Speedypin calling card company: an honest review

There are many companies that sell prepaid calling cards, but finding the right one is critical to saving even more money. Speedypin offers the best rates for prepaid calling cards. But to be honest, you have to be careful which ones you choose.

Although Speedypin has the lowest cost-per-minute rates compared to its competitors, its cheapest calling cards have the highest number of rates. In fact, the cheapest card products from all phone companies have the highest rates. Remember this important fact; the lower the cost per minute, the higher the rates.

So does this mean you should stay away from Speedypin?

Absolutely not. There is a way to take advantage of international calls with prepaid cards that have a large number of fees. You will see that most of the fees are incurred after making the calls. So if you can plan ahead, I suggest you buy one of Speedypin’s $ 5.00US calling cards and finish with it within the week. By doing this, you will have taken advantage of the low cost per minute rate without being charged a weekly maintenance fee.

There are other prepaid cards that Speedypin offers in its product line that are very reasonably priced. These higher quality card products have reasonable per minute calling rates with the fewest fees.

If you need to make a business call to an international number, I suggest you use a higher quality prepaid calling card from Speedypin. There is nothing more embarrassing than your calls constantly dropping while talking to an important business customer. So I think you would agree that skimping on calling card costs is not a smart move if you are going to exclusively make business calls.

One great point about Speedypin is that they offer a 100% guarantee on all their prepaid calling cards. Not many companies offer guarantees and to be honest, they should.

Speedypin has great free customer service, but it’s a shame it’s not 24×7. However, their customer service representatives are patient and courteous and will answer your questions and address your concerns.

You should feel safe when conducting an online transaction with Speedypin. They take your credit card security seriously. Therefore, before finalizing your transaction, you must verify your identity. Only then will your card be activated. They also accept PayPal payments for even faster payments.

The only complaint I have with Speedypin is that they charge a $ 1.00US processing fee for orders under $ 10.00US.

In short, I consider Speedypin to be a worthy company to do business with if you are looking for prepaid phone cards. Their strong industry reputation, reasonably priced calling cards, and helpful customer service have won me over.