5 of the ten things to avoid when trying astral projection

When someone who has learned something in particular and is trying to help others experience that particular something, it helps to point out all the obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes, and just about anything else that might stand in the way of success. Astral Projection is that particular something that we will discuss, as well as those things that deprive others of experiencing the Astral Plane.

Little known things like Pepper, which can keep you rooted in the body, can actually prevent someone from Astral Projecting. Even those who are experienced in astral projection and can do so at will may not be aware of some of these practical but unnecessary limits.

These limitations are just everyday things that in themselves are not bad at all. Knowledge is the key.”in knowledge“They can be used to your advantage. Many are known to impede access to the inner planes, while others can be more obscure. That’s all the more reason to collect them all here to serve as a resource of references to talk about.

After all, astral projection is quite difficult. Knowing what things to avoid will save us all our hard work.

So here are the ten things to avoid when trying astral projection.

number one and probably the most important is FEAR, as the bible says “Fear is failure and the forerunner of failure, therefore courage is a virtue”. & “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” If you have any fear, even those that you are not aware of, they will prevent you from leaving your body. Fear is the root of most evils with which man finds trouble.

so number two which is very important to know and equally challenging, Magnetism. There are electromagnetic currents and energy fields everywhere. In fact, if you are in or near a large city, the chances of finding a place without an electromagnetic energy field are high. Telephone cables and power lines expel a large amount of current.

This is also another reason why serious students are led to stay as far away from the thoughts of man as possible. Far in the desert or desert, mountains that have you. Places like these are often the cleanest and most suitable environment for homework.

These are heavy in nature and can have the effect of keeping it where it is and leaving no trace as to why. Although if one is creative and skilled, these ‘currents‘of energy can be harnessed and/or used to great advantage. The important thing is to learn about them and find their direction and measure of power.

Number Three it is food and drink. There are certain foods that are not desirable for astral travel and others that are. It is up to the individual to learn their own astral allergies, so to speak. Everyone is unique in this, however, there are some standards that work pretty well for most people.

Things like pepper, spices, hot sauces, spicy foods, and peppers tend to connect the spirit to the body. Alcohol is known to be (to quote an obscure old guru) “the mestruum for the astral plane” and should not be drunk for at least a month beforehand.

number four not preparing properly. In short, avoid being careless. A bad job can have terrible consequences. This should be taken literally as well as figuratively. In both directions and in all directions. You should be in good health, have had adequate sleep, rest, exercise, be well fed with healthy foods.

Mentally clean and organized, with all stress-related issues reduced as much as possible. It should be understood that the direction in which you sleep is also important. It wouldn’t hurt to have kept a good journal or dream journal as a means of keeping your dreams in order.

Number five It may sound strange, but it is true that unreliable expectations can prevent a real astral projection. Listening too much to what other people tell you about what you will experience can and often will deny you any real experience.

Get away from all Image and Facade of society. An evil in which the world spends too much time is Vanity. It will do you good not to flatter your mind so much as to dilute the observance of the truth because of your pride.

So there you have it. It was a bit longer than anticipated, but these are five of the ten things to avoid when attempting astral projection.

How to Find the Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

How do you find the best Lake Texoma fishing guide?

If you are planning a trip to Lake Texoma and want to do Striper Fish with a good guide, here are some tips that will make your adventure a success. Start with a Google search and get ready for many fishing guide options. You can search for “Lake Texoma Fishing Guides” or “Lake Texoma Ray Guides” and get all the listings you’ll ever need. Make sure you book 30-60 days in advance. Lake Texoma is the Striper Capital of the World and the guides stay busy year-round. If you’re booking a multi-day trip, make sure your Lake Texoma fishing guide understands. Now you are tasked with finding a quality Texoma fishing guide. You will find many Google ads at the top and bottom of the page. Most of the Texoma guides pay for ads on Google!

How does the website look?

