How to Advertise: Best Online Marketing or Marketing TV Commercials?

Large, medium and small companies pay attention to the trends that are taking place. As you decide how to advertise to your customers, you may be wondering what the best advertising is. We will examine two things you need to know about doing television commercials or online marketing (digital marketing) and what to expect in the near future.

First, according to TVB, television advertising investment increased 7.7% in 2012 or almost $ 22 billion. And according to eMarketer, Internet ad spend increased 16.6% in 2012 or nearly $ 38 billion.

Although there was a smaller percentage increase in TV commercials, the total dollars spent was 2.5 times higher. So does this make TV advertising a better option?

Second, let’s look at the number of people who watch television versus the number of people who surf the web. In the United States, 283 million people watch television and 212 million people surf the Internet.

Clearly, there are still more people who watch TV and then surf the web. Again, this might seem like television advertising is winning again, right?

Many advertising companies admit that the time has come to crown a new king. Almost 75% of ad agencies report that online video ads are taking customers to the next level because they are more effective.

Why is this happening? As more and more people learn about smartphones, tablets, and other devices that allow them to surf the web, this audience will continue to grow.

People now have the option to see what they want. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest allow the user to decide what is important. Television advertising doesn’t really offer you this option.

Digital display is driving the online video ad market, according to eMarketer. YouTube claims that 72 hours of video were uploaded per minute, and that’s data from 2011!

There is no doubt that television has more than 4 decades of advantage in digital marketing, but this reign of supremacy may come to an end in the next few years.

Online marketing can push the boundaries unlike a television ad. The Federal Trade Commission does not analyze Internet advertisements as much as it does for television.

The main reason why online marketing has gotten so big, so fast is because you can create a free ad very easily on the internet. This is not the case with television commercials.

If you have a small business, the answer seems pretty obvious. You have the opportunity to connect with your customers on a very personal level and it won’t cost you much more than your time.

Large and medium-sized businesses may have the budget to use television commercials and online marketing. How you advertise your business is up to you. But you can’t ignore the potential that digital marketing can bring to your business.

Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero III – Game Review

Having received a Nintendo Wii console for Christmas (OK, OK! Bought it for myself!), Guitar Hero III was my first real introduction to a guitar game.

I have to say it in advance; I love it, despite the fact that my wife and daughter can beat me without hesitation!

Back to the game. One of the cool things about Hero is that it involves using most of the techniques that a real guitarist would use. However, the main feature of Guitar Hero is its unique controller.


With a high-octane game as a hero, it would be a real shame to get by with a boring mainstream controller. Well, if you haven’t tried it yet, a treat awaits you with the Gibson Les Paul-based wireless guitar controller.

The Gibson has 5 colored fret knobs, a strum to simulate the strings, and a hit bar (cool!)

The guitar is a bit smaller than a real one, so if you play guitar, it might feel a bit strange until you get used to it. But it is worth persevering, in fact, you may become addicted.

The jerks, hammers, and up and down strumming work wonders with this device, so it won’t be long before you’re feeling like your favorite rock god (I’m already growing my hair and body out! lycra is on request).

If you play this with your friends in 2 player mode (and I guarantee you will!) Don’t be stingy; get yourself a second driver.

The game

So the guitar peripheral is great; What about the game itself? The song list is absolutely amazing (it may be showing my age!). There are a variety of version 70 songs including classics like Anarchy in the UK, Ruby, Paint it Black, and Paranoid to name a few.

As a player, you are presented with a guitar fretboard and vertical bar with 5 colored sections. As the song plays, the bar moves down the fretboard and notes of different colors appear in the corresponding section.

When the bar hits, you press the corresponding colored buttons on your guitar fretboard (in the right sequence, damn, I knew there was something I was doing wrong) and strum.

Green, red, yellow, blue and green are the five colored fret buttons.

The strum is performed on a long bar that represents the strings.

You will also find a hitting bar. Use this to bend any notes that need to be held down. You will recognize them by the long colored lines that continue until you need to drop the note.

Hero has 4 main game modes;

Quick game

This allows you to directly enter the game and play the songs.


In this mode, you can learn to take full advantage of the functions of the guitar controller.


Here you gradually build your career by playing gigs to earn money. Once you have done this, you will be able to unlock more songs and buy new guitars.

This is the main focus of the game. Start by choosing an interpreter. There are many to choose from spanning all rock ages. Next, choose your guitar and finally select the difficulty level. There are 3 to choose from; Easy, Medium and Hard.

