George Gervin – San Antonio Spurs Biography

George Gervin Biography and Interesting Facts

George “The Ice Man” Gervin was one of the greatest scoring machines the NBA has ever seen. He was nicknamed “Iceman” because of his poise on the court and the way he had the ability to hit the “big shot” with the game at stake.

Gervin was an ABA legend long before he made his mark in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs. He could hit open bridges like a machine. However, his claim to fame was when he could spin in midair making vanishing jump shots and reverse layups without looking that no one could defend. When the “Iceman” got hot, no one could cool him down.

Gervin was so good on the court that even his opponents were some of his fans. In the semifinals of the 1978 Eastern Conference, he drove to the rim against the infamous Elvin Hayes. The “Iceman” drove to the basket and delivered a miraculous bench shot with an off-balance hand from a seemingly impossible angle. Those were just two of his 46 points that night. The astonished Elvin Hayes walked over and gave Gervin a “high five.”

During George Gervin’s basketball career, his shooting hand rarely got cold. In 9 of the 10 NBA seasons, he averaged more than 20 points per NBA game. His points per game weren’t even the most exciting part of his game. When Gervin entered the court, everyone knew that the game was about to heat up.

Towards the latter part of Gervin’s career, he developed a drug habit. In 1989, he overdosed on cocaine and checked into a Houston rehab clinic when he realized the seriousness of his problem. After successful drug treatment, Gervin turned to basketball to help him through the rehabilitation process. That winter, he played for the Quad City Thunder Continental Basketball Association (CBA). At 37, George averaged more than 20 points per game.

Interesting Facts About George Gervin:

  • George Gervin was a struggling bench player on his 10th grade high school team. At that time he was only 5 ‘”8. After the summer break he returned and his coach was surprised when he showed up at 6’ 3″. He had no problems anymore and became the starter after that.
  • He had a brother named Derrick who played for the New Jersey Nets between 1989 and 1991.
  • He played in 12 consecutive All Star Games.
  • Gervin once had 407 games in a row from November 23, 1978 to December 16, 1983 in which he scored 10 points or more.
2013 Fantasy Football Sleepers

The key to winning a fantasy football league is the ability to recruit Sleepers. The “sleepers” are rookies or NFL players who haven’t had much of an impact on their NFL careers. In the fantasy football world, this is the way to win your league championship. Last year, Alfred Morris, as a rookie, was expected to be part of an RB committee, at best, and took control of RB’s No. 1 position and delivered over 1600 yards and 13 TDs. In his sophomore year, Stevan Ridley impressed Bill Belichick enough to take on running back duties full-time and proved he was right by rushing for 1263 yards and 12 TDs. No one expected any of those performances and the owner had to ruin the rest of his team to miss the league playoffs. When you can take a player as a driver or a bench player and he becomes your # 1 producer at that position, you, my friends, have a true Sleeper. Below are the best fantasy football sleepers by position for the 2013 season.

2013 Fantasy Football Sleepers

QB: Carson Palmer (AZ) – Palmer leaves Oakland and lands on the same vertical pass attack he led at Oakland. He put up some really good fantasy football numbers in Oakland and they had limited talent, at best. In Arizona, it has an arsenal of weapons. The great weapon is Larry Fitzgerald. This combination, if I can risk it, will rival the numbers that Tom Brady and Randy Moss put in in 2007. In addition to Fitz, I look forward to great seasons from Michael Floyd (standout season for him) and Andre Roberts. What strikes me most about this season is that Palmer is the 19th quarterback drafted, on average, which puts him in the 12th round or later.

Runner-up: Jay Cutler (CHI) – Cutler is on a one-year contract, has an improved offensive line and a new coach who is focused on offense, unlike his last coach. Cutler is being selected ahead of Palmer as the 16th quarterback chosen with an ADP in the 10th round. I think Palmer has a higher ceiling this year, but both will deliver huge numbers for his ADP.

