5 Facebook Marketing Strategies

There are more than 800 million people who use Facebook. Today, Facebook is more than a way to connect with friends and family. It is an essential tool for an online business owner.

The first stage for Facebook marketing is to create a brand page for your business. Make sure your ‘wall’ (the section where you upload information) includes only the right information and be respectful when replying to or commenting on someone else’s post. Remember that anything you post and send to cyberspace can stay there forever.

1. Facebook advertising

The great thing about Facebook advertising is that you can customize your ads to show to particular groups or segments of people. This is based on the information contained in your profile or on your gender, location or personal preferences.

There are two main types of display ad types on Facebook.

‘Impression-based’ Facebook advertising is where your ad is counted as one impression each time it is displayed on a user’s screen. This method of advertising on Facebook is typically used by companies that run many different ad combinations.

‘Cost per click’ or CPC Facebook advertising is when you are only charged when users actually click on your ad. This is a good way to get started with Facebook marketing, as you can control how much you spend each day so you don’t overspend your budget.

2. Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts are a sponsored story that appears in all your fans’ newsfeeds and is also visible to their friends. It’s seen by more people than a regular post, so make sure that when you choose to boost a post, it has a strong and engaging message.

3. Facebook Apps

There are many Facebook marketing tools and you can have up to twelve apps on your brand page. The first four apps are displayed by default, with the first being the Photos app. It is important to optimize the applications you install and move them regularly with new offers or promotions. The image displayed in your app box is like a small ad, so make sure it displays your offer appropriately.

4. Have a Facebook ‘Like’ on your website

One of the simplest Facebook marketing strategies to drive traffic to your Facebook page is to display it on your website or blog. A “Like” will make it very easy for your visitors to “Like” your page without ever leaving your website. They will then see all the messages you post to Facebook in their news feed.

5. Use more images

Photos on Facebook can generate more than 50% more likes than the average post. Use images, quotes, statistics, infographics, or anything you think will grab the attention of your target audience. Remember that most of your posts should include images!

Battle of the Golden Egg (Egg Bowl) Football Game – Ole Miss Rebels and Mississippi State University

One of the most historic and high-profile annual matchups during the college football season is the always-anticipated scrum between the intrastate rivals Ole Miss Rebels and the Mississippi State University Bulldogs when they play in a contest dubbed the Battle of the Egg. Gold, or the Egg Bowl as it is commonly abbreviated. Of the multitude of rivalry games with specific titles and trophies, this particular series that determines who has the Golden Egg Trophy for the following year is the 10th oldest continuously played rivalry in all of college football. The longevity of this annual event is especially impressive when you consider that it’s more common for states on the East Coast to hold US records for longevity because that area was populated earlier.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi at Oxford) have been playing each other in football since 1901, but the nickname of the Battle for the Golden Egg didn’t catch on until 1927. Many casual fans of the rivalry are confused. about the meaning of the word egg and assume it is a southern reference indicative of Mississippi culture. In the case of the Battle of the Golden Egg, the word egg actually refers to a soccer ball. Early 20th century versions of soccer balls were rounder than the oblong-shaped devices in use today and have more defined pointed ends. The slang term for what became an old-style soccer ball was an egg. Calling a rounded football an egg is similar to basketball players calling a basketball a rock simply because of the shared shape.

The Egg Bowl moniker can be confusing for two reasons. In addition to the alternate meaning of the word egg discussed in the previous paragraph, the word bowl typically refers to a postseason game such as the Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl. The annual meeting between Ole Miss and Mississippi State is just another regular season game played between conference opponents currently competing in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) West division, arguably the best conference in college football on a regular basis. . The use of the word bowl is simply used to convey the importance of this important game that trumps other more pedestrian regular season competitions.

While the two competing higher education institutions in the state of Mississippi have been playing each other since 1901, several football historians only recognize games beginning in 1927 for the purpose of explaining which team leads the Egg Battle rivalry. de Oro. The year 1927 has been chosen as the cut-off point because it was when the traveling Golden Egg Trophy was introduced. Looking at the numbers from 1927 and beyond shows Ole Miss leading the series with a 53-23-6 record against their in-state rival Bulldogs.

