News until you throw up

I listen to too much news. I feel like if I don’t, I will miss the Second Coming, the Tsunami spread, the arrival of a meteorite, the rising melt of glaciers, a solar flare that could fry me, an alien invasion, or the next terrorist attack to come. has promised for the past. four years. Since I don’t want to miss these things, I listen to too much news.

Because I hear too much news, I know too much about beheadings and bullet-riddled bodies. I know too much about car bombs and body parts lying around. A few days ago they found a few dozen heads in boxes in Iraq. This is no way to get ahead in war. I wish I didn’t know about it, but I do. I wonder where the others went. I only know these things because I watch and hear too much news.

I know too many damn opinions on too many things. I used to listen to Limbaugh but I don’t think he is believed sometimes and O’Reilly is too angry, smart and repressed for my liking, but I know these guys, because I listen to too much news. . I heard a few things … on the news about their personal lives, and it was great to know that they are not as fair as they would have me believe. I knew that on the news. I listen too much, you know. I listen to Air America. That’s quite a novel group, if there ever was one. I like them. They scare me a lot, but I like them. They say everything about the government and this administration that all the other news that I read about them makes me think. They make me feel like the thoughts I have about all the other news I read about are at least normal. At least I don’t feel so alone in my reaction to all the news that I read too much.

I know too much about politicians, especially Republicans who love Jesus so much, some of them seem to love to wage war more and more so that he can come back or something. They also make love, but it seems they are often caught making love to the wrong people and even the wrong sex. Wow, but honestly, I read it on the news. I read that Mrs. Bush moved out of the White House recently because Mr. President was making fun of … well, others. Wow, that’s great news. I didn’t see it on Fox or AOL though, so maybe it’s not news, or maybe it is, but it’s not news to the masses, who knows? Some news tells me that I won’t see this news on the news because it won’t be news, so I guess we lose. God, the news even tells me that this president might not even be the real president and that so many people had their vote thrown out, okay, Democratic voters are. That would be depressing, but it seems true to me. Heard it’s true, on the news, twice!

Because of the news, I know too much about CEOs who take too much from others to get rich. I mean MANY do. The news tells me how much congressmen and representatives of the public make, but CEOs are getting pretty good at it too. I see it on the news. Million dollar birthday parties, retirements that make God jealous, since he doesn’t own all the cattle on a thousand hills after all. That former CEO does it! Or at least he can. All the smiling chimps, because they always seem so sorry AFTER being caught, and so shocked because they are sooooo innocent, but I bet if no one notices, they won’t regret it one bit and take a little more. But then, at least later, we would have more news. I read on the news where Enron just didn’t give up the power they said it didn’t have, but it did and it got a lot of money from seniors in California trying to keep warm or cool … I forget which. It made me a little mad. Those guys went to jail, but I hope we don’t read on the news that their best friend, Mr. President, forgives them or something as he headed out the door. I read in the news that he can do that. I am concerned because I also read that when the president left Texas as governor and was asked who would clean up after all the damage he did, he said it was not his problem. I hope I don’t read that he said that again when he left office this time. I bet it does. I once read on the news that people don’t change much in their lives and what they were, they still are for the most part.

Why am I doing this to myself … you know, reading and listening to all the news and opinions about the news and the people in the news that are on the news and I wish the news would never find it? How many heads in boxes do I really want to know or humans crushed in earthquakes? I have to say that I am concerned that if I don’t keep up with the news, I will miss the most important news, whatever it is. Once I tried not to see or hear the news or the opinions that the greats have about it, but it did not work. I got nervous not knowing what I was missing. I read once on the news where they want us to be nervous about the news because fear is a good factor to control us and change all the rules so that we do not have the same freedoms that we had before they scared us. God, I can’t win with this novelty! Now I even read news about why the news is the way it is!

I read once where what I thought was news actually wasn’t. It was more like a government announcement that was made to look like news. But they got caught. I saw it in the news.

Well I guess it’s news, news, news, until we throw up or at least Jesus comes back and turns off the presses and makes us go to the church of someone else’s choice so we can be happy. I read where we would have to go according to biblical rules and stone our rebellious children and women who were naughty and decimated God’s chosen leaders. It would be like Jesus Land, but for our own good gay people and prostitutes, but not for the Warriors, (what is a smuggler?) I would be killed and we could only see things like Oklahoma and Nemo meets Noah … yyy … oh never mind, I read about the rapture on the news and I hope that at least that gets these people out of here so we can fix the things they broke. I’m freaking out again with things I read on the news. I breathe again with difficulty. I have to go for a walk. God, I hope that if some terrorist blows up or gasses me while I’m walking, at least they get my name right. I read on the news where they confused two accident victims … doh … look what I mean!

Is it possible to recover deleted text messages from iPhone?

