Baltimore Guide – Outdoor Activities

Baltimore is a city that mixes with nature trails and beautiful scenery. An outdoor vacation is what this place is all about, with many naturally beautiful wonders waiting to be discovered at Calvart Cliffs State Park, Savage River State Forest, Janes Island State Park, and many more wilderness areas here. You can enjoy the great outdoors in sheltered seclusion, as this place offers a long list of adventure and leisure opportunities for its visitors with activities like camping, biking, and more with just a cheap ticket to Baltimore. Here is a list of outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Baltimore.

Ride the rail trails. The state of Maryland has more than a dozen of these rail trails. As more and more railroads became obsolete, they were paved and turned into flat bike paths. This provides a wonderful opportunity to be in the middle of nature and see Baltimore first-hand. This is a very popular activity among tourists. It will keep you close to your fitness goals and help you enjoy your ride at the same time. This is especially good since the holidays are where we get away from our diets and indulge in criminally high calorie feasts.

Appalachian Trail. This is a fairly easy hike if you are an active person. It is a 40 mile hiking trail from Pen-Mar to the Potomac River. This is a very scenic trail and you can take multiple pictures here. Being here will make you relive it over and over again as you realize that being in nature can be so beautiful.

Assateague Island. This is a unique getaway. On the outskirts of the city, this island is full of wild horses and quiet beaches. It is a perfect place to spend some time alone and reverberate in your life and your goals. You can see wild horses here, it’s a very Hollywood sequel experience.

Smith Island. This is an island a short ferry ride from the mainland. This is famous for its delicious layered pancakes and wild nature that is yet to be affected. This offers a preview of the world as Mother Nature intended.

Gunpowder river pipe. This is a local annual event where everyone rides a tube through the cold waters of the river. This is especially a good way to beat the summer heat and have fun. The river is nothing to worry about with a few light rapids. Shuttle services are available to take you upstream once you are done.

Camping in Green Ridge Forest. This is a few hours from the city. This is a dream place for lovers of the great outdoors. Here you can camp in primeval forest sites and fish and rowing boats. The place is very picturesque and elevated.

Marathon. The state organizes more than a dozen marathons each year. Along with the marathons, ultramarathons, trail runs, 15k, 10k and other running events are scheduled every weekend. This is a very good place to put on your running shoes and get along with other runners to enjoy the natural beauty that this place has to offer.

Being in nature is a luxury today and you have to enjoy these experiences whenever possible. By living in cities, we are moving away from natural life, this is what we can correct on a nature-focused vacation in places like Baltimore.

Supporting Penis Health: A Guide to Men’s Underwear

In ingenious surveys buried in women’s magazines, girls are asked to ask their male counterparts if they wear boxers or briefs. It’s posed as a question of one or the other, and while that might be a tempting survey, the truth is that most men have many different styles of underwear, including boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and jockstraps. Choosing the right type of underwear for the right occasion could help men avoid some common penis health problems.

Dressing for parenthood

Studies suggest that men hoping to conceive a child in the near future should wear boxer briefs most of the time, if not all of the time. Standard briefs or boxer briefs can make the testicles warm, which reduces sperm motility. Tight underwear can also prevent the penis from moving freely and this could hamper the strength of an erection. Boxers come in a variety of colorful patterns, and the silky texture of some boxers could provide some men with added excitement throughout the day. Boxers can, however, bunch up when worn under rough wool pants. Men who wear boxers may need to be careful in the selection of their pants to ensure that they do not develop a bulky appearance.

Dressing for the office

Boxer briefs are considered an ideal fare for office life. They stay soft and in place, keeping the profile nice throughout the day, and provide protection and support for men who spend at least part of the day walking from cubicle to cubicle. Boxer briefs can also be quite stylish, giving men a bit of confidence that they need to get through a stressful workday with ease.

Dressing for sports

Physical activities like running, swimming, and biking can quickly become painful if men wear undergarments that don’t provide adequate support. Chafing injuries can occur when the tip of the penis brushes against rough fabrics or the hems that hold fabrics together, and the bouncing parts can cause men to feel sore and stretched at the end of an exercise session.

For sports that involve repeated movements, briefs are a must. They provide adequate support, and the structure of the garments ensures that there are no rough spots to rub. One word of caution: briefs worn during exercise should absorb moisture from the body, keeping skin warm and dry. Cotton briefs cannot handle this task at all. Even cotton blends should be avoided.

