Binaural Beats and Holosync Explained

What is Holosync?

According to Centerpointe, Holosync is a form of neuroaudio technology that allows the listener to easily enter various desired states. Holosync works by sending two slightly different waves to each ear. The brain perceives a third wave that can take you to a dream state.

These different waves are uncomfortable to listen to. Holosync adds a soundtrack to these waves, making them more comfortable to listen to. This makes the beats indiscernible, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

What does Centerpointe claim?

Centerpointe claims that by using their product, you will live a healthier life, be more aware, and have more positive thoughts, leading to a more consistent and happy life. He also claims that by using his product he will become smarter.

That sounds too good to be true, is there a catch?

Yes, expect to pay a lot more for Holosync than for other cheaper binaural products out there. However, Centerpointe has the advantage of nearly 20 years on the market, with many satisfied customers around the world. Mr Harris is a protagonist of The Secret, all the protagonists of this film use this system to obtain more happy thoughts and therefore more abundance in their lives.

So… do I need to see The Secret to use this technology?

There is a connection between what the Law of Attraction states and Holosync. You do not need this technology to use the Law of Attraction, however meditation and specifically binaural beats can help you shift and improve your mindset to a more optimistic one. Remember that when meditating people try to come to a place of stillness.

Why should I trust this system?

Holosync has thousands of satisfied customers around the world. This program has helped many people to enhance their meditation and although their claims may sound like the program is a “magic bean”, people are very satisfied with their product. Because? Because they begin to change their vision of life to a more positive one, bringing good and abundance.

China Cement Industry Forecast for 2008 – 2010

China’s cement production is forecast to grow by 10% per year between 2008 and 2010. Due to the regulatory guidance to “remove old capacity before establishing capacity”, the growth of new cement production capacity could somehow way to decline in the coming years and could even lead to supply shortages in some regional markets at some point. General cement prices are expected to rise steadily, due to factors such as the supply and demand structure, higher coal and electricity costs. The organic growth of the cement industry should be able to generate satisfactory operating results in the coming years.

The Chinese government ordered the phase-out of 250 million tons of obsolete cement production capacity by 2010, so industry consolidation is expected to accelerate and industry market shares and profits to become even more concentrated. in solid companies. Therefore, there will be additional value created by acquisition opportunities as a result of industry consolidation.

Organic growth yielded satisfactory results

The progress of industrialization and urbanization in China should continue to expand the demand for cement products. Due to the domestic price increase of cement and the removal of export discounts for cement products in July 2007, China experienced a 10% decrease in cement exports in the second half of 2007 compared to the period previous comparable (pcp). The impact of the removal of export discounts has only been here for about half a year, so it will become clearer after the full year of 2008. Analysts forecast China’s net cement exports to remain at 40 million tons between 2008 and 2010. Taking both domestic and export demand for cement into account, China’s cement industry will see 10% annual growth in demand over the next three years.

On the other hand, cement supply growth may slow down in China. China’s cement industry is estimated to have completed US$7.2 billion worth of fixed asset investments in 2007. The industry’s investment growth in 2007, which was 7.78% higher than in 2006, was driven by factors including the change in the cement product mix, the accelerated phase-out of capacity, and the pressure of energy conservation and emissions reduction mandates.

Considering the “knock out before lay” regulatory arrangement on adding new capacity for dry-processed cement, the growth of dry-processed cement capacity in China is expected to grow by 10%, 9%, and 8 % between 2008 and 2010. The removal of old capacities may even create periodic supply shortages in some regional markets in the short term. But the balance between supply and demand should be restored by 2010, as the existing 250mt of obsolete capacity is phased out of the Chinese market.

Currently, 60% of the world cement market is concentrated in the hands of the top 50 cement manufacturers worldwide. However, the low concentration of China’s industry at the domestic level has become the main reason for market price volatility and low-end price competition, and such a low capacity size on average will also make it difficult for use of production at scale. Therefore, as a result of the elimination of obsolete capacity, investment in organic capacity and external acquisition, the concentration of China’s cement industry can be improved to 18.1% and 19.6% in 2008 and 2009. respectively.

