Halo 3 "Forge" Map editor overview

One of the exciting new features in Halo 3 is Forge. Forge is not a typical map editor like the one you see in many other games. It does not allow you to change anything important in the level, such as the geometry of the level. Rather, it allows you to place weapons, items, vehicles, spawn points, or Halo 3 tools. For example, you can easily place a flamethrower and bubble shield on your base for your teammates to collect. You have a lot of flexibility in what you can place, but you are limited by the number of objects you can place; there is a cost associated with each item. You have a maximum dollar amount that you can spend to avoid memory overflow. Small items cost less, while larger items, such as vehicles, cost more.

You can also play Forge with friends, allowing you to eliminate enemy items while placing items for your own team. Up to seven of your friends can join you by forming different teams. They can attack each other and go into edit mode, making them a monitor like Guilty Spark. You can be attacked while in this mode, so you have to pay attention to your enemies, but you can drop or move any object you want. It has some limitations, like not being able to remove vehicles when there are still people in them.

The Forge seems like a great addition to the Halo franchise that should have many unique gaming experiences in our multiplayer games.

How to get a 6-pack in 20 days? – Learn how to get great abs fast!

Desperate to get 6 pack abs fast? I know exactly how to do it, as I personally made it through after finally discovering many truths about abs training. First of all, you have to be willing to compromise and do whatever it takes to get the perfect abs. This article will list the most important things to get right if you want to have any chance of getting your 6-pack.

1. Build your lean muscle

The most important thing to do is lose the layer of stomach fat that covers your abs. Cardio alone is not going to help much. The best way to do this would be to increase your body’s metabolism throughout the day, and you need to build lean muscle to achieve this. Lean muscles can be built by strength training with weights, but they don’t necessarily have to be very heavy unless you want to get bigger. Remember to always consume some type of protein after your workouts.

2. Eat more of the right foods

Try not to eat too large amounts of food per meal. It would be nice if you could divide your 3 daily meals into 5 or more smaller meals each day. This keeps your metabolism high throughout the day, burning body fat even when you’re not exercising. Also make sure your meals contain a good mix of fiber, protein, and healthy carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits.

3. Do abdominal exercises, but don’t overdo it

Many people misunderstand abs training and tend to overdo it. It’s a necessary step, but not the only one, that most people seem to think of as I see people doing their abs all day without much success. Abs exercises are useful for strengthening your abs, but almost useless when it comes to burning fat.

Also, it doesn’t mean that the more reps you do, the faster you’ll get six packs. The abs exercises you perform should provide enough resistance to your abs, which means that if you’ve done a lot of crunches before, it’s time to move on to more challenging ones like hanging leg lifts.

Copycat Innovation – A 7-Step Process That Minimizes Risk and Optimizes Success

Business surveys conducted by renowned organizations such as IBM, Boston Consulting Group, PwC, and others inevitably come to the same conclusion that innovation is critical to business growth and profits. However, only 4% of CEOs have implemented an innovation system for their organization. They are reluctant to accept innovation due to failure and uncertainty.

In the past three global studies of IBM CEOs, CEOs consistently said that coping with change was their most pressing challenge. In the IBM CEO Study 2010, CEOs ranked creativity as the most important leadership attribute. The most creative business leaders have an innovation system. However, innovation carries high risk and ties up company resources such as money, time, logistics, and possibly expensive equipment.

These CEOs are constantly looking for a less risky way. Now the look is over. The solution is Copycat Innovation.

What is Copycat Innovation?

Copycat Innovation is about adapting a proven solution to produce innovation, thereby minimizing risk and optimizing success. In short, it’s about taking what works best and improving it.

Copycat Innovation is not about a large-scale imitation of an existing product, service, or process. Creativity and innovation are required. It has a structured methodology.

Copycat Innovation does not challenge copyrights. Nor does it imply patent infringement. Copycat Innovation leverages previous R&D and involves lending and developing existing products, services, marketing systems and technologies to carve out a competitive niche in the market.

