Strepsils Pregnancy Symptom – What to Look Out For

Strepsils Pregnancy Symptom

If you are expecting a child and have been wondering when the baby is due, you may have some pregnancy symptom ideas. This is also known as milk ear. The symptoms actually crop up quite early on in the pregnancy and actually can last well into the second trimester. So what do women experience? A lot of women notice that their ears start to swell up a bit and are very itchy. They might even find that they are bleeding.

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You need to understand though that these occurrences are not abnormal. They happen to every woman during her pregnancy. In fact, many women actually experience an itchy feeling right along with the redness. It’s a good idea to wear cotton ear plugs during the entire pregnancy. The heat from the baby’s skin can actually dry out the ear drums and that will cause them to itch even more.

This can actually happen at anytime during your pregnancy. It could be because of the medications that you are taking or it could be caused by your weight gain. Many times this itching can get so bad that it is distracting to your baby. That’s why it is important to keep the head area clean and as free of any irritants as possible. You could use a special soap to wash the face and the area around the ear, which is also a good way to avoid irritating the skin.

Strepsils Pregnancy Symptom – What to Look Out For

Another common complaint is that the tendons on the ears are painful. You could use warm compresses to soothe them. Or you could just soak them in a warm bath. It really does depend upon the child that is being carried. It could be more painful for a smaller baby and much easier on a bigger baby. It really just depends upon the developing baby and your situation.

Some pregnancy symptom ideas are just something that is expected during the pregnancy. It can range from a little itchy nose and eyes to red eyes and some swelling. The throat might feel dry or irritated. Some women might even experience an ear infection, which would require antibiotics to get rid of it. These things are easily treated and no matter what happens during your pregnancy, they will go away.

A serious pregnancy symptom is a high fever. This can be a sign of low blood sugar, which in turn can cause ketoacidosis. If you get sick often in the first trimester, it is probably because your body is trying to get rid of any excess glucose before delivery. The only thing that you can do to treat a high fever is to have it checked out with the doctor. If it is not something that you are concerned about, then your child should be fine, but if you have a higher level than normal, it is something that you will want to make sure does not come back once you go into labor.