Top Ten Things to Consider When Hiring a Tree Company

Who to hire to have a service professional provide work at your residence can be a difficult decision. There are many variables and factors, especially when it comes to tough and sometimes dangerous jobs like tree service. This article explores a list of the top ten things to consider when hiring a tree service company. These items are very informative and are important to know when obtaining estimates for tree work.

1 – Security

Safety is the most important aspect of tree work that must be considered when hiring a tree company. With the dangerous nature of our business, a culture and tone of safety first in a forestry company is critical. Make sure the tree company you hire has a certified tree care safety professional on staff, adheres to industry safety standards, safety policy, and that the company holds regular safety meetings.

2 – Certified, Licensed and Fully Insured

Another important thing to look for in a qualified tree care company is that the company is fully insured with liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The tree company must have a minimum of 1,000,000 each occurrence and 2,000,000 general aggregate for General Liability and 500,000 for workers’ compensation. It is unwise for a homeowner to hire an uninsured tree service for many reasons, the most important of which is: do you value your home, your car, and your belongings? If so, be sure to hire a company that is fully insured!

Being licensed and certified are both equally important. Most of the time, it is fine for a tree business to have a business license in the city or county where it is located, but some cities and counties also require a license in their jurisdiction. For certification, both ISA (International Arboricultural Society) and TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) certify people in Arboriculture. A tree care company that you are hiring must have an ISA certified arborist on staff and a TCIA CTSP certified tree care safety professional.

3 – Reputation and longevity

Any service company doing work in a residence must have a good reputation. There are “so called” tree professionals who will take your money and run. Never pay a tree service upfront for a job, not even a deposit. True professionals in our industry frown on deposits. To determine if the business you are considering has a good reputation, some good questions are: How long have you been in business? How many certified arborists do you have on your staff? can you provide references? Do you have your own equipment, especially your crane? Another way to determine a business’s reputation is to check websites like Angie’s List or Consumer Checkbook. However, the best way is to talk to your friends and neighbors; they probably have stories to tell, both good and bad! A company like JL Tree Service Inc, which has been in business for over 35 years and has worked for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities, will likely provide quality tree service.

4 – Equipment

We all remember the old expression; It is not the arrow but the Indian! Well, this is definitely true, as tree work requires a special talent. However, good equipment is absolutely necessary to get the job done efficiently and safely. Make sure a tree company has equipment such as bucket trucks and chippers, chippers, platforms, chainsaws, etc. that are relatively newer and well-maintained.

5 – Employees

Ask how many employees a tree company has. Since tree work is very dangerous and requires special talent, it is critical that the right people are there to do the job right. Who wants a hobbyist or unskilled worker to bring down a huge oak tree over their home? I do not! A good and reputable tree company should have at least a few high-level climbers with more than 2 years of experience with large extractions. A company like JL Tree Service Inc has over 18 tree climbers with many years of experience in large crane moves and removals, 3 certified arborists, and 1 certified safety professional on staff – this is what you want to look for.

6 – Rental

The distance between a business and its location may not seem very important, but it is. An estimator from a tree company should calculate the cost of travel time as part of the cost. If the business is close to your residence, naturally the cost should be better as the travel time is less. A tree company located 10-15 miles from your home will probably suffice. We all know that fuel prices are not cheap these days!

7 – Industry Standards

The tree care industry has OSHA and ANSI standards to follow such as safety guidelines, general work procedures, tree trimming, and more. Make sure the tree service you hire follows the ANSI standard pruning. There are many tree men who improperly prune trees and recommend poor tree maintenance. There are many different tree species, and each tree responds differently to a diverse set of tree pruning methods. Make sure a certified arborist or tenured professional provides professional opinion. Topping and cutting trees too hard are examples of improper tree care.

8 – Accept all forms of payment

Be careful who you hire. It is very likely that some tree cutters that you drive by asking about your business are not insured, only accept cash, and are not professionals. Many tree companies will provide a free estimate. If you receive 3 or 4 estimates, they will vary greatly. For example, you may receive a low offer of $ 1800 and a very high offer of $ 4000. Some others will be close and between $ 2800 and $ 3200; these are probably the two companies you will want to consider. It is not best to always go for the lowest bid for tree work as there are many factors that are discussed in this article. Take a close look at all the offers and ask questions! A company like JL Tree Service Inc accepts all forms of payment, including all credit cards.

