midlife crisis in women

Life is a cycle of seasons, and the transitions between seasons can be worrying. There can often be minor interruptions in lifestyle, which are soon resolved. But when they persist, there is a crisis. Midlife is one of those periods that has been recognized as a period of potential crisis.
Midlife is between the late 30s and late 40s. It is different from the premenopausal years that occur later. Until the 1900s, only about 10% of women reached middle age. Their roles were well defined within the limited sphere of home and family, as wife, mother, domestic slave. The midlife crisis was unheard of.

However, the 20th century has seen an incredible lengthening of lifespan, with women living well into their seventh or eighth decade. Then, around the age of 40 or so, when the business of having children ends and children begin to assert their independence, a stretch of life looms before women that seems like a void. Husbands, too, may be going through their own midlife crisis and are like cranky hedgehogs. Or in a role reversal, they become too dependent on their wives. Women begin to feel trapped.

A woman can feel that life is passing her by. “Who I am?” she wonders. “Does my life count for something?” An inexplicable loneliness invades her as if she had no true identity of her own. Aware that her beauty and energy are gradually fading, she sinks into depression. This feeling of worthlessness is aggravated if there is marital dissatisfaction. The 20th century saw revolutionary changes in all aspects of life. Education, employment outside the home, the collapse of the joint family system, migration to the impersonal atmosphere of cities, changing sex roles, women’s liberation movements, youth culture, and rapid advances in science and technology , have created a kind of insecurity in the traditional woman. As she tries to keep up with the changing times, stress becomes her part.

It is in this context that Midlife Crisis becomes important. Whether single, married, or widowed, nearly two-thirds of women go through this phase. A career-oriented spinster of hers high up in the administrative hierarchy suddenly decided that she can no longer live alone. She conjures up images of being incarcerated in some Nursing Home, and the prospect of her alarms her. She therefore frantically searches the newspapers for a suitable spouse and may unwisely select an undesirable partner or enter into a cohabiting relationship. A sober middle-aged widow may decide to give herself a new image. She can visit a beautician to have her comb her hair, pluck her eyebrows and fix her wrinkles with Botox. She even she can start wearing heavy makeup and dressing like a teenager. She can flirt outrageously with eligible men or have an affair with someone younger than her son. People notice, gossip and laugh, but the woman throws the property to the wind and is brazen in her behavior.

A spinster with unfulfilled maternal desires may decide to have a baby out of wedlock or offer to ‘rent her womb’. Some psychologists say that the midlife crisis is just a convenient excuse for irresponsible behavior. But it can be argued that if this were the case, why wait until middle age to indulge? The Middle Ages is merely a transitional phase, and is not something to be feared, but to be welcomed. The crisis usually occurs when there is a lack of preparation. EM Blaicklock says that “the Middle Ages are the time when the fruits of life begin to ripen.”

You must be prepared for. It is a time to take stock of oneself and examine one’s lifestyle. One needs to identify the factors that can contribute to a crisis and address them individually. Is there a fear of losing youth, sex appeal and beauty? Does a few gray hairs, or sagging breasts or weight gain create panic? A psychiatrist says: “Feeling good and looking good is related to the balance between mind and body.” And Longfellow assures us that “age is no less opportunity than youth itself, albeit in another dress.”
Exercise, a balanced diet, relaxation, and a general interest in the world around us will bring a glow back to middle-aged faces.

Has the marriage relationship become boring? So one needs to put more effort into changing it. A little more love, communication, and care can go a long way to set things right. The husband may also be going through a midlife crisis and may be uninterested or unable to respond to her feelings. Therefore, a woman must verbalize her needs in a direct and specific way, making her understand that she is going through a difficult stage and she wants her understanding and love. A good husband will not only support his wife emotionally, but also give her the space he needs to develop her sense of self-worth. If a woman is suddenly widowed in middle age, her depression may increase. Or she might rush into an affair that is not a sensible thing to do while she is under stress.

For a woman who has spent the best years of her life being an exemplary mother, who has found identity and fulfillment in her children, the realization that they no longer need her and that a great generation gap opens up between them, makes her feel marginalized and useless. Middle age is also a time when one becomes vulnerable health-wise. Diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, the need for dietary restriction, medication, exercise, make her aware of her mortality. She begins to ruminate on her situation and gets stuck in self-pity. The decrease in monetary resources and the restrictions caused by retirement also represent a threat to her tranquility.
All of these stressors have a snowball effect, which can undermine a woman’s self-confidence and lead to altered behaviors such as depression, irritability, irrational behavior, assertiveness, or abnormal sexual interest. In fact, this phase is like going through a ‘second emotional adolescence’.