Everyone loves texting, and these days it’s easier than ever with smartphones that have a touchscreen, automatic correction (which, frankly, can be annoying at times), and even some third-party apps that let you down. allow you to send text messages for free. Like everything, popularity and frequent use come at a price: trouble.

How many times have you deleted a text message that is full of information that you need? Do you think that text message is gone forever? In some cases, that may be true, but it is very likely that you can recover some or all of the information.

Take an Apple iPhone, for example. Like a computer, when information is erased, it is not actually erased. When you delete a text message from an iPhone, it is actually still there. However, it is now kept in the unallocated part of physical memory. The bad news is that everything in the unallocated part of memory is subject to being overwritten. So, consider that the most important factors affecting iPhone text message recovery are free memory available Y use.

For example, if you have a 16GB iPhone and you have 15.8GB of music, photos, text messages, and apps, the unallocated memory will likely be quickly overwritten. Along the same lines, if the iPhone user is constantly texting (like my teen who sends and receives over five thousand text messages per month), the risk of deleted text messages being overwritten increases. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no rhyme or reason as to the way an iPhone writes data to physical memory. It doesn’t care if the data is old or new, it just writes it to whatever part of unallocated memory is easier to write to at the moment. Therefore, by recovering deleted information, you can recover the whole message, but you can also recover only part of it.

Some say that your mobile phone provider can give you access to all your incoming and outgoing text messages. While it is true that some cell phone operators keep the content of all incoming and outgoing text messages, I have found that they will not just deliver them to you. Most need a warrant, as the only reason they are withholding this information is for investigative purposes by law enforcement authorities.

Look on the Internet. There is a wealth of knowledge from doing a simple Google search. There are forums dedicated to the topic, and many “technicians” roam these forums and post great information. Some ask that your iPhone be “jailbroken,” which I don’t recommend, but if your iPhone is jailbroken, you may find the information you need.

If you don’t want or don’t feel comfortable doing forensic work on your iPhone yourself, there is recovery software on the market. One of the most important things you can do before buying any type of recovery software is to know your version of iOS. Make sure the software you get is compatible with your version of iOS, and it’s also best to make sure the software comes with free updates. This is because Apple releases iOS versions quite regularly, and if its recovery software doesn’t come with updates, it will soon be out of date. You never know when you will have to use it again!

Be careful with SIM card recovery software when it comes to iPhone! AT&T iPhones use the SIM card only for GSM (cellular network) service. They do not save text messages on the SIM card.

Accidents can happen to anyone. If you have inadvertently deleted the text messages you need and are looking for information on how to recover deleted text messages from iPhone, there are many options that can help you get them back.

History of relationships with real estate agencies

In the beginning, real estate brokers were known as intermediaries Y optional. Back then, the usual practice was for a broker to know about a property for sale, but to keep it a secret from other brokers. It was difficult for these intermediaries to charge a fee for their services, so they resorted to tactics that were not always in their seller’s best interest. Option holders, on the other hand, were generally more successful in collecting their fees because they would immobilize the seller’s property in a Purchase option, sell the property to a buyer at a price higher than the option amount, pay the seller the option price, and then pocket the rest.

The first real estate brokerage business was loosely organized and used brokerage methods that were often dishonest, subject to fraud, and took advantage of sellers and buyers. Over time, a newer concept developed in which the real estate broker is an agent and has a fiduciary duty to the seller and receives payment for his services. This new concept forced the relationship between the seller and the broker to a higher level of service and obligation. It also allowed brokers to list properties for sale through contracts. These contracts are what we now call listings. The above forms of listings we call open listings. Open listing is a type of non-exclusive listing contract that authorizes a real estate broker to offer a property for sale, find a buyer, and receive payment for services at the close of that transaction.

Other brokers might also have open listings for the same property, but only the broker who actually found the buyer would receive a commission. Also, no broker would be paid a fee if the seller sold the property. Open listing discouraged broker-to-broker cooperation as each broker could obtain his or her own open listing. To solve the open list problem, the exclusive agency the list became popular.

The exclusive agency listing is a type of listing contract in which the seller offers only listing brokerage compensation if the buyer is acquired through the efforts of the broker or the efforts of other real estate brokers. This means that in certain situations, such as For Sale by Owner, the listing agency may not receive compensation when the property is sold. In exclusive agency listing, the listing broker or other broker working with the listing broker must hire the buyer in order to claim compensation.

The agency’s exclusive listing encourages competing brokers to find buyers to quote, as the listing broker pays the selling broker’s fee. However, the seller still does not pay a fee when a seller finds the buyer. The list of exclusive agencies eventually led to the exclusive right to sell list.

The exclusive right of sale agreement, the listing brokerage offers compensation in the event of a sale, regardless of who acquired the buyer. The exclusive right to sell a listing ensures that the listing broker will receive a fee, even if a competing broker or seller sells a property. It provides the most protection for the listing broker and is considered in the best interest of the seller because the listing agency will put effort and resources into marketing the property as a commission is guaranteed for the life of the contract.