Eight out of ten Google searches are done on a tablet or smartphone. If the website does not fit on your smartphone and the text and images are small, continue to the next guide. Does the website have a fishing report? Are the fishing reports up to date? If you find a fishing report that is two years old and the site only has two reports, skip to the next guide! Does the Texoma Fishing Guide website have social media links? If the answer is no, find another candidate. If there are links to social networks, check them out. If you don’t find many posts on Facebook, look for another guide. Please take the time to read the guide website home page! Is the content readable or does it sound jumbled and confusing? Spinning content is very common on a guide website, and ranking on Google is easier with mass produced spinning content.

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Boat Photos

Texoma is a very large lake and can be difficult to navigate when the weather turns bad. Make sure your Texoma Fishing Guides boat is big and safe. A 21 foot boat is standard, anything less is not safe on Lake Texoma. You are going to spend 4-6 hours in Texoma with a guide, make sure the boat is ok! If you’re a master fisherman and familiar with fishing rods and reels, ask the guide what he uses! Most good Texoma fishing guides will have this information on their website, so look it up!

Social Media Guides and Lake Texoma Striper

You can find customer reviews on websites and social media, but the best way to find a good review is on Facebook. It’s not a Facebook review, because those are carefully chosen! Find a fishing guide post, then look at the comments. Most customers respond to Facebook posts. Send a message to the customer and let them know that you need a review and that you’re thinking about booking a trip. 9 out of 10 customers will respond and tell you how good or bad the guide was on their trip.

Customize Your Lake Texoma Striper Trip

Once you get a list of 10 possible Texoma fishing guides, pull out your smartphone and start texting. Make sure your potential guide knows the following:

1) Dates you want to fish

2) How many fishermen are in your group?

3) Your party’s fishing skills

4) Any special needs (children, disabilities)

If you send this information by email, it will take 2-3 days for a response, a text message will get a quick response. Some guides will be booked out, so be sure to book 60 days in advance. If you have a group of artificial lure fishermen, do not book a live bait trip. If you have novice anglers who simply want to experience Texoma, a live bait trip might be for you. If you have kids, make sure your guide catches them. Most Texoma guides fish for kids, but it’s best to find out in a text message and not at the marina dock.

Lake Texoma The Stripper Capital of the World

Texoma is one of the few fisheries in the US where Striper breeds naturally. The Red River picks up salt near Wichita Falls and carries it to Lake Texoma. The high salt content and movement of river water allow Striper to breed each spring. Texas and Oklahoma also stock Striper in Lake Texoma every year! Texoma doubles in Striper every year and it’s a great fishery! If you’re looking for memories of a lifetime, reserve your Texoma Striper tip today!

Destruction and creation: a hyperbole of new jobs

What does it take to get from here to there and back? Come on, let’s not joke, sugarcoat or oversimplify our situation. As new or current business model processes and technologies replace legacy ones, it is absolutely essential to question “creative destruction”.

Technology, without a doubt, is and continues to be the largest generator of employment in the country and quite possibly in the world. In fact, our country has been bleeding jobs all over the shores of other countries.

As many hierarchical “talking heads” made promises regarding the mobile industry and public and private Wi-Fi networks, partnerships were forged. These clandestine plans included Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, and other smaller metropolitan areas. They were all coming up with a way to create millions upon thousands of jobs and also bridge the digital divide. This challenge was being addressed with the implementation of very heavy fundamentals.

“A rollout that big is tenuous,” says Rob Preston. Mr. Preston is the Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Information Week’s technical magazine. He says metropolitan Wi-Fi service providers went bankrupt while equipment vendors sought higher ground. Also, the government opportunists moved on to the next big project.

Despite the national unemployment rate hovering at a heartbreaking 9 percent, technology vendors and lawmakers are taking credit for creating jobs — millions of new jobs in the United States.

Many of you may be aware that other parts of the economy are losing jobs as fast as the tech industry is creating them. These job creation claims are exaggeration at best: a load of nonsense.

According to Preston, the cloud, mobile devices, apps, and big data claim to create millions of jobs in the US, and yet the national unemployment rate is 8.3 percent, and most likely , higher than that. Many people are not counted due to their inability to qualify for unemployment compensation benefits. These people are most likely not being counted or added to the roles they consistently cite, creating a miscount.

