Is gambling becoming a sport in the United States?

The amount of video game use we see in today’s society is possibly inescapable. Mobile games like; Candy Crush, Game of War or Clash of Clans, they record daily revenue in the millions, and someone will surely recognize one, if not all, of these game names. This exposure to gaming in the light of every day seems to be ushering in a new and invisible era in gaming, where gaming could be seen as a sport.

Since the first two people started “Pong” on the Atari 2600, the games have been competitive. When you think about it, playing a soccer game and playing a video game are not that different. The goal is always to win the game, but the level of competition and the players in the game can vary. Growing up, I played Call of Duty at a fairly competitive level, but had no idea how big the competitive gaming industry was going to get. The growth of this industry can be attributed to several factors. The financial growth in the gaming industry has been incredible. The recent stance that “nerdy culture” has taken in popular media through outlets like The Big Bang Theory. The momentum of people who really enjoy game culture and want to see it take a place in the spotlight has brought games into the everyday life of the general public.

So what is causing video games to become a source of entertainment that people watch from home as they would soccer or football? The answers may surprise you. In July 2014, teams from around the world played “Defense of the Ancients” or DOTA for a community jackpot totaling $ 10,923,980. Teams of five would play against each other and eliminate the competition as they progressed to the grand finale and the final first place prize. While this was the fourth such tournament hosted by the game creators, it was the first time it was televised on ESPN 3. ESPN was very pleased with the results of the coverage that they agreed to follow up on next year. It’s crazy to think that in the next few years we will see video game coverage on Sports Center. Unlike ESPN, which only shows you content about competitive games during big tournaments, the broadcast is available all the time. Twitch TV is the main website that comes to mind. Streaming sites allow content creators to show what’s happening live on their computers to audiences who can join the conversation with a group chat feature while watching their favorite players / players play live. The potential for growth through an avenue like this is enormous. Just think, you could watch a TV show and chat with other fans of the show around the world with great ease, all while being able to communicate with content creators.

We know what it is that is taking the games to the sports field, but what is preventing them? Well, this is simply not the time for electronic sports (E-Sports) to become a household name, at least not in the United States. South Korea may be an example of things to come in terms of esports in the United States. Say the name “Star Craft” and nine times out of ten, a Korean will know what you mean. The Star Craft game is practically a national pastime of South Korea. The game appears on cable television and even in some applications offered by Microsoft’s Xbox, which is a direct competitor to the PC gaming market to which Star Craft belongs. Players in Korea are treated like celebrities, signing autographs, taking photos with fans, and appearing on talk shows from time to time. Now, if I were to say this to the average American, the answer would most likely be “Are you serious?” Is it so important there? “Yes, esports in Korea and to a lesser degree China and Japan are already booming industries. So why hasn’t gaming already become a big industry in the United States, where most of these A Americans like different games than Asians. Americans like fast-paced shooter games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, while Asian gamers tend to prefer strategic games like Star Craft or DOTA The problem with shooters is that less strategy is involved. Think of both genders as an approach to a game of football. While both genders have a well-defined objective, as in soccer, strategic games have forms of countering the movements of other players or their choice of how to advance towards their goal through technical or character choices. In soccer, if the defense sends a bombardment, you try to counter it e bombardment by carrying the ball to an open receiver, or by running the ball in the opposite direction of the bombardment. There is no correct way to approach defense strategy, and the offense can still make decisions about how to approach the situation. The same cannot be said for shooters, there simply isn’t enough depth to the game to give viewers new insights into how they can apply the techniques used by the pros in their own game.

Professional gaming is on its way to becoming a true sport in the United States. With ESPN broadcast times and the popularization of games in everyday life five or ten years from now, we could see a good chunk of people walking around in E-sport team jerseys. Due to gaming trends in the US, radical changes to the game are likely to be needed to keep viewers watching and to get more of the audience interested, but it is doable. It will take the work of dedicated sports fans to push the games into public view, but from what we’ve seen in recent years, it’s clear that the games will be considered a sport for the near future.

The trend of mobile games

Recently, mobile games have gained quite a large share in terms of revenue. Gaming consoles / platforms and online gaming giants have dominated the gaming industry for the past few decades, but with the massive insurgents of mobile gaming, change is definitely coming and change is welcome, especially for the gamers. avid and enthusiastic gamers.

