Reducing your startup’s operating costs is essential for longevity

Cash flow management is already a challenge for startups, but COVID-19 isn’t making things any better. With unemployment rising and people spending less money on certain goods or services, startups are likely to suffer during this time. However, reducing operating expenses can help a startup stay afloat until operations return to normal.

Reducing overall operating costs can certainly affect your bottom line, especially when the impact of COVID-19 is being felt. Also, reevaluating the budget and allocating funds to different operations can keep essential parts of your business running. Read on to learn more about how to reduce your startup’s operating expenses while staying productive during COVID-19.

Review your budget with a new lens

When you created your budget for the year, the coronavirus was not likely to be on your mind. And, with updates and changes so fast in recent months, 2020 can feel like one big game to catch up on. Now that shelter-in-place ordinances are being lifted and people are venturing out into the world again, it’s a good time to reevaluate your operating budget.

Revenue projections likely need an update, and their outlook for 2021 is different now than it was a few months ago. From lower sales numbers to higher abandon rates, you need to assess your budget priorities. However, it’s important to simply avoid cutting your budget. Evaluating the numbers wisely can indicate that some areas of your business are really improving during this time.

renegotiate contracts

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the country. If your business has changed, chances are other people connected to you have done the same. You may be able to renegotiate terms or contracts during this time to give yourself a break. From cutting office costs to eliminating subscriptions, there are some steps you can take to avoid waste.

office space

If your business has switched to remote work, chances are you’re paying for empty office space. Your landlord may be willing to negotiate your terms due to the unprecedented circumstances. In some cases, shelter-in-place orders may prohibit you from working in the office altogether. Check your contract to see if there are provisions for a situation where the office space cannot be used.


Your startup likely has multiple active subscriptions. Whether you rely on monthly professional services like IT support or SaaS licenses to run your business, there may be room for cutbacks. Try to negotiate with your partners or providers to reduce subscription costs. You may have licenses that you no longer use or termination fees that can be renegotiated.

Deferred Payments

In cases where you can’t cut operating costs in numbers, ask for deferred payments. Lengthening your payment cycle can temporarily improve your cash flow and help you get through a bad patch.

Eliminate non-essential tools

When you reevaluate your budget, you may find that you’re biased in one area. Go line by line to review the various tools and services used by your business, determine which ones are essential and which items can be cut. Reviewing financial statements is a great way to visualize where your budget is going, rather than assuming. You may have duplicate tools, tools that are no longer used, or items that can be replaced with a less expensive alternative.

Cut unnecessary licenses

Reviewing all the tools and services used by your team could also highlight which services are over-licensed. Are all licenses being used or can some be removed? Plus, you may be paying for additional features that you could do without, at least for the time being. Lowering your subscription level or reducing the number of licenses could help reduce operating costs.

cut paper

While it may seem small, going paperless can help your bottom line. Businesses spend quite a bit on paper, printers, and ink each year. If your team works remotely, there’s even less reason to use paper. When you return to the office, you can continue the habits formed during quarantine to reduce your business’s overall use of paper.

stay flexible

Things are likely to continue to change as we learn more about COVID-19 and its overall impact. There may be unlikely opportunities to reduce your operating expenses over time. The unpredictability of COVID-19 combined with the changing nature of startups makes it important to stay vigilant. You may find yourself considering new or innovative ideas that you may not have thought of before.

Evaluate more often

Periodically evaluating your budget and outlook can help you stay more agile and flexible. As your startup changes and evolves, your operating costs need to follow. Set up more frequent evaluations to stay on top of your operating costs and adjust as needed.

Break big investments or projects

For many startups, cash flow is limited. COVID-19 is putting major purchases and projects on hold until businesses can stabilize. Instead of looking at these breaks as losses, pay attention to the money you’re saving and the cash you’re making available.

new equipment

Were you planning on upgrading everyone’s laptops this year or buying a new phone system? COVID-19 may not be the right time to make big investments like buying new equipment. Instead, stick to buying only what is necessary. Look for second-hand or refurbished items when possible to save on operating costs.

marketing initiatives

Unless your marketing initiatives deliver a positive return on investment, it may be time to pause big projects. Instead of implementing pre-scheduled campaigns, re-evaluate your marketing calendar to determine what will move the needle for your business. If your customers are driving purchasing decisions, now might not be the time to invest in sales and marketing.

