Autographed Baseballs: Building a Collection

Autographed baseballs are among the most popular types of sports memorabilia, with a history stretching back decades. Teams have been writing on them since the earliest days of the game when the teams, score, and other details of a game were written on the ball, which was then kept as a “trophy”.

Signing or autographing a ball didn’t become popular until the 1920s, although earlier balls do exist, of course. Fans and collectors like autographed baseballs for many reasons. They are easy to store thanks to the showcases built especially for them. They are easy to see and each one tells a story. Where did the ball come from? Represents?

Team-signed baseballs can put you in a big time, whether it’s from a World Series winner, an All-Star team, or just a regular club from a regular year. Collecting World Series champion baseballs is one way to build a collection. You may decide to only collect baseballs signed by Hall of Famers. Or, you can collect a ball signed by each year’s team from your favorite franchise.

You can choose a milestone, such as members of the 3000 hit club, Cy Young Award winners, World Series MVP, or anything else you can think of.

If you’re building a collection that revolves around a player, make sure the ball is ONLY signed by that player if you care about future value. While balls signed by multiple players may seem like a good deal, their value isn’t nearly as strong as a ball bearing only one autograph.

Baseballs signed in the sweet spot, the narrowest white area between the stitches, are held in higher esteem than those that are not.

Be sure to invest in ball stands to display your autographed baseballs. They will keep them free of dirt, fingerprints, and smudges and make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight. Nothing fades a ball faster!

Bradman vs. Tendulkar vs. Richards

I had planned to publish this article after Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement. However, he is still going strong and shows no signs of tiring after 23 years of international cricket. The first point is to conclude whether such a comparison is justifiable because all three played cricket at different times and had to face different conditions. For this reason alone, it is brave to make a comparison of who was the greatest hitter of all time. First, let’s take a brief look at their careers.

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards was probably the most destructive batsman of all time. He played his pulverizing shots against the best bowlers of his time and crushed them into submission. Viv Richards made his test debut in 1974 and was immediately recognized as a brilliant fielder. As well as being a deceptive bowler, the man was easily the most devastating batsman of all time. His batting gained an aura due to his arrogant and aggressive presence on the field and his arrogance as he walked while batting. This clearly told the opponents that the King was here and that they had better be careful. The term “master blaster” was coined to describe Viv Richards. He played 121 Test matches and scored 8,540 runs, an average of 50.23 over 24 centuries. He still holds the record for the fastest Test century in history, which he scored on 56 balls against the United Kingdom during their 1986 tour of the West Indies. He was also a member of the famous West Indies team of the 1970s, which won the first two One-Day International World Cups. His batting style and his versatility as a part-time fielder and bowler made him an ideal one-day player. He scored his runs in one day internationals with an average of 47 and a strike rate of 96. He also collected over 100 wickets in one day matches. In 2002, Wisden named him the greatest ODI batsman of all time. He was also the most successful West Indies captain of all time and never lost a series of tests as captain.

In 1976, the West Indies would visit England for a long-awaited Test series. The England captain at the time, in a bravado, declared in the media that he would make the West Indies team crawl with misery. Grovel is a term associated with slavery and the statement was not well received by the public, the media and, least of all, the West Indies cricket team. What followed that statement made history as the West Indies annihilated the English team with their Michael Holding-led four-point attack and Viv was at her devastating best. He scored over 1,000 runs in the series with a superb 291 at the Oval to finish things off. West Indies won the series 3-0 and Tony Grieg later said that he was the one who felt like crawling off the field. In my opinion, Viv was the best batsman ever against genuine fast bowlers and he showed almost contempt against the best like Imran Khan and Dennis Lille as he hooked and pulled their short pitches with tremendous power. Remember these were the times when helmets were yet to come and finally when they came Richards refused to wear them saying he didn’t need them. Viv Richards retired in 1991 from both forms of international cricket. If you ask any cricketer of his generation who was the greatest batsman of all time, he will invariably say that it was Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards.

