Dealing with mental health problems in Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of approximately 230 million people, in fact it is a boon for the country and a good market for local and foreign investors.

But my beloved country has 80 million people at risk for mental health problems.

Unfortunately, there are less than 200 professionals, trained and qualified with certificates to attend to this social issue, throughout our country.

Dr. Jibril Abdulmalik, coordinator / executive director of the Asido Foundation, a non-governmental organization, dropped this suggestion on Thursday at the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research in Yaba, Lagos.

Speaking during the launch of his book: Optimal Mental Health: A Daily Guide, Abdulmalik said that the World Health Organization has stated that one in four people is a victim at any time in their life.

According to him, around the world, 10 percent of the population currently suffers in one way.

In Nigeria, there is a large gap between health workers and victims. He stated bluntly that statistics reveal that 80 percent of Nigerians have no access to mental health treatment.

The truth is, there are no properly trained and certified mental health professionals. Therefore, some untrained people could easily fool victims with the ability to heal them.

The level of poverty in our country is high. Many people think that there are undeserved miracles in churches, mosques, and traditional settings. This is not correct. We work for what we earn.

His words: “For example, in the state of Akwa Ibom, children are labeled as witches and sorcerers and sent to churches or healing centers, where they are chained and flogged, daily in an attempt to cure them of witches.”

He further explained that ignorance, shame, stigmatization, have led people to snub or abandon mental health victims for no reason, instead of taking them to the hospital to receive adequate medical care.

Asido’s scribe said that his non-governmental organization was born in order to carry out advocacy, networking, awareness-raising and empowerment of members of the public on issues related to it.

In his presentation, Professor B. L Salako, Director General of the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research, praised Abdulmalik for writing a book on mental health and recommended that the book should be available to everyone.

Professor T. L Sheikh, National President of the Nigerian Association of Psychiatrists called on the government to provide an enabling environment for more people to attend trainings in order to become professionally certified mental health workers, in order to reduce the wide gap that currently exists in that sector.

The benefits of personalized gifts

Personalization is an essential part of any high-quality gift. All elegant gifts can be given that finishing touch, simply by adding the person’s initials, name, date, or writing a small message to them. By instilling a special sentimentality in a gift, the recipient can cherish that item for the rest of their lives.

Having a person’s name engraved on any precious item not only increases its value materially, but also shows a touch of consideration. It’s a way of showing the effort you’ve put into selecting the perfect gift – something that a person can cherish forever and always know who gave it to them.

Personalized gifts can be given to people of all ages and genders. A husband or wife could show their love for each other with a personalized message on a beautiful silver gift. A person might buy an expensive pen or leather accessory with an engraved name or initial from a co-worker. Additionally, personalized gifts can be very useful items that your customers, clients, or employees will enjoy receiving.

The benefits of personalized gifts can be of great use to both the donor and the recipient. These gifts will continue to promote goodwill for your company long after your event or function ends. I certainly think that today it is difficult to choose a different and exclusive gift. A personalized gift is a great way to give someone a special keepsake, which can be looked up to for years to come.

There are several different types of personalized gifts that you might consider purchasing. You can make the gift recipient extremely pleased by giving them anything from an engraved silver key ring to a leather accessory with a special date engraved on it. Remember that presentation is everything when it comes to putting the finishing touches on a personalized gift. No gift should be presented in an “ordinary” box or offered with standard packaging, as this would spoil the overall appearance of receiving the personalized gift.

Whenever possible, look for a brand that offers elegant and luxurious packaging. Most high-end retail brands can offer fancy gift boxes and bags to go with them. Also, don’t underestimate the value of a handwritten card or personal message for every gift you make. Opting for a personalized gift with a handwritten message gives you the opportunity to offer something truly unique.

Most people seem to assume that a unique gift has to be extremely expensive. This is certainly not the case, as it is possible to select beautiful silver, crystal or leather gifts at particularly affordable prices. It is important to recognize that sometimes research is necessary to find the perfect present.