RB: Andre Brown (NYG) – I know he’s in a battle with David Wilson for the starting RB position and there is talk of one RB per committee, but I love where he’s being selected. It’s almost as if the audience is already giving Wilson the starting position. Even if that happens, at 6’227 pounds, Brown is the goal-line running back, as evidenced by his 8 TDs last year in just over half a season. With Tom Coughlin being an old school coach, I think Brown will be his favorite based on his blocking and ball handling skills as well as being a powerful backup. With him being selected in the eighth round, he is a perfect choice as their third or fourth RB.

Runner-up: DeAngelo Williams (CAR) – Williams closed 2012 with a 210-yard game and gets the starting role this year with Jonathan Stewart injured. If Williams can prove he can carry the load full time again, it will be a steal in a 10th round ADP.

WR: Golden Tate (SEA) – Tate is entering his third season, which is the classic breakout season for a WR. It also helps that Percy Harvin is out of season and Sidney Rice is injured, again. Tate had good chemistry with Russell Wilson last year, which steadily improved as the season progressed. He had 32 receptions, 493 yards and 4 TDs in the last 9 games. Tate has a golden opportunity to clinch the No. 1 spot in WR, which is huge for a 12th round ADP … although I expect this to rise quickly towards the start of the season.

Runner-up: Emmanuel Sanders (PITT) – The Steelers paid to keep Sanders on the team after losing Mike Wallace to Miami. They plan to get their money’s worth. He’s an unknown playmaker, averaging 14.2 ypc last year and just over 5 yac. Big Ben likes playmakers and will be seen in the Sanders way often, even if Antonio Brown is considered to be the No. 1 WR. With a twelfth round ADP, Sanders makes a great fourth WR with which can easily be counted to start each week.

YOUR: Brandon Myers (NYG) – The Giants lost Martellus Bennett (another Sleeper) to the Bears and replaced him with the underrated Myers. Myers had a staggering 79 receptions and 800 yards last year and joined the Giants as a free agent. Hey? Man, Oakland don’t know talent. Eli likes his tight ends, in more ways than one, and will use Myers as much as possible and release his name this year. TE is a deep position, so Myers has an ADP in the 13th round.

Runner-up: Rob Housler (AZ) – The quarterback who threw all those passes to Myers is now Housler’s quarterback Carson Palmer. Housler is only being drafted in deep leagues, making him one of the true sleepers in fantasy football. He had 45 receptions last year on an anemic Cards offense. With Palmer at the helm, there is no reason not to expect a 50% increase in production from Housler.

D: Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have played solid defense in recent seasons, but they are always overlooked as they are in the same division as the Steelers and Ravens. Truth be told, the Bengals are better than those two teams this season. This group of strangers is extremely talented. Led by Geno Atkins and his 12.5 sacks last year, Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap are behind him in productivity. In the offseason, they added James Harrison to truly inspire this team. The writing of a defense always depends on your scoring system. Most leagues don’t award defense beyond fumbles, interceptions and sacks, which Cincy does well, but it doesn’t allow much separation in scoring between teams. If your league is set up to award points based on low yards and points allowed as well, you’ll want the Bengals to be your first D drafted. Seattle, San Fran, Houston, Chicago and Denver will be selected too high. You can get the Bengals in the 13th round with ease.

K: Phil Dawson – I am always reluctant to put this position in an article about Sleepers, but I decided I would do it this year. The 49ers finally realized David Akers hit the wall and cut it in late 2012. He missed TOO many field goals last year. However, he had 94 attempts in the last 2 seasons to lead the league. Dawson isn’t a very interesting name, but he did 54 out of 60 FG during that time frame, including 27 out of 29 over 40+. With that precision and a similar number of attempts, Dawson could easily lead the league in points this year.

Google’s Android Oreo was announced some time ago: what distinguishes it from its predecessors?

So you must have started to see Oreo on many devices as Google expands its implementation. The most popular devices to carry Oreo are the Google Pixel, Pixel C or Google Pixel XL and Xiaomi. It has been confirmed that many companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HMD Global, etc., will support the update later this year. The company announced Project Treble (for those who don’t have a Google-branded phone) to ensure that the Android Oreo update reaches many more devices than the previous operating system.

About features and functionality: is this all you can do when the new update arrives?

  1. Smart text selection

The text selection function in Android Oreo is going to ‘Rock’, since the operating system will know how to select all the text, when it tries to copy and address. The smart text selection feature has the ability to touch selected text.