Anticipating and preparing for midlife can make the transition smoother. Life does not end at that stage. Floyd and Thatcher say: “The Middle Ages are a time for discovery, not stagnation. It is a time ripe for new beginnings, a threshold for a rich and exciting future. Approached with good humor and flexibility, and an open In exchange, half years and more can be the best half of life”. Life has many different seasons. In every season a woman needs to reevaluate her values ​​from different perspectives. Whether single, married or widowed, she needs to flourish in her own identity, and not be a rubber stamp for her husband or a doormat for her children; neither she nor she should allow herself to be exploited even by her own family. She must also make decisions and assert herself when necessary.

Hobbies and new interests make life interesting. “Unleash your creativity,” urges Ann Morrow Lindbergh. Music, reading, traveling, painting are mood lifters.

Good friends are active in difficult times. They act as confidants or as sounding boards when one needs to vent. They provide support in times of stress and depression. Groups like Emotions Anonymous help their members open up and talk about their problems. They learn from each other’s experiences and help each other redefine their ideas and values. They become happy and confident. Artificial supports like drugs and alcohol are not the answer, nor is an extramarital affair a solution. It may just lead to feelings of guilt that are hard to shake.

Husbands and children need to realize that their supportive love can work magic to get them through the midlife crisis. But unless a woman verbalizes her needs and fears, they can’t know.
Finding time for introspection, refusing to condemn oneself for imagined shortcomings, and becoming aware of the temporary nature of such a crisis, is half the way to overcoming it. People tend to put God last when faced with a crisis. Paul’s words in Philippians 3:13 are encouraging. “I am not yet all that I should be, but I am putting all my energies to confirm one thing: forget the past and look towards what is to come.” Prayer overcomes many crises.

Midlife is the season before the fall of life. Autumn is sure to follow, lighting up the personality with the golden hues of maturity and peace. Life will begin anew with a new vision of what remains of the future.

Fun health news for everyone

A report on the general health of Americans has been released and ranks each state based on physical health, job satisfaction, and other quality-of-life characteristics. While Hawaii, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, and Vermont ranked 1-5 as the healthiest, many others are, too. Those ranked lower need to feel bad since the report surveyed a sample of people from each state. It’s not a coincidence that people who reported being happy with their jobs smoked less, had lower risks of heart disease and diabetes. People who are unhappy with their jobs will smoke more, eat more, and be less inclined to exercise. While this is not surprising, the statistics for how people rate their lives are: 53 percent felt they were thriving, 43 percent said they were struggling, and 3.5 percent were suffering. What constitutes “prosper” was not mentioned. Onward with more fun health news.

Children: The tooth fairy adjusts for inflation
The tooth fairy has adjusted the rewards she leaves under the bed pillows for inflation. It seems that in 2012 she paid a whopping $3.49 for the first missing tooth and, on average, back teeth cost the legendary $2.49. Long ago, the writer charged twenty-five cents for the big front teeth, ten cents per molar, and five cents for the rest. The time has changed. Inflation is rising. Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. Maybe someone bought you a winning Powerball ticket.

Seniors: Are You Satisfied With Your Health Coverage?
We know that working with health insurers can be a real hassle. Sometimes it takes an incredible number of phone calls to get an answer to a question. A recent survey found that 94 percent were satisfied with the quality of care, 90 percent were satisfied with the benefits, and 81 percent were satisfied with their out-of-pocket costs. This is very good news even as cutbacks in health care will soon be felt across the country.

Now they tell me!
Today’s Nintendo lovers can tell their parents that playing the game all day and night leads to better surgical skills later in life. There. I told you. A recent study found that surgical students who used a Wii controller had much better skills across 16 different skill sets than those who didn’t. The researchers noted that laparoscopic simulators are expensive and difficult for students to obtain, while video games, consoles, and controllers are less expensive and readily available. Any game that comes with 3D graphics and requires great hand-eye coordination is good for America’s future chumps. I wonder if the joysticks I used years ago are as good as a Wii controller?