Improved industry concentration can lead to scaling efficiency. On the one hand, as the barrier to entry increases and the size of locally produced cement production equipment increases, many large-scale cement production lines will be established, which could improve production efficiency. And the localization of cement equipment can also reduce fixed cost and break-even points for Chinese cement companies. On the other hand, the improvement in the concentration of the industry can also improve the bargaining power of the main cement producers vis-à-vis suppliers and customers, thus expanding the profit margins of the industry.

Industry Consolidation Reorganization Value

The Chinese cement market is a highly competitive market and cement is a commodity with consistent quality across the board. When staffing and technology levels are at a similar level, price competition will become the main method of competition. Therefore, the commercial nature of cement has determined that expansion of scale will be the driving force for cement manufacturers in order to achieve advantageous competitive positioning.

Take the example of Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd, the largest cement producer in China. The Chizhou, Anhui province-based cement company went from producing 2 million tons of cement clinker in 1996 to producing 59 million tons of clinker and 65 million tons of cement in 2006, through series mergers, acquisitions, and expansion of scale. Conch Cement has been the largest producer in China for 10 consecutive years, and is also the largest cement and clinker supplier in Asia and the fourth largest globally.

Mandatory removal of obsolete capacity can help to effectively improve industry concentration. The minimum scale threshold required by industry regulators could markedly improve unit capacity (of production lines), providing a technological basis for industry concentration. The mandate to phase out 250 million tons of obsolete cement capacity by 2010 will undoubtedly encourage industry consolidation, which in turn will accelerate industry concentration.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint specific targets, agreements and timing, the industry shakeup in the Chinese cement market can reasonably be expected to intensify in the near future. Major regional producers may strengthen their positions through mergers and acquisitions, and the Chinese cement industry will eventually be dominated by a few regional leaders. On the one hand, the strong cement producers will try to “unite” with the small and medium-sized players from the surrounding regions, with the aim of becoming regional leaders. On the other hand, multinational cement giants will establish their presence in selective market points in China, putting pressure on domestic cement producers to engage in more M&A activities to secure regional market shares. Since China’s cement industry still has a low degree of concentration, the synergistic benefits of industry consolidation could be quite noticeable in the 2008-2010 period. Therefore, industry consolidation can effectively contribute to the results of cement producers, in addition to the growth of their organic capacity.

Tips to protect your granite from cracking and sagging: there is a simple solution

Granite and other heavy stones or surfaces will crack and warp if left unprotected.

You may think that a surface like granite is strong and does not need protection against cracking or buckling, but you will find that if it is not properly protected, you will need a very expensive repair or replacement of your granite.

Granite is the choice for countertops, shelving, bathroom sink tops and more in interior and exterior use today. It is a beautiful natural stone and can provide long lasting enjoyment and appreciation.

If you are installing granite that has an overhang in your kitchen, bathroom, or outside counter, you will need, or your granite installer will need, to assess or determine if the overhang needs support underneath to protect your granite from buckling cracks.

Granite can crack or warp from the sheer weight of the protruding granite. Cracking or sagging can also occur through weight applied to the surface. For example, if you have a granite bar overhang and people are sitting on the bar and leaning on it with their elbows; is causing stress on the granite surface. Some people think that the granite can support their weight and it will sit on the granite overhang. Children love to hang on and swing from things, like countertops. These are things that can present a problem for your granite or other heavy counter surfaces.

Yes, granite is strong, hard, and beautiful, and will provide lasting beauty and enjoyment, but at the same time, when suspended beyond a supporting surface, you will need a support brace in the form of angle brackets, braces, or corbels. .

Determined by your granite installer, you will know if you need support, and if so, what type of support or bracing is required for your particular situation.

