Search Engine Marketing: Is It More Effective Than SEO?

Many of us think that search engine marketing (SEM) or paid search advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) are the same thing.

But are they the same?

they are not

SEM is basically a type of internet marketing.

Here, you promote a website by increasing its visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), mainly through paid search or advertising.

SEO, on the other hand, is the optimization of pages through organic and non-paid methods, through content and promotions on social networks.

But we’ll talk about the difference, in detail, later.

Let’s find out what SEM is first!

It is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines, both through paid and unpaid efforts.

Boost and improve search engine reach so you get more customers, at the right time, in the right place.

Search engine marketing covers:

A. SEO: This helps you get traffic through free or unpaid listings. It works on website content and site architecture, and improves rankings on the SERPs to boost pay-per-click (PPC) listings.

B. SEM: For this you have to buy traffic through paid search listings.

SEM is also called:

A. Paid Search Ads

B. Paid Advertising

c.PPC (Pay Per Click)

Although Google Ads is the most popular and widely used paid search tool, it will help your internet marketing even more if you use Bing or Yahoo as well.

SEO and SEM: Which is better?

Going back to the differences, the key difference between the two is that SEO is simply a component of SEM. In addition to SEO, SEM includes many other search marketing strategies, such as PPC and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

While SEO is increasing the number of visitors to the website, making the site rank high on search engines, SEM is internet marketing that increases the visibility of a site through organic search engine results. search and advertising.

An additional key difference between the two: with SEO you will have to be patient and wait for the results; With PPC, you can expect instant results.

Do not use the terms SEO and SEM interchangeably.

The reason: Although they work side by side, they are anything but the same term.

SEO or SEM: Which marketing tactic is better?

According to some of those in the know, if we compare the two, organic SEO has an advantage.

However, which one performs better may depend on your overall digital marketing goals.

SEM cannot thrive without organic SEO.

Still, PPC (a component of SEM) may make more sense, versus SEO in many specific cases.

For example, if you’re launching a site for the first time and want to get high visibility all at once, start a PPC campaign. It will take less time, vis-à-vis SEO.

Still, it would not be a good idea to focus ONLY on PPC and completely ignore SEO.

Granted organic SEO may take longer to produce results. But it will eventually cost less, even if you’ll be able to establish search credibility that you might not get with PPC.

If your websites rank high in the organic results for your target keywords, you’ll get free 24/7 traffic, industry recognition, and enjoy all the benefits of SEO.

Plus, with more appearances in search organically, you’ll enjoy the option to focus your SEM efforts on other keywords to broaden your reach.

Effective SEO will also make your site fast and easy to use.

What swings the pendulum towards SEO even more is that Google follows a system known as Quality Score.

If Google finds that people click and then disappear due to a less than great experience, you’ll have to pay more per click.

To conclude, in case you want to attract traffic quickly, start with search engine marketing, but work on your SEO simultaneously.

Generate a lasting and guaranteed online business with effective SEO!

Don’t rely solely on paid traffic!

Chicken Laksha Recipe

Here is a hot and spicy noodle soup, which is great since in a cup of flour it makes it special. It is widely served in five-star hotels around the world. It is served as a starter.

Ingredients needed for this recipe:

Chicken breast, cut into strips 500 grams, 1 inch ginger, 3-4 garlic cloves, 4 shallots, lemongrass stem, chopped 1 inch in two, sesame oil (to oil) 3 tablespoons, 3 cups broth chicken, fresh red chillies, seeded and 2 sliced, 1 tsp curry powder, salt to taste 100g snow peas, black pepper powder to taste, lemon juice, 1 tbsp coconut milk 1/2 cup cooked noodles 1 cup sliced ​​scallions 2 -3, cucumber, sliced ​​1 medium, fresh cilantro, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint leaves, 1 tablespoon chopped lemon juice, 2 halves.

Preparation Method for Chicken Laksha Recipe

Grind the ginger, garlic, shallots and lemongrass paste. Heat with two tablespoons of sesame oil in a large skillet or wok and fry the chicken over high heat until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper.

Heat the remaining oil in the same pan, add the ground pasta and fry until fragrant. Add chicken broth, red pepper slices, and stir.

Add peas and curry powder, salt and pepper powder and mix again.

Mix the lemon juice and coconut milk and bring to a boil. To serve, place the cooked pasta in individual bowls and add the chicken, scallions, cucumber, chopped fresh cilantro and mint.

For a hot soup, place half a lemon on the edge of the bowl and serve immediately.

