The most common moving violations

Understanding the different traffic laws and regulations can seem like a daunting task at first. There are so many variations of general laws between cities and states that you will not be able to know them all when you travel.

However, don’t be discouraged or feel like you can’t drive out of state because you don’t know about these different variations of the law.

Safe driving habits

The most important part of driving is to consistently practice safe driving clothing wherever you go. The most common traffic offenses for which drivers are charged stem from unsafe driving actions.

To avoid getting a ticket or being charged for one of these violations, practice safe driving habits and constantly be aware of other potentially reckless drivers around you.


Speeding is the most common driving offense in the United States. Whether you were following traffic or didn’t notice a change in the speed limit zone, a police officer can stop you and charge you with a moving violation.

The best way to avoid this charge is to be aware of the current speed limit and, even if traffic is speeding around you, adhere to the appropriate speed limit.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is a general term that encompasses any form of distracted and harmful driving that results in an accident or harm to another person. While it may seem normal to multitask while driving, taking your eyes off the road for any reason can cause you to miss important road signs around you.

Pay attention to the road at all times and have your passengers take care of things like navigating, changing radio stations, and adjusting things in the car so that you can focus on driving.

Passing a red light

It is quite common to see someone in the next lane speed up when they see a traffic light that changes to go through the intersection before the red light changes. Generally, this involves exceeding the speed limit and is considered reckless driving as it could lead to an accident and injure other drivers in the intersection.

Similarly, passing a stop sign can be very dangerous since oncoming traffic may already be in the intersection when the sign passes. T-Bone accidents are very common and can be very damaging to all parties involved.

Failure to stop for pedestrians

One of the most frustrating things for a driver is getting stuck behind a vehicle that is constantly stopping on the side of the road. For example, commuter buses and school buses make frequent stops to allow passengers to get on and off the vehicle.

It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus when pedestrians come and go, and it is important to yield to these types of vehicles to ensure your safety and that of other passengers.

How to react

If you or someone you know was recently charged with a traffic violation, don’t hesitate to seek legal help. Failure to receive legal help or handle your position yourself can result in serious fines, penalties and, in the worst case, the loss of your license.

Psychic predictions of 2008

Predicting in the wake of a discouraged economy and a dying Bush administration can be quite contentious, but most of our population wants to know “exactly where we are in 2008 here in the United States.” The following has been prepared to give you some ideas and perhaps an edge over preparing for 2008.

o The basic energy of 2008 is stability and strength in a weak and unstable US economy. This kind of power will be the hidden instigator of tensions and misunderstandings in all areas of everyday life. Therefore, look at the underlying influence of any problems that may arise at work or at home.

o It is a turbulent year with natural disasters, particularly tidal waves, possibly a tsunami. It is not unusual to see earthquakes and landslides here in California, but it is quite unusual to see several scattered around the world in a year. Good grievance; hurricanes are wild next year.

o Global warming has long been a major concern around the world, and eventually the United States will become a team player in support of scientific endeavors.

o Election years have always been exciting years for Americans. I hope to see a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming election before the Republicans give way to our new Democratic leader. There will be events in the world that will leave us wondering if we will even have elections. Back in 1999 I had stated in my forecast, “in the first fifteen years of the new millennium a woman will be named president of the United States.” Psychic predictions are not fixed and can be altered. We can certainly alter this one! All the candidates look promising and wow! Look who Oprah is supporting, how cool is that!

o Inflation is global and very few countries can compete with industrious China, but 2008 shows positive change as industries begin to push sophisticated services, education, and manufacturing in those nations that have been at a disadvantage. Wages will increase slightly.

o The Hollywood writers’ strike ends at the beginning of the year, bringing much-needed relief to all those in the industry and those who depend on them. Overall, the lack of strong investors in 2008 weakens the entertainment industry. The literary world, on the other hand, will favor much better.

o The new discoveries that will be revealed each year in space never cease to amaze me. A new planet is one of those great discoveries in 2008, as well as an extraordinary discovery right here on earth when the remains of an ancient being are discovered. “Could this be proof of the existence of ET?”

o We have all suffered through the housing market in 2007 when thousands of homeowners across America were facing foreclosure and bankruptcy. It will be a buyer’s market with fantastic real estate opportunities. Maybe we can recoup some of our losses.

o The stock market will be slow and cautious but stable. I don’t detect a record low or high in 2008.

o Another profitable year is coming for high-tech and Internet businesses.