Use free trial periods

If you absolutely must buy a new service or equipment, take advantage of free trials. Make sure the vendor is the right partner for you by testing their product or service ahead of time. In some cases, providers will negotiate the trial period if you really want to buy.

reduce payroll

Finally, reducing payroll can help reduce operating costs. Many new businesses see this as a last resort because it greatly affects their operational ability and the individual lives of employees. However, in some cases, it is a necessary measure.

Implement a Hiring Freeze

You can take steps to reduce operating costs by implementing a hiring freeze. Avoid filling positions unless necessary. Your team may be downsized, but you can avoid removing current positions this way.


Instead of hiring for new positions, outsource when possible. For example, you may need financial guidance during COVID-19. You can hire an independent CFO to work part-time at a lower cost than hiring an executive-level position. Companies like K-38 Consulting provide top-tier financial advisor services, and you only pay for services when you need them.

Desire beats mother nature: listen to that itch to do what you love

We have heard many stories about miraculous situations: a mute child begins to speak, people who are declared dead come back to life and those who seem to have hit rock bottom rise to become one of the greatest legends in history.

We are amazed by these stories, completely amazed, we applaud these men and women for their achievements…and 10 minutes later we are back to doing exactly what we were doing. The next day, it’s even worse. We don’t even remember the names of these people or what they did.

You can inspire your penniless friend a million times over with the achievements of Donald Trump; you can teach your son over and over how his cousin is now studying to become a doctor and is so successful and hardworking. I bet this will inspire them, but only during those brief moments when you’re telling them the story.

Have you noticed that when we really like what we do, we do it much better? A child can be a master at video games, but fail science, why does this happen? He is learning the information at school, everything is given to him. So why is it failing? He didn’t know how to play the video game when he first bought it; he had to learn to do that too. So why did he get so good at it?

The answer is simple. He became a video game master because he had the DESIRE to achieve that goal. You can say “well, video games are fun, it’s not surprising that he put all that energy into learning how to do it.” To that I will say, “You’re absolutely right. He has fun doing it. He has the DESIRE to do it. He has the PASSION to do it. And that’s why it’s so easy. Find something you’re passionate about and see what happens with your results.”

Napolean Hill, author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, said something very powerful. He said, “Wish backed by faith knows no words like impossible.” I think it’s one of the best things anyone has ever written. When you have a burning desire to do something, you don’t know what Plan B is. You don’t know the word ‘Failure’. All you have is your vision, your intention, and the fact that you believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are going to achieve your goal. Many human beings today turn off their burning desires and let their rational minds take control. “I don’t have time”, “It’s too risky”, “I don’t have money to do something like that”. And then these same people sit back and wonder why they’re not getting the results they want.

These beliefs become so ingrained in their minds that they begin to believe that money is hard to earn and that not everyone is destined for it.

Let’s back up a bit: what is money? Looking at it from a scientific perspective, it is a piece of paper with a number written on it that allows you to buy things. But the VALUE placed on these pieces of paper differs from person to person. Give a poor man a $5 bill and he becomes the most grateful man in the world. Give a rich man a $5 bill, he may be grateful, but he knows how to do more than that in a few minutes.

Now when we understand that money only means what we want it to mean, we can begin to change our thinking. James Allen said, “If your true desire is to be good, then there is no need to wait for the money before you do it. You can do it now, this very moment, right where you are.”

Great men did not become great by listening to the people of their society. Rich men didn’t get rich by staying in a job they hated. They became what they are because they had an idea, an idea that created a burning DESIRE in their minds, in their hearts, in their souls. This desire is what prompted them to begin their journey to abundance.

The universe has everything you need. According to Bob Proctor, a legend in the personal growth industry and author of ‘You Were Born Rich,’ the resources you need to make your dream a reality are already available to you. The resources needed to create the Internet have always been here: we just needed to KNOW how to create it, and now we have it. But this started with an IDEA. That idea translated into DESIRE, to make that idea a physical reality. And once that step was achieved, even Mother Nature couldn’t stop it from becoming a fact.

