Creative table name ideas for fall weddings

Numbering the reception tables at a wedding with numbers is certainly effective, but not very interesting. Table names are a fun and easy way to add a touch of character to your wedding reception with minimal effort or expense. Check out these creative fall wedding table name ideas.

Stunning fall foliage is one of the most distinctive things about fall. Many brides love it so much that they plan an autumn leaf-themed wedding, right down to the Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry in the shape of autumn leaves. A very nice way to identify the tables at a fall reception would be with different varieties of colorful leaves from various trees. On each table, place a large picture of a leaf that has taken on its autumn hue, along with the names. The corresponding image can be printed on the accompanying cards for the guests. Sample names include sugar maple, yellow birch, red oak, aspen, beech, linden, and cherry. Fall leaf table names would be wonderful whether you have a leaf theme for your wedding or not, especially if your reception is taking place in a region known for its beautiful foliage.

If you are getting married around Halloween, it would be good to name the reception tables according to the characteristics of that holiday. Guests will have fun sitting at tables with names like Jack o’lantern, trick or treat, apple bob, candy corn and costumes. You can even link the wedding favors to the table names and give the guests at each table different favors based on the table name theme. It would be a really fun touch that will set your wedding apart.

Couples who like to travel can choose some of their favorite fall destinations as names for their reception tables. They can be places you have been to or places you hope to visit (or a combination of both). Ideas include Oktoberfest, New England, National Apple Harvest Festival, etc. If you’ve ever been to any of those places, it would be wonderful to use pictures from your trip along with the names on the tables. You could even put a little page on the table that tells a little about your favorite fall spots and what you like about them. It would be a great conversation starter for everyone seated at each table.

Of course, fall is harvest time, and the bounty of fall has inspired many grooms. A wonderful idea for any fall reception is to name the tables with the special flavors of the season. You might even let your Thanksgiving favorites inspire you, especially for a November wedding. Who wouldn’t love to sit at a table called Pumpkin Pie or Chestnut Stuffing? Other ideas include apple crisp, mashed potatoes, roast turkey, root vegetables, hot apple cider, and pumpkin. For fun, you can include your favorite recipe that matches the food on the table name card. This would be even better if you have a lot of great cooks in your family and you can attribute the recipe accordingly. Recipes called “Aunt Susie’s Cranberry Sauce” or “Nana’s Sweet Potato Pie” are sure to be to everyone’s liking.

One last idea is to simply name your reception tables after the rich colors of fall. It would be a seasonal but understated idea, perfect for the bride who prefers elegance to an obvious theme. Let the head table be named after your personal favorite shade, perhaps the color you chose for your jewelry or crystal bridal flowers. Classic fall shades include pumpkin, eggplant, forest green, olive green, mushroom, russet, and goldenrod, just to name a few. It’s so easy to take the time to choose unique table names, it’s a wonder not all grooms don’t!