Herb-stuffed pillows earn more than a million dollars

Lauren Rosenstadt was a single mother who worked for an herbal company in Bethesda, Maryland. An herb (pronounced “erb”) is a plant that has medicinal, salty, or aromatic qualities. One day while having lunch with a friend whose daughter suffered from insomnia, Lauren thought, “If I could fill a pillow with herbs, it would be comforting and help my friend’s daughter sleep.”

A few days later, Sydney Greensheep, a pillow shaped like a sheep and filled with dried herbs, was completed. Lauren gave Sydney to her friend to try on her daughter. The next morning her friend reported, “It’s amazing, she slept like a baby!”

Insomnia is an epidemic in our American way of life that has passed quickly. 40-50% of Americans complain of occasional bouts of insomnia. Between 10 and 15 percent of the American population suffers from chronic insomnia. Each year, up to 10 million Americans seek medical help for sleep disorders. Up to 10,000 deaths from car accidents each year are the result of someone falling asleep at the wheel.

Lauren showed Sydney to her boss, who was impressed enough to provide her with space at the company’s booth at a trade show. Many visitors to the trade show liked the idea of ​​the herb-filled pillows, and by the end of the show, Lauren had orders for over 100 pillows.

Lauren hired a seamstress to sew the sheep-shaped pillows. Then she filled them in herself. Shoppers at the trade show displayed the pillows in their stores, and within days they sold for between $ 18.00 and $ 22.00 each.

Encouraged by these results, Lauren sent samples to department stores and specialty stores. Orders began to arrive. To sew the pillows, he hired small business sewers from home. It was hard work delivering fabric rolls and 40 pound stuffing bags to their homes. During the first year, it raised more than half a million dollars.

Now Lauren’s Herbal Animals can be found in more than 750 body care, gift and wildlife stores around the world. Lauren’s company employs 13 people and has a revenue of more than $ 1 million a year.

It is interesting to note that Lauren Rosenstadt did not start out as a seamstress or craftswoman. She was a person who used her knowledge to help a friend comfort her daughter. After recognizing an opportunity, Lauren didn’t give up. You did the thinking and work necessary to achieve success.

Visit Lauren’s website www.herbal-animals.com

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