How to play Double Klondike

Bored of the normal Klondike, the standard solitaire we’ve all played hundreds of times?

So why not try Double Klondike, an interesting variation that uses two decks instead of one?

The object of the game is to build sequences of sticks, but unlike the normal klondike, in the double klondike there are 8 foundations to build!

The game is initially dealt with 9 different card stacks.

These are arranged in increasing length.

The first pile has 1 card, face up.

The second pile has 2 cards, with the top one face up.

The third pile has 3 cards, with the top one face up.

The fourth pile has 4 cards, with the top one face up.

Etc, until you’ve dealt to the ninth pile, which has 9 cards …

This means that there are 45 cards initially dealt, leaving 59 cards in the stock. The cards in the bag can be dealt at any time, dealing 3 at a time.

Aside from the different design, the rules are exactly the same as for regular klondike solitaire.


– Cards are built down, in alternate suits.

– An empty column can only be filled with a King.

– Complete series of cards can be moved in one go.

You might think that double klondike would be more difficult than normal klondike solitaire, due to the additional cards, but this is actually incorrect.

It’s actually easier to win Double Klondike because you’re less likely to get stuck. There are more moves available, and if you follow the correct strategy, it is generally not too difficult to win …

** Double Klondike Strategy **

Aces should move to the foundation whenever they appear.

A card can be safely moved if all four cards of the lowest rank and of the opposite color are already on the base.

For example: you can safely move an 8 of clubs, if the two 7 of diamonds and the two 7 of hearts are already on the base.

If you can’t guarantee that a card can be moved, try to hold it until you have no choice but to use it.