By applying a 7-step Copycat innovation process, you can eliminate the fears and frustrations that minimize risk and optimize success by making what works well even better.

Why Copycat Innovation?

Presenting ‘breakthrough ideas’ and ‘brand new’ innovations is both tempting and glamorous. After all, success could mean market domination. However, this strategy carries great risks. In addition, it often requires enormous efforts and resources. It is an activity that is complex, expensive, and often shows very little promise of return on investment. Work on the successor to the successful product should begin immediately. This means that the budget for successive research must be increasingly larger than that of the original innovation. Examples of this approach are Intel, 3M, and P&G.

With globalization and the advent of the Internet, there is a new, easier, simpler and more proven way to minimize risk and optimize success. This path is called “Copycat Innovation”. Examples of this approach are Apple in the development of the iPod, iPhone and iPad series of products, Samsung’s business strategy and banking.

The fact is, this approach is not new. It has been carried out by countless successful companies and organizations. But no one had given it a generic name until now. After doing extensive research, I called this approach Copycat Innovation and developed a 7-step methodology for Copycat Innovation, a methodology that harnesses the amazing power of the Global Brain through the Internet.

In summary, Copycat Innovation probably offers the best approach for your organization to maintain and increase its competitiveness and strategic positioning in the market because it is:

* Simple to implement

* Low risk, as you are adapting or refining a proven solution

* Low cost, as the research and development work has already been done for you.

* Requires far fewer resources, including people, time, money, and efforts

* A fast track to commercialization.

* It is legal and ethical

Examples of Copycat innovation

* Apple: Apple launched the iPad in 2010 refining and adapting technologies from many sources. For example, the first tablet was built by Microsoft in 2001. MIT created touch screen technologies and manual motion systems to turn pages or screens in motion. Of course, Apple also presents many innovations in the iPad.

* Samsung: Samsung founder Lee Kun-hee’s formula of being first to market with a copycat product when there is a new opportunity has helped make Samsung a leading global brand over the past decade, with a market value of $ 143 billion. , larger than Intel and Hewlett Packard and equal to the combined value of Sony Corp, Nokia, Toshiba and Panasonic Corp. This is because being an original innovator and creating a new market requires a lot of risk and takes a long time to achieve profitable results.

* Franchise: The franchise is a systematic form of Copycat innovation. According to statistics from the United States Chamber of Commerce, franchised companies have a 97% success rate within 5 years of opening, while non-franchised companies have a comparatively low 48% success rate in its first 6 years.

* McDonalds: White Castle founders Walt Anderson and Billy Ingram are widely recognized for inventing both the hamburger and fast food businesses. However, his copycat follower McDonalds, the world’s largest fast food chain, through his marketing innovation achieves much greater success from his hamburger fast food business.

The 7-step methodology to copy innovation

The 7-step process for Copycat Innovation that delivers results-driven measurable fast-track innovation (KPI) by harnessing the amazing power of the global brain is as follows:

1. Identify the main problem;

2. Adoption of the Michelangelo approach;

3. Do your best better;

4. Innovating the wheel;

5. Sell the Copycat innovation;

6. Implementation of the Copycat innovation;

7. Recognition and Celebration.


Fastcompany and Businessweek magazine have recognized Apple as the most innovative company in the world. He is also probably the most competent copycatter in the world. Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, openly admitted it during one of his presentations. He said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal. And we have always been shameless in stealing great ideas.”

In his highly reviewed new book, “Copycats: How Smart Companies Use Immitation to Gain a Strategic Edge,” published by Harvard Business Publishing, Professor Oded Shenkar cited a study over a period from 1948 to 2001 that found that 97.8% of the value of innovation goes to imitators! He calls it imovation (imitation + innovation), which is exactly what Copycat Innovation is all about.