Easy uses only the first 3 fret buttons. This is great for getting used to the game and the controller, but you’ll soon want to move on.

The medium level is much more fun, uses one more fret, and the songs are more challenging. More importantly, it allows you to unlock songs and guitars. In other words, you are rewarded for playing well.


With the multiplayer mode you can challenge your friends to a serious battle between the rock gods.

This mode is a bit lacking in that it’s basically one person playing a part, and then the other person picks up where the other left off, and then they both play the same part simultaneously. Okay, but not as fun as it could be.

To see how it goes, keep an eye on the Rock Meter. Meter colors let you know what the crowd thinks of your performance.

o Green: if the meter is green, it means that you are a rock god. The crowd loves you!

o Yellow: okay, you’re doing pretty good and the crowd likes you, but you could do better.

o Red – Well, you are a bit rude. The crowd is dispersing and if you’re not careful they can throw things at you.

o Flashing red – Practice or quit!

Regardless of the mode to play well, just like a real instrument, you need to practice.

Above the Rock Meter is the Star Meter. By pressing the labeled notes, you can add power to this meter. Once it is half full, you will be allowed to use Star Power. This puts the crowd on your side and multiplies your score.

To use this power, lean the guitar toward the ceiling, swinging the instrument upward as if you were actually rocking the song.

There’s a tilt sensor on the device that lets the game know when you’ve done this, and once you’ve done it, you’ve got Star Power and God, it feels great!

The final meter is the score meter. It has 2 elements, an indicator shows you your current score, as well as your current multiplier.

The more notes you play without errors, the better your multiplication will be and the higher your score will be. Ideally, you want your multiplication to be as large as possible before activating Star Power

At the end of the song, if you make it to the end, you will find out how well you did. This will include:

o Your rating: from 1 to 5 stars. This tells you how well you played; the rock gauge plays an important role in this.

o Your score: this is the final score of the song.

o Your Note Performance – How many notes you hit in a row without making a mistake.

o Your Notes Hit: the percentage of correct notes that are hit.

There are thirty songs available to play from the beginning, although there are many more to unlock in the “Unlock Store” as you progress through the main game. These songs were created specifically for the game, and while they may not be as memorable as the thirty classic titles, they are still a lot of fun to play.

The basic appearance of the game is amazing.

Each concert you play has a different location and the characters are quite well animated and presented. Detail is a bit weak and fuzzy in places, but this doesn’t really affect gameplay.

The music is great Cream, Boston and Ozzy, to name a few.

In short, Guitar Hero is a really fun game. It’s great at parties where all your friends try to outdo each other and you’ll find that what started out as a little quick fun ends as a nighttime marathon that you’re determined to be in. TEA Rock god.

Building dream teams today

If the leadership within any organization wants to make the most of everyone within its operation, they must realize that the people within each of their teams are the most valuable assets your company has. The greatest value can only be realized from each team member, if enough investment is made, to turn all new and existing individuals into passionate and productive contributors, adding real value to the team’s business synergy.

This may sound harsh, but if any team member, existing or new, receives as much support as possible, but refuses to change and becomes a valuable contributor to the team, then it is imperative that you, as a leader, have the foresight. to assess this as early as possible and then you must have the courage and fortitude to replace these individuals with new members who are more suited to the team dynamics. These are really tough decisions to make, but they are sometimes the only option available if you want to develop and attract the right caliber of people who meet the needs, performance criteria, and team dynamics of your team. One bad apple in a barrel of perfectly fresh apples will soon cause the entire barrel to start rotting.

As you build, support and invest in creating a team of passionate, productive, and driven people with a common goal and vision, you have the makings of a “DREAM TEAM.” Each member of the “DREAM TEAM” not only becomes a powerful contributor to the overall success of the team, but also truly enjoys what they do, thus gaining richer and deeper career satisfaction along the way.

To get the most out of each individual on each of your teams, it is imperative that each leader is qualified to lead that team. This means that each team leader should be a perfect example of the productivity, passion, drive, and results they expect from each individual team member. Who you are says a lot, strive to always be the example you would like to follow. Each leader must also have an intricate understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and knowledge of each team member. This will equip the leader to use each team member as effectively as possible and to offer the right support to help team members develop the right skills and knowledge.