9 – Services offered

If you are a client with a fair amount of tree work to complete, be sure to hire a real tree company. There are many ‘tree cutters’ who do not have the proper insurance for tree work. Be careful who you hire, especially for the biggest and most dangerous trees. Most reputable and professional forestry companies provide services related to gardening or landscaping, such as emergency tree service, tree removal, tree pruning, stump crushing, tree fertilization, tree planting, preservation of trees, gardening, land maintenance, snow plowing, etc. .

10 – Recycle wood and debris

I cannot tell you how many times I have received a phone call from a customer or a municipality saying, “Can you give me a price to transport the rubble that a contractor left on the sidewalk?” Yes, a random tree cutter cut down a tree and did not include the transportation of the lumber and debris with its price, but it did not tell the owner, which is why the price was so good! Now the homeowner has to deal with debris removal because the City or County will not pick up the debris left by a contractor. Make sure the transportation or abandonment of the wood and debris is clearly spelled out in the proposal.

The Popularity of the Situs To Gel Deposit Pulsatile Dapat and Its Benefits

Situs To Gel Deposit Pulsatile Dapat and Its Benefits

The origin of Situs Togel (or Togel’s Tree) Potongan is almost as mystifying as its name. Situs Togel is indigenous to the northern part of Borneo, in the province of Sarawak. Its botanical name is Diogenes situs Togel; or, “potongan tree”. It’s a member of the Compositaceae family of plants. The genus Diogenes includes such familiar giants as the cypress, American chestnut, Chinese elm, Chinese boxthorn, hibiscus, Japanese maple, and European grapefruit.

Situs Togel is also known as a reward dan promosi (plural of reward dan), because it provides the recipient with a small’reward’ for having purchased its product. For example, this could be in the form of a certificate or a small cash payment. In this way, Situs Togel is like a paid voucher – you are given a voucher, and you have to show proof of purchase. A visit to your local Bali travel agent, who deals with such products, should be able to assist you with more information on how to get your money back if the item wasn’t what was advertised. But what is the origin of the name?

situs togel

Situs Togel is a common name in Bali for two things: an acupoint located at the base of the skull, which is known as the’sodunulm,’ and the product sold. Pardoa Sativias, or Black Sea Hermit Crustaceans, is the most common product marketed under the name ‘Situs Togel.’ This is derived from the’sodunulm’ which means bone root. The term ‘Pardoa’ is derived from the Sanskrit term “pardoo,” which literally means salt water. Therefore, the name Situs Togel online deposit pulsate terlengkap is based on the name of the sea in which the product is manufactured, as well as on the salt content of the sea.

The Popularity of the Situs To Gel Deposit Pulsatile Dapat and Its Benefits

There are two common variations of the Situs Togel online deposit pulsatile dapat, including the regular dapat, and the special dapat that is distributed by the manufacturers of the product. The regular dapat is available in three colors: black, green, and red. The special dapat is available in seven colors: black, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and violet. The color variations refer to the different concentrations of salts in the various ingredients used in the production of the tanpa potongan.

A typical situs to gel online deposit pulsatile dapat would have a color ranging from a dark brownish-black to a light mocha-brown color with a faint hint of red in it. This type of potongan has an overall dark color with a raised and glossy surface, which makes it stand out among other potongans. These pots are more appealing than the normal type of clay pot that is typically used for cooking purposes. It is also very easy to clean up, which makes it one of the most preferred types of dapat orang. Aside from its good looks, this type of dapat has also been known to have a high absorbent capacity, which makes it ideal for being placed inside of houses and buildings that have water leaks or that experience flooding.

If you want to buy a new pot that is not too expensive, you may want to check out the Situs To Gel Online Deposit Pulsatile Dapat. Aside from being affordable and practical, it is also one of the best choices that you can make when looking for a traditional gift that can be given to your loved ones. It will certainly make your loved ones happy and grateful.

How to use social media wisely

Social media networks like and are quickly becoming popular, which is why more and more people are signing up. Some people have even gotten stuck with these networks so that they cannot even go a day without logging into these sites. If you are thinking of advertising your business, it would be wise to launch it on such media networks, as you will be guaranteed that you will always have a large audience.

You can simply use Facebook and Twitter by posting some links on your pages that direct your audience to your company site. Facebook and Twitter are blogging sites, so they are constantly changing, so you can advertise your business in different ways. This is great for static sites that are often limited when it comes to advertising options. For example, on social media you can advertise your business through a video or even a song. One simple way will be to create download links that allow users to download or view content for free and the content bears your company logo or a reference to your site. This way, people will recognize the source of the content and your company name will spread, helping you build your identity brand.