Different factors that cause hair loss in women

There is no denying the importance of scalp hair for women. Numerous females are seen for their external appearance. Yes, that is the reality of the world we live in. Having beautiful and strong hair is part of the whole equation that women use to improve their appearance and appearance. Despite the fact that baldness among women is just as common as in men, it is more difficult to manage in women. Baldness occurs for a wide range of reasons and there are a few causes that are behind most cases of hair loss.

Let’s discuss some reasons for the problem of hair loss among women.

One of the most commonly identified reasons for the baldness problem among women is the thyroid. We all know that the thyroid’s job is to control our digestion. When the thyroid is not working properly, it presents itself through different physical signs and symptoms. Some symptoms of an underactive thyroid include anxiety, hair loss, depression, constant fatigue, insomnia, drowsiness, and obesity. Experts say that hair loss in women is a major symptom of a woman’s thyroid problem.

Another reason for baldness in women includes how stress and severe depression are handled. Stress can cause a host of medicinal problems. Men and women handle different levels of stress in different ways. Women are known to be more affected by stress and are less prepared to break free from depression in ways that are good for the body. Stress can result in

  • lack of sleep,

  • poor diet,

  • excessive weight gain, and

  • Hair loss.

The genes of an individual are also an important factor in deciding whether a person will suffer from baldness or not. The genes in your family play a substantial part in your physical appearance. The problem of thinning hair is often hereditary and it is quite obvious to say that if most of your family members and close relatives suffer from baldness, you will develop the problem sooner or later as well.

Women who have women in their family who suffer from baldness, then they are more likely to suffer from this problem as well. But there is no reason to be disappointed, since we live in the 21st century and the scientific world has evolved remarkably. Now with the latest techniques used to perform a hair transplant, women can get their beautiful hair back again.

Hormonal changes in a woman’s body can lead to a serious hair loss problem. Low estrogen levels cause decreased testosterone production. Experts have already discovered that menopause has immediate effects by decreasing the amount of estrogens and testosterone in a woman’s body. Testosterone deficiency results in low hair growth, eventually causing female baldness.

Ten reasons why cocker spaniels lick

Why do cocker spaniels lick and is it harmful?

Licking is a natural behavior that dates back to the wolf. When the mother wolf returned from hunting her food, the cubs in her pack licked her mouth and face to stimulate regurgitation. This is normal behavior during the weaning stages. Soon after, the cubs band together and learn to hunt for their own food. It is quite interesting that the mother wolf also licked her cubs in exchange for stimulating the cubs to relieve themselves. It is not surprising to learn that licking is a natural instinct that all dogs inherit. There are different types of licking behaviors and so many reasons why dogs lick for daily routines and survival.

Licking cocker spaniel can be due to a variety of reasons. Some can be complex, but most are easy to understand and fix. Let’s first take a look at the possible reasons.

Reasons why dogs lick

1) A submissive social behavior: respect a dominant dog
2) Puppies lick their mothers’ faces to request food when weaning
3) A sign of affection: dog kisses.
4) Self-cleaning of the dog: a natural instinct that is learned when it was a puppy
5) Dog handling tactic: licking for attention
6) Personal and litter grooming
7) Stress
8) Dog health problems
9) Wound cleaning
10) Injury – bread

When to worry

If your Cocker Spaniel is a compulsive licker, it may be time to investigate the reasons. For example: is your dog left alone for long periods of time? Stressed Due To Separation Anxiety? Is your dog hurt? Are there skin lesions? Is your dog sick? Obsessive licking and can lead to scratching or biting the area, which could present other problems. Compulsive – Obsessive licking behaviors can often be related to a dog feeling anxious.

The first place to start is by inspecting the source. Maybe something is stuck to the skin or fur, look for cuts between the legs. Look for rashes under the coat. Look for possible parasites. Look for anything unusual that may be causing the dog to lick. If it’s a skin condition, it’s most likely an easy fix.

On the other hand, if your dog is compulsively licking everything in sight, then there could be a greater concern. Licking yourself into submission can be cute at first. But it will tire soon. It can be a learned behavior to manipulate him to get his attention and get what he wants. The behavior must be broken.