Blame the Roomba
The more technology we have to do housework, the more sedentary we become and therefore the more overweight we become. Well, it’s true up to a point. We have more technology in the home that allows women who do housework to have a better time. Think of the Roomba and dishwashers that do almost everything except put them away when they’re done (and why they don’t) and laundry systems that allow us to wash and dry clothes in less time. All this leads us to relax and not do any exercise. It is true that cleaning the house does not cost us as much as it did in the 60s and 70s. Many working women have cleaning ladies or weekly housekeepers. Those who don’t have this luxury can still turn on a Roomba and then lie down to watch TV while it vacuums the carpet. What’s wrong with that?

MMA Sponsorships: Practical Tips for an MMA Fighter

The world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is becoming more conventional and therefore more complex on a business level. An athlete needs to treat himself as a corporation if he wants to maximize earning potential. The only way to do this is through a targeted, well thought out and well implemented marketing strategy. Traditionally, there are 3 ways a fighter generates income: through professional fights, generating endorsement dollars, and training. Here are some things to consider when planning your MMA career:

1) Do I have to have a manager? Absolutely. A boxer’s management team must be present to schedule events, presentations, seminars, promotional parties and sponsorship coordination.

2) How much should I pay my manager? The manager usually requires around 20% – 25% of your fighter salary. Sometimes an agent is also used. An agent would deal with sponsors and coordinate with the manager on scheduling. A manager does not normally receive a salary. Fighters are often led by their trainer.

3) Develop an online presence. If you don’t have a website and a MySpace account. Make that happen. MySpace is a great networking tool. Having a website that highlights your fights, training, and contact information becomes an invaluable part of your marketing campaign. Promoters pay more to boxers who have a following. It only makes sense because that sells tickets. Get your name out there. Have videos uploaded. They help with traffic and give the promoter a chance to see you fight or fight. A website also gives you additional “real estate” to advertise to your sponsors. The exposure you give your sponsor, the more valuable you become.

4) Fight! Take as many meaningful fights as you can to build your record and reputation. The way to make your name known by fighting against renowned fighters.

5) Be a professional. Nobody likes dealing with an idiot. You are a fighter. Boxers already have a reputation for being rebellious. Set the bar a little higher. The better your behavior, the more an organization will want to affiliate with you! It just makes sense.

6) Don’t take fights you can’t win. If you ever feel like you’re not ready for a fight, don’t take it! Many promoters try to take advantage of new fighters by pitting them against people they really have nothing to do with in the ring. This is a great way to end your run before it gets off the ground. It can be tempting to fight a big name. It’s great when you can and are prepared to do it.

7) Be a showman. Make a point to be an exciting fighter. Take it your opponent. be the aggressor People go out to entertain themselves. The more an artist you are, the more gigs you can expect to get.

8) Ask for the money! You spend money every day. Whether it’s at a supplement store, a delicatessen or a dry cleaner. Anyone you spend your money with is a potential sponsor. It will give them the opportunity to repay the loyalty you have shown them as customers. Do not be shy. You are a fighter! Go get your money. Now you can sell them advertising space on your shorts, your t-shirt, your hat, your banner and now your website! That’s a lot of exposure levels! That’s why corporations are willing to pay you, for exposure.

Doing these things will at least help get you started in the right direction. The hard part is sticking to your training. MMA training is exhausting. It’s the guys who just don’t get hurt seem to be the ones who make it. So train regularly. Don’t overtrain. Stretch and eat well. If you do all of these things, at least you’ll be on the right track. So live, love your work and be smart. This sport is growing very fast and the business side of things is still catching up. Good luck and keep fighting!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: How to Stop OCD in its tracks

Most sources of information about OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, are geared towards treating the symptoms caused by the problem, and not helping you find the real root of the problem, or actually cure it, and therefore Therefore, your OCD may be treated inappropriately. The big picture is not shown and therefore you cannot make the right decisions based on that information. You may not have found yourself in a better situation than when you first started looking for these kinds of sources of help. Now you can learn how possible it is to beat your OCD from someone who has been through exactly what you have been through! You see, you are in luck because you have found someone with experience in dealing with it personally!

You must learn about your problem before you solve it. It is a necessary first step. The more you know about any problem, the better equipped you are to solve it. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that obsessive-compulsive disorder is simply a habit, caused by thoughts your mind thinks are important, and not an actual disorder or disease at all. Thoughts like these are often harmful in the long run as they interfere with your life by taking time, happiness and experiences away from everyday life. It is often unnecessary and the rituals to satisfy them can be exhausting. Take some of that time to learn how to stop it!