Doctors have told so many people that they will never walk again; But this is just an opinion! Doctors don’t know what you’re capable of, nobody knows what you’re capable of. If you can allow yourself to let go of all your doubts and embrace your desire to walk on two feet once again, the universe will come to your aid and give you everything you need, and your desire will even surpass Mother Nature.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Listen only to your wishes and follow in the footsteps of those who have achieved such great goals. They had an idea and acted on it. Pick up those dreams and feel that burning desire in you to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO. Because those dreams are the key to giving you the results you really want.

What are the benefits of pawns?

Pawns are the most numerous piece in chess, but also the weakest in power. With the exception of their first turn, they can only move one space at a time and can only capture another piece that is diagonal to it. However, pawns can be of great use to any chess strategy, as they are not only useful for causing a distraction, but can also be exchanged for other, more valuable pieces if they manage to get all the way across. board without being captured.

These pieces are unique in that they are the only piece that can never move backwards on the board. The pawn can only advance, sometimes diagonally, if it is capturing. Any piece directly in front of a pawn prevents it from moving, whether it is a friendly piece or not. The only time a Pawn can move if there is a piece directly in front of it is when the Pawn can diagonally capture an opponent’s piece. However, the strategic placement of pawns can be of great help to a player as they can prevent an opponent from moving successfully, as if they were to capture the pawn another piece could easily take them. Pawns are most commonly useful as obstacles, allowing the player to shape the chessboard in a way that might be temporarily beneficial.

If the pawn can successfully navigate to the full opposite end of the board then it is eligible for promotion. Having a promoted Pawn can be one of the biggest benefits in a Chess game as it allows that Pawn to become any other piece in the game except the King. With the Pawn promotion, players can have multiple pieces on the board of any rank, usually a Queen. As Queens are the most powerful pieces available in a Chess game, it is rare that any other pieces are chosen. However, when it does happen, a knight piece is usually selected due to its unique movement pattern. Often when a Pawn can promote, the end of the game is in sight. Having two pieces available with the power of a Queen is not an easy thing for any player to overcome, and often the best the player who did not successfully promote a Pawn can hope for is a stalemate.

Pawns have been a part of Chess since its original conception long ago and have appeared in every independently developed version of Chess around the world. The piece is generally considered to be of the ‘common man’ rank in the game, making up the royal infantry representing the King, Queen, and Royal Court. Pieces are generally considered expendable, as the entire game revolves around protecting the King from damage. The word Pawn itself is generally taken to mean “one who is easily manipulated” or “one who is sacrificed for a greater purpose”, making Pawns generally the least loved pieces in the game. However, these pieces can still stand on their own, as it is not easy to win a game without the successful strategy of manipulating pawns.

Give dance classes? Games to make classes fun for children

If you are a teacher giving dance lessons to very young children, it is important to have a plan for each class. Otherwise, it’s all too easy for the lesson to quickly descend into chaos, as each of the young dancers does their own thing instead of listening to her instructor. Here are some games that are fun for preschoolers, but can keep them dancing and learning at the same time.

Why games during dance classes?

Playing during dance classes is above all fun! Young children who have fun during class are more likely to continue their studies and become long-term students at their dance school. Children will develop a love of dance, but these diversions can also help foster a sense of teamwork among your students. In addition, they can help shy children overcome fears of dancing in front of a group, something that is vitally important if you plan to have your dancers perform in a recital.

Simon says

Simon Says is fun and easy even for very young children. If you don’t remember how to play it, it’s simple. Stand at the front of the class and ask the children to copy your movements each time you say ‘Simon says’. Use simple dance steps and ballet positions, and be sure to tell children what the moves are called as you perform them. They may not remember what the moves are called from week to week, but you will reinforce the moves and their names so eventually the children will know what they are called during dance lessons.

To freeze!

Another fun game is Freeze! In this game, a teacher can play fun and upbeat music and let the kids move however they want. Once the music stops, the kids freeze in whatever position they are in. At this point, the teacher can approach individual students and correct any form or point out students who have the correct form and positioning.

red light, green light

Although this game is usually reserved for children playing on a playground, it is easy to adapt it to dance lessons. Call out moves for your students and change them until a designated student says ‘red light’. Once the ‘red light’ has been called, the instructors can walk up to the students and make sure they are doing the moves correctly and then the ‘green light’ can be called again. Students can take turns yelling ‘red light’ until everyone has a chance.

