Fitbit, fun, forensics and enemies

Have you tracked your 10,000 steps today? Has anyone else tracked them down?

Fitness trackers are big business, they help people get and stay fit, and they help them share their progress with friends and sometimes strangers.

Probably the best known of these devices (and apps) are FitBit and the apps paired with the Apple Watch, but they also include Moov Now, Samsung Gear Fit, Huawei Band, Tom Tom Spark, and around 350 others. The ability to map your movements is one of the funniest and most engaging features of these devices.

FitBit data helps catch a potential killer.

Fitness trackers in less joyous circumstances can provide evidence in the most severe cases. In late 2015, Richard Dabate told Connecticut police the story of a robbery in which the thief killed his wife while fighting the intruder. The problem was, the cited logs from her FitBit showed her active one hour after the murder was said to have taken place, and that she was walking ten times as far as she would have been in sight of the now fictitious offender. Along with other computer, Facebook and cell phone evidence, and the fact that Dabate had a pregnant girlfriend, he was arrested for the crime. As of this writing, Mr. Dabate is still free with a million dollar lease.

FitBit data helps an innocent man break free

In May 2016, Nicole Vander Heyder went out to the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, but never returned home. His naked and bloody body was found in a nearby agricultural field. At first, the signs pointed to her boyfriend, Doug Detrie, who was arrested but nevertheless seemed shocked by the news and protested his innocence. Detrie was taken into custody on a million dollar bond, but the apparent evidence (blood on the car, in the garage, and a suspicious stain on the sole of his shoe) did not hold up (the blood on the car was not that of the victim). , the blood in the garage was not from a human, and the suspect spot was not blood) so he was released. Doug’s FitBit data showed that he only took about a dozen steps during the time period that Nicole died.

DNA evidence from Nicole’s clothing pointed to another man, George Burch. Burch’s Android phone had Google Dashboard data associated with her Gmail account showing GPS location data that led directly to Nicole’s home. Ultimately, he was charged, convicted of first degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison, where he still insists he is innocent.

FitBit data used to try to find a missing person

In July 2018, Iowa student Mollie Tibbett went for a run and has not been seen since. Police have received her data from FitBit in an attempt to locate her, but have not disclosed to the public what they found in that data. It seems that the geolocation information it contains was not enough to find it. Additional data from her cell phone and social media accounts has been examined for clues, but as of August 6, 2018, there are no reports that she has been found, although there appear to be persons of interest. Hopefully, your FitBit’s location data will eventually help lead researchers to your current location.

FitBit data banned by the military

You may have heard news of late that the Army has raised concerns about military movements and security being compromised by data from fitness trackers and devices like the Apple Watch. A military officer was quoted as saying: “The moment a soldier puts on a device that can record high definition audio and video, take photos, and process and transmit data, it is quite possible that he will be tracked down or revealed by military secrets .. The use of portable devices with Internet access, location information, and voice calling features should be considered a violation of national security regulations when used by military personnel. ” But did you know that this news was from May 2015? And did you know that it was about a Chinese military officer in the Chinese army newspaper, the Liberation Army Daily?

That’s right, some foreign governments have been banning these kinds of devices for years.

FitBit geolocation data banned by the US military.

In 2013, DOD distributed 2,500 FitBits to military personnel; In 2015, the Navy planned to run a pilot program to help enlisted men and their superiors track physical fitness goals, and “allow Army leaders to track the physical condition of their soldiers in real time.”

Aside from military members, Fitbit has a user base of more than 10 million people. Information can be viewed online, on a mobile device, or through the desktop application. Fitbit records movement and allows users to record other health information in the app. Fitbit then uses this information to show progress over time.

The manager of a companion app, called Strava, helps to map and display subscriber movement maps using FitBit and other fitness tracker devices. In November 2017, Strava published its global heatmap of 3 trillion individual global GPS data points uploaded from the previous two years. By zooming in on the maps, as Australian security student Nathan Ruser did, favorite trails used on bases previously undisclosed by military fitness fans were revealed. The heat map trails around and in Mogadishu could have provided potential targets of places frequented by military personnel for Somali dissidents.

As you can imagine, on August 7, 2018, the Army banned the use of geolocation features on iPhones, Apple Watch, FitBit, and other activity trackers with the following directive: “Effective immediately, Department of Defense personnel have prohibited from using government geolocation features and functions and non-government-issued devices, applications and services while in locations designated as operational areas. ” It has not completely prohibited the use or possession of the devices.