Action ideaTake the time to audit each team member and carefully assess their strengths and weaknesses. The results you will enjoy from your teams are limited by the weakest link on each team, so understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Invest enough resources in developing everyone on your teams so that you can ensure that everyone is operating to the standard required to be successful.

The information you gather about the strengths and weaknesses of each individual on your team should be used wisely to ensure that you always present tasks in each individual’s area of ​​strength. This way, you will always get the best out of each team member and ensure that each team member is delivering to their full potential.

During the audit, also try to assess if there are any leadership, knowledge, or other skills that may need improvement in your team members, as any lack of skill or knowledge in these areas will drastically reduce your team’s performance. Make sure these issues are addressed urgently and corrective action is taken immediately to remedy any deficiencies. You cannot have a “DREAM TEAM” without people with the right skill and knowledge and without each member of the team acting as a great example to the other members.

If you want to be a great leader, leading a group of inspired and motivated members of a “DREAM TEAM”, then have a clear vision that all team members communicate and understand clearly, create a safe and supportive environment in your organization , where you focus on the few leadership basics I’ve highlighted above and live to lead your team by example. This will allow your team to become a magnet for top talent and incredible teamwork. Team processes will become organic, routine, and effortless, allowing the team to work as a synergistic unit to achieve all of its goals.

As you grow as an authentic leader, you recognize your responsibility to foster real enthusiasm within your team and strive to help each team member develop a real sense of pride and self-motivation, where you constantly inspire all team members. Your team with your perfect For example, you have created a “DREAM TEAM”.

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Bee listening

Honey Bee Diva is the soul, template and essence of Spirit’s imprint in the material world that creates the form of the physical honey bee. I believe in the spirit; intelligent consciousness present in all forms of matter. Can’t say I believe Honey Bee Diva. Honey Bee Diva exists believe it or not. If I lose you at the end of this paragraph, that’s fine. Listening to bees requires a connection to the Honey Bee Diva.

My first encounter with the Bee Diva occurred in the late 1990s. For two years I lived in a simple outbuilding of a room heated by a wood stove, with no kitchen or indoor bathroom. During this time of mourning, I chose to act based solely on internal impulses. I ate when I was hungry, I slept when I was sleepy, I danced, I moved, I wrote poetry and I painted. During this time, a luscious iconic image entered my creative imagination. I call this iconic image Angel Bee. A series of eighteen small multimedia paintings by Angel Bees soon followed. These paintings will one day become a collection of note cards and posters. The paintings are dynamic, unique and fun images of a winged creature energetically communicating with a human ear.

Making these little paintings brought my awareness to a place of deep listening to a new, exciting, unknown but attractive inner urge. Fifteen years later, this same deep listening quality is evoked when I open my hive.

When my hands are doing an action that is hurting a bee, the bee emits a buzzing noise that, to my ears, clearly says “oh, you are hurting me.” Guardian bees have a specific buzz that accompanies an irritated foray into my bee veil, clearly communicating “watch out!” There is a sweet murmur of satisfaction in which the colony communicates that all is well; when this buzzing is heard, the bees are calm and no smoking is necessary. When they are hungry and angry, the colony has another unique sound that lets me know that I need to offer supplemental food and be quick about it.

Enjoying this type of communication with thousands of insects is interesting.

The result of listening to my bees? The colony of healthy and wintery parents was not swarming. Three weeks after taking measurements based on listening to bees, I have two strong colonies and one Nuc, all with layer queens. The one-year-old queen of the mother colony ended up in the core of the hive, which is perfect. She is a supercedure queen since last fall and did an amazing job keeping her colony brood throughout the winter, leading to strong colony formation in early spring. She will make an excellent breeding queen and it will be easy to work with her locked in a happy core hive for a few more weeks.

This is all very curious and a bit magical too, which is fine. I hope to continue listening to my honey bees rather than imposing my will as a means to achieve any particular goal. Since I first hung up my bee pack last May, the bees were fed only sugar syrup that contained a nutritional supplement along with a blend of essential oils: lemon balm, peppermint, tea tree, lavender. These bees are lucky enough to live in a true green sanctuary – acres and acres of pesticide-free foraging. Of course, I hope the girls make extra honey this spring. The climate has been ideal for a generous flow of honey. We have had very little rain to delay the search for food; The days have been neither too hot nor too cold, so the bees don’t have to work as hard to keep the internal hive temperature at 93-94 degrees, which is best for their developing brood.