Simple Strategies to Survive in the Workplace

If you’re having a hard time in the workplace, it could be because you’re bringing some incorrect assumptions and expectations to your job. Many people unknowingly bring their emotional baggage to work, and if they’re not careful, it can turn work into a nightmare. The workplace has a number of elements: your colleagues, your boss, and your actual job. All of these interact to make your daily work life what it is.

It is crucial to understand that there are several types of potholes and that your survival on the job site depends on knowing which type you have. For example, there’s the sincere support type who wants you to do your best and helps you do it; the laissez-faire type who gives you little direction but few problems if you leave them alone; the anxious boss who wants to micromanage you; the boss “friend” who behaves as if they were friends; the judgmental boss for whom nothing is ever good enough and the bully boss who lives to intimidate and exploit his workers.

If you’re the caring boss type, most of the following won’t apply to you, but for all other types, reading this article could make the difference between a happy work life and a hellish one. Here are some basic strategies to not only survive but thrive at work:

It is important that you never call your boss’s attention to your shortcomings. Try to frame any mistakes in the best light. If you messed up and they need to know, present the information to them in the least self-incriminating way possible. If they have discovered an error in your work, answer their questions honestly, but do not go into detail about how you went wrong. You must provide them with the facts; not ammunition with which they can damage you.

Make sure you don’t do anything to lower the morale of your co-workers. Being late or appearing not to be doing your job creates an atmosphere of resentment among your coworkers and annoys your boss. Most potholes like it when you’re in the background, calmly attending to your work; They hate it when you force them to take time away from their own tasks to deal with the problems you’ve created. If you don’t have enough to do, consider approaching your boss and asking for more work, but remember that this could backfire on you. On the contrary, it may be time to look elsewhere for bigger challenges.

If your boss is overly critical or harassing, management will often be more supportive of him than you, and your best option might be to leave. Administrations are not usually fair or kind; they prefer to maintain the status quo and take the path of least resistance. People in power may have promoted their boss because they like this person or because they share similar attitudes. They may not know or care about their boss’s bullying. Remember, it is easier to replace someone at a lower level than one at a higher level.

Make yourself essential; then you will have some bargaining power. If the powers that be really need your particular skill set, it will be easier to negotiate pay raises, vacations, and other benefits. However, never assume that you are irreplaceable. The workplace is not the bastion of kindness and sweetness.

Getting along with everyone is essential. No matter how good your job is, if you are not seen as friendly and helpful, the workplace will not be a pleasant place. People are often promoted because they get along with their superiors and colleagues rather than because of the quality of their work. You don’t have to like everyone, and you probably won’t feel inclined to, but you will have to look like you do.

Conflict in the workplace makes bosses very unhappy, and there are likely to be negative consequences if the boss finds out that you and a colleague are at odds. There’s also the possibility that a disgruntled co-worker is one of those disturbed types who feels the need to get even with anyone who annoys them. You don’t want this person trying to make your work life hell. Work should be like driving: do it defensively

Don’t be a martyr in the workplace: never sacrifice your own needs for work. There’s no guarantee that regularly putting in extra hours or going above and beyond the call of duty will earn you respect, a raise, or a promotion. Sometimes it will, and sometimes this has nothing to do with whether or not you will succeed. Remember, your boss is not your loved one. They might appreciate your extra efforts, but they might also be happy to exploit you for all you’re worth.

The workplace is not where you will heal your emotional wounds or make up for any child neglect. Your boss’s approval can’t make up for your parents’ lack of approval. If you’re trying too hard to be “loved” by your boss, consider getting a pet or talking to a therapist.

You can’t really be friends with your boss. Remember, they have the power to fire you or promote you. A boss who wants to be friends with his employees is being unfair and inappropriate. When it’s time to push, they hold all the cards. Any confidence you share with them could be used against you if the personal relationship soured, and any confidence they share with you could ultimately make them uncomfortable, and then you’ll be the one to walk away.

A hypercritical, micromanaging, or anxious/aggressive boss might be mollified by seeing that you are stable, consistent, and capable of producing high-quality work. On the other hand, it could be someone who, despite all your efforts, can’t help but give you a hard time. If this is wearing you down, you may need to leave so you can find a boss who is truly able to appreciate and maybe even reward your efforts.

