Fort Myer hotels are absolutely fantastic

Fort Myers hotels are experts at making their guests’ accommodations a pleasant experience. Well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and first-class service, hotels in Fort Myers are simply commendable. With a great atmosphere coupled with charming city locations, your stay at Fort Myers hotels is absolutely fantastic.

Hotels in the city of Fort Myers are available in all other categories, from world-class luxury hotels to budget Fort Myers hotels. Which hotels to check into will largely depend on your budget and your tastes. If you are a beach bum and would love to check into a hotel overlooking a warm beach, head to the charming Fort Myers beach hotels. These hotels not only offer brilliant views, but also present numerous entertainment options to enjoy. By staying at these beach hotels, you can not only enjoy the surroundings amidst natural wonders, but also have a good time on the beaches. Play a game of beach volleyball, have fun surfing, kayaking, canoeing and sunbathing … the fun never ends here. Wonderful accommodations and landscaping … you’ll love your time in Fort Myers.

Located in the southwestern region of Florida, Fort Myers is a great vacation destination in the US With pleasant weather, trendy Fort Myers hotels, and a host of activities to try, this city is a traveler’s paradise. Besides its beautiful beaches, the city also has many picturesque sights and amazing tourist attractions.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

As the ninth most haunted historic home in the nation, the estates include 20 acres of land that has historic buildings and gardens, Edison’s original rubber laboratory, a large museum, food court, and river cruises, among others.

Burroughs House

The colossal and famous Burroughs Home and its lush gardens are open for visitors to view this impressive building. In addition, weddings and other private functions can also be held here.

Fort Myers Historical Museum

Housed in the former Atlantic Coastline Railroad depot, the Fort Myers Historical Museum displays artifacts and remains that will give you an insight into the history of Southwest Florida. In addition, a Pullman automobile, the ESPERANZA, and a 1900 Cracker House model are on display.

Yacht basin

Yacht Basin is located at Mile Marker 135 on the Okeechobee Waterway. This is a well designed and secluded marina. Owned and maintained by the city of Fort Myers, this marina is visited by hordes of tourists and visitors.


The Imaginarium Hands On Museum is where you can view the moving and interactive exhibits that include live animals, widescreen cinema, a hurricane simulator and dinosaur excavation, among others. In this museum you can see funny shows and 3D presentations.

Eastwood Golf Course

The exquisite Eastwood Eastwood Golf Course is located on Ortiz Avenue near Colonial Blvd in Fort Myers, Florida. The gates of this famous golf course are open to the public throughout the year. You can have a good time relaxing in this place and also gorging on the delicious food available at the kiosks found here.

What you need to know when traveling with your pet

According to the Air Transport Association, more than 500,000 pets travel by air each year in the United States of America alone. However, traveling is very stressful for a pet. Imagine the stress you encounter when you travel and multiply it a thousand times and this is how your pet feels. So if you are planning to take your pet on your next trip, this article will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of traveling with your pet.

The good

  • You don’t have to go through the pain of trying to find a trustworthy pet sitter or trying to find a trustworthy friend / family member who remembers to take care of your pet.
  • Being able to travel with your pet can put you at ease. This means you don’t have to worry about how your pet is doing at home or with a pet sitter while on vacation.

The bad

  • Not all airlines allow pets. Some airlines do not allow pets on their flights.
  • Depending on the airline, but those that allow pets on board will often charge between $ 125 and $ 250 each way (this also depends on where you are flying to).
  • Pets suffer a lot of stress when they travel. There are a large number of environmental stressors that are present when pets travel on an airplane, such as changes in temperature, noise, and changes in movement.

The ugly one

  • According to statistics released by the Department of Transportation, 122 dogs died in the cargo holds of US airlines between May and July 2010.
  • In 2011, 35 pets died while traveling on a plane and more than half died while onboard Delta flights.
  • Airlines are not required by law to report pet accidents, such as accidents, losses, and deaths.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what it might be like to travel with your pet, here are some things to know when you decide to take your pet on a trip with you.

