Ten tantric keys for an awakened life

Tantra is a way to start living life in the flow and feel more alive and present. Tantra recognizes that all life is sacred. He sees every human being as divine. A human life is precious because only human beings have the ability to fully awaken and recognize that they are the God form. The three keys of Tantra are breath, sound and movement. These keys have been with you from the moment of your birth and are natural to all humans. The fourth key is presence, the ability to be aware of the vastness from which all thoughts, feelings, and forms arise. It is seeing beyond the delusions of the mind, body and ego. Spacious consciousness can be equated with Truth. When you are awake and aware you know your true nature. You recognize that you are one with all life. You understand that life is the incarnate reflection of the Divine of God.

Below are some simple suggestions to help you start living a tantric life.

1) Honor your body as your temple and treat it with love and respect.

2) Breathe deeply with awareness; this detoxifies the body, supports your immune system and calms the mind.

3) Do a daily movement practice like; dance, yoga, walking, qigong or other aerobic exercise. This increases vitality, releases endorphins and connects the body with the breath.

4) Live in the Now, remove your awareness from the past and the future. This practice helps you become more aware, connected, and in the flow. Every moment is an opportunity to show up and be present and witness life.

5) Discover the Inner Emptiness as your true nature. Spend time in prayer or meditation. Practice self-inquiry by asking, “Who or what am I?”

6) Experience pleasure daily. Allow your senses to fine-tune. Savor the beauty that surrounds you. Each day, choose one of your five senses to focus on. Use it to increase your awareness and sensory pleasure throughout the day.

7) Offer gratitude for the wonders and miracles in your life. Recognize that you are a co-creator of your life experience. Celebrate your existence.

8) Look into the eyes with your beloved and breathe together. If you are single or lonely, this can be done in front of a mirror while honoring the loved one in you. This practice alone has been used to achieve enlightenment.

9) Celebrate ecstasy, make love or enjoy yourself frequently. Practice compassion for yourself and others. Let go of limiting beliefs and judgments. Welcome what is emerging at each moment with an open heart.

10) Commit to creating an awakened life and share it with others.

Buying Real Estate in the Down Market

When you are planning to buy a house in a down market condition, it is very essential that you know all the things that will help you get great deals. When there is a slow real estate market, house prices go down. This is the most appropriate time to buy a property, since you will be able to buy it at a cheap price.

It is absolutely essential that you do your homework before purchasing a property. Know an area well before making any moves. Know the price range of properties in that area. It will help you negotiate with the seller and you will be able to get a house within your price range.

You must remember that you are not the only buyer looking for a particular property. To make sure you don’t have a competitor, get your mortgage pre-approved so the seller knows you’re financially sound. He will be more interested in selling you his property.

You should always hire a professional real estate inspector to make sure everything in the house is in proper shape. It can happen that the roof or the doors and windows are cracked and that could cost you a lot in the long run. So check everything properly before buying a property.

Always take the help of a professional real estate attorney who is well versed in the real estate law associated with any real estate business. He can do all the paperwork on his behalf because real estate laws are very difficult for a normal person to understand. It is also advisable to look for motivated sellers.

A motivated seller will always be motivated to sell their house and for a lower price too. Motivated sellers have some compelling reasons to sell a home. It will be useful for you to make a great negotiation with the seller. By buying the property from a motivated seller, you are also helping him at the same time.

When buying a property during a down market condition, you need to take care of all these things to close great deals. The real estate industry is a place where you can make very good investments as long as you have extensive knowledge and experience.

You can also get advice from real estate experts on how they were able to profit when market conditions worsened.

New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains When One or Both Spouses Should File for Bankruptcy Protection

The obligation to pay the debt is based on an agreement between the person(s) and the creditor. One spouse is not responsible for the other spouse’s debt solely because of the marriage. If only one spouse has agreed to pay a debt, then only that spouse is responsible for the debt. If both spouses are obligated and have agreed to pay the debt, then both spouses are responsible for 100% of the debt. If both spouses have agreed to pay the debt, the creditor may pursue and collect any percentage of the debt from either spouse, but never in excess of the full amount owed. In other words, the creditor can get 60% from one spouse and 40% from the other, or 20% from one spouse and 80% from the other spouse.