Even after the exclusive right to sell listing became popular, there was little cooperation between brokers, as a buyer wanting to buy a specific property would have to deal with the broker who had exclusive listings of interest. It was also quite clear to all parties that the broker represented the seller and that the buyer was not represented.

In the 1950s, there was pressure for greater cooperation between brokerages. As a result, a broker working with a buyer will contact competing brokerages to learn about their inventory and potential matches for their clients. The agreements often resulted in the sales agent not knowing the seller or his agent and the sales agent’s only dealings were with the buyer. Suddenly, the concept that the selling agency owed its fiduciary duty to only the salesperson was no longer an orderly and logical concept. However, it would be many years before unviable agency concepts were resolved and led to buyer representation.

As the 1950s and 1960s progressed, a more formalized cooperative brokerage system, known as Multiple listing service (MLS), was developed. Through MLS, the concept of subagency evolved. Simply put, this meant that the listing broker was the agent and represented only the seller. The listing brokerage would hire sales associates who were considered subagents of the seller. The MLS brokerage firm was required to list for the listing to be available for everybody cooperating brokerage within your MLS. These cooperating brokers were also considered subagents of the listing brokerage, who were agents of the seller. If the cooperating brokerage had sales associates, they were subagents of the cooperating brokerage, who were subagents of the listing brokerage, who was the seller’s agent. During this period, an agency relationship with a buyer was not possible, as the agency relationship was always with the seller. The only duty a licensee owed a buyer was not to lie when asked about a property. The concept of “buyer care” was really the reality of how the brokerage business worked and buyers were always unrepresented.

The rise of consumerism, manifested in numerous court decisions, put pressure on the brokerage business to become more concerned with the interests of the buyer. Therefore, licensees who work with buyers have an affirmative duty to disclose known issues affecting a property. For example, if the broker knew that a roof was leaking, they would have to disclose this fact. This concept of disclosure was later expanded by the courts to include conditions on the property that brokers should or could have known.

In the 1980s, a government study found that nearly three-quarters of all buyers believed that the brokerage they worked with represented them as a client. The same study found that nearly three-quarters of all sellers also believed that the cooperating brokerage represented the buyer’s interests. It soon became clear that the agency law concepts that industry and government regulators had tried to impose to simplify and clarify agency relationships had not worked. Continued pressure from consumer groups and the courts eventually led to the buyer representation movement of the 1990s.

In 1991, the National Association of REALTORS® formed an advisory group to study agency representation issues. Testimonials were received from real estate professionals, industry experts, the public, and state regulatory authorities. The advisory group’s report made the following recommendations:

  • NAR’s multiple listing policy must be modified to make sub-agency offerings optional. If a cooperating agency did not accept the sub-agency, then the listing agency had to offer compensation to the agency representing the buyer.

  • The NAR would encourage state associations to promote changes in real estate laws and regulations to promote the disclosure of agency options. These options would include selling agency, buying agency, and disclosed dual agency. The purpose of this recommendation was to help consumers make informed decisions regarding representation.

  • The NAR should encourage real estate brokers to adopt written company policies that address the management of the agency’s relationships with its clients and clients.

  • The NAR would encourage the education of all members on the subject of agency representation. State regulatory agencies would also be encouraged to include agency as a required subject in continuing education requirements for all licensees.

Beginning in 1992, the National Association of REALTORS® adopted the following policy:

“The National Association of REALTORS® recognizes the selling agency, the buying agency and the dual agency disclosed with informed consent as appropriate forms of consumer representation in real estate transactions. The association respects the need for all REALTORS® to be able to make business decisions. individual about their agency practices of companies. Additionally, NAR supports freedom of choice and informed consent for consumers or real estate services by creating agency relationships with the real estate licensee. “

These changes from the NAR to the proxy policy changed the way industry practices. Exclusive right to represent Buyer agreements now allow a buyer to contract with a brokerage agency to find and negotiate the purchase of real estate. Generally, these agreements are for a specific period and require the buyer to pay a commission at the closing of the real estate transaction. As the buyer’s agent, the buyer’s brokerage owes all fiduciary duties (care, loyalty, disclosure, obedience, and accounting) to its principal, the buyer.

Give your home an exotic look with the best design tools

Home renovation and remodeling is always a difficult task, as there are many areas that need to be considered. Whether you are going to remodel your living room, kitchen or bathroom, all these areas should be paid attention to separately. But, to carry out the remodeling to perfection, it is always necessary to have the help of professionals. The professionals will guide you with the necessary design ideas that could make your home beautiful.

Visualizer tools help you choose the layout.

To have an innovative design for your home, several tools are needed to design. Among these tools, kitchen and bathroom displays have become extremely famous.

