6 Amazing Free SEO Tools You Should Try

I have been overwhelmed by the number of SEO tools available online, and several are offered absolutely free! To generate the best options, here is a detailed list of the best free SEO tools. These types of SEO tools are intended for a number of purposes, but are nonetheless necessary throughout the optimization process.

1.Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Console

One of the most popular free search engine optimization tools, Google Analytics provides comprehensive information and detailed reports about your site. These reports include your site traffic behavior, funnel data, and content hits, among others.

Analytics can also be considered one more such website promotion tool. It allows you to see which elements of your site are generating clicks and leads, along with the parts to operate to improve website promotion. Tools like the Google Webmaster Console offer similar information, including crawl speed, crawl rate, and how Google “sees” your backlinks and the like.


AddMe, a search engine syndication program, is among the many free tools that submit your URL to search engines to ensure that online users can find you online.

It’s perfectly fine to get listed in the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, if you prefer a broader online audience, use this internet search engine submission tool.

One advantage of AddMe is the fact that it submits websites to twenty different search engines. With such free tools, you don’t need to go to every end of every search engine to improve your web presence.

After the search engine submission tool submits your site’s keywords, description, and URL, you’ll start receiving website traffic. Just remember that it can take time for all those search engines to include your website in their listings.

3. Firefox using the web developer extension

Firefox is an extremely flexible Internet browser. It has useful and insightful extensions, including free SEO tools. The Internet Developer extension allows you to easily remove JavaScript components and cascading styles from a site. In addition, it allows you to take a look at the external links of a web page. Probably the biggest benefit of the extension is that you can add your own website promotion tools and other SEO apps to the menu.

4. Keyword Discovery

Another one of the many free SEO tools that makes keyword and market research simple, Keyword Discovery can generate keywords from top players that can help improve your site’s ranking. Simply enter an initial keyword into the tool’s search phrase suggestion tool, and you’ll also get comprehensive keyword data collected from over 180 search engines.

5. SEO for Firefox

Other free tools on the market cannot match the amount of information this Firefox tool provides. This system collects data about a particular page, along with information about a search engine.

Unlike most tools, SEO for Firefox allows you to export information directly from SERPs to CSV. In addition, the tool provides relevant information, including Google page rank, domain age, cache data, incoming links on Yahoo, number of cached pages, and number of .edu links, among others. .

6. Google Page Rank Checker

Google’s Page Rank Checker is among the free search engine optimization tools that can be useful to anyone who has a website. Rank a website according to how popular Google thinks it might be. The highest score is 10 and the lowest is one. Also, the ranking depends on the additional value of your links that contribute to your site. The higher the value of a link, the more effective the page rank of your site will be.

A combination of these free SEO and website promotion tools is a great idea, especially if you’re seriously interested in your small business and search engine optimization efforts. These power tools are free, so feel free to try them out.