If two people want to file bankruptcy together, both people must be married. In general, it is not necessary for both spouses to file for chapter 13 or 7 protection. In evaluating whether a spouse should file a single or joint return, each person should carefully consider all of their financial circumstances, independently and together with the other spouse. . It may not be beneficial for both spouses to file for bankruptcy protection.

A person who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and meets all the criteria will cancel and eliminate certain debts. The following scenario relates to a married couple who owe a joint debt to a creditor and only the husband files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. If the husband meets all of the Chapter 7 criteria for a discharge, his debt to the creditor will be removed. However, the creditor will be allowed to pursue the wife for any balance owed to the creditor because she is not protected from filing for bankruptcy. If you file a joint return and get a discharge, the creditor will not be able to pursue you for the debt.

Unsecured debt is debt that is not secured by property, such as: credit card debt; personal loan; and, health care debt, etc.

The following pertains to a chapter 13. In a chapter 13, the filing person(s) (debtor) must make monthly payments to a trustee (administrator), generally for a period of 36 to 60 months. The amount and number of payments are based on numerous factors. In addition, the determination of which creditors are entitled to funds from the trustee’s monthly payment is based on numerous factors. The debtor may be required to pay all, part, or none of the unsecured debt through monthly payments from the trustee (bankruptcy plan).

In a chapter 13, the debtor is required to treat all unsecured creditors equally. Therefore, a spouse filing an individual return cannot decide to pay 100% of the debt to one credit card company and 5% to another credit card company. Generally, if one unsecured creditor is paid 100%, all unsecured creditors must be paid 100%. If the unsecured creditors are receiving less than 100%, each creditor must be paid pro rata.

The following scenario relates to a husband who owes a joint debt with his wife and files a chapter 13, individually and without his wife. Immediately after filing a chapter 13, the “automatic stay” and “co-signer’s stay” apply. of pursuing the spouse (wife) who does not file bankruptcy, who has a joint debt with the spouse (husband) of the affair (husband) does not pay 100% of the debt to the unsecured creditor. , filing individually, pays less than 100% to an unsecured creditor, the creditor may ask the court for permission to proceed against the nonfiling joint debtor spouse, for the balance that will not be paid through trustee payments.

An individual can file a Chapter 13 in order to save a home from foreclosure. Generally, if the mortgage(s) and note(s) are in the names of both spouses, and they cannot modify either mortgage and/or note(s), only one spouse must apply to save the house from foreclosure.

An individual can file a chapter 13 in order to save a car from repossession. Generally, if the financing is in both spouses’ names and they cannot modify the financing agreement, only one spouse must file an application to save the car from repossession. If the financing is in one spouse’s name, typically only that spouse would need to apply to save the car. This interpretation may vary.

New Jersey bankruptcy attorney Robert Manchel, Esq. is the author of this article. Robert Manchel is certified as a consumer law bankruptcy attorney by the American Board of Certification, which is accredited by the American Bar Association.

Additional information on bankruptcy may be obtained by calling Mr. Manchel at his toll-free number 1(866)-503-5655 or by visiting his website at http://www.bankruptcylawyer-nj.com

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Disclaimer: Bankruptcy laws are complex and can be applied differently, in each case and State. There can be numerous exceptions and variations to each law and rule. Do not rely on the information provided in this article. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy protection or have foreclosure issues, you should consult with an experienced attorney. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

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Professional gamers become rich and famous by playing video games

If you think your kids are spending too much time playing video games on their PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PC, or PSP (Playstation Portable) consoles, then you may have cause for concern, but not cause for concern. Before you tell your child to put down the game remote and pick up a textbook, you should consider this fact; there is a professional video game circuit with professional players winning thousands, even millions of dollars.