Social networks allow you to have conversations with your clients on an informal platform. This is what people like. They don’t want to see only your serious side. They also want to know your true self. So as your customers get to know and understand you, they build more trust in you and every time you have something new they are there to support you. Unlike static sites, people do not get to know who is behind certain products and even if they do, they will have little contact with that person.

With social media, you can allow people to make real comments about your products and the services you provide. This is very effective for introducing your business to people who are not familiar with it. Through these networks such as Facebook and Twitter, people will be able to make reviews of your business just by following the publications and comments related to your business. In this way, a potential customer can weigh the facts and get a clearer picture of the type of services you provide.

Presenting your business on social media is good because all the business agreements you will achieve will not be the result of individual effort, but will be the result of team effort (through the network of your friends). Unlike the case of a static site, publishing your business on a social network goes further, since every time it runs out, other members of your network give you a hand.

Speedypin calling card company: an honest review

There are many companies that sell prepaid calling cards, but finding the right one is critical to saving even more money. Speedypin offers the best rates for prepaid calling cards. But to be honest, you have to be careful which ones you choose.

Although Speedypin has the lowest cost-per-minute rates compared to its competitors, its cheapest calling cards have the highest number of rates. In fact, the cheapest card products from all phone companies have the highest rates. Remember this important fact; the lower the cost per minute, the higher the rates.

So does this mean you should stay away from Speedypin?

Absolutely not. There is a way to take advantage of international calls with prepaid cards that have a large number of fees. You will see that most of the fees are incurred after making the calls. So if you can plan ahead, I suggest you buy one of Speedypin’s $ 5.00US calling cards and finish with it within the week. By doing this, you will have taken advantage of the low cost per minute rate without being charged a weekly maintenance fee.

There are other prepaid cards that Speedypin offers in its product line that are very reasonably priced. These higher quality card products have reasonable per minute calling rates with the fewest fees.

If you need to make a business call to an international number, I suggest you use a higher quality prepaid calling card from Speedypin. There is nothing more embarrassing than your calls constantly dropping while talking to an important business customer. So I think you would agree that skimping on calling card costs is not a smart move if you are going to exclusively make business calls.

One great point about Speedypin is that they offer a 100% guarantee on all their prepaid calling cards. Not many companies offer guarantees and to be honest, they should.

Speedypin has great free customer service, but it’s a shame it’s not 24×7. However, their customer service representatives are patient and courteous and will answer your questions and address your concerns.

You should feel safe when conducting an online transaction with Speedypin. They take your credit card security seriously. Therefore, before finalizing your transaction, you must verify your identity. Only then will your card be activated. They also accept PayPal payments for even faster payments.

The only complaint I have with Speedypin is that they charge a $ 1.00US processing fee for orders under $ 10.00US.

In short, I consider Speedypin to be a worthy company to do business with if you are looking for prepaid phone cards. Their strong industry reputation, reasonably priced calling cards, and helpful customer service have won me over.

UL 2050 certification: what it is and how to get it

Development of a UL 2050 room

Anyone already in the security business knows that obtaining an Underwriters Laboratories certificate is not an easy task. In contrast, getting a facility “certified” is a long and labyrinthine process that requires achieving a series of the highest standards and ongoing inspections to maintain them.

That said, it is far from impossible. Hundreds of security companies are certified across the country and thousands of UL 2050 certified facilities are in operation.

This article is primarily intended to help those companies looking to develop a UL 2050 room by gathering all the necessary information in one place. However, those who already own and operate these secure facilities, but are looking to change their security company, can also benefit.

A brief history of UL 2050

In 1993, the United States Department of Defense developed a set of standards and guidelines to ensure that its classified material, information, and equipment are developed, stored, or maintained by a government contractor. Specifically, these standards were set out in something called the National Industrial Safety Program Operational Manual, or NISPOM. This meant that in order to work for DOD, each contractor’s facility had to meet these particular standards and procedures.

Around the same time, an independent organization called Underwriters Laboratories developed a set of standards that would meet and often exceed the standards set out in NISPOM. The result was Underwriters Laboratories 2050 or UL 2050.

2050 has no particular meaning, except that it is how UL at this specific level of security. The DOD recognizes the meticulous standards of UL and UL, in turn, is authorized to certify security companies to create, monitor and inspect Sensitive Compartment Information or SCIF facilities.

SCIF and who uses them

In essence, an SCIF is any room or facility that will be used to research, manufacture, store, or support any project, information, equipment, or personnel for any branch of the Armed Forces or other agencies. They usually involve classified information or materials, but while this may evoke images directly from James Bond, they can be anything from a computer or a chemical lab to warehouses and woodwork.

