Basement Water Problems: There Is Hope

If your foundation is wet and damp, there is hope of remedying the problem. The moisture or water in the bases comes from two sources. The main culprit is groundwater, which is water from outside that enters the foundation. The second and less serious is high humidity levels in the basement that form condensation and water vapor. Groundwater that soaks into the soil outside the house can easily find its way to the foundation. Water can seep into the basement through holes and cracks in the foundation walls or cracks in the basement floor slab. Water can also enter through porous foundation blocks or brick walls, most foundation walls are made of concrete blocks that have natural pours and cracks that can allow water to seep in. Solid concrete base foundation walls are much better at keeping water out.

The main idea is to direct water away from the exterior walls of the house. Make sure all downspouts discharge a minimum of five feet from exterior walls. Make sure the gutters in the house are free flowing and do not overflow. Overflowing gutters will pour water against the exterior walls of the house and contribute greatly to basic water problems. Repair or replace leaking gutters and downspouts to help keep water out.

Make sure the area around the entire perimeter of the house slopes away from the exterior walls so that the water runs off and not onto the foundation walls. As for the exterior, it is a very important step in the maintenance of your basement dryer. Be sure to remove anything against exterior walls that can trap water, such as flower boxes and wooden tie walls, which will always be a source of trapped water.

Plug and patch holes in basement foundation walls. Holes and cracks can allow water to enter. Plugging holes and sealing cracks may not solve all basement water problems, but doing so along with other remedial measures should help keep water out of the basement. Try to seal the interior foundation walls with hydraulic cement. Be sure to apply the cement over bare masonry or it will not be effective. These types of sealants need to be applied in a thick layer, so don’t try to stretch them, apply the sealant in a thick layer. The idea is that the caulking material will seal up small holes and cracks and help prevent water from entering the basement.

If basement water problems persist, you may want to consider installing a basement drainage system. There are two types of effective drainage systems. One type is installed outside against the foundation wall and the other is installed inside along the inside perimeter of the basement walls. If your house is already built, the only real practical solution is the interior drainage system method. This method consists of perforated pipe installed below the basement floor slab along the interior perimeter that connects to a sump pump and sump pit. As the water enters through the walls and the water table rises, the water will go to the sump pump and be pumped out and then into the basement. You must ensure that the sump pump is discharging at least five feet from exterior walls to avoid redirecting water against exterior walls and then into the house.

Control excess moisture. When moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces, it produces water vapor. This condensation will run down the pipes and foundation walls, leaving the basement damp and smelling of mold and mildew. Several remedies for this condition would be installing a dehumidifier, sealing the dryer vent pipe so hot moisture doesn’t leak into the basement, installing a fan in any basement bathroom, and keeping windows closed during very humid summer weather. If you have a central air conditioner, keep it on during very hot and humid days to remove condensation from the air. Install central air conditioning in the basement if you don’t already have the basement as part of your existing air conditioning register setup.

Be careful when hiring professional waterproofing companies. Many times they will provide very expensive solutions to the problem when most basement water problems can be corrected without having to take out a second mortgage. If you decide to use a waterproofing company, be sure to do your homework and check their registration with the Better Business Bureau.

Buying property in Cyprus

Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to own a property in Cyprus. A beautiful island destination, Cyprus has attracted prospective homeowners with more than its charm. The economy is booming. Tourism is on the rise. And property values ​​are expected to rise dramatically in the near future.

If you have read about all that Cyprus has to offer and are dreaming of owning property in Cyprus, there are some practical considerations to keep in mind. Fortunately, there is plenty of information about buying property in Cyprus. You should take advantage of it. Learn as much as you can before making the decision to buy property in Cyprus and think about the following practical considerations:

o Are you planning to move to Cyprus or just buy a holiday home in Cyprus? How you will use the property will determine what type of property you will buy and how much it will cost to maintain. If you choose to purchase a vacation property, you will have to pay a management company to maintain the property. You can of course rent out the property to earn some extra money when you are not using the house.
o Can you afford the property? A second home can be very expensive. Make sure you know all the costs involved. If you plan to move, there may be additional expenses associated with living in a foreign country. Make sure you fully understand all of these costs.
o Can you earn a living on the island? The economy in Cyprus is booming, but will you be able to make a living? If you have some business skills, you should find out if there is demand on the island before making the decision to move.
o How long will you keep the property before selling it? You should always have a financial plan for the future. If the property is an investment, have a clear idea of ​​how you will manage your investment.

