Jitterbug perfume

“Subatomic particles are apparently dematerialized and rematerialized quite routinely … some of them may actually be in two places at once. Their freedom from the normal limits of the space-time continuum is believed to be the result of a strange electricity, an intelligence, creative, playful and unpredictable interaction between entities with opposite charges in motion “.

“When asked about how they can walk through flames without burning themselves, the ‘primitives’ have conveyed to anthropologists that they raise the vibratory level of their flesh to match that of fire. Their vibrational frequency to match that of another dimension, thus disappearing from our habitual universe and appearing in the other: dematerialization. “

Tom robbins

It started for me in 1984, when the book Jitterbug Perfume was first published. I remember falling in love with Tom Robbins writing and soon devoured most of his books. Honestly, I had forgotten the story for many years, but late last summer a very dear friend, my twin, with whom I have practiced lucid dreaming and time travel, (which is a very different story) called me and said : Did you read Jitterbug Perfume lately? “

I said “No, I haven’t read it for years and years.”

He replied, “Take the book and read it, it’s our story.”

So I bought the book, packed it in my suitcase, and set off for Santa Fe to study with one of the world’s leading essential oil distillers.

On the first day of the workshop, the distiller said, “If you never read another book on essential oils, the only book you have to read is Jitterbug Perfume.”

You may be thinking, as I am, that this is a sign, because sitting in my backpack was the book, longing for my attention.

I never had a chance to read it on that trip, but I got home and was immediately absorbed by the book. The more I read, the more I was moved, ordered, encouraged and compelled to begin a search to make this aromatic elixir.

I walked into Farmer and the Cook, our local farm-to-table restaurant and organic food store, where I looked up the farmer, Steve Sprinkel, and found him synchronously in his office.

“Steve,” I said, “I need beet pollen.” (Beet pollen is one of the main ingredients in Jitterbug perfume.)

Steve laughed and looked up, “Perfume Jitterbug!”

“Yes,” I replied, “how did you know?”

“I remember the book …” he said “I just planted beets and you can have a couple of rows. They must vernalize to be able to put flowers, so next year you will have pollen.”

So I went out to the farm and began communing with my beets, eagerly awaiting the next winter and the subsequent spring and the arrival of the beet blossoms. I spent many afternoons watching those beets grow and finally, in mid-March, the first flowers were set. I went out one day and the scent of beet blossoms lingered on the warm spring day.

Now for those of you who haven’t experienced the smell of beet blossoms, it’s not a particularly pleasant smell, but rather a musky, goat-like smell that occasionally gave off the smell of dirty old socks. Charming you say, no, not charming, but very earthy, primitive.

The beet flowers taught me to harvest, I was never in charge, they were the teachers all the time. I spent the next 5 months visiting the farm twice a week, spending hours collecting beetroot pollen and flowers to make the legendary Jitterbug Perfume.

If you haven’t read the book, you might consider picking up a copy, it’s a wonderful read, and in it you’ll learn that it’s a book about immortality and time travel, with Jitterbug perfume being the main ingredient in both. adventure.

I was prompted to make this perfume and I contacted Tom Robbins, after finding out his address, and I told him that, as eccentric as he was, I believed with all my heart, that the Jitterbug Perfume was true, it was real and that I was trying to make the perfume, as it was, and now I am even more so, convinced that it was a tool for time travel, an elixir of immortality, and I would love to be able to call the resulting perfume, Jitterbug.

To my delight and surprise, he responded by saying that although the events in the book did not actually happen, it was a true story and that I had his full permission to use the Perfume Jitterbug name if I was successful in my endeavor. . Well, I was successful and something else!

And so, under the darkness of a new moon in August, the first bottle was made. I sent the first bottle to Mr. Robbins, and he was delighted and excited about it, telling me that I have really made him and his book proud!

Jitterbug has given me very specific instructions on how it should be used and I have obeyed all of their requests. The experiences that people are having continue to make me shake my head in utter wonder and awe.

