Social media platform review

Unless you’re an incredibly well-connected Solopreneur gaining traction and perhaps even turning down business, social media will play a role in your branding and marketing strategies. Each platform has its cohort of devoted users and will be a good fit for some companies, but perhaps less so for others.

The platforms are free, in addition to the time it takes to keep their content updated. No matter how receptive your company is to social media marketing, time will not allow most entrepreneurs and business owners to maintain a presence across all platforms, unless social media management is outsourced. If the ROI positively impacts sales revenue, then the investment will be worth it. Let’s take a look at Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


The most popular social media platform has 2.19 billion users (Statista, Q1 2018) worldwide. There are slightly more female users than male users and the majority of the demographic is 18 to 44 years old. Forbes magazine data indicates that 47% of Americans report that Facebook is their main influencer when it comes to making purchases.

Facebook often offers an excellent return on investment for B2C companies (somewhat less for B2B companies). Events and promotions in the store, talks, workshops and other events can be announced to Facebook friends. You can upload the content provided in text, photos or video. You can create groups and build communities or post a customer survey. Share behind-the-scenes information about your business and what it takes to do what you do, and in the process, you’ll attract customers, strengthen your brand, and build relationships.

Does that sound like too much work and too much sharing? Then create a fan page and limit your presence to basic information and a good call to action. Keep in mind that your presentation of text, photos and other content should be relaxed and welcoming, to create a personal feel (but remember that business is the context).


You will find 1 billion users (Statista, June 2018) from all over the world and 80% are outside the US 95 million posts are shared daily, many of which are accessed from a mobile device. About 59% of US users are between the ages of 18 and 29. As of the first quarter of 2018, there are 300 million daily Instagram Stories users and 30% of users have purchased a product.

Visual storytelling, behind-the-scenes photo montages, social selling, brand awareness, customer interaction, and relationship building are all good uses of Instagram. If you are in PR or special event / conference planning, you will find a B2B use worth your while; otherwise it is B2C as far as I can tell.

Sharing photos, short video trailers, and concise text posts that include a # hashtag to better distribute your content are ideal content. Add a link to your bio profile. Decide if you want a public or members-only account. Links cannot be shared.


Considered the gold standard B2B social media platform, LinkedIn has 500 million members worldwide (Statista, January 2018). Business companies large and small, sole proprietorships, corporate and nonprofit leaders, doctors and dentists, any employee with career aspirations, and most college students maintain a profile page. Recruiters use LinkedIn to identify potential candidates for job openings. LinkedIn ProFinder helps entrepreneurs find project work.

LinkedIn is a great platform on which to build a community of professional colleagues through your connections and share with them your professional story, successes, highlights, and other updates that support your personal brand. My B2B blog posts on my LinkedIn page and my connections are notified of their arrival. Your connections will share their stories too and there is a great opportunity to stay in touch and nurture relationships.

Professional portfolios, videos, white papers, newsletters, blogs, infographics, SlideShare presentations, and podcasts can be featured on your profile page to add depth to your brand story. You can post links to articles or studies that may interest your connections. Recommendations and endorsements allow others to verify your professional good faith, and you can return the favor.

In the Groups section, you will interact with colleagues within your industry or with alumni from your school. Topics of interest are explored through posted questions and group members can respond and in the process get to know each other and possibly forge relationships that are conducive to doing business.

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Brand Image – Brand Identity – Brand Strategy – Brand Identity Guru

Consumers perceive and accept many brands within a certain business group in different ways. Personifying a brand (How would you describe Brand X if you were a person?) We can find that, for example, consumers perceive Brand A as a young woman, impulsive, lively, attractive, energetic and full of ideas. In the same way, Brand B could be an older, conservative, laid-back man. The brand can also have a completely inexpressive and bad image. This is how the C brand may not have real personal characteristics, slim, tall, imperceptible and calm.

Basically, the image expresses a way in which a consumer thinks about the brand and the feelings that the brand awakens when the consumer thinks about it. Based on these characteristics, which the consumer associates with the brand, the company can build a competitive advantage for its brand.

What kind of image should our brand have?

Before answering this question, it’s important to consider several market factors and circumstances: company goals, consumer wants and expectations, trade groups, and various other groups. A company builds its brand image through commercial communication with its consumers. This is how a company informs the consumer of what the brand represents, what its values ​​are, what the company offers or guarantees to the consumer, what are its advantages, its qualities, etc. Consumers interpret all the information obtained and form a subjective perception of the brand or its image.

Why research brand image?

Understanding a brand image is vitally important to the long-term management of a brand. It is also important how consumers formed the brand and what kind of relationship was formed with the brand: what the brand means to them and how they have accepted it. Understanding the relationship between consumers and brands can help a business monitor its successful brand positioning and advertising efficiency.

How do we investigate the image?