There is a high demand for homes on the island of Cyprus. If you are planning to develop vacant land, you will need to understand all the legal aspects of property development in Cyprus. For example: It is not uncommon for it to take up to five years to receive a title/deed to your property. You will still be able to develop and sell your property; however, you will need to understand how to do it legally.

There are also some restrictions for non-residents that you will need to be aware of. Currently, non-residents can only own property in Cyprus. This could present challenges if you plan to parcel out the land, develop it, and sell each parcel individually.

While there are many practical considerations to take into account before buying property in Cyprus, it is not much different from buying property elsewhere. You should always research and make all real estate purchases with your eyes wide open.

Domain name registration and search engine rankings

Domain name registration is a driving business on the Internet today; this is evident from the high bids that companies are willing to pay on Per-Per-Click (PPC) engines to attract potential customers for domain name registration.

The domain name registration business is sometimes referred to as “Internet Real Estate.” Just as we can occupy high-traffic areas in the central business districts of major cities in the real world, we can register domains for commonly used words or searched keywords to more easily drive traffic to our websites. Although the most common words and abbreviations for the most used top level domain names have already been taken, with a little creativity we can still register endless promising domain names.

While there is no clear indication of the extent to which .com, .net, and country top-level domain names such as, .de, .fr, etc. influence site rankings In web search engines, the word is that .org domains are still favored by Google as part of the non-commercial tradition.

However, this article does not discuss how the domain extension influences a website’s ranking as this is believed to be insignificant for search engine rankings. In fact, the length of registration, the frequency of DNS changes, and the reputation of the registrar have a stronger influence on search engine rankings.

Although their importance is sometimes overstated, especially in relation to their effect on search engine rankings, domain names are still an important asset to your company’s online corporate identity.

The main consideration regarding your domain name will be choosing between a creative name (such as “yahoo”, “alibaba”, “kazaa”) or a keyword name (such as “study-tourism”, “retail gifts” or ” hawaii-mortgage-company”. In fact, using primary keywords in your domain name has a positive effect on your search engine ranking, especially for your ranking to take off after launching a new website. However , in the future, the effect becomes almost negligible.

While many people tend to register numerous domain names to accommodate the most important keywords within them, they overlook that Google and other major search engines will pay almost as much attention to subdomains. So instead of registering “hawaii-real-estate”, “florida-real-estate”, etc., we could also register “real estate” and have subdomains like “hawaii.real-estate”, “florida .real-estate” and so on.

What people underestimate even more is that search engines generally look for keywords in the URL (unique resource locator) that comprises the top level domain, any potential subdomains, and of course the file name. So, if you are using a creative domain name that does not contain important keywords, you can of course include your main keywords in the filename of the web page, ie florida-real-estate.html.

So, in a nutshell, while domain names are an important asset to your corporate identity, their importance to search engine rankings is overrated as there are various ways to accommodate meaningful keywords in the URL and Eventually, other factors on the site (coding techniques, content) of a website will have a greater impact on search engine rankings.

Attention Artists: You Can Make Money From Your Art With Six Safe Methods

Artists are a special breed. They march with a different drummer. Artists have been given a special gift, and that gift can be both very rewarding and very frustrating. The rewards are obvious. The frustration comes from how to make money from your creative efforts. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some tools to solve this problem.

It is important for artists to understand that they are the most important part of the “Art Market”. Without the artist there is no art market…no art galleries, no art shows, no art books, no art magazines, no art studios, no art supply houses, no art agents. In fact, there are no businesses of any kind related to the art world if it is not for the artist.

Earning money will never be your primary motivation, but it should come a close second if you want to live off your talents.

How should you represent your work to make a professional presentation of your artwork? As a professional artist, it is extremely important to give your best when submitting your art for review. The following six components are the foundation for making money from your artwork.

1.Visual Communication

So let’s start with how you communicate visually; And let’s also remember that as an artist you are in business, and every business must have a professional image. Here’s what you’ll need in the “Professional Stationery” category: Your letterhead; your business card; and your mailing envelope.

Your letterhead should be simple and creative. It should have your phone number, address, email address, and web address. Your business card should have all of the information found on your letterhead. Finally, your shipping envelope must have your logo and return address on it.