Pre-flight preparations

  • Because travel is already difficult for your pet, consider other factors that could add more stress to it before making a decision about whether or not to take it with you. If your pet is too old or too young, consider leaving it with a neighbor or family member. The same is true if they are in heat or pregnant.
  • Take your pet to the vet for a checkup. This is to ensure that your pet’s health is in good travel condition. Also, get the necessary vaccinations for your pet before you go on a trip. You can request a health certificate to present at the counter before boarding your flight.
  • Book your flight in advance. Because different airlines have different policies regarding bringing your pets on board, it would be much better to make arrangements in advance. An easy way to do this is to make an online reservation. That way, you can learn more about your options, not just with their pet policies, but with their prices as well.
  • Airlines have different policies on the size of carriers they allow inside the cabin. Check with your airline about size and set requirements before purchasing a carrier. Remember that a carrier is subject to the same regulations as hand luggage. You can refer to the FAA policies on carry-on baggage rules for reference.
  • Some dog trainers recommend training your pet especially for pre-flight travel. Some suggested techniques are to place them on the floor of your car while driving. This accustoms them to the changes in motion that they are likely to experience on an airplane. Others also recommend using an association scent on your pet, such as lavender oil. You can put a drop of the oil on your hands before mealtime or take them out for a walk. Doing so allows them to have a positive association with that smell. So if your pet is going to be separated from you, you can put a drop of lavender oil on his carrier to keep him calm during the trip.
Marketing on a tight budget for small businesses

Marketing and advertising a business can be a lot of work for an individual. However, if done correctly, you can save a lot of money and maximize your profits.

I am in the same boat as many others with a home business. At first, it was difficult to get clients and business. One day I decided to buy a book from Borders titled Marketing Kit (Hiam, 1997). “In it, the book suggested that one should develop a marketing plan and stick with it.

I decided to sit down and make a list of all the potential targets for marketing my businesses and businesses that I am already targeting. Then I made another list of all the marketing strategies that I am currently using and the strategies that I should use.

This is what I came up with:

1) Hand out at least 5 business cards per day. It does not matter if I give them to companies or individuals. The point is to publicize the name of my company. Essentially, word of mouth will spread.

2) Sending brochures to potential clients with information about my business. I made my own brochures following the format of the book I bought. This method may require several repeated attempts before the customer is finally aware of it.

3) Inform everyone I know or with whom I am in contact about my business.

4) Promote on Facebook. I run giveaways on my Facebook page for fans who interact on my page. I use Groupon to buy cheap items. For example, I recently bought 2-person movie tickets, which included 2d or 3d movies, a popcorn pot, and a free refill, all for $ 14. I gave one of my Facebook fans the movie pass. Also, use the 80/20 rule on Facebook (Hiam, 1997); 80% of your posts on Facebook must be interactions with your fans on any subject (Hiam, 1997); 20% should be promoting their business and services, according to Hiam (1997).

5) Leave a mark on the Internet. By this, I mean posting your business information on other websites and getting a badge from them. For example, put your business on Yelp, partypop (you should consider this one), eventective, etc … They will give you a badge to put on your website. What you are doing here is linking your page to your page and pointing the other way around. Do this as much as possible to leave an electronic footprint.

6) Obviously, you will need a website with information about your business. People like to see photographs. Keep information short, concise, and to the point. Make sure you use SEO (search engine optimization) to the best of your ability.

7) Make good deals when you start. Everyone is looking for the cheapest prices today.

8) NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK through facial interactions, Facebook, etc … Remember, you are considered an expert in your field. Use it to your advantage. Educate people about your business and your field.

9) Most importantly, STAY COMMITTED!

Technology inspires social change: the 21st century, a perspective

The prominence of technology in the life of the millennial person remains noteworthy. With the introduction of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, to name a few, there are countless platforms for global interaction. From cross-national marketing campaigns to community events, social media has established a benchmark by which information travels across the World Wide Web. It’s safe to say that these podiums have been subject to life-altering events over the course of the past few years. Both governments and NGOs have launched campaigns and ideas on social media to raise awareness and overturn public reactions. The way that effective social media has taken generic populations by storm is truly revolutionary. Technology has provided the unprecedented majority with the opportunity to voice their concerns about issues affecting health, lifestyle and the environment.