The brand image is formed in the long term and represents a non-conscious and “untouchable” area, which needs to be investigated using projective research methods that help the consumer to overcome certain obstacles and limitations as well as help them to be inspired by the world of brands. . Therefore, the consumer not only focuses on the brand, but mainly on their experience with it and its regular users. It focuses on the opportunities, which ones are best suited for the specific brand and what kind of image the brand presents, etc.

We are able to research and describe the brand from various perspectives. We get many different associations, ideas, benefits and people that the consumer somehow connects with the brands, which need to be interpreted properly and correctly. It is important to define the key characteristics and values ​​that the consumer connects with a specific brand. Relevant findings show the results of a brand’s long-term management and represent key dimensions on which a brand’s competitive advantage is based.

SEO in 2020. Important digital marketing strategies

Digital video marketing

Digital video marketing for SEO is very important in 2020 in the realm of search engine optimization (SEO). First of all, don’t forget to create videos and send them to YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Blip, Wistia, Meta cafe, Veoh and Mega video. Make sure to make each video at least slightly different. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and really don’t want you to post duplicate content. It is very frowned upon or even penalized. Check the Google console to see the penalties imposed by Google. You will also see keywords that do not show their origin in Google Analytics in the Google console. Make the video descriptions relevant with the keywords you have researched in the Google ad planner for traffic volume and keyword competition.

The Web 3.0

Internet or web 3.0 is still huge, although the term was coined a while ago. This is that the Internet will be semantically or big data driven from now on. Google even uses latent semantic indexing to cross-reference web pages and classify them semantically. This is why it is crucial to canonize the pages of your website, especially the home page. Make sure your main URL is the same URL throughout the information architecture of the website.

Web 3.0 was named by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006. It refers to the third generation of Internet-based services that together add the intelligent or intelligent Internet. They are web-based services that make up the smart web. Those using big data are one example, using smart analytics reports, Google trends, advanced ad math, Google ad planner, Ubersuggest, and more.

Google introduced Rank Brain, which we are still beginning to understand in 2020. It came out five years ago. Rank Brain is Google’s artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to rank web pages with mathematical models of latent semantic indexing, then latent diriclay, and after that dirrivitive assignment.

This can be derived from a list of things that we cannot assume. It could be a joint occurrence in web documents. This refers to the distance between the keywords on the page itself. Google ranks the importance of keywords in a search phrase. So if you search for “Super Mario Brothers” it will rank the keywords that should appear and give them a score based on abstractions and meanings that Google generates instead of the exact phrase that could return incorrect results without Rank Brain semantic modeling. connectivity). Quotes and links on the web. This would be if there are many pages about Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess, Toad, that link to the web page. Examine the linkage in the text, Bias to corpuses. This means that Google only cares about trusted sites linking instead of the entire internet. The search engine’s click data body can be used.

So this means that if you can brainstorm keywords that are semantically on topic and use them on the web page, then semantically you have a better chance of showing up first rather than just adding the exact keywords in the article. and make the item uniform. it sounds bad or robotic / not human-readable or even keyword stuffing (a great white hat SEO no no).

Where the website points is important. If the site links to a Nintendo website often, this is taken into account in semantic connectivity. Also, be sure to look at competing pages or other sites that rank for this phrase and get keyword ideas for semantic connectivity or even keyword suggestion tools.

Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding (BERT) is Google’s latest addition to AI.

Key one in ten searches. It gives Google a better understanding of how language is used to help learn the context of individual words within searches. It is important to follow these algorithm changes in case they can be optimized in the future, which they probably will.

Google’s John Mueller finally gave SEO clues to optimize websites and web pages for BERT. BERT focuses on the relevance of the text on the website pages. SEO needs to make sure that the pages are not random at all. Being relevant also means original content. BERT is trying to catch keyword turning tools. Don’t just post the same old thing, that an automatic spinner can spin and pass SEO copy escape tools. Your content will not be as relevant as more thoughtful content, more detailed content, and more relevant content that has more depth, content research, hands-on journalism, and SEO content matching.

Search engine optimization in 2016

The term SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is self explanatory and has already gained more than enough importance in previous years. Now, time has changed and traditional SEO strategies and techniques do not work in current and future years.

According to different experiments and surveys, it is clear that traditional SEO approaches do not have the same impact on website visibility and some of them are already ignored by most of the recommended search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

On the other hand, Google, the most important entity in SEO that always receives a lot of attention from SEO specialists, continually changes its search algorithms and refines its results for a better user experience. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird are just the beginning, Google is yet to come with more algorithms.

Regardless of what we consider, a warning or an alert, we must change our work phenomenon and move to the next level of branding and promotions: User experience.

Similar to web design, SEO also considers user experience as an important factor in getting more visits and a better conversion rate. As of now, SEO is not only used for branding, but it became a better user experience and a better lead generation technique.

Search engine optimization in 2016

As we all know, traditional SEO is a story now, and several SEO specialists They have already improved their strategies according to Google algorithms and updates. But is this act acceptable?