Don’t reward the dog for its behavior. By this I mean never give your dog a treat to stop licking. If he gives in, the dog has simply learned a new trick. When the dog starts licking, just divert his attention to a different activity. But first you must break the lick with a strong verbal command NO. Never hit or yell at your Cocker Spaniel, be firm and gentle.

Is licking harmful?

Dogs have been licking humans for hundreds of years and I have never heard of anyone being killed by an innocent kiss from a dog. All dogs love the taste of salt, this is one of the main reasons they lick humans. That said, it’s important to note that you should never let a dog lick your open wound. Despite what you’ve heard, the possible transmission of disease or infection from a dog licking an open wound should be avoided.

As long as your Cocker Spaniel is healthy and showing no signs of illness, it’s safe to bet that playful licking isn’t harmful unless he’s tickled. At worst, it can be very annoying; at best, it can be a show of affection.

Always check with your local vet or professional trainer if you feel like your puppy has a licking problem beyond your control. Compulsive – Obsessive licking behaviors are often related to a dog feeling anxious for some reason. Your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer can help you discover the source and offer remedies. It is not necessary for your puppy to suffer unnecessarily and stress at the same time.

The 5 steps to selling your home on your own

While it is not always recommended, it is definitely possible to sell your home on your own – in other words, without a real estate agent. If you’re organized and follow the steps below, you can potentially save 2-3% on real estate agent commissions. For the median home price, this means savings of $ 3,000 to $ 4,500!

Now keep in mind: this will mean spending around $ 1,000 up front to get everything done right. However, you can view this simply as a money-saving investment, once you actually sell the home.

Step 1: Have your home inspected by a professional.

Depending on the size of your home, this will cost anywhere from $ 200 to $ 400. Most buyers will get a home inspected, but I recommend that you, the seller, do it yourself before putting the home on the market.

The reason for this is simple: you need to know more about the home than your buyer does when it comes time to negotiate the price.

Typically, the home has a contract at a specific price, then the potential buyer has the home inspected. This puts you, the seller, at a disadvantage. The reason is that it is better for you to know about any potential problems when pricing the house, rather than finding out once you have a buyer.

Let me put it this way: do you know if your house is wired to code? Unless you’re an electrician, you probably aren’t. Now think about this: what would be better, so you know that your house is not wired to code and the corresponding price, or to find out after a buyer has your house under contract?

In a home negotiation, knowledge is power! It’s worth $ 300 to get the upper hand in this department.

Also be sure to get a termite inspection if termites are a problem where you live. Termites can destroy your home quickly and many times you won’t know it until it’s too late. The good news is that most termite companies will inspect your home for free as a way to earn your business. You can even have more than one company perform this inspection.

I recommend that you do these inspections before doing anything else. The home inspection generally takes about 3 hours and the termite inspection takes about 1 hour. Aside from letting the inspectors in, you don’t even have to be present at the house! Most inspectors can schedule their work to be completed within a week.

Step 2: Get bids from three contractors for each major item in need of repair.

After inspections, you will know what is what. Next, you should consider repairing important items. These include: foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, framing, and roof work. If any of those things show up on the inspection report, get three different contractors to examine the problem and make you an offer. Make sure you receive these offers in writing

Also, you’ll want to bring in contractors for any major cosmetic issues. If you have old rugs, holes in the wall, broken windows, etc., you’ll want to know how much it costs to repair or redo them.

Now, none of this means you really need to fix anything. This depends on how the housing market is doing in your area. If the houses are selling quickly, I recommend not doing any repairs and simply selling the house “as is”, with the cost of these repairs subtracted from the price.

If this is a more difficult market for sellers, or what is often referred to as a “buyer’s market,” you may need to look to repair major items or allow for an additional “repair allowance.”

This will be of great help in negotiating prices. If your buyer raises a problem, you will already have the contractors’ bids on hand. You can simply adjust the price in a way that works best for both of you. Also, when you show you’ve done your homework, a buyer is less likely to resist any price adjustments you offer.