The (FitBit) law of unintended consequences

There are three types of unintended consequences (according to Wikipedia)

Windfall: A positive windfall, such as an accused murderer being found innocent of the charges because of his FitBit. Rather than show the achievement of athletic endeavor, he displayed inaction when crime would have required a lot of movement, as with Doug Detrie and Nicole Vander Heyder.

An unexpected downside: an unexpected detriment that occurs in addition to the intended effect of the policy, such as a FitBit showing an alleged victim of a crime rather than being the perpetrator as with Richard Dabate and his wife.

A wicked result – A wicked effect contrary to what was originally intended, such as when military personnel using a FitBit to track their physical progress reveal themselves as a potential target for an adversary.

Hopefully, none of these occasions will fall in the lives of any of my readers.

Stay in shape, keep a log, but keep in mind that you may be revealing more than you intended.

Internet Connected TVs: The Idiot Box Turns On

Evolution of smart TV

The expectation of our televisions has changed; now we expect our team to do much more than just flipping through television channels. Consumers have been sampled from a wide range of online content available through televisions, allowing them to watch shows that may have been missed through apps like Plus7 and I-View, and to “rent” streaming from Video of the new version directly from the TV from applications such as Bigpond TV. Content that we traditionally only access on our PC is now available to us through our televisions, Blu-Ray players, and home theater systems, bridging the gap between the Internet and television.


One of the most attractive capabilities of smart TVs is the ability to stream movies over the Internet directly to our big screen. This has revolutionized the way many people access their movies, and the video store rental industry has started to really feel the pressure. In fact, Samsung just announced that it has signed a deal with the blockbuster to bring more movies to Samsung devices. The new Blockbuster streaming service is expected to land in the US and Europe in early 2012, and in Australia in September.

Bigpond Movies has been available on Samsung and LG TVs for a couple of years now, and this represents a collection of thousands of new and catalog titles streamed to your TV over the Internet. No more leaving the house to go to the video store or racking up late fees for that record you forgot to return.

Quickflix has been available on Sony TVs and Blu-Ray players before, and thanks to a recent agreement, Samsung is joining Sony to partner with the online DVD subscription service and develop an application that will allow Australian users to stream content. video to your Samsung smart TVs.

Sony also brings us its own streaming service, Video on Demand, offering late-release movies in the option of HD or a cheaper SD version, for those of us who don’t have the fastest internet speeds available or just tweak our wallets.

Consumers are also beginning to use services like Telstra’s T-box and Optus’ similar FetchTV service, over traditional Foxtel and Austar cable or satellite connections. This has turned into a billion dollar industry in Australia, with nothing but a growth forecast in the near future.

There are also a plethora of multimedia devices available on the market, such as Apple TV, Boxee, and WD Live, so we now have the broadest choice of internet content available to watch on our television screens than ever before. Two of the most powerful media centers have emerged from Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, with the latter also recently able to stream a wide selection of Foxtel channels, including movies and sports, over the Internet. They both have movie streaming services available as well.


Smart connectivity also opens up many options regarding television channels. Almost all major TV manufacturers have ABC’s popular I-View app preloaded in their menus. ABC iview is an update service that offers the best of ABC TV. You can watch your favorite shows in full screen whenever you want. Most shows are available to watch for 14 days with new shows added every day.

Another application always present in the arsenal of any Smart TV is PLUS7. Plus7, from Yahoo and Channel 7, offers video streaming of full episodes as seen on Seven, 7mate and other content partners. High-quality, full-screen videos are available for immediate streaming. New episodes are added every day and available for up to 28 days after the air. You can pause, fast-forward, and rewind shows, and they’re all available to watch on your TV in full screen. PLUS7 also includes an email reminder service so you don’t miss out on watching shows before they expire. There is also the option to share videos with friends via email and Facebook.

The BBC’s Iplayer is another video-on-demand service that provides access to most of the BBC’s massive television archives, with over 1000 hours available at launch and additional “hours” of footage being “added regularly” . Available content includes BBC News, Documentaries, Entertainment, Drama, Science and Nature, as well as Family and Kids, Music and Culture, and Comedy and Lifestyle. There is also a collection of the best BBC exports like Dr Who, Little Britain, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Absolutely Fabulous and more.