This feature makes using the device quick and easy. If it is an address, it will start at the address there. And if it is a phone number, you can dial the number directly from the screen.

  1. Multitasking video

This is not a completely new feature, but it can be said that it is an advanced version of the existing multitasking feature. Android Oreo’s picture-in-picture feature allows users to easily switch from one screen to another.

For example, if you are watching Netflix and you suddenly remember an email that you forgot to send, you can keep Netflix in a small window and send emails at the same time. This feature is great on medium and large screen phones.

You will be able to pull a video screen of your application into a small panel on the screen, allowing you to use the phone without losing sight of the action. You will surely appreciate the greater versatility and multitasking benefits that this operating system offers.

  1. Notifications

Android Oreo allows notification dots to appear on apps that have pending notifications. This feature was not enabled in previous versions, making it difficult to see new notifications. You can perform with a single tap on the point to get actions from the context menu.

Google introduced notification dots to apps in Android Oreo, allowing users to quickly see what’s going on without the need to open the app. You can simply swipe the notification bar and get details about the notifications you have. This feature is similar to Apple’s 3D Touch-enabled bubble pop-ups. A long press on the small colored circle at the top rich on the application icon will bring up the screen and display more information.

  1. Autocomplete

Users don’t need to go through the pain of typing information every time, as the ‘AutoComplete’ feature in Android Oreo fills in the information automatically. The operating system completes the information automatically from the application or the web.

Long passwords are hard to remember. However, it is to stay safe when you are online. The previous version of the Android operating system allowed you to use a number of strange solutions to help you copy and fill in your account details.

The new version of Android Oreo allows applications to register, as the autocomplete providers within the system log in. All you need to do is choose the autocomplete provider in any language and input settings. Android will ask for the app’s login details whenever it needs it.

  1. Adaptive app icons

Google encourages its users to interact more with application icons through this new update. Provide developers with tools to make interactions a little fun and engaging.

App icons can come to life when users interact with them or scroll through screens on the home page. It is potentially a new feature and we are more interested in what developers can do with it.

  1. Great speed and performance

According to Google, Android Oreo will load applications and start the device at twice the speed of Android Nougat, resulting in smoother operation. Google is done with a lot of work on the good to make a faster iteration of its mobile platform. This improvement is likely to improve the performance of even cheap devices.

Google also limits the frequency of background location updates to improve system health. It is twice as fast as the previous generation with a faster start-up. Application developers will love this feature.

  1. Great power for the Google Assistant

The new Android operating system gives Google Assistant additional powers, making it that much more useful. The Google Assistant will be open to developers, who can take advantage of it within their applications. This means that it can be used within the application, which serves to reinforce the usability of the applications in the long term.

This type of innovation is necessary for it to be indispensable. Google ensures that Assistant grows and evolves beyond smart devices.

  1. Play more with new emoji

There is no doubt that emoji are firmly enriched in our daily lives. They have their own movie to cry out loud. Google committed to the latest additions to the ever-expanding family of emojis in Android Oreo.

When it comes to introducing users to new emoji, Google lags behind Apple. The inclusion of the latest expressions will likely delight Generación Patria. You can find more than 60 new emoji. The best thing is that Google is going to redesign the entire catalog of emojis. So stay away from a new look when Android Oreo lands on your device.

  1. Save battery life

Android Oreo’s main focus is on battery life, speed, and security with great control over the apps. Google is moving slower in the direction of rival Apple’s iOS with heavy restrictions on everything it can do with the app. Restrictions placed on background applications reduce the performance demand on the device, speeding up operation. This means that all devices will see more battery life once Android Oreo is installed.

Google says Android Oreo is much smarter when it comes to allowing apps to run in the background, reducing the amount of power and money they use. This leaves more battery to use for tasks you use regularly.

  1. Keyboard navigation

The biggest improvement in Android Oreo is keyboard navigation. Users can easily navigate with a more reliable and predictable model for “arrow” and “tabbed” navigation. This feature helps both end users and developers.