There are several types of braces or corbels that will support a suspended surface. They are known as angle supports or corbels. Angle support corbels or corbels come in various materials such as plastic, wood, thin metal, cast iron, and heavy-duty wrought iron along with other materials.

With a heavy surface, you’ll want to get the best support available. You don’t want to settle for inferior material such as plastic, cast iron, or a thin metal. The wood is available for indoor use, but will deteriorate over time through the elements and weather in outdoor conditions. Heavy-duty wrought iron is a good choice for indoor use and is ideal for outdoor use as a support for countertops, pergolas, pergolas, or other bracing needs.

You’ll find that wrought iron angle brackets, or iron corbels as some call them, come in various sizes and styles that will actually accentuate your surface and enhance through your design flair.

It is important to determine the size and quantity of angle support bracket needed for proper coverage and support. This is established via the depth of the surface and the length of the surface. It is best to bring the depth of the corbel to within 2-3″ of the depth of the granite or counter surface. For the number of corbels, it is determined by the length and spacing of the corbels. Corbel spacing 24″ – 30″ spacing is a general rule of thumb. Again, your installer or professional can make this determination for you. Sometimes installers will put a sheet of plywood under the granite, and sometimes they won’t. This can also influence the size and spacing of the brackets.

With all of this information in mind, you’ll find several great websites with excellent heavy-duty support products for home improvement and commercial use of granite or other heavy surfaces. Do some research and buy the best quality, granite backed, and you will enjoy your granite, worry and worry free for years to come.

What is the Oldest AI Chatbot Software?

Oldest AI Chatbot Software

In the US alone, there are 83.1 million people who own smart speakers that allow them to interact with their homes or businesses by voice. Amazon, which has captured 70% of this market, offers its Alexa Best AI Chatbot Software to help businesses develop voice-based customer service applications, with integrated integrations to Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Designed to mimic human behavior and provide users with the best possible experience, these chatbots are often used to answer FAQs or to provide more information about products or services. However, they can also be a valuable tool for analyzing customer data and providing insights to business owners. These AI bots can be programmed to detect specific words and phrases, which will then trigger a pre-programmed response based on the user’s intent and previous interaction history.

Some AI chatbots can even be used to assist with tasks like scheduling meetings or booking travel. This is a great way for businesses to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of time that employees spend on repetitive tasks, freeing them up for more important work.

The oldest chatbot ever created was ELIZA in the 1960s, which is an artificial intelligence system that simulates conversations with a user using a natural language interface. It’s notable for the fact that it was able to adapt to its user over time, becoming more sophisticated and understanding more of the context of its user’s responses. It also set the stage for many of the modern chatbots that we use today.

What is the Oldest AI Chatbot Software?

One of the most popular AI chatbots is Siri, which is a digital assistant that can perform simple tasks and provide information about the weather or traffic conditions. It is known for its ease of use and the ability to connect with other apps on an iOS device. In addition to Siri, there are other interesting voice-activated chatbots, such as PRIBOT, which helps with programming code, and AI Debate, which allows users to enter different points of view on an issue and debate them with the AI.

Other AI chatbots can also be helpful for small businesses by helping them manage their customer support needs. For example, the Zendesk Answer Bot works alongside your team to quickly identify and answer incoming queries. It can be deployed in a variety of ways, including on your website, mobile apps, and within internal teams on Slack.

Some of the most useful chatbots are those that can be used on a number of different platforms, including live chat, text, email, and social media. This omnichannel compatibility means that your business can use these bots to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty across multiple channels.

Another useful feature of AI chatbots is their comprehensive knowledge databases. These will help them understand more about the issues and questions that users may have, so they can provide more accurate and helpful answers. This is a powerful tool that will help you to build stronger relationships with your customers and increase customer loyalty.