It is definitely amrita for the olfactory system and an elixir of immortality. I will be reporting more as time goes on, but one thing Jitterbug has told me is that it will not be offered commercially, and it is my duty to prepare people to experience the perfume. Jitterbug seems to have power and presence and knows exactly what each person needs and gets them where they need to go! I was amazed at the power of this magical elixir!

I am the humble servant of Jitterbug Perfume and I am honored to be!

5 reasons to consider bottom shelf systems vs. traditional side skirts

SmartTruck has a patented under-tray aerodynamic system that provides a unique alternative to trailer side skirts. Designed to reduce the size of the heavy duty wake, these solutions provide the greatest amount of drag reduction and fuel savings of an aerodynamic towing device. The incoming airflow under the trailer is compressed and accelerated through the lower tray components, pulling the high-energy airflow from above the trailer into the wake of the trailer.

Here are five reasons to consider UnderTrays vs Side Skirts for your next trailer:

1. Greater fuel efficiency

With verified fuel savings from the US EPA’s SmartWay Transportation Association, even SmartTruck’s base unit, the UT-1 system, provides a 5.5% MPG improvement at highway speeds. This translates to 7 gallons of fuel saved for every 1000 miles. For those willing to invest a little more, the UT-6 system with side fairings provides up to a 10% MPG improvement or 12.5 gallons saved per 1000 miles.

With the fuel savings provided with either system, most owner-operators or fleets will recoup their investment in the first year!

2. Less maintenance than traditional skirts

The under-tray system installs within your trailer footprint high off the ground to avoid contact with steep loading docks or other obstacles. Made of durable polyethylene plastic, it is suitable for all types of weather. While with a blowout, skirts can often be damaged, ripped, or completely destroyed, these systems are designed to last as long as your trailer.

3. Easier accessibility

With traditional skirts, the driver loses access to a trailer’s landing gear where spare tires and other parts can be stored. With the unique design of the intelligent systems under the truck bed, the driver now has full access to the space under his trailer.

4. A bolder look

Most truck drivers take pride in their equipment. The aerodynamic design of the lower deck systems provides a sleeker, bolder look than traditional side skirts, which typically get muddy, rusted or damaged by flying rocks and debris while on the road. As SmartTruck’s slogan shows, they are “Changing the way of trucks.”

5. CARB compliant towing system

To operate in California, a fleet is required to meet CARB requirements for trailers. Whether you decide to go traditional skirts or move to a more modern solution like the SmartTruck bottom spokes, a fuel efficiency towing system will be required to avoid potentially catastrophic fines. Prime Time Equipment can help your fleet meet California CARB requirements.

A trip from Nassau Bahamas airport to your hotel is just one trip, or is it?

A ride is a ride

Or is that it?

It is true that a $ 100 suit meets the decency requirement as well as a $ 1000 suit. However, what is not true is that these suits are of equal quality. What is also not true is that the $ 100 suit and the $ 1000 suit will offer an identical experience. The next $ 100 is most likely an inferior fabric product and even more inferior workmanship. The $ 100 suit covers the essentials, but it won’t make you stand out from the crowd and it certainly won’t make you feel ‘like a million dollars’. On the other hand, a $ 1000 suit is expertly crafted from the finest fabric, looks and feels luxurious, and makes a bold statement. You feel like you have your personal glam gear with you the entire time you wear this outfit … you feel like royalty.

Similarly, a journey is not just a journey. While The Bahamas is a laid-back and laid-back country, rest assured that luxury car services are definitely available for the discerning traveler. There is no need to settle for the ‘$ 100 transfer suit’ when the ‘$ 1000 transfer suit’ is available to you without the price tag.