In addition to the above, Wi-Fi Awareness is the new Android Oreo feature that allows Wi-Fi devices to communicate with each other over an ad hoc local network. Google is set to add Sony’s LDAC codec to improve low latency audio. You can also see some improvements in the camera app. Google is reworking the camera app, offering a new double-tap feature to quickly get 50% zoom. Android app developers believe that these new features will be a game changer for them.

Finally, no Android operating system would be complete without the Easter egg. However, the one we see in Android Oreo is not the most impressive we have seen to date. Go to settings and tap System -> About phone. You will see a big Android O. Tap it repeatedly to get an octopus.

Birthday party ideas to organize the best birthday party!

It’s time for the birthday party! To make this birthday party special, we’ve included some birthday party ideas to get you started. One thing is certain; The party organizer should think about the person being celebrated and keep it simple. The best birthday party ideas focus on great people, great food, and great times!

Since you are the host of the birthday party, chances are you know something about the hobbies and interests of the birthday person. Write them down and find a party centerpiece idea, or birthday party theme, to organize the party. For kids, this could be their favorite hero, sport, movie or TV show characters. For adults, it can also be a sport, technology, cooking, fantasy, etc. favorites. Once you’ve selected a party theme, party planning will be a lot easier.

Find a key activity or two to keep the party exciting. Birthday party ideas for activities include: a birthday roast, all good fun and good taste, of course, a Jeopardy party game (all about the guest of honor, of course), a quick game of basketball , a “this is your life” presentation with guests sharing fun memories, guessing what’s in the gift bag game, and more. For children’s parties, activities can be as simple as blowing bubbles, creating the best hats or puppets, dressing up, or an old-fashioned set of musical chairs. Make sure all the kids win a small prize to keep it healthy and fun.

Food is a critical component! There is nothing better than celebrating a birthday with your closest friends around great food or great appetizers that everyone can share and enjoy.

When cooking for a birthday party, certain active foods, like making tacos or pizzas, can add to the excitement. Make sure you have some interesting options, including food options for your vegetarian friends. Your guests will have fun participating in the birthday meal and it will become a focal point for conversation and entertainment.

Decorate! Enjoy decorating with theme-related decorations or just some colorful balloons and crepe paper. Make or buy a beautiful cake and voila! Check out some of the great providers featured on this page for great, affordable options.

So remember, keep it simple! Fun birthday party ideas translate to great people, great food, and great times!

Great Bodybuilding Tips For Slim Guys

Here are some bodybuilding principles to keep you on track for fat loss. Follow these principles to choose what foods to eat or avoid.

1. The most essential bodybuilding principle for losing fat is consuming fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. It all comes down to calories in versus calories out. You will surely lose weight if you eat fewer calories than you burn in a day. Take more calories and you will gain weight.

2. The correct ratio of macronutrients: 40% of calories from carbohydrates, 40% from protein and 20% from good fats. Eating this way will help you lose fat and retain your muscle mass. Eating less fat makes your body burn fat for energy. That makes the weight loss come from fat that is used for energy. Avoid processed foods in the form of prepackaged meals because manufacturers often add fat and a large amount of sodium and corn syrups for flavor.

3. Go to the gym

You need to do two types of weight loss training:

– Weight exercises

People can lose weight just by doing aerobic exercises, why should I exercise with weights? It is the best way to sculpt your body. More muscle mass means a higher metabolism, leading to burning more calories.

– Aerobic exercises

Remember to exercise in the fat burning zone. Your body burns fat when your heart rate is around 75% of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age.

Maximum heart rate = 220 – Age

Heart rate to burn fat = 75% x (220 – Age)

Aerobic exercise not only burns calories, it also increases your cardiovascular efficiency, increasing your endurance during training. Remember not to substitute weight training for aerobic exercise.

Following the proper fat loss diet, weight training, and aerobic exercise is the best way to lose fat. Not only will you burn calories through both types of exercises, but you will also increase muscle mass, which leads to increased metabolism. Increasing muscle mass and lowering your body fat level is the only way to look well-defined.

Lift weights three times a week and do some cardio every other day. Thirty to forty-five minutes of weight training (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) is enough for beginners. Every other day, put some cardio training in your schedule. Running, biking, or swimming for 30 to 45 minutes is more than enough. Monitor your fat loss using a scale and tape measure. A simple example to track your progress: if your waist gets smaller while your chest gets bigger, you are on the right track.