Sports that involve the slightest suggestion of physical contact require the use of jockstraps with cups. These sports include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Fencing

The plastic surface of the cup can prevent a small bump from becoming a serious injury and can allow a man to perform well in sport without constantly feeling fearful of a bump coming.

Being careful

Even when a man plans his wardrobe carefully, there may be times when the unexpected happens. The boss may ask the boys to play a quick game on horseback, for example, or a quick bike ride to a friend’s house can turn into a 15-mile leisure hike through the country. When this happens, it is not uncommon for men to return home feeling sore and uncomfortable. Changing clothes and taking a quick wash in the shower is a great first step. Sticky sweat can be washed off, and sore skin can be relieved when exposed to air once more. When these steps are not enough, a penis health cream can also be helpful. (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Soothing emollients can help sore, red, and irritated skin, and over time, the cream can also help men develop skin that is softer, more supple, and able to resist minor cuts and scrapes from unsafe clothing. It fits well.

Computer recycling: the importance

Electronic products are becoming easier to use, which makes them in high demand. There are several places to buy a new computer. With such demand for new, smarter, and easier-to-use computers, the question arises, “What do I do with my old computer?” Old computers to be taken to goodwill or donated to a school for computer education. Our high speed internet is too much for these veterans. Fortunately, new technology has spawned computer recycling companies and given them the ability to recycle computers to save the environment from the harmful waste of old and rotten computers.

One of the many computer recycling centers is Best Buy. Now they have broadcast on their website and in their commercials that they will accept any old computer or laptop for a $ 10 processing fee and then give you a $ 10 gift card. Just the other day I took a huge computer monitor together. With the tower, and an old mouse roll, I recycled them instead of throwing them away. I received a $ 20 gift card to Best Buy. Computer recycling centers like Best Buy charge the fee but give you your money back, so by getting rid of that old machine, you helped save some green for your wallet. Another recycling center is Staples, it also charges $ 10. Spend a little green to save a lot of green.

While the demand for computers is increasing, so will the demand to recycle them safely. Going green is an old thought that leads to a new way to recycle the future. While computers have been transformed from large, bulky to small, and convenient, recycling is just beginning its transformation to become the best way to dispose of old computers. Computer disposal companies will become more aware of computer buyers.

Medical Identity Theft: Deadly Consequences

Of all the ways we are victims of identity theft, the most devastating really could be fraudulent theft of medical benefits. Although it is the least studied and worst documented form of crime, it has far-reaching and almost irreversible repercussions. Recent federal and state legislation has provided consumers with a wide range of rights and protections to combat the effects of financial identity theft. In stark contrast, victims of misuse of their “medical identity” are often left without resources and face almost insurmountable challenges as they attempt to correct fraudulent medical information.

The real damage in these cases occurs when a victim’s medical history is changed to suit the thief’s needs. Unlike your credit file (s), you do not have the same rights to correct or dispute the medical information in your file. To illustrate this point, let’s turn to the 1996 case against Dr. Richard P. Skodnek of Massachusetts. Dr. Skodnek was convicted of more than 130 fraud charges related to false Medicare and insurance billing. The formerly highly respected psychologist had submitted claims to his patients’ insurance providers for missed appointments and treatments. In some of the cases, he also claimed to treat his patients’ siblings when in fact he had not even met them. All of these fraudulently billed “sessions” and related diagnoses were documented in each victim’s personal and permanent medical history. Wrote a judge in the case reviewing the impact on the victims;

“The evidence suggests that once claims are entered, they cannot be removed from the system. The most that can be done is to enter an entry in the computer records to reflect that a particular claim was false.” Y – “Also, even when a notation is entered to show that the billing record was false, the insurance company cannot declare, and the notation, therefore, will not reflect, if Skodnek’s statements on diagnosis, the prescription drugs and / or the patient’s psychiatric symptoms were false. ”

United States v. Skodnek, 933 F. Supp. 1108 ,; 1996 US Dist. LEXIS 9788 (DD Mass. 1996)

With this statement in mind, remember that your medical information is also used to make decisions about you in addition to treating your illness. Victims have had all available benefits reduced or used entirely, and have also been denied health or life insurance, security clearances, and even employment.

