Travel to Dubai: the best things to do in Dubai

Snow skiing Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates shopping complex on Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai. Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers an amazing snow environment to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding or just playing in the snow. There are 5 runs that vary in difficulty, height and slope. The longest race is 400 meters with a drop of more than 60 meters. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels will enjoy these various slopes, and snowboarders can also practice their tricks on the 300-foot-long quarter pipe.

Dubai Creek and Abra Cruise It is highly recommended that visitors experience the Dubai Creek as it is the base from which Dubai became a port for commercial ships plying between India, Africa and the Middle East. Today, some of the old shipping culture still remains and visitors can see some of the original buildings that served as customs houses. The dinner cruise option is popular.

Dubai Museum it is situated in Bur Dubai and is incorporated into the Al Sahidi Fort. The fort was built at the end of the 18th century and in the past was the seat of government and the main residence of the rulers. The restored fort now offers a fascinating insight into the old days in Dubai.

dubai tower it is the tallest building in the world located near Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai between Dubai city and Jumeirah beach.

Jumeirah Mosque it is located on Jumeirah Road opposite the Palm Strip Mall and is a dominant landmark of the Dubai landscape being built in the medieval Fatimid tradition using modern building materials. It is one of the few mosques that are open to non-Muslims for visits. There is a Cultural Center designed to foster understanding between religions.

desert Safari, Also known as Dune Bashing to the locals, it is a popular tour where visitors are taken out into the desert in a 4×4 and specialist desert drivers take you for a rollercoaster ride over the red sand dunes. The tour may include a barbecue dinner with music and belly dancing.

palm islands they are the three largest artificial islands in the world and are a spectacular and surprising experience.

Balloon rides it is available throughout the year as the Dubai region has an excellent climate for ballooning. Experience the fun and unique feeling of being in a hot air balloon soaring gently above sand dunes and mountains in the early morning during sunrise. Visitors are picked up early from their accommodation and taken inland to the desert where the balloon flight takes off at sunrise.

wild wadi is a water amusement park located between Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, just 20 minutes by car from the city center. Themed to the story of Juha, a popular character in Arabian folklore, the water park features 30 rides and attractions.

Diving and snorkeling – There are many dive operators in Dubai who organize day trips to the shipwreck sites or take a 90-minute road trip to the east coast of the Emirate of Fujairah for excellent coral reef diving.

dubai zoo is located on Jumeirah Road, close to the beach and hotel districts.

Golf has become popular in Dubai. There are some of the most amazing golf courses in the world with lush green fairways and soft greens. This is truly a golfer’s paradise. Alternatively, for a more local flavour, try sand golf!

Beautiful beaches with warm, clear water and white sand located on the Arabian Gulf invites visitors to participate in endless water sports opportunities throughout the year. Ocean temperatures range from 22°C in winter to 35°C in summer.

dubailand it is the world’s largest and most ambitious construction project designed to elevate Dubai to the world’s leading tourist destination. The project includes leisure, hotels, retail, entertainment, theme parks, residential areas and the largest shopping center in the world. There is still a lot in development, but when it is complete it will be an amazing attraction.

Ants in your kitchen is a sign of spring

Have you noticed that when the temperatures start to rise at the end of winter, you start to see ants crawling all over your kitchen counter? Spring is almost here, and those warm temperatures are waking up the colony that has stayed snug and cozy within your walls during the cold months.

Your food supplies are low and it’s time for the foragers to go harvesting.

At first you pay little attention to the ants because you only see three or four of them crawling around the edges of the counter. Normally you just squash the ones you see and continue doing what you were doing. A couple of days later, he notices movement again, and suddenly sees a dozen or more ants moving back and forth along the wall of the counter.

After a few days, you walk into your kitchen and there is a group of ants in one spot on your counter. You look closer and see that they’ve found some breadcrumbs, and they’ve formed lines of ants, one line crawling toward the little pile of crumbs, and another line carrying those crumbs toward the hole they’re coming out of. Wall.

As the days turn into weeks, you see more and more ants, and now they’re really starting to get on your nerves because they’re all over your counter, they’re in your cabinets, and they’re attacking your food containers.

