Indian Decorative Items For Your Home

Indian Decorative Items

Traditional indian decorative items offer a wonderful way to incorporate the culture, art, and history of India into your home. They can make your space feel more inviting and can also be used as a conversation piece for people who are interested in learning about the rich culture of India. There are many different types of indian decor to choose from, such as embroidered wall hangings, beautiful handmade pottery, metal artwork, and henna-inspired candles.

This beautiful brass ornament features the God Ganesha, a powerful symbol of Hindu culture. The ornament will add a lovely and exotic touch to any room, and it would be perfect in your home or as a gift for someone special. Traditionally, brass ornaments such as this one were used to serve drinks in the homes of the wealthy. However, now they are often used as brass home decor for their authentic and cultural aspect. The jug was hand-crafted by rural artists in northern India and is a stunning addition to any home.

Another great addition to your home is this brass oil lamp. The beautiful and intricate design of this piece is sure to add a gorgeous and exotic flair to any space. The lamp is crafted from mango wood and brass by a village tribe, named the Dhokra, whose craftsmen are expert in wood carving and metal casting.

Indian Decorative Items For Your Home

Henna candle holders are a fantastic addition to any space in your home. They feature a beautiful and intricate henna design that will add an authentic and interesting element to any space. They are also a great gift for someone special, and they come in a variety of colors.

A toran is a beautiful and unique piece that is often used as a curtain or valance. The toran features an embroidered design that is sure to add a gorgeous and exotic look to any space in your home. It would be perfect in your bedroom or living room and could also be used as a door hanger.

The elephant is a beautiful and iconic animal in the Indian culture, and this gorgeous statue of an elephant will surely add a unique and fascinating look to any space in your home. The carved and sculpted details of the elephant are truly magnificent, and it is a work of art that will definitely catch the eye of anyone who walks into your home.

Baaya Design is a company that specializes in combining traditional Indian art with modern technology and functionality. The company is run by NID alumna Shibani Jain, and their goal is to preserve traditional art while making it relevant to today’s lifestyle. Their products are made from recycled materials and narrate the story of a practice passed down for generations. You can shop their full range of Indian decor on their website.