There are many different ways to personalize a gift, but the bottom line is that everyone enjoys giving and receiving something special. The benefits of a personalized gift are enormous and I highly recommend that you consider brands that offer this service the next time you want to buy a gift for someone.

Homer Simpson: Okay, Epiphany, Epiphany – Oh I know! Bananas are an excellent source of potassium!

Like Homer Simpson, I too have had an epiphany, although thankfully it did not involve the components of a banana. My epiphany originated from the thought process “Am I as well balanced and happy at work as I feel in my personal life?” This is how I got to my moment of enlightenment …

Although I accepted the fact that as a working mother of two, I spend as much time at work as raising my children, it made me think about how well balanced I am both at work and at work. I searched the internet for articles describing what is defined as having a well-rounded lifestyle.

I found a fantastic self-help to improve one element of my lifestyle: It is a deliciously proven fact, the findings of which have been published in the Journal of Nutrition, that consuming chocolate, wine and tea on a daily basis actually helps improve our cognitive performance. Researchers from Norway and the University of Oxford studied the relationship between cognitive performance and the intake of three common foods that contain flavonoids. Those who consumed chocolate, wine or tea had significantly better mean test scores and a lower prevalence of poor cognitive performance than those who did not. That is a tactic that I will definitely implement to help my balance in life!

We live modern life at an extremely fast pace and the pace at which we work can make it difficult to live a well-balanced life. There is a strong opinion that we must make time to look holistically at our lifestyles to strive for the right balance. “Work, rest and play” is a typical adage that is used. Spending quality time with family and friends, balancing our schedules, and exercising regularly are considered essential to support a fulfilling existence.

On my average 24-hour day, I spend about 8 hours sleeping (as long as I’m not trying to catch up on the recorded episodes of the Sky 1 drama “Lie To Me” at 11pm, when I should go to bed). I have about 8 hours of my own time spread out before and after my workday, which includes taking the kids to school, taxiing and hostess with the ‘mostess’ for the never-ending stream of generally adorable kids who come to drink the tea.

This leaves 8 hours that I dedicate to work. By straining the mathematical side of my brain, I concluded that I spend half of my waking hours working. With that abrupt awakening, I realized that I need to take stock and make sure that I am getting the right balance of satisfaction in my work life as I do with my own time.

As I pondered this, I decided to ask some of my friends what their thoughts on the subject of having a complete lifestyle meant to them. The general consensus was that, on a personal level, you need enough money to live comfortably, be relatively smart, and have lots of friends.

Sounds good until you realize that financial security, intelligence, and popularity so highly regarded are actually the product, not the foundation, of a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, a balanced lifestyle is not innate, but something that we achieve with effort and hard work. So if that is supposedly the criteria for being well-rounded in life, what do we need to feel well-rounded and content in the workplace?

Going back to our friend Homer Simpson, and a conversation from an episode where his lovable boss, Mr. Burns, is giving Homer his job back ……..

Homer: Thanks for giving me my job back, Mr. Burns.

Mr. Burns: I’m afraid it’s not that simple. As punishment for your desertion, it is company policy to cause the plague.

Smithers: Uh, sir, that’s the “badge”.

Mr. Burns: Oh yeah, the special demotivating plaque to break what’s left of your spirit. Because you see, you are here … forever.

[Smithers screws the plaque to the wall]

Mr. Burns: [reading] “Don’t forget, you are here forever.”

From my own perspective, I want to feel motivated and inspired, appreciated, respected, and most importantly, confident. Surely while these factors are incorporated into the foundations of my work environment, the path that I walk daily must be one of fulfillment. Fortunately, my boss does not share the employer ethic that Mr. Burns shares. I don’t need a plaque on my wall to indicate that I am “Employee of the Month”. Fortunately, my boss has created what I think is essentially a well-balanced work environment in which to spend my time … lucky me!

So if you were to compare the balance of your well-being at work, would you find yourself in Jo Dawson’s place of satisfaction or Homer Simpson’s workplace of hell?