We have all heard of or participated in viral campaigns on social media that have been the driving forces behind creating a better world. Social media aims at positive reform at the roots of society by creating evocative responses from the public. We are now more capable of cumulative change than we were twenty years ago. Whether it’s to enhance a brand image or raise funds for a social cause, social media has done it all. These efforts have impacted billions around the world.

The dawn of the 21st century could not be more optimistic for those who want to make a difference in the world. Here are the success stories of cases where technology inspired social change. This is how social causes went viral in popular media to inspire successful impact, changing lives by generating a uniqueness in consciousness amid diversity.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Lou Gehrig’s disease, called ALS, is a condition that affects nerve cells, the brain and causes drastic consequences for those affected. In August 2014, the ALS Ice Cube Challenge went viral on social media to promote awareness of research on ALS, a disease with no cure. The challenges required people to film and post a video of pouring cold water on their heads and nominating others to accept the challenge within a 24-hour window. With celebrities and notable officials participating in the challenge, it was only a matter of time before nearly 20 million videos went viral on social media, contributing to the cause. Bill Gates and Geroge W. Bush were among those who brought the ALS Ice Cube Challenge to social media. The response to the campaign favorably increased over $ 115 million for ALS research, showing the compassion humanity can pursue to help those seriously affected. In addition to raising awareness of ALS, social media served as a stage to aid in the investigation while also creating a sense of unity.

#WaterIsLife presented the #FirstWorldProblems campaign for clean water:

Water is Life, a non-profit organization aims to bring clean water to less developed and developing nations. Started in 2007, today they have helped bring clean water to people living in remote villages around the world. By emphasizing the different approaches people take to having clean water, with the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, Water is Life managed to capture the hearts of millions. Social media played a vital role in bringing their incentive across the global platform, eventually raising awareness of clean water and sparking action to ameliorate the water crisis facing the world. With the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, when people raised concerns about minor inconveniences, they responded with life-threatening realities faced by many people in other parts of the world. Raising millions of dollars, Water is Life is the perfect example of the prominence of technology when it comes to positive change.

Model challenge:

At the peak of 2016, the internet went wild over Mannequin challenge videos going viral. The posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram featured an internet video trend where people seemed motionless, usually with Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” playing in the background. The challenge received worldwide acclaim as prominent athletes and celebrities participated by creating videos to accompany the popular #MannequinChallenge. More recently, as part of the feature film “Black in Blue,” footage of these still videos were shot, shedding light on the “Black Lives Matter” campaign targeting racial prejudice. This powerful campaign surely remains one of the most creative viral social media challenges to date.

#LoveWins campaign:

Many people face challenges with sexual orientation and commonly when it comes to love. LGBT rights have been the subject of debate for centuries, often with unfavorable results. The Love Wins campaign that went viral on the web was a show of acceptance, celebrating the laws passed to recognize LGBT rights in several countries. As ongoing protests pave the way for equal rights in some of the other countries, this campaign is a stepping stone that emphasizes love and freedom. By embracing free thinking, #LoveWins is an expression of freedom of choice. With many attractive filters and tweaks on social media, the campaign picked up the pace to celebrate the triumph of love over bureaucracy.

#MeToo campaign:

The words “me too” are fresh in our memory as we enter 2018. As a silence breaker against sexual harassment, the #MeToo campaign has taken social media by storm. Celebrities have joined the social cause to promote awareness and take a stand against sexual harassment and prejudice globally. With millions of people seizing the occasion and voicing their stories about the damage of gender inequality, the campaign set the media world on fire. Conveying the magnitude of sexual prejudice, the social cause is trending on all social networking sites. Starting as a hashtag, the campaign has grown into a rallying cry against sexual harassment that exposes offenders and instills new confidence in victims. Public figures from around the world have honored the noble intentions of this controversial campaign and have expressed concern. More recently, with Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, she shook the world with harsh words against sexual prejudice, equal pay, honoring the strength of a woman. The campaign has served to speak out to millions and has helped transform hardened ideologies into industries that turn a blind eye to sexual prejudice.