The mobile gaming revenue forecast is projected to rise to $ 45 billion in 2018. Asia has been the industry leader since 2013, and is forecast to dominate the industry by up to 50% of total revenue. Industry analyst Vincent van Deelen stated: “This is simply not the case. We are also emphasizing that recent results from individual high-profile companies such as Rovio, King, DeNA and GREE are not necessarily indicative of the state of the mobile market as We don’t want to inflate market figures, but hard facts have forced us to adjust our estimates upwards. We have maintained our annual growth rates through 2017, ultimately leading to a market share of over 40,000. millions of dollars. “

In this regard, mobile game players have successfully gained a large market share, like most game consoles and online game companies. In fact, this is good news for game development companies and their shareholders to put more attention and emphasis on this growing trend. Android games are also expected to be predictably higher in the coming years. However, it is still a proven fact that iOS makes more revenue than Google Play even though the latter has a massive download for freemium model type of games. But on a global perspective, Chinese app stores and Android game downloads and revenue far outpaced iOS in 2014. North America, Europe, and other Asian countries, such as Japan and South Korea, have also ventured into the trend. global. Reports show that mobile gaming now accounts for nearly 40% of the country’s total digital gaming revenue. With increasing competition, smaller companies are also getting creative with the introduction of e-sports, multi-screen games, and HTML5 mobile games, and the final trend is the growing popularity of Android game downloads for games based on TV. The top 7 companies in the mobile game industry are competing for quality game releases to dominate even more and not be left behind on the scene. These are some of the most downloaded game apps:



3. Angry Birds

4. Angry Birds Rio

5. Angry Birds seasons

6. Angry Birds Space

7. Angry Birds Star Wars

8. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

9. Angry Birds Go!

10. Angry Birds 2

11. Ant Smasher: Best Free Game

12. Archery Master 3D

13. Asphalt 8: Airborne

14. Bad Piggies

15. Bad Piggies HD

16. Banana Kong

17. Basketball stars

18. Blossom Blast Saga

19. Boom Beach

20. Brave Frontier

21. Bubble Witch Saga

22. Bubble Witch 2 Saga

23. Candy Crush Saga

24. Candy Crush Soda Saga

25. Cars: Fast as Lightning

26. Castle Clash: Age of Legends

27. Clash of Clans

28. Clash of Kings

29. Clash Royale

30. Color change

31. Criminal case

32. Crossy Road

33. CSR Racing

34. Deer Hunter

35. Gru, my favorite villain

36. Diamond Dash

37. Diamond Digger Saga

38. Don’t touch the white tile

39. Dragon City

40. Drag Racing Classic

41. Dream League

42. Silly ways to die

43. Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

44. Extreme car driving simulator

45. Fast Racing 3D

46. ​​Frozen free fall

47. Geometry Dash

48. Geometry Dash Lite

49. Farm Heroes Saga

50. FIFA 15 Ultimate

51. Free flow

52. Fruit Ninja Free

53. Glow Hockey

54. Hay Day

55. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

56. Mountaineering races

57. Hungry Shark

58. Jetpack Joyride

59. Jewels Saga

60. Magic Rush: Heroes

61. Minecraft: Pocket Edition


63. My Talking Angela

64. My Talking Tom

65. Pou

66. 8 ball billiards

67. Pet Rescue Saga

68. Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Play … 2)

69. Plants vs. Zombies

70. Plants vs. Zombies 2

71. Real Racing 3

72. Score! Hero

73. Shadow Fight 2

74. SimCity BuildIt

75. Skater boy


77. Smash Hit

78. Smurf Village

79. Solitaire

80. Sonic Dash

81. Spider-man Unlimited

82. Stack

83. Star Girl

84. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

85. Subway Surfers

86. Summoners War

87. Talking Tom bubble shooter

88. Temple Run

89. Temple Run 2

90. Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe

91. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

92. Throne Rush

93. Traffic Racer

94. Traffic Rider

95. Trivia Crack

96. Vector

97. Zombie Tsunami

98. Z War

99. 2048

100. 2048 Number

This is a clear indicator that the market share of mobile games is expected to grow in the coming years.

IPhones VS Androids, their differences and similarities

There is great excitement in the media and telecommunications circle as iPhone and Android users compete for the champion of their class when it comes to mobile technology. From a productivity point of view, both devices have their differences and similarities. However, depending on the respective categories they serve, there is always one that has a competitive advantage. We’ll examine each mobile device in each choice category to determine which one stands out. The areas that are questioned in this smartphone saga are: Login functions, take photos, make calls, manage storage, entertain users and last but not least, involve social networks.