Detecting theft or misuse is almost as difficult as correcting your information. Some of the ways that people have discovered that they have been victimized include;

  • receive someone else’s medical bills at your address
  • Collection notices from agencies and attorneys for medical services they never received or from providers they never used.
  • notifications from insurance companies, law enforcement, or healthcare providers
  • inaccurate information in your medical record (i.e. different blood type or allergies and illnesses that the patient does not have)
  • denial of benefits or employment

Although they can be time consuming, there are some steps that consumers can and should take to detect medical identity theft.

  • Obtain and review a copy of your report from the Office of Medical Information. All consumers are entitled to one free copy each year under the Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act (FACTA). The report includes who has provided information to the MIB, requested its file, and also the consumer’s individual insurance application activity. Visit for consumer information and instructions.
  • Review any “Explanation of Benefits” submitted by insurers, even if your balance is $ 0. Contact your insurer immediately if something is not correct.
  • Review all statements and invoices sent by healthcare providers and insurers carefully. Never assume that mistakes were accidental and will be corrected. Call and dispute inaccurate entries with both the provider and your insurer.
  • Annually request complete medical records and a report of disclosures from each medical provider you see and their insurer (s). Include hospitals that you have visited during the year for any reason. Please review them carefully and discuss errors immediately.

Unlike financial identity theft, monitoring services are not available to alert you when your medical information has been accessed or altered. The detection and correction of this crime will be your responsibility for the foreseeable future. However, the best identity theft monitoring and restoration services available to consumers will include valuable help if you are a victim of this type of theft. The best advice for consumers is to educate themselves and carefully monitor their information and statements. Lastly, seriously consider a top-notch identity theft service for your family that specifically addresses this crime.

The garbage can water joke

This is a classic joke that can really piss off your friend. In this article I will explain what the water in the trash can prank is and how to pull it off.

The trash can prank works like this: You fill a trash can halfway with water. Then you lean it against your friend’s door at an angle of about 45 degrees. So you knock on the door and run! When your friend opens the door, the trash can will fall and spill all the water in your house or room.

Here are some things to keep in mind so that you can get this prank right:

1. How does the door open?

You want to make sure that when your friend opens the door, he should pull it inward, toward himself. If the door opens outward, it will simply push the trash can back to a stranded position, and the prank won’t work.

2. Make sure you get the correct angle.

You must be careful when leaning the trash can against your door. If there is too much tilt, then the trash can could topple over before you open the door. If there is very little incline, then the trash can can simply fall back into an upright position and he will be looking at a trash can full of water. This would be a total failure as a joke.

With any joke, I recommend a video camera so you can capture your friend’s reaction and laugh many times in the future. Good luck with the prank!

New trucks offer all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive for icy conditions

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, you may want to avoid the roads altogether. That is probably your best option, but it is not always an option. When you have to navigate snowy and icy roads, a few features will keep you safe. Many new trucks come with features that will be very important to consider. Four-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (FWD) are absolutely essential for safe driving in winter conditions. Both provide power to all four tires to maintain traction. However, they are slightly different.


A basic four-wheel drive system involves a transfer case separate from the transmission. This case has its own team, which is usually very low ranking. Allows the driver to deliver engine power to all four tires. Low gear slows the vehicle down to slow but provides much more traction and power, allowing you to crawl over treacherous terrain and maintain grip on icy roads.

In reality, many new trucks have elaborate computer systems that monitor engine and brake power under particularly dangerous conditions so that the driver can concentrate on steering. These on-board computers have changed a lot from 4WD. Originally, all-wheel drive was used to describe part-time systems that deliver different amounts of power to the front and rear axles. Four-wheel drive was used for full-time systems that delivered the same amount of power to the front and rear wheels. Now, the amount of energy delivered to the wheels is constantly altered by a computer.

The complexity of the automatic rack and pinion of the transfer case makes them quite large and heavy. They hang from the undercarriage of the vehicle, requiring a heavy skid plate. Some of them weigh over 80 pounds and the skid plates can be just as heavy, which will affect performance and gas mileage. Additionally, complex moving parts will require more maintenance over the life of the vehicle.