These SCIFs are almost always used by government contractors or those hoping to become one through tenders for military and government projects. In fact, UL 2050 is the Department of Defense standard. Any company wishing to work with the DOD, the Military, or any of the other twenty-two government agencies must have a UL 2050 certified SCIF. Since these contracts are long-range and often isolated by a national budget, the Demand for UL 2050 certified SCIF generally remains fairly constant even in times of economic downturn.

Obtain a UL 2050 business certification

First of all, it is not a company or company that achieves UL 2050 certification, but a specific room or facility. UL 2050 means that the SCIF has been built and inspected to meet UL specifications based on DOD’s NISPOM. Either one or a hundred, this must be done separately for each SCIF.

However, and this is key, it is not UL that issues the certificate. Underwriters Laboratories deals directly with specific security companies. Every security company goes through a rigorous validation and certification process to achieve what UL calls the “CRZH” certification. CRZH does not mean anything, but refers only to the UL code assigned to this type of certificate.

The security company, by virtue of its CRZH certification, is authorized to consult, construct, inspect, monitor and certify an SCIF within a specific radius of approximately four hours of response time or 200 miles. It is the security company that sponsors a facility for certification and issues the UL 2050 certificate.

The first step

The first step towards UL 2050 certification is to contact a CRZH certified security company. UL maintains a directory of such companies on its website. Simply enter your location information and “CRZH” in the “UL Category Code” and you will be given a list of all certified companies in your area. Keep your search scope wide by using only state or country information. This will return more results that can be applied to you within a 200 mile radius.

Once you contact the security company, negotiations begin for the type of SCIF you need for what you are looking to do. Typically this will begin with an inspection of the proposed site and then continue with the systems and changes that will need to be implemented.

The importance of this security company cannot be overestimated. An SCIF must be built according to precise standards. Every step of construction, programming, electronics, and monitoring must be performed by companies with their own particular levels of certification and quality. A CRZH security company is an invaluable resource for finding reliable companies, from builders to alarm monitors.

Consulting a CRZH-certified security company as soon as possible allows a company to develop realistic budgets and determine competitive bids for government contracts.

Mystery cloud

Anyone looking to develop their first SCIF may be put off by how unclear the public information is. Cost, for example, is rarely discussed in finite terms until well into the process. The reason, simply put, is that the cost must be determined on a case-by-case basis according to the changes that must be made to meet UL 2050 standards.

Similarly, the standards themselves, described in a single UL publication, are one of the most controlled documents in the country. Due to the level of security in question, a copy can only be issued when a security company registers with UL. Even then, it will only be given to a designated employee who is verified by address and contact information and the copy you receive is individually numbered and cataloged. It goes without saying that the consequences of duplicating or leaking the security standards of all Defense Department and Armed Forces projects in the country are truly dire.

Later online and long term

Once the room is developed, the security company is responsible for inspecting and monitoring the facility to ensure it meets and maintains UL 2050 standards. Underwriters Laboratories will perform its own inspection of every aspect of the facility. Once the installation is approved, the security company is authorized to issue an official UL 2050 certificate.

This certificate is a kind of link that guarantees that the installation will operate according to UL 2050 standards and that the security company that issues the certificate will facilitate and guarantee that level of operation. To do this, the security company will conduct periodic inspections of the facility, as will Underwriters Laboratories. These inspections are often unannounced and will be carried out at least once a year by both organizations.

Consequently, having a security company you trust is critical. Like other services, a good security company must have an extraordinary commitment to quality in installation, service, and response. After all, what is at stake is millions of dollars in government contracts.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm: a new battery-powered squirt gun!

In a world dominated by pump-action squirt guns, it’s refreshing to see a battery-operated Super Soaker, especially one that looks like a MAC-10! The new Super Soaker Thunderstorm has a motorized pump that allows you to simply pull the trigger to expel the water.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm is powered by four AA batteries. This can be considered a disadvantage for parents who are tired of constantly replacing batteries, but the benefit of having a happy child can be worth it. Since there is no pumping, Thunderstorm is also a good squirt gun for younger children.

Like the Super Soaker Tornado Strike, the Thunderstorm uses the same water clip system and the same clips can be used on both water guns. The water clips hold approximately 10 ounces of water. This means that the clips need to be refilled quite frequently during intense water battles. However, a convenient release button makes changing the water clips only take a few seconds. The Thunderstorm is sold with a water clip, but additional clips sell for around $ 4 each. Additional water clips can be securely attached with a belt clip. They also fit well in cargo pants pockets.