Have you ever wondered how ants find those bits of food?

Most of the time you see a crowd of ants swarming over something you can’t even see. You know it’s food of some kind that you spilled or dropped, and didn’t clean up just because it’s so small you didn’t see it.

Ants are experts at sniffing out those little spills and droppings. When it’s time to rebuild their food supplies, some scouts go out looking for something edible. The explorers leave a scented trail that shows them the way home.

Those trails look a lot like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail in the woods, only better because birds eat Hansel and Gretel’s crumbs (and ants find them), while ant trails have a smell. that the ants follow. That smell doesn’t go away as fast as breadcrumbs.

So the scouts leave their scented trail on their way to find a food source. That trail tells the explorer where home is.

When the explorer finds food, he grabs a load and heads back along the path he left on the way to the food. As he carries the food back to the colony, he leaves a new trail. This trail has a different scent, a scent that the worker ants follow to the food so they can transport it back to the colony.

That’s all interesting enough, isn’t it, but it doesn’t solve your problem of ants on your counter, in your cabinets, and attacking your food, does it?

What pest control techniques can you use to do that?

If you don’t want those ants bothering you all spring and summer, your first step is to clean up all those spills and droppings where you find ants gathering. It doesn’t matter if you see something in that place, if the ants travel, huddle and crawl away from a certain area the same way they came, there is something edible there.

Clean that spot with soap and hot water to get rid of any food the ants have found there.

Next, use soap and hot water to wash off your scented trail. Clean along the path where you see two lines of ants crawling. It’s where the lines of ants go in opposite directions.

If you clean up their trail, the ants at the food source get lost and can’t find their way home.

And the ants leaving the colony have no way of finding their way to where the food was.

Keep doing those things and you’ll force the ants to look elsewhere for food. You won’t get rid of the ants, but they won’t send a huge invasive force into your kitchen. As long as you keep things clean, all you’ll see are those occasional explorers.

What is it really like to live with the Amish? – Book review

Several years ago I went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and spent time visiting Amish country. It was amazing and such an interesting way of life considering our modern age. It was like a scene from the old west where everything was perfect, quaint, well cared for and people were on their best behavior. It wasn’t like normal everyday life in America, there was something unique, interesting, intriguing and almost magical about it all. What would it be like to live that way?

In many ways it would be like living in the past, in a different era, in a time when our ancestors lived, worked and managed their farms. Have you ever wondered what it would be like? Maybe you’ve wondered, but you don’t really want to go live there for a year to find out. Yes I get it, it would be hard to give up your iPhone, computer, internet and go to work the land and live the simple life. So chances are you never will, most people won’t, and yes, some do and write about it later.

If you want to know what it’s like to live with the Amish, in the country, almost like you’re living through a scene from a Hollywood western movie back in the day, and there’s a very good book I have that I’d like to recommend to you. The name of the book is;

“Amish Country”, by Ruth Hoover Seitz and photographer Blair Seitz, Crescent Books – Random House, Avenel, NJ, 1995, 100 pages, ISBN: 0-517-62365-X.

In this book, you’ll see images of country houses, horse-drawn buggies, and how children are raised “living without exposure to influences that would confuse or contradict their beliefs,” and how they work the land, acknowledge their religion, and how they manage without a television, radio, VCR, computer, smartphone, or any of the other things we consider a normal part of everyday life. Imagine not having a microwave, a modern refrigerator, or even a car?

In fact, I was so fascinated by the book, the pictures, the simplicity, and the hard work ethic. If you want to learn more about living with the Amish in the country, learn about their lifestyle, and more, you should probably buy this book and keep it on your shelf. I think you will be impressed and learn a lot about the Amish people. Please consider all this and think about it.

It takes courage to visit a hearing center

Do you have difficulty hearing everyday sounds and conversations? If so, did you know that it takes courage to visit a hearing center? He would be surprised how many people would do nothing about their hearing loss.

A hearing center is not a scary place. If you think of it as an answer to your frustrations and a way to improve your life, you’ll be surprised how friendly it can be. Here are some reasons people don’t go to a hearing center.