What’s the news from the colony this week? Unless they call and advise otherwise, I’ll leave the bees alone except to set up some small hive beetle traps, offer supplemental feeding because they are building a new honeycomb, and wait another week before making a Varroa sugar roll . and sprinkle with sugar so the new queens have a chance to settle in and find their egg-laying rhythm.

If you have had the experience of listening and / or listening to your honey bees, please leave a comment and share your story!

Buy original BMW parts

BMW needs no introduction; They have been around for a long time and are still one of the most popular cars. In today’s world of fashion and brand awareness, customers want the best of everything to be in the fashion league. Cars have also become a way to make a statement or express one’s lifestyle. BMW was once such a popular brand and is owned by various customers around the world.

Most customers rely solely on brand names for aftermarket BMW parts. There are several online BMW auto parts vendors, selling quality and affordable BMW parts. They offer custom parts for the entire BMW series. Customers can also save up to 50% every day. A wide range of BMW rims, BMW taillights, BMW headlights, BMW taillights, BMW fog lights, BMW air intakes, etc. They’re available.

Various types and configurations of brake kits are available. They must be replaced in time for safety. Wheels are one of the most important parts of the car. There are various types and sizes of wheels available. The tires must have undergone various quality checks such as weight bearing analysis, underwater crack testing, tire radial fatigue testing, impact load testing, etc. These must be chosen carefully and replaced in time to avoid mishaps. These can also be customized to give the car a new look. Customers also replace suspension parts to improve performance. BMW spoilers come in various shapes and sizes and finding the right one can be a bit difficult. Roof spoilers, trunk spoilers, etc. they are types of spoilers. Installation is easy, you just need to choose a spoiler that suits your needs.

Customers who want to add more power to their cars opt for the BMW air intake. These custom intakes can provide more airflow, more horsepower, and therefore greater fuel economy. Clear and bright views can be obtained using HID lamps. These headlights will ensure more light and ensure clear and safe driving during nights and rain.

All of these and many more BMW parts are available at They can be used at discounted rates whenever necessary. They also ship as soon as possible and are delivered within two to ten business days.

Mess Free in 5 Easy Steps! The best ways to make your home clutter-free

Are you ashamed to invite people? Are you tired of living in a messy place? Well, don’t stress anymore. Help is here. See your home through the eyes of your visitors and take action. Order and finally move on with these 5 quick and easy steps that make up the acronym: AHEAD, because as a well-known man and motivational speaker once said: “Now is the best time you will ever have to get ahead!” Zig Ziglar .

1) Attack your ordination with a vengeance.

At a minimum, tackle this project bit by bit, like an hour or one room / area a day. Even a closet or desk / dresser drawer a day can work just fine. The bottom line is this: do something. Loafers are not allowed. Decide that you will continue until each room is finished, including the garage, basement, and outbuildings like sheds. Include the outside of your house as well, removing trash from your lawn, cleaning flower beds from old bags of mulch and old flower pots, etc.

Track your progress right from the start. Use an online spreadsheet or simple emailed or emailed document listing rooms and other areas to clean. Print out your list and use colored markers as you go through it all, highlighting finished areas in green, for example.

2) Head to stores, online and off, blogs, videos, social media sites, and other places.

Visit local stores and online sites to check out the latest organizational tools from the trade. See which one could meet your needs and check your budget. Find them on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sites, blogs, videos, and other content.

Save by recycling the things you already have in place to create organizational tools. You can use old plastic milk jugs, cut off the top and use the bottom portions as storage containers for your family room remotes, pet toys, children’s blocks, etc.

3) Visualize plans with room for growth.

Take your tracker from No. 1 above and incorporate it into a journal or journal where you also add notes for each area you need to clear. Start your own outline for that area or set numbered points like in this article where you list each room and then have captions on what you want to do there. For example, you can include “Family Room”, highlighting the word in yellow, with bullets underneath that say things like:

  • Throw away old magazines or donate them to your local library.
  • Put all the remotes together in a small basket or a bag on a small table.
  • Remove things from the room that belong elsewhere, such as exercise, equipment (set up an area or another room just for this).

Use colored pencils, markers / highlighters, stickers, and other writing tools to make your plans stand out and mean something to you. Tape or glue cut out or printed images or insert digital images of the products you have in mind for each area, such as a magazine rack for the family room and a CD / DVD case for the teen’s bedroom.

4) Ask for feedback.