Happy Holidays to all. Have a blessed year.

Barbara garcia

2013 MLB Playoff Predictions – All Star Update

The 2013 season has already had some surprises. Many teams have been affected by the injury virus, and some of them have done well despite it. There are some teams that are not producing as expected. There are teams that are surpassing themselves.

With that said, here are my updated predictions for the playoffs:

In the American League, now I have the Red Sox winning the East and having the best record in the American League, the Athletics winning the West with the second best record, and I still have the Detroit Tigers winning the Central. The wild card teams will be the Texas Rangers and the Baltimore Orioles.

In the National League, the Washington Nationals will continue to win the East, but not with the best record in the National League, the Cincinnati Reds will come back and win the Central with the best record in the league, and the Los Angeles Dodgers will win. West. Both Wild Card teams will come out of Central: the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals.

In the Wild Card Round, I have the Baltimore Orioles defeating the Texas Rangers in the American League and the Pittsburgh Pirates getting the best of the St. Louis Cardinals in the opening round of the playoffs.

Next is the Divisional Series. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox will lead the series against the Baltimore Orioles, 3 games to 2, and the Oakland Athletics will beat the Detroit Tigers 3 games to 2. In the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates will beat the Cincinnati Reds 3 games to 2 and the Washington Nationals will sweep the Los Angeles Dodgers 3 games to 0.

Both league championship series will come down to game 7, with the visiting team at the top. The Washington Nationals will fall to the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland Athletics will overtake the Boston Red Sox in last place.

The World Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland Athletics will be considered one of the most exciting. Neither team will have more than one game ahead of the entire series, and Game 7 will be an additional round-trip inning game.

Fun Facts About Chicago

Chicago is home to the Oprah Winfrey Show, Wrigley Field, and the famous deep dish pizza, just to name a few. But among all the obvious reasons the city is famous for, there are many more fun and interesting facts about the windy city that are not so obvious but fun to know. The city is full of art and history, as well as beaches, parks and more than 7,300 restaurants.

I bet you didn’t know …

I bet you didn’t know that Chicago became a city in 1837 and has become the largest city in Illinois or that “Route 66” began in what is also known as the “City that Works.” In 1893, the world’s first Ferris wheel made its debut at the Columbia World’s Fair and softball was invented in the city that eventually became known for its larger-than-life sports teams, including the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago. Cubs.

In addition to being involved in many new developments in this country, the “Second City”, as it has also been nicknamed, has been at the forefront of engineering technology, which was demonstrated when the city successfully changed the flow of the Chicago River. so it no longer emptied into Lake Michigan, but instead ran into the Mississippi River. This was done in the 1900s and was increasingly ahead of its time when it came to technology. The city has continued to be at the forefront of technology.

Is that really true?

Is it really true that Chicago has the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere? YES, Willis Tower is 110 stories tall and from the highest observation deck you can see 4 states. Is it true that the city has 1 of the 3 free zoos that are still in the country? YES, Lincoln Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in the country and is visited by millions every year. Is it true that the first blood bank was opened in the city? YES, in 1937, Dr. Bernard Fantus established the first public blood bank at Cook County Hospital to help with the city’s blood shortage.

Is it true that Chicago has had only father-son mayors? YES, Richard J. Daley is the father of Richard M. Daley and they have both been mayors of this beautiful city. Is it true that the first planetarium was built here? YES, in 1930 the Adler Planetarium was built and it was not only the first planetarium in the country, but the first planetarium built in the entire Western Hemisphere. Is it true that the first remote control was invented here? YES, in 1950 the first television remote control was introduced to the public.

So as you can see, there are a lot of fun facts that you may or may not have known about the great city of Chicago. Technology, sports and a lot of cultural history were born here and this great city will continue to produce great things.

Megan Fox the next Cleopatra?

Megan Fox’s name has emerged as a candidate for many roles involving both the strong and sexy women’s icon. Now her name has emerged as possibly following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor as the next Cleopatra. This raises an interesting comparison between the two when portraying one of the most well-known women in history, and how these two actresses compare to each other and the legend of the woman.

1. Let’s start with age. Taylor played Cleopatra when she was between 28 and 30 years old, while Fox, if the movie started filming in 2011, would be 25 years old. Cleopatra was around 21 when she met Caesar and 28 when she met Mark Antony, so Fox would be much closer in age than Taylor to the youngest woman, and almost the right age as the older Cleopatra.