Preparation tips for this recipe:

1. Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

2. Servings: 4 people

3. Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

Manage and end chronic pain and combat hunger pangs at the same time

How do you cut back on your intake and reduce portion sizes? Especially when you’re always hungry? It seems impossible. It’s possible. Learning what foods your body needs will alleviate your hunger issues, as well as your overall girth. Staying flexible will be an added benefit, as well as curing any digestive problems you may have.

Learning which foods will keep you from always being hungry and eating the foods that feed your nutritional blanks will help fill you up. Feeling confident that you are supporting your body with the nutrition it needs, you can continue to age with confidence.

As we age, we will lose muscle mass, even when we exercise. Reducing food intake and consuming less protein will help prevent the colon from becoming affected and causing pain. This means cutting out all unnecessary processed foods and white foods like bread, pasta, crackers, snack foods, and white flour, white rice, and white potatoes. This prevents us from eating more protein for balance. Balance for Everyone means finding the most efficient fat-burning ratio of protein to low-glycemic, high-fiber carbs to fat.

Learning how much your body can eat will help you lose excess body fat. You will feel better and you will look better too. Eating high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates—not the crackers, breads, and noodles—will give your body the energy it needs to help you lose excess body fat.

Also, finding the best proteins will make your digestion work smoothly. Grass-fed varieties will also support your aging body with more nutrients. Have the energy to do the things you love.

As you move from middle age to old age, you may find that you are not as hungry and can choose when to eat. She can always know what to eat next if she knows the last food she ate. If it was protein and you’re still hungry, you’ll find that the high-fiber, low-glycemic carbs will help you feel full. There are my friends that I have helped, and the Facebook group also recommends eating protein with vegetables and a little fat. Also, eating protein with vegetables will help prevent kidney stones.

Avoiding foods to avoid will also help prevent kidney stones. Learning what foods your body needs will do many things for you at once. It will give your body the nutrients it needs. Give you the energy you may be lacking and solve your IBS problems at the same time.

Change makes the body happy at times and not so happy at times. Sticking to the process will help you find your best health through a step-by-step process.

As an example, here are the changes I made for breakfast during the menopausal transition: A comment on a Facebook page: Actually, yogurt is an item to avoid on the computer-generated list of genotypes, however, work in the process and try everything… EVERYTHING so you don’t go hungry. I tried eggs and was hungry so I added a Clif bar. This worked for a short time. I tried yogurt with sugar and oats, and quinoa with steel-cut oats and rolled oats, and I wasn’t feeling well. (So ​​the sugar was giving me excess gas.) I tried the eggs with kale as an omelet and still wasn’t satisfied. So… I tried processed amaranth flakes and Cheerios and fruit, with almond milk and this worked for a period of time. (Fruit sugars are fine for some) Then I had to add more protein, so since eggs don’t work, I tried thick Greek yogurt, and it’s working for now. My goal was to be able to last 4 hours. And being able to poop daily. And twice a day.

It didn’t hurt to find the nutrients my body needed and not be constipated. Too much digested food caused bread.

Finding your best foods can be a process. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things or combinations. The oatmeal quinoa breakfast recipe is found in wheat alternatives with bread video.

Full of Beans in Wallace Creek ((Adolescence) (1965, Chapter Fifteen, Summer 1965))

Full of Beans in Wallace Creek

((Adolescence) (1965))

Trailer: In the spring of 1965, Wallace Creek was full of mud and fresh cool water, due to melt from a cold winter, when summer came the creek was flowing almost like the river it connected to, it was high; sun liked winter plantation hearth fire making for a great summer getaway by the creek. The bees were buzzing, the birds were singing, and the dogs were barking, and there was a warm wind that was swirling its way, through and around the thin branches of the trees, loosening the leaves attached to those thin branches, and they broke free and fell. drunk. on the floor; Cassandra was eleven years old and looked thirteen, if not older and developing; Langdon, he was fourteen years old and as handsome as any Hollywood movie star.

Those summers before 1965 were happy summers for the most part, and this summer for Cassandra and Langdon would be no less, with some surprises, but the last. As usual, he came to visit Abernathy Plantation for three months, sometimes staying the full three months, sometimes less, and Caroline and Langdon stayed a summer or two at Hightower House in New Orleans. They had the whole system and it took the boredom out of life, although Caroline only stayed for a few weeks and left Langdon in Betty Hightower’s care, and likewise Betty left Cassandra in Caroline’s care on her plantation, outside. from Fayetteville, North Carolina, after a few weeks and they were gone, and they would have a break from the kids, and the kids would have a break from their parents. And Langdon and Cassandra grew up together, in harmony, with a relative almost their age.