Logging in

Logging into one’s device could be the first test of patience and tolerance, as it is the first thing we do before using other functions of the phone. IPhones’ TouchID fingerprint sensor technology is considered the most secure way to allow authorized users to access the device, as each fingerprint is unique to each person on the planet. Although Android users have similar technology, iPhones are the true patented leaders when it comes to this feature.

In a closer comparison, Android has a smart screen lock technology that uses facial recognition to allow access to the device, but this is often less secure than the TouchID feature. While this admits that the iPhone is the preferred option in this category, there may be other features that Android users prefer, such as making calls.

Making calls

Now that social distancing is becoming the new norm, “Facetime” calls have proven their worth and, once again, iPhone users are smiling face to face with this feature. As much as they prefer in the category, Android users bridge the gap by using other apps like WhatsApp to virtually connect with their contacts. However, it is not the same as “Facetime”.

Unlike the latter, Android technology boasts its easy-to-use contact list feature which is considered superior compared to the iPhone. All contacts are arranged sequentially for recent and most frequent calls. This convenient feature makes it easy to retrieve and retrieve calls. However, one would say; “Who needs that when you can put a face to a call?”

Selfies and snapshots

And speaking of putting photos on faces, taking photos is believed to be the number one feature for most smartphone users. The iPhone seems to lead again when it comes to capturing moments with precision and quality. While both share their advantages and disadvantages based on the skills of their users, one thing that stands out: the arrangement and storage of photos. Without reservation, Android beats the iPhone in that category, as Google Photo stores images and manages them.


Storage plays a big role in collecting data and you could give the function a big score when deciding which device to use. If you are a photographer, graphic artist, or animator who is thinking of an affordable device that can manage data, you will most likely go for an Android smartphone. Why, because it does not require updating when the capacity to store files is exhausted. There are expandable SD cards and cloud storage that can be accessed.

In a contrasting light, the iPhone has its share of the cloud storage option by having your file in iClouds. This is similar to Google Photo, but the difference with its internal storage is that it does not have a disposable SD slot and once users exceed its physical storage capacity, they have to upgrade their smartphones to a newer and updated device. If you’re an animator and can afford to do this, a smart suggestion is to get an iPhone because the next feature beats all others.


Videos and music attract a high percentage of smartphone users and it is important to have a device that offers quality and precision. The iPhone speaks loud when it comes to hitting. According to CNN Business Magazine, the iPhone is the primary device for an unlimited and consistent repertoire of music for its users. However, the difference to Apple’s iPhone platform is that music is not free, while Android users enjoy free music that we all know is supported by ads.

To determine a winner in this category, we look at the quality of the delivery, and since the entertainment speaks for itself, the iPhone drops the mic and declares victory.

Social media

While the iPhone declares its dominance in entertainment, Android challenges its opponent when it comes to social media interactions. This becomes an alarming fact due to its unrestricted access emanating from the affordable cost of Android.

Contrary to this, the iPhone is known to have many holes in the pockets of consumers. However, there is a line of demarcation when it comes to new features and updates and if one does not have an iPhone, it could be left behind in the field of technology.

In the business world, new applications emerge every day to improve productivity. If you are a social media manager, you would do well to be smartly equipped with the latest gadgets to handle your market. The iPhone outperforms Android when it comes to meeting these high-tech demands. However, when it comes to ease of communication and user-friendly benefits, we could certainly say that Android stands out.

According to CNET, both the iPhone and Samsung have tipped the market in terms of features and benefits for their respective users. A particular CNET article explained that depending on the device one uses to communicate with their respective partner, communication is the key to their future love life. This means that no matter what device we use to communicate, tradition, culture and expectations play a predominant role in deciding which one is more effective in communication.

The final account

The login feature opens up a host of promise to its excited user, but both phones capture memorable moments in various expressive ways. While there are compromises during these Kodak moments, every user is satisfied in the end.

After the exciting encounters, storage plays an important role in determining what is left with or removed from devices and we are entertained by what we choose to keep. We also share these events through an inquisitive audience network that can’t wait to see and respond.

The similarities and differences highlight the advantages and disadvantages within each category of features, and we decide which device gives us satisfaction. However, we have selected the winners in some of the above categories; We cannot say which one is more dominant and more preferable than the other because each moment and category is unique for its user.

To determine a winner, one would not depend only on the decisions of the users, but on the audience (third parties) who also experience the results (service delivery). They are the ones who are part of the decision-making process. Therefore, I let each reader determine the winner: iPhone VS Androids. For me, I say that both have their place in the world of telecommunications.

