Mess Free in 5 Easy Steps! The best ways to make your home clutter-free

Are you ashamed to invite people? Are you tired of living in a messy place? Well, don’t stress anymore. Help is here. See your home through the eyes of your visitors and take action. Order and finally move on with these 5 quick and easy steps that make up the acronym: AHEAD, because as a well-known man and motivational speaker once said: “Now is the best time you will ever have to get ahead!” Zig Ziglar .

1) Attack your ordination with a vengeance.

At a minimum, tackle this project bit by bit, like an hour or one room / area a day. Even a closet or desk / dresser drawer a day can work just fine. The bottom line is this: do something. Loafers are not allowed. Decide that you will continue until each room is finished, including the garage, basement, and outbuildings like sheds. Include the outside of your house as well, removing trash from your lawn, cleaning flower beds from old bags of mulch and old flower pots, etc.

Track your progress right from the start. Use an online spreadsheet or simple emailed or emailed document listing rooms and other areas to clean. Print out your list and use colored markers as you go through it all, highlighting finished areas in green, for example.

2) Head to stores, online and off, blogs, videos, social media sites, and other places.

Visit local stores and online sites to check out the latest organizational tools from the trade. See which one could meet your needs and check your budget. Find them on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sites, blogs, videos, and other content.

Save by recycling the things you already have in place to create organizational tools. You can use old plastic milk jugs, cut off the top and use the bottom portions as storage containers for your family room remotes, pet toys, children’s blocks, etc.

3) Visualize plans with room for growth.

Take your tracker from No. 1 above and incorporate it into a journal or journal where you also add notes for each area you need to clear. Start your own outline for that area or set numbered points like in this article where you list each room and then have captions on what you want to do there. For example, you can include “Family Room”, highlighting the word in yellow, with bullets underneath that say things like:

  • Throw away old magazines or donate them to your local library.
  • Put all the remotes together in a small basket or a bag on a small table.
  • Remove things from the room that belong elsewhere, such as exercise, equipment (set up an area or another room just for this).

Use colored pencils, markers / highlighters, stickers, and other writing tools to make your plans stand out and mean something to you. Tape or glue cut out or printed images or insert digital images of the products you have in mind for each area, such as a magazine rack for the family room and a CD / DVD case for the teen’s bedroom.

4) Ask for feedback.

Take digital photos to share on Facebook, Pinterest, and / or other social media sites for feedback. Ask your friends and / or neighbors. They can even offer suggestions for improvement and have organizational products to donate to your project.

5) Dive in, divide and defeat the beast of disorder!

Once you get feedback, do your research and review / update your plan. When something new arrives in each area, throw away something old or donate or recycle it. However, don’t let Clutter Monster take over again. Break that cycle of clutter once and for all.

As a wise man once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” Mark Twain.

Now up to you. It is time to move on and get ahead. Start!