2. Itch factor. Saying Fox is sexier tells us how people played both actresses when they were in their prime. Fox exhibits a lot of sexuality in his movies, but that was not the fashion in Taylor’s day. Well, there were a couple of actresses during Taylor’s day who were like that, but not that many. Taylor was always seen as a graceful and beautiful actress who rose through the ranks, and was seen as hot in her day.

3. Experience. There is no competition here. Fox has been an actress longer than most people think, but until she made the movie Jennifer’s Body was never the star of a movie. Taylor starred in her first movie at age 12 and was a true acting star when she faced Cleopatra. The number of films is not close, although Fox has a lot of experience in television. Many would wonder if Fox could bring a blockbuster historical film like Cleopatra, where she would have to act like someone who, oddly enough, would not have to be totally like she is now. She hasn’t shown that she can fill a wide range of roles, which could make her hard to sell for that role.

4. Historical accuracy. Let’s face this fact; neither Taylor nor Fox are credible when it comes to playing an Egyptian woman. Fox gets closer due to his Native American origin, but that’s about it. Both women emulate the beauty that Cleopatra supposedly had, and Fox has a body that matches well with a statue of Cleopatra that was made during her lifetime.

5. Box office. What it would ultimately all come down to would be what kind of box office numbers the producers think could be achieved with Fox in this role. The original Cleopatra was an interesting anomaly since when it was released in 1963, it was the highest grossing movie of the year, but it lost millions of dollars because it cost almost double what it made that first year. The days of those types of blockbusters are long gone, but there are still great movies that feature the story and the people who act in it to get really big numbers.

Would enough people believe Fox like Cleopatra, based on the movies she’s made to date, especially if she appears in the movie we’re talking about now, Wonder Woman, first? Or will it take a couple of very strong actors to play the other two main characters in such a movie to help her push her to the limit? Or does anyone still care enough about Cleopatra to go see the movie no matter who’s in it? It’s a tough role to cast an actress who doesn’t yet have the pedigree to show that she could get enough people interested in going to see a movie she’s a part of. But it would also be part of his life. At least we know that Cleopatra would look good with Fox in the role; It’s enough?

Ness Notes for August 25

You have to love the NFL, the regular season, or the preseason! The Dolphins surpassed the Panthers 323 yards to 145 last night, winning 20 FDs to Carolina’s nine (the Panthers were just 2 of 14 on third downs). However, the final score said Carolina 19-10, a win and a ‘cover’ for the Panthers!

My free game for Friday is at the Oak A’s over the Tex Rangers at 8:35 ET. It’s a Las Vegas Insider Friday as I look forward to extending my current 7-1 (87.5%) run in MLB (as of Aug. 5) and looking for three straight Las Vegas Insider wins in the NFLX (won with the Cardinals in Week 1 and 30-3 with the Pats in week 2) with my LONE Las Vegas Insider in week 3 of the NFLX. Also, check back for more information on MLB.

How did the Panthers win? First, the Dolphins had a 32-yard TD pass disallowed for a penalty and then, in that same drive, Ronnie Brown stopped on a play of fourth and one at the goal line. An excellent outfield tackle ended another Miami drive deep into Carolina territory, forcing a 23-yard Mare FG. Then, on the opening kick that followed, Carolina’s DeAngelo Williams returned it for a 98-yard TD! Soccer is back!

Week 3 continues with five more games tonight, highlighted by the Giants and Jets at Meadowlands (8:00 ET) and the Steelers visiting the Eagles in Philadelphia at 8:00 ET on ESPN. Carolina’s win last night lifts the team’s record to 3-0 (2-1 ATS), joining the Oakland Raiders (who played in the HOF game) as the only 3-0 teams in the NFL this preseason (the Raiders they are also 3-0 ATS).

Four other teams, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston and the NY Giants join Carolina and Oakland as still undefeated teams this preseason. These six teams have combined to go 14-0 SU and 13-1 ATS. ATS ‘only loss came in Week 1 when the Panthers beat the Bills 14-13 as a three-point favorite.

The Giants and Cowboys share five-game preseason winning streaks (both are also 5-0 ATS), the longest active preseason winning streak among NFL teams. The Giants play tonight against the Jets and are favored by 4 1/2 points with a total of 36. The Cowboys will host the 49ers on Saturday night at 8:00 ET and are favored by seven points with a total of 36.