Top 5 free Android games for those cathartic moments of calm

When you have an Android phone, working hard and spending your day running, writing emails, attending meetings, rushing for trains and buses, queuing for just about everything, and generally being a ball of stress, you need time to relax. One of your companions in the midst of your whirlwind of digital torrents and verbal diarrhea is your trusty smartphone. Even though you can curse its beeps and battery life, it has a whole world of fun just below the surface, waiting for you to take a break and play one of its great games.

Next time you have a moment on the train, try one of these …

Traffic jam

What at first seems like a very boring game that will age in a matter of minutes will soon turn out to be more fascinating than a table-sized Sudoku puzzle. Traffic Jam is basically a puzzle game where you have to get a car out of a parking lot full of cars by sliding the cars that fit you, up and down so that your car has access to the exit. Each level gets a little more difficult, but despite your frustration, the joy of finding the solution is immense.

Theft Defense

Get out of a complex game considering it’s free. The goal is to prevent your enemies from crossing a grassy plain and entering your base by building a variety of missile towers and robotic weapons on their way. There are a ton of basic towers that you can upgrade as you earn money for destroying each enemy. A great mix of destruction and tactics.


A classic game well done. If you want a game that you can play alone or with a colleague that involves great skill and strategic inspiration, then you can’t go wrong with backgammon.

Air Control Lite

For budding air traffic controllers who like to feel in control. Air Control presents you with a variety of airports where you have to land a variety of planes without letting them hit each other. You have to judge flight paths and keep track of where everything is on an increasingly busy screen. It keeps you alert.


Another classic game well done. Sitting on the train, yelling ‘huzzah’ has never felt so good when plunging your enemy into the dark depths. You can even play with a friend.

As you can see, this is a large section of the mobile phone market with a lot of innovation and money to be made. These games may be free, but many require payment and this certainly feels like a growing sector. If you plan to enter this industry, you will need a payment gateway for your site and a backup with an internet merchant account. These little ‘micropayments’ that games often require are a great way to attract people to your new game.

Help! A Pokémon is invading my lawn

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since July 6, 2016, at least you know that millions of people around the world now spend every spare moment hunting Pokémon. (For the uninitiated who are about to correct my grammar, I am sure that Pokémon is both singular and plural, there are no ‘Pokemons’). It’s an international obsession, which saw the new ‘Pokemon Go’ app downloaded more than 15 million times in the first 6 days after its launch in Australia, Japan, and the United States.

What is a Pokémon? Technically, it is a small creature found in video games. Catch one and you can train it to help you fight others. The basic concept hasn’t changed, although (believe it or not) Pokémon are now 20 years old. That was how long ago was when some smart computer scientists dreamed up the Pokémon video game for Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld. At that stage, most people didn’t have access to the internet, and Pokémon were strictly offline beasts. Still, according to Wikipedia, the Pokémon franchise has sold around 280 million units, making it the second most popular game franchise in history, based on unit sales. The franchise’s gross revenue has surpassed $ 46 billion during that period, which could technically make the Pokémon empire bigger than Greenland or the Cayman Islands. Those guys should seriously think about getting a national dragon!

For the past two years, some other smart people working at Niantic, partly owned by Nintendo, have been stepping away, or should I say ‘pokemon’ (yes, that’s a real word) to produce the latest and greatest edition ever released. . on July 6, 2016. On that date, the cages were opened and the Pokémon ran, swam, and flew to the four corners of the earth where they can be found today. Now. Can I see them. Of course, I can only see them through my Android mirror, but Niantic promises that very soon I will have my own personal ‘Pokemon Go Plus’ wearable device, a kind of lapel clip, which will alert me to the presence of a Pokemon nearby. and let me look it up without touching my phone. Wherever you go on earth, you’ll see these lapel clips, buzzing around. Buzz. Buzz. And you thought cell phones ringing in cinemas was a distraction!

Why does this matter anyway? Be patient while I put on my geek boy glasses for a moment. First of all, Pokemon Go is a kind of ‘augmented reality’ system. Many individuals and organizations have tried to bring these systems into the mainstream, without commercial success. The initial popularity of Pokemon Go shows that augmented reality could really be a new revolution at our doorstep, changing our lives more than texting and selfies (for example). Hunting Pokémon is just the beginning of this revolution. Second, the convergence of artificial intelligence and augmented reality opens the door to a world where constant companions will be with us wherever we go, greatly enriching our experience of the world. Think of Siri in Anavar.