Don Bradman is rated by most as the greatest hitter of all time. He holds a record that can be considered as the greatest sporting achievement in any sport. There are no prizes for guessing right; his winning average in a test match was 99.96. How he practiced with a golf ball and a single cricket stick are stories that are part of Australian folklore. During the great depression years, he lit up the cricket fields with several records that stand to this day. Him taking it out was equivalent to taking out three batters. Like Viv Richards and Sachin Tendulkar, he drew huge crowds. However, the man was a complex person and did not mix easily with the team members. However, his opinions were highly sought after, even after his retirement. Bradman scored 29 million in 52 games. That’s a hundred every two games, actually, which is incredible. For another incredible record, he hit 12 double hundreds out of 29. He even hit three double hundreds in a single Test series against arch-enemy England in 1930. He made centuries in six Test matches in a row. He is also the fastest to reach 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 runs in Test cricket. He fell short of 7,000 runs by four runs. This was, by the way, because of that failure in his last appearance in the test, when he fell in love with a duck and returned to the pavilion half laughing at the irony.

The only test series he acted in next was the much-maligned bodyline series. On a visit to Australia in 1931, English captain Douglas Jardine devised a technique called a bodyline, primarily to stop the running machine named Don Bradman. Working on an observation made during an inning by Bradman in England, he decided to attack Bradman with short-pitch bowling. He, along with the selectors, chose three fast bowlers for the tour directed by Harold Larwood and Bill Voce. This tactic worked well against the Aussies and Bradman. Although Bradman hit just a hundred to set up an Aussie victory, they won only that single test match in the series. The Australians were defeated in the series. Bradman’s hitting style changed forever. There was a lot of buzz about the tactic and a lot has been written about it. However, when he tried to imagine Viv Richards in the Don’s shoes, he felt the tactic would have failed. Viv probably would have hit half of the short pitches in the stands. This is conjecture, of course, but food for thought nonetheless. This weakness against short pitch bowling is the only flaw that can be found in Bradman’s repertoire.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, in my opinion, is the best overall batsman of all time. I will rate Bradman ahead of Sachin in testing and Viv Richards as a combined number one in one day testing with Sachin. There is a lot written about the little teacher from India and I can only add one point that Sachin is not discussed much. That’s the balance of him in the crease. He appears to be putting little effort into his footwork, yet he gets into position so quickly that he is deadly effective and combined with the sheer talent, there is no more complete batsman in his boxing abilities and never has. been. Sachin has been around for 23 years in international cricket and bowlers are still looking for a weakness they can exploit. His record of 100 international centuries is unlikely to ever be broken, as is Sir Don Bradman’s 99.96 batting average. He has broken virtually every batting record and continues to play at the top level. The hunger for runs has not abated after 23 years of tough international cricket. I think readers of this article should go to Wiki or other similar standard pages to see the list of Sachin’s records. He has acquired so many that I cannot list them here. However, it is important to note that he got the most tests/centuries and the most hundreds/centuries of a day. Would Bradman have been able to make the necessary mental and technical adjustments to continue to play so much cricket and against so many quality opposition teams? Well, we’ll never know for sure, but I think not. Therefore, at the risk of facing much dissent, I rate Sachin number one and Sir Don an extremely close number two.

Several other hitters have come very close to these three in their claims as the best hitter. These include Walter Hammond, Garfield Sobers, Len Hutton, Brian Lara, etc. However, these three players have been the most effective for their teams and remain the best hitters of all time.

2007 AFC East Predictions

1. New England Patriots

2. New York Jets

3. Miami Dolphins

4. Buffalo Bills

New England Patriots – 2007 Record 13-3

I have the New England Patriots winning the AFC East for the 2007 NFL season.
with their only road losses coming at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys in October.14
and Indianapolis on November 4. I only have the Patriots losing 1 game at home
this season to the San Diego Chargers on September 16. The patriots who had
one of the worst WR corps in the league could have the best this season with
some key additions. Some key additions to the Patriots team are WR Randy Moss,
WR Wes Walker, WR Donte Stallworth on offense and OLB Adalius Thomas on defense.
Some key losses for the Patriots include RB Corey Dillion and LB Junior Seau.