South Korea has a real passion for video games. This is a nation obsessed with video games. Electronic gaming events in this country can attract up to 100,000 viewers at a single event. Their cyber athletes earn millions of dollars playing in tournaments that are televised across the country. Some of them are so popular that they can’t go out in public without bodyguards to protect them from the adoring fans. They even date movie stars and their faces appear on the covers of newspapers and magazines.

An electronic game tournament was recently held in Seoul, South Korea at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. This event was the equivalent of our Super Bowl. The game chosen for this event was “StarCraft”, which is a web game played on PC. This event was nationally televised and broadcast on the Internet. The 1.78 million viewers who watched on television and online were glued to their seats as they watched the all-day event unfold. They came to see their country’s most popular player strut around.

His name is Lim Yo-hwan, he is 27 years old and he is the Mick Jagger of e-sports in South Korea. This young man has made a name for himself playing “StarCraft,” the only game that matters on the video game circuit in this country. His fans wanted to see him put on a show, and he did, easily winning the event with a $20,000 take-home prize. Lim Yo-hwan has won many of these events in recent years and this has put his earnings in the six figure category. He’s not bad at playing video games.

The United States also has some superstar cyber athletes who make a very good living on the electronic gaming circuit. The brightest star in this country is a 26-year-old man named Johnathan Wendel, also known to his fans as Fatal1ty (his screen name). He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, but his reputation lives on throughout the world.

Johnathan turned pro at the age of 19, winning 41 major esports video game tournaments in the past seven years. He has won more arcade competitions than anyone in the United States. Johnathan has also done very well financially, winning over $450,000 in prize money.

Johnathan Wendel has traveled the world playing in video game tournaments. He to date has played on every continent except Antarctica. These tournaments have been held in some very interesting, unique and famous places, such as the Great Wall of China and Moscow’s Red Square, so the idea of ​​holding one in Antarctica one day may not be so far-fetched.

Everywhere he goes, Johnathan is surrounded by fans who love the way he plays video games. All of his expenses are paid for when he travels and lives like a rock star. With world championships in five different video games, Johnathan is considered by most in the game to be the best in the world. No other player has even come close to matching his accomplishments.

In November 2006, Johnathan Wendel defeated his greatest nemesis and won the world championship with his fifth video game (“PainKiller”), taking home a $150,000 prize check in doing so. He defeated the reigning world champion of that game, a 20-year-old Dutch man who calls himself Vo0.

Johnathan is becoming more and more popular by the day as he continues to shine as a superstar in the world of professional gamers. He is a force to be reckoned with in the Professional League of Cyberathletes. He recently launched a line of “Fatal1ty” products that includes things like mouse pads, headsets, and keyboards made specifically for playing video games. He has a marketing guru named Mark Walden working with him and they both hope to make millions of dollars selling these products to gamers all over the world.

The video game industry is expected to make $30 billion this year selling video games and consoles for products like the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP. This is an enormous amount of money that is more than double the annual gross receipts of the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball combined. With this amount of money at stake and hundreds of millions of people playing video games around the world, the sport of professional video gaming is beginning to attract major advertising sponsors and merchandising companies.

Professional gamers are no longer just kids wasting time by spending endless hours playing video games. Many of them have managed to transform a hobby into a lucrative career. There are hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars being made these days by gamers who travel the world (all expenses paid) and live like rock stars.

So next time you think your child is spending too much time playing Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC or PSP games, don’t worry too much. If they show more than average interest in the sport of electronic gaming, try not to discourage them from playing video games. It’s important for you to realize that they may not only be gaming when they sit in front of their TV or computer, but they may also be training to be a world-famous millionaire cyber-athlete.