Virtual kitchen designer: To give the kitchen a beautiful and exotic look, proper installation of countertops, sinks, cabinets, etc. is a must. Therefore, you need to select the best display for the kitchen.

Special displays for the bathroom: In addition, to make a kitchen attractive, we can never deny that it also gives our bathroom an exotic look. There are also certain things that need to be considered before installing them in the bathroom, such as countertops, backsplashes, vanities, etc.

Countertop edge displays: Once you select the countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, you need to choose the design for the edge of the countertop. With the design tools, you can select the best edge design for your countertops.

Dashboard design

For kitchen and bathroom standout look, you will surely need backsplash designs. Here you can take a look at the different types of splash designs.

Arabescato Carrara 1×1 Honed and Keystone Blend Interlocking Pattern: This backsplash design is available in a white shade.

Arabescato Carrara herringbone pattern and polished and beveled 4×4 tile: usually this tile is also available in white

Arabescato Carrara Marble And Black Blend Glass – For a perfect floor in your kitchen and bathroom you can surely go for this tile.

Arabescato Carrara Splitface – This marble tile is perfect for any kitchen and bathroom floors.

Arctic Storm Bamboo: you can also select this type of tile for your kitchen. These tiles have gray tones that can really make your kitchen splendid.

Arctic Storm Brick Pattern: Brick pattern marble can give your kitchen floor and wall a beautiful look.

Apart from these design tools, expert suggestions are very much needed to choose the correct mosaic for the specific area of ​​the house.

Real Women Love Martha

Martha Stewart will make sugar cookies and a huge pitcher of lemonade with lemons after taking off that ankle bracelet. I love the Fox News comment that we can’t keep track of sex offenders in Florida, but Martha has to wear an ankle bracelet and can’t garden or ride horses. All right, Martha, stay away from the tomatoes!

Your cattle may go through growth problems, but your Sirius radio show will attract an audience like bees to honey-glazed ham.


Let’s look beyond the “she said / she didn’t say” details., and other websites indicate

that Mrs. Stewart is not the most hated woman in America. Even Jay Leno, previously bombarded by for his taunting of Martha, made some humorous comments on her behalf. “Track her down? We can’t get rid of her! … Martha can’t ride a horse on her farm. What, are the police scared of a 60-year-old woman on horseback? They couldn’t.” OJ in the Ford Bronco! “

Meanwhile, feminists, who conveniently remained silent as an overwhelmingly male conspiracy debased a strong, independent, and successful woman, often mocked Martha for setting an impossible and unrealistic standard of perfection.

Do you want to talk unrealistic? The media portray the ideal

woman as a size 2 with breast implants. And the marketing machine

pretend Britney Spears can sing and Jessica Simpson actually

has something to say that is worth listening to.

But aren’t we supposed to be beyond traditional women?


Hey, didn’t feminists say that women nurture everything?

and any work that comes from Womyn’s hands is superior to

(cough) males of any breed but especially white males? It seems to me that ladies do

protest too much. Maybe feel uncomfortable with yours

household skills? Guilty by a standard themselves

repudiate? Afraid of her own feminine desires to make crepe.

paper decorations and make a cake?

Real women bake cakes. Or choose not to, that’s fine. True

women decorate for Christmas. Garden of royal women. Real women

They can be difficult to work with, just like real men. People

just notice it more when the refusal to commit comes from a

pair of size seven high heels. But hey, even Dennis Rodman and

RuPaul got away with it.

And speaking of athletes, real women know it’s not okay for

people who dribble a ball all day to get billions of dollars for

year while people like Martha who embodies the American Dream, who

give us products that really enrich our lives instead of hours

of mindless television and sports talk, receives a prison sentence.

The entire NBA has been in prison. I do not see anyone

threatening to stop buying Nike and Air Jordans.

Real women bake cookies. It’s a no-brainer: chocolate chips!

Like chocolate chip cookies! Which, by the way, the male of

the species is also known to eat. It is interesting for

note that half of the messages and letters on are

of the men.

Real women bake. We know you’re out there. So show your support and shop for Martha, bake with Martha, and tune in to Martha Stewart Living Radio when it launches.

A simplified marketing plan that works!

When I started my first business in 1981, I researched business plans and marketing plans. I looked at all the formats and read a lot about the purpose of creating a business plan. But I never got excited enough to do it.

When I launched my public speaking business in 1997, I reconsidered a business plan and a marketing plan. Again, they seemed too complex, like a lot of “hype” for my one-person operation. But I soon found out that I needed some kind of plan that would remind me where I was going and how I planned to get there.

For the past few years, I have been using a simplified marketing plan. And it has worked for me. It can inspire you to do something similar, or at least do something! Is that how it works.