Smooth rough edges

How rough are your edges? What aspects of your professional life need to be polished, polished, developed or refined? Do you understand what it takes to bridge the gap between success and true greatness for you? We’ve all met truly talented executives and entrepreneurs who, while successful, still have a huge barrier preventing them from reaching their full potential … themselves. In today’s post I will discuss how to overcome the last hurdle between success and greatness, which is usually the barrier of self.

Over the years, I have come to believe that the professional talent curve is made up of a range consisting of the lower, middle, upper levels, and various points in between. Violators are those professionals whose talent and ability far exceed their level of performance. Achievers are those who perform at the height of their ability, and achievers are the few whose performance consistently overshadows their natural ability. Professionals at the higher end of the talent curve have learned to grow beyond self-imposed limits and have developed their skills and competencies to levels they never thought they were capable of.

I can’t tell you how many successful professionals I have met who have lost key employees, failed to close substantial transactions or missed important opportunities, have had clients who consciously made the decision to work with other less talented professionals or companies simply because they were tired of attitude / ego / arrogance, have had their company stagnant or any number of other tragic and avoidable circumstances simply because they were unwilling or unable to acknowledge their own shortcomings and do whatever it takes to polish off the rough edges and take their game to the next level .

Granted, you own your own business or run someone else’s, you’ve received your fair share of media attention and industry praise, you’ve accomplished many of your goals, and you make a living better than most. .. The most important questions are:

1. Is it successful or is it truly successful? Do you know the difference?

2. Are you happy and really successful or frustrated that you haven’t reached your full potential?

3. Have you really maximized your potential, or even recognize what it is?

4. Are you making others successful and are others seeing you as truly successful?

5. How do you know what you don’t know?

The difference between being successful and being truly successful is bridging the gap between being good and becoming great. I think it was Shakespeare who said, “Do not fear greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness above them.” If greatness is inherited, earned, or stumbled upon, it cannot be sustained without constant effort to hone and develop your skills and abilities. An arrogant confidence in what has worked in the past will only get you so far. It is very common to see professionals harness intellect, aggressiveness, creativity, innate leadership ability, charisma, or other positive traits to be successful. However, it is rare to see professionals take those same characteristics and actually develop them to the point of greatness.

If you don’t constantly work to improve, you will eventually hit a plateau and the only way to overcome the plateaus that will inevitably arise is to continually improve your skills and further develop your talents. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you are indeed the best at what you do. Does this mean that there is no room for improvement and that you should not seek the help and advice of others?

Let’s use Tiger Woods as an example … At the time of writing, he has won 7 of his last 14 starts and is arguably the most dominant golfer on the PGA Tour. However, he still has a coach, practices frequently improving his game, and has a team of professionals around him with the goal of increasing his level of performance. You are already considered great, but you are constantly working to improve your competitive ability in order to build on what you have accomplished and maintain greatness instead of falling from greatness.

My recommendation for those at the higher end of the talent curve who want to make the transition from being successful to becoming truly successful is to get out of your bubble and be honest with yourself. No need to succumb to self-bondage … Find a mentor who can credibly assess your strengths and weaknesses, understand your goals, and help you see the things you can’t see for yourself, that others won’t tell you, or even if they tell you that you refuse to acknowledge. Get out of yourself and start the journey from good to great.

Using Your ATS to Find Candidates During the Candidate Shortage

As the economy recovers and more Americans are vaccinated, there has been an increase in the job opportunities available. However, what employers are discovering is that few candidates are applying. Fewer candidates are responding to job offers, representing a total of 360 from a year ago, when unemployment rates were the highest in history and job opportunities were very few in between. So what is the cause of the “candidate shortage”?

A recent USA Today Money¹ article reports that many Americans are concerned about changing jobs during the pandemic due to financial and health risks. It is a “safe” option to stay with the company you are currently with. Others are happy with the unemployment benefits they are receiving. In some cases, workers are making more money “unemployed” than if they were working. They do not have an incentive and are not motivated to go to work when they can earn more money by staying home. This has caused recruiting and recruiting companies to focus their strategies on reaching candidates who are already working. Recruiters have even started to turn to competing companies to recruit skilled workers and lower-middle-level managers, which is often a tactic for hiring high-level executives.