How to find the best summer camp for your child

Is there really a “best” summer camp among all the others? There are certainly many good ones. But being the best means different things to different people. So the best summer camp is really the one that meets your child’s needs in a way that others don’t.

And yet there are certain attributes common to all fields that make them elite. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day camp, night camp, traditional camp, sports camp, or any other type of camp, they all must meet certain standards of quality, if not excellence, to be included in the mix.

The best summer camps are those that:

– Emphasize camper safety as your number one priority.

– Use modern equipment for each activity.

– Have a high rate of return for directors.

– Have a high rate of return of campers.

– Have highly organized personnel recruitment and training programs.

– Have camping facilities in good condition.

– Have well-planned and executed activity programs.

– Cultivate atmospheres in which your child feels safe, comfortable and accepted by his fellow campers.

– Have counselors who go out of their way to make personal connections with your child.

– Promote environments in which your child can increase his self-confidence and esteem, and grow as a person through the experience of the camp.

– Have obtained the accreditation of the American Camp Association. Accreditation ensures that the camp meets or exceeds up to 300 industry standards for best practices related to camper health and safety, supervision, activity planning and scheduling, food service, transportation, and more.

Where do you find the best summer camp for your child? You can contact the American Camping Association (ACA) for a free referral. Its Indiana headquarters is available at 765-342-8456. Let them know that you are looking for a summer camp and let them know any important details about the type of camp you are looking for. They will give you various names and numbers of potential camps that might be suitable for your child.

Best of luck finding the summer camp that works best for your child!

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Care and feeding of a Havanese rescue dog

A Great Dane is a huge dog that is a great family dog ​​and can fend off children. A Havanese rescue dog, if you look at the information available, is not a huge dog and would probably have to run away from children. The Havanese does not grow very large, as he is usually only 29 centimeters long when fully grown and weighs 6 kilograms. He’s not a huge obstacle for kids and he’s really not the kind of dog to get if a big dog is what you want.

But despite all that they lack in size, the Havanese makes up for in intelligence. They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, but they are also one of the most hyperactive. It takes a very patient person to train a Havanese, but when you finish you have a Havanese who listens to your commands and offers you a lot of love.

For all that a Havanese rescue dog seems to lack in size, they make up for it with their ability to warn you if there are intruders entering the home or if there is an emergency. They are alert dogs and can make a lot of noise when they feel something is wrong or a warning needs to be issued. They are also playful little dogs who love to show off their wit and intelligence. Try to match wit with a Havanese.

Havanese rescue dogs are also known as apartment dogs because they don’t really require a lot of exercise and their compact size means they don’t take up a lot of space overall. They are very loyal and wonderful dogs to have around children, as they are very friendly and love to play. Their small space requirements make them a popular pet for city dwellers.

Havanese rescue dogs require a lot of attention and patience, especially when you’re trying to train them to follow your rules. But that’s the wonderful thing about Havanese dogs, they respond very well to the right kind of training and can learn to follow many kinds of rules that other dog breeds cannot. But they are still energetic little ones who can drive you crazy if you let them know that patience, as mentioned before, is a virtue.

Your Havanese rescue dog will need daily grooming not only to keep his coat healthy, but also to keep him healthy. A tangled coat on a Havanese can lead to health problems, so be sure to keep your coat clean and tangle-free. With a Havanese rescue dog you absolutely get what you put in, so if you take the time to train them properly, show them the love they require and the care they crave, and keep them clean and healthy, they will pay you back for years to come. .

The Versatility of Today’s Carriage House Plans

Originally, the term “carriage house” needed little explanation: it was a shed to house horse-drawn carriages. Today, however, the term has taken on a different meaning. Since the once ubiquitous carriage has little use in modern society, many of the carriage houses that were built before automobiles were common now have different uses. Many have been upgraded to serve as a guest house, garage, storage space, or even as a bar, restaurant, or shop. Today, two-story carport plans generally consist of a garage-like space on the lower level and rooms on the upper level that may include possible space for hobbies or additional storage.