Some readers will remember ‘Clippy’ and other attempts to purportedly enrich user experiences with desktop productivity software. If you don’t remember Clippy, consider yourself lucky. Clippy was an irritating wannabe that sometimes made you feel like hitting the screen just to make it go away. And maybe that’s the point here. We do not want enrichment imposed on us. What we want is an enrichment that is there when we need it or choose it, as a friend in our life whom we invite to come to places with us. Pokémon can be seductive and magnetic, but they don’t invade our space unless we accept it. In short, friends are for when we want to play or share experiences and sometimes when we want to open our hearts to a good listener. News Flash: Dr. Pokemon will see you now.

However, sometimes friends lead you astray and get you in trouble, and apparently “‘I was collecting Pokémon’ is not a legal defense,” according to Western Australian police. Seriously? So if I chase my imaginary monster friend into your backyard, can’t I plead insanity? (Find “Pokemon insanity” online. That’s one thing). Heard people are putting up signs on their properties now, telling Pokemon trainers not to go in there. In fact, some attorneys are suggesting that if you come on my property and take my Pokémon it is robbery. You have been warned.

The seven worst things you can say to a new mom

Most of you already know that I have seven children. Mom, I’ve heard it all. I was there, I did that, I bought the shirt. Finally I reduced the rudest comments to the first seven, one for each child. So if you are clueless or your mouth tends to get overloaded, take careful note and DO NOT say these seven things.

1. When does it expire?

Okay, it’s true. That belly takes a while to come down (if it ever does). Meanwhile, everyone who loves this new mom tells her how beautiful she is and compliments her on how quickly she’s getting her figure back (even if she’s not). All it takes is for a stranger to come and wait: “When is delivery time?” and her whole self-image is shattered. In short, if you’re not sure, don’t ask. For the love of all that is holy, please don’t ask.

2. Well, when I gave birth …

Here’s the deal. A new mom is enjoying the pain, pleasure, and glory of her birth. Let her tell you everything, but only if she really wants to. One thing you DO NOT want to hear about is when you, your wife, your daughter, your boss, or your cute sister in Los Angeles gave birth. You can pretend you’re interested, but you’re not. She is just being polite. And if your pretty sister in Los Angeles gave birth naturally in a water lily-laden puddle and was fitting into her jeans next week so she could do her modeling shoot, then she’s probably trying to look interested while holding back the vomit. , which is especially difficult. Don’t put her through heartbreak.

3. Are you breastfeeding?

This falls into one of those “no beeswax” categories. Sure, we all know the merits of breastfeeding. I’m definitely pro-lacto and have the nipples to prove it (no bragging rights, just the facts, Jack). If you are breastfeeding, great! If you’re not breastfeeding, great! I was breastfed and am quite healthy. My husband was not breastfed and he is also very healthy. Now if you’re talking about mental health, he’s probably better off than me. Do what’s best for you and don’t try to save the world one boobie at a time.

4. You’ll be back in your blue jeans in no time.

He may already be back in his blue jeans. She was that big when she started. You really don’t want to go there. Idiot’s Guide to New Moms: Tell her she looks wonderful, fantastic, beautiful. But don’t comment on her size or weight unless it’s totally obvious she’s putting a Giselle on you and getting ready to walk the catwalk on angel wings. Oh, and don’t tell her she’s beaming. This is a comment that is intended for pregnant women and generally means “you look very flushed, as if your head is about to explode.”

5. Are you planning to have more?

If it is, then it is. Let your mother-in-law and OB / GYN get this kind of curiosity, but not you. You want to talk about the baby or your new life as a mom, or maybe you just want to complain a little or a lot. She isn’t thinking that far down the road yet, so don’t push her. Right now she is getting used to her new “normal” – don’t make her think of anything else. Your brain can turn into a syrupy liquid and ooze from your ears.

6. Did you break any?

Seriously? Do I need to include this? Yes, obviously I do, as I’ve been asked this before. At first, I was stunned. But, then God whispered the perfect word in my head in response. I just looked at the questioning woman in a puzzled way and asked her, “Where?”