As recruiting and recruiting companies come up with new strategies for finding candidates during the “candidate shortage,” their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an important resource that cannot be overlooked. Not only are there multiple tools you can use in an ATS, it also hosts hundreds and in some cases even thousands of candidates right in front of you! In this article, we’ll dive into a handful of helpful tools to leverage on your ATS.

Reference reports

The first important information you can get from your ATS is a report on your candidates’ references. In the last 3 months, through which source are the majority of candidates entering your database? Is it through a job board, social media, cold calling? Looking at this information can help determine which “currently” is the best source for recruiting candidates. You can then further focus your efforts on sources that are currently performing slightly better than others.

Using Lookups and Pipelines

Both the search capabilities and pipelines in your ATS are powerful resources for you when searching for candidates. As noted in the introduction, your ATS may have hundreds or even thousands of candidates at your fingertips. Using your searches and pipelines in your ATS is a great place to start your search for candidates.

Pipelines are a useful tool in creating a list of “top” candidates. If you already have a pipeline built, this would be a good place to start. If a pipeline hasn’t been built yet, you can start building a pipeline that includes the top candidates you want to reach. Pipes can be divided by industry and / or position. The breakdown of each channel by industry or position will help you recruit for current positions and will also be helpful in the future when you are hiring for similar positions. These will be channels of talent that you will continue to add and update, not just a one-time use. That way, the best candidates will always be easily accessible based on the industry and / or positions you are recruiting for. Once you add the initial candidates that you want to include in your pipeline, you can use the search capabilities in your ATS to add other qualified candidates.

Some popular searches you can perform include searching by skills, position, job history titles, location (if there is a specific location you need to hire for), and last contact (if you want to narrow your search based on the last time you contacted to a candidate.) Another useful search option is to do a full-text search for keywords. A full-text search searches its database for certain keywords in a candidate’s profile, including their resume. This is useful if you want to search by position to see which candidates have held a similar position. As you search and find leads, add them to your pipeline.

Automated workflow surveys

You have your pipes built; You can then send an automated workflow survey to these candidates. Submitting a survey will help narrow your list to determine which candidates are interested in a job. The results of the survey will help you save time so that you do not reach out to candidates who are not looking. Some ATS solutions will have an integration that allows you to send an email or text message that includes survey questions. Based on the survey response, they will automatically receive a follow-up email that matches their response. If this option is not available to you, you can easily send a survey to your pipeline through a platform such as Survey Monkey® or Google Forms®. These responses will not be automated or logged into your ATS and will require a bit more manual work, but you can still get the same end result.

Examples of simple yes / no survey questions you could include to assess who is interested in speaking:

  • Are you willing to change jobs? (if they are working)

  • Are you open to work? (if they don’t work)

During the “candidate shortage,” it might also be imperative to offer an incentive to candidates, depending on the industry. You can offer incentives based on performance, attendance, referrals, and more. Incentives can not only attract someone to work with you, but they can also help increase employee engagement to work with you longer.

Incentives can include:

  • Subscription to the streaming service for one year

  • $ X in groceries delivered to your home with your choice of what they would like.

  • Monthly or yearly meal subscription service

  • Free tickets to a local sporting event or attraction.

  • During the holidays, you can offer a free Thanksgiving turkey dinner or a special holiday treat.

If you decide to create an incentive program or use an existing one, you can include a question in your survey that links to the incentive program:

  • Would you be willing to work if you could get a Netflix subscription for one year to attend?

Including a survey question that links to the incentive program allows you to see if they would be open to work if there was an additional incentive rather than if no incentive was offered.

Follow-up communication

Once the survey results are available, you’ll want to send a follow-up communication to candidates who said they are interested in a job. If your ATS has a built-in integration, similar to the one above, the following email can be sent automatically at a scheduled time based on candidates who have answered “yes”. If you don’t have an automation tool, you can create an email or SMS template in your ATS to send a follow-up message to these candidates. In the message, you can include information about the job, the incentive program (if you’re offering one), and a way for them to respond, “I’m interested.”