2. Professional slides and photos

You’ll also need some “professional-quality slides and photos.” What does professional quality really mean? As an artist, you are creating a visual product, a product that needs to be seen before it can be sold. Slides and photos are your product inventory. If you’re able to take a high-quality photograph of your work, that’s fine; but unless your photography really captures your work, hire a professional to do it for you. When photographing your art, it is important that you never do it in a frame. Framing is fine when your work is sold and hung, but those who review your work are distracted by the framing process.

When submitting your art for review or consideration, your slides must have at a minimum your name and phone number. However, if you really want to be professional, your slides should also have the title, medium, and size. The developing lab can do it for you. If you are sending photos instead of slides, please make sure all of the above appears on the back of each photo.

Every dollar you spend to make your art look professional is worth more than the cost. Photography is a business expense and tax deductible.

3. Internet presence through your own website

What about a “professional website” you ask? Absolutely! Four or five years ago, most artists did not know any of the following terms: URL,, Internet, Hosting, On-line, Search Engines, etc. They are only now beginning to see the value of an online presence as an incredible new opportunity for exposure.

If you don’t have a website yet, you need to remedy it as soon as possible. The fact is that the Internet offers contemporary artists a unique opportunity to exhibit and sell their art.
4. Professional brochure

A first class brochure can be the most effective way to visually present what you do and how well you do it. A professional brochure can create a better impression than a book complete with cheap reproductions. Your brochure should contain a representative sample of the scope of your work and should also include your biography.

A photograph must also appear on your biography page. Although this is not essential, an interesting image of the artist can influence the reader’s interest in the artist’s work. Make sure your brochure is produced using the four color process and is printed on 80-100lb glossy paper.

5. Professional biography

Your bio is basically an artist statement. It is understood why you do what you do, who has influenced your work and everything that has been written about you. Your bio should incorporate a photograph of you.

6. Where to send your art

Finally, who should you send your art to for review? The most readily available sources are: galleries; juried events; contests; print editorials; agents and representatives; art fairs; and art festivals.

Take these simple steps one at a time to help get you on the road to making money from your artistic talents. Remember to do your best and represent yourself and work as if you are in business because, in fact, you are.

The importance of creating a wholesale listing of investment properties

Let me first take the time to define what a wholesale listing is to me as a real estate investor. A real estate wholesaler is someone who sells property to other investors without dealing with the general public as you normally would with an investment property. Of course, it is obvious that the larger the list, the more potential buyers you can get for a property. But you may be thinking that you want to sell a property on the market for as much money as possible. When I started in the real estate investing business, I didn’t feel the need for a comprehensive list of any kind, but then I began to learn the real value of such a list.

Benefits of a wholesale list.

Sale of investment properties.

The main benefit of a wholesale listing is having a group of people you can call and see if there is any interest in a property you just bought before you actually have to go in there and do any work. You may find that a quick little profit would be a great way to quickly turn an investment property around. You can simply call or email your list and make them offers. I’ve found that when it comes to their wholesale listing, people are very smart and know exactly how much a house is worth, so a high bid price by me will usually never work. In fact, it can even make potential buyers think that you are trying to trick them. I discovered that you should treat investors fairly and could develop a profitable long-term relationship for both of you.

You may want to keep some investments and they fit perfectly into your investment strategies. But what about all the other properties you hear about that you don’t even consider because you don’t want to buy a property in a particular area or some other deciding factor? Remember that each investor is looking for something different. That’s where a very detailed wholesale list that includes what types of properties the investor is specifically looking for comes in handy. Most investors will offer some sort of reward if you find them a good deal, and that’s just for letting them know about the deal. While others may simply buy the property from you before the ink on the sales contract is dry. In any case, both parties benefit.

Acquire investment properties.

As an investor, when you are building your list, you also help the other investor build their list at the same time. You can give them specific details of the type of investment property you are looking for at the same time. I always say that the more leads you have, the better. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving calls from other investors about properties that may be of great interest to you. Many of these properties tend to be within deals you would never have heard of anyway. It doesn’t hurt to have many avenues to purchase a property, and in most cases, it greatly benefits the real estate investor.