At the beginning of the year (or during my planning period for the year), I make a list of goals for my business. I try to analyze all facets of the business. For instance:

1. Book of speaking engagements X.

2. Give X free speeches.

3. Generate $ X in consulting fees.

4. Increase website traffic to X page views per month.

Then, I list the key factors of my success during the year and assign a code for each one. For instance:

* Increase online visibility. Code V

* Deepen my credibility. Code C

* Highlight my experience. Code E

* Generate passive income. Code I

Finally, I describe the audience (s) I want to serve, assigning a code to each one.

Speakers Code S

Authors Code A

C Code Consultants

SB Code for Small Businesses

Now I am ready to put my plan into action steps!

At the top of the first page, I list the first objective: Conference Engagements from Book X. Then I list as many activities that will contribute to that as possible. Here are a few that I have listed this year:

* New professional photo

* Monthly contact with key advocates

* Monthly postcards with tips for meeting planners.

* Updated demo video; distribute to speaker’s office.

* Schedule for each commitment.

* Send press releases for each engagement, as appropriate.

* Specific series of follow-up activities for each commitment.

Also, I list specific prospects that I want to target this year.

I repeat this process for each objective, listing the marketing or sales activities that I need to perform under the objective to which it applies.

Then I go back and code each activity. First with the Key Factors code. Will this activity contribute to my visibility? Credibility? Experience? Or passive income? An activity can have multiple key factors. If I find an activity that does not contribute to one of my key factors for the year, I wonder if this is an appropriate activity for this year. In many cases, I will drop it or lower its priority.

Finally, I review each activity and code the audience (s) for which it will be appropriate. Most of the activities can apply to multiple audiences, but I often find that I am ignoring one of my target groups for the year. Again, I ask if there are additional activities that I should do to better serve you or if it is appropriate to ignore them this year.

As a format, I found that this works fine for me:

Task Key Factors Public Deadline Completion Date

And since I have staff, I add an additional column for who will perform the activity.

At this point, I have my basic plan. It only remains to set the deadlines for each activity. These deadlines, in turn, dictate my daily activities. If I find myself doing something that is not in my marketing plan, I stop and ask “Should I do this at all? If I should, why didn’t it show up in my marketing plan? Where can I add it or should I stop doing it? ? “

In general, my entire plan is less than 10 pages long. I try never to set more than 10 goals for the year, as that seems so overwhelming! So keep it short. I review the plan monthly, noting the activities I have completed and the progress on those I am working on. It always amazes me how much I manage to do on the plan, even if I never complete all the tasks that I set out to do.

Having a plan is a key element in setting yourself up for success. The format your plan takes is entirely up to you. But if you haven’t found one that works for you, try this one. Then tweak it to make it work even better for you. I’d love to know what works for you!

African Rooibos: Are Healthy Drinks Important For Your Kids?

When is the best time to teach our children what is good for them? Make an iced red rooibos tea and they might drink it without knowing it’s healthy. Tell them it’s healthy, let your kids see that something doesn’t have to taste “gross” to be good for them.

It is a great responsibility to raise a child. You have under your control the power to help your children form all kinds of good habits. What might happen if you serve your two-year-old a 6-ounce glass of sugar water? Your child will get used to the taste of sugar water. Serve glazed or sugary cereal to your two-year-old and what will happen. Your child will crave cereals loaded with sugar. They will form the habit of eating and drinking very unhealthy foods.

Give the children good gifts

We don’t miss what we never had. Give your kids the gift of not having a sugar craving. Give your kids the gift of not craving high fructose corn syrup. Give your children good eating habits.

What would be better for your kids than that 6-ounce glass of sugar water, cola, or fruit juice mixed with high-fructose corn syrup? Serve your family red rooibos tea, also known as African rooibos. It is easy to prepare, as simple as making any other iced tea. Your children can enjoy this drink throughout the day, even at night. There is no caffeine in red rooibos tea to keep you or your kids awake when it’s time to sleep. No added sugar, or honey instead of sugar (the choice is yours when you prepare it) children will not bounce off the walls.

Health benefits of rooibos

You may ask what will my family get from African rooibos tisane? Rooibos tea benefits include healthy antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Add the benefit of starting with good eating habits and avoiding products that are packaged to look healthy but can be dangerous to your health. (Think overweight kids, think low self-esteem, think childhood diabetes turning into overweight adults, low self-esteem, adult diabetes, heart disease, blindness, limb loss, and premature death, to name just a few. )

You can start here and add other healthy foods. Offer fruits instead of candy, fresh vegetables instead of cookies, and yogurt instead of ice cream. Yes, I know this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for adults. We were allowed to form unhealthy bad eating habits, not because our parents didn’t care about us. Our parents weren’t aware of the dangers of processed foods, they weren’t told that high fructose corn syrup can cause health problems. You and I know it, we have been told.