Rapidly changing strategies and techniques, neither a perfect nor an acceptable solution. We need solutions that are rigid enough and worthwhile.

What we have to do in 2016 –

Consider SEO as search experience optimization

In 2016 coming year, we should consider SEO as Search Experience Optimization (SXO) and work accordingly. Whereas previously we prepared our strategies and techniques according to different search engines, now from now on, we must prepare them according to the target audience, which is going to search.

Search engine optimization tends towards optimization of the search experience, which depends solely on the user’s perception of how users will react to a search result or how they will search for a particular query.

Considering Search Experience Optimization (SXO), for branding and promotions, it will tend to higher conversion, better engagement, and more visits, but that’s not so certain. Because what we think is not necessary to always work. So, do more relevant and long-tail keyword research and focus on the user experience rather than the search engine experience.

More content means more visibility

Google’s hummingbird update alerts us that there will be more content in the coming years. The claim “Content is King” comes true and content marketing will lead SEO campaigns. More content means more visibility and more visibility means better coverage.

Content marketing is not a new technique in SEO. SEO specialists We used this from the beginning, but the location and proportions were always varied based on needs and Google updates.

On the other hand, content marketing is a great technique to get more attention, but you need more focus and more commitment when writing genuine and eye-catching content. Content writing involves: eye-catching headlines, proper keyword placement (especially within the first 20 words), keyword density, use of common language, and more.

Content Marketing Contains: PPT and PDF Layouts, Articles, Blogs, Guest Blogs, Classified Ads, etc.

Capture the local market for better business

To increase the reach of a company, rigidity of the foundation is required. And for rigidity, it is essential to capture a sufficient proportion of the local market. Once a business is established in the local market, it is easy for SEO specialists to expand the reach of that business in the international market.

Traditional promotion techniques will work here too, but with a new outfit like: where previously, we usually placed a classified on different portals with the least amount of content and without proper text arrangement, now we need to focus on the correct location, enough. amount of content along with relevant graphics and proper contact details.

SEO works as lead generation

Search engine optimization outperforms pay-per-click in several ways, such as higher visibility, better coverage, and a lower bounce rate. Generally, SEO beginners think of PPC as the backbone of direct leads or lead generation, but that’s not entirely correct.

Lead generation simply depends on better user interaction and experience.

A better user interface tends to get better results

Responsive UI / UX always helps a website get better click-through rate, while different solutions for different platforms always set performance.

Based on the different statistics, it is clear that the user wants a single multi-platform solution, rather than multiple multi-platform solutions. Nowadays, the user accesses everything through their smartphones and if a website is accessed through different devices, they will have a better chance of capturing the attention of a user. Although the content always leads, but we cannot neglect the effectiveness of responsive web design And after the announcement of “Mobilegeddon”, it is an essential aspect to get a better ranking in mobile searches.

3 bold and creative resume strategies to implement in the new year

If you’ve been looking for a job for some time, you know this is a competitive advantage and making your resume stand out. So to help you get started on your job search in the New Years, I’m going to share three strategies we employ as skilled resume writers that grab the employer’s attention (they can’t look away; I’m telling you, they ‘are powerful) and how you can use these unique methods to start getting your resume noticed TODAY.


Who said the recommendations and quotes are for reference checking and reference appendices only? The most eye-catching item you can add to your resume is a short, forceful quote from a previous supervisor / client / employer promoting your expertise. Using a quote says, “I’m not just patting myself on the back; this is what others have to say about what I’ve accomplished, and it’s worth a look!” Place the quote prominently on your resume where other compelling information is contained because I guarantee it will ensure reading.


In college I majored in Communications / Public Relations. As part of my study program, I took journalism courses and learned about the inverted pyramid format of writing. When you write for print, you put the most newsworthy information at the beginning of the story and work your way down. When writing a resume, this is a perfect strategy to grab the hiring manager’s attention, communicate the most relevant and persuasive information, and secure the interview. Put your most “newsworthy” accomplishments and contributions at the top of the resume and then progress through the rest of your work history and experience.


Most resumes come to us with the person’s name in the title of the doc file or simply with the word ‘resume’. An effective strategy to get the hiring manager to open the document and READ IT is to title it with your name and the position you are applying for (this implies an exact match of skills and qualifications). Or use your name and a short brand statement relevant to the job title (this also ensures interest and readability).

Now is the time to start incorporating creative ideas into your resume that grab the attention of the hiring manager. Stop wasting precious time on your job search and start making an impact today. While I can’t reveal all of our expert strategies and trade secrets getting interviews with our clients from day one, I hope these three will prove fruitful for you and your job search in 2011. I wish you a happy and blessed New Year!

