Understanding the difference between a Puggle and their parents

A Puggle is one of the new hybrid breed dogs that is produced by crossing a selected male pug with a small female beagle. These Puggles have very short tempers and they surely would be because pugs and beagles have sweet tempers too. These puppies do not require a lot of maintenance and would be very friendly with children. They are very playful and robust dogs as well as being very affectionate and loyal. However, unlike other hybrid dogs, Puggles do not have any of the specific health issues seen in purebred pugs. As this breed of dog has a long and elongated nose, they also do not face any respiratory problems. Puggles have comparatively short fur, a distinctive curly tail, and velvety ears. They typically range from 8 to 14 pounds and are 12 to 15 inches tall. You may find different colors in Puggles.

The Difference Between First Generation Puggles and Second Generation Puggles: There are several people who are confused about first and second generation Puggles as they are also wondering if it is possible to breed a Puggle with a Puggle. The first generation of true Puggles actually come from a purebred beagle parent and only one purebred pug parent. Usually all the puppies in the batch would be very similar in appearance. However, their size and coat color may differ, but for the most part their physical characteristics are similar.

It is actually possible to bread a Puggle to Puggle or second generation Puggle, the same as breading any other dog. However, this breeding will not give the same result as the first generation Puggle. If you are breeding 2 Puggles from purebred parents, you will still breed with half pug and half beagle, but the genetics will shuffle a bit during the second time. the puppies would look very similar to beagles like the puggles or pugs you started with and their color match. There are a number of people who are using what is called poetic license which includes the Puggles. Here, the Puggle is not part of the Chihuahua, Poodle, or any other breed, but just a pug and beagle mix. The second generation Puggle would simply be the result when a true Puggle was crossed with a true Puggle and no other breed.

The way to establish breeds is very difficult and would require time and many generations of careful breeding to get consistent results. Since every purebred dog known today began using two different breeds of dog, you can imagine how long it must have taken to create this consistent build and appearance that you recognize today. If Puggles need to be their own breed, then the conformation and appearance must be produced correctly every time one Puggle is bread for another Puggle.