Bullmastiff – Facts you should know before adopting a Bullmastiff

Breed Description

The Havanese Bichon is a small and robust dog originally from Cuba. This stocky little dog stands between 8 and 11 inches tall and weighs between 7 and 13 pounds.


The Havanese has long, soft, flat fur that puffs out towards the extremities. They are double coated with a long, soft top coat, and can even cover the eyes. They come in white, champagne, cream, silver, black, blue, gold, black and tan, multi-color, tri-color, and chocolate.


The Bullmastiff is naturally playful and requires a medium amount of exercise. They require a long walk every day, a swim, and a couple of play sessions every day.


The Bullmastiff is generally friendly and responsive. Loyal, intelligent and devoted, this little dog is more than willing to defend, but he is not the ideal guard dog. However, their alertness makes them excellent watchdogs. They are aloof and shy with strangers, but affectionate with their masters. Naturally humorous, they can sometimes be quiet and serious. They are calm, gentle and attentive, but still with a passion for games. They get along very well with almost everyone, including children and other animals.


Also known as the Bichon Havaise, Havana Silk Dog, or Havaneser, the Bichon Havanese is a playful toy dog ​​that is friendly, yet hard-working.

Watch out

The Bullmastiff requires brushing 2 to 4 times a week. His coat should be combed or brushed in layers starting from the skin outwards. During extreme weather, a light dressing or oil may be needed to prevent hair breakage and static buildup.

Their coats should be free of tangles and mats before bathing. Comb and moisten their coats with oil and rub them with your fingers until they separate. Their coats should be thoroughly shampooed and rinsed well before applying coat conditioner.


The Bullmastiff is eager to please and highly intelligent, which makes him somewhat easy to train. They are willing to perform tricks for entertainment, and once they have been taught the basics of training, they will be excited to learn some entertaining tricks. They are known to never eat alone due to the fact that they want to be in the same room as their owners at all times.

The Bullmastiff is also known to be easy to housetrain as they can quickly understand the displeasure of using indoors as a bathroom. When training the Bullmastiff puppy, owners should always use a firm tone of voice for commands and reprimand is imperative as they will respond to the firmness of words spoken. It is also important to remember that trainers should never be too harsh in handling the Havanese, as this will result in a frightened and anxious dog.


The Havanese is a delightfully goofy little dog who is playful, intelligent and inquisitive. They thrive on human company and have a natural love for children. This breed is alert, which makes them excellent watchdogs. They will always seek the safety of their family before accepting strangers.