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5 ways to promote a fitness lifestyle in your workplace

Poor employee health costs American organizations billions of dollars a year. Decreased work productivity due to health-related absenteeism can have a devastating effect on organizational performance. Preventable diseases account for the majority of health care costs today. Fortunately, there is good news too. There are five steps organizations can take to improve the health and fitness of employees, lower the risk of illness and injury, save millions of dollars, and improve overall performance.

1. Offer flexible work arrangements. Flexible work arrangements are work schedules that allow employees to work outside of the standard 8:00 am to 5:00 pm range, while maintaining a high level of service to internal and external customers. This gives employees the opportunity to create work schedules that are more conducive to their work-life balance and overall performance. Common flexible work arrangements include Peak hours flexible schedule (flexibility in start and end times), Compressed work week (working full time for 4 or fewer days a week), Telecommuting (working from a remote location), Job sharing (two people share the duties and responsibilities of a full-time job), and Informal flexibility (requests for changes to a regular schedule for personal reasons).

2. Provide medical examination services. Screening services are a great way to help employees understand their current health status. The most common services include health risk assessment, blood lipid surveys (eg, cholesterol, glucose), blood pressure monitoring, body composition measurement (eg, body mass index, body fat percentage), assessment of muscle strength and flexibility, cardiovascular fitness tests, and bone density screening.

3. Provide educational programs and services.. Educational programs can include classroom seminars, online learning programs, and printed materials. Common topics include nutrition, weight management, stress management, work-life balance, disease prevention, management of health problems (eg, hypertension, diabetes), starting an exercise program, cardiovascular fitness, strength training, children and exercise, sleep improvement, women’s health, men’s health and safety (eg, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, back safety).

Four. Offer behavior change programs.. These programs can be of great benefit to employees struggling with a specific health or fitness problem. Some examples include smoking cessation counseling, weight loss programs, and stress reduction programs.

5. Provide a gym for employees.. While the first four steps are relatively inexpensive, building a gym for staff members requires a significant financial investment. However, a corporate gym can be more profitable than other activities because research has shown that employees who use your company gym are more productive, get along better with their co-workers, and manage work demands more effectively. . Additionally, corporate exercise programs can pay off in reduced health care costs, absence and stress, and increased morale and productivity. If the cost of providing a gym is too high, an alternative is to offer discounts or rebates to employees who join a local gym.

Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Error n. # 1: don’t optimize PageSpeed ​​for every page

It can be seen that Page Speed ​​is generally optimized for a home page only. Category and product pages, which are conversion pages, should not be ignored, so people should remember to optimize them for a good PageSpeed. Google considers Page Speed ​​signals in some way at the level of a web page and not a home page.

Most of the time, the category and product pages are the same, so people can choose one from each category to test the PageSpeed, copy the findings, and then correct them on each page.

As a pro tip, whenever people make new layout / development changes on a page level, they should run their PageSpeed ​​score before going live. Ideally, this is part of the question and answer process.

Error n. # 2: do not redirect the non-preferred version of the website to the preferred version

They should 301 redirect your non-preferred version to the preferred one.

They must ensure that their customers access only one website (preferred version) and do not see two different links to the same website.

Mistake 3: not using Content Delivery Network (CDN) for websites or blogs

CDN is a system that uses methods that allow a website to display visual content, such as images and videos, faster even when the site is full of traffic.

E-commerce sites that serve customers around the world attract traffic from different locations. As a result, the website becomes heavier and the loading time increases. Serving your content visual with the use of CDN helps minimize server load time and directly helps increase PageSpeed ​​score, resulting in a better user experience.

However, Shopify and several newer website hosting platforms offer this as a default feature, while WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, and other older platforms do not.

Error n. # 4: use your product descriptions on other sites

Most of the time, small and medium-sized businesses copy product descriptions from their site and use the same descriptions from third-party sellers like Amazon, eBay, and Myntra, to name a few.

User-generated content, such as user product reviews, does make a distinction to some extent, but it’s better if 50% of product descriptions remain unique on your site. Also, they should remember to upload and keep original SEO optimized product descriptions on their site before sharing other versions on other seller sites.

In this way, there is a greater chance that your site will rank higher because search engines would discover that original content optimized for SEO is hosted on your website. Such a precaution can lead to an increase in organic traffic.

Error n. # 5: not include an FAQ page

Whenever consumers plan to make a purchase, they generally look to the FAQ. These are very essential for e-commerce categories like electronic products. When the FAQ part is missing from product pages or on the website, this can lead to lower organic traffic and lose potential conversions.

They can infuse the FAQ section with high-converting long-tail keywords (starting with what, why, where, when, and how). Therefore, not including an FAQ page proves to be one of the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid. What they need to do is think of the right questions and provide helpful answers.

How Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Business

It is no secret that the Internet has become the number one source of information. The Web is the largest marketplace for information seekers and information providers. No matter what your business is, everyone should have a website. If you don’t, you can be sure that you are one step behind your competition.