Step 3: Find out what houses are selling for in your neighborhood.

I emphasize the word sale, as it doesn’t matter 1) the listing price of a home or 2) what you think it is worth. The value of a home is what a buyer can and is willing to pay for it.

You may need to check with a real estate agent to find out what other houses have sold for. Many will be happy to do a market analysis and let you know a good asking price for your home. This does NOT force you to work with that real estate agent, but be sure to inform them ahead of time that you are going to sell the house on your own. That same realtor can always find a buyer for you, so doing this numerical analysis can benefit both parties.

Pricing your home correctly is critical, so you also need to factor in the price of necessary repairs. My suggestion is to simply subtract your cost from the sale price and sell the home “as is.”

Having bids from contractors on repair costs will help show your potential buyer (and the real estate buyer involved) that you are serious and organized. It can speed up the sales process, as sometimes the buyer won’t even require a re-inspection, and this open transparency on your part is the key to closing a deal quickly.

Step 4: clean, remove trash and prepare your home

You want your home to be as clean and tidy as possible. If this is easy for you, do it yourself. If not, I would recommend “Got Junk” to get rid of any clutter and then a cleaning service.

You want to have as few of your own personal items in your home as possible. You might even consider renting a storage space for a few months.

You want to stage your home, which basically means removing personal items and organizing your furniture in a simple way.

The basic idea behind the staging is that your potential buyer will start to “see” their own furniture in your home. Once this happens, they have already started buying your home. It may sound strange, but houses that are organized sell 79% faster!

The other benefit of doing all of this is that it will make the move much easier. Let’s face it, you have to get rid of that junk sooner or later anyway. So why not get it done before you move in and have a faster, more profitable home sale down the road?

Step 5: List your home on MLS rate sites and all other major places online

One of the best things a real estate agent can do for you is list your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). There are real estate agents who do this for a small fee (usually around $ 200). They do not charge commission, only the initial fee. This will expose your home to all real estate agents who have buyers.

The second thing I recommend is to put your house in Postlets. It’s a free site that will list your home on Zillow, Yahoo, and Craigslist. These sites have a large number of potential buyers for your home.

The last thing you can do is put up a sign that says “For Sale By Owner.” Some people prefer not to do this for various privacy and security reasons. Personally, I don’t think it’s too important to use a “For Sale by Owner” sign unless there is a lot of car and / or pedestrian traffic near your home.

The most important thing once you’ve done the 4 steps above is to make sure as many qualified buyers as possible are aware of your home. By listing your home on MLS and Zillow, you are making serious homebuyers realize it.

If you want to further minimize tire kickers, you can choose to show the home only to buyers who can show they are pre-approved by a lender or have enough cash to purchase your home outright. Serious buyers will have no problem doing this, especially if it is a competitive market.


Those are the five crucial steps that I have used on every site built and in every mobile home that I have sold. The vast majority of homes have been hired in less than 28 days, so it has worked well for me, it should work for you too!

Telemedicine in the senior market

The elderly are widely known as mild technophobes. The Internet circulates with memes such as “I asked my son for a newspaper and he gave me an iPad … he’s a dead fly.” But it turns out that when it comes to their medical needs, at least, older people aren’t just comfortable with technology, they demand it.

A recent Accenture survey tells the story in a few simple numbers:

• 91% of Medicare beneficiaries use email on a daily basis.

• 73% look for answers to their problems on the Internet before turning to other sources.

• 56% have logged into the website of their specific insurance company in the last year.

• 31% log into Facebook or another social networking site at least once a day.

But that’s just general internet usage. The numbers become much more focused when seniors are asked about the purpose of their digital tools when it comes to healthcare:

• Every day, more seniors search the Internet for health answers than those between the ages of 18 and 29. old.

• 67% of Americans 65 and older said that being able to access their medical information online was “something important” or “very important.”

• 62% said the same about being able to schedule appointments with their provider (s) online.