Jobs Creation says it makes sense for Microsoft to target cloud providers. Technology providers plan to double their workforce this year. They say mobile and cloud apps are creating millions of jobs in the US.

That disconcerting boast makes me wonder; If that’s the case, why is the national unemployment rate at record highs? The US unemployment numbers read between eight and ten percent. These figures are devastating for the American economic system.

IDC reported, in a recent statement, that the cloud computing movement would create more than thirteen million technology and related jobs worldwide by 2015.

Mr. Preston also noted in his report that Seattle-based Vorsite and its partners plan to double their workforce before the end of the year. However, IDC and Microsoft dispute the scale of private and public cloud economics. To free up funds for new business ventures, they would have to reduce customer IT and processing costs. This move will also add jobs. His analysis omitted the efficiencies achieved through infrastructure consolidation. This overlooked fact will kill IT jobs even if it creates new jobs elsewhere. This author certainly agrees with Rob Preston when he realized that putting a number on net earnings in this case is more guesswork than science. It is nonsense to determine that jobs that are relocated are expected to demonstrate a more productive ROI.

The idea of ​​mergers always seems to result in job cuts as the parent company begins to eliminate redundant jobs. He promised to bring home 5,000 outsourced wireless call center jobs. A combination of abilities was attributed to part of the unemployment and the purge or the creation system. Unfortunately, five thousand more IT jobs have been created… While twelve point eight million people in the United States were unable to acquire paid employment. So many new jobs, and a point a million others have simply given up on job search efforts, and simply left.

Big Data CIOs are looking for business intelligence and analytics expertise. Another sector, according to a report last year by an American organization, could face a shortage of one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand people by 2018. These are the people with deep analytical skills along with more than a million managers and analysts who know how to use the big data analysis system – enabling effective decision making. With new jobs comes new training and the requirement to retrain existing ones.

500 MHz will be released as part of a deal with the FCC’s National Broadband Wireless Communications Agency: Broadcasters that auction wireless broadband communications control underused spectrum. The FCC chairman treats the proposed auctions as a government employment program.

“Few areas hold more promise for job creation than mobile technology,” is what he told an audience on a consumer electronics show.

Shell Gamers and mobile technology are the main attraction of job creation. In a desperate bid to get approval for a $39 billion deal to take over T-Mobile, AT&T had enough guts to argue how a merger would create thousands of new American jobs, Preston reported.

AT&T attached some of those jobs to the billions of dollars. They said they would spend for the expansion of their mobile broadband network.

The Analysis Group carried out a study for the apple. It is for indirect job creation numbers. The analysis applied to an employment multiplier; the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis created this tool. The Congressional Budget Office estimated how many stimulus jobs were created in 2009. The fluctuating numbers ranged from 1.6 million to 8.4 million.

The Analysis Group did not include in its estimates of job creation bus drivers, delivery men, managers, butchers, bakers and candle makers, as well as others who may or may not owe their livelihood to the financial greatness of Apple and its employees. , in some way or manner.

Microsoft isn’t alone in the job numbers fiasco. Like Apple, the friends are under fire for their employment practices. At some of the factories, foreign suppliers published the results of a study they commissioned to claim responsibility and credit for creating and sustaining 500,000 U.S. jobs. Partner and supplier companies created 257,000 they; they claim to have created glass manufacturers and shipping companies. Third-party application development companies claimed forty-seven thousand new jobs, which were absorbed as direct jobs. Apple’s claim to fame is, of course, that these jobs wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them.

South Mountain Economics used a multiplier to estimate the app economy’s employment figures relative to the rest of the US economy. It was noted that multipliers of 2.4 and 3.4 have been used to compare the employment impact of broadband spread across the country and the multipliers compared to other studies. A conservative figure of 1.5 served as a settlement. It would seem that every job in the app economy generates another 0.5 jobs in the rest of the US economy.