What should be included on your site? At a minimum, you must indicate who you are (About Us page) and what you do (Home page and Products / Services). All this is fine. But how do potential customers find you?

Two simple words can answer this question: “Content Marketing”. The second word is easy to describe. Marketing is simply promoting / advertising your product or service. However, traditional methods (brochures, TV ads, flyers) are being replaced by more profitable methods. That brings us to the first word: content. Many of us have heard the term before. But what exactly does it mean?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is defined as “a marketing technique to create and distribute relevant, consistent and valuable information to a defined audience.” The keyword here is valuable, which means that it is something the end user wants and would pay for. Compare that to advertising or junk mail (spam) that someone immediately shuts down or throws away because they find no value in it. Content marketing does not explicitly promote a brand like a Nike or Coke commercial does. The information is directed to a specific group that wants or looks for it. Therefore, you are building a long-term personal relationship with your (potential) customers rather than treating them like a sale. Nobody likes to feel sold. They want to feel part of a story and people love stories.

The next question is why would a company create content in the first place? The main answer is to build your BRAND. Your brand is your # 1 asset. 1. It may take years to build, but only minutes to destroy. Your brand shows that you are an expert in your field. It also sensitizes consumers to issues they may not have considered before. Traditional marketing is only effective after the consumer has made the decision to buy. Content marketing moves them through the buying process.

Content creation is much more profitable than traditional marketing, resulting in higher ROI. What are some of the key characteristics of good content?

It’s FREE: users don’t have to pay for it

Attract and retain audiences that will eventually become customers. Your typical: 30 radio or TV commercials are almost immediately forgotten

It contains backlinks to your website, which creates a compound effect as your content is shared with your users ‘users and your users’ users.

It must be mobile-friendly as many internet users surf on smartphones and tablets.

It should be keyword oriented for SEO algorithms used by Google and other search engines (a keyword is something you type in your browser when you want to search for something specific. I am a writer so I hope to show up when someone types in “freelance writer , copywriter or just writer “

Finally, it should contain a call to action (ask the user to do something)

What are some examples of content marketing?


Success stories


Youtube videos

White papers


Social media posts



I hope this information has been helpful to you as I hope that content marketing will replace traditional marketing in the not too distant future. I’m sure by now all of you will become marketers and see your visitors multiply exponentially, resulting in more conversions.

13 Social Media Trends and Opportunities for 2021

Everything you need to know about social media marketing trends today!

The world of social media has exploded with activity, and the social media trends of 2021 have changed since the attack of the COVID pandemic. Sure, it’s exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You need to know how these changes affect your business and how to capitalize on them to improve your marketing strategy.

So we’re making a foray into the digital world to help you understand social media trends and opportunities for 2021. Let’s do it!

1. Make a connection with the live stream

Human beings need to be connected for personal and business reasons. When they can’t do that face to face, technology is more than happy to step in and close the gap. Fortunately, new trends in social media have come to the rescue during this pandemic. Live streaming, a popular medium that only got stronger in 2020, will continue to play an important role in 2021.

People have become accustomed to learning and exploring on live broadcasts as they come closer to meet their need for social contact and participation. So, one of our top tips based on social media trends for businesses in 2021 …

Go live on social media at least once a week! And be sure to include a call to action that sells your audience something valuable at the end.

2. Give something for free

One of the most valuable results of maintaining a social media presence, in addition to fostering relationships, is list building. When you post on social media, you can use your call to action to build your list. Free offers help make this process easier. Selling something valuable does not always mean an exchange of money. Your list is gold, your treasure chest of potential new customers and sales.

People will exchange their contact information to get something they value. For example, some people don’t have time to read every word of their blog posts. A good blog post summary, or access to a hidden page on your site that provides summaries of your most important blog posts, could attract some of your potential customers.

Other free offers could include the following:

  • Access to slides of a conference

  • Detailed guides and tutorials

  • Backstage flashes

  • Free reports

  • And more

3. Show your brand personality with videos

Good news! There is still plenty of room to build your online presence, attract an audience, and build loyalty with videos. And before you say, “Really? Isn’t the YouTube market saturated?”, Think again.

Yes it’s true. YouTube has grown exponentially and remains the leading video channel. But the doors are open for branding through personality-driven content. Your unique personality, how you communicate with your audience, sets you apart and helps you stand out. So be authentic, be yourself, and have fun! Use videos to find and grow your tribe!

And don’t stop with YouTube. Make a place for yourself in other video channels. Here’s a list to get you started!

  • IGTV

  • Instagram reels

  • Twitter fleets: NEW in 2021!

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

  • Tik Tok

  • Snapchat

4. Stand out on LinkedIn and Instagram with carousels

Let’s keep moving towards the 2021 social media marketing trends with engaging, movement-focused content ideas! Why settle for static LinkedIn posts when you can liven things up with carousels? That’s right! You can create and publish entertaining slideshows! These allow you to stand out in the sea of ​​text-based LinkedIn posts and raise awareness of your company page.