7. Do you need help?

At first this seems like a nice thing to say. But a new mom will never do it, and I repeat, she will NEVER tell you that she needs help. You can also yell, “I am a failure!” No sir, it won’t happen. Even if he’s hanging by a thread, he’ll smile and say, “No, that’s fine, we’re doing fine. Thanks anyway.” This is where you must catch the bull by the horns. Don’t ask if you need help because you need it. It is unavoidable. Just tell him what you are going to do. “I’m bringing a meal, so tell me what you like.” or “I’m going to clean the house, so tell me when would be a good time.” She can’t reject you. And if she does, she has either fallen over the edge mentally or has a team of people hired to help her. If he is mentally gone, offer him medication. If you have hired help, lay eggs at home.

There you go. Follow this guide and you can’t go wrong. And remember, if you’re not really sure what to say, then keep your ever loving mouth shut. Smile and say hello, Mom. Smiles and greets.

IAStorDataSvc uses too much CPU in Windows 10

Unfortunately for various apps, Windows 10 tends to have a problem with excessive CPU usage (often caused by a memory leak).

In the case of IAStorDataSvc (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Service), the problem lies in the way the application runs continuously in the “background” of Windows.

The tell-tale sign of a problem is when you load the “Task Manager” and see that the IAStorDataSvc (32-bit) service is constantly running at ~ 30% + CPU capacity.


The cause of the problem appears to be a problem with the way Intel (its publisher) designed IAStorDataSvc.

With problems like this, the typical problem is that the system is executing some kind of recursive function, which inherently consumes a significant (and sometimes increasing) amount of resources.

For many cases of the problem (for different applications), the tell-tale sign is high memory usage. However, there is usually a lot of CPU processing usage as well.

The point is yes some The application in Windows 10 is consuming more system resources than it should, it has a number of adverse effects on the system.

Aside from the obvious degradation in overall system performance, other issues such as overheating and lack of space will often ruin systems with such issues.

To do this, the most important thing is to try to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology service system is generally guilty in this case; which means that it is better to get rid of it completely.


The main solution, in this case, is to get rid of the third-party application “Intel Rapid Storage Technology”.

This should leave the driver in your system; just remove the third-party app you use as a “control panel” (and it’s taking up all your CPU resources):

1. Uninstall the “Intel Rapid Storage Technology” application

The first step is to completely remove this from your system.

This is a very simple process:

  • In Windows 7, click “Start”> “Control Panel”> “Programs and Features”

  • In Windows 10, right-click the “Start” button> select “Apps and Features”

From the list that appears (in both cases), you must scroll down to the “Intel Rapid Storage Technology” list, select it, and then click “Uninstall.”

This will open the application uninstall system, which you need to follow and then restart your PC once it is complete.

2.Update Intel SATA Raid Chipset Drivers

Chipset drivers are designed to provide entry-level functionality to the various components within a system.

* It * may * be the case that you are experiencing a problem with the core chipset controller in your system, leading to CPU usage issues.

In other words, the “problem” you have may be symptomatic from a deeper problem – that problem is usually associated with the SATA Raid controller:

  • Go to Google and search for “Intel Rapid Storage Technology chipset driver”

  • Click on the first Intel link you find

  • It should show a list of drivers; make sure you get the first one that is compatible with your operating system

  • Save the driver to your system

  • Open the download and run the installer

  • After the installation is complete, reboot your system

If the problem persists, go back to Step 1 to remove the app from your system again.

3. Disable the service

Lastly, you should be able to disable the service (if it still appears).

Windows uses services as a “constant point of reference for applications.”

While they are not applications, they behave similarly: they run continuously in the “background” of Windows.

Drivers often install “services” on Windows systems and make them run continuously from whatever is installed on your system.

You need to ensure that this particular driver’s service is removed:

  • Press the “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard

  • Type “services.msc” + press “OK”

  • Scroll down to “Intel Rapid Storage Technology” (assuming it’s still there)

  • If it’s still present (it shouldn’t), right-click and select “Stop”

  • After this, right click again and select “Properties”

  • In the window that appears, select “Disable” under “Startup Type”.

  • Click OK to exit the window.

This should remove the service from your system, preventing it from taking up more resources.

After doing this, there are a number of other things to do to try to solve the problem (forever) …

  • Temporarily disable antivirus – It may be the case that your antivirus application is blocking system access to core Windows elements that it needs to run (causing some sort of recursive loop as mentioned above). A good test for this is to simply disable the antivirus application temporarily and see if the problems persist.

  • Update Windows – It can often happen that Windows has difficulty running the application or has some underlying problem causing a conflict with the Intel application. You get a lot of this from games; they may have some problem with the main graphics driver or something like that. To fix this, making sure Windows is fully up to date will ensure that it can work effectively.