Take digital photos to share on Facebook, Pinterest, and / or other social media sites for feedback. Ask your friends and / or neighbors. They can even offer suggestions for improvement and have organizational products to donate to your project.

5) Dive in, divide and defeat the beast of disorder!

Once you get feedback, do your research and review / update your plan. When something new arrives in each area, throw away something old or donate or recycle it. However, don’t let Clutter Monster take over again. Break that cycle of clutter once and for all.

As a wise man once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” Mark Twain.

Now up to you. It is time to move on and get ahead. Start!

No more worries about the use of your furniture

Dining room furniture stores are in every corner of the city and offer great varieties and prices. While choosing furniture is easy, your work begins only after it is delivered to you. Keep in mind that nothing pinches more than seeing your furniture enduring the brunt of daily tasks. We will see how to choose and keep your furniture in good condition.

The first is the first. Let’s see what your dining room set included. Dining tables are the most important piece in your dining room set. They tie your other furniture together and act as the focal point. Your dining table can be Victorian, classic, modern, or contemporary. It can be made of wood, wrought iron, or any of the variety of materials for sale.

Wooden dining tables are elegance personified. Keep in mind that nothing can beat a well crafted and designed wooden table that enhances the dignity of your place. You must take proper care of your table, as it is the most vulnerable of all its elements. Daily use can result in scratches, burns, stains and marks that emerge and destroy the beauty. Invest in a suitable table pad. It will protect your table for years together. Replacing the top of a wooden dining table would not be an ideal proposition in terms of cost or aesthetics. Therefore, it is better to be careful and meticulous when using your favorite table.

Wooden dining chairs also need proper maintenance and care. Do not lean on the chair handles as they can expand and open from the corners. Varnishing and polishing at frequent intervals is important to have that flawless look. If your chairs have leather upholstery, be sure to be very careful as using them as a replacement can cost you dearly. Use suitable cushions and rugs to protect the surface. This would also greatly increase the life of your chairs. The same goes for your dining room sofas. Avoid eating greasy things while sitting on your couches, as even a few marks will diminish your beauty. To avoid this, you can have replaceable covers that can be washed at home.

A wooden dining room sideboard is another item that adds to the beauty of your place. Be sure to cover the top of the hutch with suitable cloth or plastics. If you place certain items on top of your dresser, make sure they are not abrasive or rough on the edges as they can lead to permanent scratches. Front glass used in a hutch requires frequent cleaning and careful handling. If you keep your utensils in the hutch, make sure the water does not spill, as water marks are difficult to remove.

Since you are spending a lot of money on your dining room furniture, it is very important that you take good care of it. The little money spent on regular maintenance is well worth it. You can rest easy and be sure that you will last for years together.

Games: the good and the bad

It has always been a debate whether playing games is good for you. Since the conception of consoles, parents have been concerned about the negative effect that computer games have on their children. How to win the argument with your parents, at least getting them to let you have fun with games is easier than you think. There is a lot of research done by the psychologist to find out the impact of games on people, especially those who are still in school. Let’s face it, once we start working, the game time will be very limited.

There are many genres of games and sadly these arguments do not hold for some games that promote violence and aggressive behavior like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Studies have shown that violent games increase the tendency for aggressive behavior in children and adults, so those who like to play these games should limit their play time. For the average person who likes to play games, there are three good arguments.

Otherwise, positive studies have been done to show that games actually help people think. Role-playing games force people to plan and strategize while trying to complete missions. Without proper planning – leveling up skills, upgrading weapons, and establishing battle formations – it’s nearly impossible to win on certain missions and levels. Those who played Shadow of Colossus would remember the infuriating gameplay and the feeling of triumph every time a monster falls.

Games have gotten smarter as time goes by, artificial intelligence (AI) has improved so much that zombies can now run around and plan a massive attack. In Resident Evil 5, zombies are faster and can now wield weapons, instead of mindlessly crawling towards you, showing their bloody teeth. I still remember the terror I felt when Executioner Manjini jumped at me with the great ax, nails and hooks protruding from his back. Not only do you have to plan your character’s movements, you have to anticipate what the enemy will be doing, which is becoming more difficult every year.

This is true for me, at least. Players who play games that stimulate the mind: role-playing games, puzzles, fitness, and much more tend to have good reflexes. It is not easy to look at the screen for hidden treasures, to look at the map for potential enemies that cross some angle, to stock up quickly before a boss fight and not to develop a level of mental prowess. Workers can testify to some degree that multitasking is easier for a person who gambles. I keep playing Dr. Kawashima’s Brain and Body Exercises on my Xbox Kinect to help keep my brain in sync with the rest of me.

