No sex, no marriage

Remember the first few days when you and your spouse had sex almost every day, okay, every day. A gentle and simple touch can immediately arouse sexual attraction. A simple kiss could instantly end you and your spouse in bed, despite the stress of the day. You even made each sex very special, kinky, and romantic. You and your spouse wore the sexiest lingerie and body scents. You romantically adorned your bed and bedroom with candles, flowers, dim lights, and new sheets. You even looked for the time and place to have sex. You had sex anywhere and anytime. You had sex for breakfast and lunch. You had sex in the kitchen, living room, dining room, backyard, and even in the car. You even tried different sexual positions, including the wildest ones. Without a doubt, it was not a stage of the asexual marriage. It was the honeymoon stage, the first stage of marriage.

Then the sex gradually became regular. Out of every day, you and your spouse had sex 2-3 times a week. It was not yet a stage of asexual marriage, but it was heading towards her. You and your spouse still wore those kinky, sexy, romantic accents. You and your spouse still enjoyed making passionate love. It just wasn’t everyday anymore and wilder.

From 2 to 3 times a week, sex became weekly, twice a month, monthly, and every other month. Sexless marriage finally began with this alarming frequency. You or your spouse began to reject each other’s sexual favors. The kinky, sexy, and romantic accents were already gone. Even if you have random sexual urges, surprisingly you and your spouse no longer had simultaneous sexual sparks. The sexless marriage got worse. Sex became annual and even zero.

Could you accept an asexual marriage? Definitely not. So, start reflecting instead. What made you and your spouse make tireless love every day? Relive the honeymoon stage and keep your marriage alive.