Buy Tropical House Plants Online in Canada

House Plants Online in Canada

Whether you are looking for a tropical Houseplant to brighten up a dark corner or just want to bring some green into your home, we have an extensive selection of beautiful plants for you to choose from. We are a small, family owned business offering the highest quality tropical plants. We pride ourselves in our customer service and our knowledge of plants and their growing requirements. Providing the right environment and care for your plants will ensure that they grow healthy and vibrant, helping to create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Like people, Plants require a balanced diet of water, sunlight and soil to thrive. They also need to be kept in a comfortable temperature, and must be protected from extreme temperatures which can cause them stress. In addition, the correct pH of the soil is essential for good growth.

It is important to keep in mind that a Houseplant can suffer from too much or too little of any one thing and it is often the combination of factors that cause a plant to die. These can include moving to a new location, being repotted, or being in the wrong type of pot (too large) which allows for too much air between the roots and the soil. This leads to root rot. Another common problem is overwatering and allowing the soil to sit in water. Watering should be done gently and allowing the water to soak all of the way through the soil to the bottom, draining away any excess.

Elevate your living space with a tropical touch – buy exotic houseplants online in Canada. Immerse yourself in a virtual jungle of vibrant foliage, where lush palms, colorful orchids, and striking tropical plants await. Transform your home into a haven of serenity with easy online access to a variety of these exotic wonders. Discover the perfect companion for your indoor oasis, whether you seek air-purifying benefits or simply crave a tropical escape. These online platforms offer a seamless shopping experience, delivering a piece of paradise right to your doorstep. Embrace the allure of the tropics and infuse your home with natural beauty.

Repotting your Houseplants is recommended only when they are showing signs of being root bound. When repotting, try to only move up one pot size at a time unless the roots are crowded and need more room. The best type of soil to use for repotting your Tropicals is an indoor potting soil or for Cacti and Succulents, a good cactus and succulent soil mix.

Buy Tropical House Plants Online in Canada

Many plants need pruning to keep them in shape and maintain their fullness; this is a good time to do this in spring and late fall, especially for those such as Hibiscus, Ficus, Ivy and Dracaena that tend to become leggy. Fertilizer should be applied on a monthly basis for most foliage varieties and weekly for flowering ones, excluding those that only bloom once a year.

Adding a Tropical Houseplant to your home can be beneficial, as some are great for removing airborne toxins and help improve indoor air quality. Most importantly, however, they add a touch of green beauty that helps to brighten and freshen your space all year long.

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