Keystone Ski Resort Colorado: A Skier’s Paradise

Keystone Ski Area has 2,870 skiable acres, with falls as high as 3,128 feet (953 m) and 130 trails. The only night ski area in the mountains, it has slopes for everyone, from the beginner to the expert skier. Keystone Ski Resort Colorado has 19 lifts including two gondolas, an express six-pack, and five high-speed quads. From freestyle skiing to cross-country racing, the skiing opportunities at this resort are endless and unparalleled. For newbies, ski lessons of various types are available, specifically designed to suit the nature of individual needs. You can opt for private or group classes. There are also lessons specifically designed to train children, as well as lessons for disabled skiers. Keystone Ski Resort Colorado has three towering mountains for you to choose from, each offering an incredible ski experience and unique features.

Tips for Conquering the Three Mountains at Keystone Ski Resort Colorado

Field: The highest of the three, it rises to 11,960 feet. Some long well groomed tracks, dusty, potholes etc. await the skier, along with some of the most challenging tree skis in the North Bowl and South Bowl. The adrenaline rush of head-pumping, jaw-clenching speed skiing can only be experienced on such terrain. The addition of the outback to Keystone Ski Resort Colorado in 1990 caused people to change their perception of the resort as a place of easy terrain. On the north-facing slope of the mountain are Conquest and Victoria Falls, the snow is relatively soft here. Just below the Outback Express chairlift, there’s a great run with enough room for some tricky turns. Stay right on top of a tycoon field to the right of the razor.

the north peak: At 11,660 feet, the mountain features steep mound-covered slopes and gentle cruising. It is aimed at the more advanced skier, full of long runs that are absolutely rutted. In recent years, Keystone Ski Resort Colorado has added lifts that extend into “inland” areas of advanced terrain, including small bowls where you can enjoy the solitude of nature.

dercum: With an elevation of 11,640 feet, it has excellent tracks for all-day cruising and is perfect for both beginners and experts. For absolutely stunning tree skiing you can head to the slope called Windows and to show off your skiing skills visit A ​​51 the terrain park. At the park, you can spend the day on rails, jumps, jibs, on the Super Pipe and more. It is said to be one of the best parks in North America.

This resort has such a range of ski activities to keep you busy all day and all night (since Colorado’s only night skiing opportunity is here) and for those looking for a ski adventure know this, it’s addictive. . Even those who are aficionados are known to lose their hearts to ski here.

Etosha National Park The jewel in the crown of Namibia’s national parks

The great white place which is known locally as Etosha National Park. The white place referred to here is the white salt pan that covers a huge area in Etosha. At 2.2 million hectares, Etosha is big. Not only is it large, but it provides a home for thousands of animals and birds. The entire area is in a pristine state, which means that although there are administrators in the form of wardens and rangers, the area is not interfered with much.

Etosha is the “holy grail” of Namibia’s national parks. It is the most visited park by both locals and foreign tourists. To accommodate visitors, three rest camps are located within the Park. Okaukeujo (pronounced “Okakwayo”) is the flagship of these. Luxury bungalows, chalets and campsites offer different types of accommodation. A swimming pool, restaurant and shop complete the picture. The main attraction in Okaukeujo is the illuminated watering hole. When night falls, the lights come on and visitors enjoy a magnificent spectacle. Games of all shapes and sizes visit the watering hole throughout the night and provide live television for visitors. Since the game is used to light, it doesn’t bother them at all.

Namutoni and Halali are the other two rest camps in Etosha. As with most things in life, these camps have their own personality. Halali is rugged and the smallest of the three courses. Namutoni with its historical fort is more history oriented.

With a large number of watering holes located in the park, hunting is widespread. Visitors can easily reach these water holes as all of them are connected with a good road system. You don’t need a 4×4 vehicle as such, as smaller sedans can reach most water holes. The watering holes can be visited at any time during the day, but the best times will be just after sunrise and just before sunset. Make sure you are close to your destination as the sun sets as the camps close their gates at sunset. This is done to ensure the safety of visitors inside.

Etosha is known for its huge herds of plains zebra, blue wildebeest and antelope. Giraffe, Oryx, Red Hartebeest and Eland are some of the largest antelope present in Etosha. You can also see most predators, including lions, leopards and cheetahs. Smaller predators can be seen at night in the different waterholes in the camps.