Technet, a lobbying group representing CEOs and other tech industry executives, released a separate study. They found that the so-called app economy (third-party lightweight app development for Amazon, Google, RIM (Research In Motion), Microsoft, Zynga, Facebook, and Apple along with a host of others) has created a total of roughly five : 100,000 direct and indirect US jobs since the introduction of the iPhone and its creation on the App Store.

How’s that for business-savvy analytical analysis of employment figures and assessment of job creation and destruction?

Sentiment Analysis is measuring the mood of Social Networks and is being incorporated by companies that monitor Community Driven Websites. New tactics and skill sets are definitely needed to gain a foothold in the new world of IT, communications, and analytics.

People talk, right? All it takes is a cloud…

Until next time…

Face Reading – Amazing Secrets of Communication

Give me 5 minutes with someone and I can tell you more about their character than a 10-page summary. I have “read” thousands of people who tell me that I know more about them in a few minutes than their spouse, family or friends. Am I the only one with access to this ancient secret? No, anyone can do what I do just by learning the Art of Face Reading. I have trained hundreds of people in a one day workshop or 5 part webinar, step by step process to learn this wisdom.

“I look forward to the day when people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever had a feeling about someone? Have you ever wondered what this person is really like? Well, we all read people on some level. Since the beginning of time we have used our instincts to survive and have become very sensitive Human Beings.

Unconsciously, we all read faces. How would you like to read faces consciously? The art of reading faces gives you the tangible tools to recognize a person’s true character.

How is it that a cartoonist can draw a few angled lines on a page and you know exactly who they are portraying? I’m sure he would know the difference between Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney just from the angle of the jaw line. Aren’t these characteristic traits of their personalities?

Why do film directors look everywhere for a certain look in an actor? Is it because they fit the role? Imagine if a suave baby-faced person were cast to play a rough and tough cowboy in one of his favorite classic movies. I’m sure he would feel the plot was good, but the actor just doesn’t fit the role. Are you starting to get the idea?

Face reading, like body language, gives you an edge in non-verbal communication. This is one of the most powerful ways to get to know yourself and others in all of your relationships. When you see a person’s core potential, you will also see their peak potential.

“As an investigative tool, face reading is being used by a growing number of law enforcement and investigative agencies in Europe and North America,” says Trout, a former US police officer.
The Vancouver Sun – September 18, 2004

Now, you’re probably saying, enough questions. Give me some answers on how I could do this! The shape of a face gives you the pattern or structure of its personality characteristics. What is the structure of this face? However, let’s compare this to a vehicle? Is it solid and practical like a Mac truck or smooth and responsive like a Ferrari?

The basic structure of a face or a vehicle will give you clues as to its true potential or maximum vehicle performance. Vehicle and face features will give you all the important details.

The first thing I do in Face Reading is ‘cut off’ the person’s head and place it on a table. Don’t take me literally!!! Does the head stay steady and steady or does it roll like a ball? This is so simple! Just watch a child play with building blocks or those games where they put shapes in the holes. Does a square fit a round hole or a square hole? In other words, does your personality or characteristic trait fit the role or job description?

The first impression you get of a person is the most important. What is the overall structure and the most prominent feature that catches your eye? For example, the face shape can be square and practical, the oval face can be sensitive and flexible, the rectangular face can be assertive and ambitious, or the round face can be easygoing and willing to please. A person’s most prominent feature may be their large, warm brown eyes, a prominent nose that can be a bit ‘nosy’, or thin, tight lips that may find life ‘tastes a bit bitter’.

I look at the person’s forehead to see how broad and open this person is in their thinking. The profile shows me your preferred way of processing information. Are they very observant, do they have long-term memory or a lot of imagination?

At this point, start noticing the left and right sides of the face. Are they in balance? How does the left male analytical mind work with the right female creative mind? Most people have an imbalance that shows me that there is an internal conflict that needs to be resolved.

Next, we look at the shape, location, and quality of your brows to understand the degree of communication between your thinking and feeling. When you raise your eyebrows, you raise your thoughts about what you feel. In other words… brilliant idea!!!