Burke-Gilman Trail Seattle Washington – USA

A famous recreational attraction in Seattle, the Burke-Gilman Trail is a great place for runners, hikers, skaters, and bikers. Maintained by Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Seattle Department of Transportation, Burke-Gilman reveals some of the best parts of Seattle, including its lush parks, lakes, and waterfront. After venturing around charming street corners and smelling the healthy sea air, stop at a charming neighborhood cafe and try some of the local specialties.

Among the activities you can do in Burke-Gilman, perhaps the most popular is biking. In fact, biking fans come from different parts of the United States just to experience the incredible trail. Even the city of Seattle has its own organized cycling community that maintains Burke-Gilman’s infectiously lively vibe. But the popular trail is useful not only for recreationists and fitness freaks, it has become a major thoroughfare for those commuting to work and studying at the University of Washington. Since its opening, Burke-Gilman has also been an integral landmark for real estate and business.

Commonly called ‘the Burke’ by locals, the Burke-Gilman Trail is a fully paved trail that stretches 43 kilometers or 27 miles. The trail is actually part of the King County Regional Trail System. It specifically follows the former Burlington Northern Railroad right-of-way, through the city of Seattle and extending to the Tracy Owen Station in Kenmore. It has been welcoming outdoor enthusiasts since 1978. In 2009, Burke-Gilman connected with another trail that runs through Marymoor Park. If you choose this path, you can cycle for 64 kilometers or 40 miles without interruption.

There are many ways to start the trail, but some riders usually choose to start at Puget Sound, which is right at the entrance to Golden Gardens Park. The Wayne Gold Course is often the chosen end point for the trail. If you want to do more than just bike ‘the Burke’, you can visit Golden Gardens Park and the Sammamish River Trail, which serve as boundaries for the trail.

Other parks you’ll come across while biking this trail include Gasworks Parks, Matthews Beach, and Tracy Owen Station. The Burke-Gilman Playground is another great spot for families facing the trail. But if you want some grown-up fun, why not stop by Redhook Brewery to sample some of the best local beer varieties?

If you are not an experienced cyclist, don’t worry! Burke-Gilman is easily accessible, relatively flat, and not a very demanding trail in terms of fitness. The trail is completely separated from car traffic so you don’t have to worry about getting hit. Additionally, regular route cyclists have been known to follow standard route etiquette for safety.

If you’re visiting Seattle without bringing your own bike, you always have the option of renting one at various locations around the city. There are even companies that rent trailers for accompanying children. The Dutch Bike Company is one of the rental places located just at the beginning of the Burke. It also maintains a charming cafe that welcomes those who want a break from cycling. Right near the University of Washington in the University District is another rental place called Recycled Cycles.

REO Boom: Everyone Should Read That Before Investing In Real Estate

At a time when so many homes are being foreclosed on by the bank and other lenders, if you were thinking of buying a foreclosed home, you could end up with your dream property at a fraction of market value. But, when you want to take advantage of the market downturn and surrounding recession, you’ll need a tool like REO Boom to help you through the stages of your purchase.

It’s okay and okay to want to buy a foreclosed home, but unless you have a step-by-step guide like REO Boom, you may find yourself falling right in the middle of the foreclosure scandal that hit the country hard last fall. The good news is that if you invest in a copy of REO Boom, you will find detailed instructions on how to go through the process and all the legal aspects involved.

The complete guide will show any buyer the formula needed to make money with foreclosed properties, and once you’ve read the book, you’ll want to pursue real estate full time. There is literally a million dollars to be made with a wisely chosen foreclosure; all you need to know is how to do it.

The REO Boom Guide includes a 90-day action plan, some insider secrets on how to tackle the REO market successfully, and step-by-step instructions. The instructions really couldn’t be more competitive and once you’re done reading the guide, you’ll be sure you can board an REO and make a profit.

The complete guide is aimed at both individuals and real estate agents and its proven formula is really successful. The guide is not only the only really comprehensive guide to buying foreclosed homes that you will find, to be honest, it is the only comprehensive guide to help you with this type of transaction.

So, if you’ve always been interested in the foreclosure market, either as an individual or as a real estate agent, but have never found the courage to take the plunge and invest, then this guide will give you all the encouragement you need. . Given that the authors of the guide have achieved over eleven consecutive successful years in REO, it’s really easy to understand why you can trust this guide to the last letter.