Think twice before workplace romance; you’re going to have to see this person every day for as long as you have the job, once you’re done. Statistically, most relationships you start won’t end in marriage, so consider whether you want to go to work every day and hang out with your ex, possibly angry or worse still obsessed with you.

Ratting out a co-worker will almost certainly backfire; You just caused your boss trouble by pointing out a problem that he now has to solve. Bosses have a lot on their plate. They usually want you to do your job and not bother them. When you bring them even a legitimate problem, it makes them look like someone which increases their stress level.

And then, of course, there’s the coworker you’re telling and how they’ll feel toward you after the fact. If they continue to work together, the atmosphere will be tense at best. Please consider very carefully whether you want your name attached to this issue. Is there an anonymous way that this information can be communicated to your superior(s)?

Don’t avoid work, but don’t think you have to do other people’s work either. Learn to say “No” sometimes and do it without actually saying “No” and with a big smile on your face. Say things like, “I’d love to, as soon as I’m done with these other tasks,” and they’ll take the work elsewhere. In the workplace, impressions, unfortunately, count for a lot.

Being considered cooperative and helpful is more important than actually being that way. Don’t forget that you could be someone extremely helpful, and yet (say, someone has misunderstood you or is even mean to you) you unfairly have the reputation of being difficult. It is essential that you carefully manage your reputation at work.

Above all, be strategic. The workplace is not the setting for deep, meaningful relationships or heartfelt candor; it is the place where you do your tasks in the most efficient and conscientious way possible, while remembering to take care of your own needs and present yourself in the best possible light to everyone around you. Remember that you set the tone for how they treat you; If you tolerate disrespect or exploitation, your colleagues or supervisors will think it’s okay to continue to treat you that way.

Going to work is much more than pursuing the satisfaction of a job well done. Knowing how to strategically negotiate the workplace minefield will make it much easier to stay out of trouble and enjoy your work.

(C) Marcia Sirota MD, 2010

How To Build An Electric Car: Five Things You Need Before Going Electric

While a good guide is absolutely essential if you want to convert your vehicle to an electric car, there are a few other things you need as well. So here is a list of things to have before starting your regular car to electric conversion project:


To build your own electric car, you need to have at least a working knowledge of how cars work, how they work, what makes them tick; in other words, a knowledge about the basic theories of automobiles.

The Internet has many resources available related to this particular topic. You can also buy guides or manuals online to help you convert your regular car to electric. Another great way to gather knowledge is to join car forums and interact with car experts and other car enthusiasts.


You must have enough work space before proceeding with your project. A recommended work area should be:

A. big enough for the car;

b. roomy enough to accommodate parts to be removed as well as new parts waiting to be installed;

against has enough legroom;

d. large enough for at least two people to fit and work together comfortably (you may need help carrying and lifting heavy parts, cleaning, or even expert advice while you work);

my. reasonably dry and you have a space sheltered from rain or cold weather (you may want to work outdoors, but you may need to keep some mechanical parts indoors to prevent them from getting wet and rusting);

F. well lit


You must have an appropriate donor vehicle in mind. To find the best vehicle to convert to an electric car, consider your travel needs (mileage, space, speed) and compare it to the rules of thumb for choosing a suitable donor vehicle.

Take note of these few simple rules before deciding on your choice of vehicle:

o A light and spacious car is recommended.

o Avoid choosing vehicles that are more than 10 years old for the main reason that you might have trouble finding parts that old.

o On the other hand, avoid new or exotic vehicles, for the same reason as vintage vehicles.


The parts needed to build your own electric car are less compared to a normal car. Here are the main parts of an electric car that you absolutely must have:


or Controller


DC-DC converter

o Vacuum brake pump

or battery charger

To put these parts together, you may need to search for them, or you can try logging into forums that focus on electric car topics. You can find very useful links to dealers and suppliers of conversion kits (mechanical parts to build an electric car). You can also ask if they do custom fit parts for your specific type of vehicle.


To build your own electric car, you will have to deal with tasks like metal work, electrical wiring, welding, and even a bit of carpentry. You must be equipped with the right tools. It doesn’t matter if you buy, borrow or rent them, as long as you have everything you need. But it might be a good investment for you to buy the core tools, especially if you plan to build electric cars on a regular basis.