Other games to play during dance classes

There are many other games that children can play during their classes. These fun games can include Hokey Pokey, Musical Chairs, Follow the Leader, and many others. However, don’t limit yourself to the games you already know. Consider creating your own and even ask your students what they would like to play. You may be surprised at what they come up with and how much fun they have while learning.

Guitar Lesson Review – Secrets of Blues Guitar by Dan Denley


What do Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and John Mayer have in common?


As well as having the distinction of being just a few of the many notable guitarists of the last 60+ years, they also had a blues background or at least had a great appreciation for the beauty of this style of music.


What do the musical styles of modern country, rock, metal, and pop music have in common?


They represent some of the many music genres that are often influenced by Blues.

In addition to the sheer fun of learning to play blues guitar, it is also a highly recommended way to increase the musical tools a student can use to write, accompany, or solo many types of music. This can be a smart and educational progression for any guitar student with at least some ability with some basic scales and barre chords.

The purpose of the “Blues Guitar Secrets” DVD guitar lesson program is to quickly teach the student:

-12 bar blues in multiple variations

– blues chords and progressions

– blues scales in all positions and keys

– Improvisation of blues solos

Each guitar lesson program must include at least the following:

-An instructional program will go beyond the limitations of just reading a book by offering clear audio and video demonstrations of each lesson.

-The author of the program should ideally possess the following credentials: play well, have played in a band, have recorded music, be a gifted and preferably experienced guitar teacher, with formal education.

About author Dan Denley:

Dan Denley fits well with the above definition of the ideal guitar instructor. He has been a member of 10 bands and has played some big venue gigs. Dan is a competitive music student, he has a college degree in music and is a guitar teacher. He is also the author of the successful beginner and intermediate guitar lesson program called “Amazing Guitar Secrets” and a new solo program called “Lead Guitar Secrets”.

Who will benefit most from this program?:

Although learning to play the basics of blues guitar doesn’t require advanced skill, it helps if you’re comfortable with at least one of the moving major or minor scale patterns and a few barre chords. However, the Blues Guitar Secrets course will walk you through the basic components that include blues pentatonic scales.

Is this blues course for acoustic or electric guitar players?

Both. Although the author begins the course by explaining the interesting details of his electric guitar setup, he demonstrates the lessons using a combination of electric and acoustic guitars. One of the sections in the lesson is titled “Acoustic Guitar Blues Riffs.”

The content of the secrets of the blues guitar:

A. The physical parts

– (2) DVD of blues guitar lessons

– (1) Jam Tracks CD* (included in Gold Edition only)

– (1) Book – DVD Companion: Essential Blues Notation, Tab and Chord Symbols

– (1) Book – “Mastering Pentatonic and Blues Scales: Discover the Secrets to Creating Your Own Killer Blues Riffs and Solos”

– (1) Book – Complete Step-by-Step Guide to the Jam Tracks CD*! – Includes tab stops, chord symbols, fretboard diagrams, and a complete theoretical analysis of each Jam Track* (included in Gold Edition only).

– (1) Progress Tracker

– (1) Letter of Introduction

– (1) Step-by-Step Guide: “How To Use Your Blues Guitar Secrets Course”

* Jam Tracks are made up of short blues songs that create an opportunity to practice rhythm parts or improvise solos while playing with a recorded backing band.

A partial list of lessons:

– Introduction to blues guitar

– Pentatonic minor sliding scale patterns in 5 positions

– Blues pentatonic sliding scale patterns

– Blues chord progressions

– Use of minor seventh, dominant seventh, major seventh VI, dominant ninth and minor ninth chords and scales, as well as combined forms

– 12 Bar Blues: Open Position Chords

– Acoustic guitar blues riffs

– Solo classic blues licks

– Blues Racing

– Solo practice techniques

– Adding curves

– Strumming techniques

– Use of syncopation

– Bonus Videos

The negatives:

– Dan sometimes refers to a musical term before defining it. Some of the author’s explanations of these terms are not very clear. This could occasionally frustrate the more inexperienced player, but overall I didn’t find it to be much of an issue.

– If you listen to the Jam track CD using only the small speakers on a laptop, the base guitar may not be easy to hear. Using headphones or listening to Jam Tracks on a standard CD player seemed to easily eliminate this problem.

– It would be nice if this course came with a protective case or organizer to keep all the materials together.

– None of these issues are significant, they are just minor annoyances.