– Fear. People learn to live in fear. It is a proven fact that as we age, we can develop fears. Often they are only in our minds and do not actually happen. Feeling incompetent is not fun. A new perspective on life should help eliminate this fear. Think about how it will improve your life and how you will be able to stay in touch with the world if you can hear better.

– Ignorance or denial of hearing loss. Some people live alone or have become accustomed to loss over time. They know it exists, but they don’t want to face it.

– Not knowing there is help. This comes from not taking the time to educate yourself about the help available.

– High Priorities. People realize that they have a problem, but they have more pressing matters to take care of in their lives. Divorce, financial difficulties or a serious illness are some of the problems that can cancel the need for a hearing aid.

– Cost. Money gets in the way of many people who want help. But there are agencies that provide help for low-income people. A simple web search should lead you to one of these helpful agencies.

– Lack of motivation. It’s hard to believe that some hearing-impaired people don’t mind living that way. Yes, they struggle every day, but it doesn’t seem to bother them enough to seek help. They have learned to live with their hearing loss.

– Resistance of family members. It’s hard to understand how this can happen, but it does. Some loved ones don’t want to admit that someone in their family might have a problem. They get in your way even when you visit a hearing center.

– Fear of doctors. This prevents people from entering a doctor’s office.

– Bad experiences. How brave do you have to be if you or a friend of yours had a previous bad experience with hearing aids? You can’t help but think that if it happened to you once, it can happen again.

Each of these reasons can be conquered. Just remember: you are not alone. It is estimated that there are at least 28 million people in the US who have hearing loss. Only about 6 million actually use aids. That leaves a large group of people who could be helped but won’t. Don’t let one of them be you.

Top ten tips when buying real estate!

In the current financial climate, real estate continues to be a strong investment in many areas. Informed buyers will always make the most of the real estate market. These top ten tips for buying real estate will help you go through your next real estate transaction with confidence.

TIP #1: Hire the Right Agent!

Hiring the right real estate agent is invaluable. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, the real estate agent you choose is your link to important information about schools, zoning, city and county regulations, neighborhood trends, building and remodeling restrictions and rent, and property values. . Each city has different laws that govern what can and cannot be done with a property. Sanibel is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States due in part to its strict building codes and urban planning. Having experienced many aspects of real estate transactions on a personal level, I understand the situations and concerns of my buyers and sellers. I have owned property on the island for many years and have done several local real estate transactions myself. From buying and selling lots to building new homes with local builders, investing in properties that generate rental income, and utilizing tax-free 1031 exchanges, I don’t just sell real estate on the island; I invest in it because I believe there is no place in the world like Sanibel and Captiva. Whether you’re working with me or someone else, finding the right real estate agent is invaluable.

TIP #2: Use 1031 tax exchanges and save money!

1031 tax exchanges are tax-free exchanges of investment properties. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code is one of the last great tax havens. If you buy a “similar type” investment property within 180 days of the sale of a similar type property and are willing to increase the amount of debt or the value of the property, your capital gains taxes they can be completely different. Having completed a Reverse 1031 tax exchange myself, I believe in using this powerful tax shelter. Please feel free to contact me if you are considering using a current Sanibel, Captiva, or Ft. Myers property in a 1031 Tax Exchange, or if you wish to purchase an investment property that may qualify for a 1031 Tax Exchange in the future. A reverse 1031 tax exchange is the same exchange concept as a 1031 tax exchange, except that you first purchased your replacement “like-kind” investment property, before selling the property to be exchanged. Learn more about 1031 tax exchanges and how to use them to your financial advantage. Please note that a neutral party must have acted as a qualified intermediary. Real estate can also be bought and sold through your self-directed retirement account. Whether you use a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, a SEP, or company plans like 401(k), Keogh, or profit-sharing plans, research your options.

TIP #3: Prequalify for Financing!