Bigpond TV is available through LG Smart TVs and Samsung Connected TVs (with Internet on TV function). This is also the same service available through Telstra’s T-Box. Bigpond TV is a TV channel streaming service that brings us channels like AFL TV, NRL TV, Bigpond News, Bigpond Sport and Bigpond music and more. According to a study by the independent telecommunications research company Telsyte, one in ten subscription television services in Australia is offered over broadband, and they predict that by 2015, a third of all pay television services will be will be carried out through broadband networks.

This is an obvious concern for cable subscription companies Foxtel and Austar. Austar, in particular, has seen a big drop in fortune as it faces ever-increasing competition from cheaper Internet TV rivals like FetchTV, iiNet, and Internode, available from as low as $ 10 a month. With streamed Internet TV content available on smart TVs, such as recently released movies and TV shows, as well as many new free digital channels, compared to a cable subscription that starts at $ 45 a month plus possible fees for the box, consumers are voting with their wallets in droves.


Television giants Sony and Samsung will have music streaming services available on their smart TVs, and Samsung’s “Music Hub” will soon be launched to revolutionize the connection between our music and our devices like never before.

Samsung’s Music Hub gives us access to shared music without the need to download and transfer content from one device to another, and the service will be available on Samsung smart TVs, Samsung smart home cinemas, and smart Blu-rays in mid-December. The Music Center offers owners of Smart TV, Smart Home Theater and Smart Blu Ray players access to more than 10,000 music videos with the premium subscription.

The technology stores music playlists in a cloud, and music can be accessed from individual devices anywhere in Australia where an internet connection is available. An interesting feature is the “follow me” feature, which allows users to start listening to stored music through a mobile phone, before picking up the same playlist again when they get home through their TV.

Sony’s Music unlimited has been available for a couple of seasons, on Bravia phones, smart TVs, PlayStation 3, and Sony PCs and tablets. Over 10 million songs are available on demand, from indie artists to blockbuster superstars. Thousands of new songs are added weekly, and you can create and edit an unlimited number of playlists, as well as listen to any song you want as often as you like. There are Internet radio channels classified by genre, era, or mood. You can “Like” or “Dislike” tracks to customize channels to your personal taste, and you also have the ability to create new channels based on your favorite artists.

How smart will smart TVs be this year?

Viewers will be able to control their TV using facial recognition, as well as voice and gesture controls, and will move away from the traditional TV remote, similar to Microsoft’s XBox Kinect. LG and Samsung demonstrated voice and gesture controls on their next-gen TVs at CES 2012.

Samsung’s new 8 series TV, the ES8000, has built-in gesture recognition, through a camera that recognizes hand gestures that tell you to change channels, adjust the volume, move an on-screen cursor, and more .

Samsung and LG introduce voice control on select models in their 2012 lineup. Current LG Smart TV owners may be familiar with the Magic Motion Remote, which allows you to control a cursor on the screen in a similar way to how a Nintendo Wii controller. This year will see an update to the Magic Motion remote that now offers speech recognition functionality. A microphone on the remote sends your voice to your Smart TV, allowing the user to search the web, tweet, and post to Facebook, all in spoken words.

Panasonic has developed a new “flick” technology and they believe it will open up new ways of displaying content from our mobile devices with perfect picture quality on a Viera TV. This will revolutionize connectivity between our devices, allowing us to simply “move” content to remotely stream photos, videos, and web pages from Android or Apple products directly to the TV.

Another major feature coming is the ability to upgrade your TV with future functionality, without the need to buy a new TV. It will basically be in the form of an upgrade slot on the back of the TV and you can purchase upgrade “kits” as you need and become available.

Google has announced that LG, Sony and Vizio will showcase Google TV devices at CES 2012, and that Samsung will launch Google TV later in the year, and Apple is rumored to also make 37 “to 50” TVs, and reported iTV features as Siri controls, iOS app support, AirPlay, iCloud support, and deep iTunes integration.

Sony has announced two Google TV add-on boxes in the form of a Blu-ray player and network media player. These will ship to America and Europe shortly, and other parts of the world can expect to be deployed afterward. Both boxes have a completely new remote control, with a backlit QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad. The remote control can also function as a universal remote control for other devices, while the Blu-ray player also supports voice search.