Once again, social media has penetrated the minds of the population, fostering change and expressing genuine concerns. Ignorance can no longer be justified by the statement “I was not conscious.” United by the common ideals of love and humanity, technology continues to inspire social change. Even if reality gets harsher, there will be a ray of hope that reveals the powerful human efforts that restore hope.

No sex, no marriage

Remember the first few days when you and your spouse had sex almost every day, okay, every day. A gentle and simple touch can immediately arouse sexual attraction. A simple kiss could instantly end you and your spouse in bed, despite the stress of the day. You even made each sex very special, kinky, and romantic. You and your spouse wore the sexiest lingerie and body scents. You romantically adorned your bed and bedroom with candles, flowers, dim lights, and new sheets. You even looked for the time and place to have sex. You had sex anywhere and anytime. You had sex for breakfast and lunch. You had sex in the kitchen, living room, dining room, backyard, and even in the car. You even tried different sexual positions, including the wildest ones. Without a doubt, it was not a stage of the asexual marriage. It was the honeymoon stage, the first stage of marriage.

Then the sex gradually became regular. Out of every day, you and your spouse had sex 2-3 times a week. It was not yet a stage of asexual marriage, but it was heading towards her. You and your spouse still wore those kinky, sexy, romantic accents. You and your spouse still enjoyed making passionate love. It just wasn’t everyday anymore and wilder.

From 2 to 3 times a week, sex became weekly, twice a month, monthly, and every other month. Sexless marriage finally began with this alarming frequency. You or your spouse began to reject each other’s sexual favors. The kinky, sexy, and romantic accents were already gone. Even if you have random sexual urges, surprisingly you and your spouse no longer had simultaneous sexual sparks. The sexless marriage got worse. Sex became annual and even zero.

Could you accept an asexual marriage? Definitely not. So, start reflecting instead. What made you and your spouse make tireless love every day? Relive the honeymoon stage and keep your marriage alive.

The Ferrari 348 TB and TS sports car

The Ferrari 348: a close look at the performance of this classic sports car, technical data, characteristics, rival comparison, history, used prices

from classic to modern


The Ferrari 348 TB

The Ferrari 348 TB sports car, launched in 1989, was the replacement for the 328 and 308 series that were, for a period of fourteen years, among the best-selling sports cars produced by Ferrari.

The 348 was offered as a TB Berlinetta coupe and a Targa-style TS variant, where the “T” referred to the fact that the gearbox was positioned transversely.

According to the nomenclature of its predecessors, the “34” in the car’s name referred to the capacity of the engine, while the “8” indicated the number of cylinders.

The 348 TB represented the first model to be announced since the death of the Ferrari founder in 1988.

The body style was by Pininfarina and exhibited a clear similarity to the Ferrari Testarossa, especially in relation to the rectangular-shaped side air intakes and taillights.

It used a monocoque chassis to which the engine subframe was bolted to facilitate removal of the engine during maintenance. Both were made of steel, as were the body panels.

On previous front radiator models, the coolant hoses ran under the cab. Now with the 348, both the oil and coolant radiators were moved sideways, making it easier to keep the cab cool.

Consequently, the radiator grille at the front now served no useful purpose other than to preserve the traditional image of the front section of the car.

Parts of the suspension were designed so that the ride height could be adjusted to the prevailing conditions.

The interior was well equipped and included air conditioning, leather seats with adjustable headrests, power windows and heated exterior mirrors.

It had ventilated, vacuum-assisted disc brakes throughout and connected to ABS, as well as two Bosch Motronic 2.5 engine control units.

In later models, the battery was moved to the left front wing to produce better weight distribution.

When production ended in 1995, a total of 2,895 drives had been built out of the 348 TB.

