Coming Soon: $ 30 Billion in New Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas has been referred to as one of the modern wonders of the world, and for good reason. Gone are the days when Las Vegas was a cheesy, seedy place filled with casinos and endless Elvis memorabilia. Today, Las Vegas is an ultra-modern party city that is fast becoming luxurious, with more attractions per square mile than anywhere else in the world, and hotels and casinos that simply take your breath away.

Even more remarkable is the scale of the remodel that is taking place within 3.5 miles of the Las Vegas Strip. More than $ 30 billion is being injected into developing new mega hotels that make existing ones look like sheds. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, go now for a glimpse of 20th century Vegas before the 21st century arrives.

The birth of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, as we know it today, has its roots in 1941, when El Rancho, the first hotel-casino on the Strip, opened its doors. The success of El Rancho spurred the first construction boom on the Strip in the late 1940s and early 1950s, with the construction of legendary casinos such as Flamingo, Desert Inn, The Sands, The Tropicana and The Stardust. all hastily built to capitalize on the huge profits gambling brought to the city. Needless to say, these early casinos were owned by the mob, and Vegas really earned its reputation as the City of Sin.

The 1960s: Howard Hughes and the end of the mob

The presence of the mob in Las Vegas declined with the arrival of Howard Hughes in 1966, who, over the next four years, bought out many of the mobsters. First the Desert Inn, then the Sands and the Frontier, plus several smaller casinos, all became the property of Hughes. His presence in the city encouraged other legitimate entrepreneurs to follow suit and also invest in the city. The most prominent was billionaire Kirk Kirkorian, who built the International (now the Las Vegas Hilton) in 1968, followed by the MGM Grand in 1973. Hughes furiously competed with Kirkorian and built the Landmark Hotel, a 346-foot monstrosity that took ten years to build. complete. build, it never made any money, but it was taller than Kirkorian’s International Hotel, which was everything Hughes was after.

The 1990s: the rise of mega-resorts

However, after the opening of the MGM Grand, construction on the strip stalled. It wasn’t until 1986 that work began on the next great new hotel. The Mirage, a $ 630 million hotel and casino built by Steve Wynn, was a big gamble as he had to make $ 1 million a day just to pay off the debt incurred to build it. However, its opening in 1989 brought great success and helped usher in the next big wave of construction in the city: the rise of Mega-Resorts.

In 1990, Circus Circus Enterprises built the 3,991-room camelot-themed Excalibur hotel on the South Strip for $ 290 million. At the time, the Excalibur was the largest hotel in the world, but this record would not last long. Just three years later, Kirk Kirkorian, who had sold his existing MGM Grand (later renamed Bally’s), built another MGM Grand across from Excalibur with more than 5,000 rooms.

1993, the opening year of the new MGM Grand, was a watershed year for Las Vegas. The Dunes Hotel collapsed, Steve Wynn’s new 2,885-room Treasure Island Hotel opened, and Circus Circus Enterprises (now called Mandalay Resort Group) opened the new 4,407-room Luxor Hotel, designed as a gigantic black hollow pyramid. The era of the themed mega-resort had really arrived in Las Vegas, as these hotels were followed by Stratosphere, New York New York, Paris, and The Venetian, which opened in the 1990s.

However, it was not just themed resorts that were opening. Las Vegas was also turning upscale, with more upscale and non-themed hotels, such as Mandalay Bay and Bellagio, also opening during this period. At $ 1.7 billion, Wynn’s The Bellagio was the most expensive hotel ever built in Las Vegas and set the standard for the next construction boom that would begin in the early 2000s.

However, all this construction had come at a cost to old Las Vegas. The Sands was demolished to make way for The Venetian, The Dunes gave way to The Bellagio, while Landmark, Hughes’s failed attempt to beat Kirkorian, was demolished to become a parking lot for the Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas was never sentimental!

Coming Soon: $ 30 Billion in New Las Vegas Hotels

The five years from 2000 to 2005 saw another brief pause in construction. However, this came to an end in 2005, with the opening of the new Wynn Las Vegas, a $ 2.7 billion luxury hotel with 2,716 rooms. The Wynn was built on the site of the old Desert Inn, which Wynn had demolished in 2001, just four years after a $ 200 million renovation and expansion of the old hotel.

The Wynn follows in the footsteps of the Bellagio by being a high quality luxury hotel. Its success has helped trigger the biggest construction boom Las Vegas has ever seen, with the last of the old hotels falling like dominoes and new, super-luxurious, multi-billion dollar hotels taking their place. Las Vegas is transforming like no other city in the world.