New York Jets – 2007 record 11-5 or 10-6

I have the New York Jets finishing second in the AFC East for the 2007 season.
with their only road losses coming at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens on September 16.
Cincinnati Bengals on October 21, Dallas Cowboys on November 22 and New England
Patriots on December 16. I only have the Jets losing 2 home games this season.
to the New England Patriots on September 9 and possibly the Philadelphia Eagles
on October 19. This is going to be a very strong Jets team that will be in every
game this season as they are very strong on both sides of the ball. Some
The key additions to the Jets team are RB Thomas Jones and FB Darian Barnes on offense.
and DE Kenyon Coleman, ILB David Harris and Darelle Revis on defense. some key
New York Jets losses are FB BJ Askew, RB Kevin Barlow and QB Patrick

Miami Dolphins 2007 Record 5-11 or 4-12

I have the Miami Dolphins finishing third in the AFC East this season with
their road losses at Washington Redskins on September 9, New York
Jets on September 23, Cleveland Browns on October 14, Philadelphia Eagles on
November 18, Pittsburgh Steelers on November 26, Buffalo Bills on December 9
and the New England Patriots on December 23. I have the Miami Dolphins losing
4-5 home games vs. Dallas Cowboys Sept. 16, New England Patriots
on October 21, New York Jets on December 2 and Baltimore Ravens on December 16
and possibly the Cincinnati Bengals on Dec. 30 if the Bengals get beaten
then. This is going to be another very tough season for the Miami Dolphins.
that they have a new coaching staff that takes charge of the team since Saban left to train
Alabama. The Dolphins’ defense should remain fairly strong this season if injuries
don’t stack up and your offense will be your weak link. Some key additions
to the Miami Dolphins are K Jay Feely, G Chris Liwienski, TE David Martin and
FB Cory Schlesinger on offense and special teams. Some key losses to Miami
The Dolphins are QB Joey Harrington, P Donnie Jones, K Olindo Mare, T Damion McIntosh,
TE Randy McMichael and KR Wes Welker.

Buffalo Bills 2007 Record 3-13

I have the Buffalo Bills finishing last in the AFC East this season with
their road losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 19, New England
Patriots on September 23, New York Jets on October 28, Miami Dolphins on November 11,
Jacksonville Jaguars on November 25, Washington Redskins on December 2 and Philadelphia
Eagles on December 30. Got the Buffalo Bills losing 6 home games this season
to the Denver Bronco’s on September 9, to the New York Jets on September 30,
Dallas Cowboys on October 8, Baltimore Ravens on October 21, New England Patriots
on November 18 and the New York Giants on December 23. Buffalo is in a lot of trouble
this season after losing too many key players and they are too young to
impact this season with more than a dozen starters who have played 3 years
or less in the NFL. The next 2 years will be years of construction for this team that
Two rookies and four sophomores will probably start. Some key additions
for the Buffalo Bills on offense are LG Derrick Dockery, RT Langston Walker
and rookie RB Marshawn Lynch of the California Golden Bears. key losses
for the Buffalo Bills are CB Nate Clements, LB London Flethcer, QB Kelly Holcomb,
RB Willis McGahee, FB Daimon Shelton, LB Takeo Spikes and G Chris Villarrial.

Seattle Supersonics full of energy

In the NBA round, the Seattle Supersonics won again last night in a basketball game played against the Indiana Pacers. For the third time in a row, the Sonics have shown their fans that they are full of energy and improving their scoring techniques.

As backup shooting guard Ronald Murray put it: “We’re trying to bring a lot of energy and keep pace and pace.”

Ray Allen scored 25 points in this game, Murray added scoring and energy to the game. Steven Jackson also scored and Ron Artest managed to hit a 3-pointer.

The Sonics were pleased not to pick up the pace in the first half of the basketball game. They had just two fast break points in the half and finished with 11 in the entire game.

An obviously tired Indiana team was unable to accomplish the goal they had in mind for this basketball game. It could have been that the NBA team didn’t have all the focus they needed or didn’t get all the sleep they needed. Although Ron Artest said the long road trip had no effect on the Pacer’s performance. Regardless, it worked out well for the Seattle Supersonics. The final score for this game was 107 – 102.

The Sonics also won last Friday when they played the Cleveland Cavaliers: 115 – 108.

02/10/06 – Will the Nets give the Spurs a tough loss?