We then experience the special privilege of looking into his eyes, ‘the windows of the Soul’. Their size, shape, angle, depth and color indicate their honest point of view and how they express or repress their inner world and how they interact with the outer world.

The nose ‘knows’! The nose knows everything! It shows how they have learned to project their personal identity. Are they stable and assertive, sharp and demanding, or prominent and outgoing? The nose points to honesty, reliability, self-confidence, or strength.

Wow, now the lips! Are the ‘hot lips’ full like Marilyn Monroe’s or are they pursed and tight showing restraint of their sultry expression? The degree of creativity, intuition, and sex appeal is shown on the upper lip, and vocal expression is shown on the lower lip.

The width and depth of the jaw and chin show stability, vitality, determination, and the ability to carry through and support the expression of the above traits. His revealing lines etched on her face show the deepest feelings and usual characteristics of her person. Wow, all this in the first few minutes when we meet face to face!

You will be amazed at the accuracy of Face Reading. You may think you’re good enough at reading people and you probably are, because we all deal with readers. Face Reading is our original form of communication. As babies we do it instinctively, as adults we need to get out of our intellectual minds and learn it all over again.

You can probably already name three or four precise traits of a person. After learning and practicing the Art of Face Reading, I guarantee you’ll be able to name thirty or more accurate things about a person before they’ve even opened their mouths to speak.

The most IMPORTANT question of all!!!


An Honest Nokia N8 Review

For people who are looking for a high-end personal phone, they would eventually have to set their eyes on a new cell phone called the Nokia N8 along with a Nokia N8 review. Many people have searched for phones that meet all the demands of today’s people, including high-end features, sophisticated looks and multi-purpose connectivity. As many brands have been striving to compete and dominate while incorporating all these aspects, a certain Japanese brand made its move by creating the Nokia N8. In line with everything else on the market, how will the Nokia N8 make a name for itself?

Before anything else in this Nokia N8 review, features should be introduced first to get a full understanding of what it is capable of and how it will be rated. This smartphone has many connectivity options including Wireless-N Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and 3G connectivity that is capable of automatically switching between 3G and GSM bands. The phone has a 3.5-inch AMOLED touch screen that functions as a light detector, magnetometer, orientation sensor, and proximity sensor, and has an on-screen alphanumeric keyboard and a character keyboard. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this phone is its integrated assisted GPS receiver with free Ovi Maps. It has a 12-megapixel camera with flash and 720p video capture, a secondary camera for video calls, a digital audio and video player, 16 GB of internal memory, memory expansion up to 32 GB, HDMI compatibility, FM transmitter and a hands-free speakerphone.

The Nokia N8 has a plethora of features that make it stand out from any other smartphone out there. The first and most important feature of all is its smart and dedicated connectivity features. It has one of the most effective Bluetooth connections out there, being able to implement a full Bluetooth stack, even allowing control of other external applications like Microsoft Powerpoint and HSPA modem, which could create and accept Wi-Fi access points with ease. . This smartphone also has free connectivity and GPS tracking, which is a convenience as far as smartphones go, and even an FM receiver that even some of the top high-end phones don’t have. Another thing about this phone that takes it a notch above the rest is its multitasking feature, which identifies most current-generation phones as typically requiring their users to close one running app before going to another.

Although the Nokia N8 has a lot of amazing features, it has some minor flaws that bring it down to a half step. This smartphone makes use of its touchpad for the keyboard; however, it can feel awkward and awkward to some people, so the lack of a physical keyboard is a drawback. The phone has a good game engine, but the lack of PSX4DROID or other engines makes this phone a couple of meters behind the current gaming trend. Lastly, the phone’s battery is not easily replaced like other phones.

In this Nokia N8 review, the phone had its own minor drawbacks, but it is able to stand on its own against other powerhouses with its powerful connectivity, useful GPS feature, and excellent multitasking.

9 principles to live by: to be mentally and emotionally strong!