5 crazy entertainment apps for your iPhone

The Apple iPhone can always keep you entertained. There are many apps in the entertainment category of the AppStore that can get you out of utter boredom and can keep your mood going. Also, after Apple has finally lifted the curtains on the iPhone 5, this category will be filled with apps as people will be inclined to get more and more of them. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some wacky apps that will keep the fun and fun going for you, here are five of them.

face goo lite

If you love making faces, then FaceGoo Lite is just your kind of app. In this app you can pinch, stretch and twist your photos and make them as crazy and fun as possible. You can make your friends look silly, or you can twist your enemies’ faces to make them look fat and stupid. Upgrade to the full version of the app to save screenshots and upload those crazy funny faces to Facebook. You just need to choose an image from the photo library and use your fingers to twist, punch and poke the face.

Stumble upon!

This app is meant for those people who never get tired of exploring and discovering new things, and when it comes to exploring and discovering, nothing can bring you more fun than this. With just one tap on the “Stumble!” button, StumbleUpon! It presents you with tons of interesting photos, videos, and web pages on your iPhone’s touchscreen. You can choose from 500 different interests, and get instantly recommended with pages that have amazing stuff. Plus, your mobile account is automatically synced with your web account; so now you can start exploring whenever you want.

spray can

Spray Can is a godsend for all those who love to show their artistic side in extraordinary ways. Download this app on your iPhone and join the largest art community on iOS with approximately 5 million users. It has an extremely creative and easy to use painting mode and an online gallery where users can post their arts and rate and comment on tags of other users. If your art is good enough then you can build your own fan base and become famous.


This was good news for all those chatterboxes who love to entertain themselves with non-stop chatter and gossip. SimSimi is a cute and advanced chatbot that can engage in fun conversations to keep you away from boredom. To start the chat, simply start a chat session on the touch screen and SimSimi will greet you instantly. You can even teach SimSimi new words and grow his vocabulary with your input. At first, this may seem like child’s play, but as you get used to talking to the cute talking robot, you’ll discover that it can amuse anyone, regardless of age.

Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

So if you love being entertained with spooky experiences, Ghost Radar® can help. This app has been designed to detect paranormal activity, and for this task it has been equipped with various sensors. However, Ghost Radar® differs from other traditional paranormal equipment because it analyzes sensor readings only when it turns up interesting patterns. It also has a voice to alert you when it detects interesting words.

The five apps mentioned above are quirky, but entertaining. The amazing thing is that even though the AppStore provides users with many peculiar apps to have fun and enjoy, the fever of iPhone entertainment app development never seems to go away. Well, a big reason for this could be that there are a lot of people out there who have crazier ideas for entertainment apps.

Pros and cons of algaecides

Anyone who has added a pond or water garden to their property is probably enjoying the beautification benefits that such an addition provides. After all, how can exotic goldfish or aquatic plants not enhance visual appeal? Of course, the plants and fish must be visible to provide that benefit. When they are darkened or, worse still, damaged by algae, these benefits diminish. That is why it is important to eliminate algae. The most popular way to kill algae is by using algaecides. While this is a good method, it is not perfect. So, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using algaecides.


Some algaecides such as copper sulfate can cause harm to certain fish such as koi that may live in the pond. That is why it is necessary to select an algaecide that has a good reputation in the consumer market. Also, if the algaecide comes in a granular form, it should dissolve as soon as it comes into contact with water. Otherwise it could be ingested by birds or pets. This could poison the animal.

· Using too much algaecide or using it in a new pond before proper development of a suitable ecosystem can have devastating effects. One of these effects could be an excessive increase in ammonia in the pond and, at the same time, a decrease in the useful bacteria in the pond. It goes without saying that this can harm plants and aquatic life.

· Some algaecides can be slightly corrosive. That’s why they shouldn’t be mixed with ammonia, household cleaners, or other products that increase the potential for pond corrosion. Also, there is a chance that liquid algaecides could burn meat if not handled properly. That is why extreme care must be taken when handling algaecides.

Algaecides or just a short term fix. Usually, using an algaecide will only temporarily kill the algae, just to create a food source for a new algae bloom. Algaecides should be used in conjunction with beneficial pond bacteria and good filtration to help remove the resulting dead algae.


· The algaecide has been proven to kill algae easily and cheaply. For many pond owners, the need for an effective algae treatment must be matched by one that is easy to use and inexpensive. Fortunately, there are a number of quality algaecides on the market that do both of these things.