In the two years since the Wynn first opened, five new mega-hotels have begun construction, each of which makes the Wynn seem cheap in comparison. Between 2007 and 2010, the following mega-resorts will open:

  • The Encore at Wynn, a 2,054-room $ 1.74 billion sister hotel to the Wynn that will soar to 653 feet
  • The palazzo, a $ 1.8 billion, 3,025-room hotel that will be a sister hotel to The Venetian. With more than 7,000 rooms between them, the new Venetian / Palazzo complex will become the largest hotel in the world.
  • Echelon Place, a $ 4 billion hotel, casino and condo complex, currently being built on the ashes of the old Stardust (which collapsed in early 2007)
  • Fontainebleau Las Vegas, a $ 3 billion hotel being built across from Circus Circus that will rise 63 stories high
  • City Center Project, a $ 7.7 billion hotel complex comprising more than 7,000 hotel rooms, located between New York New York and Monte Carlo.

These hotels are currently under construction and will open between early 2008 and 2010. However, they are by no means the end of the story. Hotels that are about to begin construction include The Plaza, a $ 5 billion hotel to be built on the New Frontier site, which will collapse later in 2007; and the Crown Las Vegas, a new hotel that will be built next to the Fontainebleau and that will rise to an incredible 1,888 feet. Additionally, MGM Mirage, the company behind Project CityCenter, plans to build another mega-resort of a similar scale north of Circus Circus, while Steve Wynn has plans to rebuild the golf course behind The Wynn, and turn it into, yes, in another multi-million dollar hotel!

In all, more than $ 30 billion is being injected into Las Vegas, making it the largest construction boom in the city’s already stellar history. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, go now for a glimpse of 20th century Vegas before the 21st century rushes in and transforms you forever.

Is your “Eatrogen” out of control?

I recently received a very encouraging email from a reader. He told me that he was experiencing symptoms attributed to his hormones. His complaints included fatigue, mood swings, low libido, insomnia, and weight gain. The email started out like many emails I receive, describing symptoms and various hormonal tests that had been done. But a single “typo” caught my eye:

“My estrogen skyrocketed and I gained almost 20 pounds. In two months.”

This reader certainly meant “estrogen,” but the resulting new word eatrogen, created from this typo, was probably more accurate. No, estrogen is not a real hormone, but it certainly makes me think about how the word “eat” was used in a hormonal context. “Eat-rogen” represents hunger hormones that stimulate your appetite, cravings, and make you want to eat.

What are hunger hormones?

Many hormones affect appetite, cravings, metabolism, and weight. It is well documented that traditional hormones such as thyroid hormone, insulin, cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen have an effect on weight. If a hormone becomes unbalanced, whether it is too high, too low, or just not working properly, weight gain can occur. But a host of newly discovered hunger hormones have perhaps even more powerful effects on appetite and weight.

In 1994, the hormone leptin was discovered. Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells that regulates appetite centers in a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus. Leptin is responsible for long-term appetite and weight control and helps regulate the “set point” of body weight. Leptin deficiency was first identified in a strain of obese mice and has subsequently been found in obese humans as well. However, most obese humans do not have leptin deficiency, but rather “leptin resistance”, which is a situation where leptin does not work properly.

Ghrelin is a newly discovered hormone produced by the stomach that simulates appetite. When you are hungry, it is because your ghrelin levels are increasing. Eating a satisfying meal reduces ghrelin (and appetite). Another hormone produced by the intestines, peptide YY (or PYY for short) has the opposite effect of ghrelin. These two gut hormones, with their opposite effects, are responsible for short-term appetite control (hour to hour and minute to minute).

Our hormone levels rise and fall according to many factors, the first of which is naturally the type of food we eat. To lose weight and keep it off permanently, hunger hormones must be controlled. It is not enough to eat healthy food. You have to eat in a way that your hunger hormones, your “estrogen” work with you, not against you.

I can show you how to protect and control your hunger hormones. You don’t have to be a victim of out-of-control hormones. Based on my work with thousands of patients, I have developed an eating and lifestyle plan that will help you control your hunger hormones so you can easily and permanently lose weight without feeling hungry or craving. I encourage you to learn more by reading my books.

Top Ten Reasons You Have Heartburn

Millions of people have heartburn or acid reflux, which is why antacid medications have been among the top sellers for more than a decade, raising tens of billions of dollars each year for pharmaceutical companies.

But what if heartburn had nothing to do with having too much acid in your stomach?

Instead, what if it had to do with a simple equation?

Too many “bad things” in your body, combined with not enough “good things”?

Well, it turns out that this is exactly the case and once you know how and why heartburn and acid reflux develop, you can start to do something about it.