The next thing you need to face is the fact that while your obsessive-compulsive disorder can be overcome, it takes time and you’ll need to build up the patience to work with it. Your mind cannot make changes like these overnight! Stopping OCD is contradictory to what you would naturally think would stop it, which is why it seems difficult or impossible to do so. My methods involve a series of little tricks that are easy to learn and will help make the whole process seem so much easier than you ever thought possible! You CAN achieve your goal of stopping OCD!

Although medication is not the answer, it is possible to take some of its forms while using this system. Sometimes the physical and emotional effects that can result from your OCD may require this medication in order for you to continue living your life normally, and while this is not directly harmful, please be aware that this alone will not cure your obsessive-compulsive disorder. Another important thing to understand is that seeing more than one therapist or counselor at the same time can cause confusion or frustration. I will show you in later materials how you can not only control this problem temporarily, but permanently!

You can be successful if you remember that solving your OCD problem will take time. Giving up shouldn’t be an option! These thought processes are not a disease, but must be treated to break your habits! Consider whether or not the person helping you has experienced obsessive-compulsive disorder, because it’s vital to learn from someone who really knows what works and what doesn’t. Don’t look for multiple solutions at once. Confusion or even prevention of a method from working properly can occur if it is not followed.

workplace inspiration

What is inspiration in the workplace?

thanks for this question. The truth is that there is no such thing as inspiration. You cannot create it, make it or have it. You can’t cause it or lose it.

Inspiration is what happens when the circumstances are right. Like meditation, you cannot meditate either. Do not believe anyone who tells you that they will teach you how to meditate, they are not being honest. They never really meditated.

All we can do is create the circumstances in which meditation could occur. And similarly with Inspiration, we can only create the circumstances for inspiration to happen.

How do we create the circumstances for inspiration to happen in an office?

1. In the zone. People walking by interrupting each other without warning is the opposite of “in the zone.” Even a set of headphones with the right music (individual choice) can block out environmental disturbances and create a “zone” for someone. About 20 to 30 minutes in “the zone” brings a person to inspiration.

2. Happiness. Dark moods, anger, negativity, and depressions kill space for inspiration. Happy, positive, affirming and honest environments allow the nervous system to relax, the defenses to be released and this is essential for inspiration.

3. Trust. We must have a sense of purpose for inspiration to occur. That simply means believing that we are “on the right track” with whatever we are doing. Designing a rug, writing a letter, answering the phone, no matter what we do, we must believe that this activity is bringing about the result that our boss or project demands. Uncertainty kills inspiration.

4. Challenge. Many people avoid challenge thinking that calm creates inspiration. But this is false. Calmness kills inspiration. There must be a sense of demand, urgency, intent, outcome and there must be constant progress checks against this.

5. Comments. Inspiration dies in uncertainty. We already said this. But there’s more. Feedback means a monitoring system that rewards incompetence. Reward effort over results. It’s not about emotional platitudes, it’s about honoring genuine effort. If people have a sense of direction, they drop holding patterns that are triggered by ego defenses, which in turn would block inspiration.

6. Hierarchy. There are plenty of feminists who advocate for equality in the world. This is a myth if translated into management structures. Equality is related to the human rights of each individual. Here it is valid. Equality in office is also a human rights issue. But challenging hierarchy in a structure is man-hatred. Hatred of man means that an individual cannot be humble before authority. Whether that authority is male or female, that individual who cannot respect authority hates masculinity. This means that the individual has become obsessed with self-expression, self-determination, his own opinions, his own feelings. This defies the most powerful law of nature. The law of the one and the many, humility before a greater power.

In the office we are humble with the boss. If we don’t like the boss, we should leave, not complain or challenge him. In society, the laws rule. If we defy them, there can be no structure, no order, no security. In relationship, loving kindness is the boss. In our personal lives, health is boss (if we’re not healthy), but when we’re healthy, purposeful living becomes boss. If we cannot respect our teachers, we cannot respect our Gods. We must learn to compartmentalize our bumps. The boss at work is not our boss in the relationship.

Leadership is essential. If a feminist fights business leadership for human rights, then this could be healthy. If they fight because they hate authority figures, then there will never be inspiration in this business and people will get burned out.