Death of the idiot box

The goal and vision of television manufacturers has gone far beyond offering us great picture quality. The ability to seamlessly link our media, whether on our phones, tablets or computers, with our home televisions has become of the utmost importance. A plethora of new content, in the form of applications overflowing with movies, television and music, is taking us away from the traditional way we consume such content, putting great pressure on industries such as traditional video and music stores and the cable / pay TV. companies like Foxtel and Austar. What we used to have to leave the house, now we have at our fingertips. The days of the missing remote are fast disappearing, in fact the days of using a remote are completely disappearing. The idiot box has finally been improved!

Which one is developer friendly? Android or Apple iOS operating system

With the increasing popularity and use of mobile devices, it has been observed that the number of mobile application developers is also increasing. With the advancement of technology, today’s developers have a wide range of mobile application development platforms to choose from. However, Apple’s iOS and Google Android are the two most popular among mobile app developers.

If you are a newbie mobile app developer and planning to build mobile apps then you may be confused about which one to choose, iOS or Android? Which one is developer friendly? Apple’s IOS or Android? Well, just keep reading this article to find the answers to all the questions on your mind.

• In terms of the programming language used: –

Android generally uses the Java programming language, which is very popular with developers and therefore makes it easy for them to create Android applications.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS uses the Objective C language, which could be a problem for developers unfamiliar with it.

• What about cross-platform application development?

Cross-platform mobile app development has become very popular these days. It is obvious that you cannot run Android apps on iPhone and iOS apps on Android devices. So creating native is more doable.

• In terms of application development platform: –

Android offers an open development platform to mobile app developers and makes it easy for them to integrate any third-party tool into their app. This allows them to add many more features and functionality within their application and could help them achieve the desired success through innovative applications.

But Apple does not allow developers to integrate third-party tools or extensions into applications, and this will restrict developers from trying to create creative, interactive, and innovative applications.

• What about multitasking capabilities?

The Android operating system is very flexible and allows developers to create applications for various purposes. However, building multitasking applications sometimes creates various problems for developers as it requires one to have proven experience and basic knowledge of the Android operating system.

Apple beats Android in this matter, as it represents a more stable and reliable platform for developers.

• Mobile application test: –

Android helps developers to test the application easily with various testing tools with proper indexing and a good IDE. This allows developers to thoroughly and accurately test their applications for bugs or errors.

But Apple’s Xcode lags behind in terms of flexibility and features it offers developers for testing applications.

• Approval process: –

Everyone knows how notorious Apple is when it comes to approving apps. Typically, approval takes 3-4 weeks, while Android doesn’t make developers wait that long.

Therefore, both Android and Apple iOS have their positives and negatives. But both are pioneers in the mobile app development market.

Sometimes smartphone apps create phone book conflicts

Smartphone apps can conflict with an in-vehicle technology system, such as Ford Sync. This conflict can affect your ability to access your phone’s contacts when using voice commands. In this “technology workshop” we will address some solutions.

Sometimes when you try to use the Ford Sync system to make a hands-free phone call and the hands-free system may reply, “Calling the point on cell phone …”, the Bluetooth system will go to the first alpha phone contact and it will start by making the phone call. This can be frustrating, but it appears that the problem is not caused by the sync system, it may be caused by your phone and the apps you are using.

With the growing number of smartphone users, there seems to be more and more “problems” when it comes to using Bluetooth-accessible systems, such as the Ford Sync system.

With the increasing number of smartphone users, there seems to be a problem that a user cannot access their phone book contacts. Even though the phone has been successfully paired and the phonebook has been “downloaded” to the system, you still cannot make the call.

For example, in the Ford Sync system, when you press the Voice button on the steering wheel and it says “Phone.” The system responds: “Telephone, enter your command.” Then you say, “Call John Smith on cell phone.” The sync system can respond with “Calling Dot on Cell”. Then he calls the first name that appears in your phone book. What’s the matter?

One thing you need to do is open your contact list and check that all names are entered on the Name line only. Also, be sure to put the person’s last name on the Last Name line. Then enter your phone number in the box that matches the source of the phone, such as Home, Mobile, or Work. Automated systems such as the Ford Sync system cannot “find” a last name if it does not appear in the box to the right. So enter your information in the correct data fields.