‘The $ 100 Transfer Suit’

The cheapest form of transfers, particularly from NAS (Nassau International Airport) are taxis. It is definitely a journey and will take you to your destination hotel or address. All local taxi services are The Atlantis Resort, Comfort Suites, Baha Mar, Breezes, Melia, One & Only Ocean Club and all other hotels on the island. If the condition of the car and the level of service are not important to you, then of course a taxi may be the best option. However, after a long or bumpy flight, the last thing you need is to have to locate a taxi only to have it pull up alongside you as if you were stepping out of a 1980s car accident. You may be lucky and get a taxi that be from this decade, but have to deal with the hot oven (car cabin) as the air conditioning is not working “right now”; not a good start when the local weather is typically between 80 and 90 degrees F. You may want to take a chance with a trucking company. They are a bit better organized and the vehicles are mostly modern. However, be prepared to wait 15-45 minutes at times for the shuttle bus to fill up with other passengers before you can leave the airport. Shuttle buses can also make several stops before reaching your hotel. Cross your fingers that your hotel is the first and not the last.

‘The $ 1000 Transfer Suit’

Far from costing $ 1000 per ride, a pre-arranged luxury private transfer will provide an experience fit for royalty. In addition to NAS, private car services can also be arranged from private airports, Odyssey Aviation and Jet Aviation Nassau / Executive Flight Support. In addition to serving the popular Atlantis Resort and other major hotels, private car companies also service marinas and clubs such as Albany Marina, Lyford Cay Club, Atlantis Marina, and Nassau Yacht Club.

Prices are always per vehicle and not per passenger. Depending on the number of passengers, this option is often less expensive than shuttle trips. Your driver is trained to anticipate and meet all your needs. Your driver will greet you at the airport with a warm smile and will escort you to the vehicle of your choice. Luxury car service companies offer modern fleets of fully insured sedans, SUVs, limos and luxury vans from which to choose. Families traveling with younger children can make advance arrangements for child safety seats to be available in the preferred vehicle of their choice at the time of pickup, usually at no additional cost. Stops at the grocery or liquor store can also be arranged along the way. Water and soft drinks are always free and the limo bars are stocked. In addition to clean, modern and luxury vehicles, you can arrange in advance any other special requests, such as special wines, flowers, balloons, etc.

So why not choose the best ride to your hotel or destination and book a luxury private transfer?

Finding Commercial Truck Financing

Heavy transport equipment can be extraordinarily expensive. Trucking companies of all sizes often rely on commercial truck financing to lease or purchase semis, dump trucks, and other equipment they need to provide their services. However, finding financing for a commercial truck can be difficult in some cases.

Understanding how commercial truck loans work is critical when trying to lease or find a loan, as this allows businesses to improve their chances of getting approved for affordable financing options.

This starts with understanding the credit issues that commercial trucking companies consider when issuing loans. There are numerous criteria involved that a finance company considers in trying to accurately determine whether a company will repay its loan in a timely manner.

These criteria include specific information about a business applicant for a loan, such as the length of time a business has been in business. Most finance companies will prefer to issue commercial truck financing to an established business, as this greatly improves the chances of a loan being repaid. A good credit history and strong financial records will also improve a business’s chances of receiving financing at a preferable rate, so before obtaining financing for any type of transportation equipment, a business should prepare its financial records and be ready to present. a lot of tax. and income information. A track record of profitability can show a finance company that a company has relatively low credit risk.

The other important factors are the exact equipment being financed and the type of loan being requested. Longer loans are harder to find, as they can carry higher risk for financing companies.

It will be very difficult to receive financing for commercial trucks from an institution that is not familiar with the uses, benefits and costs of the equipment being financed. Businesses should choose financing companies that specialize in loans for heavy commercial trucks and related equipment, as these institutions will be able to accurately assess the risks of a loan and can often offer buyers low rates. Many finance companies have lists of commercial trucks that they will finance or lists of equipment and types of brands that they do not support.

When truck financing is needed, it is often possible to improve loan approval chances by choosing used trucks or economy models. Provide as much credit information as possible and look for loans that can be paid off as quickly as possible. First-time truck buyers and buyers with bad credit can look for special companies that specialize in commercial truck financing for these situations. Learn the terms and interests of your financing agreement and work with specialized finance companies that understand the costs and risks of the trucks you need. An organized approach will help any business finance heavy trucks at an affordable price.