Prequalifying for a loan may not seem like such a big deal until you find your perfect paradise property at the same time as another buyer. When a property is priced to sell, it will generally attract more than one buyer. Once a seller receives an offer, the two most important things he considers are…price and contingencies. For some sellers, a contract that depends on the buyer obtaining financing makes them uncomfortable with the offer. Remove any doubt in a seller’s mind by pre-qualifying for the amount he will be able to spend on the purchase of any property. This is especially important if your dream property suddenly has a price reduction. When this happens, it is possible that other buyers enter the scene, who did not look at that property before it was put up for sale! Often a seller will accept a financially sound contract rather than a higher offer. Get ready to make a deal!

TIP #4: Rent, Rent, Rent!

“Location, location, location,” while overused as a real estate phrase, should still and always be a serious consideration for you as a buyer! If something about a property’s location bothers you, keep in mind that the same location issue will bother any buyer you want to attract when you need to resell the property. It’s important to ask lots of questions, but it’s often hard to know the right questions if you’re not familiar with the community. That is why it is so valuable to choose and hire the right real estate agent to represent your interests when buying a property.

TIP #5: Do a home inspection!

Getting an inspection report done by a licensed professional building inspector of your choice can protect you from many defects that are hidden from view. Why gamble with such a large financial investment? Let a professional building inspector point out areas that need to be repaired or replaced that aren’t obvious. A good inspector will give you a comprehensive report that covers all the systems in the home, from electrical to plumbing, roof conditions, and structural concerns. Once you receive a report, you can begin negotiations again regarding repairs. Often a seller will agree to make necessary repairs up to a specific financial amount. When a seller lists his property “as is,” he is informing you that he is not willing to repair or replace any part of the property. If he’s interested in an “as is” property and isn’t going to grade the structure and build a new one, it’s still in his best interest to get an inspection report. Don’t trust the building inspector to look for termites and other harmful pest problems. Although an inspector will see damage caused by pests, it’s best to have a separate termite inspection conducted by a licensed company that understands pests and can eliminate them.

TIP #6: Get a survey and title insurance!

The surveys will show the easements, encroachments and boundary lines of a property. When inspecting a home in an established neighborhood, you are assured that property lines have been maintained. As homeowners add fences, sheds, docks, garages, and other structures to their properties over time, boundaries can be crossed by placing part of your structure on your property, or vice versa. Surveying vacant land is also important for the same reasons as a home, plus a survey will help determine the size of the home or the amount of coverage the lot will allow.

Title insurance will protect your investment from another party claiming ownership of your property. Title searches will uncover links placed on a property by sellers, or errors in previous title transfers. The last thing you want to discover when you’re in the home stretch of a transaction is that there are liens on the property, such as tax liens, undisclosed owners, easements or leases. If a claim arises after the purchase of a property, the title insurance company is there to protect your ownership interest in that property.

TIP #7: Be realistic!

“Wants” and “needs” are very different when it comes to real estate features. If every home you see has the upgrades you “want” but is above the price range you “need”… be realistic. Who wouldn’t love a large, professionally decorated, oceanfront home or condo with all the bells and whistles? Looking at properties that exceed your price range is always fun, but it can be extremely frustrating and annoying. Be realistic by looking at listings in the price range you “need”, keeping an eye out for that one special property that has the potential to become the dream home you “want”. Always look beyond furniture, wallpaper, and floor coverings to home architecture; that is when you will find properties with potential.

TIP #8: Use contract contingencies wisely!

The contingencies in a contract for the purchase of a property are designed to protect you, the buyer! It may seem silly to bring it up, but it’s important to remember to work with the seller to come to an agreement on the contract. The seller expects valid contingencies for an offer. Common contingencies include building inspections, termite and pest inspections, financing, and surveys. Many deals fall apart over small details and easy-to-fix problems. Remember that sellers get excited about your property. If you can see major repairs or replacement due to neglect or age, factor this into your offer price. The old adage “Everything is negotiable” still holds true, unless you annoy the salesperson so much that they refuse to work with you. Try to avoid listing cosmetic changes you’d like the seller to make as contingencies. Cosmetic changes are subjective, be objective when drafting a contract.

TIP #9: Understand regional health and safety issues!

An informed real estate agent will help you understand other health and safety issues that need to be considered when purchasing property. Safety and health issues may include EIFS (synthetic stucco), indoor air quality, mold, radon, and lead paint. Many of these require the seller to sign a disclosure statement, while others may not apply due to the age, type of construction, or location of the property being purchased.

