Building dream teams today

If the leadership within any organization wants to make the most of everyone within its operation, they must realize that the people within each of their teams are the most valuable assets your company has. The greatest value can only be realized from each team member, if enough investment is made, to turn all new and existing individuals into passionate and productive contributors, adding real value to the team’s business synergy.

This may sound harsh, but if any team member, existing or new, receives as much support as possible, but refuses to change and becomes a valuable contributor to the team, then it is imperative that you, as a leader, have the foresight. to assess this as early as possible and then you must have the courage and fortitude to replace these individuals with new members who are more suited to the team dynamics. These are really tough decisions to make, but they are sometimes the only option available if you want to develop and attract the right caliber of people who meet the needs, performance criteria, and team dynamics of your team. One bad apple in a barrel of perfectly fresh apples will soon cause the entire barrel to start rotting.

As you build, support and invest in creating a team of passionate, productive, and driven people with a common goal and vision, you have the makings of a “DREAM TEAM.” Each member of the “DREAM TEAM” not only becomes a powerful contributor to the overall success of the team, but also truly enjoys what they do, thus gaining richer and deeper career satisfaction along the way.

To get the most out of each individual on each of your teams, it is imperative that each leader is qualified to lead that team. This means that each team leader should be a perfect example of the productivity, passion, drive, and results they expect from each individual team member. Who you are says a lot, strive to always be the example you would like to follow. Each leader must also have an intricate understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and knowledge of each team member. This will equip the leader to use each team member as effectively as possible and to offer the right support to help team members develop the right skills and knowledge.

Action ideaTake the time to audit each team member and carefully assess their strengths and weaknesses. The results you will enjoy from your teams are limited by the weakest link on each team, so understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Invest enough resources in developing everyone on your teams so that you can ensure that everyone is operating to the standard required to be successful.

The information you gather about the strengths and weaknesses of each individual on your team should be used wisely to ensure that you always present tasks in each individual’s area of ​​strength. This way, you will always get the best out of each team member and ensure that each team member is delivering to their full potential.

During the audit, also try to assess if there are any leadership, knowledge, or other skills that may need improvement in your team members, as any lack of skill or knowledge in these areas will drastically reduce your team’s performance. Make sure these issues are addressed urgently and corrective action is taken immediately to remedy any deficiencies. You cannot have a “DREAM TEAM” without people with the right skill and knowledge and without each member of the team acting as a great example to the other members.

If you want to be a great leader, leading a group of inspired and motivated members of a “DREAM TEAM”, then have a clear vision that all team members communicate and understand clearly, create a safe and supportive environment in your organization , where you focus on the few leadership basics I’ve highlighted above and live to lead your team by example. This will allow your team to become a magnet for top talent and incredible teamwork. Team processes will become organic, routine, and effortless, allowing the team to work as a synergistic unit to achieve all of its goals.

As you grow as an authentic leader, you recognize your responsibility to foster real enthusiasm within your team and strive to help each team member develop a real sense of pride and self-motivation, where you constantly inspire all team members. Your team with your perfect For example, you have created a “DREAM TEAM”.

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