The Super Soaker Thunderstorm: a new battery-powered squirt gun!

In a world dominated by pump-action squirt guns, it’s refreshing to see a battery-operated Super Soaker, especially one that looks like a MAC-10! The new Super Soaker Thunderstorm has a motorized pump that allows you to simply pull the trigger to expel the water.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm is powered by four AA batteries. This can be considered a disadvantage for parents who are tired of constantly replacing batteries, but the benefit of having a happy child can be worth it. Since there is no pumping, Thunderstorm is also a good squirt gun for younger children.

Like the Super Soaker Tornado Strike, the Thunderstorm uses the same water clip system and the same clips can be used on both water guns. The water clips hold approximately 10 ounces of water. This means that the clips need to be refilled quite frequently during intense water battles. However, a convenient release button makes changing the water clips only take a few seconds. The Thunderstorm is sold with a water clip, but additional clips sell for around $ 4 each. Additional water clips can be securely attached with a belt clip. They also fit well in cargo pants pockets.

Since the Lightning Storm is lightweight and motorized, you can hold a Lightning Storm in each hand and fire at the same time (like you’ve always wanted to do!). A steady stream of water will shoot out of the gun as long as the trigger is pressed and there is water in the clip. As is typical with most motorized squirt guns, the waterjet tends to be a bit thinner and doesn’t have the pure soaking power of a high-capacity super soak, but the Storm still has a good firing range. approximately 20 to 25 feet. . If total soaking power is your goal, you may be interested in the new Super Soakers Hydraulic Cannon.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm is splash proof and made from durable plastic. A common fear about battery-powered squirt guns is water seeping into the battery compartment. The battery compartment is completely closed and has a rubber seal that works well to keep water out. We have put many rounds of water through the storm with no leakage issues.

The only downside to the storm is that the motor runs hard, but this is a bonus for some squirt gun fans. In an outdoor environment, engine noise is not a serious problem. This squirt gun is compatible with other Nerf accessories, including various shoulder butts and N-Strike components.