Základné pravidlá rulety

pravidlá rulety

Ruleta je kasínová hra, kde hráči uzatvárajú stávky na výsledok roztočenia kolesa. Existuje mnoho variantov hry vrátane americkej rulety, európskej rulety a francúzskej rulety, ako aj mini verzie s iba 13 číslami. V hre krupiér roztočí ruletu, na ktorej sú rôzne čísla v závislosti od hranej variácie, a potom hodí loptičku do jedného z očíslovaných slotov alebo vreciek. Vyhráva hráč, ktorý správne uhádne číslo, farbu alebo časť loptičky. Ruleta je jednoduchá hra na naučenie a hrá sa v online kasínach takmer rovnako ako vo fyzických kasínach.

Ruletové koleso má buď 37 alebo 38 očíslovaných slotov alebo vreciek vrátane nuly (pre európsku ruletu) alebo dvojitej nuly (pre americkú ruletu). Tabuľka má usporiadanie červených a čiernych čísel s nepárnymi a párnymi riadkami a vysoký/nízky stĺpec. Okrem týchto zoskupení je možné stávkovať aj na jednotlivé čísla, sady čísel alebo farby. Stávka na jedno číslo sa vypláca 35 ku 1 vrátane nuly a 00. Stávky na skupiny čísel, kurzy alebo dokonca platia menej a výplata a kurzy sa líšia podľa typu podanej stávky.

V priebehu rokov boli navrhnuté rôzne stávkové systémy, aby porazili hranu rulety predpovedaním, kde loptička dopadne po roztočení kolesa. Tie sú založené na klamstve hráča, že minulé výsledky môžu predpovedať budúce výsledky a často sa spoliehajú na nejakú formu počítania kariet na určenie pravdepodobnosti výskytu, ako je napríklad trafenie čiernej pred červenou. Tieto stratégie môžu časom viesť k veľkým finančným stratám hráča.

Ruleta pravidlá

Aj keď sú pravidlá blackjacku pomerne jednoduché, pri hraní tejto obľúbenej kasínovej kartovej hry je potrebné pamätať na niekoľko vecí. Na rozdiel od väčšiny ostatných kartových hier nemajú farby v blackjacku žiadny význam. Každá karta má hodnotu založenú na jej čísle; napríklad šestky majú hodnotu šesť bodov, sedmičky osem a tváre (kráľ, kráľovná, chlapec) majú hodnotu 10 bodov. Celkom 21 v ruke je výhra a hra končí, keď krupiér vypadne alebo vám dôjdu karty.

Základné pravidlá rulety

Keď dostanete blackjack, nie je múdre uzatvoriť poistenie, pretože šanca, že krupiér má blackjack, je veľmi blízko 2:1. O poistení by ste mali uvažovať len vtedy, ak máte silný odhad dierovej karty predajcu prostredníctvom počítania kariet alebo iného spôsobu, ako tieto informácie poznať predtým, ako vám krupiér rozdá karty. V opačnom prípade je lepšie zostať pri svojej pôvodnej stávke a riskovať stratu pôvodnej stávky.

Ruleta je jednou z najpopulárnejších kasínových hier na svete, ktorá je známa svojou vzrušujúcou hrateľnosťou a potenciálom veľkých výhier. Či už ste skúsený hráč alebo nováčik na parkete kasína, pochopenie základných pravidiel rulety je nevyhnutné. V tejto príručke vás prevedieme základnými aspektmi tejto napínavej hry.

Cieľom rulety je predpovedať, kde gulička dopadne na rotujúce koleso rozdelené do očíslovaných vreciek. Koleso zvyčajne pozostáva z 36 očíslovaných vreciek striedajúcich sa medzi červenou a čiernou, spolu so zeleným vreckom očíslovaným ako nula (a niekedy aj dvojitá nula). Hra začína tým, že hráči vsadia na stôl, vyberajú rôzne kombinácie čísel, farieb alebo iné možnosti stávok.