· Algaecides, act quickly and effectively. In fact, there are algaecide formulas, which can eliminate algae in 24 hours. This is not a minor point. Algae can wreak a lot of havoc in a pond and it’s helpful to be able to eradicate it as soon as possible.

Many algaecides are safe for fish and plants, such as GreenClean. In the past, people mainly used copper products, which can be harmful to fish if not used accurately.

Can ponds look good without the use of algaecides? Absolutely. However, algaecides can work wonders as one of the many tools used to keep a pond or water garden in proper condition. In general, algaecides are harmless, although some potential problems need to be understood. But, if the algaecide is used correctly, most algae-related problems can be prevented.

Koh Samui Thailand – Travel Destination

Koh Samui can be easily reached from Bangkok, Thailand’s main transportation hub, by plane or a combination bus and ferry. From here you can also reach other national destinations and even Malaysia. If you are traveling by land, Surat Thani Town, Don Sak or Chumporn are the ferry ports to reach the island.

Even due to all the development that has taken place in recent years, the island still has its green stretches and also exports around seventy tons of coconuts per month, mostly to Bangkok.

Having started as a backpacker destination in the early 80s, Samui now offers something for everyone. From a beach bungalow to a high-tech villa. A spring break in a speed garage at fancy bars and venues, one made entirely of ice, or a quiet family vacation with some recreational yoga. Samui’s size and its countless bays make it possible.

Or you are even thinking of renting a house. If you stay for more than a month, it can save you a lot of money. You can rent any style of house between $80 and $8000 a month. Most of them will have air conditioning included and will have some furniture or a kitchen. Large retailers like Makro(TM), BigC(TM) or TESCO(TM) make your daily shopping easy.

Getting around is easy, as regular bus and taxi services connect the main cities and beaches. Private air-conditioned, metered taxis can be hired for a slightly higher fee. For individual travelers, a motorcycle taxi will be the cheapest way to get around.

Samui offers many leisure activities. Mountain trails, waterfalls or visits to the Ang Thong National Marine Park for nature lovers. Golf and shooting ranches, water parks and go-karts for the vacation junkies. And haute cuisine restaurants, tennis tournaments and sailing cruises for the great travelers. A host of western run dive schools will be happy to cater to your watersports needs. And a trip around the island can uncover some fun activities like soccer, golf, or guppy fishing. There is plenty to do for everyone.

Speedboat transfers to the world famous Full Moon Party on the sister island of Koh Phangan are readily available from all travel agencies.

Please note that Koh Samui is part of the Surt Thani province. One of the fifteen provinces in Thailand where the use of a helmet while riding a motorcycle is required. The legal fine for violators varies between 300 and 500 Thai baht (7-12 dollars). If you have never ridden a motorcycle before then Koh Samui is not the place to learn.

Have a good vacation and enjoy the land of smiles.

Taboo Cam Girls Sex Show – Free Adult Webcams

Taboo Cam Girls Sex Show

If you’re looking for a live girl show that’s both hot and naughty, then look no further. We have hundreds of gorgeous teen, ebony, Asian, toned, BBW, and mature women to choose from. Most of these cams are free to enter, but most models will offer specific naughty acts for a certain number of tips. That means that it’s easy to get hooked. Whether you’re looking for a model with a specific fetish or want to explore different ones, there are plenty of options on Taboo Cam Girls Sex Show – Free Adult Webcams. You’ll find a wide variety of models who can fulfill your most taboo fantasies and even make you sexy in ways you never thought possible.

Foot fetishes are very popular and can bring in some serious cash! On this site you can find a great selection of girls who are devoted to fetishizing their feet. They are extremely talented and know how to make your toes feel better than they ever have before! They can also suck their feet for you, do some body modifications or even eat on taboo cam sex. Some models will even post in their community forum to say if they are currently live and what fetishes they’re into. This is a great way to get a taste of their different styles and see if you might be interested in seeing them in action.

If you’ve ever seen a porn show you know that it’s not hard to become hooked. The lure of the latest and greatest models is hard to resist, and if you’re not careful you can end up spending hours at a time chatting with the best of the bunch. The best way to avoid being an addict is to enlist the aid of a trained professional who can help you break the trance and set realistic limits. In addition, there are several websites that allow you to block webcam sites without leaving your browser.