A review of the Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner

Electrolux has been a market leader in the manufacture of small appliances and, in the past, Electrolux vacuum cleaners have received high marks from consumers. The company has a reputation for manufacturing high performance cartridge vacuums. The most expensive of these is the Oxygen 3 range. So how does the Oxygen 3 canister vacuum work and is it worth the high price?

There are three vacuum cleaners in the Electrolux Oxygen 3 range; the Oxygen 3 Canister Vacuum (EL7000), the Oxygen 3 Ultra (EL7020) and the Oxygen 3 Ultra Combination (EL7025).

All three models in the Oxygen 3 vacuum range share some basic features. All models look pretty much the same and each model’s dust bag has a 2-quart capacity. All 3 models come with Electrolux MicroSeal technology, a combination of a sealed motor and HEPA filtration system, which ensures that 99.97% of the dust and particles that are collected remain inside the vacuum bag and are not expel into the air. On the container itself there are several indicators that let you know that the vacuum cleaner is operating at maximum performance. Probably the best feature (certainly the easiest to use) are the buttons on the handle; You can turn the machine on and off, turn the rotating brush on and off (when using the motorized head), and increase or decrease the suction.

The cheapest model that Electrolux makes in the Oxygen 3 range is called the Electrolux Oxygen 3 Canister Vacuum (or EL7000). Its claim to fame is that it is supposed to clean bare floor types and it comes with a pretty long hose – a good 21 feet! Don’t worry if you have rugs; this vacuum cleaner still does a very adequate job. It comes with the lowest wattage – 10 amps, which still offers good suction. If you are looking for a hassle-free vacuum, buy a well-made vacuum that sticks with this model.

Next in line is the Oxygen 3 Ultra vacuum. Its hose is 7 feet long and comes with a more powerful 12 amp motor; Despite having a more powerful motor, the vacuum still weighs the same as the Oxygen 3 at 27 pounds. Electrolux says the Oxygen 3 Ultra vacuum is great for cleaning all types of floors, however this model only comes with a head attachment; the Ultra Combination comes with two; the standard 13 “width and a smaller, lighter nozzle, which is much better for cleaning bare floors.

The Electrolux Ultra Combination vacuum cleaner is supposed to be a combination of the two previous models. I feel like this is a little marketing tactic – why not have developed a model to do all types of flooring and forget about models that only do rugs or just bare floors?

Price may be the answer. The Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum is not cheap and the EL7025 is considerably more expensive than the EL7000.

Speaking of expense, replacing dust bags isn’t cheap either; something to think about when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Another negative point of the Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner is that the vacuum cleaner handle rotates to the side so that it remains upright when not in use. This is fine, but makes it difficult to drive the vacuum around the room.

Having said all that, the Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum has excellent suction and will clean almost all types of floors. It is ideal for allergy sufferers, as its HEPA system retains 99.97% of the particles, which is as good as any other manufacturer. The Electrolux Oxygen 3 is an expensive vacuum cleaner but no more expensive than the competition.

How to be satisfied with your career

Many people turn a beloved hobby into a vocation. They have a gift, a talent that calls out to express themselves. It means doing something they love. At last, they feel empowered.

However, this new empowerment is within the person, not in the career change. How can you feel empowered if you are already successful in your job but feel unhappy? You must recognize and feel the value within yourself and your work every day!

A colleague and I were presenting a workshop on job satisfaction to a group of healthcare staff. His segment, “Feeling Empowered in Your Career,” and my next segment, “Empowerment in Words and Actions,” complemented each other splendidly.

Most of the participants had indicated prior to the workshop that they were happy with their career choice. His need was to feel more content during the workday. Many felt isolated or emotionally distant from their coworkers. They felt successful but not happy.