7. Energy. In the office, people eat shitty food, drink a lot of coffee, drink chocolate or, many starve until lunchtime and then overeat and get exhausted in the afternoon. Blood sugar is the key to energy management. Blood sugar is more important than the environment. Low blood sugar puts people in a reactive and defensive mindset. High blood sugar makes people open, loud, and aggressive. Finding balance is essential. Nuts, fruits, substantial protein. All of this science is ignored in our society obsessed with controlling body weight, or blood types or whatever. When the blood sugar level is high or low, there can be no inspiration.

I hope you find this great.

live with spirit

Get Pregnant Fast – 3 Natural Fertility Secrets from the Near East

How long have you been trying to get pregnant? You may be worried that time is running fast and all possible efforts to have a baby just don’t seem to work! You have probably read many tips on the web to increase your chances of conceiving. You know your ovulation cycle and have regular intercourse during your most fertile time. You have followed all the valuable information to no avail. It’s been a couple of months since then and nothing happened. Medical examinations did not reveal any physiological or anatomical defects. Let me tell you what the people of the Near East do in such a situation.

Near Eastern people and pregnancy

In many countries in North Africa (such as Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia) or Southwest Asia (such as Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey), both culture and religion encourage married couples to have their first child as soon as possible after birth. having consumed their wedding. In these countries it is very important to have many children. A woman can be rejected by her husband if she cannot conceive! So you can understand many women’s concern about increasing their chances of getting pregnant quickly. Let’s look at 3 different natural products that these women use to increase their fertility.

Natural fertility stimulants

1) black cumin seeds

Black cumin seeds are produced by a Mediterranean herbaceous plant called Nigella sativa. It is a remedy for a variety of diseases. Scientists have discovered a little more than 100 chemical components in the seeds. The particular property to increase fertility is commonly attributed to black cumin seeds. Also, the benefit of this herb has been scientifically proven to help increase sexual desire and sperm count among men.

Slowly boil black cumin seeds with chamomile. Drink two cups of honey every day.

two) Saffron

Crocus sativus is the botanical name for the yellow spice used in cooking, better known as saffron. Infuse a tablespoon of saffron in a liter of boiled water for 5 minutes. Drink the herbal tea every month for the first 3-4 days of your period.

3) Almonds and Walnuts To boost his sperm count, your husband can eat two tablespoons of a mixture of almonds, walnuts, and honey on an empty stomach every morning and before bed.

Never lose hope!

Black cumin seeds, saffron and almonds are considered very useful in Near Eastern societies to stimulate fertility in men and women. Would it work in your case? Would be wonderful! The most important thing you need to cultivate is hope; I hope that very soon you can hold your son against your chest.

Michelle was in your situation. She thought that she would never have a baby. She did not lose hope and tried many different methods. She eventually became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Read her interesting story in the Get Pregnant Fast review! Her advice from her and her personal experience can change your life!

Can a womanizer be faithful?

So before asking if a womanizer can be faithful, perhaps a better question should be who falls under the description of ‘womanizer’?

Come on, at some point or another we’ve all met a womanizer, whether it’s in the halls of high school or in the workplace or in college; and whether you choose to call him ‘the hooker’, or ‘skirt catcher’ or whatever, he is what he is. The womanizer is that man who has a ‘wandering eye’ and an almost reflexive inability to attach himself to a woman. Actually, he can do his best to hold out for a while, but you have to ask yourself if a womanizer can be faithful.

Well here it is in black and white: a womanizer can become faithful. But consider this: what made him a womanizer in the first place is probably the long line of ladies waiting in line ready to fall into the crook of a finger because they think they’ll be ‘the ones’ he’ll stick with forever. So while you harbor fond dreams of being their ‘last bus stop’, you may end up being just another notch up the bedpost.

Today’s Casanovas are as numerous as the grains of sand along the seashore and if you’re reading this article because you already know your beau is a womanizer, then good for you, because most womanizers they often manage to live every day. behind a mask. So if you’ve unmasked his, read on to find out if he can ever truly be monogamous.

1. First of all, you can’t change a man who doesn’t want to be changed; so you must know that the desire to give up his unpleasant habit of spreading like cheap wine must come from him, must be his very idea!

2. Understand that a player is ultimately a man who lives in fear of being forced to commit, so if you wonder if he will change, he will most likely pick up on your thoughts and start lashing out at you because he is starting to feel caged.