The Ferrari 348 TS

Along with the 348 TB, the sporty 348 TS, with a Targa roof, was introduced in 1989, in which the specification of both was identical.

In 1995, when production ended, 4,230 units of the 348 TS were built.


Both variants were powered by a mid-engine, dual-overhead cam V8 unit, with four valves per cylinder, previously fitted to the 288 GTO.

It was placed longitudinally, with a transverse gearbox, which produced a very balanced and stable layout.

It was equipped with a Bosch Motronic unit, which controlled both the fuel injection and the ignition system, a five-bearing crankshaft and a compression ratio of 10.4: 1.

The 348 TB developed 300 bhp at 7000 rpm (with the redline at 7500 rpm) and 229 ft / lbs of torque at 4000 rpm.

Equipped with a fully synchronized five-speed manual gearbox, it produced a top speed of 171 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 6.0 seconds.

It used dry sump lubrication to eliminate oil starvation when driving or cornering sharply.


The immediate competition for the Ferrari 348 consisted of: Porsche 964 Carrera, TVR Griffith and Lotus Esprit Sport 300. Ferrari Performance:


On the second-hand market, a Ferrari 348 TB sports car in excellent condition sold at auction for almost $ 75,000.

On the other hand, a Ferrari 348 TS in good condition would cost $ 50,000, while a showroom example would cost $ 85,000.

More classic Ferrari cars.

This marks the end of my Ferrari 348 TB and TS sports car review

How to migrate from WordPress to Tumblr

If, for whatever reason, you want to move your WordPress blogs to Tumblr, there are a number of ways to request it. There are even procedures that allow you to migrate everything, including your photos / images and comments. Although there is not a process as easy as 1-2-3, there are steps that are quite simple to follow; steps you can take on your own.

There are many guides that you can use to transfer your blog from WordPress to Tumblr. What follows, however, is a somewhat simple version that almost anyone can do.

Step number one

Of course, the first thing to do is create your own Tumblr account (if you don’t already have one). It’s easy to make one; You will only need to register and then provide some basic personal information and you will be able to create your account.

Step number two

Open your WordPress account and navigate to the Control Panel. Find the TOOLS command and choose EXPORT.

Then choose POSTS. Find the tab that says DOWNLOAD EXPORT FILE and click on it. This will export all your WordPress posts.

Step three

Your export file will appear as an XML file. However, you must ensure that each content you export has actual data as well as a section of coded content.

Step four

Consider the fact that there is a limit to the number of posts you can migrate to Tumblr each day. The safest number is 70. However, what you can do is create separate files for your XML file, so that you can be sure that each will have only 70 items. Remember to keep the items hard-coded, that is, or s.

Step five

Then you will need to find a good PHP script. This link will provide you with one.

Then you will need to insert or change some of the details with your information. Here are some details to follow:

For $ xmlFile = ‘MYEXPORTFILE.xml’; – Specify the XML file you are importing.

For $ tumblr_email = ‘EMAIL’; y $ tumblr_password = ‘PASSWORD’: Provide your Tumblr username and password.

For $ tumblrUrl = “”; – enter your Tumblr URL.

Step number six

Identify the web location that you can use to access your XML file and tumblr_import.php. Upload both to that location. Run the PHP script.

The place where you put the PHP file must be indicated in “mysite”.

If you do this correctly, you will be able to successfully move all XML files to Tumblr.

As mentioned in the first part of this guide, you can only import around 70 items to Tumblr in one day. So, if you have to transfer more than the amount mentioned, what you can do is skip a day before going through the import process again. You will just need to load the XML file and then do this:

$ xmlFile = ‘MYEXPORTFILE.xml’; – change to the filename you used before running PHP.

These steps are intended only for WordPress sites that contain basic things like simple blog posts. This procedure may not support heavier content. Also, this migration alternative does not support transferring your blog images from WP to Tumblr.

This is just one of the many ways you can migrate your WordPress posts to Tumblr. There are many more options online. One involves using the Customize link in your Tumblr account and another uses the Export> Tools option from your WordPress blog.