Where do I come from

It could be simple and it could be complicated, but I come from an objective, gritty, sweaty, realistic point of view that genuinely and ultimately works in reality. I don’t care if I fail temporarily, what matters is the final successes. In fact, actually winning the “instant jackpot” of looking good in the eyes of others doesn’t matter, I genuinely want overall success ultimately in my own eyes. That’s really it. When I think about success and failure, I see it a little differently than most people, I get it: success is winning in general, no matter how much temporary failure may arise. The real failure is giving up my ideal permanently without genuinely changing my focus at crucial moments in a closed way that really is weak. Because, in fact, all failure is temporary when viewed correctly, and all success is success when genuinely recognized.

Failure is simply training and temporary, success is repeatable when it is genuine and not based on luck or “good fortune on the first try”.

In every article I use the Mark Spitz quote “We all love to win, but who loves to train”, that’s where I really come from. Not to preach or anything, but this is how I live, I consider real success to be something I can genuinely repeat, depending on luck or “good fortune on the first try” is the most genuine failure for me. In fact, from my point of view, “hitting the easy jackpot” works for very few due to the nature of this reality. In my opinion, true success comes with skill gained and is repeatable.

We all love success, but do we have the patience to make it repeatable and real without cheating, shortcuts and weak “rabbit hops through the pea field” as the great Los Angeles Lakers National Basketball Association announcer said, Francis Dayle “Chick” Hearn? it’s about cheating fouls in basketball and lucky jump shots done wrong that made it with a “stutter step” or a desperate throw that overtook the referees of the basketball game. After all, what is greater than genuinely developed skill and perfection without cheating? Not a thing. Nothing looks better either when success happens, true success.

When you live life well, I know what’s up there beyond heaven: the true success and satisfaction of a life well lived and persevered, not a heaven where harps are played and we get a “pat on the back” from St. To fart. I take a John Miltonian approach to everything, it’s done first within our souls and minds or it’s not done at all.

What is the cost of digital marketing: Marketing Agency Vs Freelancer?

At some point, most businesses hire external digital marketing experts to provide inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media services. In Dubai, that experience comes in the form of agency or independent talent. In a tough B2C and B2B environment, budgets are tight and generosity limited, so how can potential customers afford the cost of digital marketing in Dubai? Why hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai is cheaper than you think! Until now, establishing what are the reasonable costs to hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai has been murky and anything but transparent. Trusting your gut won’t get you very far and public data on utility rates and fees remains elusive.

If you are considering leveraging external digital marketing expertise, getting a clear line of sight on the average asking costs for monthly advances and hourly rates for digital marketing in Dubai can be challenging and time consuming to compile. Digital Marketing Pricing Survey Insights A recent survey by Credo, a company that matches potential clients with marketing agencies or consultants, released the results of their latest digital marketing pricing survey. The survey was distributed to 184 respondents in 19 countries and produced some interesting insights into current digital marketing cost trends. Independent consultants quote on a consistent basis based on hourly or monthly base rates and project fees. Digital consultant fees worldwide continue to be based on years of experience. Consultants with 1-3 years of experience charge around $88, while those with 10+ years of experience charge an average of $189.

Agency prices appear throughout the map. Agencies with 2-5 employees and 6-10 employees actually charge more on average than agencies with 11-20 employees according to the survey. SEO agencies seem insecure about pricing their services with prices being all over the place. The survey showed an hourly range of $145 to around $181. Agencies and consultants with a strong focus on strategy charge higher rates compared to those with a broader portfolio of services. Monthly advances, project fees, and hourly rates are all higher for strategy-related services.

customer implications

With so much variation in fee schedules and competition from independent consultants, the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai may be cheaper than you expect.

Precisely assess what digital marketing services you’re looking for, overlay that with a monthly service fee from a pool of potential agencies, and use that as a starting point in your negotiations. Most agencies are very clear about their target cost base and utilization rates and therefore understand how far they can comfortably negotiate. Agency Versus Freelancer Unsurprisingly, there are a few key differences in pricing between freelancers and agencies:

Freelancers mostly serve clients through a combination of hourly rates and project-based rates.

The agency’s preference for monthly retainer contracts is not surprising, after all, they typically have more overhead to cover.

The digital marketing industry average monthly retainer contract starts at $1,000 and ranges up to $5,000.