Not to be confused with LinkedIn carousel ads, post carousel posts for free. These posts attract attention and generate interest in dynamic and eye-catching visual displays that take up more space in a feed. So be sure to include a clear call to action at the end!

Also, Instagram users get a great benefit from using carousels in their feed. If a user doesn’t like the main image and scrolls past it, the second image is displayed in their feed. That gives you a second chance to win engagement.

Content Ideas to Share on LinkedIn Carousel Posts

  • Statistics, infographics and numbers

  • Frames and step-by-step instructions

  • Lessons and practical advice for companies

  • Conference slides and event content

  • Snippets from your blog post / list

5. Emails and electronic news are still tested and are real methods

Let your audience know when you post something new: “This blog is going viral right now!” Yes, emails and e-news are still some of the best ways to get attention for your articles and blog posts. So, keep growing that list! Then use social media to highlight the content your audience craves.

For permission-based subscriber list subscriptions, use creative calls-to-action (CTAs) that encourage your prospect to exchange their contact information for the tips, instructions, and entertainment you value.

With so many new trends on social media, it can be difficult to figure out how to maximize your impact. Knowing that these business social media trends exist and knowing how to use them to increase your strategy are two different concepts!

Let’s go over some of the ways you can use social media marketing for your business!

6. Use of links vs. Audiovisual content

Whenever possible, use videos, images, and audio to gain attention within social media platforms rather than redirect them to your posted content. Social channels want to keep people where they can influence them with advertiser campaigns.

Of course, you want them to access your content, sign up for your free gifts, and more. Here’s a simple social media trending strategy for 2021 – try using the first comment below your post to post your link!

7. Interact with your tribe through comments on social media

Respond to comments on your social media content in a timely manner. If people take the time to engage with you on social media, doesn’t it make sense to keep them engaged? That is the point, after all!

Don’t let comments on your posts go unattended. When you leave your prospects languishing, you risk losing their attention altogether. Engaging with them fosters future engagements that lead to relationships, trust, and sales.

8. Everything is a matter of time

Your social media post traffic depends on the first 10 minutes of the time you post the content. Tag people and spread the word to increase traffic flow, especially if it is a live broadcast event. If you do a live broadcast every week, do it on the same day at the same time every week. That way, your audience can program you into their activities.

Hosting a unique live stream? Get the word out several times in advance through various channels. Publish your event details in advance via emails, newsletters, and posts. If you have connections with people who support your efforts, maximize those relationships and ask them to spread the word.

9. The Power of Social Media Bookmarks and Comments

One of your responsibilities to your audience is to select useful content. Whatever your industry, your audience looks to you for guidance, expertise, and resources. You can’t create everything, so you need to find reliable sources to share content. Social bookmarking sites provide the means to do just that.

And as social media platforms play with the idea of ​​removing likes (eg, Facebook, Instagram), people need to find other ways to indicate their approval of posts they enjoyed or found useful.

Instagram is arguably one of the most popular visual-centric social media trends for businesses and has become increasingly influential in marketing. To build brand awareness, encourage people to save your Instagram posts (instead of just “liking” them). Use a call to action in your image and text. A simple “Check this!” it could be the ticket.

How else can your business benefit from these savings?

7 benefits of social media bookmarking

  • Save and organize the resources you want to focus on later.

  • Share resources with your team or audience.

  • Tag (tag) content for ease of reference and search.

  • Create backlinks from social media bookmarks to your website.

  • Drive traffic to your website. (People search for and click on content that others have saved to their bookmarking sites.)

  • Promote the mentions you receive from others (mark articles that mention you and your content).

  • Take advantage of SEO. (Search engines often show bookmarks in their search results.)

10. Ask questions to encourage engagement in social media posts

Do you want to encourage discussion and participation on social media? To open the door to communication, remember the power of the question. Make it interesting. It would help if you asked a provocative question that leads people to want to share their thoughts. A vague “yes / no” question such as “Okay?” does not provoke discussion.

Sample Questions That Encourage Discussion

  • I’m curious. Do you have a story to share about your experiences with _____? (Fill in the blank.)

  • How have you benefited from ________? (Fill in the blank.)

  • When was the last time that _________? (Fill in the blank.)

  • What is your favorite memory of ________? (Fill in the blank.)

  • Do you think there is a possibility that _______? What leads you to that conclusion? (Fill in the blank.)

11. Ego bait

I know … it’s a pretty loaded term. But think about it. Influencers and industry leaders enjoy the spotlight. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be influencers. Tag one or more influencers in your post and ask them to share.

12. Social media trading

Social media has become increasingly influential in consumer purchasing choices. And some platforms have capitalized on this new trend on social media by introducing shopping carts. Your customers can research and buy your products and services without having to leave the social media platform.