TIP #10: Ask for Information!

Do not be shy. When you have hired a real estate agent to work for you, ask for information. Do you want to see all the properties in your price range, with the features you need, or just the houses a real estate agent wants you to see? You deserve all the information you need to make an informed decision. Can you imagine buying the house you thought was right for your family, only to find out that you never received information on a similar property that is perfect for all your needs? I provide many services to ensure that my buyers always have information at their fingertips.

Important things to do before showing your home to potential buyers

Buyers expect the condition of their home to match the description, and maintenance issues can put buyers off. Even after you’ve listed your home on multiple websites, be prepared for potential buyers to show up. But before that, you need to make sure your house is ready for sale. Get home improvement tips online, make any necessary repairs, light the house properly, tidy up all the rooms, touch up or repaint rooms if needed, so that when potential buyers come to visit your open house they can do on their own.

Prioritize the most obvious problems that may come up during home inspections. With a number of homes for sale to choose from, homebuyers can afford to be picky about the property they invest their hard-earned money in. Home buyers look for the best so a house for sale can easily go unnoticed if it is not in perfect condition. Investing some time and effort to prepare your home for sale can increase your chances of receiving offers as soon as you list the property.

Here are some things you should do before showing your home to potential buyers to avoid any deciding factors:

Clutter can be a big hurdle when selling a home. Most of us live in a mess and get so used to it that we barely notice anymore. Start with the cabinets; make sure your closets are half full with nothing on the floor. The same goes for bookshelves and shelves in the kitchen. Your home should look spacious when potential buyers come to visit. If your home is a mess, it leaves a bad impression on the people who visit and they also question the maintenance of the house.

Clean it up
A big drawback for homebuyers is walking into a home with dirty floors, crusty kitchen counters, and dirt and dust everywhere. Before you put your home on the market, make sure it’s cleaned from top to bottom to a sparkling shine. Go the extra mile to steam clean tiles and replace rugs. If the carpets are old and smell bad, replace them; if they are new, make sure they are shampooed. If it seems like an overwhelming task that is too much for you, hire a professional cleaning service. The extra expense is worth it.

make it spacious
Almost all homes look better if they look spacious, so remove extra furniture, empty bookshelves, artwork, and pieces that block paths and hallways and rent a storage unit to put them in. Organize cabinets and drawers and leave them with a minimum of things in them.

Make any necessary repairs
In the buyer’s market, you want your home to be in the best possible condition. Be sure to take care of major flaws like broken windows or roof leaks. Normal wear and tear, like a squeaking door or sticking window, may seem like minor quirks to you, but they could put buyers off and lower your home’s value. Your home’s HVAC system must be functional and free of leaks. In addition to this, make sure smoke detectors, electrical panels, circuit breakers, and water heaters are working properly. Also examine the exterior of the house for peeling, cracks, etc.

Today, home buyers are looking for places with a certain character and charm. Personal décor that you cherish can become a huge turn-off for potential buyers. Decorate the house in a way that potential buyers can imagine living in it. So make it easier for them to neutralize the interior of the house. Any decorations that may be controversial or sensitive to others, such as sports or political memorabilia, religious or military icons, should be removed before visiting buyers. Keep it neutral and upbeat.

Places to Elope – Complimentary Weddings in Aruba or the Dominican Republic

This is the second installment in our series on how to receive a free or complimentary wedding with the purchase of a honeymoon package. In our previous article, we discussed free weddings in the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, and Antigua.

Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort: The Holiday Inn Sunspree resort in Aruba is one of the cheapest of all the resorts we surveyed. Your free wedding package includes a professional planner, island-themed decorations, and a small one-tier wedding cake. You’ll also receive a bouquet of flowers, a buttonhole, and a candlelit dinner for two. Sunspree Resort provides a nondenominational pastor to serve as officiant, marriage certificate, and some legal fees are also included. There is a minimum stay of seven nights in their “superior room” which has a frontal ocean view. Rates started at approximately $290 per night.