The larger the agency, generally the more services they offer under one umbrella. If you’re looking for a mix of digital marketing services, hiring an agency will reduce the amount of coordination you need to do as a client. The larger the agency, the more customized solutions it typically provides, and therefore the higher the average price per client required to cover that specialized expertise and talent. The best clients Small and medium-sized businesses often feel they are at a disadvantage when dealing with an agency due to their lack of scale compared to larger clients. However, small and medium-sized businesses are often the best clients from an agency’s perspective.

The reality is that digital advertising as an industry in Dubai remains a comparatively immature market, with most agencies lacking the corporate expertise and infrastructure to serve clients on an enterprise scale.

Thus, small and medium-sized businesses provide an agency with reliable bread-and-butter revenue streams without the complexity and high service costs that come with large multinational clients. So, if you are a small or medium business, don’t be ashamed to negotiate with an agency. They need clients like you, another reason why the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai may be lower than you expect! Agency services in high demand Despite the profusion of digital marketing services, SEO and PPC services remain the main source of income for most agencies. The top five services sought by clients are: SEO PPC Management Social Media Content Marketing Analytics and UX

Analytics and user experience (UX) design are gaining in popularity as their importance in attracting prospects and retaining customers becomes apparent. This recognition is reflected in its growing presence within the portfolio of digital marketing services that clients seek from their agencies.

While this is good news for the industry as a whole, it indicates a more disciplined and structured approach to digital advertising in the Middle East. It also points to a continuing lack of recognition by business owners and vendors of the need to implement adequate analytics capability in-house.

Similarly, ensuring an engaging user experience from the launch of a digital marketing initiative would go a long way in supporting consumer acceptance of online marketing, especially as regional Internet users have become more experienced and online UX expectations.

Identify growth opportunities for your business today! Our free 30-minute marketing assessment can help you save money and boost your business. Sign up now for a free 30-minute marketing evaluation!

Conclusion If you are in the process of hiring a marketing agency, the news is good. The cost of hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai may be lower than you anticipate and there are different pricing structures and models available.

Many agencies use a combination of pricing models, such as monthly advance for standard services, milestone pricing for projects they do frequently, or hourly pricing for new or more complex work. Discuss which pricing model works best for you with your prospective agency and you may be in for a pleasant surprise!

monopoly game rules

One game has always been the favorite of all people of all ages and that is Monopoly. The game has fans across borders and around the world. Still, many people are unaware of all the rules of this game. It is imperative to know and understand the Monopoly game rules to be a champion while playing this game. Let’s take a closer look at the rules of the Monopoly game:

  1. Build Hotels: Many people think that they only need to have four houses on each property in the color of the group before they can start buying hotels. Well, it is not correct. Apart from this condition, the optimal number of houses must also be available in the bank. In the absence of enough houses, one cannot buy hotels.
  2. Go to jail:If as player one you go to jail, even if you score double, your turn will end. Such a player will not have the opportunity to shoot again.
  3. Income tax:As a player, if a person ends up in an income tax lock after passing GO, their $200 worth of money is included in their total value. In this case, a player decides if he wants to pay 10% of his total value of $200.
  4. Amount of the fine in case of Utilities: A player is not required to reroll to determine the amount of the utility fine. The numbers that result from the dice on the first roll are considered for the amount of the fine.
  5. Together try to win:Mergers are not considered part of the Official Monopoly Game Rules, however there are many players who add them to their personal rule book. In this situation, two players may decide to play together as partners. In such a situation, the assets of both players cannot be combined. Instead, one of the two players has to leave the game and then the second continues playing.
  6. Quit the Monopoly game:At any time, if a player wishes to leave the game, his assets are returned to the bank. The player cannot gift his assets to any other player. Yes, of course, a player can decide to sell his property to another player, however, gifting is not possible.
  7. No rental immunity:At no point in the game can a player offer another player immunity from rent.

Players often forget these simple rules and end up losing the game. There are many people who have twisted the rules of this game for their convenience, however, the fun of playing Monopoly is greater when played by the original rules of the game. The rules of the Monopoly game were designed keeping in mind all the possibilities of this game and therefore one must follow them in order to play the best and accurately. If one plays the game with all the rules, the chances of disagreements over various things can be avoided and the game can be fully enjoyed.