In some cases, you may even be able to include a “job acceptance” link within the communication. Some ATS mobile apps also allow a similar “job acceptance” feature where you submit a job directly to a candidate through the ATS mobile app and they can accept a job that way.. Including a link to accept the job offer will conveniently position candidates without the need for additional effort on your part. It’s also convenient from the candidate’s perspective because all you have to do is click the link to accept the job offer.

* Your survey follow-up message can take many shapes and forms depending on the tools you have available.

Social media posting

Lastly, to complement the scope above, you can also use the social media tools on your ATS to post the job description within your network and encourage others to share. During the current “candidate shortage,” referrals can be especially helpful for those hesitating to change jobs during the pandemic. Seeing someone in your network share their job opportunity can give them a boost of encouragement and confidence to work with your recruiting and recruiting company.

Decrease the shortage of candidates

The “candidate shortage” can bring a variety of obstacles to hiring and staffing. Using your ATS pool of candidates, in addition to taking advantage of the robust tools available, will help decrease any candidate shortages you are facing. Finding the right candidates in your ATS who are open for work is key and following up on a convenient way to accept a job offer will place candidates more quickly and easily. Lastly, remember to use your Referral Report to tap into the sources where the most candidates are coming from to maintain a constant flow of new candidates. Soon your candidate shortage may turn into a candidate surplus!


USA Today Money¹

How to Write Exam Questions Right – Part 1 of 3

Very often, an organization wants to demonstrate the effectiveness of its training by administering some type of test at the end of the training. Unfortunately, most trainers are not adept at writing test questions. It is much more than simply writing 20 questions about content. You can skew the test results (and therefore get inaccurate feedback on the effectiveness of the training) if the test questions are not designed correctly.

In this first of three articles on designing appropriate test questions, we’ll discuss multiple-choice questions and the best way to design them.

Generally, when someone does not have the ability to write multiple-choice questions, the correct answer will always be the longest; try to be aware of this and keep your answers to the same length.

It is MUCH easier to offer 3 alternatives than 4. Don’t make it difficult for them. Your answers should include a correct answer and an incorrect but plausible answer.

One of the ways to ensure you have plausible, but incorrect, answers is to make sure that each of your options is logically consistent.

Check all the answers that are primary colors:











Your plausible but wrong answers don’t have to be terribly difficult; Please note that you are testing people who have new knowledge and limited skills / experience; do not present answers that would stump you, come up with answers that will stun the unqualified person. Likewise, the correct answer shouldn’t stand out on the list.

If your answer begins with a vowel, the question above must end with “a (n)”; if it ends with year – which is grammatically correct – the question itself automatically triggers the student to choose the answer that begins with the vowel.

Example: Example: The Interstate is also known as:




Do you see / hear how to end the question with year forces you to choose Expressway?

All options should start with phrases or similar sentence structures.

For instance:


The time to cross the street is:

A. When the light turns green

B. After looking both ways

C. If the path is clear


The best time to fly fishing is:

One morning

B. Afternoon

C. April to May; after the ice pack has melted

Careful with All of the above. If you are providing “all of the above” (or “none of the above”) as one of your options, you must include it in EVERYBODY options. If you have 15 multiple choice questions and only 1 or 2 have a “none of the above” option, it is a clear sign that the correct answer is none of the above.

These guidelines for developing well-written multiple-choice test questions should help you ensure that you can accurately measure your student’s level of learning.

Technical SEO Agency

Technical SEO

For a successful Internet marketing campaign it is important that you find the right partner that will bring your website up to par with the rest of your competition. When you have your own online business, your success is based on what you can deliver to your customers in the form of a great website. When you are ready to move forward with your business take a look at the services of a professional SEO company. Look for an SEO agency who is highly skilled in Search Engine Optimization and knows how to market your website effectively. If you have a website that needs to make a huge impact with the search engines it is time to turn to the experts to get the job done right.