Big game such as Elephant and Black Rhino are seen daily so there is something for everyone. Etosha is truly a wonderful experience, and definitely one of the “must do” things when in Namibia.

Harry Potter music for an MP3 player

With the availability of technology, it is no longer necessary to have a huge stereo system to listen to your favorite music. The advent of MP3 players means you can take your music anywhere in compact, easy-to-use units. These are extremely small and robust and can be attached to headphones so you can use them as a personal stereo.

You can also use them in conjunction with speakers and you’ll have a great quality stereo that’s small enough to use anywhere. The technology is so good that you’ll often have a system that far exceeds the sound quality of its bulky predecessors. Instead of buying CDs to play on the system, it’s now possible to download your favorite music directly from your computer to your drive. There is a huge amount of music available on websites on the internet that can be downloaded legally by paying the royalties to the artists. If you have a favorite movie, it’s easy to transfer the soundtrack to your system. A popular download right now is Harry Potter music for an MP3 player and the success of the movies has made soundtracks a favorite.

Harry Potter music for an MP3 player can be found on different music download sites. iTunes is a very popular site where you can buy and download almost any music you want, including all popular soundtracks. There is a charge for most downloads, but you can buy individual tracks and you don’t need to buy the entire album. You can also listen to a short review of the track before downloading it. This means that you can be sure that you are buying the track you want and not make mistakes.

If you are downloading music from the internet, you should be careful about the tracks. There are some websites that advertise free music downloads and may offer Harry Potter music for an MP3 player. However, some of these are not legitimate and you could end up with tracks that you did not intend to download. There are certain cases where you can detect a virus that will damage all the files on your computer by adding music from an unknown source. Sometimes you may find that the track you have downloaded is not the music you wanted, but a short video file. They are known to contain material that is not suitable for children.

Your children’s safety should be paramount if they are downloading tracks like Harry Potter music to an MP3 player. Always check the sites they use and make sure the source is safe and legit. Sometimes it is worth paying extra for the security of knowing that the source is trustworthy and secure.

Harry Potter music for an MP3 player is just one example of the wide variety of tracks that can be downloaded from your computer. With MP3 players becoming easier to buy and falling in price, it’s now easier than ever to take your favorite music wherever you go.

Four Tips for Establishing and Building a Corporate Credit Score – Paydex Score

Are you in the process of obtaining financing for your new business or your current business? Before you start applying for loans, make sure you have what lenders are looking for. One of the most important elements in acquiring loans from banks or commercial lenders for your business is your corporate credit score, or paydex score. If your business does not have established corporate credit, you should start immediately.

Paydex is a term used in business, for a numerical score given by D&B to Business as a credit score for the promptness of its payments to creditors. Business lenders use this score similar to how the Fico score is used for individuals. A high paydex score is considered healthy for a company. You need to establish corporate credit so you can get small loans when you need them. Having a separate business credit profile helps limit your personal liability and protect your personal assets.

Here are some tips for establishing and building corporate credit:

1. You must have the right business structure. The sole proprietorship will not be able to build business credit. Create a corporation or LLC.

2. Get an Employer Identification Number, also known as a Federal Tax ID, is similar to a Social Security number for your business.

3. Register with credit reporting agencies.

4. Get business referrals and retail credit

How to establish corporate credit is a step-by-step process. Once you’ve established a strong corporate credit profile for your business, you’ll increase your chances of getting loans. A score of 80 or higher is great for your business. For the best result, you should have strong corporate and personal credit. If your personal Fico score is low, you can start to fix it while you build your corporate credit score. As a smart business owner, you need to build separate corporate credit. Instead of applying for loans in your personal name, start applying for loans in your business name.

Drinking Water Testing Science Fair Project

You are smart enough to know that the purpose of most science fair projects is to teach students to use scientific methods to solve problems for themselves. A science fair project can allow students, parents, and teachers to make new discoveries together. One of those discoveries could be how clean your drinking water is.