Here are 9 principles of a purposeful life. We must know what is best for us to grow rather than just get ahead. Listen first before responding, worry less, fear not, let Divine will be done, not ours. Don’t take your problems to bed, don’t wallow in self-pity and count our blessings that we all have in abundance.

[1] You should not worry, because worry is the most unproductive of all human activities.

Worry is a negative state of mind that faces the same problem over and over again, but nothing gets resolved.

[2] You should not be afraid, because most of the things we fear never happen.

Fear is the opposite of trust. It is also another negative emotion where you deal with uncertainty and get discouraged easily. How can you win when you feel defeated even before the game has started?

[3] You must not cross bridges before reaching them, because no one has succeeded in achieving this yet. Address each problem as it arises; it can only handle one at a time anyway.

May God’s will be done, not ours. What will happen will happen for a good cause. One cannot deal with invisible problems, although one can learn to solve them.

[4] You shouldn’t take problems to bed with you because they are very bad bedfellows.

Problems are not solved when you go to sleep, you have to rest enough to have our energies and spirits renewed to be able to stand up to face all the challenges of the next day.

[5] You should not borrow other people’s problems. They can take better care of them than you.

There are numerous other people’s problems beyond one’s expectations and understanding. Learn to address our own problems before giving a hand to others. Solve our own problems before dealing with the problems of others.

[6] You shouldn’t try to relive yesterday for better or for worse…it’s over now! Focus on what is happening in your life today.

It’s no use crying over spilled milk. Be prepared to take one step at a time. ‘Yesterday it was a canceled check, tomorrow it’s a promissory note, Today it’s ready cash, Use it to the fullest!’ That was what people used to say.

[7] You must be a good listener, because only when you listen do you hear ideas different from your own. It is very difficult to learn something new when you are speaking.

We have one pair of ears but only one mouth. Be patient to speak before you understand. Our mouths serve us best when they are in accord with the inner consciousness where Truth dwells.

[8] You shouldn’t get bogged down in frustration, as 90 percent of it is rooted in self-pity and will only interfere with positive action.

Self-pity is the web that weaves miseries and traps oneself with its ‘self-cavities’ or dungeons. Slithering snakes and crawling bugs will be your friends in the dark of frustrations.

[9] You must count your blessings, never overlook the small ones, because many small blessings add up to one big one!

For every blessing you know about, there are hundreds more you don’t know about. Have a heart in everything you do. Always be grateful for everything we have. Gratitude is a virtue for everyone. Gratitude is the key to peace of mind and heart.

When one seeks to relieve the suffering of others, it is really one’s own suffering that mitigates the relief. When one directs his attention to the inner self, which is the Truth, one will perceive that the same Divinity is present in all. Therefore, it constitutes these 9 principles to live ………

PS4 and power consumption: Sony GO Green?

Just like design and remote control, power consumption is also one of the key points that are hotly debated these days. With “Go Green” being the buzzword these days, critics are expecting Sony to decide to join the Go Green revolution and market a completely green product in the form of the PS4, which will consume almost very low energy levels.

Well, very low power levels aside, one thing Sony will have to guarantee on PS4 would be a substantial relief in terms of its next-gen gaming console’s power absorption capabilities. Everyone is quite aware of the fact that the PS3 is a huge power hog.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that leaving your PS3 on (yes, we’re talking idle) for a year would set you back a whopping $157. On the contrary, if you play it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it will cost you between 8 and 10 dollars more. What a waste of energy, right?

However, it will be quite difficult to manage the huge performance gains in an eco-design, especially without optical media in the storage drive (assuming the PS4 will work online and games will be downloaded rather than saved to DVD/Blu – lightning disks or hard disks).

Therefore, it can only be considered as a sweet speculation, which seems so difficult to be a reality; however, Sony will have to ensure that the PS4 doesn’t fall in line with more expensive electronic/electrical devices to function, even in standby or idle mode.

Microsoft’s X-Box 360 isn’t great either, as it would set you back around $125 per year even if you let it sit idle, but Nintendo’s Wii is anything but. The Wii is estimated to not even cost around $15 per year, if left idle.