Here are ten reasons why you may have these symptoms, along with some tips on how to alleviate them:

1. H. pylori infection: This bad bug curls up on the lining of your stomach, causing redness, swelling, and pain that feels like your chest is on fire. I had H. pylori between 2004 and 2007, but only found out when I did a stool test in the summer of 2007. My heartburn quickly disappeared when I treated H. pylori with herbs. Tip: Ask your doctor for a breath or stool test for H. pylori and get rid of it if necessary.

2. Cow’s milk has been shown to cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines in some people. Tip: switch to goat milk.

3. Gluten is a protein from wheat, rye, and barley. According to some experts, 80% of the population may be genetically prone to gluten intolerance, which causes inflammation in the gut that can feel like heartburn. Tip: follow a gluten-free diet.

4. Low stomach acid: Oddly enough, tests performed on about 2,000 patients by Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD. showed that heartburn occurred more often in people who had LOW levels of stomach acid, not high levels. Tip: Try hydrochloric acid supplements with meals under the supervision of a trained professional.

5. Candida overgrowth: Candida is a type of yeast that grows too large when good bacteria and stomach acid levels drop too low. It can grow too large in your mouth, throat, stomach, and intestine and can cause heartburn. Tip: Take a complete stool test to check for Candida overgrowth.

6. Hiatal Hernia: A hiatal hernia can cause heartburn and heartburn symptoms. Your doctor can check it. Tip: A good chiropractor or physical therapist can perform a manipulation to resolve the hernia (I have seen this done in patients who report complete resolution of their heartburn afterward).

7. Alcohol consumption: Alcohol can burn the stomach lining, causing pain and a burning sensation. Tip: Minimize alcohol consumption and only drink alcohol with food.

8. Parasite Infestations – There are dozens of parasites and bacteria that can overgrow in the gut and cause heartburn. A parasite, a tiny worm called Strongyloides, can burrow into the lining of the intestine like H. pylori bacteria, causing significant burns and discomfort. Tip: Take a comprehensive stool test for parasites.

9. Dehydration: If you don’t drink enough water, your stomach lining ends up looking like a dry desert. The protective mucus that is produced in goblet cells to protect the stomach lining breaks down, opening the stomach tissue to acid erosion. Tip: Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and drink gradually.

10. Eat spicy foods: As simple as it may sound, cutting back on spicy foods can really help reduce heartburn, and that’s my last tip for you.

Go ahead and try these tips, implementing the simple ones first: drink more water and avoid gluten and cow’s milk.

If that doesn’t work, move on to the other tips: Get tested for H. pylori, parasites, and Candida and find out what’s in your gut that shouldn’t be!

I hope this article has helped you.

Crystals – Black Tourmaline Protection Stone

Tourmaline is a unique crystalline form, sometimes opaque and other times translucent. You may be familiar with the many colors of tourmaline; blue, green, pink and black. Black tourmaline is also known as Schorl.

Known as the stone of protection, it will dissipate, reflect and help you dissolve the negative energy around you. It will also absorb any negative energy within you, helping you to dissolve internal, mental and emotional energy blocks.

There are so many changes, so many transitions occurring around us that it is important to surround yourself and your Auric energy field with protection that allows you to maintain your focus and sense of balance. Balance is being able to integrate or assimilate everything that is happening as you walk the path before you. Maintaining balance is essential to repel negativity.

Black tourmaline mainly resonates with the root chakra located at the base of the spine. The Root Chakra energy center helps draw energy from Mother Earth into the physical body, balancing the male and female energies and detoxifying all the energy centers of your Chakra.

It will create a shield, a shield of protective energy that will help you repel negatively charged energy that neutralizes the effects of the Psychic Attack. Psychic attack is defined as negative thoughts such as jealousy, anger and hatred directed towards you by others and by yourself.

* Association of the Angelic Kingdom: Archangel Michael, whose name means, He who is like God, will help you to cleanse all the negative and dirty energy around you and within you.
* Ascended Master: Lord Kuthumi will help you with wisdom, love and understanding. Understanding how releasing fear from within frees you from attracting negatively charged energy from others.
* Healing Properties: Grounds excess nervous energy, detoxifies energy, balances energy in and around you; releases stress and tension
* Vibrational frequency: dense energy frequency, integrating the energy of Mother Earth into the physical body for balance
* Spiritual properties: encourages faith and strength; Bases of spiritual energy

During times of stress, situations or uncomfortable experiences, Schorl will encourage you to have faith, find the inner strength to release fear of the unknown, release doubts and anger.