Best: Spurs @ Nets: One last rematch from three years ago. There is no Mutumbo or Martin to stop Duncan this time, who will? Jason Kidd is getting back to his old self, which is a good thing since Carter is just as adept at running the floor as K-Mart. New Jersey beat Miami and Detroit in the last week so they should be used to facing tough teams. For those of you betting on this game, pick the Nets. Predicted score: New Jersey wins 85-82

Runner-up: Knicks @ Hornets: The New York Knicks’ frenetic style should easily be matched by the Hornets. Marbury and Chris Paul should be an interesting couple. But one sleeper rookie has been David West, who has developed into a very solid outside shooter. Predicted score: New Orleans/Oklahoma City win 100-95

Blast: [email protected]: Atlanta would be able to match Seattle’s pace if it weren’t for the sheer number of turnovers they commit. Rashard Lewis on Harrington. Luke Ridnour on Tyrone Lue. There are some serious mismatches. A young team like Atlanta should be running the floor. But Atlanta only gets 95 per game, so Seattle should beat them. Predicted score: Seattle wins 114-93

List of baseball players with three names

Stars known by three names accounted for all responses in a popular game show category last week, and I correctly identified three of them. Van Halen’s David Lee Roth was the musical answer, while Billy Bob Thornton and Joe Don Baker were the two actors I recognized.

For some reason I had anticipated that the category would include a sports figure that fit the description, but the other two responses were not athletes. Upon reflection, I understood why there were no sports stars listed, as I could only think of a handful that had three names.

These are the best examples in baseball, enough to complete a lineup.

First baseman Willie Mays Aikens

The slugger with the famous name helped propel the Kansas City Royals to a pennant and multiple playoff appearances.

Second baseman, Billy Jo Robidoux

Primarily a left fielder, Robidoux would be asked to fill in second for our three-name team.

Shortstop, Chin Leng Hu

Having spent most of his career with the Dodgers, this infielder had announcer Vin Scully call Hu at first when he got on base.

Third baseman Jim Ray Hart

With over a hundred career home runs, Hart was one of the San Francisco Giants’ power hitters of the 1960s.

Left field, Wily Mo Pena

He broke into the major leagues with Cincinnati, who a few years later traded the underperforming slugger to the New York Yankees.

Central Garden, Shin Soo Choo

After several breakout seasons in both Cleveland and Cincinnati, Choo signed a lucrative free agent deal to play for his current team, the Texas Rangers.

Right field, John Ford Griffin

Swinging sweetly with his left hand, Griffin hit over .300 in two different stints with the Toronto Blue Jays in the early 2000s.

Receiver, John Ryan Murphy

He backed Joe Mauer for one season with the Minnesota Twins, who sent him to the Arizona Diamondbacks several years later.

Starting pitcher, John Henry Johnson

Over a span of ten years, the left-hander spent time with Boston, Texas and Milwaukee, but his best season came when he had eleven wins for the Oakland Athletics.

Relief pitcher, Ryan Rowland Smith

Seattle relied on this guy to be the Mariners’ bullpen lefty specialist for four years, and he returned in 2014 to enjoy a comeback year with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Stu Ungar – Gambler, Addict, Loser, Legend

If you come across a group of people at a party talking about great poker players, there is no doubt that you will hear the name Stu Ungar at least once. There are many people in the poker world who truly consider Stu Ungar to be the greatest poker player of all time, second to none. Of course, there will be those who will refute him, but the vast majority would agree that Stu Ungar was one of a kind.

Born on September 8, 1953 as Stuart Errol Ungar, he was nicknamed “El Nino”. He was born to Jewish parents on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Although Stu is best known for being a poker player, he actually started out playing gin rummy. His skills were such that at the age of ten he won a local tournament. Four years later, he was already one of the best gin rummy players in New York. As his father had died in 1968, he dropped out of school to concentrate on playing gin rummy tournaments to help support his family.

Stu’s genius at gin rummy proved to be too much for his opponents. Eventually no one would want to play with him anymore as he beat them up too much. He soon moved to Las Vegas and proceeded to make a name for himself in gin rummy there as well. After a while, the same situation evolved: no one would set up a fight with him, as he would just shred them to pieces. It was then that he channeled his attention to poker.

In 1980, Stu made a name for himself in poker when he beat Doyle Brunson, a poker legend in his own right, in the World Series of Poker. Stu is the only poker player to have won both the WSOP title and the Super Bowl of Poker three times! In fact, by the time he was 25 years old, Stu had already won the WSOP twice. He got the last title from him in 1997 when he played in the WSOP for the last time.

Stu was not only into gin rummy and poker, but he was also a great blackjack player. This could be attributed to the fact that he had a very high IQ, a genius, that is, and he also had a photographic memory. This served him well in card counting and he was eventually banned from many casinos due to this ability.