Excellence Resort Punta Cana: The Excellence Resort and Spa in Punta Cana Dominican Republic is simply impressive. The beach pain is beautiful and the water is a sight to see. Excellence is an all-inclusive luxury resort, with a picturesque colonial style. A minimum stay of seven nights in a junior suite or ocean view room is required to receive your free wedding ceremony. Room rates start at $475 per night. With the Complimentary Wedding Package, Excellence Resort will provide the officiant, wedding coordinator, wedding dress and tuxedo preparation (meaning any ironing or ironing) and your choice of a gazebo or beach location to your royal ceremony. There’s also the complimentary inclusion of floral pieces, wedding cake, a horse-drawn carriage, and late checkout for the bride and groom. As with most other resorts, you’ll need to pay extra for photography and video services, as well as legal fees and for your marriage license.

Occidental Resorts in the Dominican Republic or Aruba: Occidental has several resorts in the Dominican Republic, Aruba and Mexico. The Occidental Grand has a complimentary wedding package available when you book a minimum stay of seven nights in a Royal Club Master Suite. Its price starts at $730 and is at the top of the list in terms of price of all the resorts we have examined. Your package includes the normal on-site wedding consultant, fresh flower arrangements, officiant (judge), and document services, as well as cake and breakfast in bed the next morning. Photography and video services are, of course, additional.

If we had to recommend one of the three it would definitely be Excellence Resorts, their price is quite reasonable and the grounds are simply stunning.

Why has dining out become part of our lifestyle and culture?

There was a time when dining in a restaurant was considered a special treat that people indulged in from time to time. However, more people are dining out today than ever before. In fact, dining out has become part of our lifestyle and culture. Why has it become so popular to dine out in establishments like restaurants and pubs?

The trend of dining out more has a lot to do with our changing lifestyles. Nowadays, more people are pressed for time and cooking a whole meal means that it takes too much time, especially for families. People go out to eat because they are too tired and prefer a quick meal. Plus, they don’t want to have to clean up after cooking and serving a meal. They also don’t have to decide what food to prepare and buy the food and ingredients. Fortunately, many restaurants have followed the family dining out trend and are starting to offer healthier meals. It gives people the opportunity to sit back, relax and talk to each other while they wait for their meals.

Another reason more people dine out at restaurants is that there are a wide variety of menu options that ensure everyone will find something they like. This is very beneficial if there are children, as you don’t have to worry about them getting upset because there is nothing they like on the menu. And there will be meals that are not normally cooked at home, which is a real treat. It can make you feel good while you relax and enjoy being served throughout your meal.

You can choose restaurants that make your favorite traditional foods and you don’t have to spend hours preparing them. Or you can go to restaurants that serve ethnic food which is a great pleasure as you can try new dishes. When dining out, you can dress up and go to a fine dining restaurant or go to a much more casual establishment. There are no dishes to clean up after meals and no hot kitchens. If you’ve had a stressful day, there’s nothing more relaxing than going out to a pub and just kicking back and relaxing. Whether cozy, family-friendly, romantic or casual, there’s a restaurant for every taste and mood. Restaurants are a place to relax and forget about the daily grind of life. They are a place where you can relax and express your opinions and thoughts.

When you go out to dinner, someone else cooks for you, serves you, cleans the dishes and also washes them. You have the opportunity to experience delicious foods that you cannot get at home. It’s a great way to spend time with family. It’s no wonder why dining out has become part of our culture and lifestyle. So why not get some friends, family or co-workers together and head out to a great restaurant for some great food and fun?

Mortgages: the best time to finance

If you’ve already decided to buy a home and can’t afford to wait for a change in the market, your loan rate will largely depend on the market. If you have time to decide when to enter the mortgage market, research mortgage rate forecasts for the coming year. If rates are expected to go up, you may want to apply quickly, if rates are going down, you can wait.

Of course, your credit score will be another relatively fixed variable in your search for the best rate; if it’s relatively low, you’ll pay a higher rate. So if you have time before you need to borrow, try repairing your credit through one of the more well-known repair companies. It usually takes a few months for them to make a difference, but the points they earn can save you significantly over the life of your loan.