Put black tourmaline on your desk, near your front door, on your nightstand, or take it with you. As you become more aware of who you are and what you want, black tourmaline can become a trusted friend and ally during moments of transition from what is now behind you as you walk down the road before experiencing balance. within your energy centers, your mind. , emotional, physical and spiritual energy bodies.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: Reiki Distant Healing Symbol Explained

Reiki symbols are basically sacred healing symbols that help enhance the flow of universal life force energy. The main symbols of traditional Reiki are Cho Ku Rei or the power symbol, Sei He Ki or the mental and emotional symbol, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the distance healing symbol. These symbols that are given to a Reiki student during the advanced level of Reiki attunement are essentially imprinted on the mind and aura of the student and blend with the metaphysical energies they characterize. Therefore, whenever a Reiki practitioner thinks, draws or visualizes any of these symbols, they will immediately connect to the energies it symbolizes.

Meaning of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

Distance is not a barrier to Reiki, and this symbol, which means “having no present, past or future”, is essentially used for absent healing and to send Reiki energy through time and space.

Examples of uses of the distance healing symbol

Heal the past: Sending Reiki in the past helps heal “old wounds” that may be affecting you in the present. It will not change events, since things past cannot be changed; But sending Reiki into the past helps you rethink the experience as part of the learning process, and helps you heal the pain and move on with your life.

Improve future conditions: Using the distant healing symbol for the future helps to store Reiki energy as a battery that can be accessed the moment you need it. Sending Reiki ahead of time for medical appointments, interviews, exams, workshops, or trips will help you adjust to unforeseen circumstances in the future and keep an open and optimistic mindset.

To heal through time and space: The main use of the Reiki distance healing symbol is to send healing energy through a room, city, to different parts of your country or just anywhere in the world. To heal people who are not present. Otherwise, it is sometimes called the symbol of “absent healing”.

How to send distant healing using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

There are many ways to send Reiki and different Masters can use different techniques. Many professionals learn a technique, which they then modify and customize to suit their style. The steps below describe a technique that many people find effective.

Step 1: Activates the power symbol.

Step 2: Write the name of the recipient or the situation to which you are sending energy on a sheet of paper and hold the paper in your hands.

Step 3: Draw the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol in the air on the paper and repeat its name three times.

Step 4: Repeat the name of the recipient or the situation.

Step 5: Allow Reiki to flow into the receiver for the highest and greatest good.

Step 6: End the Reiki session by clapping or shaking vigorously to sever the connection.

An alternative form of distance healing is to use your photograph or use a proxy (a soft toy or any object) instead of writing your name on a piece of paper.

One of the greatest benefits of receiving Reiki energy through Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the fact that it allows you to receive positive energy anywhere and everywhere, and there is no need to spend time and energy going anywhere. It is also a perfect tool for all those who find it uncomfortable to receive a practical treatment.

Meet your spirit guide – Meet your friend in spirit

Spirit guides are entities assigned to watch over us while we are here.

We all have spirit guides. They are our friends and tutors, our teachers and classmates. Some of us (I speak for myself) really put them to the test, but whatever happens, they will always be there to love, support and protect you.

A spirit guide has lived a life on earth, and we may even have lived a life with him. They know us better than we know ourselves and help us throughout our lives to learn valuable life lessons.

Some people have only one guide, while others have many.

Your master spirit guide will be with you your entire life while others come and go depending on what is happening in your life and the lessons you are learning.

You can ask your spirit guide to introduce you. They can come to you in a dream, during meditation, or when you least expect it.

Don’t expect to see your guide.

Sometimes they will appear as a white mist, a feeling of heat or cold, or a ringing in the ears. It is different for everyone. You don’t have to be psychic or spiritual to connect with your guides.

I have several spirit guides, each very different from the other.

Kajeda is a Japanese woman who is very slim and is about 4 feet tall. 10 inches tall. He wears traditional Japanese clothing and wooden shoes and has black hair pulled back.

She came to me during a meditation. Kajeda is direct and direct in answering my questions.

Here is the response I received from Kajeda recently when I asked her a question.

Kajeda, what is your main purpose in my life?

“My purpose is to help you complete your goals. Without focusing you are like a leaf in the wind. You must focus on what is presented to you. Your life lessons are many, embrace them. I am here to help you.”

I have another guide named Big Bear who is Native American. I’ve never seen him, but he has a kind presence in him. Here is your message to me.

“I am here to nurture and comfort you in times of stress. My wisdom and clarity will lessen your thoughts of fear and help guide you on your way. I am here for you always.”

Theo is my master spirit guide. I see him as a white light and I have never seen his features. He is my main guide and I feel him around me all the time.

The O: “I am here as your soul friend and companion during your time here on earth. My role covers many areas, but my main role is to guide you to new destinations and to help you avoid anything that hinders your progress. Call me at a prompt moment.”

Then there is Annabelle. She is my guide to joy. We all have joy guides and they are generally younger souls. They are here to lift us up and rejoice our spirits when life gets too serious.

Lori: Annabelle, what is your purpose in my life?