At eleven, she was quite developed, which Langdon would find out this year when they went skinny dipping in the creek. Her body was smooth and hard, with a flat stomach, and Langdon had an iron stomach to match, and once they changed into their bathing suits at Wallace Creek on Wallace’s property, it was time to show and tell. . They both swam together near the river that the creek connected to, it was deeper there, and Cassandra liked to watch Langdon when he floated on his back, she wasn’t shy by any means and even asked him to, and neither was Langdon, at all. case. both of them were a bit surprised by the development of their bodies. They peeked at each other, checking each other’s limbs and movement, and the upright way Cassandra now walked (just eighteen months earlier, Cassandra had asked her mother for a bra, but was told flatly, ‘not yet! ‘not until she got something to wear, and it was a sad day to say the least, but twelve months later, she had her first bra, and something to wear, and now there was so much more to put on it, even though her mother had for the moment, he stopped paying attention, but Cassandra didn’t, and Langdon, now eighteen months later, was able to verify that he would need a new one soon.)

This summer, they both swam almost every day, and they no longer sought the deep, deep water near the river, any place would do to get wet, and they lay half naked, and sometimes a little more than half; they lay down next to each other and fell asleep on a blanket. It was perhaps the best of their growing years, the best summer they would ever remember, the calmest without a doubt, without problems without the slightest worry, in fact, if you had asked them about growing up, I’m sure they wouldn’t. I didn’t want this summer, they liked it the way it was. But the Wallace brothers saw them swimming and sleeping by the creek, they were on Wallace’s land and they created some rumors, gossip ranging from Wallace Plantation, to Stanley Plantation, to Cole and Caroline Abernathy, and even to Betty Hightower. in New Orleans. Apart from the exploration, nothing had really happened, that is, nothing had really happened between the two cousins. The closest one can get to Adam and Eve, in sheer innocence, before they ate the apple, Cassandra and Langdon did. But Cassandra’s childhood had ended this summer, and she knew it, she was blossoming, and Langdon knew it, I guess.

Minnie Mae, Frank and Wally’s cook, met Cassandra and Langdon by the creek one afternoon, told them that the two brothers had aroused suspicion among the plantations, and even called Cassandra’s mother in New Orleans and told her they were sleeping together. half naked on a blanket by his stream; if it had been a year ago, it wouldn’t have been suspicious news, it wouldn’t have mattered, but this year was different. So Betty Hightower told her daughter over the phone, “This is the last summer you’ll spend on the Abernathy plantation, without her gift,” and she was final on that subject.

Betty was wise enough not to blame anyone in particular, for fear of starting a family feud, and she did not point a finger in any direction, in fact, she said very little on the subject, although one thing she did say to Caroline was: “I think the children, they are not children anymore, they are adolescents, young people who are changing, and up to now their lives have been uninterrupted, but with unknown factors and uncontrolled hormones, I think I have to give Cassandra a little more personal attention, so if we visit each other, we’ll do it together, if you don’t mind.”

It promoted a noticeably cooler relationship between the two families and, to be honest, it was the last summer that they, Langdon and Cassandra, really enjoyed without interruption in their entire lives.

Break the bondage of addiction

Addictions today have become more common than we dare to admit. Many types of addictions have become socially acceptable in these times of moral and spiritual bankruptcy. Good things when misused can become addictions.

What is addiction?

It is the dependence on a certain substance or behavior that is impossible to break without timely intervention. It destroys the person, demoralizes the family and all associated with it.

Society has a general tendency to consider different types of substance abuse as addiction, ignoring certain patterns of behavior that are equally addictive. Food, shopping, gambling, work, or sex can become behavioral addictions, creating problems that are just as destructive as substance abuse.

• Workaholics would be surprised to be told that work has become their addiction. They believe that hectic activity is good for mental health and well-being. People want to carve out positions of power and honor through their professional achievements. What starts out as a worthy ambition soon turns into an addiction. Without work they feel weakened and depressed.

• Food becomes an emotional pacifier to satisfy longings, loneliness or low self-esteem. People eat when they are under stress. The act of digesting food turns off that part of the brain mechanism that makes you tense. The increase in serotonin when you take food makes you feel good. Those who live alone and are sad or depressed are vulnerable. One woman who was eating all the time said, “I miss my husband and my stomach doesn’t know the difference between hunger and love.” Frenzy eating is an addiction. It is a vicious circle. When a depressed person snacks, their blood sugar rises and they feel good. But the insulin shoots up in the blood and after a while, the blood sugar drops. So go back to feeling down and reach for a hot chocolate or cookie.