WordPress blogging tips to help you get started

If you want to start a blog, WordPress is probably the easiest and most user-friendly application you can use. There are even easier options, like using a free online blogging service like, but you don’t really have much control over your own site.

With WordPress, you get the best of both worlds: an easy-to-understand platform and unlimited features that allow you to grow your blog and add bells and whistles as you learn. vs.

First, I should point out that there are two WordPresses. They’re run by the same company, but is a service that hosts your blog for you, just like Blogger, Tumblr, and other third-party sites. These are often called Web 2.0 sites. There is nothing wrong with creating your blog in this way, but it does limit you in some way.

When you use or any Web 2.0 site, you do not own the blog. You are simply renting space on it. This means that the host can delete your blog at any time. This happens if you are deemed to have violated any TOS (terms of service). It’s surprisingly easy to do this, even without meaning to.

For example, does not allow you to market your blog in any way. So if you want to start a business or even make a few extra bucks each month, this is not the way to go.

Another reason why and other sites like it aren’t ideal is that you’ll have a harder time with SEO and traffic generation than if you owned the blog. This is because most of the “link juice” generated by your article will go to the host rather than to your specific site.

That’s why is what I’m going to focus on here. This is when you buy a domain, get hosting, and start your own blog.

Choosing a domain and web server

Your domain is your URL, the address of your website or blog. If you haven’t chosen one yet, you’ll need to do this first. If you don’t have web hosting either, you’ll need this as well. You can combine them if you want. Many web hosting companies offer you a free domain when you sign up for hosting.

When choosing a web hosting company, it is good to choose one that has a lot of experience with WordPress. If you really want to be sure of this, you can go with WP Engine, a company that specializes in WordPress. However, they are a bit more expensive than most web hosts.

If you want to save money, you can still find a good web host that supports your WordPress site. Bluehost, for example, is highly recommended for this. They are even recommended by WordPress itself.

One suggestion I’ll make here is that regardless of which web host you choose, try to pick a plan that gives you unlimited domains/websites. Sometimes a host will offer several different plans. The price difference is usually a few dollars a month.

The point is that creating WordPress blogs can be addictive! You probably won’t want to stop with one. So you can also have a hosting plan that allows you to create as many as you want.

When choosing a domain, try to keep it short and simple. If you want your blog to rank well in search engines, choose some good keywords in the title. These are words that people will actually search for when searching for information.

If your domain is something like or, it will have a custom name but not one that is likely to help you with SEO (search engine optimization). This is of particular importance if you intend to sell something. If you just want a blog to share with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. then it is not important.

How to install WordPress

Installing WordPress is quite easy with most major web hosting companies. Typically, you use a scripted installer like Fantastico or Softaculous (your web host probably has one of these – look in your control panel). You can then install WordPress in a few clicks.

I don’t want to waste too much space here describing the steps to install WordPress, because you can find it from your web hosting company. There are also numerous articles and videos on this topic.

What should I blog about?

This doesn’t seem to be a problem, but many people experience “blogger block” after writing a post or two. I assume you have already chosen your topic. After all, if you can’t even think of a topic, it’s not a good time to start a blog yet!

But even when you have a topic that interests you, it can be challenging to think of actual posts to write about. For this, you may need to do some research to get inspired. Here are some ideas.

  • Set Google Alerts -You can receive emails from Google that will send news to your inbox based on some keywords you choose.
  • Amazon -Check out which books are popular. Also check out their magazine section!
  • other blogs -Check Google blogs and see what others in your niche are writing about. You don’t want to copy them, but you may get ideas that you can put your own spin on.
  • Offline books and magazines -Go to the library, bookstore and magazine section of Barnes & Noble (or wherever they sell magazines). Read newspapers. All of these are excellent sources of ideas.
  • Constancy is the key to success

If you have a blog, you have to write blog posts! This really is the most important “secret” to having a successful blog, believe it or not. You hear a lot these days about “quality content”, which is of course important.