Everyone believed that their work was very valuable. However, as one participant said, “I don’t feel connected to the people I work with, nor do I feel sufficient satisfaction from the value I provide.”

There is a big difference between believing in something and deeply experiencing the same thing. An old expression suggests, “It won’t help to believe in stairs unless you get on one.” Many people are highly qualified, successful, and competent in their work. They are intellectually aware of their worth. However, they do not experience the inner satisfaction and satisfaction that they want and deserve.

How can we experience the greatest satisfaction and satisfaction in our careers? Here are several key ideas to remember.

1. First, check your motivations for being in your career. Success is the result of skills, actions, and choices. It is not a mandate to stay in one place. You can be successful in many different endeavors depending on your motivations, interests, and natural gifts.

Use an assessment like the free MAPP found at http://www.achieveezine.com/resources/ to check your motivations. Your personalized MAPP reveals whether your true motivations match your job. You also discover unique talents and interests.

2. Start with the desired result. Notice how the participant’s words focused on no feel connected. Once that gap has been recognized, it is time to change the approach. We move towards the object of our primary attention. It may seem the other way around, but start at the end. Imagine and focus on how satisfaction would feel to you as if you already had it.

3. See a colleague or coworker doing something great every day. Verbally acknowledge their dedication and value. Use sincere words and actions to show your colleagues that you are valuable. Share your goals with others and express your sincere appreciation for their participation.

As children, we learned to communicate and relate to others by participating in a talking environment of mutual action. We don’t just listen and respond. We built trustworthy relationships by joining with adults and peers in cooperative activities that combined words and feelings with actions. Showing appreciation for others will reflect and enrich their experiences.

Four. Seek constructive suggestions from both co-workers and clients. Immerse yourself in the experience of courage and acknowledge constructive suggestions with gratitude. Focus on your worth by challenging yourself to make improvements every day.

5. Put your value in positive action words. Then dive into the actions. Our words, actions, and focus of attention will lead us toward the contentment we seek. Write in a journal your experiences of adding value. Check them frequently.

6. Nourish and maintain yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Discontent can be a warning sign of burnout. Get regular check-ups and follow a balanced lifestyle for maximum well-being. Daily periods of relaxation and meditation are important for renewal and well-being.

Leo Buscaglia wrote: “Most of us lead quiet and unannounced lives as we traverse this world. Most likely, there are no ticker parades for us, and no monuments created in our honor.”

However, we can be successful and content with our lives and careers. We create the most significant monuments out of the love and enthusiasm we have for our work.

Create a monument every day by doing what you love and focusing on the value you bring to others. Also recognize the value that others bring to your life and career. These actions, along with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, can add satisfaction and enhance relationships to your career starting today.

5 Interesting Facts About Classic Hollywood Action Movies You Probably Didn’t Know About

Action movies are legendary. To some, they seem like smug little movies made without a true story. But for fans, action movies have it all: action (of course), adventure, sexiness, explosions, fast cars, and fight sequences. The list could go on.

One thing that is a bit interesting about action movie fans is the fact that true fans try to learn as much detail as they can about their favorite movies to the point of almost becoming walking encyclopedias of proper knowledge and landmarks. for local restaurants. trivia night. But in the same way that life works, you can’t know everything, and this is where this particular collection of facts shows its worth!

Here are five cool facts about some of your favorite action movies that you never knew but are sure to remember forever:

1. The Silence of the Innocents: Most people tend to criticize the great Hollywood action movies by pointing out that they have nothing to offer in real value when it comes to a true story worth watching. Although some may find this movie more suspenseful, it does keep you on the edge of your seat. ‘Silence’ is one of the few films to have won Academy Awards in the main categories (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay).

2. Fast and Furious – Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, did not have driver’s licenses or permits prior to the film’s production. While this may seem like a strange thing, many actors and actresses turn their attention to their craft from a young age, sometimes overlooking milestones like this.