Six teams remain winless in the preseason this year, all 0-2. The list includes Buffalo, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and Washington. All six teams are a combined SU 0-12 and not much better ATS, at 2-10.

The Steelers play in Philadelphia tonight and it will be interesting if Big Ben finally gets to see some action, having attempted only eight passes so far. The Eagles have played three games and McNabb has looked good. Philadelphia is favored by three points (34 1/2).

The Chiefs and Colts are winless and both have streaks of eight preseason losses in their games this week. The Colts are in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday night (7:00 ET) to play the Saints, while the Chiefs host the Rams at 8:30 ET Saturday. The Colts, who are 2-6 ATS during their slide, are favored by 3 1/2 points with a total of 42, while the Chiefs, who are 0-8 ATS during their eight-game knockdown, are favored by 3 1 / 2 points with a total of 39 1/2.

MLB Ratings

Thursday night’s 6-2 win over the Cardinals gave the Mets seven straight wins overall and 11 straight at Shea Stadium, their longest home winning streak since September 1995. The Mets (78-48) ) moved 30 games over .500 for the first time since 1999 and lead Philadelphia in second place by 14 1/2 games in the NL East.

New York’s seven-game winning streak is the longest active in MLB, with the Marlins and Padres (both had days off yesterday) streaks of four straight wins being second best. The Rockies are on a six-game losing streak when the game begins Friday, the longest active losing streak in MLB.

The highlight of Thursday’s play included the White Sox defeating the Tigers, 10-0. Detroit had beaten Chicago in the first two games of this four-game series, but Chicago won the last two games, leaving them 5 1/2 games behind the Tigers in the AL Central and keeping them half a game ahead of the Twins in the wild card race.

Jon Garland pitched a complete blank game and has now won each of his last 10 road starts. In the past 10 years, only two other pitchers have had such long streaks, David Wells (he won 13 consecutive road starts between 1999 and 2000) and Chris Carpenter (10 in a row in 2005).

Carlos Zambrano continued his season-long role as stopper for the Cubs, pitching seven innings and taking the win against Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon. It was their 10th win this season that immediately followed a loss to the Cubs, the most wins of its kind in the majors. It was the fifth time this year that Zambrano won a game to stop Chicago’s losing streak of at least three games. The Cubs are 18-10 (.643) in games started by Zambrano and just 36-63 (.364) in games he doesn’t have!

The weekend kicks off with a full 15-game schedule and two AL series feature the most interesting stories. The Minnesota Twins look to take sole possession of the AL wild-card lead Friday night when they begin a critical three-game series against the Chicago White Sox at US Cellular Field (8:35 ET).

Minnesota (74-52) got off to a slow start during the first two months of the season before turning the Twins, who are 49-19 since June 8 after opening the season 25-33, tied evenly. with the White Sox (75-52). after sweeping a three-game series in Chicago on July 24-26, but I’ve never been able to take the lead.

Radke (12-9, 4.35 ERA) starts for the Twins and is 2-2 with a 5.40 ERA in four starts against the White Sox this year, while Javier Vázquez (11-8, 5.13) will face Minnesota for the second straight outing. . He was the underdog Sunday, when he allowed five runs and seven hits in five innings in a 7-3 loss.

The Angels host the Yankees tonight in Anaheim (10:05 ET) in the first game of a three-game series. The Angels (67-61) are 4-3 against the Yankees (76-50) this season and are looking to capture the season series for the third year in a row. They are 53-51 against New York since the start of the 1996 season, the only team with a winning record against the Yankees during manager Joe Torre’s tenure. Los Angeles also eliminated New York from the playoffs twice in four years, including a five-game division series victory last season.

Jaret Wright (9-7, 4.63) returns to the rotation when he takes the mound for New York. Wright hasn’t started since August. 17, although he has made a couple of out-of-bullpen appearances since that outing. He is 4-1 with a 3.78 ERA in 10 road starts this year, but just 2-2 with a 7.60 ERA in seven career starts against the Angels.

John Lackey (10-9, 3.92 ERA) has struggled in his career against the Yankees, going 3-6 with a 5.74 ERA in nine regular-season starts. He lost in New York on August 1. 14 after allowing three runs and 11 hits in seven innings in a 7-2 loss. He is 0-3 with a 7.36 ERA in his last four starts and opponents are hitting .332 against him in his last eight outings after hitting .195 in his first 18. Lackey is 5-4 with an ERA. of 4.28 in 14 home starts (team is 8-6).