The positives:

– The Author: Dan Denley is a skilled and experienced guitarist and college-trained educator.

– This course is easy to follow and understand.

– excellent use of close-ups to clarify fingering chords and scales.

– includes a Jam Track CD to develop essential skills for playing with a band.

– This course is primarily a video course with written support materials and not the other way around. I’ve found that it’s less effective and more difficult if you must first read an instruction manual and then find a video clip on your computer that supports the book’s lesson. I like the much richer experience of watching, listening, and then emulating a live instructor demonstrating each lesson from start to finish. It is much more effective to use the instruction book only as a means of clarifying the video lesson. Blues Guitar Secrets perfectly understood this part.

The price:

the standard edition it costs $127 USD (at the time of this writing) and includes all of the items listed above in the “Contents” section without the Jam Track CD or book.

the golden edition It costs $159 USD (at the time of this writing) and includes all of the items listed above in the “Contents” section, including the CD and Jam Track book.

Ships: All over the world

To guarantee:

Blues Guitar Secrets comes with an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.

The bottom line:

I can, without hesitation, recommend this blues guitar course to anyone who has basic guitar skills and wants to learn the essential basics of blues guitar, including how to improvise solos. The course is organized, logical and fairly priced.

The sins that harass and the passions that stir must be defeated

The sins that beset and the passion that stirs paralyze the people of God

Besetting sins and stirring passions paralyze the Body of Christ and prevent it from fulfilling its true purpose and destiny on earth. For most of it, she has been oblivious to the reality that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15). It is not uncommon for those who believe they are serving God with all their heart and soul to miss the mark of God’s high calling in Christ. This is more often because they have given themselves over to the sins that beset them and the passions that stir them.

In 2 Peter 1:3-4 we read that “God’s divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him.” It further says: “He has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them we may partake of the divine nature and escape the moral decadence of this world.”

This world is morally bankrupt and shamelessly indulges in the most corrupt and horrible acts of perversion and violence in the history of the world. When you consider the corruption in the world today that leads not only to evil desires, but also to evil deeds, these are promises that must be claimed and deeply considered in meditation and prayer.

This day of moral decay demands that we cling to the lifeline of God’s Word as our only hope of survival. It really would not be an exaggeration to say that the Word of God is, in fact, the best hope this generation has for surviving and overcoming in a morally corrupt world.

We must consider the sins and passions of God’s people

When considering the pervasive level of filth and corruption in the world, few would think that the sins and passions of God’s people would come close to the sins of those who are propagating or participating in this level of crime and wickedness. We would not expect a born-again Christian finance officer to embezzle money from the company that employs him. Nor would we ever believe that Christians would be involved in prostitution or selling young women as sex slaves. It is doubtful that a Christian would wander the streets at night looking for a car to steal and sell for money to support his ongoing and growing crack addiction.

While all Christians are tempted by their adversary, the devil, to go beyond the expected limits of justice, most Christians would flee from temptation. Some may have gone that far. If so, the depth of your commitment to Christ and His Word needs to be questioned and closely examined.

True Christians should not be expected to be saints. There is an expectation that they will be tempted and seduced by the devil to engage in illicit conduct. Most will resist these diabolical seductions. The little foxes that finally catch them are the sins of their flesh. Their heavenly vocation and commitment are often sabotaged by their besetting sins and stirring passions.

For the purposes of clarity, a besetting sin is anything that moves us toward our own carnal inclinations and away from God’s calling and purposes for our lives. To mention a few, some are given to gluttony, others to sexual passions, others watch television or play video games incessantly, and others can waste hours and hours of the day on the Internet or on social networks. The list, of course, is endless.

Most have no idea that there is anything wrong with what they do. In fact, by the world’s standards, their besetting sins and agitating passions are legal and everyone is involved with them. Why should they refrain from these pleasures in their lives?

I suppose that nothing would be inherently wrong with most of these activities if they were not done in excess. The problem arises if their indulgence takes them away from their call to fully follow Christ. The litmus test of whether a besetting sin or stirring passion can be considered a threat to God’s call on a person’s life is this: Can they leave everything and follow Christ alone? If the answer is no, then they really are trapped in their own sins and passions. His heart is divided and his commitment is weak. Your indulgence in these self-centered passions is too demanding. Despite your best efforts and God’s saving grace, these sins seem to defy all efforts to overcome them. That is if there is the will to overcome them. These problems often have deep roots in the soul and can cause a lot of pain at the heart level.