We love to play, playing is fun and technology has allowed us to play with people from all over the world without leaving our room. The benefits of the game, unfortunately, are not linked to the long hours we dedicate to it. Keeping playtime to a reasonable level ensures that we have a real life outside of virtual reality, which is important for functioning as a member of a community.

Dippity Do – Easter Egg Fun

Easter is just around the corner and one of the great activities to participate in this and every Easter season is coloring the Easter eggs. Easter eggs are simple and fun to color; you just need to take note of the following tricks.

Easter eggs usually start with hard-boiled eggs, so buy a dozen or two to color with. Gently lower them into boiling water for about 10 minutes. The eggs will cook and go hard. Now let them dry.

The easiest way to color your Easter eggs is to purchase an Easter Egg Coloring Kit. These kits usually include dyes to paint your Easter eggs in various colors, stencils or stickers to decorate and design them, and an Easter egg holder so that they dry easily. Most kits cost a few dollars and are very practical.

You can also make your own color dye. You can mix about 1 tablespoon of food coloring with half a teaspoon of vinegar, then add about 1/2 cup to a third cup of water. Now simply dip your Easter egg into the colored cup of water. The longer the egg stays in the water, the deeper and darker the color will generally be.

Also, you can paint your Easter eggs by hand. You can find many watercolor paints or other types of paints to design and decorate your eggs. Even undiluted food coloring generally works. It is important to note that you should not eat eggs that you have used paint on.

Creating or decorating your egg is fun and easy too. Once the eggs are hard, you can glue stickers to the egg, use a brush to thinly coat a creative design, or glue scraps of construction paper to your egg. Many people even dress their Easter eggs in dolls or handmade clothing made from cotton or other fabrics.

Cocaine Cowboys – An Investigation Into the Crack Cocaine Market From the 1980s

Cocaine Cowboys

The cocaine cowboys of the 1980s were a criminal group of men who made their living by stealing and selling drugs. These men would show up at legal proceedings and testify as to who was responsible for a shooting or a bust. They were notorious for setting up fake cocaine cowboys businesses in cities throughout the United States. Their goal was to intimidate law enforcement officers and judges into putting their people behind bars.

These cocaine cowboys were mostly from south Florida. They would travel to Colombia or Peru and bring cocaine back to the United States. The most high-profile case was the so-called “Barrel House Massacre”. Here, two men were killed in what was supposed to be a federal drug trafficking arrest. This case gained worldwide publicity because it was captured on video by a photographer working for the Associated Press. The cocaine in this case totaled about 25 kilos, which is a huge amount for that time.

This cocaine cowboys scandal became an international affair, and many different investigations were conducted. In the end, seven men were charged with criminal offenses, including murder. Authorities arrested several more men. However, the case collapsed due to lack of evidence. Authorities could not prove that these men were involved in a drug trade, so all their charges were dropped.

Investigation Into the Crack Cocaine Market From the 1980s

An interesting aspect of this story is that none of the suspects were ever brought to trial. Authorities decided not to pursue prosecution due to lack of evidence. There have been reports that authorities in the Miami area still continue to hunt for the cocaine cowboys. This 2006 documentary seeks to put those rumors to rest. It profiles several of the men who were involved in the case.

In the Miami-Dade County documentary, “Cocaine Cowboys: Search for the Masters of Crime,” several men who were charged with crimes related to the cocaine cowboys case were profiled. These men include former Miami police detective Richard Medina, undercover narcotics investigator Arthur Aguayo, and former sanitation workers who worked in Miami-Dade County’s public detox facility. Many of the subjects interviewed had close knowledge that authorities were looking for these men. They said that they never sold drugs themselves, but rather acted as middlemen for those selling drugs. Some of the subjects also said that they had direct involvement in the distribution of drugs, but did not admit to any charges.

The documentary also delves into the lives of other individuals from the Miami area who were not directly implicated in the cocaine cowboys case. Some were actually targeted by the ring. Others were indirectly affected, as some were afraid to take part in the drug trade due to the high prices and risk of arrest. Many of the subjects spoke about how they lost friends and family members to the drug trade, and the impact it had on their everyday lives. Many of the subjects said that they want to get out of the drug business, but are afraid to do so because they have to leave behind loved ones.