However, not everything was rosy in Stu’s life. He was known for his drug abuse and his troubled marriage. In those days, professional poker players were also not known for his courteous demeanor. Stu was pretty well known for abusing dealers. The life of this great poker player ended in 1998 when his body was found in the Oasis Hotel. Autopsies recorded that he had drugs in his system, although they were not listed as the primary cause of death. However, records showed that the heart failure that killed him was the result of years of drug abuse.

I think the best thing to remember Stu for would be one of his quotes: “Someday, I suppose someone might be a better No Limit Hold ’em player than I am. I doubt it, but it could happen. But, I swear, I don’t see how anyone could play gin better than me.”

Popular Baseball Teams and New NFL Coaches

One thing that stood out about Sunday’s NFL preseason opener was that the new coach won and covered again. After a dominant early run off the Eagles’ front stringers, the Raiders controlled the pace much of the rest of the way, earning the win as a +3 dog. Philly is led by Andy Reid, a successful coach who has led the Eagles to four NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. Reid has nothing to prove in the preseason (in fact, he is now 10-18 in preseason games). Oakland is managed by Art Shell, who was managing his first game since 1994.

Teams can often go out and play hard for a new coach, even if it’s exhibition season. Last year, the Browns signed Romeo Crennel and he went 3-1 in a row and 4-0 against the spread in August. The Rams get into action Thursday against the Colts. St. Louis has a first-year head coach in Scott Linehan, something to keep in mind. The Lions also open the game this weekend for new coach Rod Marinelli, as do the Bills (Dick Jauron), Chiefs (Herm Edwards), Texans (Gary Kubiak), Saints (Sean Payton), Packers (Mike McCarthy) and Vikings (Brad Childress). ). The new coaches are already 1-0 SU/ATS in 2006!

Baseball pennant races are in full swing, and there’s an old Las Vegas slogan: “Never bet against a high roller.” It can also be applied to sports betting. Teams that are hot often stay hot, while teams that are cold are better viewed as a go-against than a play-on. The Twins and the Yankees are two American League teams that have been on a roll for the past month.

The old betting adage is even more important when baseball teams are fighting for their lives in the playoffs or for division titles. The Twins are certainly making an impressive move to overtake the White Sox for the wild card spot, while the Dodgers have gotten hot and made the crazy NL West even more competitive, winning 9 in a row. Teams that are hot often have different reasons to be motivated.

For example, late last season, the Oakland A’s had an incredible run over the last two months. Novice bettors may think, “Well, the A’s can’t keep winning. I’m going to start betting against them.” This, too, would have been a huge mistake, as the A’s just keep rolling. When teams are hot, there is a combination of confidence and a lack of pressure on the players. This helps them hit, field, and play their best ball. One team can easily get rid of a mistake in the middle of a game, for example, and not let both of them do it. Players feel pressure.

I remember last season when I bet on the Baltimore Orioles in back-to-back games. I did it for several reasons, the biggest one being that the Orioles fired their manager. Historically, teams that make mid-season management changes typically respond immediately and play better. Baltimore also rewarded me with a couple of wins. After one of the games, the O’s new manager said, “I saw some real signs of life that I haven’t seen in a long time. We ran the bases very aggressively, and that’s one of the things I like to see.” . The same thing had happened earlier that season, when the Royals let Tony Pena go and vouched for the new manager with an impressive winning streak, which included sweeping the Yankees like big dogs every time.

Conversely, teams on losing streaks can put all sorts of pressure on themselves, even for winning teams. It has happened twice this season with the Cardinals, a FIRST place team! Pitchers and hitters tried too hard to stop the streak and played worse as a result. Unless there is a major shake-up, such as the firing of a manager, it is better to bet against teams in poor condition and play on hot teams than to outsmart and try to anticipate when streaks might end.

Fifteen baseball stars continue to look towards the Mendoza Line in 2018

Few people would have predicted that the Philadelphia Phillies would be eight games over .500, and just a half-game behind the Washington Nationals, heading into June. Those optimists were likely banking on the fact that the last-place Phils made a couple of key acquisitions over the winter and were therefore bound to be better.

A warning that last season’s rookie sensation, Rhys Hoskins, would be hitting just .220 with just six home runs would likely have made even those devoted fans envision Philadelphia eight games under .500 rather than over, and ​That prediction would be even worse if you had told them free agent All-Star Carlos Santana would be hitting just over the .200 mark.