Understand that a committed Christian does not have to be a monk. He must also not be a junk food addict, a chronic gambler, a holy drinker or a media addict. Scripture demands that we be most anxious to secure (ratify, strengthen, make firm) our calling and election; because if you do this, you will never stumble or fall (2 Peter 1:10).

A Presbyterian minister in the early 1900s, TL Cuyler, described the gravity of the sins and passions of the soul this way: “A Christian is never secure, never strong, never true to Christ, unless he is constantly taking over every sinful and selfish passion, and forcing it into unconditional surrender.” The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:27, “I beat my body and put it in bondage.” Both men describe an act of violent exercise of moral force to overcome and compel their besetting sins and agitating passions into submission.

The demands of the Scriptures for a saint to keep himself pure from moral corruption and the dangers of hounding sins and stirring passions have been emphasized up to this point in this writing. In Philippians 2:12 we read that we are to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.” We must not forget that the New Testament freed us from the demands of the law. In fact, “Christ is the culmination of the law so that there may be justice for everyone who believes” (Romans 10: 4). Therefore, while we must realize that we must take decisive action to free ourselves from our besetting sins and our stirring passions, we must also understand that we are not alone in the effort.

Christ came to free us from the sins and passions of our flesh

Our Heavenly Father knew from the beginning of time that liberty and freedom from these besetting sins and besetting passions cannot be achieved by our own efforts. That is why he sent Jesus to give his life on the cross so that we could be freed from the clutches of these sins of the soul.

If while reading this article you felt the Spirit gently nudging you or if you felt overwhelmed with the need to extricate yourself from a debilitating sin that you have nurtured for too long, it is time to do something about it. My next article will address practical steps you can take to help yourself find freedom from the things you do that cripple your walk with Christ.

From a spiritual perspective, to begin your quest for freedom from the sins and passions of your soul, you must commit your efforts to God in prayer. Confess your powerlessness to free yourself from these sins and passions. Confess your inability to master these sins in your life. Acknowledge your desire to walk with Him in spirit and in truth. Come to Him with a sincere heart. He will never reject a repentant sinner who comes to Him asking for mercy to be set free.

The Communist Chronicles – Episode 6

After a coup, like the one we experienced during the 2020 presidential election, the outright communists would purge the military of anyone loyal to the old regime. The purge, as history shows, would be deadly. Stalin and Mao started at the top, and as the corpses piled up, everyone else fell into line.

The purge of our military began under the Obama administration when he expelled more than 100 top generals from all branches of service by forcing them into retirement. How kind. Our military was stabilized by the Presidency of Donald Trump. Immediately after the coup with the installation of President O’Biden, the purge resumed.

It started when O’Biden named the new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Austin, an army general of no particular importance, immediately insisted that the US military get rid of the racists and extremists in its ranks. Really? Austin then ordered an unprecedented 60-day service-wide suspension. A withdrawal is a pause in military activity in all services aimed at rooting out ‘white supremacism’ and ‘extremism’. The Pentagon, of course, has not released data to support Austin’s claim or any examples of what he found. Experts have told me that the pressure is on the whites, the Christians and the fighters.

In a blow to the heart of our military, today was the appointment of Richard Torres-Estrada to head the United States Special Operations Command, or SOCOM. They are, as they say… the tip of the spear. And what was Torres-Estrada hired for? Spearheading a new ‘Office of Diversity and Inclusion for SOCOM. So our Navy Seals, Spec Ops, Delta, et al. would no longer be the best but be diverse and inclusive. The purge is meant to rip the heart out of our army.

Speaking of diversity and inclusion, O’Biden reversed President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military. Furthermore, he stated that the government will pay for the conversion surgery of any serviceman who wishes to become ‘transgender’. The surgery costs between $100,000 and $200,000 with no guarantees, of course. Keep in mind that since time immemorial, the psychiatric community considered transsexualism to be a mental illness. All of that changed in 2013 under the Obama administration with pressure from the LGBT lobby.