This is also called full-time four-wheel drive, as the driver cannot disconnect it. The systems were originally developed for small SUVs and crossovers that were built on passenger car racks, so they tend to be lighter and smaller. Although an AWD system technically delivers constant power to the front and rear axles, the new trucks have characteristics that constantly alter the amount of power that is delivered. These systems generally focus their energy at the front end because it is the most efficient way to drive. However, computers will instantly redirect power to the rear if they detect a loss of traction.

Many controllers prefer this configuration because it does not require any input from the controller. Also, these don’t get involved or disconnected, which means they will be less complex. That reduced complexity means they require less maintenance.

However, since the power of all the tires is constant, the transfer cases do not have the extra low gear to increase the pulling power. For that reason, AWD systems are designed to drive in all types of weather, but not off-road.

Whether you opt for the higher torque of a 4WD setup or the easy maintenance of an AWD setup, the most important thing is staying safe. There is no traction control system that can save you from reckless behavior in poor driving conditions.

How to write and publish your first ebook

Writing your first ebook can seem overwhelming. It probably even seems almost impossible. But the truth is that you have a book in you. You have an e-book that can be used not only to promote your business, but also as another source of income that can be transformed into many more sources of income if you think about it and plan.

Come with an idea

The first business e-book you write can be a good way to express your core values ​​as a business owner or as a way to teach someone something. For example, if you have a thriving business, you can tell the story of how you did it and through that story share tips for them to do the same. =

Write an outline

Every ebook (and every article or blog too) should start with an outline. You don’t have to worry about your form for this scheme. You are using it to put your thoughts together and in order. Keep it simple by writing a working title, then the points you want to discuss that will become chapters, then write a synopsis of what you want to say in each chapter, then describe each chapter.

Stop worrying about mistakes

When you first sit down to write your opening lines (and indeed the entire first draft of your book), the best thing to do is not think about whether or not you are making mistakes. Write how you speak. Don’t try to be someone else. The editing process will be there to fix any issues.

Get started with a Blog

One way to write an e-book is to blog the book first. You can then put it together with the help of an editor, adding transitions and other information as needed to complete the job.

Set of small goals

One page a day can be too much. Instead, you may want to set a time limit for each write period that you configure. You want to set small goals that are achievable, but not so small that you don’t see progress in your dream of finishing a book.

Get a professional deck designed

Don’t skimp on the cover. Hire someone who has a good portfolio of covers that you like. Make sure the cover you have designed is good for print or digital.

Publish to Kindle

You don’t need a traditional editor to make it happen these days. A lot of people start desktop publishing today and if you have an audience, a publisher won’t shut down if you get a large audience. They will come to you. Kindle today allows you to easily publish and also allows you to offer on-demand hard copies that you definitely want to get.

Guidelines for selecting the best customer loyalty program

In today’s economy, it is prudent for merchants to place as much importance on customer retention as on acquisition. It is common business knowledge that it costs 3-5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain an existing one. So what is being done to retain customers?

Among the most successful customer retention strategies in recent years are loyalty programs. Across the country, airlines (frequent flyer miles) and grocery stores (VIP cards) have taken great advantage of rewards programs. As for the locals, who hasn’t had a punch card from the neighborhood sandwich shop in their wallet or purse?

While promoting the same concept, these examples are quite different. The loyalty programs of airlines and supermarkets distribute rewards and capture customer information. The sandwich shop program only distributes rewards. It does not collect any information to further benefit the consumer or their business.

Tip No. # 1: When planning your customer loyalty program, I suggest you avoid traditional (punched) cards. Instead, opt for a mobile system. Technology is current, popular with consumers, and provides you with a very effective communication tool.

Don’t confuse communication with consumers through your cell phone with spam! Customers “opt in” to participate and have the option to “opt out” at any time.

According to Nielsen ratings, more than 90% of the population 13 and older carry a mobile phone. Of these, more than 90% carry their mobile phone with them 24 hours a day.

Your advantage: text messaging has the fastest read rate at 90% in 15 minutes with a final open rate of 97% (email offers a high median open rate of 17% in 48 hours). No other system offers you a more powerful way to interact with your customers!

When looking for mobile loyalty programs, select a system that uses your customers’ mobile phones and email addresses for data collection, so it doesn’t disrupt your business flow. The program should consist of a self-registration station or allow customers to provide only their mobile phone number or email address to the employee at checkout, who then enters it at the Point of Sale terminal. The system itself should collect any additional information (such as birthdays, anniversary, etc.) outside the checkout line so that it is fast enough even for quick service restaurants to implement.

