In addition to the accessory installed on the driver’s seat, passenger airbags are provided. The headlight beam adjuster helps to drive the vehicle when it is very dark outside. No matter what the road condition, Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) helps control speed effectively. The vehicle is protected from thieves thanks to the engine immobilizer and the engine starts only when a particular key is identified. Also, you can be worry-free because child safety locks keep children away from dangers. If you are concerned about comfort, you can schedule a test drive with your authorized Mitsubishi dealer.

Finally, flashy exteriors could also be a reason to buy the Mitsubishi Pajero sports car from a reputable car dealer. Like other models, this vehicle features a unique design with unparalleled style. Exterior surfaces are chrome plated to enhance cosmetic appearance. In addition, the fog lights make it easier for the driver to drive on muddy roads. The wheels sparkle in the sunlight thanks to multi-spoke alloy wheels. Taillights towards the rear always look attractive in every way. The boot lid adds beauty with a chrome band along its contour. In addition, the front window frames have folding mirrors and the area under the hood is protected by a front guard.