Annalbelle: “Who else will make you laugh?”

If you want a sign from your spirit guide, just ask. They are as eager to communicate with you as you are with them.

For example, ask your guide for his name. You can hear it, see it in your mind, or perhaps see the same name in several different places. If you do, that is your answer.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get your name right away. Be patient and it will come to you. Discover many more exercises and tools to help you connect with spirit.

Friends with benefits

The lines between friends and lovers are often blurred when one or both people in the “relationship” don’t want to be in anything exclusive. They just want a quick and easy way to be physically intimate with someone they can look into again the next day. On the other hand, without fear of heartbreak, a friendly but sexual relationship can be beneficial for both people involved. It could be on a completely experimental basis or it could be on the basis of a long-term loot call; strictly for when either person is not involved in a relationship with anyone else. There are pros and cons of the friends with benefits situation that you may need to know before launching into that kind of “relationship.”

Pros: Despite what you may believe, an FWB situation is still a relationship of sorts and needs to be handled with care. Unfortunately, people who jump into being friends with benefits often forget to tell each other what they really want and end up hurting themselves. So what should you look for in a successful FWB relationship?

• Casual sex. After all, privacy comes first when it comes to FWB. Sex is usually very passionate and uninhibited because both parties have agreed to avoid anything more emotional than just sex. It’s the epitome of every booty call you’ve ever received because when your FWB rings, you’ll be the worst ending to an amazing, untethered sexual experience!

• There is always a comfort level that has been set for years or even months of being friends with someone. So, sometimes, it is easier to take that friendship to a more sensitive destination because you are used to touching this person and being close already. If you’ve been the best of friends so far, the pressure to impress each other is not as inflexible a feeling as it would be in a new romantic relationship. You are freer to be yourself because you have already shown this person exactly who you are and what it is about through an ordinary friendship.

Cons: The downside to an FWB relationship is common, but can be easily fixed if both people understand the limits of the situation. In a perfect world, you could have a safe and unattached sexual encounter with your friends without repercussions. However, we are far from living in such a perfect world, which is why FWB relationships are just as prone to failure as exclusive romantic relationships. What are the downsides of being in a FWB relationship?

• Over time, someone in the status of friends with benefits may begin to feel emotions that lead to stronger feelings for you; or vice versa. While being in love and being exclusive was not part of the agreement, it happens when you spend a lot of time with another person, especially in an intimately physical atmosphere. Sometimes you may be affected by emotions difficult to control for another person and this could not only ruin your FWB relationship, but also set your friendship back several points. Sex has the ability to change everything, and sometimes hurting yourself in a FWB relationship can be unavoidable.

• Jealousy! That’s right. Friends with benefits are not immune to the creeping green-eyed monster of their emotions. An FWB relationship usually comes with the idea that both people will stop having an intimate moment when either person becomes involved in a new romantic relationship. As with any friendship, this can cause jealousy when the other lover is neglected so that your friend can pursue a relationship that does not involve them.

Friends with benefits can be all that is said in the movies and in the media if you know what you are dealing with. If you have the potential to be in an untethered situation with a close friend, protect yourself and reach out before it goes too far.

What is life like on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for our deceased pets?

Have you ever wondered what life is like for your pets who have passed away on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge?

Many of you have heard of the Native American legend that when they die they go to the rainbow bridge and all the animals they have had a relationship with will be on the other side and they will decide whether or not they can enter.

Native Americans revered animals and whenever they killed one, they would always do a prayer ceremony and use every part of the animal to survive. Nothing was wasted and they often took the name or felt that the animal was part of them.

In today’s world, we love our animals for their sweet loving personalities and dedication. When one of our pets dies, a part of us goes with it. Although we do not see or experience life in spirit, as long as we have an animal in spirit, we will be connected to rainbow life in spirit.

Everything I talk about I have lived personally. So sometimes I give names to things that may not be what others call them, but again it comes from what I have seen or experienced. I learned several decades ago how to astral projection and I often immerse myself in spirit. I am going to visit and see my loved ones, humans and animals, and to visit the loved ones of my clients.

Everything I present here comes from my own experiences communicating with deceased pets, including my own, and from my travels to the spirit world.

Animals and our human loved ones reside in a space where they can interact with each other and at the same time are able to observe and visit us.

The best way to describe the other side “Heaven” or “the other side of the Rainbow Bridge” is to imagine it as a world without life or death.

All animals live in peace and harmony with each other. It is like the statement in the Bible about the lamb lying with the lion. There are no fights because there is a perfect peace. Their special guardian angels provide everything they need. They have their own special little places to be. They are not obligated to do anything other than enjoy their spiritual life. The vibration in the spiritual world is so intense that you see objects vibrating with colors beyond our dimension.