In our desire to find good, healthy cold drinks for our families, let’s not forget that African rooibos teas can be served cold and iced.

Independence Day 2010

I see all of you with your families, your children, your rewarding lives together, and I am proud of you for creating a place for yourselves where you and your spouses are safe, happy, encouraged and pleased. I am proud that he has learned the lessons our parents taught us to be hardworking, curious, ethical and conscientious in everything he does. You all have made a life for yourself that can only be possible in this great country. In other parts of the world, you may have been restricted by your class, lack of education, different religious beliefs, or ethnicities. You may have been relegated to a menial position in society based on your color, name, or nationality.

But you were born and raised in the United States of America, where our national understanding is that we are all ‘created equal’. Sometimes we take for granted the words of our sacred documents, those powerful phrases that Thomas Jefferson wrote 234 years ago this Spring, that all men are created equal, that our creator has endowed us with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life. , freedom and the pursuit of happiness. We all know these words and we proudly recite them at least once a year, on our National Independence Day. Unfortunately, all too often we keep them for the rest of the year, taking them for granted, forgetting things that I am about to remind you of in this letter.

At Pentecost: The words that Mr. Jefferson wrote are truly powerful and moving. At the time they were written, they weren’t just amazing, they were radical in nature. In fact, they were traitors. Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Locke, Sherman, the men who guided the document that created this nation, knew better than anyone that having written those words and then pasted their signatures on the paper, exposed them to the charges of King George the 3rd that could result in your execution. It was no small thing; these men were declaring, on paper, for the whole world to read, that they and all the settlers had a “right to be free.” They were throwing down the gauntlet, saying, in effect, that we will no longer obey the laws, treaties, tax demands, or the subjugation of the British Empire, the most powerful nation the world has ever known. Those men were all British subjects and many of them felt they were signing their death warrant.

Many years of revolution, hardship and despair followed before the Declaration of Independence meant more than just a piece of paper signed by a group of wealthy white men and landowners, who wanted to free themselves from the heel of England’s boot so they could trade and do. treaties on their interests. own and get even richer. But you see, and this is the part that sounds unpatriotic, Mr. Jefferson never intended freedom for “all” men. Not really. At the time of signing, what he and his colleagues had in mind were educated, white, Christian, male owners. Notice that he did not write ‘all men and women are created equal’. Mr. Jefferson owned several slaves. He had included language in the Declaration aimed at gradually eliminating the peculiar institution of slavery, with the intention of moving blacks, eventually, to another country. But Jefferson’s anti-slavery language was removed from the final document, in order to gain approval from other slave-owning signatories, allowing the Declaration to be approved. In fact, our national freedom document was signed by a group of men who never imagined the logical words, indeed, the ones intended to be applied in their entirety to “all men.”

They never intended, for example, that “all men” meant ALL MEN. There was the persistent problem of what to do with men who owned no property, but were nonetheless agitated for the right to vote. And they got those rights too, but not without a fight. They were never intended to include men of color. Anyone who knows our history between 1861 and 1865, from Sumter to Appomattox, knows what happened when that struggle broke the country and blacks asserted their rights. The principle of “cover-up” was law at the time. Coverture kept the women dependent, denying them the right to own property, receive an education, or earn an income without her husband’s approval. 144 years after the signing of the Declaration, women finally won the right to vote and the underground disappeared. It could be argued that Mr. Jefferson’s powerful words, as simple and radical as they were at the time, were exclusive, not inclusive, which is what they should have been if his central theme of equality for ‘all men’ was what he really meant. Instead, our National Declaration of Independence is even today a work in progress.

Because those words have been the object of interpretation, and even armed struggle at times, our history is littered with the debris of battles between those who claim their rights and those who would deny them those rights, for whatever reason.

The Constitution of the United States, at least in the beginning, gets it right. “We the People” begins. Not men, not women, not white, black, Christian, Muslim but ‘People’. The Constitution guarantees rights through its various amendments that have been approved over the years, when various modifications were deemed necessary to secure the rights of a segment of “We the People” that would otherwise be denied. One of the most important amendments, added in 1868, is the fourteenth. Section 1 of the 14th Amendment is known as the Equal Protection Clause. Simply put, it says that any citizen of the United States is entitled to equal protection under the law. This is important, because up to that point, various groups of people could be denied their day in court, simply because of who they were. With the exception of the 18th amendment that creates the ban, and the 21st that repeals it, each amendment aims to protect a group of citizens who would otherwise be disenfranchised in American society. This is also important. The Constitution is not a sword; it is a shield. The document that establishes our rights as citizens was never intended to protect the powerful, or the majority, but rather the weak and the minority.