And we can’t forget the deployment of National Guard troops to DC to protect Congress and the White House from those cowardly white supremacists and extremists. The icing on this cake was when they ordered the troops, 50,000 of them guarding the newly fenced off buildings, to take a new oath of enlistment, presumably to swear allegiance to O’Biden and not to his nemesis, President Trump.

In other news, newly discovered documents show the Pentagon’s plan to attack conservatives, which my sources tell me is happening. The Defense Department’s new chief of diversity has compared former President Trump to Adolf Hitler. And Defense Secretary Austin regularly appears on television to criticize Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. An Army chaplain is under investigation for saying transgender people are not qualified to serve.

The purge will no doubt continue. We can’t forget how the Deep State went after the one general they couldn’t control, General Michael Flynn. They did everything but kill him. They lied, filed false charges, threatened to jail his son, and deployed the worst smear tactics the mainstream media could muster. We should all be thankful that President Trump supported him, and he is still fighting the good fight.

No country ever decides that it wants to be a communist. Evil people seeking power always lead the train to the communist coup. Our recent hit is no different. And those in power must get rid of all opposition to combine forces and solidify their newfound power. It is all unfolding before our eyes as our military neutralizes itself in preparation for the blue helmets of the new world order heading our way.

For all those who say it can’t happen here… it’s already happened.

Until next time… watch your back and be wary of ‘cancel’ birds. You could be next.

PES 2013 – The only video game for football fans

Konami’s PES 2013 launches on PS3, XBOX 360, Wii and PC this fall and will give FIFA 12 a run for its money this year if online rumors are to be believed. The PES franchise has been around for 16 years and has progressed through many iterations in both title and gameplay, so what makes Pro Evolution Soccer so popular?

If you live in North America, chances are, unless you’re a die-hard ‘football’ fan, this event will simply pass you by, but if you live in the rest of the world, more specifically Europe, then as Every PES fan knows that the football season starts in August, but you’ll only be able to play out your own football fantasies in October, when the latest and greatest version of PES hits video game stores.

It all started back in the days of video games, actually in 1996 when Goal Storm was released for PlayStation. Since then, PES has gone through various naming conventions and the latest update will be called PES 2013. It will square off as it has for the last 16 years with Electronic Arts (EA) and their masterpiece: FIFA (12). Only these two games actually compete for players’ cash each year, and if anything, that makes the competition even fiercer.

You see, the two games have battled it out year after year and this year PES has a chance to return to the top of the list. It has been languishing for the last 5 or 6 years, due in part to complacency, but also to the resurgence and sheer brilliance of FIFA.

The facts of the case are this your honor;

FIFA (which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association), as the name suggests, is an officially endorsed football game, which means that the game comes packed with all the real player names, team names, football kits, names of competitions and stadiums. PES has never had these rights and has had to rely on an editing mode and the ingenuity of the players who buy the game to recreate all the aforementioned details, liveries and stadiums. This has fostered a powerful online community based solely on publishing interests, but when combined with the obvious gameplay advantages of PES, you begin to see why the game’s popularity remains so high.

So what are these advantages of the game?

Well, the trade-off in the licensing situation has always been outweighed by the sheer beauty of playing PES: it’s a game for football fans. The actual game has always more closely mirrored the actual game, while FIFA has traditionally suffered in this area. Playing PES in the early years was always pure fun, the games were high scoring but varied, FIFA always felt like a stage and the ball never seemed to behave like a real soccer ball, it felt too buoyant. By comparison, PES soccer balls have always had weight and player-to-player challenges have felt meaty.

An analogy between the two games is to think of FIFA as a Premier League or Champions League setup it looks slick and has backs coming out of your ears but it’s not actually real football it’s a prepackaged version of the game designed for catch the glory-seeking football fans, the ones who scream about how great their team is despite knowing nothing about the history of their own teams.

Pro Evo’s on the other hand are jumpers for goal posts, dirty knees and eating soggy Cornish pasties on a cold wet Tuesday night in Barnsley! The analogy may go unnoticed by many and that to some extent proves a point football isn’t always brilliant multiple steps and pink Nike boots it’s about the teams outside of the Premier League that still have fans flocking to every home. and away from home, despite not having seen his team win anything for years. That’s real football and that’s what Konami has tried to encapsulate, despite being based in Japan.