Your pet is there having a great time and young and healthy once again.

They visit you frequently and their love for you will never die. They know you love them and they see you cry and cry for them. When they really want you to see the wonderful place they are in. If you could see it through their eyes, you would cry with joy. Talk to your pet and ask him to show you where he is. You may see this in a dream, but trust that the spirit world allows you to see the beauty of life over the rainbow bridge.

While it may seem far away, it really does appear to be here, simply vibrating at a different frequency.

Many people have experienced being in this other world by dying and being able to return. There are countless experiences that have been documented through medical and other means.

Throughout my life, my closest relationships have been with animals. I was always able to communicate with them and they with me. As my spiritual gifts developed, I found that I was able to communicate with the deceased. I first began to communicate professionally with deceased human loved ones. Then I started communicating with the deceased pets and found that it was more natural and easier for me.

One of the first channelings I did for someone was for their rabbit that had passed away. I was amazed at how much the bunny communicated and how happy it made their human father to know that they were well cared for in the spirit world.

For the next several months I would connect with animals that had passed away. I discovered that living animals can also communicate telepathically.

Animals that have passed away can interact with our other animals that have passed away, as well as our human beings loved in spirit. It doesn’t matter if they never met in person.

Three years ago, my beloved cat Isis passed away and I accompanied her to the spirit and we stood at the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge. On the other side I could see my father holding my dog ​​Julia, whom he had loved so much. Isis had never met my father, but when she saw him she ran to him across the bridge and jumped onto his other arm. The three of them stayed on the other side of the bridge looking at me as if to say that we will be here when their time comes.

Animals that remain with us physically can see and interact with those that have passed away, yet they will still mourn the loss of physical presence even though they can connect with the spirit of deceased animals.

A dear friend of mine caused a cat of hers to pass away and she wanted to know if her other cats were still seeing it. I asked his cat Roscoe if he missed the other cat Frankie. Roscoe replied, “No, because I still see and talk to him.”

Some of the most common questions I am asked are the following:

Can my animals, who are still here, see my animals that have passed?

The answer is yes

Can my animal come back to me through reincarnation and spend another life with me?

Usually the answer is no, it seems that our previous loved ones want to stay in the spirit until we can join them. This allows everything to return to the starting point so that all parties involved can have closure. Animals are the pure essence of love and do not have a karmic debt to pay. They usually don’t return, and if they do, we may not connect with them. Many people will say that they are sure that their current pet is the reincarnation of the previous one. Usually, it is the deceased pet who communicates to the new pet what they remember and what we, their parents, like and know.

However, many times our past animals will influence the behavior of our new animals or those they left behind and it is possible that we pick up small fragments of their personality. In other words, it is possible for a new animal to channel the behaviors of a deceased animal.

I am often asked if animals that have passed away will be jealous of new animals brought into the home.

Not at all. What I hear is that your deceased animals are happy when you are happy, and they don’t want to deny another animal the joy of living with you. This is especially true with animals that were adopted from shelters and rescued from difficult situations.

Animals that have passed are capable of seeing, hearing and feeling whatever we go through.

I am often asked “Does my animal still hurt?” and when they leave the physical body behind, the spirit is free from pain. However, they may experience emotional pain when they see our unhappiness over their passing. The more at peace we are with their passing, the easier it will be for them to be around us in spirit.

Many people I speak to feel responsible for the death of their pet. This is not true. If you took your pet to the vet for health problems and the vet tells you that the pet needs surgery or some other treatment, you are choosing what is correct at the time. If your pet passes away during the procedure, you will not be angry or blame him because you acted in good faith and are doing what you thought was right to prolong his life. What is really important is what the intention was.

Sometimes people ask me if their move from the house the animal was familiar with will cause them to stay in the old house or if they will get lost trying to find their new home.

Once an animal passes, they are as mobile as they want and can cover great distances with little to no effort. Connecting with you in your new home is not a challenge for them. They will not be left behind in their old home.

Euthanasia is often difficult for the parents of a pet. Nobody wants to lose someone they love, but if your pet is hurting, the right thing to do is to let it enter the spirit. Don’t feel guilty if you have to put your animal to sleep. You have allowed them to be free again! They are their young people who are healthy in spirit and they will appreciate you sending them for free. Don’t feel guilty.

Life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge is beautiful and heavenly. It is part of heaven / spirit and there is no way your pet cannot be happy in this lovely environment. Remember they will be there to greet you when you pass. They will never forget you because you were the love of their life.

Bodybuilding as an aphrodisiac: how can weight lifting replace sexual enhancement drugs?

