Learn to Protect Your Property Well When Renting in Loughborough

When Renting in Loughborough

If you are a private renter, or planning to become one soon, it is important that you understand what your responsibilities are and how you can help protect yourself. Private landlords must have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties and must comply with fire safety standards. They also need to have a gas safety certificate, and an electricity certificate for properties with a domestic boiler.

Whether you are a student or working professional, choosing the right rental can make all the difference to your life and finances. It is crucial to find a property that is affordable and well-located. A good location will save you money on transport, and give you easy access to a wide range of facilities in the local area.

Loughborough student accommodation is a market town in the county of Leicestershire, with a large student population and excellent universities. It has an array of museums and historic buildings, including the John Taylor Bellfoundry (the largest in the world), which produced bells for St Paul’s Cathedral and York Minster. Other cultural attractions include Charnwood Museum, the Old Rectory Museum and the Loughborough Railway Station.

Learn to Protect Your Property Well When Renting in Loughborough

When it comes to finding a Loughborough student accommodation in the area, students choose neighbourhoods close to campus and with the town centre within walking distance. Ashby and the Golden Triangle are popular choices, with the latter offering a range of student houses, flats and shared accommodation options.

The town is also known for its nightlife and has a vibrant atmosphere. The town centre is packed with cosy pubs and cheap bars, whilst the student union offers plenty of dedicated clubs and events throughout the week.

Location plays a pivotal role when selecting student accommodation. Ideally, it should be situated within a reasonable distance from the university campus, allowing students easy access to academic buildings, libraries, and other essential facilities. Proximity to the campus reduces commuting time and enables students to engage in extracurricular activities and fully immerse themselves in the university experience.

There is also a great selection of restaurants and cafes in the area. For those who like to shop, Carillion Shopping Centre and the high street shops on Granby Street have all the big brands you need. However, if you want to explore independent boutiques and markets, there are plenty of hidden gems to discover on the streets around the town centre.