How is Your Beef Jerky Subscription Made?

Beef Jerky Subscription Made

Jerky is the savory, protein-packed snack of choice for many on-the-go food lovers. It is a great snack for hiking, camping, road trips, and everyday life. Jerky is also an important staple in a healthy diet because it is low in calories, high in fat-free protein, and contains very little carbs. The process of making beef jerky is complicated and requires a combination of liquid ingredients, dry seasonings, and various cuts of meat.

While the exact recipe of jerky is unique to each artisan, the overall process remains consistent for all jerky brands. The five key steps in jerky making include slicing, marinating, laying, cooking, and packaging. Jerky can be made from a variety of meat, including beef, chicken, turkey, and other game. However, traditional beef jerky is still a favorite amongst consumers.

The best jerky subscription is made from high-quality cuts of meat and natural ingredients to provide a delicious, smoky flavor with every bite. Some of the best beef jerky subscription services also offer a wide range of flavors to meet the needs of any discerning jerky connoisseur. Some of the most popular options include sweet, smoky, spicy, and savory.

Some artisan jerky subscriptions have niche offerings for people with specific dietary restrictions. Some of these include a booze box (alcohol-based jerky), hot box (spicy jerky), and wild game box (exotic jerky). Additionally, some companies allow you to select the type of jerky you want to receive each month.

Most beef jerky is made from top round or flank steak. The meat is trimmed of most of its fat and then cut into thin strips. The strips are then marinated and laid to dry in a low-temperature oven or dehydrator. The cooking and drying steps are essential to ensure that the jerky is not only safe to eat, but it also has the right texture and flavor.

How is Your Beef Jerky Subscription Made?

While there are many different ways to make jerky, it is important that the meat is of the highest quality and free of any additives or preservatives. The best jerky is made with grass-fed, humanely raised beef that is not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Originally, jerky was created as a way to preserve meats and seafood before refrigeration. It was a necessity in times when the availability of fresh food was limited. The preservation process involved the use of salts and smoke from natural sources. The salts and smoke helped to preserve the meat and extend its shelf life.

Jerky the Month Club offers a premium selection of handcrafted jerky from top artisan producers across the country. It is the perfect gift for jerky lovers and can be purchased as a one-time prepaid subscription of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Gift recipients can enjoy a monthly delivery of curated jerky from their favorite makers and can choose between two, four, or eight bags delivered each month. In addition to the jerky itself, you can add a personal gift note for your recipient at checkout.

JerkyGent provides a variety of handcrafted beef jerky from small-batch producers. Their flexible subscription options and curated selections help subscribers discover new flavors and brands they love. Their best-sellers include aloha teriyaki and sriracha bacon. They pride themselves on showcasing and supporting small-town artisanal jerky producers.

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