It is important to do your research when looking for an SEO agency because they offer specialized services. If you already have an existing business or website you know that search engine optimization is crucial to getting your website ranked properly. The way to go about this is to choose a company that specializes in search engine marketing. The agency will analyze your business and then develop a plan to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. The ultimate goal of the SEO agency London is to achieve top rankings in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

There are many components that go into making sure that your site is search engine optimized. The SEO agency you choose will determine if you rank highly enough and if you need to alter your website. It is important to hire a company that offers both off-site as well as on-site search marketing. The on-site marketing will include adding keyword rich articles to your website, submitting to popular article directories, and participating in forums. This is vital to developing a solid reputation on the Internet.

Technical SEO Agency

Off-site SEO involves creating high quality links from other websites. The goal is to generate natural traffic to your site from other websites. Links will help your website gain credibility in search engines and increase the number of visitors that come to your website. For technical SEO agency to work for your business, it is essential to create a strategy to keep these links going.

On-page SEO works to improve your website’s placement in search engines. It includes things like writing new pages for your website, rearranging images and text, and adding new keywords to your website. This process can take time, but is very important for your success. If a search engine sees that your website has changed dramatically, it will most likely rank you high. Your SEO agency should take this into account when planning your website. Sometimes minor changes will make a big difference.

Search engine optimization is not an easy process. There are many aspects involved. It is best to work with a specialized company that knows what it is doing. Hiring a specialized company will ensure that you get the best service possible.

Effective strategy to achieve objectives

Introduction: goal identification

Human life is an intentional phenomenon. Multiple purposes identify various goals and objectives of individuals, so that human beings set goals and objectives and pursue them relentlessly until success is not achieved or failure is not found. A normal individual must form some goals and pursue them until they are realized. Human life is thus a conscious struggle for multiple goals, both material and immaterial. An effective goal is achievable and shapes successful human life.

Generally, human goals fall into four categories: personal, educational, professional, and social. Personal goals are based on one’s dreams towards lifestyle and standards of living. Personal goals are unique and evolve. An important personal goal is financial freedom. Financial freedom makes someone independent from all kinds of interactive life holdings. A successful person achieves their financial goals and reviews them from time to time. It should be noted that financial freedom provides a solid foundation for multiple human goals, while the absence of financial freedom makes all goals simply unattainable. Financial subjugation is the mother of all subjugations.

Instinctively, human beings are seekers of knowledge. The formal effort toward knowledge development requires a set of educational goals. The educational objectives are clear, yet they evolve. The external environment plays a decisive role in the configuration / development of educational objectives. More specifically, educational goals are shaped by successful parents, educators, and individuals. Effective educational goals mean a successful educational career. Effective educational goals improve student academic results.

Professional life is an essential phase / aspect of human life. Financial resources are of vital importance for a comfortable life. Career goals are strengthened by our focus on the comforts of life. The pleasure-driven career goal leads to a deplorable life. On the contrary, the professional goal driven by the intellect means a better or esteemed life. A successful professional is pragmatic towards goal setting. Effective career goals lead to a better career. It shows that professionalism, a vital trait of a developed society, is embedded in all levels of collective life thanks to successful professionals.

Divinely, human beings are a social creature. They cannot live in isolation. They need interactions in their daily chores of life. Interactive life has multiple dimensions, such as blood kinship, geographic neighborhood, and ideological brotherhood. An effective interactive life requires some social ambitions. A person can pursue various social works as ideals in his life. The prominent social ideals are various community works such as the community hospital, the blood donation network, an NGO and a literacy program. The poetic vision and the humanistic tendency are invisible forces behind multiple social ideals.

Human life is a dynamic reality. It is evolving, steadily and gradually. Initially, life activities are limited to certain physical needs / comforts, overtime; it expands its area of ​​effect through concerned human nature. The various human concerns expand one’s ability to think / act towards life choices. The life options are innumerable, they are presented as achievable possibilities, in such a way that they make the alpha and omega of human life. Divinely rooted, concerned human nature permanently selects and pursues available life options. Consequently, goals of various kinds shape individuals’ specific life patterns and determine / expand their area of ​​effect. An effective goal is naturally dynamic and creates dynamism in life.