• Gambling: Lotteries, card games, number games, casino games, betting on races or even cricket matches and other sporting events can become addictive. Even losing money does not determine them. They believe that luck is just around the corner. The adrenaline rush overshadows the guilt over lost money and accumulated debt.

• Shopaholics are compulsive shoppers. Whenever they are angry or frustrated, they find relief in buying an expensive pair of shoes or dress, regardless of the money and time lost. It makes them get out of their moods.

• Relationships: Some people develop an overdependence on a particular person to make them feel complete or fulfilled. This can lead to harassing, threatening, or harming the very person they claim to love.

• Sexual addiction is when the need for sex becomes a compulsive obsession, be it marital, extramarital, or same-sex. 44% of sex addicts are ashamed of what they do, but they cannot help it and will not seek treatment. Fetishes, pornography, rape, frottage (groping women) exhibiting, are some of the ways they get their orgasm. This addiction is to the neurochemical changes that occur during sex. Sex addiction in women is becoming a major problem.

• Mood-altering chemicals such as cocaine, heroin, LSD, amphetamines, ketamine, and prescription drugs such as cough syrups, sedatives, and tranquilizers are habit-forming. Even caffeine (a cup of coffee contains 150mg of caffeine) is addictive. Drugs provide a sense of well-being and a false sense of power and control.

• Alcohol is a threat to modern civilization. With free availability, the younger age groups are getting hooked on alcohol. It is said that alcoholism shortens a person’s life by twelve years. It is a depressant that affects the central nervous system immediately. Without a doubt, it temporarily reduces tension and produces relaxation. But in the long run, it destroys a person mentally and physically.

• Smoking is a very difficult habit to break. It has harmful effects on the liver, the heart and is implicated in the cause of cancer.

All addictions, whether behavioral or chemical, are destructive. They gradually rob one of one’s willpower or self-control. With drugs and alcohol, the body becomes tolerant of small amounts. Therefore, larger amounts are needed. The drug mix increases potency, but also increases dangers. Health deteriorates. There is loss of control and inability to manage one’s own affairs. Even routine jobs are hard to do. The behavior becomes erratic.

Causes of addiction:

1. Friends or family members can present the impressionable young teen with a glass of beer or a cigarette. This may be the beginning of a love for these substances. Recently, the case of a five-year-old boy who drank brandy was reported. His parents started giving him brandy every day to prevent asthma attacks.

2. Having bad company. Peer pressure can be very persuasive.

3. Disorganized home environment where parents are poor role models. There is no love, warmth or appreciation for a sensitive child. The parents may fight frequently or there may be domestic violence.

4. Poor and unsafe neighborhoods where drunkenness, violence and abusive behavior is a way of life.

5. Lack of direction with no moral standards to live by. Young people can easily be swayed in wrong ways.

6. Exaltation of alcohol, drugs and vices through movies, television, advertising.

7. Easy availability of alcohol and drugs.

How to break the bondage of addiction:

• First admitting that one has a substance or behavior problem; that life is completely out of control; that there is loss of dignity.

• Seeking help from trained counselors or psychiatrists. They will help to get to the root of the problem – Injustice? Fear? Worthless? Anger? Life is not a bed of roses.

Everyone has problems, but one must learn to deal with them without the help of substances. It is important to be aware of your own vulnerabilities.

• The approach to alcohol and substance abuse is multidisciplinary. You need admission to a center that deals exclusively with these problems. Medical measures will include detoxification and treatment of withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological management will be through:

1. Individual counseling, through which you are psychologically conditioned to stay away from drugs or alcohol. Each member of your family must also cooperate with the addict’s treatment, through love, understanding and compassion.

2. Group therapy will help the addict realize that they are not alone and that there are others in a similar situation. Here there is mutual understanding, acceptance, sharing individual problems and sympathy.

3. Sociotherapy consists of teaching the addict effective methods of adaptation to normal life. You should not be left in a high-risk environment. Community enhancements such as recreation clubs, Alcoholics Anonymous, and job availability will be helpful.

Rehab can be a long, hard battle depending on whether the addiction is to a substance or to a behavior. It depends on the addict’s desire and determination to be cured, and on the support he receives from his loved ones. Relapses can occur. But there must be the will to start all over again. Sometimes it can be a lifelong struggle, especially with drug addicts and alcoholics. Therefore, it is important to find support groups.