• 83% said they should be able to access their medical records online, but only 28% actually can.

• 46% described accessing their medical records from their mobile device as “the most important” of several options offered.

• 42% said the same thing about “being able to see a doctor virtually, with no copayment.”

The telemedicine market is growing rapidly

If you’re not exactly sure that talking about Facebook and email is directly relevant to the telemedicine market, read those last few points again. Wide access to medical information, exchange between providers, virtual visits … these are the bread and butter of the field of telemedicine. It’s no wonder then that a recent Deloitte study found that more than 70% of employers plan to offer their employees telemedicine consultations by 2017.

That same study calculated that there were more than 74 million virtual visits in 2014, and estimated that the number would approach 300 million in three years. Mercom Capital Group research estimated a 300% increase in funding for video telemedicine over the past 18 months.

The senior sector is also growing

According to US Census Bureau estimates, the 65+ section of the population currently rests at around 15%, but will expand to 20% by 2030. That’s an increase of more than 20 million old people. Today’s question is not “is telemedicine a technology that we must adopt to help our elderly?” – is “will telemedicine evolve fast enough to meet the demands of a rapidly growing and intelligent population?” With the investments we are making today, the answer is a hopeful “yes”, but as with all technology, each development brings new potential and each potential brings new demand. We’ll see if we can keep up with the ‘silver surfers’ as they push us toward ever-increasing telemedical skills.

Tony Stewart wins third place of the year! – SCI August 13 Edition

The next stop on the Nextel Cup schedule is Michigan International Speedway

Next week, NASCAR Nextel Cup teams head west, or the Midwest to be more exact, to the 2-mile tri-oval at Michigan International Speedway. Initially, MIS was inspired by the other great tri-oval of its day, Lowe’s Motor Speedway. But after almost 30 years of racing, he has developed a personality of his own that no driver has been able to master. Unlike other racetracks, since the 2000 season there has never been a single driver to win consecutive races at Michigan.

Don’t run to the store or sit in the bathroom too long next Sunday. Racing in Michigan tends to go by very fast! Of the tri-oval tracks currently on the Nextel Cup circuit, Michigan has the fastest average race speed at just over 174 mph. Only Daytona and Talladega have faster average speeds.

Next week at MIS, expect Carl Edwards to continue making his move to qualify for the Championship Chase. In 6 starts at Michigan, Carl has an average finish in seventh place.

Also expect the following drivers to do well next week:

Matt Kenseth – Average finish 10th

Jeff Gordon – Average finish 11th

Denny Hamlin – Average finish 12th

Reed Sorenson – Average finish 12th

Next week’s schedule:

Nextel Cup: @ Michigan International Speedway

08/17/07 – 03:10 pm NASCAR Nextel Cup 3M Performance 400 Practice

08/18/07 – 01:50 pm NASCAR Nextel Cup 3M Performance 400 Qualifying

08/19/07 – 02:00 pm NASCAR Nextel Cup 3M Performance 400

Busch Series: @ Michigan International Speedway

08/17/07 – 04:45 am NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series CARFAX 250 Practice

08/18/07 – 11:10 am NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series CARFAX 250 Qualifying

08/18/07 – 03:30 pm NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series CARFAX 250

Craftsman Truck Series runs through August 22 at Bristol Motor Speedway

Kevin Harvick is no longer happy!

All hell fell apart late at the Centurion in Glen. On lap 75, Juan Pablo Montoya tried to block Martin Truex Jr at Turn 1 and caused a major accident and even greater consequences. In the accident were the pilots Kevin Harvick, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jeff Burton.

None of the drivers, it seemed, were very happy with the result. But Kevin Harvick and Juan Pablo Montoya decided to discuss the events in a more hostile tone and face to face. Later in the pits, when asked about what they discussed, Harvick said, “I talked about kicking his butt.”