Targets taxonomy

Goals are accomplished within a defined time frame, so the time dimension is an unavoidable aspect of effective goal setting. In addition, the inclusion of the time factor during the task completion process gives impetus to various strategies for achieving objectives. Temporarily, human goals fall into four categories: short-term, medium-term, long-term, and eternal. Short-term goals take a year or less, medium-term goals are achieved within 1 to 5 years, long-term goals take more than five years to achieve, and eternal goals are permanent and constant life goals. evolution / expansion. For example, in business life, completing a project is a short-term goal, forming a project team for multiple projects is a medium-term goal, setting up a business is a long-term goal, and, finally, a network of the socio-economic circle for success and well-being. conducting business is the permanent goal of an entrepreneur. In educational life, the annual result is a short-term learning goal, a certificate. (such as high school certificate, high school certificate, and professional diploma) it is a medium-term learning objective and a final degree program (such as undergraduate or graduate or doctoral program) is the long-term learning goal. Finally, the compatibility or synchronization of the educational career with the career of life is a permanent objective of every student. In the self-improvement effort, habit development is the short-term goal, behavior improvement is the medium-term goal, mindset refinement is the long-term goal, and self-construction is each individual’s ultimate goal. . Therefore, the time limit is an essential element to achieve multiple goals.

Declare goals

Goals are our visions / dreams, therefore, they are expressed in positive language with a cheerful tone. Effective objectives can be grouped into two categories: individual and institutional. At the individual level, an effective goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). Smart people make SMART goals. At the institutional level, an effective goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound, encouraging, rewarding, and team-driven (SMARTER). An effective team is the sum total of INTELLIGENT people and approximately synergistic ways to achieve objectives.

Objectives content

An effective goal has two contents, namely, welfare content and pecuniary content. The wellness aspect is a vital part of an effective goal. The mere absence of the wellness aspect, intentional or not, makes all of life’s goals unstable or short-lived. The content of well-being is linked to the Divine Plan of Creation, while the material content is linked to the perishing comforts of life. Qualitative superiority and quantitative inevitability of wellness content is cosmic reality. The dominant welfare content means a humanistic struggle, while the dominant mundane content means a personal struggle.

Goals vs. objectives

Generally, the terms goals and objectives are used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference between goals and objectives. Goals are the overall results that a person is committed to achieving, while objectives are the steps a person takes to achieve their goals. For goals, we use words (for example, the institution wants to capture the maximum market), for objectives, we use numbers (such as, the institution wants to capture 25% of the market). Goals make the individual / institution more effective, while goals make the individual / institution more efficient. Together they shape an efficient-effective individual / institution.

Plan / strategy for achieving objectives

The whole exercise of effective goal setting is facilitating / achieving success. Objectives are generally achieved if an individual,

  1. It starts from the possible, (Pragmatism)
  2. Make a personal commitment to goals, (Effective inspiration)
  3. Rises above fear of failure / feelings of regret, (High morale)
  4. Overcome procrastination, carelessness, etc. (Self-discipline)
  5. Set a deadline or duration for the completion of the task, (Time efficiency)
  6. Match objectives with tasks and durations, (Wisdom) AND
  7. Avoid perfectionism / distractions, (Leadership)
Meenaz Mehta: an occurrence in global investment

A commoner who has not been exposed to discussions of the global economy would ask the question, who is Meenaz Mehta? Meenaz Mehta has long been very popular due to her recognized views and expertise on issues currently affecting the world economy. He has been seen discussing his views on CNBC questioning whether the Bank’s claims have been honestly exposed. He also cited whether central banks and local banks are in tune at this time when money markets and interest rates are in dispute.

Meenaz Mehta is the Chief Investment Officer of Axis Investment Management, a renowned company that assists clients on how to manage their investments in such a way as to keep strategically assuring their clients that they can bear existing risks. For more than a decade, he had a consistent track record of excellent global investing experience, making him one of the most trusted people to answer any economic argument under debate. His experience in investment management and capital markets trading not to mention his outstanding reputation in terms of advising on the subject of asset management, which has been evident even before the latter part of the 19th century.