Screen printing at home with StencilPro and PhotoEZ

Screen printing is a useful, exciting and fun art. Traditional screen printing is expensive, messy, and requires a lot of space, making screen printing at home difficult for non-professionals. No longer! StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ screen printing kits and sheets are unique and designed specifically for use in the home, studio, or small business. They are inexpensive enough to use one or hundreds of times. Now it is possible to make one, twenty or hundreds of shirts.

The StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ kits were designed to screen printing at home without the need for expensive screen printing equipment and supplies. Flexible pre-coated screen prints eliminate the need for the user to cover screens. The sun is used to develop (burn) the screen, eliminating expensive display units and machines. Alternatively, displays can be developed with full spectrum daylight fluorescent tubes or bulbs, or with yudu machines.

StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ screen sheets do not use heavy frames. This allows screen printing on curved and irregular surfaces (such as wine glasses and furniture) as well as flat surfaces. Cleanup is a breeze in a typical household sink without those big heavy silk screen frames. There are also no plates required (flat print forms used to join screen printing frames), another cost benefit.

StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ are professional quality screen prints that can be used hundreds of times with a single design. The templates (screens with developed images) are not recoverable, the process of cleaning the screens with chemicals and solvents in order to reapply the emulsion to develop a different design. This makes StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ screenprints safer for children and adults, and makes them environmentally friendly.

There are many types of surfaces that can be screen printed with StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™. Some surfaces and ideas are listed below.


• Make shirts for gifts, family reunions, weddings, Girl and Boy Scout troops, sororities, school clubs, sports teams, small businesses …

• Bring jeans, shirts, or other garments to life with screen-printed designs.

• Screen printing fabrics at home or in the studio inexpensively. Perfect for fabric artists, fashion designers, quilters, college students …

• Screen printing on bags, pillowcases, pillows, table runners, tablecloths, napkins, etc.


• Make homemade cards for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s or other holidays.

• Make wedding invitations.

• Personalize scrapbook pages with silkscreen designs.

• Screen printing boxes for products.


• Screen printing of recycled glass wine glasses, drinking glasses or gift jars.


• Make worn furniture look new by repainting it and making it stand out with a fun screen-printed design.

Polymer clay

• Create interesting silkscreen designs on jewelry with polymer clay.


• Take the stencils to a pottery studio to screen-print wonderful plates and trays.

• Design templates for use on ceramic.


• Screen printing of a logo, text or design on a metal prototype.

• Add a screen print design to wrought iron chairs and tables.

• Refresh old metal designs.

The plastic

• Silkscreen of logos or company names on plastic pieces.

Screen printing is a lot of fun and a very useful skill. Now with StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ screen printing, artists, artisans and small businesses can screen print at home. StencilPro ™ and PhotoEZ ™ aren’t just for T-shirts. No matter what type of surface a person would like to work with, it is now possible to screen print at home with these inexpensive one-of-a-kind screen prints. Discover all the possibilities!

Low-Down on Podcasting – Part One

I just finished producing a podcast series for the Dubai Airshow, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to speak through the equipment you need to record audio podcasts.

Before you can do anything, you need a tape recorder. While tape-based systems were more rigorous a few years ago, I’m afraid it’s all gone digital now. The advantage is obvious: you record your sound, connect the recorder to your computer, and instantly transfer the recording for editing.

While you can get away with a fairly inexpensive recorder, like the Olympus WS300S, you should make sure to record using the high quality (HQ) mono setting, usually 64kbps MP3. That’s fine and good enough for podcasts. If you are really serious about podcasting, then a high-end recorder like the Tascam DR-07 is essential. This is the model I use and apart from chewing on batteries it is fantastic.

Purists will record using the uncompressed WAV format, but this gives you huge files that cannot be easily emailed. If you set the recorder to 128 or 192 kbps MP3, you will get files of approximately 1 Mb per minute, practically indistinguishable from WAV and easily sent via e-mail.