Along with therapy, dependence on God is essential. A daily walk with God will strengthen a person enough to overcome life’s injustices and allay lurking fears.

The seeds of addiction are within all human beings. We need to periodically check ourselves in and see if there are things we have a hard time letting go of that have the potential to become addictive.

Natural Remedies for Cats With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease in cats is a common problem. It can be due to a number of factors, such as an accident, shock, old age, or bacterial and viral infections. Natural remedies for cats with kidney disease can treat the condition and will improve your cat’s quality of life.


Feed your cat a special kidney diet. Feed a protein-rich diet of human-grade raw meat plus smaller amounts of a variety of herbs, fruits, grains, and vegetables. A raw meat diet keeps blood urea nitrogen levels, a protein waste product excreted through the kidneys, low. Heat-treated animal protein, like that found in commercial foods, is harder to digest and creates more waste for the kidneys to deal with. Such a diet is more stressful on the kidneys and results in increased blood toxicity if the kidneys are not working properly. Crude protein, by comparison, digests more completely with less waste.

Change the diet gradually and be patient and persistent, especially if your cat is not used to eating raw meat. Feed him small but often meals to ease the load on the kidneys. A small amount of salt can be added to the morning meal to replace salt loss caused by imbalanced kidney function.

If your cat suffers from kidney failure, you should carefully monitor the acid content of the food. Honey is the most suitable sugar of those that can be treated by the kidneys, but do not give more than half a teaspoon a day. Dilute honey in spring water and add 1/3 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

herbal remedies

The best way to administer natural kidney remedies is to prepare a tisane (herbal tea). Useful herbs include parsley, shepherd’s purse, goldenrod, cleavers, yellow nettle, yarrow, horsetail, calendula, and nettle. To make an herbal tea, use a teaspoon of the required herbs and pour 150 ml of boiling water over them. Leave to infuse for one minute. For all kidney disorders, give four droppers, four times a day.

Parsley has a cleansing and tonic effect on the system, so offer your cat fresh chopped parsley. If he doesn’t accept it, prepare a parsley tea for him. Parsley herbal tea is so beneficial that it should be given in conjunction with all other treatments.

If there is blood in the urine, give an herbal tea of ​​shepherd’s purse and goldenrod. If your cat suffers from hard kidneys, make a herbal tea of ​​goldenrod, cleavers, yellow nettle and yarrow. Per liter of the solution add half a teaspoon of Swedish bitters. For kidney gravel, make barley water and give a dropper before each meal. For kidney failure due to accident or shock, give goldenrod, horsetail, yellow nettle, and St. John’s wort herbal tea.

Many forms of chronic kidney failure are the end result of infections or toxins that damage the kidneys. However, the typical form of chronic renal failure is the result of aging. Chronic kidney disorder can be treated with horsetail and yellow dead nettle herbal tea. This will help older cats with a sluggish liver. For acute kidney disease due to bacterial viral infection, use an herbal tea of ​​horsetail, calendula, nettle, and cleavers. This recipe will also benefit cats with kidney failure due to serious injury or major surgery.

The most important thing for a cat with kidney failure is to maintain adequate hydration. Offer plenty of cool water. If your cat is not a big water drinker, pour liquid over his food. The goal of this is to promote diuresis, that is, flushing the body with fluids to produce more urine and help flush out the buildup of waste products.

These natural remedies for cats with kidney disease have been shown to be effective. They are safe and will improve kidney function.

Is there Polywood in Hollywood?

Hollywood – home of the stars. And what story does it have? In 1853, the only man-made structure in the area was an adobe hut. Then, in 1886, during their honeymoon, HJ Whitley and his wife Gigi coined the name Hollywood. The following year HH Wilcox used it officially for the first time in a deed as the name of his 160-acre farm.

The community began to grow when, around the turn of the century, cinema began to take off. The first Los Angeles studio was established in 1909 and then in 1910 director DW Griffith made the first motion picture to be shot in Hollywood. It was a one-reel melodrama about the Mexican colonial era in California and it was called “In Old California.” In the 1920s, Hollywood became world famous as the center of movie making in the United States.

And soon fashion, romance, intrigue, and adventure became synonymous with movie-making. Then, like today, people were intrigued with the stars. Everyone wanted to know what they did, where they went, what they ate, and how they decorated their houses. And many people began to incorporate the romantic themes of Hollywood movies into their own decor.