Again, social media platforms want users to stay on them for as long as possible. Feel free to take advantage of the tools they offer. It is beneficial for you and for the platform.

13. Humanized brands: the power of authenticity

And finally, you may have noticed this growing trend. People value transparency and authenticity in their relationships, and that ideal is spilling over into how they feel about the brands they support.

The 2021 Social Media Marketing Trends, Predictions From The Pros, Indicates Your Audience Wants To Know Who You Are And What You Stand For. And companies that align themselves with social conscience issues are viewed more favorably by their customers.

Lean on yourself and let your light shine. Tell your stories. You are who you are, and there is a tribe waiting to meet and support you and your business!

An open letter to parents and the general public

An open letter to parents of young babies and children struggling with developmental disorders and to people in general.

Parents are applauded for their courage, tenacity and undying love for their children who are struggling with developmental disorders or are simply children.

For people in general, get over yourself and show some empathy with those who struggle.

Breastfeeding And Mommy Bell

I went to the lab early this morning for a blood test. I didn’t have an appointment. I knew then that my wait would not be short. Just as I correctly assumed, there were a lot of people sitting in the waiting room. Some dating and some not. I came prepared with my headphones and a good audiobook on my kindle. When I got ready to wait, I immediately noticed a young mother with a small child. He still couldn’t have been one year old. I noticed them because the boy was active and he was learning to walk and he was into everything as in my opinion he should be. He exhibited a curious demeanor. I saw the mother look furtively around her as the boy began to pull magazines from the table to the floor and she came over and guided him firmly but gently back to his seat. She said firmly, “No!” It should not be messy.

With nothing more to do with her curious and active little mind, of course the child starts crying and then starts pulling on the mother’s blouse. Having been there myself and having friends with children, I knew immediately what was happening. The child was breastfed and now wanted to be fed by mom. Mom had come prepared with a blanket. But I imagined with so many strange eyes looking at her and her son that she would rather not have to feed her baby right now. She started trying to distract him by playing hide and seek with the blanket. This distracted him for a good two minutes and then he began to tug at her shirt more aggressively and moan even louder. Of course, in the small room all eyes were on the mother. She was doing her best to calm him by rubbing her head. Before giving in, she even tried to distract him with a game on the phone. This only lasted for about a minute before he got really frustrated and started moaning even louder trying to get out of his lap and get to what he wanted. Mommy’s milk! I saw Mom looking around again trying to comfort her son. I smiled hoping to encourage her to tell him that it was okay because he was a boy. Some of the other glances around the room weren’t so friendly. They seemed annoyed at the boy’s whining. They look upset when the child throws all the magazines on the floor. They seem annoyed when the child plays with the door lock. They seemed annoyed when the child did what children do. They just looked annoying.

The mother finally relented and covered herself with the blanket and let the baby feed. After the happy little camper was fed, he was perfectly content to watch the movie on his mother’s cell phone. Soon after, the mother was called in for prosecution.

Love tokens also known as developmental disorders

Midway through this observation, another boy of about 10 years old entered the laboratory with a parent / grandparent and two caregivers. I have to describe the child so that you can get the whole picture. Was 10. How do I know this? The caregiver asked the father or grandfather for his date of birth while they were registering him.

He had a helmet on his head and a kind of harness around his body with a short strap so that his caretakers could keep track of him. It was immediately clear that the child had one or more developmental disorders. It was constantly moving involuntarily and making clucking, ticking noises with this tongue that were for lack of a better word disturbing if you hadn’t seen it before. In my non-expert opinion, he exhibited sighs of Tourette syndrome and ADHD and perhaps autism on some level. I have researched all of these disorders, so it certainly seems plausible. Oh, I forgot he had a cast on his arms too. So it was clear that he was a danger to himself; that is, the helmet. Again, in my non-expert opinion, the helmet was used to prevent him from injuring himself through sudden involuntary movements and the harness was to help his caretakers keep track of him.

The elderly gentlemen who were with him were remarkably calm. He wanted to tell him how much he admired him, but he didn’t want to be offensive anyway. You never know how people feel about these things. Some want to talk about their struggles and some don’t. I say father or grandfather because he was an older gentleman and seemed to be 60 years old and the mentioned boy was 10 years old. He had two caretakers with him. I knew they were caregivers because they wore their caregiver outfit and helped watch and care for the child.

At first, the child, while making clucking sounds and excitable noises with his mouth and moving back and forth, was sitting on the parents / grandparents’ laps. Like any parent with their child, the parent / grandparent was very loving and caring towards this child. He would kiss him on the cheek in the spaces left by the helmet and when the boy became more excited (this happened every time someone moved to return or enter the door. These clucking noises), the father / grandfather kissed him gently in her cheek and tried to shut him up and calm him down. Finally, one of the caretakers asked the older gentlemen if they wanted me to take him outside. To be fair, it was making a lot of noise and I can see how strange and upset people would look if they weren’t used to it. But my heart went out to the father / grandfather and this child. He couldn’t help what was happening to his body.