If you’re populating your blog with auto-generated or threaded content (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, you’re better off!) you won’t get very far. Search engines are quick to recognize this as low-quality content. However, you have to generate posts regularly.

Forgetting search engines for a moment, when a visitor sees that a blog hasn’t been updated in months, they’re likely to conclude that it’s not very active or relevant. You probably do the same thing when you search for new sites online.

Search engines also love blogs that are frequently updated. It also gives you more content to get indexed. Let’s say a few words about SEO, as long as we’re on that topic.

The vast universe of WordPress plugins

Once you get familiar with WordPress, you may want to start looking at more advanced features. This often means adding plugins. These are tools that you upload to your WordPress site to perform a variety of functions.

Plugins can be used for security, SEO, to create forums or membership sites, to place contact forms on your site, and hundreds of other things. Plugins give you the ability to perform many tasks that would otherwise require advanced coding knowledge.

There are so many plugins for WordPress that it would be impossible to keep up with all of them. At first, you may think that you don’t need any plugins, and this is true. However, they are so easy to use that you might as well get your feet wet and install some basics.

You can access plugin settings from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Akismet -This antispam plugin is already included when you install WordPress, but you must obtain an API key to activate it. There are instructions on how to do this.
  • Google XML Sitemaps -This makes it easier for Google and other search engines to index your posts and pages.
  • Total cache W3 -This is a great plugin to help your site load faster and run more efficiently. It does this by caching posts, pages, databases, scripts, and other things that take up space.
  • bulletproof security -Helps keep your site safe from attacks. This is important, as hackers often target WordPress sites.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast -Makes it much easier to optimize your site for search engines.

The above is a very abbreviated list of what you can do with plugins. If you have particular needs or ideas for special features for your blog, chances are there is a plugin that can help you achieve this.

WordPress: the perfect place for your blog to evolve

What makes WordPress so amazing for bloggers is that it can help you at any stage of your blogging career. For rank beginners, it makes it easy to set up a basic blog. Advanced users can play around with all the settings and plugins.

However, WordPress is still just a tool. It’s up to you to create awesome content so people have a reason to visit your blog!

23 week healthy meal with leftover idea

Healthy meal of the week: Pulled pork, baked beans and corn on the cob
Healthy Leftover Idea: Pulled Pork Burritos

We haven’t used the Crock Pot in a while, so here’s a great meal that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare but tastes wonderful given that you have 6-8 hours to let the pork roast cook. . Interesting enough, this pulled pork is cooked in root beer and then mixed with BBQ sauce and it tastes gorgeous. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Plus, leftover pulled pork burritos make a great travel meal when you’re at work or on the go.

Necessary equipment
– Crock Pot (slow cooker)
– 2 pots
– large mixing bowl

preparation time
– 5 minutes

Time to cook
– 6-8 hours

(6-8 servings)
– 2-3 pounds of boneless pork loin roast
– 1 can of Baked Beans
– 3-4 ears of corn
– 20oz. root beer
– 6 tablespoons of barbecue sauce
– seasoned salt

For pulled pork burritos
– Reduced Fat Tortillas
– Grated Mozzarella Cheese
– Cilantro
– 1 white onion
– 1 lemon
– sliced ​​olives


1. If necessary, remove any string/tie/netting if any and rinse the roast under cold water then place in a clean container. Add 1 tablespoon of the seasoned salt by spreading it all over the outside, then use a tenderizer or two forks to repeatedly pierce the meat on all sides.

2. Place in a dry clay pitcher, add 20 oz. of root beer, cover and light on low. Set the timer for 6-8 hours, or if you want to set it high, just cook for 4-6 hours.

3. When there are about 20 minutes left on the timer, start cooking beans and corn. Simply open the can of beans and add the contents to the pot over medium/low heat, cover and stir occasionally.