3. Must not be available. Players are hunters. If you’re readily available, a player will grab everything they can and run for the hills, but if you’re not available, they’ll just start chasing you and if the two of them are finally right for each other, they’ll keep doing so until they catch you. But if he’s just chasing you for the fun of the game, then you know for a fact that he’ll give up eventually.

4. Ultimately, a womanizer can be faithful if he falls in love with someone and can’t bear to hurt or lose her. Although, she should be aware that she may occasionally ‘fall off the wagon’.

There really isn’t a hard and fast rule: a womanizer can become faithful for life, deciding that they are now too old for the game or that they are simply content with life as it is; or she can always return to where you found her like a pig who wallows in the dirt, takes a bath and comes back to wallow some more, no pun intended.

How to find real estate buyers by the dozen

Buyers are out there, it’s just a matter of bringing them together and keeping in touch. It’s helpful to be able to determine what type of buyer you’re looking for early on. Remember this: you are the person who has something he wants when a buyer calls you; if he’s calling them then he’s trying to sell them let’s make sure the buyers call him so he stays in the position of power early on. You must be a real estate heavyweight.

Let’s look at some categories of typical buyers to gain insight into their mindsets and how and when we will market to find them for your real estate buying needs.

o Rehabbers – These are people looking to fix up and change properties for a quick profit.

o Homeowners: These are individuals looking to buy to rent to others for long-term capital accumulation while generating positive cash flow each month.

o Wholesaler: You will buy or put an option in your contract to hopefully pass the paper on to another buyer who is willing to pay more.

o Ultimate Lease Buyers: These are people who may not qualify for a loan of their own but want to return to homeownership rather than renting.

o Retail Buyers: These are ultimate buyers who are able to obtain a mortgage or have cash and generally purchase the property for their own housing needs.

There are variations of buyers, but the above 4 types are generally considered the main targets of people who have property to sell. Understanding each buyer’s mindset helps you market to those buyers’ interests, whether they want fast cash, long-term wealth, tax deductions, a place to call home, etc. If you ask enough general questions, you’ll quickly discern what kind of buyer you have on hand. Once you know, you can tailor your offers and present properties that meet what’s important to them.

Buyer: Someone who is ready, willing and qualified! Those who are not qualified may be perfect tenants, lease option buyers, or owner financing candidates, so qualifying may have different meanings.

Done – someone who is in the market to buy within 1-45 days, keep in mind final buyer with retail or lease option usually buys once and is out of the game, more likely homeowners, rehabbers and wholesalers buy several. properties owned by you over time as existing assets are accumulated, sold or changed. Having active buyer lists in different categories that are often ready to buy a property is a very smart way to operate.

Gee Danno, how do I find these people? Oh! I’m so glad you asked! Let’s start with one of the all-time best methods to jump-start building a buyer list. In your search for bargain-priced properties of your own, it makes sense that you eventually find a really good deal, once you have a top offer to offer, turn around and market that property at cost! Yes, there is no benefit to you in this case. Why? Because you are going to advertise that property to every investor and potential property buyer on the planet!

The reason for this is that you will get the most calls and responses when you announce an eye-catching offer! Granted, chances are you’ll sell that listing relatively quickly, but you’ll be collecting information from every potential buyer you call to build your list of buyers for future properties you list. If you don’t have a property of your own to sell, ask someone who does! I can assure you that they will not turn down your offer to list your property for them for free! You can negotiate a small fee if you do in fact sell your property, but your main goal is to build your list of buyers!

Let me give you an example of a way to collect potential buyers by the dozen, hold an auction, advertise a solid week in advance to attract the most buyers, start with bandit signs, putting up about 100 of them about a 5 mile square of property we just did this and we got 800 calls because that was a lot of those 800 calls we had 300 people show up on auction day sure the house sold but we also added new buyers to our buyers list.

Here are some ways to advertise to those buyers:

o Bandit Signs

or CraigsList

or back cover

Google Base

or Post Office

or Zillow

o Pay Per Click Ads

o Local online classifieds

o Media Website

or Ruffles

o Newspaper/inserts


o Direct mail/postcards

o Start an investor meetup group

Or email


or Fax

o Your own website

Use your imagination the list is limitless there is a free ebook called Internet Real Estate Yellow Pages you can download for free on my site MagicBullets.com grab it and you will find 100 more ideas and places to list your deals Now go Become a real estate heavyweight!

Dan Auito :~)

Can I earn money playing the accordion?