It’s common sense to shop around for the best mortgage rate and terms and negotiate with mortgage lenders until you’re satisfied you’ve been quoted the best rate available. So you can go through any expedited process you want, you need to establish the best rate and terms before you get close to closing.

Mortgage companies can lock in your interest rate once you apply and are approved, but if rates change too often, they may not offer you the opportunity to lock in your rate.

As an appraiser and I understand how important your valuation is. If you have problems with the appraisal, the rest of the transaction may fall apart. Address valuation issues before worrying about loan commitments, if the property you want to finance doesn’t value as high as expected, you may be wasting your time.

If you get a commitment of any kind from a mortgage company be sure to get a copy of it, some mortgage companies have resorted to on-screen signature documents that disappear once you’ve signed them electronically. The document you need may disappear when the mortgage lender no longer wants to honor it at closing, it’s happened to me, so you better have a “silkscreen” copy before it disappears into the ozone.

Historically, the mortgage rate has ranged between 3.0% and 18.0% and right now, as of early 2018, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate is close to 4%. Therefore, we have current mortgage interest rates that are near the lower end of the range of mortgage interest rates and, if you wait, there is no guarantee that they will remain low indefinitely.

If you take the time to make sure the home you want to borrow is appraised close to your expectations, that you’re in the best credit position to borrow, that you’ve shopped for the best available rate/terms, and that you’ve considered time, you’ll get much more for your money.

San Diego – Wild Animal Park

If you’re touring San Diego, consider visiting the Wild Animal Park. This park is located about 34 miles north of San Diego, on the outskirts of Escondido. The 1,800-acre park is home to some 3,500 animals representing 429 different species. This is truly a remarkable park that you don’t want to miss when in San Diego.

The uniqueness of the San Diego Wild Animal Park is that the animals can live freely in this vast enclosure. They live as if they were in their natural habitat. In the park, you’ll find endangered giraffes, antelopes, rhinos, California condors, and more marveling at the mature landscape amid exotic vegetation from many parts of the world.

The central attraction of the San Diego Wild Animal Park is the 5-mile Wgasa Bush Line Railway. This is a 60-minute monorail ride (price included in admission). The monorail will take you through designated areas such as East Africa, South Africa, the Asian Plains, and the Eurasia Waterhole. As you walk through these landscapes, you will see animals such as the white rhinoceros and the rhinoceros that you will love.

After the monorail, you may want to take a walking tour. You can take a 2-mile Kilimanjaro Safari Walk in which you can experience the recreated African and Asian landscapes. At the park, you’ll also experience various simulated natural environments such as the Australian Rainforest and Hidden Jungle. You can also visit the new Lion Camp and the Cheetah Run Safari. At the Cheetah Run Safari, you can see the world’s fastest land mammal in action, running after a mechanical lure.

If you want to get an up-close view of the animals, you can take Photo Caravans, which use an open-top truck to transport small groups around the park. You will go to the animal lawn and meet rhinos, ostriches, zebras, deer and giraffes. Perhaps, you can even feed the giraffes only during the trip.

You will end your day tour at Nairobi Village. This is the commercial center of the park where most of the facilities are located. It has many shops selling books and souvenirs related to Africa. There is a nursery area where you can see the irresistible little ones frolicking, bottle-feeding and sleeping.

Finally, if you don’t want to go back to the city of San Diego to sleep, you can sleep with the animals! Not quite. There is a Roar & Snore show that runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from April to October. This program allows you to camp next to the animal complex. From where you camp you will be able to observe the nocturnal movements of rhinos, lions and other animals. If you’re excited about this program, check with the park. Otherwise, head back to the city of San Diego and get a good night’s rest.

During the summer, there are many visitors to the park. Therefore, it is better to visit early. On the other hand, there are usually fewer visitors during the winter. The temperature here is usually 5 to 10 degrees warmer than in the city of San Diego. Bring your sunscreen and plenty of water, as summer in California can be a bit scorching. So be prepared for the heat and the sun.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is one of the top three animal parks and the “Big Four” of San Diego. Visiting the park should be one of your outdoor activities on your itinerary. plan your trip to san diego today.