4. For corn on the cob, bring enough water to a boil to cover the amount of corn to be cooked. This sample meal used mini ears of corn. Once the water is boiling, add the corn and bring to a boil for 10 minutes.

5. When the pork is done, carefully remove the meat from the slow cooker and place it in a large mixing bowl.

6. Add 1/3 cup of the liquid broth from the crock pot along with 6 tablespoons (more or less to your liking) and mix well with forks.

7. Serve appropriate portions of pork, beans, and corn. Enjoy!

Healthy Leftover Idea: Pulled Pork Burrito

These make great travel meals, especially since they are all rolled up prepackaged ready to eat. If there are any leftover pulled pork, prepare for a great-tasting lunch that you can enjoy the next day.

Chop some cilantro, white onion, open a small can of sliced ​​olives, some shredded mozzarella cheese, lemon/lime juice, and your favorite hot sauce. Now it’s just a matter of adding a little bit of everything to one side of a tortilla, wrapping it nice and tight, carefully rolling it up in a piece of aluminum foil, and voila!

Lose a significant amount of weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas

If you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, there’s a diet that could be the solution to your problems. Eating on Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a dieter’s nightmare. Constant temptation, tradition and excitement, all wrapped up in a pretty bow, huh?

What can you do?

Should you ruin your vacation by fending off temptation? Or should you accept it and make up for bad behavior in the New Year when almost everyone and their brother are determined to lose that spare tire?

the christmas diet

Consider doing the calorie shift diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a window of a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas that is a good time to sacrifice and diet. This way you can enjoy both vacations and still do a bit of damage control in between. Then, on January 1st, get back on your diet wagon… if you must!

For those few weeks in between the two fattening holidays, you might consider doing the calorie shifting diet because this is a diet that has many rave reviews of 7-10lbs lost in 11 days via calorie cycling or diet in zig Zag.

May will also be doing a cabbage soup/sacred heart detox diet.

What does this diet do?

The diet tricks your metabolism by making you zigzag and vary your caloric intake wildly and by giving you a specific diet menu to follow that releases fat-burning hormones. Plus, you’re eating 4 meals a day on this diet instead of 3, so your metabolism works a lot harder and helps you avoid weight loss plateau. This diet can be done at any time of the year but doing it at the beginning of December can be helpful because:

1) You have eliminated Thanksgiving

2) You’re going to be busy for a few weeks shopping and living before the real festivities roll around.

3) This diet works in 11-day rotations with 3 cheat days in between, so it can even pair well with some holiday parties.


Starting the diet around December 1 could result in a loss of up to 10 pounds by December 11.

Starting around December 5 could result in a loss of up to 10 pounds by December 16.

After the holidays are over, you’ll probably lose more than the typical 5 pounds you gained during the holidays because most people lose between 7 and 10 pounds.

This diet is available online with two components.

1) A diet guide

2) An online menu planner

The menu planner allows you to simply print your menu and head to the grocery store to get everything you need. Then you just eat what they tell you for each specific day. You will have 4 meals and you can eat them in any combination. There are no measuring or calorie counting and you simply eat until just before you are full. There are other guidelines included such as plenty of water, not using condiments, and even tips for handling parties or restaurants, which is a big dilemma for many dieters during the holiday season.

The best thing about this type of plan is that you can do it when you need it. If you hit your goal weight in January and then get a little down on a holiday or after a winter comfort meal, you can lose weight quickly just by running the menu builder again and doing another 11-day period.

If you’re reading this article too close to Christmas to start this diet, consider using it for your New Year’s Resolution diet.

Why does my skin look younger when I regularly use a CyroTherapy Full Body Sauna?

Well, thanks for this question, and to answer it quickly, there are a couple of reasons.

First, Whole Body CyroTherapy helps your body make collagen. As we age, our collagen levels decline, so it’s a good idea to increase this level. Collagen is the protein that keeps our skin young.