  • Look for specific support: it may be the case that your system has a conflicting application installed, causing the Intel service to consume increasing amounts of resources. The best way to ensure this is not a problem is to seek the support of someone with specific expertise in your system. This can be done online (through services like SuperUser) or locally.

Installation Guide and Warnings for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has made a strategic move by presenting Windows 10 as reversing all criticism about its previously released version of the Windows operating system (win 8). The company announced the launch of this numerically questionable successor to Windows 8 during an event in San Francisco. Shortly after Microsoft announced Windows 10 and discussed its features, the ‘Windows 10 Technical Preview’ became available for download and also free of charge. Taking into account the increasing demands of users on missing Windows features, Microsoft decided to make the preview available to work, immediately after installing it.

The much-hyped Windows 9 or Threshold underwent a shocking update, as Microsoft emphasizes its latest release with a numerically questionable successor. According to company details, the latest version of Windows includes all the old features in combination with some special features to make the Windows experience better and faster. In addition, the company clearly stated that the Technical Preview is only an initial version of what Windows 10 actually is. Since the current version is only the download and installation version, the full version of Windows 10 with separate editions will be released. sale in mid-2015.

What can you get in the Technical Preview package and what are the caveats?

• It will give a foundation to software that is still in the development stage, so do not consider it as a final version.

• Allows you to share your opinion on the matter and make a request for difficulties and changes, if necessary

• Users should be prepared for updates or a change in user interface design that could occur over time.

• Early compilation will help you understand troubleshooting, backing up data, formatting a hard drive, installing an operating system, or restoring your old operating system, if necessary.

• Make sure not to install it on your daily computer as it may contain some features, performance, or process-related issues that have not yet been tested.

Microsoft further added that users, who think BIOS is a new plant-based fuel, should not install Tech Preview on their devices as it may cause some uncertainties. All Windows operating systems require a system to achieve the minimum requirements, so things are the same even for the Win 10 Technical Preview:

• A Microsoft account and Internet access

• Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

• Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

• RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

• Free hard disk space: 16 GB

Before upgrading your device to the latest offering from Microsoft, be sure to research what will and will not need to be reinstalled once you switch to Windows 10. Users may get different support depending on the version of Windows from which they are The operating system is being updated. Here is the list of some of the common versions of Windows along with details on what needs to be reinstalled:

• Windows 8 or 8.1 and Windows 7 will allow users to keep their Windows settings, personal files, and most of the installed applications.

• Windows RT 8.1 or Windows RT does not support Tech Preview, therefore these users cannot enjoy the benefit of using an older version of Windows 10

• Windows Vista users will need to boot from media and perform a clean install to use Tech Preview on their devices.

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview?

If you have accepted all the components and your device meets the minimum system requirements for the preview installation, you can proceed. To install the new Windows operating system on your devices, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for the Windows Insider program and check the system requirements

2. Now you can click one of the download links – Windows 10 x86 (2.9GB) Technical Preview, Windows 10 x64 (3.8GB) Technical Preview – to download the ISO file, from Microsoft’s official website .

3. Make a note of the product key that was provided to you.

4. Once the download is complete, copy the ISO file to a DVD or USB flash drive. Plug the USB flash drive into your desired system, where you want Windows 10 Tech Preview to be installed.

5. Double-tap or double-click ‘setup.exe’ from the installation media and then follow the instructions provided in the wizard.


Since users are aware of Microsoft’s preview versions and have used the beta versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8, testing the initial version becomes quite easy. Windows users often say that getting the latest version of Windows months before everyone else has it is a blessing, and seeing the operating system evolve based on their recommendations is very participatory. Since the beta versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 were very stable, users expect Windows 10 to be the same. Many users will try to enjoy this preview version, as the recorded history Microsoft offers the full version with discounted upgrade prices to beta testers.

While some will prevent them from doing so, as there is no guarantee that users will be able to upgrade to the final version of the beta software. By now, you may have understood that Windows 10 Technical Preview is specially developed for you and why you should give it a try. So, go ahead and install the beta version of Windows 10, as it is certainly better than persisting with Windows XP and its third-party security hacks.

5 services a virtual assistant can provide direct sales leaders

As a top-level leader in your direct selling business, you should spend more time developing leaders, building a sales organization, and running your personal business. While you can do anything, no one can do everything. Here are 5 tasks you can delegate to a trained virtual assistant who can collaborate and partner with you for the success of your business.

