Leonardo da Vinci

THE BICYCLE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI: – “… a man who was at once an artist, an inventor, a scientist – and who saw no contradiction between these various kingdoms.

In his relentless search for truth, Leonardo explored every branch of the sciences known to his day and proved himself far ahead in many respects in his precise observations, his quest for sound methodology and measurement, and the value he placed on the empirical test. ‘No human inquiry’, he wrote, ‘can be called true science without passing through mathematical proofs… sciences which begin and end in the mind cannot be held to contain truth, for such discourses lack experience, without which nothing reveals. himself with certainty.” (57)

This quote is from a semi-whitening of a life full of conflicts, especially with the church. They should emphasize the oppressive control over thought and creativity that the church of Leonardo’s day had over all the sciences. In fact, there was only one science: philosophy, which was really only theology. So Leonardo’s words take on a different meaning than they suggest. It is even more important than you might imagine because Leonardo was the head or ‘Nautonnier’ of the Priory of Sion. The authors are mostly from Catholic universities so we must forgive them when they claim to have fostered Leonardo’s genius when in fact they did the complete opposite and it’s not until near the end of the book that they notice that he was accused of being homosexual by these Suppressors. inquisitorial soul and thought.

There is a whole specialty of study dedicated to the work of Da Vinci but little truth and much propaganda. Few admit that both he and his mentor were alchemists and the horrors of a life hidden behind lies and half-truths resulting from fear of discovery. It is a theme of many great scientists and their lives, and little credit is given to the brave men and women who strive to understand and the truth they shared is available. Why? Do we still fear that others may do what they did or thought? They think for themselves and question the authority that tries to accredit their way of knowing.

The scientific method of observation and conclusion is said to have been discovered by Bacon. There is some truth to that, but what bacon? Some say Francis and there is no truth to that even though he pretended to be an alchemist in his Rosicrucian or Masonic circles including John Dee and Ashmolean types. Top scholars attribute it to Roger Bacon, who was actually an alchemist and spent much of Bacon’s life in dungeons after sniffing around the church as a monk for a long time. Metaphysics and independent thought can be dangerous business and there are many current authors whose work is relegated to obscurity unless they learn to appease the ‘normative’ or oppressive mindset. The sad part is that there is no benefit to anyone with such oppression. Not only is there abundance and creativity, but those who know the soul WILL NOT NEED to clothe it in grandiose garments. They will gladly work for the pleasure of using their potential for the benefit of humanity instead of trying to destroy others and life in general.

It’s interesting that Napoleon (a Merovingian/Freemason) made sure to get all of Da Vinci’s work that existed when he conquered Milan, but there is something that wasn’t discovered until after that and it’s very interesting. Da Vinci was a Johannite like Newton (another alchemist, whose Principiae Mathematica had a brief comment at the beginning: “This is much more than I should say, and much less than there is!”). The Juanitas believe that the true prophet in Biblical times was John the Baptist and we continue to look for other Benjamite and Masonic connections with him despite the feeling that both Jesus and John the Baptist were operating from the same source. Would Napoleon have destroyed any Johannite writings if the Merovingian house of David and Judah or the family of Jesus were concerned about the fame and credibility of da Vinci or his writings? We cannot say such a thing and we are not sure that John was not one of his favorites as well.

What is troubling about this book is the presentation of Da Vinci as a semi-competent who needed the help of a Franciscan monk. We like Francis of Assisi and we have no doubt that the church watched over Leonardo as it did with all the artists who produced the work of God. Yes, the church claimed that all creative work was their property! They also controlled education just as they have in many places to this day. Luca Pacioli (Franciscan) was most likely under instructions to keep Da Vinci at bay and to keep things, as we shall see, hidden from the public. Da Vinci predated Galileo and you can be sure he would have encountered the usual heretical hideous stake or fire after parts were fired up or cut off along the way.