One of the most timeless furniture style statements to emerge from that era, the chaise longue is enjoying a resurgence in the 21st century. Loungers were first associated with Hollywood casting couches in the 1920s. And some people, in their minds, still see images of Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo lounging on them.

Traditionally made of wood and fabric, the lounger has evolved. Now there are not only bedroom loungers, there are outdoor loungers and lounger sofas. And on top of that, many are no longer made of wood. They are also built with polywood, a product made from recycled plastic packaging.

It seems like just about everyone is going green these days, so it’s no surprise these recycled milk jugs are taking Hollywood by storm. Polywood is pretty amazing. Although it looks like wood, it is actually a non-porous material that never needs to be painted, stained, waterproofed, scratched or coated. It will not crack, rot, splinter, warp or absorb moisture. To keep it clean you just have to add a little soap and water and it will shine like new.

You would be surprised how many actors, singers, dancers, directors and producers have polywood furniture in their homes and gardens. There was a rather risqué party recently, she may have read about it in the tabloids, where the entire garden was decked out in polywood Adirondack chairs and Adirondack furniture. And, if she had snuck into the bedroom, she would have seen a polywood chaise facing the king-size bed.

Yes, there is polywood in Hollywood. You can easily find a wide range of polywood pieces to enjoy in your home on the internet.

10 good and bad features of the new Tecno Camon X Pro

For those who rushed to grab the Tecno Camon X upon its release, a number of things may be on their minds right now. More storage space? A higher resolution screen and aspect ratio? These and many more come with the phone that was launched in 2018 along with the Tecno Camon X, Yes! I’m talking about the Tecno Camon X Pro.

This phone hit the stores at the same time as the Tecno Camon X, which is a lower variant and is worthy of being called the “deal breaker” as it boasts even more upgrades than the Camon X.

The Camon X Pro, a sequel to the Camon CX, comes in Bordeaux Red and Midnight Black, houses Face ID, 1080 x 2160 pixel display, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory (ROM) and many others is what I call Tecno’s best smartphone on the market.

In this review I would highlight 10 novelties of the Tecno Camon X Pro and the setbacks, those functions that we hate.

Screen Tecno Camon X Pro

  1. Camon X Pro comes with a 6.0-inch IPS screen with Gorilla Glass 4. A screen built to withstand, which is not lacking in the display, since it has an aspect ratio of 18.9 and a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. . HD graphics! A big step forward for gamers and movie lovers.
  2. Sunlight readability with brightness level up to 500 nits. Which means you can enjoy interaction with your phone screen, in sunlight, in the dark, at any time of the day.

Tecno Camon X Pro Camera

  1. A mind-blowing 24-megapixel front-facing camera with f/20 aperture and dual LEDs has HDR capabilities and AI beauty; where installed algorithms get to work to beautify your images.
  2. A rear camera with a 16-megapixel sensor and an f/20 aperture that guarantees great photos as it has a faster focus than its predecessors. Capable of delivering quality photos in good and even bad lighting conditions with its four-LED flash.

Note: However, I’d like to point out that the Camon X Pro doesn’t have a really great camera, I mean it’s perfect for low light, as much as we’d expect. The front camera isn’t as good as the Camon CX, and I wouldn’t have done the upgrade if the camera was my thing.

I was hoping that with the huge 24 MP front camera we would get something excellent, but what we got was far below par. It’s even worse when you’re trying to take pictures at night. So here is my HONEST take on the camera, I hope you can make an informed decision after reading this.

Tecno Camon X Pro Hardware

  1. Inside the Camon X Pro is MediaTek’s system on a chip; Helio P23 octa-core, which is more powerful than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 430. A processor that is based on a 64-bit architecture that gathers eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores that has an integrated MP3 Mali-G71 graphics processor that runs at 770 MHz.
  2. More speed and more storage for hoarders; The Camon X Pro features 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory (ROM) with an SD card slot, plus expandable storage space.
  3. On the back of the phone is the Camon X Pros fingerprint sensor, which is much faster than the one on the Phantom 8. This more accurate fingerprint sensor is built in a way that allows for better finger placement.

Tecno Camon X Pro Software

  1. The new Android Oreo 8.1 layered HiOS V3.3 keeps the Camon X Pro in sync with all other smartphones running Android OS, and it doesn’t seem to be getting old anytime soon as you can upgrade to the next OS version when that comes around. moment. .
  2. The Camon X Pro takes security one step further with Face ID. By taking a detailed map of your face, Face ID is much faster compared to Iris scanner, giving you the option to unlock the phone just by looking at the Camon X Pro’s front camera.

