Amaysim mobile

The business behind Amaysim (sounds amazing) started working on this latest prepaid mobile offering in early 2010. However, the actual service launched this week in Sydney and has been followed by TV commercials during Cricket’s test clash. between Australia and England.

Prepaid plans always accept new offers as they make the landscape more competitive and mean that everyone has to work a little harder to keep their customers and attract new ones.

The prepaid mobile phone market in Australia is dominated by three key players, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Optus owns the majority of the market when it comes to prepaid mobile plans, and attracts several target groups. He has been and continues to be a true leader.

Right now, the competitive landscape has 18 competitors fighting for the prepaid mobile plan market.

Amaysim has come out struggling with a very competitive offer of 15 cents per minute, no flag drop, 12 cent text, and 90 day credit expiration. Let’s not forget the 5c per megabyte for mobile data.

There are no free calls or bonus credit on offer at this time, meaning if you top up $ 50, you get $ 50 of credit. A simulation starter kit will cost you $ 5.

Let’s compare them to Optus Talk & Text, Just Mobile, and Virgin Bean Counter.

  • Optus Talk & Text charges just 10 cents per minute for each call plus a 10 cent flag drop. So a 3 minute call will cost you $ 40c.
  • Just Mobile Just 15 gives you 15 cents per minute for each call and no flag drop. The credits last 180 days. A 3 minute call will cost you 45c
  • Virgin Bean Counter charges 10c per minute with a 25c flag drop and a 45 day expiration. So a 3 minute call will cost you 55 cents.
  • Amaysim charges 15 cents per minute with no flag drop, so a 3 minute call will cost you 45 cents.

When it comes to data speeds, Amaysim charges just 5c per megabyte (MB). Compare this to:

  • Optus Talk & Text – $ 1.32 per MB
  • Mobile only – $ 1.00 for 5 minutes (WAP GPRS)
  • Virgin Bean Counter – $ 2 per MB

So can Amaysim be successful? You can, but you need a very strong distribution base to promote it. At the moment, it is sold mainly through Caltex gas stations and directly online. It will also launch an affiliate program for online sales and promotion soon.

The group behind the program has a lot of experience in the prepaid and mobile phone plan market. They have already proven very successful with other European brands that they have launched.

The prepaid plans listed them earlier this week and the page has already started generating traffic. We will certainly keep an eye on the performance of this brand and ensure that customers have access to all the information they need to make the right choice for their prepaid mobile needs.