Therefore, the next generation X-Box and PlayStation game consoles will surely have to worry about power consumption, if they want to remain competitive with Wii2.

Also, if Sony does nothing about the power-draining nature of the PS3 and doubles the performance level of the PS4, it would be scary to imagine how much power the PS4 will actually consume, even if you leave it on for a couple of minutes. months and go on tour.

The Most Realistic Sex Dolls That Look & Feel Like Real Women

Realistic Sex Dolls

There are many types of sex dolls available, but the real question is which ones are the most realistic. The Stephanie 1.0 RealDoll is made of high-quality silicone and feels extremely realistic. Though the doll is pricey, it’s definitely worth the money. RealDoll is also making its way into the sexbot market, developing an AI software known as Harmony, which can be installed in the heads of sex dolls.

There are several factors that make a most realistic sex doll look and feel real. The best dolls have skin and facial attributes that closely resemble real women. The boobs, lips, and butt are also real, making them more attractive and more enticing. They are the most attractive and demanding sex dolls on the market today. A lot of research has gone into developing realistic sex dolls, but the ones that look and feel most like real women are definitely the best.

Another key consideration is hygiene. RealDolls should be cleaned regularly, and they should be kept away from other people. Avoid touching or sharing a realistic sex doll with anyone – unless you want to risk the spread of diseases. It’s also recommended that you never share a realistic sex doll with a partner. Similarly, male sex doll users should always wear a condom on their penis.

The Most Realistic Sex Dolls That Look & Feel Like Real Women

The Natalia 2.0 is one of the best-researched sex dolls on the market. Its body is made of supple TPE, which feels real and lifelike. It also has realistic orifices, with the vagina being the deepest and the mouth the shallowest. In addition to these, the doll has a variety of different heights and measurements so it is easy to find a doll that suits your body perfectly.

The torsos of sex dolls are made of silicone, which makes them compact and easy to store. They are also made of the same materials as lifesize sex dolls, making them just as realistic as real women. Moreover, the torsos are also customizable and are easier to clean. The torsos are usually sized to fit into your carry-on.

In the case of adult realistic sex dolls, the weight can be anywhere between twenty to forty kilograms. Similarly, the weight of a medium-sized doll is around 12 Kg. The weight of a full-size realistic sex doll can also affect its positioning and lifting. Therefore, you should choose the weight of the doll carefully. If you don’t want to spend more than $2,000 on a sex doll, you can get the Lorna. It’s beautiful, realistic and fantastic.

Silicone sex dolls are best for people who want a realistic sex experience. Because of its silicone nature, silicone sex dolls don’t harbor bacteria, and they have a skin-like feel. However, they’re more expensive than the other two types of sex dolls. For those who want to spend less money and have a limited amount of space, they’re a good choice.

Secret Social Media Hacks You Want To Try Now – It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

There are always new and exciting updates on social networking sites. And here you will know the secret social media tricks that you want to try now.

There are a number of secret social media hacks but here we will discuss some of them for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Share Instagram images elsewhere after uploading.
• Share the image on Twitter or Facebook once you upload it to Instagram.
• As we know, you can instantly share the image once you upload it to Instagram, but you can also go back to any of your images and share an image from Instagram.
• First, decide which Instagram photo from your gallery you want to share. Go to the bottom right corner and click the ellipsis button and select “Share”.
• The images and caption appear where you can edit what you originally posted on Instagram, so you can make any edits to what’s written before you share it. Then select which social media site you want it to be posted on and then share it. Yes, it’s done!

Take better photos without posting them
Set your phone to Airplane mode and start taking snapshots. It will be saved to your phone, but will not be instantly posted to Instagram. It helps you choose the best image to post on Instagram.
Best time to post on Instagram
• Have you ever thought about the best time to share those fake Instagram images?
• Well, Iconosquare analyzes your posting and interaction history on Instagram and tells you the best time to post photos on Instagram.
• In addition, you can also see your most engaged followers, your most liked, your new follower and much more.

