Increase Your Internet Marketing Sales & Profits Fast By Watching TV

Would you like to start generating an unlimited number of product ideas, sales letters, and content for your internet marketing business?

Then there is only one thing you have to do. And that is simply constantly exposing your mind to many different, even radically different, things.

In other words, read a lot of periodicals, newspapers, books, and novels. Watch lots of different TV shows and movies. Hear different points of view on radio shows and the Internet.

Basically, keep feeding your brain so much information, about so many different things, that your subconscious is full of “raw material” to fall back on.
What is the point of all this?

Well, by doing all these things, by exposing your brain to all these different ideas, your mind becomes almost like a river of ideas that you can use whenever you want. And all these different thoughts and ideas that you put in there will start to “talk” to each other, and combine and create completely new concepts and solutions for the things you’re working on.

let me give you an example

I recently did an interview with a guy who created a “special effects” cookbook. A cookbook with recipes for volcano cakes and desserts in the shape of your face, and all kinds of cute things that kids love.

And he told me he got the idea while driving down the street. She was thinking about how she read somewhere that cookbooks always sell out. And, at the same time, she remembered something that she saw on a sci-fi TV show and bam! There she was. A “special effects cookbook”.

Two totally independent ideas that came out of his mind to form an idea that has earned him a million dollars.

And that’s how it works for all the so-called “creative geniuses”.

They just load their brains with information, let everything “solidify” and talk to each other… and voila! An idea comes out the other side.