Taboo Cam Girls Sex Show – Free Adult Webcams

The most popular and effective option is to use a program such as K9 Web Protection, which can be configured to automatically block porn sites for you and only you. The best part is that this program won’t cost you a cent! The software is easy to install and works on any computer. The software will also notify you when porn videos are available on your network and can be used to block specific websites for you.

Cams can be fun and exciting, but they also have the potential to be dangerous. If you’re not careful, you can easily end up downloading malwares and wasting your time. The best way to avoid this is by only choosing sites that have strict DMCA policies and are quick to remove material that violates their terms of service. That’s a smart move, and it means you won’t get caught up in the drama that so often happens on live cam sites.

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe and reputable adult webcams that have plenty of sex-hungry girls to choose from. You can find everything from teen girls to ebony women to mature and BBW babes.

Fake ads and floggings ripe for the attention of internet lawyers

Deceptive advertising is not a new cause of action. However, the Internet has increased the number of means through which deceptive advertising can be perpetrated. In particular, fake blog-style websites, also known as flogs, are becoming common on the Internet. Often containing fabricated testimonials or tantalizing but unsubstantiated claims, these flogs are one of the most prolific ways third parties advertise and earn revenue from their products or services. Internet lawyers should take note of this growing practice and be in a position to advise both advertisers and consumers on the matter.

For one thing, Internet lawyers should inform advertising clients that scourges may expose them to civil and/or criminal liability under federal advertising laws and FTC Rules, including the recently enacted Part 255 Guidelines. While truthful advertising, legitimate testimonials, and proper disclosure of material connections and other information, for example, can help reduce the likelihood of false advertising liability, understanding the intricacies of the law and the limits is now more important than ever. . If not, advertisers are likely to be subject to increased lawsuits for flogging, misleading and false internet ads.

On the other hand, it is also important that consumers who may have been misled into purchasing goods or services in light of these scourges or other false advertisements understand that a remedy may be available. The reality is that consumers, when presented with ads, more often than not click on them and consider them when making a purchase decision. The resulting damage may warrant a lawsuit. Similarly, the FTC constantly seeks to protect consumers from harmful ads that could harm the public.

Ultimately, inappropriate endorsements, celebrity or otherwise, unsubstantiated product claims, and other false statements can lead to significant legal and financial exposure. Businesses wishing to advertise online should consult with an Internet attorney who can provide information on the use of testimonials, the need for disclosure, and practices to avoid to mitigate the likelihood of a false advertising lawsuit or investigation by from the FTC. Sure, an advertisement can generate significant revenue, however it must be presented in a legal and proper manner to ensure that revenue derived from it is not ultimately awarded as damages in a lawsuit. So, as tempting as spanking can be for both advertisers and consumers, truth in advertising remains paramount.

Foreclosed Property Auctions: The Bank Doesn’t Want This Property

What happens to a house after it has been through foreclosure? Arrive at one of several auctions on foreclosed properties in the area. When a homeowner fails to make the required mortgage payments, they have breached their mortgage contract and the lender can repossess the property. This is also known as a foreclosure. Banks are not in the real estate business, in fact, when they have a foreclosed property on their books, it is considered bad debt. So the banks are highly motivated to sell the property.

Foreclosed property auctions are places where anyone can walk in and, if qualified, place a bid on a foreclosed property sale. Most of the time, lenders don’t use market value to determine the price of the property they want to sell. They will total the remaining amount of the mortgage, add to that the expenses incurred in obtaining title to the property and any expenses they may incur in selling the property. This is the price the bank will try to sell the house for. Typically, in foreclosed property auctions, bidding will start with that minimum amount. If there are no takers, the property becomes an REO property or real estate.

Before you attend a foreclosure auction, you should do your research on the property or properties you are interested in purchasing. You need to have a maximum price above which you will not go. You must control your emotions and not get emotional during the bidding and bid more than you can afford or pay more for a property than it is worth. Always attend one or more auctions before bidding on a property. You need to be familiar with the process so you don’t get confused and ruin your chance of getting the property you want. You should also be ready to abandon a property if you find information about it that doesn’t make it as worthwhile as you first thought.

You can get much more information about bidding on foreclosure auctions from various sources on the web.