Although he was recognized for his brilliance in investment management, Meenaz Mehta has recently been caught in a tribulation. In April last year, the Financial Services Authority or FSA fined Meenaz Mehta £ 35,000. The financial penalty has been imposed on him due to his inability to ensure that there is adequate work among his staff and these persons should have been duly registered with the FSA. As a senior director of this prominent London securities brokerage firm, Hythe Securities Limited, he was held liable for failing to ensure that staff are competent enough to advise clients on a reasonable, truthful and understandable basis of costs or any brand. -upresas to be paid. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that staff adhere to the same company policy and procedure. Staff even receive high compensation and commission for reaching a high sales quota. Mehta also failed to acknowledge the potential risks its Private Clients faced when these clients were not properly classified. It is also your responsibility to ensure that there is documentation or evidence of the advice given by the employees to their clients and finally, you should have guaranteed that the money laundering controls were carried out. These failures made Mehta unable to act in accordance with the FSA rules and therefore he was liable for the fine together with the company in the amount of £ 235,000.

With such an immense responsibility to affect a client’s life, the risks of a prudent personality are just as great. But for a man like Meenaz Mehta, this may have been long overdue. To date, it still offers investment management advisory services and even has sites that can be visited by commoners. A disclaimer is attached to the site stating that the content is for informational and educational purposes only.

Patriotic Gallant Chaplain Corps and Rescue Mission Marches for Humanity

Chaplin (Dr.) Martins Mike, Commanding General, Gallant Patriotic Chaplain Corps and Rescue Mission, Lagos, is moving forward with his dream of serving God and humanity.

The truth is that service is the wage that we all must pay for our existence here on earth.

You have every right, dear reader, to agree or disagree with me, here.

It is about visiting the prisoners in prisons with much love, visiting the sick in hospitals, going to the police cells to see, preach and share your love with the suspects.

Visit orphanages, pre-trial detention centers, rehabilitation centers and meet people with mental, spiritual and emotional problems.

It is also about going to camps where people displaced from their natural and ancestral homes are held, again with lots of love and gifts.

These people may have been victims of terrorist groups, communal clashes, kidnappings, floods, etc.

Using your talent, skill, knowledge, and experience to serve others is also commendable and acceptable to God and man, in both developed and developing countries.

Chaplain Dr. Mike, a retired senior military officer, born again Christian with two PhDs, dreams of building a hospital and an orphanage for the weak, the poor and the abandoned.

But, he explained that all his worldly accomplishments are nothing compared to his burning desire to serve God and humanity, with Jesus as the foundation and the Holy Spirit as the guardian.

He dropped this clue at the induction / decoration ceremony for Amata Julius Isaac, as Assistant Chief to the Commanding General of the Patriotic Gallant Chaplin Corps & Rescue Mission.

Amata will assume the position of director of the international and foreign mission of the corps.

Note that in the United States of America with a population of 622 million people, 65 million of them are chaplains.

Each of these chaplains earns $ 30 per hour of service.

The newly promoted director of the foreign mission, an indigenous man from Isoko in present-day Delta State in Nigeria’s Midwest, was born in the 1970s, and has been blessed with his wife, Ms. Victoria Amata, and five children. .

He attended primary and secondary schools in Lagos, as well as a tertiary institution before being arrested, so says Jesus Christ and asked to preach His gospel throughout the world.

In his speech of appreciation, the director told the ceremony participants that, in obedience to Jesus’ call, “I have preached the gospel in Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Sierra Leon, India and Pakistan.”

These are certainly the bright sides of Isoko’s slim, handsome, ebony black preacher man.

Also he said. “I have been tended to be killed many times, I have endured much persecution, but the blood of Jesus has seen us through the valley of the dead.”

Pastor Roland Okechukwu, an obvious speaker, was the chair of the ceremony, with Apostle Chris Ikechukwu, as a guest speaker, while Chaplain Dr. Mike, supervised as chair of the body.