We have reached yet another point in our history where a group of fellow citizens are systematically denied all rights and protections. Regardless of how you feel about their people, practices, beliefs, or identifications, our LGBT brothers and sisters, contrary to the 14th Amendment and various other founding documents, are denied equal protection and the full benefit of citizenship in the United States. United States of America. . In fact, they are accredited members of ‘We the People’. They easily fall under the definition of ‘all men’ and now rightly demand their full rights, protections and benefits under our laws and Constitution. One of the rights they claim is the right to marry the person they love. Despite Supreme Court rulings that marriage is a human right by definition, LGBT people in America are being restrained from the full, rewarding, stabilizing, and socially empowering power of equality in civil marriage. This is simply wrong and the stain of this restriction must be removed. It is time to stop denying that segment of our society the full and guaranteed rights it demands. Note that I am not referring to marriage, nor do I write about religious or religious marriage. It is not about the Bible, religion, sin, ethics or morality. The only moral question here is how anyone who claims to be an American can, in good conscience, continue to oppose such blatant discrimination and live with its hypocrisy. The same separation between church and state that protects their religious beliefs from government interference must simply protect the civil rights of all citizens. At present this is not the case. For those who fear the demands of LGBT people to force churches to perform marriages, or to hire people whose lives and identities they disdain, I am completely on your side. If the state tries to coerce such things, I will stand at your church door with you demanding that the state desist. For the ministers, priests, rabbis or mullahs who still preach the myth of a homosexual agenda, let me put this in plain language: either they are actively wrong or they are liars. They are using fear and intimidation to force you to support them, and they are simply lying to you. Anyone claiming to be a man or woman of God who preaches hatred and division should be ashamed of this reprehensible behavior, expelled, and sent packing.

I look at heterosexual couples and see them enjoying those rights: getting married, establishing a safe and loving home, building a life together, raising children in a safe environment, strengthening the social status of marriage by their example, and I see a very good thing. I see a state of marriage that fits my own definition. Then I see people, including some from my own family, who enjoy those same rights and privileges, but actively deny them to other people, and I am ashamed. If you truly appreciate what you and your spouse have built together, the love, joy, and commitment that you value above all else, but then refuse to allow another human being that same joy and satisfaction, shame on you. Examine your conscience and reconsider this hateful behavior. You will feel better and your fears will be unfounded.

The demand for equality in civil marriage not only recognizes the denial of rights, and a way to rectify that denial, the perspective elevates the status of marriage, by greeting a group of people who actively demand their rights and benefits. I see heterosexual couples taking the state of marriage for granted every day, unaware that many of the rights within marriage have been modified and refined over many years. Not long ago, men could rape their wives and expect the full protection of the law. This is no longer the case, but only because the women demanded change. The coverage is no longer part of the marriage. Restricting the ability of women to earn money, own property, or educate themselves today would be ridiculous. In 1967, it was illegal in sixteen states for blacks and whites to marry each other. Denying the marital rights of interracial couples today would be ridiculous. Marriage has changed and evolved over the years to become what it is today: a rite – and a right – defined not by property and privilege, but by love. Couples do not marry for procreation, property, or convenience. They marry for love. Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters fall in love every day, just like we do; they want to establish homes and families together, just like us; They want to dedicate their lives to each other, protect, nurture, intercede and encourage each other, just as we do. And they want to get married, like us. It is time for us to leave them.

It is time, my friends. It is time to acknowledge that grave disgrace is perpetuated in this great country. We Americans are denying a basic human right to people who only want to join us in celebrating the strongest bond that society knows, the marriage of two people who love and appreciate each other. It is time to recognize that there are gays and lesbians, that they love and work with each other every day, that they have the same wishes, dreams and duties as us. It is time for it to be recognized that equality in civil marriage is simply the right thing to do. The moment has come.

5 surprisingly simple ways to burn extra calories from home

You don’t have to go to the gym, not even outdoors, to burn calories. In fact, you can burn all the calories you want from the comfort of your home.

With that said, here are 5 surprisingly simple ways to burn calories from home.

Stay active as soon as you wake up

An easy way to prepare your body for the day is to do a small amount of exercise immediately after waking up.

This could be lunges, squats, push-ups, or even walking in place. Just take 10 minutes to get moving!

Increase your heart rate

Increasing your heart rate multiple times throughout the day is a great way to burn 200-400 calories.

How many calories you burn will, of course, depend on the type of activity you do.

An easy way to increase your heart rate is to jog in place for 30 seconds. Take a 60 second break and then do it again.

Repeat this interval 6 times.

It sounds simple but it is not easy!

Do interval training during commercial breaks

When you’re looking to burn the most calories in the least amount of time, interval training is the way to go.

The next time you watch your favorite TV show, plan to take intervals during each commercial break.

Intervals are short, intense bursts of exercise.

Great examples would be running on the treadmill as fast as you can during the commercial break or doing as many push-ups as you can.

Trust us, you’ll get a great workout by doing interval training during business breaks.

Keep your home cool

Yes, studies have shown that keeping your home cool can significantly increase the number of calories you burn throughout the day.