These are the words of the academic from the Catholic University that give a small idea of ​​the conflict that Da Vinci faced in these oppressive times in which thought was even worse managed than today. “Leonardo and Luca Pacioli worked together for many years and, as we have seen, the intervention of the master Luca was decisive. However, there was a social and hierarchical conflict between the two categories, although no one had ever questioned the supremacy of the arts liberals as the sole repositories of true science.And he who stood resolutely against the exclusion of the mechanical arts from the sphere of science {Such a delusion to call science what the church allowed people to think.}, or as knew then, ‘philosophy’ was Leonardo”. (58)

The best part of the whole book for me is the bike. It has a chain drive mechanism that looks like a 19th century model of something you would have seen in the future. However, his representation is not designed so perfectly that he would have been able to inspect it. It had no steering gear, for example. In addition to the original drawing that was discovered long after the death of all parties, there is a children’s drawing of a penis that looks like a cat with paws. Still, they don’t actually use words to say that he was ‘gay’ and we know he would say something about it if he were alive today. There’s one thing true about propaganda: great people become more manageable after they die, you can ‘twist’ their image to your heart’s desire. In the case of Jesus they do it over every century! I guess all the priests who abuse children in North America and the court rulings have sensitized them a bit. Can you say risk management? Can you say hypocrites? They still exclude ‘gays’ from all sorts of things and marriage is just one of them. Perhaps this is the area that ‘master’ Luca was most instructive to da Vinci? It is an area of ​​his expertise, but what da Vinci was able to produce is not.

“While acknowledging the unmistakable nature of this machine, the few scholars who have examined the drawing are decidedly reluctant to admit its antiquity. Since the application of the chain drive dates back to the late 19th century, they propose a dating of the drawing in the first years of this century Such a hypothesis, however, collides with insurmountable difficulties: (1) The page in question remained hidden for almost four centuries, and it is unimaginable that 70 or 80 years ago a child would have obtained from the Library’s management Ambrosiana permission to look at the codex, tear out one or two of the pages, and then draw on them and stick them back together.There is then a type, not a wooden one with wheelbarrow wheels, {And this The imaginary child that scholars try say he drew the cat/penis, he would have been a pretty smart boy if he knew the name of Leonardo’s student/model/lover. subject of his signature.} no means of direction, and the teeth of the e Center gear so square they couldn’t fit the chain. (3) The odd sprockets and the chain coincide exactly with those drawn by Leonardo in the Codex Madrid 1, folio 10 obverse. (4) We cannot separate the bicycle from the other drawings visible on folios 132 verso and 133 verso of the Codex Atlanticus. They were actually drawn when the pages were joined into the two halves of one page. Putting them together, we see that another hand has drawn, also in pencil and from left to right, two pornographic drawings obviously in jest, on which, on the right side, ‘salaj’ is clearly written, that is, Salai, the name of the student. , model and servant of Leonardo… To become a reality, the idea required the final solution of some challenging problems such as the question of direction and the adaptation of the large square teeth with their protruding corners to the links of the chain… Salai entered Leonardo’s house in 1490, at the age of 10.” (59)

How did Leonardo draw about half of a bicycle design? The best answer is that he researched his/his alchemist’s patron ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ or developed one of his own as Nostradamus. It’s not an easy thing to do, but I think I could have done it. If he had really time traveled, he would have been able to draw a bicycle and many other things, like his famous helicopter. Looking into a ‘Stone’ there are many confusing images of possible futures and confusing realities. We know that many within the Catholic Church have studied these things (eg Thomas Aquinas) and know about the ‘Stone’. In recent times, a Catholic clergyman developed a Chronovisor together with top physicists, including Enrico Fermi, according to a report I have seen.

We know that they would have been very concerned if Leonardo told the world many things that he knew. The Gnostics were heretics because they said things like: ‘The Original Sin that separates us from God is Ignorance!’ Who is broadcasting whether or not you are a heretic because you believe in the possibility of a ‘Stone’ today? Yes, most of society! Few have any idea what an alchemist is or what contributions he has made to humanity, quantum physicists were called ‘atom-mysticists’ when they spoke of the things that chaos science and alchemy have studied for over 13,000 years. That’s why we don’t need an Inquisition. Because the media and education system is more effective!

The bombastic titles and appointments of the chest-beating ecclesiastical egoists who follow in the footsteps of the money-changers whose tables Jesus overturned in the Roman-backed temples are so fantastic that any impressionable person can easily think THEY must know! This is the technique of ‘The BIG Lies!’ If you ridicule your true self (soul) by saying that you are ‘Saint’ and an ‘Emperor’, it doesn’t matter. Just continue adding all the nations and states that you have under your control. Say that you are the only representative of God on earth and that the universe revolves around you. It could work just as well as saying that disease comes from ‘sins and demons’ and ‘women are the forerunners of Original Sin’. In reality, any human being is capable of knowing what Jesus called ‘the inner living father’. Are we really out of the influence of the ‘Dark Ages’? I would like to debate that with the Pope or some other proselyte.