Since the Lightning Storm is lightweight and motorized, you can hold a Lightning Storm in each hand and fire at the same time (like you’ve always wanted to do!). A steady stream of water will shoot out of the gun as long as the trigger is pressed and there is water in the clip. As is typical with most motorized squirt guns, the waterjet tends to be a bit thinner and doesn’t have the pure soaking power of a high-capacity super soak, but the Storm still has a good firing range. approximately 20 to 25 feet. . If total soaking power is your goal, you may be interested in the new Super Soakers Hydraulic Cannon.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm is splash proof and made from durable plastic. A common fear about battery-powered squirt guns is water seeping into the battery compartment. The battery compartment is completely closed and has a rubber seal that works well to keep water out. We have put many rounds of water through the storm with no leakage issues.

The only downside to the storm is that the motor runs hard, but this is a bonus for some squirt gun fans. In an outdoor environment, engine noise is not a serious problem. This squirt gun is compatible with other Nerf accessories, including various shoulder butts and N-Strike components.

Creative use of social media to tell your story

When it comes to marketing for your business, telling your story (even if it’s one of many) is critical to your success in business. you has to Always have a story to tell and not only is the way you tell the story important, but often where you tell your story is just as important when it comes to achieving your desired results.

Why your story is so important

You may not be sure why telling your story is a must when it comes to writing content and marketing that content for your business. Well your story is absolutely critical for your brand and the success of your business because it is the way that you can connect with the other person as two human beings and it is also the way that you show who you are and the values ​​that you hold dear.

When it comes to sharing your story, the social media channels of your choice are a wonderful vehicle for doing it and doing it with great success. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Tell your story on Facebook: Your Facebook fans really enjoy a good story. If your story is well written and compelling, your fans will have no problem reading your posts to the end. It all depends on how you present the information. With Facebook, you have the opportunity to tell a really beautiful story and you can tell it in the most elaborate or concise way you want. It just depends on your writing style and the members of your target audience. If you feel like you have a lot to share with your fans, you may want to opt to write a longer post. Just remember to keep it cool and attractive. If you do that, other people will want to read your story and will want to keep reading other stories you share in the future.

  • Tell your story with pictures: In many cases, an image it is Worth more than thousand words. Using pictures to tell your story is a wonderfully creative way to grab the attention of your target audience. If you have experienced an event that you would like to share with other people online, the images will probably work very well. You can publish the photo album and it can be shared in its entirety many times and in many places later. That will also make it easier for other people to share your story with other people they know (if they feel your story is worth sharing). Your album should cover the entire experience, including other people who attended and that your rate had some meaning, as well as any other photos (or other images) that are also worth sharing in your opinion.

  • Tell your story with a video: Videos can be an extremely effective way to tell your story. As with the written word, a video can be shorter or longer. Don’t be afraid to tell your story at length if you think what you have to say will be of interest to other people. Of course, if you don’t have much to say, there is no point in simply lengthening your video just to take a few minutes. Make sure the amount of time you spend telling your story is the most appropriate amount of time for what you have to say.

  • Tell your story using storyboards: Another way to share your story is with a combination of words and pictures. It can be a very effective way to tell your story because it will attract many different people. Some people react more positively to the written word and others react more positively to pictures because they are visual people. Fortunately, the storyboard satisfies both types of people.

  • Tell your story with a combination of original and curated content: You can take some concepts from the selected content and combine them with your own story and experiences. It is a creative and effective way to tell your story and others will be able to relate to what you are saying.


Telling your story is essential to your brand and your business, and using the social media channels of your choice to tell your story is a smart and effective way to do it. It helps you establish a strong connection with your readers. The reality is that every time you post content, you are sharing a story with your target audience. Regardless, you are involved with social media on a regular basis for your business, so you can also make the most of everything it has to offer you.

Observing the relationship between mom and dad in the movies

Did you know that you can attend a mini-workshop on romantic relationships in the comfort of your own home for the price of a rented movie and be entertained at the same time? This is because this “home workshop” uses movies that you may already have.

This article, which is an excerpt from the book “Back to Love: When Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Break You” (Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved), shows you how to pay attention to Mommy’s Boy / Daddy’s Girl. dynamics in certain romantic relationships found in specific movies. It even shows you the movies where you can find evidence of the sons of the father and the daughters of the mother.

Mama’s boys are bound, consciously or unconsciously, to the influence of their mothers. They believe they get their power from the women in their lives. For systemic reasons, they did not have the opportunity to bond with their parents in adolescence. Mommy’s boys are naturally drawn to daddy’s girls who complement them in the male / female dance of life.