This is the kind of passion and excitement that has been absent from the often bland and happy world of NASCAR censorship. A side effect of NASCAR’s effort to make the sport family-friendly and politically correct (which I applaud) is that the drivers’ real and most passionate emotions are muted or hidden. From off-track interviews to victory lane celebration, driver behavior and responses are written.

However, NASCAR had no chance of guiding the Harvick and Montoya altercation on Sunday. The two almost square off in a Cale Yarborough-reminiscent fight against the Allison brothers. In the end, there was no bloodshed, just two ultra-competitive individuals exchanging words. And what great adult entertainment he made!

Dale Earnhardt Jr is on the outside looking in!

Dale Earnhardt Jr hoped to at least catch, if not beat, Kurt Busch at the Centurion at the Glen yesterday. Going into yesterday’s race, Kurt and his 7-point lead was all that stood between Jr and qualifying for the Chase.

However, the voodoo gods of NASCAR thought otherwise. Bad luck found NASCAR’s most popular driver in the form of a blown engine valve. After being in the top 10 for much of the day, Earnhardt suffered engine problems with just 26 laps remaining.

As a result, Dale Earnhardt Jr now ranks 14th in points and 100 points out of the 12th and final qualifying position for the Chase for the Championship. With only 4 races remaining to qualify for the Chase, Team # 8 will need to find luck and make friends with it. There is no margin for bad finishes.

Centurion at the Glen at Watkins Glen international summary

Who said road racing was boring?!?!?! Yesterday’s Centurion at Glen turned out to be one of the most exciting races in recent weeks. From Dale Earnhardt Jr blowing up an engine and Jeff Gordon losing it at Turn 1 while leading the race with 2 laps remaining, to the altercation between Kevin Harvick and Juan Pablo Montoya, fans were thoroughly entertained!

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the race was the last lap with the ever aggressive Carl Edwards challenging Tony Stewart for victory. Carl was so aggressive that he came around a curve and into the gravel stops. Fortunately for Carl, he had enough momentum to clear the gravel and still finish in the top ten.

In the end, the Glen race had little impact on the points race, but provided incredible entertainment for those of us who watched it at home.

Other drivers to consider:

Points leader Jeff Gordon was about to capture his fifth win of the season when, with 2 laps remaining, he lost control of his car at Turn 1. In the end, Gordon finished in ninth place and is still there. firmly at the top of the points standings. .

Jimmie Johnson made a queue and unexpected top 5. Road courses are not high on the list of favorite tracks of the reigning Nextel Cup champion. However, Johnson ran convectively and consistently enough to finish third and maintain his seventh place in points.

Tony Stewart must love the heat of summer. Perhaps because it goes hand in hand with his nickname, “Smoke.” In the last 4 races, Stewart has had 3 wins, including a win at yesterday’s Centurian at the Glen.

Carl Edwards owes a lot of thanks to Boris Said. Several years ago, Jack Roush made a deal with Boris to provide him with cars for his own team in exchange for Boris to mentor the Roush drivers. It seems that Carl graduated as the leader of Boris’s class. At the end of yesterday’s race, Tony had to fend off a hard-charging Edwards, who finished in eighth place after spinning trying to catch Tony. As a result, Edwards moved up one place in points and is now in fifth place.

Five Texas Getaways to Inspire Your Summer Vacation Plans

Sure, some of you will scoff at the idea of ​​posting a list of potential summer vacation ideas because we’re essentially the middle of summer. It’s for this reason that this list will focus specifically on Texas getaways because if you’re looking to make the most of an ever-narrowing travel window, the Lone Star State is the place to be.

Here are five Texas getaways to inspire your summer vacation plans, even if you think you don’t have enough summer left:

Central texas – Some of the main cities that you will find in this area of ​​the state are Austin (official capital of the state and also known as the “Music Capital of the World”), San Antonio (home of the Alamo) and San Marcos. Whether you explore the Texas government buildings or try to visit the ridiculous number of colleges in the area, it has a lot to do with it. Do you want to try something fun? Try to find a t-shirt that represents some of the coolest pets in the area, which of course includes the Hutto Hippos.