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Dish Network Vs DirecTV in tennis programming

Dish Network and DirecTV are the two digital entertainment satellite television service providers in the United States. Both provide the best in programming that includes programming in English, Spanish, international, premium, and sports. Sports programming allows subscribers to enjoy their favorite sports with their favorite players. Tennis programming on both Dish Network and DirecTV offers subscribers a variety of matches in high definition. This article provides a clear overview of the tennis programming on Dish Network and DirecTV and the comparison between them.

Tennis programming on Dish Network

Tennis programming on Dish Network is the 24-hour network that will be delivered on a channel “The Tennis Channel.” This channel is dedicated to tennis and the lifestyle that surrounds it. The Tennis Channel will be delivered on Dish Network’s 400th channel. US Open Series, ATP Masters Series, top-tier Sony Ericsson

The WTA Tour, Davis Cup, Federation Cup and Hopman Cup championship competitions are the tennis tournaments available on Dish Network. Subscribers can enjoy all tournaments and matches in stunning HD.

The US Open Series is the six-week summer tennis season that unites the ATP World Tour and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. It is referred to as a US or North American hard court season. The ATP is the most prestigious tournament in men’s tennis. It is a series of nine tennis tournaments that will take place each year in Europe, North America and Asia. They were originally known as “Championship Series, Single Week” events.

The WTA Tour Championship is the women’s professional tennis world tour to be played every year at the end of the season for the highest rated players from the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Davis Cup is the largest annual international team competition conducted by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). It is the premier international team event in men’s tennis. The United States is the most successful country in the history of the tournament.

The Federation Cup is the same as the David Cup but it is for Women. This competition was previously known as the Federal Cup. Fed Cup is the women’s tennis team competition of the International Tennis Federation. Compared to other tennis tournaments, the Hopman Cup is completely different, where both male and female players play together and form a team for their country. Each year, eight teams from each nation will be selected to compete against each other in the Hopman Cup. Each team is made up of one player and one female player.

Tennis programming on DirecTV

The tennis programming on DirecTV offers its subscribers full coverage of the most famous Grand Slam tennis tournament each year. The Grand Slam tournament included four tournaments, also known as majors, namely, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament and is considered the most prestigious tournament in the world. This is the only tournament that is still played on grass and runs for two weeks in late June and early July. The US Open is also a very popular tennis tournament that begins every year in late August and continues through September. DirecTV provides comprehensive coverage of all tournament matches, from the outside court and first round matches to the final.

Only on DirecTV, subscribers can experience the entire Grand Slam Event and provides additional coverage of the outside court and Australian Open first round matches. The Australian Open and Wimbledon are the only indoor slams. As this tournament is famous for its extremely hot days, it will take place in the middle of the Australian summer.

Subscribers can watch 6 matches live at the same time with the help of the Australian Open Mix Channel on channel 701. They can select any channel to tune in. The Match Guide feature allows subscribers to view match scores and the schedule of upcoming matches. Real-time scores for matches in progress and competed will be provided when subscribers activate Recent Results.

The Men’s and Women’s Draws feature is uniquely designed to see the complete round-by-round table showing about the players in the tournament and who are heading home. Subscribers can enjoy all tournament matches in stunning HD with digital picture and sound quality.


Dish Network and DirecTV offer extensive coverage of tennis events. Although both satellite TV providers offer many tournaments to their subscribers, they have some variations between them. Tournaments and tennis event matches are delivered by DirecTV as a schedule, while on Dish Network all of these tournaments will be delivered under a channel called “The Tennis Channel” on channel number 400. This tennis channel is available with packages programming America’s Top 250 and America’s Everything Pak.

On Dish Network, all tournaments in tennis programming are delivered on one channel, “The Tennis Channel.” In contrast, tennis programming tournaments on DirecTV will be delivered on the Tennis channel and also on DirecTV’s exclusive channel called Mix Channel on channel number 701. Wimbledon is provided by DirecTV on channels 702-707.

Subscribers can enjoy full coverage of tennis programming in stunning high definition on both Dish Network and DirecTV. Interactive features like mix channel where subscribers can watch 6 matches at the same time, match guide offering scores and schedule of upcoming matches, recent results provide real-time scores, and men’s and women’s draw schedules. Round-by-round women are available with DirecTV. On the other hand, Dish Network offers only one tennis channel that has no additional features like DirecTV.