Tip No. # 2: Your mobile loyalty program must communicate with consumers through text messages and email. Since the information is collected by text message and email, the program should automatically attach customer addresses to its consumer base listings. You can then send them text messages and emails at any time using a web-based program.

Do not misuse text messages and mass emails or your customers will immediately “opt out” of the program. Any communication should be beneficial to your customers and should not exceed 3 or 4 messages per month.

Your advantage: Texting is personal and allows instant two-way communication. You are establishing a profitable relationship with your customer!

Tip No. # 3: Your schedule should be fully automatic. During customer check-out, you should only need a mobile phone number or email address to issue credits and distribute rewards (and never interrupt the flow of business). Additionally, your program should automatically distribute birthday and anniversary promotions as well.

Almost all mobile services measure coupon redemption / email open rates and offer extensive reporting capabilities so you can modify your schedule to maximize bottom line results.

Now, those are essentially all the features included with mobile loyalty programs. Of course you don’t want to be Ordinary! Your program must be better than average, unique. Learn about additional features.

For example, there is a mobile customer loyalty provider (the only one I know of) that is fully integrated into Facebook. That makes the subscribed companies’ service unique from its competitors and allows Facebook users to sign up with just one click to complete enrollment. The program then posts relevant notices on customers’ walls and makes exclusive offers to their friends by following the hyperlinks. The viral nature of Facebook itself makes this a great way to build a loyalty program.

Another example of additional features is the ability to transmit voice transmissions, if preferred, instead of text. While these are “above average” features, they must be integrated with your program at no additional cost.

Consumers are three to five years ahead of local businesses to adapt to changing channels of technology. Catch up with your customers with a mobile loyalty program that is fun, affordable, and profitable. Take advantage of mobile marketing before its competitors.

Can I play music on my podcast under the fair use rule?

Previously, I covered the question “Why can’t I play music on my podcast?”

Today, I just want to clear up another misnomer that I hear often, which is “Fair Use.” It will usually be in the form of “It’s okay if I only play 15 or 20 seconds of a song, right?”

Now again, before we get into this delicate question, let me start this answer with this legally important statement.

I am not a lawyer. I do not offer legal advice. The information I provide here should not be construed as legal advice. I only offer this as my perspective on this topic. If you really want to know the legal side of this problem, I urge you to find a qualified attorney in your area.

Okay, now that it’s been covered, let me get back to the question, “Can I play music according to the fair use rules?”

This is a term where you are allowed to play a limited amount of copyrighted music without the specific permissions of the copyright holders. But this is a vague rule and is often interpreted on an individual basis. You will not know for sure whether or not what you are doing is legal until AFTER you are taken to court and a judge rules on your individual case.

Yes, it’s that vague …

Simply put, there are a few factors that will work in your favor …

One is if you are doing a review of some kind. Let’s say your podcast reviews the latest music releases or something. It’s probably okay to play a short (and I mean very short) piece of music for discussion. Let’s say a drum solo in the middle of the song. Something like this “might be nice.” Look – I said “could.” Not that it’s okay.

If you take it to court, if this is all the copyright holder has on you, you will probably be fine. But then you have to look at the cost involved just to get approved to play that little 20-30 second clip of music. It would probably have been cheaper to buy the copyright. I mean, attorneys and legal fees, time involved. Travel, bowel movements, etc.

“Well brother Bob, I’m just a little podcaster and I don’t have many people following me. Surely, they won’t waste time chasing me, right?”

When you start out, you may only have a handful of followers. But there isn’t any podcaster that I know of who doesn’t follow their download numbers and is always waiting for more. What if, six months from now, your podcast goes viral?

Each subscriber has access to all of its episodes. If one of them turns out to be one of the music artists on your podcast, they might decide to see if you’re really paying your royalty fee. They earned it. It is part of your income. You are legally obligated to pay it.

In this example, because of the number of shocks you have now received, the court “could” hold you liable for the damages. How much? (Again, in my best lawyer voice … that depends …).

If you are a private, non-commercial podcaster who actually acted in good faith and did not try to market the song, flag the song, etc. You could only be fined $ 500. But, go up from there!

If you were using it for a business endeavor, as part of your training program, etc., the fines could be up to $ 150,000 or more.

