How to get into a woman’s mind using three hidden techniques

Desperation is often something to do with men in the dating game. The reason is that men are the ones who persecute girls, based on typical social rules. Girls generally anticipate being chased. However, there are specifics that will lead girls to act like potential predators on the dating scene.

When a guy can attract a girl enough, she will do the job for him. If you want to be the man capable of making girls desperate, you should try the following tips.

1. Focus on the woman’s emotions.

Try to do anything to make a woman laugh. Make some pranks, joke around with her, and act like a kid when you’re with her. With each and every laugh, your defense will drop. Start thinking of yourself as a great guy and a potential lover.

Once he starts to look like you are his favorite toy, point out that you have to go. This kind of suspense drives girls crazy making them desperate to give their phone number to men.

2. Become a valuable man.

When a girl thinks of you as a quality guy, you can create attraction very easily. I’ve listed here the actual factors that you have to show a girl to make her think of you as a “reward.”

You should never behave as if you are completely in love with her. You should make her feel like her ‘outer beauty’ doesn’t impress you, this will make her doubt her ability to attract guys. Actually, this also indicates that you are really looking for substance in a girl.

Since you make it obvious to her that her beautiful appearance doesn’t bother you, she will pounce on you wanting to get your approval.

2. Covert hypnosis

There is a covert technique that will make any girl fall in love quickly. Covert hypnosis is a hypnosis-based seduction method, and it will make a girl feel emotional with you when you are in conversation with her. She is attracted and attached, and will happily do almost anything to make you happy.