Electronic newsletters. Are you having difficulty sending an email newsletter to your clients, your monthly recognition report to your team members in a timely manner? A VA can contribute its experience to create a newsletter with relevant and timely information that reaches its clients. This could be a template configured in Constant Contact that can be updated with new content for each new edition. This can result in more consistent sales, bookings, leads, and referrals. It can also help you recognize the successes of your team members on a consistent and regular basis with a team recognition report.

Personal website update. A VA can keep the content on its website up-to-date and relevant to its clients and team members. This may include timely news applicable to your current promotions and programs and online party settings.

Calendar management. Let your VA not only manage your appointments on your calendar, but also keep track of the timelines of promotions and programs that are relevant to your clients and team members. Your VA can use Google Calendar to manage its appointments and deadlines and you have the ability to sync it with Outlook.

Host packages and host services. Give your VA the contents of your host package. Decide if all or part of it can be shipped virtually and what time frame you want it to use when booking a new party. That email can be followed by a submission of all non-electronic information. A virtual assistant can also set up reminder phone calls for hosts using an automated service like PhoneVite. It can also provide you with PhoneVite reports on the number of confirmations received and the success rate of each call. Pre-party phone calls have been shown to increase both attendance and outside requests.

Team building meetings and teleclasses. Your VA can help you with team training content for live meetings. This could include creating brochures, brochures, and agenda. You can also configure teleclasses for your team with all the options you are looking for. This may include emailing your team members with teleclass information, sending email reminders, and any documents that may be needed for training or teleclass.

Working with a virtual assistant works best when you form a long-term collaborative partnership. The best virtual assistants are those who fully understand your business as much as you do. They are not there for a single project; they see the big picture and can think long term. They know that when their business is successful, so is their business. It can be difficult to put aside some of your administrative tasks in your business, but the more you can delegate to your VA, the more time you have for the things you love to do and the things you are good at. When you can focus on what you do best, your business life and personal life become more enjoyable.

Why games as a service will end video games

Video games have been around for quite some time. They are the favorite hobby of many people, and even a way to earn money. Playing video games went from being a hobby to a job very quickly, especially when video and live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch emerged. With these platforms, many people chose their controllers in hopes of becoming the next gamer who makes millions doing what they love. With more people playing, game developers must offer better and more up-to-date products. Even if these products are not the best, in the end they do it all for the money, because it is a business.

When video games were first released, they were an incredible feat and they were all unique in their own way. Even though they didn’t look that great in the ’80s and’ 90s, they did offer something that even many games today don’t. And that something is quality. In the last 5 years, video games began to become more of a service than a true piece of entertainment. Little by little, the main developers of Triple A began to incorporate microtransactions in their games, very different from DLC (downloadable content). The DLC was always an expansion or more content added to make the game more playable, which in turn made gamers entertained and wanted more. The problem lies in video games trying to sell pieces of their game that should have been free or unlocked by playing the game instead of simply entering a credit card number to unlock said heroes or items. This is a common practice recently and has raised many problems, with many countries even treating gambling as “loot boxes”, which it actually is. A loot box in video games is when a player uses in-game currency or actual currency to obtain a random item or a random set of items. Now that the value of these items is based on a scale, some players will receive rare or higher quality items compared to others simply based on the odds. This is primarily aimed at younger players who are more naive and willing to spend whatever money they have on a game to look cooler or play better. All just to get ahead of the curve.

This practice is extremely dangerous not only because it promotes play among children, but it can be extremely addictive. There are many cases where people spend thousands of dollars just to get a single item or to enhance their character or equipment. Clearly the developers don’t care, because it’s just more money for them, but they never look at what this can do for a person’s livelihood and even their families.

The main reason these practices are implemented is that the developers continue to make money even after the game is released. According to statistics, microtransactions generate more overall than the game itself, and those types of game series are released annually with little to no change to the video game itself. It is extremely rare to find a complete game in any store or market that does not offer micro transactions, even if they do not affect the game, it is still a major problem.

If developers want to keep gamers entertained and invested in their video games, then they should develop quality games instead of creating games that are barely finished and loaded with micro transactions. Games as a service trend are slowly wiping out the quality of video games. Sooner or later, people will not even be allowed to fully own the game, it will all be just a rental, but the player still needs to buy a code to play the rental and then pay the rent to play the game that is not even theirs. Look how crazy that sounds !? The only way this will all change is if the player chooses to switch.