Absolutely! Because the accordion and/or keyboard are so versatile and mobile, they make it the perfect instrument for on-the-go performances/recitals.

My love for the accordion began when I was a little girl watching my mother play: in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and anywhere else she felt like wandering!

I came to love beautiful and sweet sounds and long after I got married and moved house, I decided to take formal lessons. It didn’t take long before I really started to catch on and my repertoire of songs started to build up.

One day, just for fun, I left my name and phone number at a local nursing home saying I’d be willing to play for the residents, should they ever need entertainment. About a year later, I received an emergency call saying that their permanent accordionist had to cancel an event that was due to start in a couple of hours and could you fill in for him?

I gladly said “yes!” Then I quickly checked what music I would play, grabbed my accordion and flew down the street. I was delighted to have the opportunity and it was completely voluntary on my part. I did not expect to be paid, nor did we discuss payment.

I arrived at the nursing home where they were hosting an outdoor event. I played for an hour. Everyone started clapping to the music, others got up and danced. It felt good to see everyone enjoying themselves. At the end of the program, the activities director came up to me and handed me $40 cash. I told her that I didn’t expect compensation, that I was just a beginner, but she insisted.

Thus began my side job of playing music for people who were in lockdown, as well as for other small events. He had a full-time job, but could handle small jobs on the side. I also did volunteer work, especially during the Christmas holidays.

I learned that all of these places have activity budgets and are more than willing to pay for their services. Of course, they also gladly accept volunteers.

You may want to keep in mind that there are many other musicians who also frequent nursing homes and assisted living facilities, so sometimes you may need to book in advance, as some venues have regular music activity hours. , so you may not be able to just reserve for the foreseeable future.

Because you can simply grab your accordion and go, and because you don’t need any other accompaniment, it’s the perfect concert instrument. I learned that there are many opportunities for nursing homes/assisted living, small parties, Christmas and other holiday events where you can play and earn a little extra money while doing something you really love to do: play the accordion!

And by the way, the pay isn’t always low. Some pay quite well. Although your goal should be to play your best, you don’t have to be ultra-perfect. Most of these types of events are low-key and very informal.

Hopefully my experience will inspire some of you “closet accordionists” to come out and share your talent, voluntarily or for a fee. It’s also a great way to continue promoting and keeping the art of accordion playing alive! Hope I got your adrenaline pumping. Feel confident and proud to be able to play an instrument so unique that hardly anyone else you know can play it!

How To Seduce An Older Woman – Tame That Cougar With These Amazing Tips!

The art of seducing an older woman can be exciting and constructive. Remember that everyone will have more experiences to share. Don’t be under the mistaken impression that the tactic used to attract a younger woman will also work on older women. Quite often you will find that guys get quite nervous at the prospect of approaching a lady older than him.

Did you know that according to pop culture, a cougar is a beautiful woman who is in her forties or older? So the younger man dating an older woman is commonly called Cougar Dating and as everything has progressed in the world so has a younger man trying to seduce older women. Here are some tips you could use to get and keep a cougar.

Tip #1: Relax…and be unflappable. First of all, open a conversation naturally and easily. Say the right things to get more than one word answers from her. Treat her like she’s one in a million. Compliment her on her appearance, be extremely courteous, and make sure you pay attention to every detail. How in her dress and the way she wears her hair.

Tip #2: Stop reminding her of her age. While talking to an older woman, you should not make her feel her age. However, she does not go too far in stating that she looks like someone much younger. She will instantly know that you are faking everything. It would be better to comment on her intelligence and how well behaved she is.

Tip #3: Make the lady feel wanted. Show him that you really care. Keep in mind that they’ve been through most of this in their youth, so be careful. Older women are more independent. Let her do most of the talking and show her that you are genuinely interested in everything she has to say.

Tip #4: Get “Sensory.” He tries to seduce her by stimulating her senses; use body language to ignite her sexual desires and be attracted to you. He talks about sex with her without inhibitions and make her get rid of hers.

Be very natural in the whole thing. Gradually progress from talking about sex to the actual act and give her the feeling that she was the one who instigated it all. Give her the best moment of her life, turning your meeting with her into something really wild and exciting.

Remember that an older woman may be looking for a short-term casual relationship or something really long-lasting and may need emotional connections before she can fully fit in with you. They may be looking for flings with younger people, probably because they’ve had their share of older, more experienced relationships.