Daddy’s Girls are bound, consciously or unconsciously, to the influence of their parents. They believe they find satisfaction by caring for the men in their lives. For systemic reasons, they did not have the opportunity to bond with their mothers in adolescence. Daddy’s Girls and Mama’s Boys draw like magnets! Each of them feels in the other what was missing from childhood and believes that together they can find the missing pieces. Their relationships start out with a lot of chemistry and happiness. However, when they reach a certain level of commitment, they run the risk of falling out of love unless they can learn to be together as adults, rather than as parents and children.

On the other hand, Father’s Sons came to bond with his parents in adolescence. These men know that they get their power from themselves. Similarly, the Daughters of the Mother were able to bond with their mothers in adolescence. They know that fullness comes from within.

An effective way to observe Mama’s Boys and Daddy’s Girls in action is to watch for them in movies and on television. That pushes the subject far enough away from oneself to be entertaining and educational!

The latest TV classic Mama’s Boy can be found on reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. Raymond and his brother are so tied to the threads of their mother’s apron that it can be repulsive and hysterical to watch. Raymond’s wife, Debra, is also a typical daddy’s girl, as she barely tolerates Raymond’s behavior and commands it. Routinely, the most tense moments in sitcom occur when Ray has to choose between his mother and his wife. Invariably, he goes out of his way to choose both, disappointing both women at every turn!

One of the most painful depictions of Daddy’s girl is found in Funny Girl. As shown in that movie, Fanny Brice takes very sweet care of her husband, Nick Arnstein, as if he were a child and not a grown man. Out of love for him and unaware of what she is doing, she degrades him over and over again, undermining his masculinity and destroying what remains of his love. It is not your intention, but you cannot help it. She is desperate to hold onto him. The choice of letting him handle the consequences of his own actions must have felt like a surefire way to lose him. But taking care of him ensured that she would lose him. If you or someone you love is at risk of jeopardizing your relationship because of this kind of care, Funny Girl can be an effective, albeit painful, mirror to help encourage yourself or someone else to make a change.

In movies like Sex, Lies and Videotape, or Enough, or Hanging Up, representations of Mama’s Boys and Daddy’s Girls are equally obvious. In Enough we find a representation of a mother’s boy who tries to obtain his power from his wife in an abusive way. In it, Slim and Mitch Miller are newlyweds apparently in love and with a rich future ahead of them. However, the honeymoon quickly ends when Mitch becomes abusive. He becomes increasingly controlling of his surroundings and his son, isolating Slim from his friends and potential support. Eventually he begins to have an affair. Between learning of the affair and Slim’s desire to protect his daughter from Mitch’s abuse, she leaves home with her son only for Mitch to pursue her relentlessly. Mitch’s obsession with controlling and belittling his wife, having an affair, and an apparent sense of entitlement to that affair are all symptoms of a mother’s boy using abuse to try to get his power from women.

What about being able to witness in the film the son of a father and the daughter of a mother? Are any of those available? Yes!

In the movie Got Mail, you find a mother’s daughter and a father’s son in action. Kathleen Kelly is her mother’s daughter, having followed her mother into the ownership and management of her mother’s children’s bookstore. Joe Foxx is his father’s son, having followed his father in owning and managing the family business, Foxx Books.

Next time you watch You’ve Got Mail, pay attention to how Joe and Kathleen handle their relationships. Joe does not push or pull the women in his life. And the women in his life don’t treat him like a child. Kathleen does not deal with the men in her life as if they were little children. Although Frank, the man in her life when the movie begins, may in fact be a mother’s son, Kathleen doesn’t take care of him that way. And when life throws a serious curveball at her, with the loss of her business, she ducks deep and takes care of herself. The film makes it clear that the resource he takes advantage of is his relationship with his deceased mother.

In Open Range you will find a character who is probably the son of a father. Charley Waite is a middle-aged cowboy and former gunman who enjoys the last few years of herding his cattle freely in the open country. He is a man who has never been married and who, apparently, has not had much contact with the opposite sex. When he meets Sue Barlow and falls in love with her, he doesn’t quite know how to go about letting her know his growing interest and love. His attempts to tell her that he finds her attractive are uncomfortable, but attractive.

In the end, he approaches her, hat in hand, offering her marriage and a kind of leadership as an old-fashioned, chauvinistic husband. Sue is also middle-aged and has never been married. She is too wise and brave in life to try to pretend that she will feel fulfilled as the little wife whose husband protects her from harm. She challenges Charley to get to know her from one adult to another. He’s man enough to rise to the challenge, and the film ends with the promise that their lively romance has only just begun.