Believe it or not, Santana’s low batting average isn’t the worst we’ve seen in 2018, a season that looks like it could see record batting averages. There are fifteen star players who have batting averages below .200, a mark that has become known as the Mendoza Line.

Nick Ahmed .199

The Arizona Diamondbacks managed to hold on to first place in the National League West for much of the season, despite their usual shortstop’s below-average offense.

Jackie Bradley Jr. .199

Boston announcers refer to the star outfielder as JBJ, whose Red Sox have the best record in all of baseball.

Carlos Gomez .194

Now with Tampa Bay, the former MVP runner-up has struggled so far in the Days outfield.

Logan Morrison .198

After setting a career high for home runs in 2017, the left-handed slugger is off to a rocky start with his new team in Minnesota.

Jason Kipnis .199

His struggles symbolize those of the Cleveland Indians, who have managed to stay at .500 solely because of their excellent pitching rotation.

matt joyce .199

Oakland has had its ups and downs over the first two months as it continues to wait for Joyce’s bat to regain prominence.

Ian Desmond .190

The Colorado Rockies first baseman has shown plenty of power, but any other hits have been rare.

Adam Duvall .184

Cincinnati’s odd four-man outfield rotation may have taken a toll on the former All-Star, who has had to sit out every three games or so.

Dexter Fowler .180

Now that wide receiver Yadier Molina is on the disabled list, the St. Louis Cardinals may need to get this star outfielder back to the form he was in when they signed him to a big free-agent deal last year.

Kolten Wong .180

Unlike his aforementioned tag team partner, Wong’s struggles have lasted much longer than just this season.

Chris Davis .160

Baltimore’s first baseman has never hit for a really high average, but now he’s too low and so is his power.

Lewis Brinson .155

Miami is rebuilding, but they need this youngster to really step up to come close to replacing Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yellich and Marvel Ozuna in the Marlins’ outfield.

Kole Calhoun .145

While he often stands alongside MVP Mike Trout in the Los Angeles outfield, he’s hardly in the same ballpark when it comes to batting averages.

Russell Martin .174

His receiving skills will keep him in the lineup, but the Blue Jays need Russell to increase his average by about fifty points if Toronto wants to compete in 2018.

Kendrys Morales .194

He’s been plagued by injuries, but if he can bounce back, he can offer some much-needed protection for the rest of the guys in the Blue Jays’ lineup.

Horizon PST6 Treadmill Review for Fitness Enthusiasts

The Horizon pst6 treadmill is a great treadmill with many features. This treadmill would be a great option for anyone from experts to beginners at a good price. Horizon is also a very trusted brand in the fitness equipment industry.

The pst6 goes from 0 to 12 miles per minute and can be easily adjusted. It has an incline range of zero to twelve percent. The higher your range and speed, the more weight you’ll lose and the more stamina you’ll build. Some of the brands in the same price range only go ten miles an hour and don’t even have adjustable camber.

There are 8 built-in training programs that can help you achieve your fitness goals. You could do a different workout every day of the week and never get bored! Other models that are the same price have workouts on cards that are sold separately. You’ll save money right from the start and won’t have to worry about losing separate cards.

Horizon Fitness designed their PTS6 model with a blue backlit HD display that gives you super clear viewing. The one-touch speed and incline keys are also backlit. For those of you who can’t read other brands’ monitors, the pst6 model would give your eyes a rest! The monitor displays speed, time, pulse, distance, incline, calories, program profiles, and pace. All the information you could ever want to know about your training is there.

The pst6 model has a two and a half horsepower MagForce motor. Supports up to 375 lbs. weight capacity and is perfect for larger people who need a wider belt. This tread measures 20″ wide x 55″ long.

Horizon pst6 warranty is one of the best on offer! It has a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 20-year warranty on the motor, and one year on all parts and labor. Some of the other brands only offer 90 days!

The Horizon pst6 also has a pulse grip heart rate monitor which is ant very convenient. Simply hold the handles and your heart rate will be displayed. This prevents you from having to stop your workout to take it manually.

The Horizon pst6 treadmill is a great treadmill with many features not offered on other treadmills in this price range. With this treadmill you get a great brand and a fantastic guarantee. This might be the only treadmill you ever have to buy.