3. Shark – Almost a quarter of the movie was shot from the surface of the water level. This unique perspective is key to the horror of the film, as audiences could feel as if they were floating in water or, at least, as if they were close to “Bruce,” the name given to the mechanical shark used during the Filmation. The fact that only about 25% of the movie was shot this way is surprising considering that most of the movie’s most memorable sequences are based on water.

4. Gone with the Wind – Although it is often seen as a historical drama or even (oddly enough) as a romantic movie, ‘Gone’ is famous for its great undertaking and its radical look at a time passed through many generations. While the movie tends to have beautiful images of plantation life, it’s the fierce action sequences and suspenseful scenes that take your breath away. This film was the first color film to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

5. X-Men: Although they exude an air of sophistication and class, actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan have never played a game of chess in their lives. While it’s not the bravest action movie tidbit, it’s important to mention it simply because too many movie patrons aren’t willing to suspend all disbelief. It’s all about the details.

Action movies can be a lot of fun, so let the magic of cinema take you away from the monotony of everyday life.

Repossessed Vehicle Actions Online – How To Buy A Cheap Repossessed Vehicle Online!

Did you know that there are repossessed car auctions online, where you can find extremely cheap cars in very good condition?

Buying a car at a government auction can save you thousands of dollars. In fact, it is not uncommon to find cars up to 95% off their normal price. Every day thousands of vehicles such as SUVs, motorcycles, MPVs, trucks and RVs are seized by banks or government agencies. It costs the government a lot of money to stock these vehicles and this is why they cut the price so much to be able to sell the cars as quickly as possible.

But how do these cars end up at auction?

Many times these cars were purchased by people through bank finance loans, which they were unable to pay off. The banks then recovered them to minimize their losses. Other times, these vehicles are impounded from people who have committed crimes or any form of fraud.

So how can you find your dream car at auction?

The problem with these auctions is that they usually don’t get a lot of publicity. They just come and go and you don’t even know they exist. One solution to this problem is to start looking for auction listings in your local newspaper.

However, if these classifieds are inside a widely read newspaper, many people will see it and you may end up facing a lot of competition. Also, if there are many bidders, the price of the vehicle will increase.

The best way to locate an auto auction is to visit an online database. There, you can start your search by brand like Honda, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Audi, etc., by type of truck, sedan, mini trucks, and of course by location and price.

In this way you can find the vehicle of your dreams as quickly as possible and from the comfort of your home. These databases ask you for a small fee, but the good news is that they allow you to perform as many searches as you want.

You can use these websites to locate the vehicle, but before you commit to buying it, you need to make sure it is in good condition. Also, you need to decide in advance how much money you are willing to spend. If you are the highest bidder, the auctioneer will expect you to pay the full amount. However, in most cases, they accept credit cards and personal checks.

If you see people switching cars all the time without being millionaires, online repossessed vehicle auctions are probably the answer. Often times you can find a vehicle for as little as $ 1,000 or $ 2,000, even though its retail price is $ 20,000.

Now pay close attention here!

How to buy a lucrative muscle car

There is always a difference between an ordinary vehicle and a muscle car. A muscle car brings a cool attitude when you drive. If you prefer extreme driving and you love sports like drag racing, a muscle car may be better suited to your needs. These exclusive vehicles are available in various designs. Different models have different styles and features. They are tough, resistant, modern and reflect a masculine attitude. These kinds of cars are eye-catching and can be easily seen with their unusual shiny appearance.

Some people prefer to choose sophisticated cars for a smooth ride. Young people usually prefer to drive in an extreme and forceful way. They require fast-moving cars that can withstand rushing driving or extreme driving in hilly areas. If you are adventurous and enjoy being with a group of sports friends, you may like to enjoy an exciting experience in your vehicle. Muscle cars will be the best option for you in this situation. These types of cars are tough and designed with style. You get a wide range of variety of these vehicles at affordable prices.