Ness’s Notes (August 10)

MLB’s longest active winning streak came to an end last night as the Rockies’ ninth of two runs was enough to outscore the Dodgers 3-1. LA had won 11 games in a row, its longest streak in 13 years, and avoided the team’s first 12-game winning streak since 1976.

I’m leaving a free play for Thursday, but I have an NFLX doubleheader for tonight’s play. Get BOTH of tonight’s 15 preseason games * in one report. In MLB, it’s my 15 * AL Blowout of the month.

The Athletics and Angels had the second and third longest winning streaks behind the Dodgers and both teams not only lost, they were shut out! The Athletics had a six-game winning streak starting Wednesday’s game and lost 14-0 to the Rangers in an afternoon game. It was the worst shutout loss the Athletics have suffered in Oakland. The Angels took a four-game winning streak in their game of the night in Cleveland and lost 4-0.

Cleveland’s Jake Westbrook scattered nine hits in the Indians’ shutout over the Angels, six days after allowing 15 hits in a win over the Red Sox. Only two other pitchers in the past 50 years have thrown a complete game shutout after allowing up to 15 hits in their previous appearance: Roger Clemens in 1988 and Jack Billingham in 1977.

The Rangers and Indians had entered Wednesday’s games with losing streaks of four in a row, the longest active losing streaks in MLB. Yesterday’s results leave the Mets’ modest four-game winning streak as the longest active streak in the majors and Boston and Pittsburgh’s four-game losing streaks as the longest active losing streaks.

More highlights on Wednesday include the Twins defeating the Tigers for the second night in a row, 4-3. Johan Santana clinched the win and is now almost unbelievable 34-3 during the second half of the season since the 2003 All-Star break. Justin Morneau’s home run in the eighth inning, the Twins’ winning hit by 4-3 over the Tigers, it was his 30th home run of the season.

Morneau is the Twins’ first player to reach that level since Kent Hrbek, Tom Brunansky and Gary Gaetti did it in 1987. Minnesota’s 18-season streak without a 30-homer player was the longest since the White Sox put end to a 69-year drought. – the longest in major league history – when Bill Melton hit 33 home runs in 1970

Speaking of the White Sox, the Yankees’ Randy Johnson barely hit them, but then they nearly pulled off a staggering comeback in a 7-6 loss. Johnson’s bid for his third no-hitter was spoiled by a single by Tadahito Iguchi on a 0-2 pitch early in the seventh inning. The White Sox scored two runs in the seventh and four in the eighth.

Johnson owns two career no-hitters, including the MLB’s last perfect game (against the Braves on May 18, 2004). 5,990 games have been played since May 19, 2004, by far the longest span of games without a no-hitter in Major League Baseball history. It was the 12th time Johnson was hitless in six innings, the highest total among active pitchers. The Rocket has done it seven times and Pedro six.

While many may not like the idea of ​​the joker, it sure keeps things interesting. A great three-team career is brewing in the American League as the Twins 67-46 lead the White Sox 66-46 and the Red Sox 65-47. The Reds 59-55 lead the way in the National League, closely followed by the D’backs 58-56 and the Dodgers. Just 3 1/2 games behind at 55-58 is three more teams; the Astros, Phillies and Rockies. Stay tuned.

Thursday’s 11-game schedule includes three afternoon games, two of which start when I go to print (but are worth mentioning). The Padres are in New York to face the Mets (12:10 ET) and the Cardinals are in Cincinnati to face the Reds (12:35 ET). Chris Young starts for San Diego and the 6-10 junior is an incredible 5-0 (2.42) on the road in 10 starts this year with the Padres winning nine of the 10 games.

Bronson Arroyo starts for the Reds and will make his 10th attempt for his 10th win. That’s how it is. Arroyo went 9-3 in the 2006 season with a 4-2 win on June 19 against the Mets. However, he has made nine previous attempts to win his 10th game of the year, going 0-4 with a 5.31 ERA (the team is 3-6 in his nine starts)!

NFL Rankings

Week 1 of the NFL preseason begins tonight with the Browns on the Eagles (7:30 ET) and the Colts on the Rams (8:00 ET on FOX). Two interesting streaks are up for grabs tonight, as the Browns incorporate a seven-game preseason ATS winning streak into their game with the Eagles. Romeo Crennel in his rookie year as Cleveland’s head coach led the Browns to a 3-1 (4-0 ATS) mark last year, plus the Browns had also ‘covered’ their last three games of the season. preseason 2004.