And let me add, that’s $ 150,000 PER SONG!

In some cases, the courts have determined that there is a fine PER EPISODE in which the song is played.

Now, I’ll just use my podcast “The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast”, as an example. For the record, I use music that I have rights to. But, let’s say I picked a song from one of my favorite bands and used a short 30 second clip on the blink. There are two uses in each episode. I have over 900 episodes. That’s 1,800 uses.

Even with a $ 500 per use fine, (the lower end of the penalty spectrum), I would be seeking $ 900,000 in fines if I was found guilty of willfully violating copyright and royalty laws. I am not saying that this is the fine you would receive. But this is the amount I could face if I was taken to court and found guilty of willfully breaking the law.

That is why, for my podcast training clients, I emphasize how important it is to purchase the rights to use the music when creating your intros and outro. Or to use “Royalty Free Music”, which is doing the same through the platforms that provide that music. KEEP LICENSES on file! Just in case.

My best advice is to just follow the law, spend the money to buy the rights up front, and you’ll be fine.

PCOS and infertility and the pearl chain

If you’ve been linked to infertility for a period of time, I suspect you’ve heard PCOS and infertility mentioned in the same sentence. PCOS has been identified as one of the leading causes of infertility in women. By the way, PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This can occur in about 10% of women. Large numbers of women with PCOS are unaware they have it, and less than 25% of those with it are believed to have been diagnosed.

Researchers tend to believe that there are unusually high levels of insulin produced in certain women, and that this abundance is counteracted by the body which produces higher levels of male androgen hormones. In fact, the relationship between PCOS and infertility is not fully understood. But, in any case, the subject is complicated because women with PCOS are resistant to insulin, which causes problems with diabetes.

This is what is known. When a woman experiences menstruation, there are several follicles that develop in the ovaries. Each of the follicles has an egg, which is the most expensive term for “egg.” During the menstruation process, only one of the follicles will persist and generate an egg that will be available for ovulation. Specifically, the egg matures and LH levels rise, forcing the egg to exit the follicle. This is the essence of ovulation.

However, when a woman has PCOS, things are a little different. Generally, you will not generate enough female hormones for this to take place fully. The bottom line is that the follicles do not produce mature eggs. Alternatively, some follicles can turn into cysts. When this happens, it can be seen on ultrasound. It resembles a string of pearls in the ovary, with the “pearls” being the follicles that did not develop. Usually each of the ovaries has a series of cysts on the outside. Now, when ovulation does not occur, the progesterone necessary to thicken the uterine wall is not produced. Therefore, it is easy to see the relationship between PCOS and infertility, since the uterus is not prepared to receive a fertilized egg, even if one was available.

It is believed that certain aspects of PCOS and infertility could get worse over time. For example, irregular menstrual cycles can cause you to miss a period at all. Polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility can even branch into other seemingly bizarre symptoms. You may notice an increase in acne or experience pelvic pain. Some women have to deal with hair growth on the chest, face, and even the back. In addition to having hair where you don’t want it, the hair on your head can also get thinner. Other women with PCOS and infertility gain weight and, as noted, others face high insulin levels leading to type II diabetes.

There are some recommended interventions for women with PCOS and infertility. Some women can see improvement with just regular weight loss. Sometimes this is enough to adjust hormonal balances. When insulin plays a role, some doctors will recommend medications such as metformin. This is designed to improve the way a woman’s body absorbs insulin. A drug of this type does not act as much on blood sugar levels, but affects the insulin levels itself.

I know not everyone is crazy about pharmaceuticals, but there is another class of medications that I will mention for women with PCOS and infertility. Clomid is used to block estrogen in the brain and tricks the body into thinking that estrogen levels are excessively low. As a result, the body will respond by creating more FSH and LH. These will trigger ovulation. However, full disclosure forces me to point out that still roughly 35% of women who use it get pregnant, so clearly other issues are at play.

One final intervention for PCOS and infertility that I will mention is in vitro fertilization (IVF) and in vitro maturation (IVM). With in vitro fertilization, as you may already know, mature eggs are fertilized and placed in the woman’s uterus. Lesser known IVM, in which immature eggs are removed from the woman at an early stage of menstruation. The eggs then mature in a laboratory so they can be fertilized at that time.

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