Lineage Free Server


If you enjoy playing the online role-playing game Lineage 2, then you should try out its new classic free server. These servers allow you to start from the beginning and have no expansion packs or special skills. The best thing about this mode is that everyone is starting from scratch. Because of the old-school economy, these servers are ideal for new players. You can enjoy the gameplay on this free server and get into the game without spending too much time or money.

Unlike Lineage II Live, Lineage II Classic is free to play and contains many great features. The games are similar in many ways, but they have some notable differences. For example, the game offers five different races and 31 classes. The game will not have any of the vitality system, the Auction House, or the Noblesse/Exalted status. Instead, players will need to spend real money to purchase a character.


Another difference between Lineage II Classic and Lineage II Live is the game’s server types. If you play the current version of the game, you can access the new Lineage II Classic servers on that day. For existing players, the update will be available on October 3, but you must download the latest version first. To play the new version, simply install the latest Lineage II game, and start playing on the new servers! Otherwise, you can use the old servers when you are ready.

Lineage Free Server

As with any free server, Lineage 2 Classic has some unique features. The main difference is the level of players that can join. The game’s PVP mode is limited to top-level players. You will have to spend real-world money to enter the PVP mode, which is reserved for the highest-level players. Luckily, you can purchase in-game currency in order to purchase items you need in the game.

Lineage II Classic is a free-to-play game. It is also available on NCoin. This currency is used to purchase in-game items and buffs. You can also purchase in-game items and join clans to get more NCoin. You can earn VIP points by purchasing NCoin from the in-game store. These points will be used for special XP/SP bonuses and daily rewards.

The main advantage of Lineage II Classic is that you can play with a friend. The game allows you to join a group of players that has similar level and class. You can choose a faction based on your preferences. You can also join clans and explore new areas. You can even create your own guild. The game also has an optional in-game store where you can buy in-game boosts and cosmetic items. If you want to experience all of the benefits of Lineage II Classic, make sure to check out the new version.