Speaking of energetic romances, Bull Durham offers the viewer a robin view of a mother’s son and a father’s son searching for the same woman. In this movie, there is a love triangle that forms around Crash Davis, a seasoned baseball catcher, Annie Savoy, the team’s best fan, and Nuke LaLoosh, the team’s new young rookie.

Despite Crash and Annie testing their attraction to each other at the beginning of the movie, Crash quickly steps aside for Nuke and Annie to do their thing. He’s too experienced, both on and off the field, and too autonomous to waste his energy competing with the very nervous “pup” that surely is Nuke.

Annie has a habit of hiring one player a year whom she helps to mature. She says, “There’s never been a ballplayer who slept with me who didn’t have the best year of his career … there’s a certain amount of wisdom for life that I give these guys. I can expand their minds. .. they feel safe and they make me feel safe and pretty. ” As such, she puts herself in the mommy position for her chosen ball player and lets him be her child.

The first night he meets Nuke and Crash, he invites them back to his house, where he sits them down and explains the rules. “I associate with one guy per season. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to pick the guy. He’s kind of my own spring training. And, well, you two are the most promising prospects of the season so far. I just thought we should try to get to know each other. ” Crash stops her right there. He wants to know why she can choose. Why not one of the men? He continues on quantum physics and how no one can choose anyone. Crash gets up to leave. Annie asks where he is going.

Crash responds, “After twelve years in the minor leagues, I don’t try. Also, I don’t believe in quantum physics when it comes to matters of the heart.”

“What do you believe in then?” Annie asks.

As he puts on his coat to leave, Crash responds with one of the most famous movie speeches that ends with these words, “… and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.” evening. “

Annie breathes, “Oh my gosh.” She then chases him out the door to tell him she just wants to go on a date, not fall in love. Crash says to him: “I am not interested in a woman who is interested in that boy. Good evening.”

When Nuke hits the big leagues and leaves town, Crash makes himself available to reconsider the chemistry that was and is still evident between him and Annie. At that point, he asks you to introduce yourself as an adult to join the dance with another adult. It’s an exaggeration for her, but she is womanly enough to accept the challenge.

Movies are a great way to attend mini-workshops to witness the ramifications of being blind to the mommy boy / daddy girl dance and the relative ease of the father son / mother daughter dance!

Are you a desperate romantic? – The Pragmatic Romantic

Are you a hopeless romantic? No? Not to worry! It is not necessarily a bad thing. As a realist or pragmatist, you approach love and relationships in the same way that you approach other aspects of your life, with logic and reason. You like the idea of ​​love at first sight and soul mate, but it’s more about fairy tales than reality, right? You enjoy dating and the excitement of a new relationship, but you have no preconceived notions or expectations. He believes that relationships require perseverance and hard work, with common interests and mutual respect at the center.

If you are not a hopeless romantic but are dating or living with one, there are some practical steps you can take to connect more with them. You don’t need to be a hopeless romantic to relate to one. What are the things that initially attract you the most? If being a hopeless romantic is one of those things, you may have a softer side that you haven’t yet explored. Try to see the world as they see it and talk to them about it. Your perception and theirs are worthy of attention.

Exploring their differences and similarities can be fun and entertaining. Keep in mind that part of romance is doing something you wouldn’t normally do. It’s something you do because you care and you know your partner would love it. The steps to being romantic don’t need to involve big changes. Sometimes the romance is in the details. If you don’t usually hold your hand when you walk with your partner, give it a try the next time you walk through the mall or when you go out to dinner. Are you a hopeless romantic? No, but you enjoy making your partner happy.

When his logical and reasonable side rules, he can be seen as cold and nonchalant. From their perspective, making informed decisions is the best way to live life. For a desperate romantic, it is the ability to let go of inspiration and make a person happy that makes life worth living. The desperate romantic does not need big gestures. Going for a walk at sunset or texting “I love you” will make them happy. The desperate romantic and the pragmatist can be the best couple of all, as each balances the other. Are you a hopeless romantic? No? Your partner can thank you.

The dangers of not working on the accumulation of fat in the body


It seems that everyone is pregnant. Look around you and you will see both men and women with belly fat or belly fat. From the media to social media there are invitations from many so-called experts announcing ways to reduce belly fat in two weeks. Is it that easy? For African men, the belly is considered evidence of a well-off person, hence the somewhat carefree attitude towards handling accumulated fat. Therefore, a “big” man is expected to have a plump belly. The belly in men is mainly due to the consumption of alcohol and food. What about female people?

