Do you sometimes want to quit the rat race?

I read a quote a few years ago that said something like this…

People say “time is money” but that’s wrong. Time is life.

Now I can’t remember who said it or where I read it. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to find it again, so please accept my apologies and kudos to whoever said that.

Because I think it raises a very important question…

If time is life, then how satisfied are you with the way you spend your time? Because how you spend your precious time will determine the quality of your life and, to a large extent, how happy you are.

It really made me think about my own life and if I do what I really want to do, or if some of the time/a lot of the time I do things I don’t really want to do or do it because society expects that of me

It is a question worth asking too. Here are a couple more…

Do you enjoy your work?
Do you enjoy your relationships? (Or maybe enjoy being single?)
Do you spend enough time for relaxation and leisure?
Do you spend your work hours being productive or do you end up procrastinating/running away?
You travel? Where would you like to go? Are you really making plans to go there?
Do you experience new things? How often? Would you like to do more?
Do you like to learn or do you avoid it?
Do you spend enough quality time with family and friends?
Do you have a healthy balance between work, home, religion, clubs, hobbies, or any other commitments you may have?

All of those things will apply to most people, but I can’t ask all of the questions to you as an individual. You know your life better than I do, so come up with questions that apply to you.

For me the most important thing was work. It took me a couple of years working odd jobs that I hated, to realize that in order to be happy I had to enjoy what I was doing for a living.

After all, if we work 8 hours a day, that’s a third of our time. If another third is for sleep, that means half of our waking life is work. Okay, maybe not half, you have weekends to consider and holidays etc, but let’s say about a third of our waking time is spent at work, making a living for ourselves and our families. That is an important part of your life.

Now, if you don’t enjoy what you do at work, then you spend a lot of time feeling miserable. It probably not only affects you while you work, but also your mood even when you are not working! So, in my opinion, liking what you do for a living is of the utmost importance.

At least it was for me. I figured this out pretty quickly. I spent a year working in a call center, which I hated! It was the most repetitive job of all, making up to 60 calls a minute on an auto dialer. Every day I kept looking at that clock to see when I could go home. Like all my colleagues. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. If I kept my head down and worked hard, my boss promised me that she would recommend me to another department, the sales department, which seemed more interesting to me and also paid me more. True to her word, after a year my boss put my name up for promotion to sales and I got the job! Let the good times pass!

Well not really.

I found this job a lot of pressure; My colleagues and I were constantly threatened with dismissal if we couldn’t reach our almost impossibly high goals. Hitting them occasionally was doable, but every time and consistently it was next to impossible. No one on the sales floor could do it. While this was definitely more exciting than my missing paper, the high points were exciting but the low points were terrifying. Not boring like my last role but terrifying.

Then I moved to another company, I was in sales again. This time, the goals were achievable, but only with solid overtime. The money was great and again the kpi of 6 sales per day was doable, but it meant committing a ton of time. The 12 hour days were something I did maybe 2-3 shifts a week. I was having fun but I was getting tired and had less of a social life. My wife must have wondered where her husband had disappeared to.

So I turned to the internet for answers to see if there was a better way. I didn’t know what other options there were, I just knew I couldn’t do this kind of work until I was 65 years old. That’s how I found internet marketing and became a freelancer. And things are much better.

I enjoy what I do!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still out of socks. I spend many hours working very hard and being the boss also brings a lot of stress. But overall I really enjoy what I do! And I don’t think I can ever go back to a job again. For me it is a priority now, I need to enjoy what I do for work or I will not do it. Simple.

If you hate your job, be brave enough to leave it, but only with a well-thought-out plan first.

Please don’t be silly or make a hasty decision and quit your job without thinking it through. Let’s be sensible and practical about it.

Don’t quit your job without first deciding what you want to do and how you can realistically achieve it. Remember that your bills are not going away. You want to make sure you’re earning more than you spend monthly (you already know this because that’s the only reason you’d work a job you hate in the first place). Being hounded by debt and having no money isn’t going to be a nice time either.

I hear internet marketers teaching people that they have to quit their jobs to be successful online, though I agree that eventually they have to work full time. I think it should be a gradual transition, because rookies don’t just start working full time. live immediately. I have not put anyone where that was the case.

Personally, I worked full time at my job and then worked my online business in the evenings. Then I asked my boss if he could work part time, that way I could earn enough money to pay the bills but have more time to focus and grow my own business. And then a few months later, when it made financial sense, I was able to work full time. That’s how I got out of the rat race, but I think there may be many routes to do it. Make a plan, think long or medium term and then execute it!

You may need to get additional education or training. You may need to be bolder when deciding which jobs to apply for. You may need to look for investments and capital. You may need to reduce hours to part time.

Whatever those plans are and how long they take. Decide what you really want to do and do it. Because your life is too short to spend it doing something that leaves you unsatisfied.

One last point I would like to make…

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, as long as it’s right for you.

For me, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. For some reason, it seems correct to me. Working for someone else in a job I hated made me feel like a square peg in a round hole. But entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And thank God, imagine what the world would be like in that scenario! The fact is that menial tasks exist and society could not function if someone did not perform them. We can’t all be footballers and rock stars; some are garbage collectors and factory workers. And it’s perfectly admirable to be in that kind of work, as long as you don’t despise doing it.

All I’m saying is if there’s something you’d rather be or do, work for it and don’t settle for less.

I wish you the best; Please let me know your own feelings about it in the comments below!