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SSD data recovery

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are becoming popular due to their robust performance and reliable use. But the drive is also prone to errors due to electric shock, overvoltage, electronic component wear, CRC errors, or bad sector formation due to reading and writing electrons from diodes failing over time. We have the Express and Expert solution for SSD Data Recovery.

Normal hard drive fails due to age, wear and mechanical wear, new normal hard drive would not fail as easily as old hard drives with slow performance and failure symptoms, SMART performance will be monitored during BIOS normally computer laptop and desktop to check usual health status. But the SSD imperceptibly fails without providing any warning symptoms or failure warning One day it works and another day the drive is dead and cannot be fully read and not detected on any of the machines, the SSD does not provide SMART parameters for the drive, so it’s hard to notice the failed SSD drives.

We recover lost data from all types of memory cards

A memory card, flash card, or memory cartridge is an electronic flash that can be rewritten and reprogrammed, in other words, a memory data storage device that is cost-reliable and used to store digital data information. At Now Data Recovery we are experts in handling memory card data recovery. These are commonly used in portable electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable media players, video game consoles, synthesizers, electronic keyboards and digital pianos, drones, and more.

Data is very important to people who store their moments of life, it only happens at the same time. For photographers who spend money, time and more information is life for them. Sometimes due to technology defects, errors will occur leading to data loss. Here the question arises of how to recover deleted pictures and videos from SD card and memory cards.

Now Data Recovery for memory card data recovery services

We are professionals in the recovery of documents and digital images from damaged or damaged Memory Cards and USB sticks. We have designed our memory card and USB flash drive recovery services to offer the highest recovery rate at the lowest possible cost.

Flash data recovery

Reasons for data loss on Flash / removable media

Remove the bracket without turning it off.

Virus attack and hidden data recovery.

Scratches on CD / DVD and inaccessible data.

Damage due to accidental ejection of media.

Damage from electrical surge, etc.

Accidentally formatted media