Modern carriage house plans offer functional second floor home layouts to suit various needs. These designs will always include a modest kitchen, a full bathroom, and a bedroom / sleeping space. Second floor layouts can also include special spaces and amenities such as:

An office

A recreation room

Storage space

A laundry room

Additional living space

Carriage house plans are an excellent solution for those who want to build a remarkably versatile space at a relatively low price. In fact, some even transition from the second level to an apartment and rent the space to students or other tenants, generating additional income for the owner. Others make use of modern garage plans as their only living space. On the right lot, it is possible to build affordable mobile home plans to serve as the primary living space for the owner. Those with simplistic lifestyles can save a lot in the long run.

Some mobile home designs are arranged on one level with the garage located on one side and the finished homes on the other. Those with elderly relatives or friends may wish to consider this style of transportation home planning to avoid the elderly having to climb stairs. If necessary, a two-story mobile home can be designed for easy access to the second level, so that an elderly person can enjoy a comfortable life near a relative or friends who take care of them.

Carriage house plans allow homeowners to enjoy a unique combination of classic architecture and modern functionality. With a little money and imagination, the carport can be used in many ways, for business or pleasure. Whether you want to build a new home or make an addition to an existing home, these highly versatile structures are worth considering.

Classic Game Review: Speculator

“At 6:49 am CST, Hong Kong Gold reports indicate that gold is weaker against the US dollar.” You quickly phone your broker and place an order to sell gold “short” (that is, sell gold you don’t currently have assuming you can buy it at a lower price before you have to “deliver”). In SPECULATOR, you have the opportunity to interpret news reports and estimate their effect on market conditions. Unlike many simulations that reflect price changes over weekly or monthly periods, SPECULATOR pretty much puts you in the pot. Simulates trading in “real time” with a scale of 1 minute of game time equal to 6 minutes of “real time”. The charts even allow you the privilege of watching your broker answer the phone and seeing the floor broker moving to the appropriate position to execute your order on the exchange floor.

The realism used in this simulation is remarkable. It can be bought at the current market value; buy below market value using an MIT. (Market if touched: it becomes an active market order when a certain price is reached). sell at a preset MIT. order; sell at a certain price OB (or better, will sell at a certain price or a higher price); sell shorts; use a spread order (simultaneous buying and selling of related contracts that are related to each other); using GTC (Good till Canceled – the order remains with the specialist on the exchange floor until a certain price or contingency is reached), OCO (One cancels Other – a compensation mechanism in which if a part of the order is completed, the other party is canceled) orders; and have the flexibility to execute orders at the immediate beginning of the trading session (when opening) or at the end of the session (when closing).

The effect of all of these options (although not all are immediately available to the first-level or “newbie” player and should be earned as a performance bonus as the player improves to “Profiteer” and “Floor Trader”) is give the player a more intimate understanding of the mechanics of futures markets. It also seems to allow the player to feel more “in charge” of the situation because he is able to communicate the EXACT conditions for the investment.

It is also a multiplayer simulation and one of the few “realistic” simulations based on real market conditions that allow it. TYCOON reflects actual market conditions and an excellent degree of realism, but only 1 investor can compete in the same market environment. In SPECULATOR, up to 6 players can compete at the same time. However, this feature also presents a problem. It is very difficult for more than one player to use the keyboard at the same time. When the market is about to open, there is only 1 minute to enter “On Open” orders, whether there is 1 player or 6. Also, since the market keeps moving, even when 1 player is in trade mode, there is an inherent advantage in entering one’s orders first. The scaled “real time” is a vital ingredient for the feeling of being there within the simulation, but either there must be some other way to provide information from the players other than from the keyboard or there must be a function that allows the “freeze “from” real time “until all players can enter their orders.

Another important factor is the data disk. Because events, contingencies, and price fluctuations are geared toward a 45-day actual profile of market conditions on three different exchanges (Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and New York Commodity Exchange), there is a significant correlation between what you can consume orange juice. what she does the first time you play and what May’s orange juice does every other time you play. To circumvent this trend towards equality.