When the Colts meet the Rams tonight, in Scott Linehan’s NFL coaching debut, they will attempt to break a six-game preseason losing streak (1-5 ATS). The Colts went 0-5 SU and ATS in preseason last year and also lost (but covered) in their last game of preseason 2004. Just a word to the wise, the Colts were so devastated by the bad preseason record last year who opened the 2005 regular season by winning their first 13 games.

The Chiefs, who visit the Texans on Saturday night (8:00 ET on CBS), also have a six-game losing streak in the preseason and the Chiefs have outscored the Colts, 0-6 ATS in those six. defeats. The Broncos, who went 4-0 in last year’s preseason (3-1 ATS), have the longest active preseason winning streak.

Tomorrow’s stories will focus on some of the best and worst recent preseason records, as well as providing some insight into various NFL coaches and how they have fared over the years in these “practice games.”

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NBA Basketball Betting 2/2/06 – Lebron James vs Dwyane Wade

Best: Cavaliers @ Heat: LeBron vs. Wade. Both players have had games where they scored 40-50 points but still lose the game. We don’t expect a shootout from these two superstars just like there isn’t a shootout between LeBron and Carmelo. Shaq has to avoid foul trouble for Miami to win. Ilgauskas isn’t a tough defender, but he has an inside game that could potentially cause O’Neal to miss. We still don’t think it will happen. Who’s the best? LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant? Time will tell and these types of games will tell us to see what each one has. This will be a possibly close game.

Expected score: Miami wins 99-94

Runner-up: Spurs @ Warriors: Golden State has a slump when it comes to finishing games. What separates the contenders from the suitors is the key factor. The Yankees would always get a clutch double when they needed it. Golden State, not so good. This game may not even be closed though, take San Antonio on tour after fighting a couple games before this one. San Antonio double digit victory.

Expected score: San Antonio wins 93-80

San Antonio is a consistent winner on the road. The Golden State Warriors have not been a good home team.

Yu Darvish looking like the ace of the Texas Rangers

It took time for Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish to work out the problems of his new job, but it seems like he’s a guy the Rangers can rely on as the playoffs approach.

On Thursday night in Anaheim, Darvish shut down the Angels long enough for Adrian Beltré to win the game for the Rangers with a two-run homer in the ninth inning. Darvish kept the Angels’ hitters in check using a wicked cut fastball and a slow break curveball. It was more of the same for Darvish, who won his 16th game of the year, and you’d think he’s convincing Rangers manager Ron Washington that maybe he can open the playoffs for the Rangers on the mound. Of course, Matt Harrison is making a strong statement to do the same, which creates a pleasant problem for Washington.

Darvish has now gone at least seven innings in six consecutive starts after going 6.2 innings against Detroit on Aug. 12. As of September, he is 3-0 with a 1.80 ERA. Want more numbers that speak out loud? Darvish is second in the American League in strikeouts per 9 innings, second in the fewest hits allowed per nine innings and fifth in wins. It’s everything the Rangers could have hoped for when they sang to the 26-year-old Japanese.

Darvish had shown glimpses during the first half of the season of what he could do, but he was plagued with inconsistencies with his control and particularly with his 4-seam fastball. In fact, he’s still third in the league in walks, but most of that came before his current streak. I was concerned that since the ball in Japan is a bit smaller than the American version, it was causing the control problems that Darvish had. But in the big picture, Darvish himself realized that to be successful he needed to narrow down his range of shots and focus on 3 or 4 that he could throw for strikes when he needed to. Reports in Japan said that Darvish would launch 7 or 8 different types of launches. Maybe that’s fine in Japan, but in the majors, Darvish learned that quality is better than quantity.

Now you see Yu Darvish mainly using 4 throws to get people out. 1) Mid-90s fastball. 2) A fast-cut ball that has a sharp bite. 3) A slow curve ball that can register as low as the top 60 on the gun. 4) A slider, which can work off your cutoff fastball to get strikeouts. His mastery of those pitches has been outstanding, and as walks have decreased, his strikeouts are approaching records. Darvish has 214 strikeouts, which ranks second on the American League’s all-time rookie strikeout list. Herb Score struck out 245 for the Indians in 1955. Darvish needs 32 more strikeouts to set the league record, which could be a reach because he should only have 2 more starts in the regular season.

Impressive numbers are one thing, but it’s more important to a Manager and his teammates that Darvish is a pitcher who can be counted on to help the Rangers return to the World Series for the third time in a row.

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