The garbage can water joke

This is a classic joke that can really piss off your friend. In this article I will explain what the water in the trash can prank is and how to pull it off.

The trash can prank works like this: You fill a trash can halfway with water. Then you lean it against your friend’s door at an angle of about 45 degrees. So you knock on the door and run! When your friend opens the door, the trash can will fall and spill all the water in your house or room.

Here are some things to keep in mind so that you can get this prank right:

1. How does the door open?

You want to make sure that when your friend opens the door, he should pull it inward, toward himself. If the door opens outward, it will simply push the trash can back to a stranded position, and the prank won’t work.

2. Make sure you get the correct angle.

You must be careful when leaning the trash can against your door. If there is too much tilt, then the trash can could topple over before you open the door. If there is very little incline, then the trash can can simply fall back into an upright position and he will be looking at a trash can full of water. This would be a total failure as a joke.

With any joke, I recommend a video camera so you can capture your friend’s reaction and laugh many times in the future. Good luck with the prank!