Tecno Camon X Pro Drums

  1. Its battery, with a capacity of 3750 mAh, would keep your phone awake with 4-5 hours of screen time.

Just as there are a number of notable things to expect in the Camon X Pro, here are a number of things to you can not like:

  • With the mid-range Adreno GPUs built on Qualcomm chips, be sure to expect some hiccups while gaming due to its graphics chip.
  • Some apps found in HiOS really could have been removed, they just sit there redundant. I mean, who needs an app for something you can access in the settings menu?
  • Without optical image stabilization (OIS) and professional mode, the camera doesn’t seem as limitless as you might expect.

our verdict

The Tecno Camon X Pro, Tecno’s best Camon to date, boasting non-stop performance, decent battery life and plenty of camera power – the main feature the Camon series is known for. This is a phone you won’t want to replace anytime soon, hopefully until Tecno releases another. Not a disappointment, but rather a statement of maturity from Chinese OEMs.

7 secrets of a sustainable diet

1. Use the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Silly. The idea of ​​simplicity when it comes to losing weight can surprise us because we get lost in the drama of our diet history. The rules, restrictions, and limitations of a crash diet abound when faced with those extra 20 pounds and desperate to lose them. And I understand reacting in crisis mode having been there one too many times.

But there’s a mindset worth fostering that will help you every day, crisis or not, make simple changes that require almost no effort but benefit the bottom line—your weight. After all, weight gain boils down to one simple idea. More calories than necessary, the excess is stored as fat. There is nothing more complicated than that, and yet many women forget or overlook applying the idea of ​​kissing in their daily lives, especially when it comes to eating.

What are some ways you can use the kiss as a guide? reduce consumption, lose weight and rethink how you eat and manage your diet?

2. Try to apply flexibility, be open to creativity, and be willing to trade high-impact foods and beverages for lighter substitutes that you can create yourself. When you decide to eat something high-impact, hold on for a moment and ask yourself how you can tone it down, maybe substitute it, or leave something out so you can control your own story. Keep in mind that any action you take to improve a result is proactive and sharpens your awareness. There are many opportunities every day to apply Kiss. For example:

3. In coffee, Frappuccino’s, Caffe Mocha, Latte’s, Smoothies, Alfredo’s, switch to nonfat milk without whipping cream. Get just one pump of the flavored syrup, or ideally, switch to the sugar-free syrup. Instead of all these high-impact drinks distracting from the sheer pleasure of great-tasting coffee, why not go back to basics and add your own signature flair? Try a double espresso layered with fat-free foam to the top. Sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on top of the froth, some low-fat or fat-free milk, mix and voila, a delicious low-calorie frothy drink without a big impact. Experience and enjoy how great the pure taste of coffee is when it’s not buried under other things.

By the way, cinnamon helps the body regulate sugar intake. Helps prevent sugar spikes by moderating the release of sugar into the blood. That’s not a license to overload on sweets, it’s just a tip to know and use to help moderate sugar absorption.

4. In Beverages: Replace high-sugar sodas, shakes, and juices with sparkling water or lemon water. Lemon naturally balances the Ph levels of the body. Try soda, preferably unsalted or sodium-free, mineral water, hot or iced tea with a sprig of mint or cinnamon stick, freshly squeezed carrot, or freshly squeezed orange juice. Sugar-free Kool-Aid or sugar-free Lemon-Aid will work.

Important point about sugar: it is in almost everything. Read food labels and be aware of where and how the foods you buy and eat affect your health and weight. Sodas and large sodas overload your body with empty calories, carbohydrates, and sugar and because sodas are high in phosphorus, they tend to lower calcium levels, which weakens your bones, a big red flag for women. women, especially those over 40 years of age.

5. Fast Food: You can still order a fun meal just with a little lighter impact. Here are some calorie-saving tips at some of the more well-known chains.

KFC – replaces fried, crispy, and extra-crispy chicken with grilled chicken. Grilled is delicious and saves calories, fat, and sodium. Chicken Meal with Corn, Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy with Biscuit is just as delicious grilled with the gravy skimmed off the potatoes. You won’t even notice it and every little bit of calories saved helps. This includes not using butter on the corn or cracker. You don’t need it as KFC has the sweetest and best corn by itself and their plain pound cake is outstanding. These are simple adjustments you can make that don’t affect the way you experience your food…it still tastes great and is fun to eat with slightly less impact on your bottom line, calories in.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s. Big Mac or double cheeseburgers, steak with bacon and cheese, or chicken combos can be enjoyed without the bun. Whoops, am I kidding? No. Remember you’re being flexible, so ask for a knife and fork, toss the bread, and be amazed at how easy it is to do. Or if that’s not imaginable right now for you, how about a compromise? Eat it with an open face. Mix half of bread, top half. Truly satisfying with fewer carbs, calories, and sodium. Substitute a side salad for the fries or donate half your order of fries to the trash if you can’t resist them without feeling deprived.

