Seattle Supersonics full of energy

In the NBA round, the Seattle Supersonics won again last night in a basketball game played against the Indiana Pacers. For the third time in a row, the Sonics have shown their fans that they are full of energy and improving their scoring techniques.

As backup shooting guard Ronald Murray put it: “We’re trying to bring a lot of energy and keep pace and pace.”

Ray Allen scored 25 points in this game, Murray added scoring and energy to the game. Steven Jackson also scored and Ron Artest managed to hit a 3-pointer.

The Sonics were pleased not to pick up the pace in the first half of the basketball game. They had just two fast break points in the half and finished with 11 in the entire game.

An obviously tired Indiana team was unable to accomplish the goal they had in mind for this basketball game. It could have been that the NBA team didn’t have all the focus they needed or didn’t get all the sleep they needed. Although Ron Artest said the long road trip had no effect on the Pacer’s performance. Regardless, it worked out well for the Seattle Supersonics. The final score for this game was 107 – 102.

The Sonics also won last Friday when they played the Cleveland Cavaliers: 115 – 108.