Students may expect tap water to be clean, but is it? A science fair project on testing drinking water can help them learn what’s in the water they use. This scheme will help them, and you will test drinking water.

State your hypothesis

A good example might be: “If I test my drinking water from different sources, which one will I find to be the best for my health?” A bad example would be: “If I drink tap water, what happens?”

background investigation

Learn all you can about what water can hold. Investigate the effects of various pollutants, minerals, etc.

Develop a drinking water test

What type of drinking water test will you use? What types of drinking water will you test? Will you buy a kit or just order the appropriate test materials? How will you collect the water to make sure it doesn’t change its contents?

What you need for drinking water testing

Students will need colorimetric test strips for many drinking water tests. Kits are available on science fair websites. The Water Safe Drinking Water Test is a simple EPA-standardized, laboratory-certified kit that identifies harmful levels of 8 different common contaminants in water: Bacteria, Chlorine, Lead, Nitrates, Nitrites, Pesticides, pH, and Soil Hardness. water.

predict results

Write a prediction of what you expect. Will the tap water in your city be the best for your health? Does your family have to pay money to drink only bottled water? What do you predict your drinking water test will reveal?

Take your drinking water test

Students can choose from many drinking water tests. Here are some possible tests. Younger students may want to use just one. Older students can combine a series of drinking water tests.

1. Basic – A basic drinking water test could allow students to test the water for alkalinity, chlorine (both free and total), nitrate and nitrite, pH, and water hardness. What is the basic composition of your water?

2. Bacteria – Along with a basic drinking water test, you can test your water for bacteria. Water from a drinking fountain can show bacteria that collects in the bubbler and washes into the water.

3. City Water: What’s in Municipal Drinking Water? You can use the basic drinking water tests above, but also check for metals and sediment. Are corroded pipes contaminating the water?

4. Well Water: Since the government does not test private wells, there may be contaminants in the water drawn from them. What could you find? Would you expect more sediment or less? Is your drinking water test likely to find pesticides if the well is near a farm or garden where they are used?

5. Bottled Water: Is bottled water really pure? Is it better than tap water or worse? Take a drinking water test and see what you find.

6. Water Cooler: If your water cooler is typical, a large five-gallon bottle inverts into the drinking water crock. Can there be germs on the bottle cap? Will a drinking water test show these germs?

7. Pet Water Bowl: Pet drinking water tests will show you what’s in your pet’s water. The pet bowl should not be cleaned just before testing. Allowing your pet to drink from it will show if the water is still pure enough for humans.

Repeat your drinking water test

A good scientist repeats tests to make sure the results are the same. He will not get accurate results if he tests his drinking water just once.


Analyze the results of your tests. What water is purer? Which tastes better, looks better and smells better? Based on your analysis, do you think your prediction will hold up?

reach conclusions

Draw conclusions from your drinking water test. Look at all the evidence and decide what it means in regards to healthy drinking water.

1. Which water contains the least amount of contaminants?

2. Which water contains the least amount of bacteria?

3. What water is best for your health?

Prepare your screen

Decide ahead of time what the screen will look like and allow plenty of time to complete it. Will you have photographs? Will you have clear glasses that hold water samples? How will you display used test strips?

Most science fair projects require a display board to communicate your work to others. A three-panel display that measures 36″ high by 48″ wide when unfolded is standard. On your board, include these items.

1. Title: Make it attractive and big enough to read from across the room.

2. Hypothesis and Research: Organize your information from top to bottom, left to right, as if you were planning a newspaper page. Put Hypothesis and Research Information on the left side of your board.

3. Materials and Procedures: Place this information just below your title in the middle of the board.

4. Data/Graphics/Photos: These go at the bottom center of your dashboard.

5. Results and Conclusions: The right side of your dashboard contains the final information about your drinking water test.

A science fair project on testing drinking water can be interesting and exciting, appropriate for students of any age. The results can surprise everyone.