So you have your recorder, you have configured it to record 192 kbps MP3 files. Now what? Make sure to set the sampling frequency to 44.1 KHz. Again, the sample rate determines the quality of the output and 44.1 kHz is fine. In fact, if you set it to a speed that is not an exact multiple of 22.05 kHz, some MP3 players will make your recordings sound like Mickey Mouse; he was warned.

So now you have your recorder set up, with fresh batteries and a clean memory card inserted of around 1-2 Gb.

The next step is to connect a good quality microphone. While some recorders have built-in microphones, they are generally quite poor and produce a lot of handling noise when moving the recorder.

A good microphone like the Sony ECM-MS907 is worth its weight in gold. First of all, it is very small and compact, but more importantly, it can be changed from an acceptance angle of 90 degrees to 120 degrees. This means that you can stand with your back to a noisy environment and the microphone will reject noise coming from behind you. Or you can change it to 120 degrees, place it on the table and record two or three people at a time, as long as they are in front of the microphone.

If you’re on a real budget, Hama makes a microphone called the DM-20, which costs less than $ 10 on Amazon.

If you intend to record your own voice, perhaps while reading the newsletters, purchasing a pop filter may also come in handy.

This is a round disk of material on the end of a flexible arm that prevents you from hearing popping sounds while speaking into the microphone. This is caused by the rush of air from your mouth – try putting your hand about six inches from your mouth and say “pah” and you will see what I mean.

When interviewing people, it pays to stand next to them and hold the microphone below chin level and point to their mouth. That way the mic is out of the way of your breath flow and shouldn’t pop.

So now you have the recorder and microphone set up, the world is your oyster.

When recording material, try not to write too much, otherwise it will sound forced. And use very open-ended questions that require much more than “yes” or “no” answers. Questions that start with “can you describe …” or “can you explain …” usually work well, but be sure to listen to the answers.

Also, be sure to shut up between questions, just nod your head to the interviewee and smile sweetly. If the entire interview is interspersed with “aha” from you, it is annoying and difficult to edit.

So that’s the truth about podcast recording. Next time, we can see what he does with the raw material.

8 ways to burn belly fat without exercise

Looking to burn belly fat without exercising? Or, if you’re like me, looking for additional ways to burn belly fat beyond traditional exercise. Here are some great ways to boost your metabolism without getting on an exercise machine, lifting a dumbbell, or doing crunches.

1) walk

Walking has been widely documented as the best thing sedentary people can add to permanently lose weight. Every day find opportunities to walk more often. To the corner store, around the house or on the spot. It doesn’t really matter as long as you walk at least 30 minutes a day. Steadily increase your walking pace to 3.5 miles per hour.

2) get up

Standing burns 33% more calories than sitting. Make sure you are on your feet for a total of 3 hours a day to burn belly fat. The next time you find yourself sitting on the couch watching TV, stand up! For added effect, walk in place while watching TV.

3) suck on your stomach

Yes, simply sucking on your stomach will tighten your belly and strengthen the muscles under your future six-pack. Here’s what to do: Suck in your stomach as much as you can (pull in, don’t squeeze). Concentrate on pulling on your belly button as much as you can. Hold for 5 seconds, keep breathing, and release. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat, this time focus on pulling from the top of your belly. Alternate. You will feel the burn.

Start with 10 repetitions twice a day. Over the next two weeks, increase the frequency and duration of your stomach sucking more and more, more and more often, holding it longer and longer. In your car, at your desk, walking, remember not to hold your breath. Eventually you will want to get to the point where you are constantly and unconsciously doing it.

4) Turn off the TV

People who watch television for 3 hours a day or more are 60% more likely to be or become obese. Watch TV for an hour a day and find something else to do. Garden, clean, build something, whatever, as long as you’re on the go.

5) breathe

Did you know that the number one method of eliminating waste from our body is to exhale? When you burn fat, your body creates many toxins that must be eliminated. If you have ever had a science course, you are undoubtedly familiar with the fact that mass cannot be created or destroyed, only converted. When you burn wood, the mass of the wood is converted into energy and gas. The same happens when we burn abdominal fat in our body. In essence, we exhale all the fat.