This new problem is related to software applications. At least one smartphone application allows you to add emoticons (such as smiley faces, etc.) to your text messages or to your smartphone contacts. The problem is that even an emoticon (or for that matter, strange punctuation marks and symbols used in phonebook data fields) will damage your phonebook to the point where the Sync system cannot interpret any of the phonebook names. your contacts.

Solution: do not use this application with the contacts in your phone book. If you do, you cannot rely on any Bluetooth hands-free system to “find” the contact’s name. You would have to manually dial your contact on your phone while driving, and this defeats the entire purpose of Bluetooth hands-free systems. Or you can remove the application from your phone and go back and edit the smileys, logos, illustrations, symbols, punctuation marks, etc. that you have put in your phone book.

Once you have deleted the superfluous data from your phone’s contact list, you may need to reset your phone. This is usually done by completely shutting down the phone for about a minute and then restarting it. For a phone, such as the iPhone, you may want to do what is called a “soft reset.” Here is a quick video link on a soft reset for the iPhone.

Now data recovery

SSD data recovery

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are becoming popular due to their robust performance and reliable use. But the drive is also prone to errors due to electric shock, overvoltage, electronic component wear, CRC errors, or bad sector formation due to reading and writing electrons from diodes failing over time. We have the Express and Expert solution for SSD Data Recovery.

Normal hard drive fails due to age, wear and mechanical wear, new normal hard drive would not fail as easily as old hard drives with slow performance and failure symptoms, SMART performance will be monitored during BIOS normally computer laptop and desktop to check usual health status. But the SSD imperceptibly fails without providing any warning symptoms or failure warning One day it works and another day the drive is dead and cannot be fully read and not detected on any of the machines, the SSD does not provide SMART parameters for the drive, so it’s hard to notice the failed SSD drives.

We recover lost data from all types of memory cards

A memory card, flash card, or memory cartridge is an electronic flash that can be rewritten and reprogrammed, in other words, a memory data storage device that is cost-reliable and used to store digital data information. At Now Data Recovery we are experts in handling memory card data recovery. These are commonly used in portable electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable media players, video game consoles, synthesizers, electronic keyboards and digital pianos, drones, and more.

Data is very important to people who store their moments of life, it only happens at the same time. For photographers who spend money, time and more information is life for them. Sometimes due to technology defects, errors will occur leading to data loss. Here the question arises of how to recover deleted pictures and videos from SD card and memory cards.

Now Data Recovery for memory card data recovery services

We are professionals in the recovery of documents and digital images from damaged or damaged Memory Cards and USB sticks. We have designed our memory card and USB flash drive recovery services to offer the highest recovery rate at the lowest possible cost.

Flash data recovery

Reasons for data loss on Flash / removable media

Remove the bracket without turning it off.

Virus attack and hidden data recovery.

Scratches on CD / DVD and inaccessible data.

Damage due to accidental ejection of media.

Damage from electrical surge, etc.

Accidentally formatted media

Alternative sources of funding for Uganda: Accion Venture Lab


I am not an agent nor am I connected to this entity. The information provided below is independent and based on my research and experience. While I have taken steps to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here, there is no guarantee that it will continue to be accurate.

Basic information

Target customer of the fund: “Late start-up”.

Sector focus: Financial services, particularly those using emerging technology, for example mobile money and “branchless” banking, social media, and cloud computing.

Amounts provided: $ 100,000 – $ 300,000

Financing type: Risk capital (It means that instead of providing a loan, the fund takes a% of the shares of the target company, you can also make convertible debt which is a loan that can be converted into stocks.)

Key criteria:

  • Innovative business models that are developing innovative technologies and disruptive business models that will provide financial services to people at the base of the pyramid (BOP); and
  • You don’t need to have significant income, but it should be post-research and development, a full-time team in place, and ideally a pilot / prototype on the market.

More information:

Look online for fund information or contact the East Africa contact: [email protected]

Who is behind the bottom?

Acción is a pioneering private non-profit organization in microfinance. It was founded in 1961.

How is the application process?

The fund was recently launched in April 2012, so there is no clear information available, but the expectation of the process is:

1. Send an initial email to Nicky Khaki, the East Africa contact.

2. presentation of an executive summary to highlight the opportunity and need for funding.

3. Submission of a detailed plan, due diligence, and a site visit to ensure equipment is in place.

What are my views / tips to be successful in accessing the capital?

