Relive childhood memories and design the perfect holiday gift, a personalized toy box

Who didn’t love receiving a personalized gift as a kid? There was something exciting about receiving a gift with your name engraved or painted on. If you’ve ever needed to surprise a recipient with a gift, a personalized item was a sure win.

Adult gift givers can relive the fun of those childhood memories by giving personalized gifts. Today’s shoppers have many customization options ranging from “ready-to-wear” items to hand-painted gifts or even custom engravings. Online shopping supports all of these gift giving options and more with personal design tools to make gift giving even more fun and meaningful. Now you can create the perfect holiday gift from the comfort of your home. Better yet, you’ll be able to preview the design, something you could never do with phone ordering.

Design yours is perfect for unique names

If you’re one of those people with a unique name, you know how difficult it is to find custom ready-to-wear items. If you meet a child with a hard-to-find name, you know how disappointing it is for him not to find anything with his name. Design your own options, eliminate this frustration, and let you make these kids who are proud of their unique names smile.

A personalized toy box is fun and functional

A gift that will please both children and parents is a personalized toy box. Kids will love having their own place for all their treasures, which is made even more special because their name is displayed front and center. Parents will appreciate having a functional and attractive storage place for the endless pile of toys that children seem to accumulate.

Custom toy boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from 100% handcrafted and laser-etched heirloom quality pieces to fiberboard boxes made with painted or acrylic letters. Some toy boxes are large enough to double as a bench or coffee table, others are small enough to fit in a corner of a bedroom or playroom.

A good toy box design tool will give you several options to choose from when designing your toy box, such as the color of the wood, the name versus the monogram, and the choice of font. Before making your final purchase, you should be able to see a mockup of your design to verify that everything is spelled correctly and designed the way you want. With a quick glance, you can tell if it fits the personality of your intended recipient. If not, just play around with your options a bit more until it’s perfect.

This preview feature takes the guesswork out of personalized gifts. No more waiting around with pins and needles, waiting for the final product to look the way you want it to. You will know exactly what to expect even before clicking the buy button.

Selecting the perfect holiday gift

If you’re convinced that a custom toy box should be on your shopping list this year, make sure it’s a quality piece. Quality parts last longer and look better than cheap boxes. If you are a picky shopper, you can find boxes with real wood construction that will last for decades or even generations. What contains toys today can be used to store bedding, china, games, or souvenirs for years to come.

The right choice means that today’s gift can become tomorrow’s family heirloom.