In fact, being in a cool environment can help you burn up to 40% more fat.

Sit on the floor while watching TV

It sounds crazy but it works …

When you sit on the floor, your body is forced to use more muscles to keep you upright.

You will also use more muscles when you stand up.

Simply recruiting more muscles will cause you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Although these 5 tactics sound very simple, they are also extremely effective.

Give them a try and let us know what you think.

You may be surprised at how many more calories you will start to burn throughout the day.

Free Book Summary A Simple Idea – By Stephen Key

Stephen Key was a mentor to Tim Ferriss. If you’re unfamiliar with Tim, he wrote two best-selling books, The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. One Simple Idea is a book on how to license your ideas. Licensing is one of the most lucrative business models in the world. Think of these companies, Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple. All of these companies license their ideas and make more money per person than 99% of all other companies. I’m a big fan of real estate, but if you need to make money with less risk and less capital requirements, then licensing is the way to go.

Why is this important to me?

Most people are unfamiliar with the power of licensing and royalty controls. This book shows you how and I’ll expand on why.

Why grant licenses? I have had several businesses and I can tell you that licensing is by far the most lucrative of all. When you own the intellectual property (intellectual property), your marginal revenue from the next license sold is infinite. That is a very good markup by anyone’s standards.

Investing is one of the most powerful learning strategies in the world. Inversion means looking at the opposite or the reverse of something. I already told you that licenses are one of the best models out there. Let’s use investment to show you why. When you sell someone else’s stuff, you are only as good as your next sale. This means that whatever happens, you have to buy what you sell every time. Therefore, your gross profit can range from 0% to 50% depending on your cost structure and level of competition. This is what Wal-Mart does. Keep in mind that they are the best cost cutters in the world and competing with them head-on would be a disaster.

Let’s say you are a consulting or service company. Once again, you are only as good as your next consulting job. I know that consultants make a lot of money, but for every hour they consult, they lose that hour of opportunity to do something else. Therefore, you are trading hours for dollars.

One Simple Idea is packed with great information and Stephen’s 10-step plan that shows you how. We will touch on a few points.

First of all, there are two main reasons for obtaining a license. Number 1 is royalty checks. You can earn money while you sleep. Now you are NOT exchanging dollars for hours because you may be doing something else and still receiving checks. Number 2 is omnipresence. You can do this from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be handcuffed to a desk in some vaulted, closed building. All you need is a computer and ideas.

Stephen describes several key factors for successful licensing. For the sake of time, I will highlight some of the topics in this review.

1. Look for ideas: You don’t have to be Einstein to have a revolutionary idea. If you’ve ever been shopping, you can come up with ideas. The key here is to focus on the things that really bother you. If they bother you, they may bother others. This is a starting point for a new idea. Think about the problems and look for solutions. This also gives you a reason to go shopping.

2. Show your idea: the traditional licensing model works like this. Find an idea, build an expensive prototype, spend a small fortune on patent protection, and hope it sells. This is why most people don’t think of licensing as a viable career because the barriers SEEM too great to overcome. Now it’s easy to test your idea before spending money. Google has incorporated traffic. It’s a ready-to-use platform for idea creation and testing. An easy way to do this is to create a video of your idea and request feedback. You can do this for a few hundred dollars. This process alone will save you tons of pain and money. You need to test the idea before doing anything else.

3. Protect your idea: contrary to negative beliefs; most companies do NOT want to steal your idea. The traditional way to protect your idea was to apply for a patent. This is a very expensive endeavor. One thing Stephen points out to avoid this is a PPA. This is a provisional patent application and costs $ 110 to ship. This grants you Patent Pending status, which is all you need for 1 year to test your idea and bring it to market. This concept can pay for this book 5,000 times.

4. Present your idea: If you decide to take your idea to market, then you must be business trained. This means you need money, administration and accounting, production, sales, and marketing. Then after you have all of this, you need clients. This is like a beginner climbing Mount Everest in winter. All probabilities point to his death with this approach. Presenting your idea to the greats is the way to go. They have the brand, the infrastructure and the distribution channel to reach millions of people NOW. Presenting your idea is the best way to do it and causes more fear. Everyone hates cold calling, but this is necessary in order for you to present your idea. This is much easier than it sounds because companies want new ideas and that is the hook for you to get in.

One Simple Idea is an excellent guide to help you turn your ideas into a royalty check.

I hope this short summary has been helpful to you. The key to any new idea is to incorporate it into your daily routine until it becomes a habit. Habits are formed in just 21 days. One thing you can get out of this book is the PPA. The biggest obstacle to getting ideas to market is the high cost of obtaining protection and the fear that someone will steal your things. For $ 110, you can protect it for a year, and if it makes you money, you can protect it for longer. Remember, in this game, the first to market wins.