Since all the benefits of the sports mentioned above don’t seem to be very appealing to you, maybe this one can make a big difference. Bodybuilding is known as a sexual aphrodisiac for both men and women. Bodybuilding is a discipline exercise and, like most disciplines, exercise helps develop superpower.

Having sex is the best way to develop superpower. Exercising every day with different exercises, different combinations and different angles can make you build the most symmetrical and flawless bodies known in Greek mythology. Having sex in different positions and at different angles can make you the best lover for your girl. The more you have sex, the more control you will have and the more you will learn.

Any vigorous exercise stimulates the production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for your desire. Some sports, such as competitive soccer, restrict players from having sex before the game, because aggressiveness increases if the boys have not had sex for a while. This same aggressiveness is needed on the court. The level of testosterone in a man’s body increases after vigorous exercise. Testosterone is the most powerful naturally produced anabolic steroid. Hell, better than the illegal one the pros get and a lot cheaper. In reality, if there was a way to extract testosterone from your own body after exercise and conserve testosterone and re-inject when needed, the black market for this drug would eventually go bankrupt. Testosterone is produced primarily in the testes, but its peak production is influenced by increased blood flow due to strenuous exercise. So if your level of exercise isn’t enough to bring maximum blood flow to your genital area, well, gentlemen, it’s like you’re playing billiards on a string. Imagine that!

The superpower is not only found with your sexual prowess in bed. It also has to do with a high level of mental and physical well-being. Most men find it difficult to admit that they have an erection problem. In fact, it becomes a common problem when we see ads about it. Talk about having the guts to admit on TV that you can’t get an erection without the help of some medication. It’s becoming a bigger concern when 99% of your junk mail is about pills that can give you an erection for a decade, however be sure to go to the ER if it lasts longer than 4 hours.

The solution to avoiding the use of these miracle pills that will eventually make you dependent on them is to get in shape and stay in shape. Exercise, or should I say resistance training, is your best aphrodisiac. First, it is a great exercise to have sex. In one hour of intense sexual encounter, you can burn up to 400 calories, if you move in the right way. If you expect the woman to come up and lead you like a wild stallion, a big surprise awaits you. You have to be the one to move like the animal. When you start to feel the muscles in your arms, legs, back, and abdomen, you are getting the right exercise. In most sexual positions, these are the muscles that you will engage the most. So if they get flabby, well, your penis will go with it. So if you don’t have time to hit the gym and lift weights, try to stay in shape by doing exercises like pull-ups, closed push-ups, and sit-ups. Nor can cardiovascular fitness be neglected. If your cardio sucks, you will eventually have trouble in the area of ​​getting enough blood and getting the help you need to play through the night. Doing aerobic exercise 4-5 times a week can be beneficial to your sexual health, so make sure to take care of that when you go to the gym. If you put cardio aside, you will suffer from having sex, and when you start gasping for air with every beat, that will give a signal to your brain that you are exhausted and will eventually send another message to your artillery that says you need to rest, that it is exactly what your penis will do.

Eating can actually be a big part of erectile dysfunction, as it is correctly used in medical terminology. If you eat junk (includes fast food, junk food, candy, etc.), you will eventually feel it when it comes to maintaining an erection, or even trying to get one. A diet low in fat (as far as Atkins eyesight) and high in fiber will help cure any of your erection problems. Clean arteries are the solution to good health. Having low LDL (bad cholesterol) will greatly increase your stamina by having clean blood flow to the necessary places around the genital area, and the heart will not need to work harder to stiffen it up. Before putting a woman to bed, you should first drink and dine with her, which can be romantic. Earning too much can be detrimental, yes, it is fun and you feel more horny while drunk, but when the time comes to act, well, you will be playing pool again on the same string. Having eaten too much can also work against you at the most necessary moment. You will feel slow and heavy and you will not be willing to give up either. Be sure to avoid a dinner rich in garlic or beans. You will probably need to call the paramedics before entering the bedroom. Also, wearing an extra firestone tire around the waist isn’t really exciting for women, unless she has a fetish for having a 300-pound man of butter on top of her. Having a nice slim body is exciting for women and men feel safer carrying muscles than cubes of fat. So if my calculations are correct, with the current statistics of 62% of Americans who are overweight, we have about 31% of them as men, so the balance of fit women, who make up 19% of the population,. .. hmmmm, where am I going? with that? Regardless, there are more chances for women to end up with fat men.

It can be a bit strange to see a knocked out baby with a 400 pound man walking hand in hand. Either that 400-pound man owns a piece of Microsoft Corp, or the woman is doing some kind of experiment, like trying to win a bet with her friends. Either way, the boy can and will suffer that ordeal. After reading all this, all men wonder why the hell am I looking down on men here. It seems that men are the ones being insulted in this scenario. Well, you are right. It’s about how exercise can make you the woman you want, with the right body and self-confidence you need to perform properly. Women suffer from the same problems as men, they are overweight and suffer from low self-esteem. However, when it comes to sex, they don’t need an erection to act. You may be in the worst state of health imaginable, but you can still have sex.