Wendy’s: Instead of fries, buy a baked potato and cover it with some ketchup and eat it with a spoon. You will hardly notice that the “fried” is missing in the flavor of all the potatoes.

Remember the drill at any restaurant, fast food, or home–grilled, baked, or broiled instead of fried.

5.Sweets. Swap out high-sugar desserts for a fresh fruit salad or fruit-topped angel food cake. You save calories and sugar and give your body the natural fiber of fruits. Plain yogurt, cinnamon, raisins, and sliced ​​banana works in any combo, or vanilla yogurt over angel food cake with fruit.

The amount of sugar in food today is unbelievable and you will start to appreciate it the more you pay attention to food labels. The equation to remember is that 4 grams of sugar equals one teaspoon of sugar. For example, a 12 oz. can of soda has 39 grams of sugar or almost 10 teaspoons of sugar in one can. Wild Cherry soda has 42 grams or 10.5 teaspoons of sugar per can. Shakes start at 30 grams and better sit down for this one, all specialty coffees and drinks in Venti whipless sizes range from 71 to 82 grams of sugar and the Venti Green Tea Frappuccino whipless weighs 86 grams. That’s crazy? Think and visualize 23 teaspoons of sugar before you indulge.

6. Flavor Enhancements – Ask for sandwich dressings, specialty sauces, mayonnaise, barbecue, salad dressings, honey, butter, syrups, sauces, cheese and cream sauces of any name, including Alfredo on fettuccine, Benedict sauce on eggs, such as Garrison . Do you think fast food restaurants or chains have a clue or even care if they have added hundreds of amounts of high fat, high cholesterol, sugar, calories and sodium to your food? Nope.

These sauces etc. they are big on flavor and a little goes a long way. Put it in the food yourself, lightly, and be in control. Try it. The point is to help you cut calories by doing little things that really matter and are easy to do. It’s not a big sacrifice to do anything on this list, is it? Small improvements each day add up to big rewards. Little things matter, because they affect and change results over time.

These are small steps that you can take every day. Add a few of your own when you remember you don’t have to do without them, you just have to do it smarter. Try it. If you’d like more information on tips and tricks for dieting smarter, not harder, visit my Diet-Bailout website and sign up for a free 17-page chapter of my eBook that will change your life and your weight.

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Three Light, Simple and Easy Leftover Turkey Meals

If you’re like me, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, every year, is a blur. It seems there is never enough time to prepare for the holidays. Our immune system plummets and stress increases. During this time, I try to find shortcuts to make things less stressful for me. Leftover turkey is a mandatory part of this strategy. Even if the family dinner is not at my house, I buy a turkey. During the holiday season, it is very inexpensive and a life saver.

Here are three light, simple, and easy ways to use up leftover turkey:

1 Turkey Quesadillas. Drizzle a whole wheat flour tortilla with Butter Pam. Place in skillet and sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese, chopped turkey chunks, and sliced ​​green onion. Place another tortilla on top and drizzle with Pam Butter. Brown on both sides until cheese melts. You can add some chopped olives or jalapeno peppers if you like. Serve with sauce.

2 Spinach and Turkey Salad. Mix together: chopped turkey, bacon-flavored almonds, dried cranberries, and fresh spinach. Serve with your favorite vinaigrette or honey mustard salad dressing.

3 Turkey Soup. I cook the turkey carcass the weekend after Thanksgiving. You can make this or use canned chicken broth, ground turkey, and a bag of your favorite frozen vegetables. Pour everything into a skillet and heat until the vegetables are crisp-tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with good wholemeal bread.

While I still love hot open-faced turkey sandwiches and all the Thanksgiving leftovers, these quick and easy meals provide a break in more ways than one. We are constantly bombarded with food and treats during this time of year. It is good to alternate light dinners with copious meals. All of these dinners can be prepared in thirty minutes or less. When we get home, after work or shopping or usually both, a light meal that requires almost no effort is a welcome relief. Having a light meal, once or twice a week, also helps keep the calories from skyrocketing. So take a breather during the busiest time of the year. Your mind and body will thank you.