If you were sealed in a glass container that was sitting on a scale and you lost 40 pounds, the scale would not show the weight loss. Why? Because the weight of all the lost fat would be trapped in the air in the sealed glass container. What I’m trying to say is, breathe! Practice deep breathing exercises, short breathing techniques, and any other breathing exercises that interest you.

6) take a bath

Don’t worry, this is not as easy as it sounds. Here we are talking about immersion in cold water. Water cold enough to make you shiver. Fifteen minutes of shaking is equivalent to jogging for 15 minutes. In their training, Navy SEALs are forced to sit in the ocean as the waves crash over them for up to an hour. This is not warm water, but 45-50 degree water. Due to the severity of this training, SEALs are constantly monitored for hypothermia. This is neither recommended nor endorsed.

Instead, there are two approved techniques for burning belly fat.

A) Fill a bathtub with very cold water up to the ankles. Enters. Walk in place for 2 to 4 minutes. This is much more bearable than what the Armada does, but it still triggers a spike in your metabolism that lasts for quite some time.

B) Take a bath as usual, but instead fill the tub as high as possible with water at room temperature, 70 degrees. The water should not feel warm, but rather cold. Go upstairs, read a book, practice your breathing exercises, etc. for 30-60 minutes. Drink ice water to accelerate the effect.

After 10-15 minutes, you will notice that your body shakes slightly. This is good, but don’t push it. When your body tells you that it is time to quit smoking, get out. There is no need to rush. In time, you will be a pro at burning belly fat by immersing yourself in cold water without putting your health at risk.

7) Take a steam bath

Sweating is a great way to detox. But, do not do this after soaking in cold water, the effect on your metabolism would be lost. You can make your body sweat artificially by taking a sauna or steam. When your body is hot from fever, exercise, or steam, your heart rate increases. Blood circulation increases to cool the body, perspiration requires energy, burning calories and releasing hundreds of toxins. Another excellent method to burn belly fat.

Please make no mistake. I do not recommend dehydration. In fact, I recommend drinking lots of water, even carrying water to stay hydrated. Make sure it’s HOT water, cold water will defeat the purpose. If you’re dehydrated, you won’t sweat as much, if at all.

Start with 10 minutes but keep 20 minutes maximum. Don’t have access to a steamer? No problem. Sit on your toilet, turn on the shower, HOT, with the door closed and the fan off. You can also wear a sauna suit to increase the effect. Drink a lot of water. You could even walk on site to burn extra calories.

8) do what Shaolin monks do

Technically I suppose you could call some of these techniques exercise, however they will firm you up and make you harder than weightlifting, without touching a dumbbell.

A) Stand with your arms stretched out to your sides and your elbows closed. Press down hard on your palms and lift your fingers straight back quickly. Repeat 49 times. You should feel this in your forearms and triceps. Do this every day and your arms will be as steady as a wooden plank.

B) Stand with your arms at your sides. Imagine a fly at chin level on the edge of your reach. Briskly, fluidly, raise your arm with your left shoulder focusing on speed. Imagine catching the fly in your vertical fist and squeezing it as hard as you can. Hold it for a second. Now, raise your right arm and squeeze, then raise your left fist and squeeze hard. Repeat 49 times. This will firm your arms, chest, and shoulders and improve your coordination.

C) Stretch your arms to the front. Spread your legs wider than shoulder width apart and squat 1/4 of the way. Pause. Stay in this position as long as possible, aiming for 5 minutes to start. Keep your arms up. If only you can hold this for 30 seconds. No problem. Stand up, rest a moment and repeat until you reach 5 minutes. This will tone your legs like no other exercise can. Shaolin Masters can squat in parallel and keep their arms extended for an hour, easily.

Some of you may not think that these are easy ways to lose weight, but they will make your body burn belly fat while burning body fat. Follow these tips to burn body fat with our recommended diets, or better yet, add them to your belly fat burning workout routine to speed up your results.