1. Impress:The Hazard Lab is an “Experimental Project” and is therefore looking for the “Next Big Hit”. I think the business plan / executive summary you submit should show how you are embracing new / emerging technology to solve Uganda’s problems. It should not be conservative, but rather balance the futuristic vision with the practicalities.

2. Market research. Since the team is interested in technology that has been tested and a model that is starting to work in the market, they must demonstrate evidence of tests in the Ugandan market.

3. Scalability.Taking into account the work that Acción does worldwide in the field of microfinance, a good model should demonstrate that it can be replicated, at low cost, preferably in other emerging economies and for the benefit of the “poorest of the poor”. the focus of a lot of microfinance.

While I provide the tips above, you should be aware that some basic key information applies to all applications. This includes things like the plan that includes an executive summary, that it does not contain errors, that it is in an easy-to-read format, and the like.

Otherwise, good luck.

Choosing the best mobile app development company

Mobile apps have changed the dynamics of the digital industry. The focus has shifted entirely to the mobile domain and the depletion of traffic generated by web browsers is a clear indication that mobile is the new king. Mobile applications have been instrumental in making mobile phones so popular. These applications enhance and extend the functionalities of a smartphone using its software and hardware capabilities in various ways.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right mobile app development company for your needs.

On Demand Mobile applications are a better way to start in a new market or expand your business. If you want to grow your business, developing a mobile application is an easy way to achieve success. No matter the size of your business, mobile devices play the same role. You need to make sure you have the best mobile apps on demand to expand your business.

To develop a mobile application for your business, it is important to be clear about your objectives.

Here are three of the most popular:

• Engagement with the client

• Customer service and support

• Online services

Hire a taxi booking app development company for on-demand taxi call service

A taxi booking app is the best solution for those who choose comfort rather than a restless journey. No one wants to mesmerize those days when everyone has to rush through the crowd and choose a seat in a private vehicle, even for a short distance trip. An on-demand taxi booking app is innovative but simple concept to facilitate passengers along with hassle-free travel. Today, almost all taxi companies prefer to hire a reputable taxi booking application development company for an easy-to-use mobile application that offers a faster and more convenient taxi booking experience.

Apporio’s taxi booking solution is making its debut with some cool features and designs. If you are about to start your own taxi booking application project, ‘Taxi app Solution’ is the simplest option for you. Taxi booking software is committed to imparting a highly ergonomic, interactive and supportive user interface. After elaborate research and development, we have tried to present some relevant aspects for the proper functioning of these applications.

Apps like Uber are designed for passengers, drivers, and managers specifically to simplify the taxi booking process and make it useful for everyone. Now, taxi drivers and their passengers can use a taxi booking application to manage each trip according to their convenience and need.

Need for a super clone script in the global taxi industry

Uber clone script provides technical support to start the rideshare business easily. The script provides a perfect experience for business minds. The taxi booking business is projected to reach unprecedented heights in the coming years and it is an undeniable fact that the need for a successful taxi booking service like Uber is an absolute necessity. Multiple private companies and government-backed taxi booking companies are struggling to find viable solutions to meet these growing demands. This scenario may be the direct result of the digital landscape that has given a complete makeover to all industries around the world. Also not to forget the end user, the customers who play a critical role in shaping these demands and requirements. Let’s find out what exactly they are looking for, as it will help them a lot to understand the importance of an alternative to Uber. Uber Clone Delivery App is an app-driven geolocated taxi booking script with advanced service provider, admin and customer features. . The Infact Uber clone source code is robust and highly scalable code that can be used for various other services like laundry, food delivery, helper, and many more.

About us

Founded in 2015, Apporio infolabs ranks first among the best mobile app development companies in the US and the nations of the world. The Apporio name is among the best known mobile app development firms and trusted by global clients. Our specialization in mobile app development uses cutting-edge technologies for creating feature-rich mobile apps for iOS, Android, IoT, augmented reality, and wearable devices. Apporio Infolabs is recognized for expertise in delivering innovative and for-profit mobile application solutions to global clients from various business verticals. We Apporio Infolabs provides taxi app development (Uber Clone app), on-demand laundry and dry cleaning app, Uber for grocery delivery and other Uber service apps.

Hard Drive Destruction: 14 Reasons You Should Use A Hard Drive Destroyer For Home And Business

If you’ve ever gotten rid of a computer, you know it can be a hassle.

