A new appetite suppressant from India?

Tribe members are said to eat this plant to suppress their appetite when they are away for several days while hunting. Is Caralluma Fimbriata a new appetite suppressant from India? Apparently not new. This type of appetite suppressant is not new to ancient people. In fact, archaeologists have discovered a site used by monks that is believed to be around 845 years old. These monks used the bitter pea plant to suppress their appetites.

Modern concoctions of natural appetite suppressants are becoming increasingly popular. It seems that our ancestors knew a lot about the subject. While eating these bitter plants, modern man is more likely to put them in pill form and use them daily as supplements. Caralluma Fimbriata is one of many now being marketed as an appetite suppressant for weight loss, in pill form.

Although not new to mankind, these plant-derived appetite suppressants are increasingly being found to be extremely effective. The cactus fact alone is getting as much rave reviews now as the African hoodia plant was a few years ago.

Many people who have almost given up hope for successful weight loss, but with the new appetite suppressant from India, have a new option to try.

Some new discoveries of ancient appetite suppressants have shown promising results. Archaeologists have even found other natural supplements that have been beneficial to mankind. These include many herbs and vitamins that have helped people over the years to successfully diet and lose unwanted body fat.

Natural supplements that help block excess carbohydrates and others that prevent fat from being stored in the body are just a few more products made from plants. The vegetarian way of eating can also easily incorporate carralluma frimbiata into daily diets. In fact, taking carralluma frimbiata supplements with other vegetable dishes can help speed up weight loss. New appetite suppressant products from India can be found on the internet and in health food stores.