If you are determined to buy a rugged car, you must know the difference between rugged cars and other luxury cars. Usually these cars are made for high performance with a midsize size and a huge, powerful engine, usually a V8. Common muscle cars have two doors, but some classics also have four doors. Except all these, these kinds of cars have special trims that create maximum torque and rotational force when driving. Drag racing experts choose these cars for competition. They are comparatively larger than any sports car.

Being aware of the qualities and characteristics of such cars, you should pay attention to the different attractive models of these cars. These cars have a colorful design and a very stylish look. It may be that this is one of the reasons for the madness of young people for these powerful cars. They were introduced in the early 60’s and those old models are called classic muscle cars. Now, with the invention of new technologies and stylish new designs, classic cars become rare collections. Old owners sometimes take their vehicles for classic car sales and buy newer more modern cars for their younger generations. These cars continue to create a craze among young people. Now various models have emerged taking into account modern options.

Once you’ve decided to buy a lucrative muscle car, you can start looking for the right affordable vehicles. First, you can visit various car shows. Different vehicle manufacturers organize exhibitions of this type in their city where they present their vehicles. You can take a look at your favorite. Second, you can review magazines that contain such car images, and you can search car-based websites. You can easily get the contact details of the car manufacturers / dealers from the sites. But before you buy any stylish muscle car, you need to check the credibility of the manufacturer. You can visit different showrooms to take a look at the attractive cars and ultimately this way you can choose the right and best car for you.

4 of the best mountain bikes to choose from

The world always talks about the most expensive and exotic cars. When the conversation about these cars is over, there will be these bikes. You don’t see that people talk a lot about their bicycles and it’s a shame as there should be more talk about bicycles. Bicycles are probably the best vehicles around. They are great in every way you can imagine. They do not consume any fuel, which means that they do not cause any pollution in their environment. You can always drive with the peace of mind that you are not damaging the atmosphere in which you live.

Second, these are the vehicles that require passengers to do some work. Consistent pedaling keeps riders fit and healthy. Among many different types of bikes you have mountain bikes. As the name suggests, these bikes are designed to be ridden in mountains. They mostly have a very strong but lightweight frame and deep tread tires. There are gears on them to make adjustments when ascending or descending through the mountains. Here are the 4 best mountain bikes on the market ready for you to choose one of them:

Yeti SB5C Beti

This amazing mountain bike can take you up and down the mountains without any effort. The first thing you will notice is how light its frame is, which is made of carbon. This mountain bike is known for giving you one of the best suspensions under your feet and with such amazing specs that it is not a chore for you to climb mountains. It has a telescopic seatpost that is always the most recommended by experts. Experts believe that you may find it a bit difficult to adjust to their descents at first, but you will like them over time.

Marin Attack Trail 9

This amazing mountain bike comes with some components that may not be very well known in North America. For example, the suspension system on this bike is from French manufacturers. But if you’ve been in contact with the Marin Attack Trail 9, you will find that its suspension is one of the best out there. Testers have claimed that this bike might not be the best out there, but the unique choice of components on the bike makes it a new experience for most riders.

Pivot Mach 429 Trail

If you’ve been riding 29-inch bikes in the past, I’d say it’s not a 29-inch bike. The reality is different because it really is a 29-inch bike but its construction has been made in such a way that it does not seem like it. There is 116mm travel on the rear suspension on this bike. You will not feel unwanted movements on this bike thanks to its incredible suspension system, that is, DW Link Design. It is not the most expensive or the cheapest mountain bike out there but once you have it you will keep it for a long time.

Juliana Furtado

The mint green paint job on this bike is the first thing you’ll notice. While it wasn’t the most impressive bike of the previous year, it definitely is one this year. The handlebar on this bike is a whopping 176mm and the ride on this bike is smooth with 130mm of travel. If you are traveling through rocky terrain, this is the bike you would like to ride. The good thing is that Juliana has chosen different packages for the buyers. You can get a very cheap package under $ 4000 or buy an expensive one above $ 8000.