When people get rid of old computers, the process is usually as follows:

Phase 1: First he wanted money for his old computer. You think it’s worth something and you want to get a few bucks out of this old gear.

Phase 2 – Find out that it is not worth much and is willing to give it to the disposal site for free to get it off their hands.

Phase 3: You end up paying to get rid of your monitor and you don’t get much for your computer.

Sounds familiar?

Look, if you’re getting rid of an old computer, don’t risk selling it for $ 50 when you may have old credit card information, private photos, and private emails on your hard drive.

Even if you have deleted them, data recovery is possible.

The solution? Smash your old hard drive with a hard drive shredder!

14 reasons you MUST use a hard drive shredder

  1. Businesses have lost billions of dollars from data theft in the past year.
  2. Avoid fines and / or prison. If you are a company you must take care of the private information of the clients.
  3. Avoid class action lawsuits. Customers have sued companies for compromising data on old hard drives.
  4. Avoid compromising all your emails, credit cards, and social security numbers. This is obvious … Thousands upon thousands of files accumulate on your disk over years of use.
  5. Using the delete key does not delete the data.
  6. Overwriting data with software is time consuming.
  7. To reformat a disk drive, you need to have the drive installed and powered on.
  8. New technology will soon make it easier to recover from overwritten hard drives.
  9. Demagnetization (magnetic destruction) does not give visible proof of destruction.
  10. Degaussers don’t always work. The magnetic shielding of the new disk drives is powerful.
  11. Degaussing can be harmful to people around magnetic fields.
  12. Hard drive shredders are loud, bulky, and break down.
  13. Household hard drive shredders are not portable.
  14. If you send the hard drive to a facility, you won’t be able to witness the destruction firsthand!

So where can you take your hard drive when you’re ready to get rid of it?

Well, if you are a large company that uses a lot of computers, you may want to have a hard drive shredder in place. They run a few thousand dollars and can lessen your liability.

If you only have a few hard drives, many shredding companies offer this service and you can take it locally and see your hard drive smashed, or call and ask them to do it on the spot (if they have a machine on their truck). ).

Don’t casually dispose of your hard drive. Visit the document shredding directory to find hard drive shredding teams or a service provider in your city today.

MVNO: the next giants of the wireless industry

An MVNO typically possesses access and name recognition in a specific market niche, allowing them to leverage their brand to generate diversified income, such as from a wireless service. And, looking at the trends in the wireless industry toward personalization, it becomes clear why MVNOs are well positioned to drive wireless growth. In short, MVNOs are all about personalization. Take, for example, the best known and one of the largest to date is Virgin Mobile, which launched its prepaid service aimed at young people in July 2002 and in just two and a half years has 3 million users. Virgin allows users to perform most of the standard data functions through VirginXtras and even offers some 3G capabilities to Virgin customers.

Demographic segmentation is a trend in MVNOs and one that some recent entries have focused on. Take a staple of the prepaid calling card industry; the Hispanic market. Some 40 million Hispanics live in the United States, and two cell phone brands have emerged to better serve this niche. Other major brands are poised to jump into the wireless industry as MVNO. ESPN, for example, is set to leverage its content to serve sports fans. ESPN, like competitor Fox Sports, already offers certain services to users of all major wireless service providers, but ESPN MVNO will leverage the strength of the brand to sell cellular service top-down to sports fans. engaged, offering scores, live game updates. and select video clips for subscribers. Earthlink is launching a new MVNO service with Korea’s dominant cell provider, SK Telecom. Unique among other offerings, the Earthlink / SK Telecom joint venture is a postpaid high-tech offering that seeks to compete with major providers based on early access to technology not offered by major US players.

These companies, along with other potentially successful MVNOs, have more than just brand recognition – their brands have stood the test of time. As with all modern offerings, convenience should not be overlooked. For example, American Airlines customers can book trips through their phones, use their phones for automatic check-ins and check flight status, and to earn miles per minute rewards (or vice versa). Credit card companies may offer services that incorporate pay-by-phone functionality for retail purchases. Movie theater chains could offer automatic movie-time alerts with advanced one-click (or button) ticket purchases. The potential here is infinite.