For the record, I don’t think any of the strangers sitting in that room mean any real harm. Nobody said anything, but if looks could kill. His face said it all. Some murmured and looked away. Some just stared at the little family. The older gentlemen were sitting across from the men, so I never caught their attention, but I did notice that it felt a certain way. He didn’t comment out loud to anyone in particular that the little boy had a lot of energy and was like that all day every day. He laughed a little. It reminded me of the old saying that sometimes you laugh to stop crying. I figured older gentlemen were used to stares, so he never looked up. He constantly played with the boy and when they took him outside, he took his phone to answer him. In making that statement, he told me that he knew that many people were uncomfortable and that this was not his first rodeo.

The boy and his caregivers came out and the older men stayed inside waiting to be called. I watched the boy and his caregivers from the window while listening to my audiobook. The little boy couldn’t stop his constant clucking and involuntary movements. I realized that it was a handful. He sat between the two keepers. At one point, the keepers weren’t catching him, as he had been trying to get away from them since they sat down. Without them grabbing him, he shot out and ran, the two cornered him, he slipped next to the woman, but the caretaker was able to grab him before he ran into the street. All of this happened in seconds. I could see why he was wearing a harness. I could see the danger that he could unknowingly bring to himself. Once he was seated again, I saw the male caregiver wrap the boy’s legs around his to support him and the other caregiver grab onto his harness.

If someone who had just approached could have seen this interaction between them, they would have been alarmed and wondered why they were restraining the child. Of course, the child was not distressed. They were playing with him trying to keep him distracted. But he was physically restricted.

The older man on his phone looked up from time to time to see what was going on. Fortunately, he had not seen the boy escape from the hands of his caretaker, however, he saw him physically restrained, but did not say anything. I thought to myself that I am sure this is normal.

Finally, they called me to have my blood drawn. While I was being processed, I overheard staff members talking about the boy. I heard one say that, I can tell it must be xxxxx in the waiting room. They could tell by his distinctive tics and sounds that he was making. The other commented that she was there last week, wondering why she had come back so soon. I hoped it was okay. I asked the nurse who treated me if it was difficult for them to draw blood from the child when he entered. She said it is definitely an office effort. The father and caregivers had to hold him all the time. She didn’t know what disorder she had, she thought it might be some kind of autism, because she didn’t speak, she just made the excitable clucking sounds.

When I came out the boy was back in the waiting room and he was making his noises and the involuntary movements of his mess while sitting on the older gentlemen’s laps and the older gentlemen were still fondling him, kissing him on the cheek and kissing him. they tried. to keep you calm in this strange environment with strange people watching you, some with curiosity and some with obvious annoyance.

I am writing this open letter to remind you of the struggles parents go through when they find themselves in uncontrollable situations. You don’t want your children to struggle with developmental or other disorders. But you take the cards that are dealt to you and you love and appreciate every minute you have with the gifts that you have been given. I am thankful that there are loving parents who overcome the struggles they have every day. I know someone else who is also grateful. Their children!

I encourage you the next time you see a struggling parent, whether your child has a developmental disorder or is just a child, offer an encouraging smile or convey that you understand in some way. That smile helps to a great extent to eliminate the feeling of restlessness and anxiety that you are already dealing with when going to a public place. Don’t make it difficult for them. Let’s make it easier. I wanted so badly to give a passionate speech to the people in that waiting room. I wanted to stand up and give a speech on empathy and compassion. In all transparency, they were all older people and seemingly a long way from their parenting or grandparent days. My passionate plea would have been to ask every person in that room to stand as a young mother or an older gentleman. How would you have liked to be treated? When you looked up from caring for a child with uncontrollable movements and loud noises, what faces and expressions would you like to greet them?

What if you were that young mother trying to calm an active baby? Would you like to have to worry about the people around you and how they feel while feeding your baby? Many times we cannot feel compassion for others until we find ourselves in similar situations. I hope you never have to deal with a similar situation, but if you do, I hope you find the courage it takes and gracefully accept the challenge like the parents I saw today did.

Finally, why did I call developmental disorders symbols of love? I think children with developmental disorders teach us something about love. That boy, though he may never be able to say that he felt an undying love for his caretakers and older gentlemen. He was completely under their care and he believed that they would do what was best for him. Even as they held him, I didn’t see any unhappiness on his face. He was at peace in his own little world. His caregiver, in turn, showed such beautiful love and care for him. The older gentlemen gently stroking him and kissing his cheek. I’m willing to bet that he teaches everyone who comes in contact with him something about love. It certainly touched my heart. Enough to write this open letter of almost four pages. That is something special right there.

As I leave you, keep in mind that a smile of encouragement may not be too much to ask someone to feel better about their situation. What can you do today to lighten someone’s load a bit? Think about it?