North texas While the North Texas area encompasses a large portion of the land and population, Dallas County and Tarrant County are viewed by almost everyone as the overwhelmingly official domain of the area. That said, emerging counties like Collin County and Grayson County have started to make their mark due in part to tremendous advancements in commercial and higher education facilities.

Texas Beaches – It’s summer in Texas, which means it’s hot. What is your job? Head to the beach. You might be surprised at the variety of venues that provide a great beach vibe for all ages looking to keep cool. You have Malaquite Beach in Corpus Christi, East Beach in Galveston, and Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula as some great options. However, if you’re in the mood for more popular beaches, check out Rockport Beach and South Padre Island. Travel experts always point out that beaches tend to be more popular when the weather turns warm, so consider the number of other beach lovers. With regards to South Padre Island, all travel gurus agree that March is the best spring break season, so it may not be a prime spot for a family vacation.

High School Soccer Stadiums – If you are a sports fan and want to see what soccer really means, try visiting some of the biggest and most amazing high school soccer stadiums in the world. Even if you tried to visit the top 10, you would be traversing the entire state of Texas visiting cities like Austin, Odessa, Frisco, and Mesquite.

Washington County – Although much quieter than the other places on this list, Washington County is the “real Texas” you will never see. Other cities in the state tend to get more credit when it comes to their historic contributions, but nowhere else compares to Washington County. Washington-on-the-Brazos is where the Texas Declaration of Independence was written in 1836, leading to the establishment of the Republic of Texas.

Getaways to Texas are something special, and while this list of possible trips focuses on the summer months, it’s important to remember that every time you head to the Lone Star state is the right time.

Why is Twilight a great success?

You must have probably heard about it, from the news on TV or to the crowd of teenagers wearing the “I love TWILIGHT” t-shirts outside the bookstore where Stephenie Meyer celebrated her book signing. The new phenomenon right after Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings took the whole world like wildfire. TWILIGHT, which was a novel about a vampire who fell in love with the girl he always wanted to kill. It was written by Stephenie Meyer of Phoenix Arizona, who received instant and incredible fame and fortune after the success of her novel. After the release of her books, the movie was made, starring Kristen Stewart as the main female name Bella Swan with Robert Pattinson as the vampire, Edward Cullen.

For those who have read the series, they would probably say that this is just one of those boring vampire books that are published every now and then all over the world. But this is far from common; different because probably no one had ever written anything about a vampire, although fighting the urge to kill her, he still fell in love with a fragile, warm-blooded human. Despite all the trials, challenges, and contentions (they can’t even kiss properly because Edward might be overwhelmed and kill Bella in one move), their love prevailed in the end, in the latest book titled “Breaking Dawn”.

Twilight had driven fans crazy with this unconditional love story with a happy ending. From elementary school girls to their mothers, everyone had their noses buried in these four books created by Meyer. Ms. Rita Johnson (mother of two and works as Elisa’s kit maker) posted on one of the fan forums that she loved Twilight because it brought her out of reality into the mystical realm of vampires. It was totally addicting for some of the teenage girls who instantly became avid fans, collecting the books, the movies, from T-shirts to notebooks and collectibles.

Even the schools adapted TWILIGHT in their prom balls with vampire themes. This past Halloween, almost everyone dressed up as Dracula or just used too much powder on their face to emphasize the pale skin of the vampires in Meyer’s books. The Twilight saga could be another Harry Potter phenomenon, it hit the world in an instant and could also disappear in a flash of light (or probably after the fourth movie was finished). But still, right now, Twilight inspired teens about love and life and how to realize its importance (well, Edward always refuses to turn Bella into a vampire too because he values ​​her humanity and wouldn’t want her to lost his life. I don’t want Bella to suffer forever with him and I gave in on the last book in the series. It turned out that Bella was perfect for being a vampire, so I could say that all the arguments and rejections in the first three books were one. shit. ). But really, two thumbs up for the Meyer books!