How to get rid of your boyfriend in the blink of an eye!

You might think it’s unwise to interfere with that other boy’s girlfriend, right? The problem is that most beautiful women are not single, or at least not for long. They tend to get attached, right?

If you think we have some powers to get rid of her boyfriend in the blink of an eye, you are completely wrong. You too have this power to woo them and it can never get easier than this!

This technique could be called hypnosis, but we gracefully call it lovely women! So to persuade women to date you even if they are attached, you may want to use this method. But be warned – it’s designed to run so smoothly that you should be ready to take it to wonderland.

Let’s say you just met the girl and she sadly told you that she is attached to someone else. The trick to courting this beautiful young woman without making her see through him is to gently convince her that he is unavailable. You’ll make it natural for her to see you again even though she knows she’s already kidnapped. The goal is to make her think about being with you in the future and this is how …

You may want to tell him that you had a lot of fun together and that you would like to continue chatting. But recognize immediately that you were abducted and that you cannot have her number. Then add that as a disappointment and you respect that she already has a boy. But in the middle of this, tell him if you would be surprised if he actually spends more time with you. Take her to a future place of imagination where the two of you can chat and have some red wine together in the cozy pub or café.

You may want to add the last words: “Wouldn’t it be great to be together since we feel so comfortable just chatting?” When you say at first that you have full respect for her who is attached and at the end, that you and her would be so comfortable together having a chat, you are affecting her without thinking that going on a date with you is so important. Easy and harmless in every way!

Then add the killer touch and invite her to have coffee with you next weekend and get her number to reach her. You may also want to cheer her up by telling her that there is a great place to see in town and that you know she would like to go too. Or maybe you have some music that you like and you know where to get it. When she agrees to go with you, you can get her number without even blinking!

After the first few steps in dating her, the other steps of seduction can be carried out and finally woo her in your arms and make her yours instead of that silly boyfriend of hers.

So be careful! Are you ready?