They’ve largely been successful, but the line between the two games has blurred in recent years. FIFA has now moved very close to matching the entire spirit of PES some say their game is actually better I still don’t agree with that statement but certainly with the online patches now available to PES players they can circumvent the licensing issue and creating photorealistic players, teams and kits, which means the two games are on a collision course to meet in the middle.

Konami has cheered on its fans in previous years by securing licensing rights for the England national team, two Premier League teams, and various other leagues and players in Europe and the world. This has certainly helped, but give me a fake called Man Red (Manchester United) and a quality game any day about the football version of FIFA. At the end of the day I buy soccer computer games because I like to play games that recreate the beautiful game, FIFA now does it well but PES does it better and I just hope that the next installment of PES 2013 hits it again. To me that option to lead the mighty Derby County to European glory!

Online Casinos That Pay Real Money


There are several factors to consider when choosing an online casino. Not all are created equal. Some offer fantastic game variety, while others excel at bonuses, fast payouts, or loyalty programs. Consider which of these features is most important for you before making a deposit. If you’re looking for a great casino with a high payout rate, look for Canada. It’s available for Canadian players and accepts credit cards.

Bovada’s casino section is safe and reliable. They offer fast payouts and a variety of banking methods, including Bitcoin. Changing between their sportsbook and casino is easy, but the 5.9% credit card deposit fee is a little high. A newcomer to the online casino scene might want to try Cafe Casino, which offers a large welcome bonus of up to $2,000. It is also worth noting that players must deposit through Bitcoin to be eligible for their welcome bonus.


In addition to following data protection laws, the best online casinos employ online banking security measures. This means that your payment information won’t be given to third parties, and hackers won’t get a hold of it. When you’re ready to make a deposit, you can use wire transfers to send your money. In order to withdraw your winnings, you should make sure to read the website’s terms and conditions. You might want to use cash to make a withdrawal.

Online Casinos That Pay Real Money

While iOS devices tend to be the most popular choice, Android users may find something that suits their taste. The Android app stores are filled with casino-style apps. There are many online and land-based casinos offering these apps to their patrons. The casino apps for Android include slot machines, blackjack, table games, roulette, and even real money scratch offs. And don’t forget about the numerous slots, table games, and live poker apps for Android devices.

A 40-year-old man from Finland won a staggering $21 million on an online casino website in 2016. The winner placed a 25-cent bet on the progressive slot game Mega Fortune. The Scandinavian casino, PAF, reports that a total of three people are now millionaires. This is a remarkable achievement, and demonstrates how lucky players can be in online gambling. For those interested in playing slots for real money, there are plenty of online casinos that offer a free play mode, and a free demo account is always available.

The best and most reputable casinos on the internet offer top-notch security measures. These measures include 2-step verification. This type of security makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access your accounts and funds. In addition, most trustworthy online casinos offer secure payment options. If you’re wondering whether or not online gambling is safe, check out the sites that accept credit cards. Then, enjoy playing! And don’t forget to read their terms and conditions.

Different types of bar stools for the home

Home bar stools are quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of furniture in the modern home. They are perfect for dressing up a kitchen or dressing up one. They come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and you can often get them dirt cheap at a deep discount. Most people mistakenly assume that due to their relative size they can be more expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. You have to keep your eyes wide open, and you will surely be able to find the type you want.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, I recommend staying away from backless countertop types. These are the types that have been around forever and give off a more traditional feel. Of course, if you get a leather one that can rotate, then you’re only inches away from having a barber chair. On the other hand, for the most modern type you can get, think about getting an extra tall stool. These are the ones that are longer than 30 inches, usually 36 inches. This is unlike the ones that are around 24 inches.

For the material, think about how the color will match the rest of your kitchen. If you want it to match, I suggest you think about how your cabinets look. It is better to match the cabinets than the kitchen counter. Rather, try offsetting breakfast counters with a complementary color. If your idea is to install them in the living room, think about how they will fit in with the rest of the furniture. For example, only get leather if you have other leather pieces. Wooden chairs go with just about anything, so if you’re ever in doubt, think about getting that type. As for the wicker, get a nice set of upholstered pieces and place them outside on the patio. This is a great use for the material.

As for those who are constantly on the go, they have no choice but to take a look at folding bar stools. These are great for how light they are so they are really portable. However, whatever you do, don’t install them in the kitchen or anywhere else in your home unless you absolutely need more seating. It’s just not a very elegant thing to do.