Geluri și creme naturale pentru inflamația articulațiilor

pentru inflamația articulațiilor

Artrita poate provoca inflamații și dureri articulare, dar gelurile și cremele naturale oferă o modalitate sigură și eficientă de a ameliora simptomele. Acestea sunt disponibile într-o varietate de forme, inclusiv creme topice, loțiuni și plasturi.

geluri si creme naturale pentru inflamatii articulare

Ameliorarea corectă a durerii poate fi cheia pentru o mai bună calitate a vieții. Multe dintre acestea sunt făcute din ingrediente naturale pentru a vă calma articulațiile, pentru a reduce inflamația și pentru a accelera vindecarea. Unele dintre aceste produse conțin acizi grași omega-3, care au fost legați de reducerea inflamației în organism. Aceste uleiuri se găsesc în peștii grasi precum somonul, macroul și păstrăvul, dar dacă nu mănânci pește, există și suplimente care conțin acești omega-3.

Un gel sau o cremă de bună calitate va conține, de asemenea, glucozamină și condroitină, care favorizează reconstrucția cartilajului și ajută la absorbția șocurilor. Ambii nutrienți sunt, de asemenea, cunoscuți că stimulează propriul răspuns imunitar al organismului și accelerează recuperarea după leziuni și artrită.

Geluri și creme naturale pentru inflamația articulațiilor

Vitamina E este, de asemenea, un agent antiinflamator puternic, care ajută la reducerea inflamației articulațiilor și la reducerea umflăturilor. Acest nutrient este de obicei adăugat la o varietate de produse și poate fi deosebit de benefic pentru persoanele care suferă de artrită.

Fenilsulfatul de sodiu este un alt ingredient care poate ajuta la durerea inflamatorie. Acest ingredient se găsește în unele produse topice pentru ameliorarea durerii și se crede că ajută la îmbunătățirea fluxului sanguin în zona afectată. De asemenea, poate îmbunătăți mobilitatea și reduce rigiditatea. Lidocaina este un tip de medicament pentru amorțeală care este comun în cremele pentru durere fără prescripție medicală și pe bază de rețetă. Este considerat sigur și eficient atunci când este utilizat cu moderație și nu trebuie abuzat.

Dacă durerea dumneavoastră este cronică, medicul dumneavoastră vă poate recomanda să luați în considerare un medicament antiinflamator nesteroidian (AINS). Sunt disponibile pe bază de rețetă sau ca medicamente fără prescripție medicală (OTC) și sunt sigure pentru utilizare pe termen scurt. Cu toate acestea, pot avea reacții adverse grave atunci când sunt utilizate în exces sau dacă luați orice alte AINS.

Cele mai bune analgezice sunt cele care vizează sursa durerii și a inflamației pentru a oferi cea mai eficientă ameliorare a durerii. Acestea sunt, de asemenea, cele mai blânde și mai sigure de utilizat, deoarece nu necesită administrare orală.

Unele geluri și creme naturale sunt concepute pentru a fi absorbite diferit față de alte medicamente, ceea ce înseamnă că pot ajunge mai adânc în pielea dvs., acolo unde are loc adevărata activitate. Acest lucru le permite să pătrundă și să livreze ingredientele active în profunzime în articulații și mușchi, mai degrabă decât doar la suprafață, ca alte creme topice.

Aceste creme și geluri pot fi o opțiune excelentă pentru cei care doresc să încerce ceva nou fără a fi nevoie să ia un AINS pe cale orală. Ele sunt, de asemenea, o alternativă eficientă la injecțiile cu steroizi, care pot avea efecte secundare negative.

Crema pentru artrită Bengay este un gel popular pe bază de mentol și salicilat, care are proprietăți de răcire și încălzire. Este, de asemenea, disponibil într-o opțiune cu parfum de dispariție pentru cei care nu se bucură de mirosul de mentol. Fie că cauți o cremă sau un gel, este important să reții că un produs de bună calitate merită investiția suplimentară. Acest lucru vă va asigura că obțineți cele mai bune rezultate posibile și cea mai eficientă ameliorare a durerii.