The software plans to market several different data discs to reflect different market histories. These will be a welcome addition to the game as it will keep the game fresh and playable. Despite the fact that SPECULATOR allows the investor to play much closer to the market than its closest competitor, TYCOON.

However, it is more difficult to be a fundamentalist at SPECULATOR, as you only have a 30-day history chart to work from where TYCOON offered yearly stories for each product in chart form. It’s easier to be a SPECULATOR technician; However, since one can place a buy-sell order immediately after the news that will affect the basic supply and demand for the basic product hits the ticker symbol. For example, you read that meteorologists predict a severe east coast winter (not an actual event). This indicates that there could be a freeze in Florida that would reduce the supply of orange juice. Reduced supply means higher demand, which means higher future prices. Therefore, you want to buy orange juice futures before anyone else. At TYCOON, there is a clear advantage to following the news, but the price fluctuation has already started when the player reads about it. In SPECULATOR, the player has to move in a hurry before losing the advantage that the news gives him.

SPECULATOR is the first investment program I have seen that overshadows the fine line of investment simulations from Blue Chip Software in tutorial value. The two documentation books that are included with the program (the Game Manual, which explains everything from starting the program to how to place an order, and the Market Reference Guide, which explains everything from the size of a contract even factors that influence prices) are understandable and a valuable resource for perusing the financial pages and / or publications distributed by brokerages. Between the two brochures, almost every imaginable order is defined from both a real trading and gaming perspective.

SPECULATOR compares favorably with any other investment simulation on the market to date. It’s competitively priced for the entry-level game and should be an especially worthwhile investment with the addition of new data discs. I look forward to the projected release of a stock market simulation in the near future.

WordPress Development – Shopify Development Company

For an entrepreneur or an organization growing there, any business must keep its production creation practical, marketing strategies, and growth plans. Website building includes certain areas such as colors, style guide, redesign, typography, responsive, and SEO.

A recent study led by Harvard Business Review is that the strategies should be used to attract buyers to buy the products and services of a specific website that can help to obtain the integrity from that buyer.

What is Web Design Architecture?

That means everything about your website. It consists of a content process such as; the way it looks, the way it works, logo design, construction, web development, conceptualization, layouts, colors, graphics, text style.

There are many options for creating a professional website. If someone does not have any knowledge of design and development applications, or HTML programming language, then it does not mean that they cannot create a website with many other options and forms that can help to create a good professional design:

  • You can hire a professional web design expert, who can help you create a unique website.

  • Use software like Dream Weaver or FrontPage, but the software is like a professional expert who has knowledge of that software to create a website.

  • There are different online tools available for customizable web design templates that help you customize your business graphics, styles, and text.

Developing a professional website design for your online business

When developing a website, you need a solid domain name like Amazon, eBay. The professional finds the need of his clients / visitors. The web design must be user friendly to understand its content, which results in building a good relationship with your visitors.

It doesn’t matter how attractive and tempting your website is; It should be coded in such a way that SEO can read it and appear on search engine operating pages. All pages should be simple and tell visitors what they are really looking for; instead of adding confusing and unnecessary elements.

Different elements

  • Colors: The best color for a website should be a simple design, black and white or multi-color, use web safe colors for your professional website.
  • Sources: Use web-safe fonts because most web browsers read the selective number of fonts.
  • Graphics: Included graphics of logos, clipart, icons or photos that can enhance the front look of the website.
  • Designs: In designs, advertisements, graphics and texts must be well organized.

User friendly web design

User friendly web design can be created with the following factors in mind:

  • Mobile / Navigation Compatibility: Nowadays, people use mobile devices and tablets for their internet access devices, which is why a website optimized for mobile devices is necessary. Use a Google mobile site tester to see how your website appears on mobile devices, if it does not appear then you can use the mobile device design approach first.
  • Multimedia: Related audios and videos should be used in the web design that can benefit the visitors so that they squeeze the information in an easy way. This way the visitor will spend more time on your website.
  • Easy content: The language should be simple, short, bullet points, headings, subheadings, and other techniques and the formatting should be included to make your website easy for readers.

Web design plays an important role in the success of your business. Web Design professionals use good planning and analysis with customer specifications in mind and try to create a simple but elegant Web Design.