Second, when you’re in a CyroTherapy sauna, the blood vessels near the surface constrict from the cold. When you go outside, your blood rushes back to warm your body, this exercises close to the superficial blood vessels, allowing your body to deliver nutrients. As these blood vessels strengthen, they are there to help keep your skin in a rich flow of nutrients.

Does Whole Body Cryo also help with hair and nails?

Yes, it certainly does. And rightly so, you have deduced that since the protein collagen is also responsible for the health of hair and nails, Whole Body Cryo (WBC) revitalizes here as well. WBC inhibits anti-collagen enzymes (collagenase) that break peptide bonds in collagen.

Since collagen is found in bones, tendons, cartilage, joints, blood vessels, and the digestive system, you can understand why it is so important in our bodies. With the skin, it replaces dead skin cells and strengthens the elasticity of the skin.

Now, I would like to introduce you to some real research on this topic, a very interesting research study that I found on Research Gate titled; “Thermography Study of Skin Response Due to Whole Body Cryotherapy,” published in Skin Research and Technology (18(2):180-7 Apr 2011) or DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0846.2011. 00550.x – by Armand Cholewka, Agata Stanek, Alexander Sieron and Zofia Drazazga – This article is worth reading.

Would cryotherapy work better than collagen supplements? Perhaps because it’s hard to tell if your body will absorb swallowed tablets, especially as you get older, which is when something like this would really matter to you. What about collagen injections in the specific areas that need attention? Sure, that would probably be just as good or better, still, that requires a visit to the doctor or a visit to a skin specialist, whereas cryotherapy doesn’t.

Yes, some skin specialists now use localized cryotherapy for such things in addition to collagen injections, therefore you get the best of both worlds, still whole body cryotherapy is great for many things, and now you can add to that list; Skin care and condition. Please consider all this and think about it.

The Bears of Admiralty Island

There are maybe two thousand bears on Admiralty Island, and not a single black one among them, just big brownies and grizzlies. Bears are the largest carnivorous animals left in the world today, and Admiralty bears are nearly as large as the famous Kadiak bear, a species limited to Kadiak Island. Specimens weighing over a thousand pounds and standing seven to nine feet tall on their hind legs have been taken on the Alaska Peninsula and the southeast coast. During the spring, these large animals live among the snowy peaks, eating grass and roots and minding their own business. Then, in late July, they drift down to the banks of streams, where salmon spawn madly, to enjoy a rich diet fresh from the icy waters. That’s when the camera hunter must look for them.

It was a day late when we paddled our canoe to that cabin. We had left the good ship to the west, with other eager bear-hunters on board, and tied up a few miles away at Mole Harbour. We were going to be the first contingent of bear hunters; the rest would have their affair later. Our guide made us feel welcome; there, on the floor of the cabin, we made our beds to sleep for a few hours until, in that pitch-black darkness just before dawn, we were awakened as he tossed and turned cooking the porridge for breakfast. We were soon clothed with that lasting food; we put on our rubber boots and, as the sky brightened, we stepped into the stream that rushed just outside the cabin door.

Our guide seemed to know every hidden rock and ledge below the surface of the falling water, easily moving from one foothold to another as we stumbled along behind him. He carefully tore off every fern leaf or devil’s club or alder branch that might touch us, to kill our scent, and always made us step on bare rocks or in the water, and, after crossing fallen logs without touching them with our hands, splash them with water to remove any possible odor. Our cameras were in backpacks on our backs, and Hasselborg carried a .405 heavy rifle to be used only if we came across a previously shot bear and remembered his hatred for man.

Often at the hairpin bends in the creek, he would wade in and look around cautiously, not wanting to suddenly come across a large brownie or grizzly bear unsuspecting. The guide’s caution instilled more confidence than fear. We knew that he had no desire to be maimed by an injured bear. That had happened once when he was collecting for a museum and was trying to kill the animal without damaging its important skull. About a mile above the cabin we came face to face with our first brown bear.