• Simply customize what you share on Facebook and with whom.
• Don’t you want your father to see that picture? Or a post that your boss might see? It’s pretty easy with this simple trick:
• Click the tab to the left of your post and choose “More Options” and Facebook will open another page for you. Just enter the name of the people you don’t want to share your post or images with.

Download your Facebook photos
Pick & Zip app will let you download all your photos and also collect photos you are tagged in. You can also download images from Instagram.

Hide from your annoying friends?
You must have that friend who always started chatting once he caught you online. Yes, there is a trick to them. Sign out for a specific list of people you don’t want to chat with often.

How to Pin Something to Facebook
• Simply click on the Facebook image you want to pin.
• Right-click the image (or control-click on a Mac) and choose “Open image in new tab” from the drop-down menu.
• You will then be able to pin that image from that particular page.

Highlight the text before clicking “Pin It”
When you highlight any text on a page that you want to pin and click “Pin”, the text you highlighted is automatically added to the description box.

Download your Tweet history
• Did you know that you can download the tweet history?
• Twitter allows you to request your file.
• Twitter gives you the ability to request your file. You need to go to Twitter Account Settings for your profile; you will get a little option at the bottom of your page, just click on that.

LinkedIn gives you the option to view another person’s profile without them knowing you’ve viewed their profile.

You just need to follow these steps:
• Just go to “Privacy & Settings” on your profile when you hover over your LinkedIn profile picture in the top right of the page.
• Go to the “Privacy Controls” tab and click the “Select what others see when they’ve viewed your profile” option
• And select the fully anonymous option, you lose some history, but it’s up to you and why you want to browse LinkedIn anonymously.

These secret social media hacks will definitely help you do better.

Sony Ericsson Satio: a powerful device with advanced multimedia support

Nowadays, when there is almost a kind of race in the mobile field for phones loaded with advanced multimedia features, how can a leading brand like Sony Ericsson be left behind? This popular house of mobile phone manufacturer has come up with the Sony Ericsson Ericsson Satio, which is indeed a very powerful device. It comes embedded with a 12 megapixel HD camera that supports a number of additional features. This digital camera is equipped with touch focus, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, auto focus, xenon flash, video LED flash, etc. On a very practical note, it clicks on really amazing images with a high level of brightness and color combinations. The functionality of autofocus and xenon flash allows the desire to take pictures to come to the fore even in severely poor lighting conditions. Also, it captures videos at the commendable speed of 30 frames per second with high quality. Then there’s also a secondary camera, which makes it easy to make video calls directly from the phone, however you do need to have 3G service activated from the service provider’s end.

Going further in the multimedia aspects of this device, it is equipped with an audio player that can play audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, AAC, M4A, etc. One can listen to the uninterrupted stream of music with the help of its built-in FM radio, which plays the music in the same quality. Thus, it offers a wonderful multimedia experience as far as a mobile phone is concerned. The Sony Ericsson Satio promises faster data transfer speeds with the support of technologies like GPRS, EDGE and 3G HSDPA. Now when the connectivity aspect comes into the picture it is supported by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v 2.0 with A2DP and USB which means one can even set up a wireless connection with the compatible devices and can enjoy cutting files with much ease. The device’s built-in browser loads pages as WAP 2.0 and HTML in a very short time and without technical problems.

The Sony Ericsson Satio promises truly excellent performance and multitasking as it runs on the Symbian Series 60 5th Edition operating system with extended support for ARM Cortex A8 600MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics and 128MB of storage; 256 MB of RAM and up to 32 GB of expandable external memory. Now, in terms of the design of this gadget, it is incorporated with a 3.5-inch TFT touch screen that is enriched with separate color definitions up to 16M. The display screen is further facilitated by the accelerometer sensor that allows the screen to rotate on its own, resulting in further sophistication. Some of the additional features of the phone include Java MIDP 2.0, a GPS, Google Maps, gesture locks and many others. All in all, the Satio is a truly exceptional mobile phone that has valid reasons for its popularity.