Women are more concerned because as they go through middle age, their ratio of fat to body weight tends to increase, more than men. However, women, particularly young women, know that belly fat interferes with their figure-eight frame.

But beyond the desire to preserve a good physique and appear attractive in public, many people, men and women alike, could ignore the risk posed by abdominal fat. Similarly, the frequency with which women hit their belly is observed in the hope that for each slap, their protruding bellies will contract. Interestingly, people with excess belly fat produce loud or quiet “windbreaks” that are unbearable. In short, accumulating belly fat can have serious health consequences that go beyond physical appearance.

1. Abdominal obesity.

Belly fat or abdominal fat is a combination of visceral and subcutaneous fat. It can also be called abdominal obesity, android obesity, or trunk obesity. The fat accumulated in the lower body is subcutaneous, while the fat in the abdominal area is largely visceral. The problem with abdominal fat is that it is not limited to the extra layer of padding located just below the skin (subcutaneous fat), but also includes visceral fat that is found deep in the abdomen, surrounding the internal organs. Although subcutaneous fat raises cosmetic concerns, visceral fat is linked to much more dangerous health problems.

Why the concern for women? There are reasons for alarm because abdominal fat can be pathological or physiological. “It is pathological in the sense that it is harmful to the body; and physiological in the sense that it is not harmful. He also pointed out that it could also be genetic since African women naturally have fat in the abdomen after childbirth. Especially in the Menopause, he adds, extra pounds tend to accumulate around the midsection as the proportion of fat in lean tissue changes and fat storage begins to favor the upper body on the hips and thighs.

Additionally, it was claimed that women who deliver by cesarean tend to have larger bellies than those who deliver through the vagina. Really, an expanding waistline is sometimes considered the price of getting older. On the other hand, men with low levels of testosterone have larger bellies, while women with higher levels of testosterone have thicker waists.

2. The syndrome of abdominal fat.

Obviously, abdominal fat syndrome is even more common in women today than it is in women. According to an instructor at Kayrom Lee Squash Gym and Fitness Center. “We have a lot of women and women alike who come here just because they want to reduce belly fat. We also have teenage girls who have accumulated body fat,” he said.

Our eating and drinking habits are important factors in this phenomenon. The more people eat a lot of fatty foods, the greater their tendency to have belly fat. In addition, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise are also at risk of accumulating abdominal fat.

Fat storage in the abdomen is caused by consuming processed foods, particularly restaurant foods. Similarly, cooking oil and chocolate are rich in cholesterol. Many young women have belly fat due to their high consumption of fatty foods, chocolate, and calories. The more fat we consume, the greater the tendency to accumulate abdominal fat.

There are dangerous health risks associated with a lack of abdominal fat control beyond an uninteresting physical appearance.

Risk factors include:

1. Diabetes mellitus (type 2)

2. Fatty liver disease

3. Heart disease and hypertension.

Other serious health implications that can result from visceral abdominal fat include:

1. Breast cancer

2. Colorectal cancer

3. Gallbladder problems

4. Cardiovascular disease

5. Metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases.

In fact, it is noted that excess abdominal fat can cause organ failure. Additionally, research has also associated abdominal fat with an increased risk of premature death as it disrupts the normal balance and hormonal function of the body.

3. How to get rid of abdominal fat.

Belly fat can be reduced to size. While many worry about how they look and worry about their tummy, they seem unwilling to give up their eating and drinking habits. For the few who take the step to work on their stomachs, they do not show the necessary commitment to the task. General exercise is key.

One fitness instructor argues that exercises such as sit-ups, aerobic dance, jogging, and cycling must be combined, over time, for any tapering effect. Aerobic exercise is very necessary because it burns more calories and removes fat from the core more easily. These specific exercises help because the body adapts to change. Reducing alcohol intake, reducing chocolate consumption, and controlling the cholesterol level of cooking oil are also important. There should be a cautious consumption of fatty foods.

People should watch what they consume, how and when they consume it to reduce belly fat.

To get rid of belly fat, in short, you must combine regular exercise and a healthy, low-calorie diet. The fitness instructor, however, emphasizes that only consistency and commitment to these exercises and a cautious lifestyle can produce the required results.

The researchers found that “people who did not exercise experienced a nearly 9 percent increase in visceral fat after six months. Regular, moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day and perhaps up to 60 minutes a day would help. enormously to control weight. Pay attention should be paid to portion size, and the consumption of complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) and lean proteins should be more emphasized than simple carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta refined grain and sugary drinks. “