Many of the services and benefits listed above can also be achieved through a partnership, and it is reasonable to expect that many brands will seek relationships with major wireless service providers for custom packages that provide commissions (or other forms of additional income from the companies). relationships) without it they need to operate their own wireless phone operations.

There are many benefits that an MVNO can provide to a much larger cellular service, including SMS to email services: Bulk SMS gateway [] They are the most important. The MVNO solution provider can customize its product to serve a very different segment of the market. With the mobile revolution spreading across the globe, companies are realizing the power of mobility in terms of better customer reach and greater efficiency.

Birzzle Pandora HD

The match-3 genre is perhaps one of the most popular and competitive on the app store, with simple and addictive gameplay mechanics, they make the perfect mobile game. Developers hoping to make a successful Match 3 title must compete with well-established classics, but they must also steer clear of the hundreds of clones. Birzzle Pandora it does this, in a number of ways. It offers 3 very different game variations and has slightly different gameplay mechanics than most titles.

Each game mode has unique gameplay and is polished enough to be a separate title in its own right. Let’s start with the classic mode, just like other match 3 games, your goal is to group 3 or more birds to remove them from the playing field. However, instead of the usual swap mechanic, you can pick up any exposed bird and drop it on any column. Match 4 or more and you get a supercharged bird, the more you add, the more powerful the effect. The brilliant thing here is that the matches will linger on the screen for a moment before disappearing, giving you plenty of time to add more. If you are quick and can manage a group of 7 or more, you will receive a black hole bird that clears the entire playing field regardless of how many birds are stacked there. Every few seconds a new layer of birds falls from above and the game ends when there is no more room for new birds to fall. Levels increase as you earn points, which makes new birds fall faster, but also increases the points you get from matches. When you pass level 10, birds with padlocks start to appear, requiring 2-3 matches to remove them from the game.

Pandora mode is the main event and is like a blitz option. You start the round with 90 seconds on the clock, and of course, once the time is up, it’s game over. Between the birds there are blocks with the letters of the word. BirzzleThese cannot be moved and can only be destroyed with lit birds. However, when you destroy them, you will receive a variety of bonuses, such as overtime and bombs or obstacles, such as wooden blocks that get in your way and cannot be matched. Picking up all the letters from Birzzle It gives you the opportunity to earn a more powerful bonus, long periods of time, or advanced levels to increase your scoring potential. Unlike the classic mode, new birds enter from the bottom and only when there is room for them, the faster you match, the more opportunities you have. Pandora mode has that ‘one more turn’ quality that keeps you coming back for more and you always end up feeling like you can accomplish more.

The end game mode is Ice Break, and this is like playing a completely different game. Unlike the other modes, you cannot move birds once they are on the playing field, you can only drop one bird at a time. The first two rows are submerged in water, and while you can match here, you’ll need to focus on the area above. Your goal is to clear all the ice blocks above the waterline by making matches next to them. When all the ice is cleared, a new wave pushes up from below and you gain an additional 20 seconds. Scattered across the ice are bonuses like overtime and bombs to help you. You’ll also find golden eggs that add to your final score and may have something to do with a secret game mode seemingly only found in Ice Break. Large groups are a bit more difficult to do here, but with a little strategy, it is still possible.

Graphics are bright and cheerful, crisp and well defined. All fired up birds look fantastic when they get going. The birds look a bit like they were smuggled in with very small boxes, but I only noticed it briefly. The backgrounds look good and are not distracting. The only problem I found was that the screen could seem a bit cluttered at times, especially in Pandora mode with all the additional effects activating all at once, sometimes even interrupting the flow of the game. The sound effects are nothing special, but they are not bad either, they are fun and most importantly to me, they don’t get annoying. There are some nice little touches when using power-ups, but it’s not really atmospheric.

Social media integration is included in the options menu, but I couldn’t link to my Facebook account. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a function they are still working on. However, Game Center works fine, you can compare your scores with your friends and if you want to get demoralized you can take a look at the global scores. However, social media issue aside, this is a solidly built app, I have experienced no glitches to date.

Birzzle Pandora is a really fun, simple and addictive title and offers a variety of play styles with simple controls and a delicate balance between strategy and fast-paced action. Fans of the Match-3 genre should be happy with this title and newcomers should find it a great place to start. Apart from some minor problems Birzzle Pandora It is a polished and well designed app, I rate it 4 stars. It is definitely worth the time.

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