Body image is one of the most important requirements when performing in the bedroom. It is like selling a product that you are representing. If you don’t believe in it, how can you sell it? So I guess we are all smart enough to make the analogy. You need to believe in yourself before someone can believe in you. You need to see yourself to look good before others can do the same. You can see, as I did, that some people are not the prettiest things to see, but these people can sell snow to Eskimos, and in hindsight they can have whoever they want. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to believe the kind of power they have, and the reason is that they see themselves as beautiful. If life didn’t give you the right genetics or the right body, you can still beat the odds by showing determination and desire to achieve small goals one by one so that you can eventually believe in yourself and you can too. everyone around you can do the same.

Divorce Recovery: A Revolutionary New Approach: Away With The Old, With The New (And Better)

When I got divorced, I was hopeless. My emotions were out of control. I would get super emotional in a heartbeat. I was afraid to go to work for fear of breaking down and embarrassing myself in front of my coworkers. Morbid memories of how life used to be were frequent.

My personal experience with using the traditional approach to divorce recovery

To “get over” my divorce, I did what friends and family suggested. I joined a divorce support group and started going to therapy. I stormed out. And I was hoping that if all else failed, the passage of time would make the pain go away.

After a few months it seemed to have worked. He was no longer governed by arbitrary and out of control emotions. I was no longer afraid to go to work every day, even though my performance was still behind my previous levels.

However, to my dismay, I realized that something was wrong. I still didn’t feel good. I felt like I was missing some important pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle.

Then I realized why I was uncomfortable. The future was terrifying to behold. And I couldn’t get the memories of the past to go away.

The future terrified me. I was afraid that I would never find true love again. I was afraid that if I ever remarried, it would end in divorce as well. He was afraid that he was destined to die alone and alone. He was afraid of not being able to survive financially. I was afraid that my old friends would reject me. I was afraid that my ex would turn my daughters against me.

Not only was the fear of the future making me miserable, but also the memories of things from the past that I had lost intruded into my daily life.

Memories haunted me. Memories of my past life hit me like a random electric shock reminding us of what I had lost. I had lost my dream of living “until death do us part” from my spouse (now ex-spouse). I had lost the wonderful routine of playing with my daughters when I came home from work every day. I had lost my previous standard of living. I had lost the stability of companionship with my partner. I had lost my plan to build the house of our dreams. I had lost all hope that my life would be happy again. He had lost the security and comfort of having a partner to spend his life with.

Trouble begins to dawn on me

Several years (and a second divorce) later, I began to put it all together: after the divorce, I had been successful in dealing with the Current problem at the time which was how to calm my feelings that had completely interrupted my daily life.

However, he had ignored the problems of the last and how the memories of my past life with my ex intruded into my daily life. Also, I had ignored my fear of future, and especially how to make sure I never end up in divorce court again.

I had turned to the traditional approach to divorce recovery for help, and found it incomplete.

The traditional approach to divorce recovery is incomplete and does not work very well

The traditional approach to divorce recovery treats divorce as the cause of emotional trauma that must be cured.

Focuses only on neutralizing the current feelings caused by divorce. Your only goal is not to have flashbacks or emotional breakdowns. The traditional approach is time consuming, usually measured in years, and has second and third marriage divorce rates of over 60%.

The traditional approach told me that recovery from divorce is just about ending upsetting feelings. Turns out there is more to it than that.

The new approach changes the way we think about divorce recovery

The New Approach to Divorce Recovery treats divorce as the cause of a traumatic problem. life transition that must be navigated and managed.

Consider neutralizing feelings of distress as just the first step in a multi-step process. The goal of the new approach is to bring you into your life after divorce, not only without the burden of feelings caused by the divorce, but also having the confidence that a new relationship will not end in divorce court again.

What are the steps of the new approach?

The traditional approach ignores the effects that the past and the future have on recovery from divorce. In contrast, the New Approach incorporates the past and the future and makes the past-present-future nature of the transition critical to recovery from divorce. The new approach consists of three steps:

Step 1: Stabilize and neutralize your Current reactions to your divorce.

Step 2: Dissolve your reluctance to release the last and accept your new life situation by dissolving resistance to change.

Step 3: Prepare for your future.

Recovery from divorce, I finally realized, is the psychological transition in which we adjust to the fact that we are no longer in a relationship with our ex, but are now single again. And dissolving resistance to change is the fundamental key to making that transition successful.